The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY NTBWS FREDERICK, MD , THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1932. S? TODAY -V ISTH VF A WORLD WAR \ ANNIVERSARY ' l-uiuc seaboard of the United Staies j sank cexeral smaM teueie. The G«r-1 ' man official bulletin said that five' I 1 submarines »«·· in American waters. ) Muzzling The Noise In The Muzzle NEW CABINET FORMED OEr.?:.\'»S HALTLD On J.J1- 2 19.3 F.^vr. Ux»p» iii- ?: ;-- S"?s." C'-:r:ui c'fer^.ie .11 lie SIsr.; ;.-"-- _f r a cs;. of tsrr^.r t * ·_ E C:rr~.m s .a «. - ~*i?TM' e""uau- ec c_: ~ t r ^ --~ -- -r- fi "'- L-.SES IO ~-' 10 C^." - I""".. ^ C-- T-tZS "«* C-2'. S f s^.::T, a fresh i?.i;-_r=s se\eraJ v il- he tuy .*.·:·*-. r. '. ~£ v :i Ldr i-ont ttere en; ;ez _. ; -r?^ Ihey teld ·.h*-" g.c r.i .£f..c:-r-g nea^; losses. £_3EiirTM:s \.p?rai:ng oil the At- In Armv Now · en Fspen C*MM« Arfatoent* T« B«*4 Germu G«veranent. Berlin. June ! --A cabinet, crma- ·ced with ennobled tnstoerais and d«- ioxi of purliidenLinarj uxl representatives of organized labor wms termed t-»!ght under the chajscellorsJilp of Franz Voa Papers Aithoiiga Von Papea. waose acuvtttes j ^ 1915 Then he a as nuUcarr attache 31 Wa^h'jmon let! the United States 10 ask his recall, a the nominal bead or ihe ministry iiie power behind the "Jiroae is Gen. Karl ton s^hi»ifh»r The general is credited with maoeu* teriag lim brought about the dovn- *a!l of the mlna-.ry of Dr. Hetorleh Bruesisf without the nece«lty of so much as a Rtchsiig defeat. There is not a lieutenant of Adoiph Hitler su the sew * ri T**'» t «^*iTl'KV ixit ! President Paul voa Hidtnburt, HiUtr . and the general are »uthoritaUr«ly re! ported as seeing eye to eye. Graceham Gracehas. June 2 -- Mr. and Mn t Harvey BuUer asd tvo daujhter*. of SuckeystoTrn. \isitea Mr. and Mra. I James Conner on Sunday. : --Mr. and Mrs Edward CoSIiflower. of Baltimore, visited friends sear this place on Sunday ard attended church t.ere Sunday morr-ing -- Mr. anc Mrs. CharJes Boiler and , granddaughter. Dons Rice, har« return- ·ed home after spending several weeks jiiith their daughters, near Taaeytoro i and Westminster ; -- Ralph Deaees spent the week-end i ! with his mother and sisters. -- Cal-.^i Keeney and friend of Baltimore. visited the former'* frandmoth- icr. Mrs Cornelia. Her. lact week. j -- Mr. and Mrs. Deoenburt and t«ro ( children, of York. Pa , spent the weei- ecd with the latter s sister. Mrs Car- . .1 'iu. - . : "IP J-V, c-.A O t Hu pita! hav.t:g her \.-..i':crt. ·-turn»d t j th« hosp.'i! lu-^d'-. ! --J B Pit . isc: ti .aiprmins :v^ p:c-er:\ ·:'..·: i ue» cos: of pa^T. --Mrs Chiirf* Snu-r a..i is a: '.he \S- i ,, %: - V\ . liai t- :- -: of :i.jir liii«-.'vi. Mivs. a: Mr anc M;-s | Cnar-Cs B v ' r o:. iuisc^ ··: Baltjcx.T »??r-.' ·,.-.· treek^r.i » Mr arc! Mr.* Iroxc.. _ Mr W ar: M.'-T-M.-.-. o* Ba -.jT' rf LO\ S I i'\ ..'ui. · : V t . a Mr-, tde.. E». *- ··."' c « i i h T i Uc.».a-r.f pti' :^\(?". 4 ] l* \ rt.t' 1 ! c a r Hi Aiv^-oua Pi. M: . :.o V-. .1 S .'..! u em-til M- ..!·· Mr* Krt .... ·-·· and us .,;'» L) C -SH'tit Sima.) j ' t ^ i M- .».'U f l u H » ' i j E KIL. lliose wl.u ' ^. "I Mi C" L Urvxi. i uijii ;nc ." M. C:,ir" Hap- ' tr.i .1:11! M:, 1 f?"" r B~!'." J .:.. ! )U e -e s'. · · .M v..-r . iid 'ii-er . ^n.i - ·Mth children, of Rocky BMge: Mr. «ni i Mrs Roland Ball and t»o ehjldr«f^ of ' !li , VVathmf ten. D. C-, and Stottac SuCl, vv c '*_ I ol Orareham. ^"' w tyn'sboro. Pa . spent the ·r«*Jc-«ai ' rj " viith Mr »ad Mrs Wllliaai Loa( aca Ke«s al\ert , invest -3 -'· pay* How To Stop RHEUMATISM , New Medurinr Ortra* Bhemn»U Po»*- i onj Frtxn JouiU A»4 Muscle*. EASES PAIN FIRST DAY four-fifths of uie r»vs« ara all flisr; anS srr.Oi for use by the Br.t_;h anr.. Tr.e** r;V_res S.TOJ. ful inventor. ceaior^vratLp.g '.h-^ s.::-er Jr. a r.S'- ar. i.:*r.rer :ha: « a-e ov:r.i ccsj'icered :'jlc C-'-apnii:: wjth- : rie Deveese. i -- Mr. and Mrs Harry Xuil and I daughter. Annabel. Mr. and Mrs. Richi ard Miller and daughter. Lulu, and son, JDaBson. visited their aunt ^i ?rcder- ;ick. Sunday. ; -- William Warner and John Cramer. j nent on a fishing trip to the Potomac inear Dickerson on Wednesday aad vu '. \ery successful- They caught three -very , large carp and five catflan. The veisbt ' o! the carp were: one I2 1 i pounds, one : 10 !bs. and one ounce, and one 3^ !bi. ! The angl-ers used doughball for bait. 1 -- Mr. Daison Miller of Shippensburg. Pa. spen: the u-eek-er.d -.v.:ri h.- -^r- ar.a Mr^ R-; eats. Mr. asd Mrs Richard M.ller -Mr.- A H S --Mr. asd Mrs StDc«.a:an. oi Frrd- --^:^ ar.d erick. called a: Mr ar.c Mrs Har- iad ^= L^- NuH's Monday evenirrg. cr. . .:«.»- --Mr. and Mrs. Karr.. Groo:ic:- ar.c ^·'or..::.: .-..·.: ard Eagie near Le^i^tj^Ti on S-r-.=ay --Mrs I" --Mr. asd Mri Her-rv F;?ae".e arc Kj.T?rire s; son and file. o'. T.iurac.-n:. ar.d Mr '..·--. Mrs Co: \VU r^^^ Mr* Hero*:". CrOS^er ·= V_^ r. e..-:.^ Wacha_2-x-~ spen' Sunday YOU C.A3- je\err «»ce of ts»5« dangerous pclscns a dr.' er; ·-· oj yoor srjterc That's sn.rsg drj« calv rue temporan- relief \Vhai -.ou need a RU-:d-1. tbe nex ".ha: ac'-s directly on the l.\er. s-i. ne\s and blood, and he'.ps expel through I the natural rtarmel* of e'-scilnatlor. the darisero-is prisons that cause rneu- | No !ons »a:".ir.s for votir suffer.:x i. a -(= j to stop HC-Ma eisas pain the ftr^t ^ 16U. and u one. rheumatism remedy C-irjir.te^c to free muscles and jxntf **"""" from tri^ pa^i'ul itifTneis 5»*r! in; a:iei .an:enes or nothi.:g us pay W.llianxson. the DrjggJst. his o uch v»r.Sdence Is Ru-Ma that they : and Mrs J B ?.:- t »-an: e\ery rheuautlc in to*n 10 try i t ' Sai::n and di'^gh'.T and guarantee roocey-back if :t does t ar; '\enlng las: »e«k no: »wp all your rheumatic sufferlcs -'.'.3. H"r Katnerir.e who Ac". SATISFACTORY HEATING is not so much a question of shoveling coal until your back aches, as it is burning the proper tend and having a clean furnace. You have your automobile and your watch inspected and cleaned . . . WHY NOT YOUR FURNACE? Consult us--you will be surprised at the small cost of having your furnace cleaned the modern way. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 The swank artillery oScer above is Joan Sennett. screen actress. (4dierU»««tat) End Pfles Quick No Salrei--Ko Cuiun;- Your itching, bleeding, protradnis piles will go Tchen you actually remove the cause--bad blood circulation in the . nreak. flabby parts--and not one minute before Salves or cutting can't do ^* ! ,« --an internal remedy must oe used. j H3M-ROID. ?rescn?:ion of Dr. J. S. Leonhardc. succeeds because it stimulates the circulation, drivee out congest* , ed blocx? heals and restores the almost ; juss been nsde an honorary | dead parts _HEM-RO1D has such a. o: the 347tii Plsid Artillery ·nonderfa! record right in this city, that Hessrve -it Holly^xxx: She ^as chosen i WiBiainson. the Drugsi£t r says one bottle ins -^deal American girl." ov ras^ibers! of HEM-KOtD_3'abIei« must end your of that body. 1 p_le or money back THIS SUIT WENT TO THE WASH THIS LITTLE SUIT CAME BACK (Ifs net · new SAMSOWAK) Hanes New Samsonbak will not shrink! WHEN your SAMSONBAKS come from the wish, there won't be a runt in the litter! SAMSONBAKS are Sanforized--shrunk till there's no shrinkage left. The size you buy is the size you always have . . . boiling- hot suds mean nothing to SAMSONBAKS! Neither do wear and tear mean a thing to the patented SAMSONBAK belt. Yank it and try to rip it to ribbons-you'll only wear yourself out! Some people call HANES the free-wheeling wonderwear. You can strain and stretch, but it never strangles! Cut with plenty o£ room. Any good store has laundry-fresh HANES. If you don't know a dealer, please write to P. H. Hanes K n i t t i n g Company, Winston-Salem, N. C. CZ~LOPXAX£-W?A PPZD S A M S O N B A K U n i o n S u i t s 75' Otis.- A--,evc U=.cs S^ts ajr lew as SOe HANES Shorts . . 35c and 50c HANES Shirts . . . 35c and 50c FOR EVJtY BANKING NEED As a coi/ete commercial bank, we are eq J e d to g' v e every form of f j nanc i£rvice required by business or g an ^ons and individuals. W* in vile i 1 to use our facilities for your checl^ account, savings account id other banking need*, 12^0 Interest Paid On Saving* COMMERCIAL BANK ^F MARYLAND h a v e s i e d runner ribs in the tread-center If you know your GOODYEAR puts traction HERE wh«f» it belongs u, YOU'LL BE HAPPY IS Hanes Wonderwear FOR MEN AJTD SOYS FOR EVERY NLESS you're willing to pay your good money for a back number when you buy tires -- here are two pictures of vital interest to you. In these pictures you see the two types of treads used on all the tires offered for sale today. At the left is the smooth center tread, politely called by the tire industry a "rib center." At the right--the Goodyear All-Weather. Look at the "rib center" tire and you see gripless sled-runners of rubber in the middle of the tread where the tire contacts the road. Look at this new Goodyear and you see traction in the tread center --big husky blocks of rubber --keen-edged --deep- slotted at an angle which means grip and stop, no matter which way a car wants to slide. Goodyear All-Weather Tread Tires gr you the type of tread shown at the i --Goodyears provide the complete sure-footed safety of traction in the ter of the tread w^here it belongs. / But this year Goodyears give even n^' e They give you safety and silence bqM in the first noiseless non-skid tread, the* ew Silent All-Weather. Prices Reoord-breakingly Never in Goodyear experience--never t^ nre history--have the prices of Goodyear Tv 3 been as low as they are today. Don't try to giSS them by what you last paid for tires. They're-' " ' wer than they were five years ago--30^ ^ CT an in 1929. And your money today bu? the band ' somest, toughest, longest-wearing G jd " ear AU ' Weather ever built. Think of that, d ask yourself: Why buy any second-cho ;e tire first'choice 'costs no more! TUN I IN on the GoodTe«r Pro«r*a evt/ 'W'wine.dav n.«h: over N. B. C. Red Network, WE/F «nrA«ocMted Sutjon. What with new cars becoming faster, more powerful every year, it's well to remember that brakes may stop the wheels, but only TIRES can stop the car--and those tires must have traction. What with engines and bodies built quieter than ever before, it's worth while to watch the tires you buy, and make sure they roll without rumble or hum. Millions of motorists have discovered the superior safety of the All-Weather Tread. That is one of the big reasons why more people ride on Goodyear Tires than on any other kind. When you buy tires, get the newest and safest and best All you need to do is ask yourself the simple question: "Why be satisfied with any second-choice tire when first-choice costs no more?" Sowell Tire Battery Co. 133 South Market St. Phone 938 Frederick, Md. ON G O O J Y E A R THAN ON ANY OTHER Klf*D!

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