Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1968 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1968
Page 6
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 8, 1968 Transit Strike Ends CHICAGO (AP) - Normal ttsnstt service was expected to- ny iftcf a weekend agreement Wtw worked out to the satisfaction of Ittost of the striking drlvefi of the Chicago Transit Stmtett Lotions and Cream T» Tut Past & Prevent Sunbafn 2|KE DIM Most of the dissident bus drivers who participated in last week's wildcat strike were back on the job Sunday following an agreement reached Saturday evening in a 7-hour bargaining session in the office of Mayor Richard J. Daley. CTA President George DeMent said that transit operations were normal on Sunday, and added I see no reason why we shouldn't have normal service Monday." Some of the striking drivers were reported dissatisfied with Saturday's agreement. But Robert cavens, one of the leaders of the strike, discounted the reports saying, "There are some dissidents who didn't like the agreement we got, but that's to be expected." Despite the agreement, how« ever, there were still problems between the dissident drivers, mostly Negro, and their union, Division 241 of the Amalgamated Transit Union. The Negro drivers demanded that there be more Negroes on the local's executive board. The strikers also argued that retired drivers should not be allowed to vote In union elections. Union president James Hill previously Insisted that the drivers return to work before he would discuss any of the infra-union grievances with them. Hill criticized CTA officials for providing too little protection for non-striking drivers during last week's strike. f***************************** Sentimental? Frigidaire Refrigerators last so long, perform so well, that... well, old "Fridgy" is almost part of the family. There are many improvements on the new Frigidaires . .. such as "Frostproof" in both the regular food storage area and in the Zero Zone Freezer section! 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The 1967 Legislature also limited the number of hooks that may be used when pole and line fishing. The limit is four hooks when fishing anywhere except in Lake Michigan. Also, not more than two devices (whether two hand poles and lines or two rods and lines or one each) and not more than two hooks per device may be used. In Lake Michigan waters under Illinois jurisdiction a trolley or trolleys may be used, or poles and lines, or a combination thereof—provided the total number of hooks used is not more than 10. Also the limit of not more than two hooks per pole and line or rod and line still applies. —Illinois State Bar Association By HOWARD ANDERSON Associated Press Writer ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - An maginative project, Rent»A- Kid, is providing underprivi- eged boys and girls in Atlanta's West End with their first experience in job responsibility. The operation began a month ago as the brainchild of Joy Cochrane of the West End Neighborhood Service Center. The purpose Is to provide youngsters, aged 14 to 18, who Rent-A-Kid Project Booms . • . . ^_. . .. »j« »« _*.«« foOicr KHwflrd J. DlllOn. H0 have little of no parental supervision, the opportunity to earn money for food afld clothes. The project, originally offered n half Jest, has been so well received by the community that a customers with assistance, second office has been opened, Plate Glass Framed Mirrors All New Arrivals Beautifully Designed Frames I Oval • Rectangle • Square Priced From 15 4! Plate Glass Door Mirrors All Sires, From Lyons Glass Co. Our 43rd Year 2400 BELLE ST. 46U-27S1 Plans are being made to open several more and to keep them open dining the school year on weekends. Rent-A-Kid was offered a booth in one of the city shopping centers to provide Its Father Edward J. Dillon, Catholic priest and codl man rector of Rent-A-Kld, ««d most of the youngsters participating In the project-many ftfe dropouts-already have begun to TO METROPOLITAN LIFE POLICYHOLDERS! Negotiation., Initiated by the U. S. Mediation Service, *••**•", Metropolitan Life Iniurane* Company beginning June 2Bth and the Union Com mtttee futlley bargained an entire week during which time they mad* every fort and explored every avenue In an attempt te come up with M AgMM with the Company that might be mutually acceptable and might permit Agents an opportunity to vote on a return to work. In their deliberations the Union Committee adopted a flexible ««Wud»« They made concessions In many areas and advanced proposal! of such «<>«''«• proportions that the Company In rejecting them, dearly served notice that ft was not interested in settling the strike, Moreover, the Metropolitan Life Iniur- ance Company, in seeking to Incorporate in any Agreement Its •*P l '"*» d «• tention of retaliation against unnamed and unnumbered Individuals due te alleged actions during the strike. . .made It plain that It neither expected nor wanted settlement of the strike at this time. The Company in Its adamant and arbitrary stand reveals its apparent motives. It can only be concluded that the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is trying to break the Union, and that the welfare of the Metropolitan Agency Force means little to them. As we enter the eighth week we know that at some time negotiations will resume. The strike will be settled . . . with the help of all, it will be settled successfully. Again, we ask you for your cooperaiion. If ANY Metropolitan Representative calls at your home for collections or to sell you Insurance he Is itrilte breaking. Please turn him away. INSURANCE WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION AFL-CIO - LOCAL 145 Can you give me one good reason not to switch From oil heat to gas? Well do better than thai Well give you six. Reason No. 1 You can't get more modem heat than oil OA and gas are equally modern, TKeir efficiency is rated equal by the Public Housing What can give you more modern heat is better service and equipment Get both bom Standard Otf Hot Line Service. And save the cost of conversion to gas. Reason No. 2 You save money staying with oil heat Consider the costs with gas. You can spend hundreds of dollars te convert Yotr pilot ignt can cost about $10 a year. You can be penalized for late payment of gas bills and pay hidden faxes. Ye* have none of these costs with oil Reason No. 3 Yon get better service with od Can yo« get insured budget terms, automatic fuel reserve, instant credit and 60-sccood ac&xt cm emergency calls with gas? Yo« can with new Standard Oil Hot Line Service. For better service, switch lo Hot Line, not to gas. Reason No. 4 You get more hot water with oil heat Our AMOCO, oH-fired water heater gives you 3 times as much hot water as gas-fired heaters, 6 times as much as electric heaters. At much less cost You can modernize and save money, too, w<& the modern land of oil heat service: Hot Line. Reason No. 5 You can't get cleaner heat than oil Gemical analysts shows it is cooking Us, tobacco smoke and airborne dust (Hat causes drt Not tftt ruck Afl are equally dean. ^ Reason No. 6 Gas equipment is no more modern than o9 Don't be fooled by the "modern image* 1 of gas heat equipment Wait until yo« see the AMOCO fine of oil heat equipment! It's as modern as gas equipment, or more so. If yon stifl have old-fashioned ideas about oil, let Hot Line bring you up-to-date, without any obligation. One cal can sane yo« a lot of money. Don't buy the "gas-line" until you caO Hot Line, ^•^•IBBte^ more from Standard end you fa! It.*

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