Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 12
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 12

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 12
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2-C—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Morning. April 8, 1975 Astros Nab Opener, Down Braves 6-2 J.- HOUSTON (AP) — Jose Cru7. ,[ive uncarnpd runs off Phil took advantage of an inter-' Niekro in the fifth before Mill fercme call against Atlanln ,Mny apparently flirrl out Ui erjd catcher Vic Correll with a tip-1 the inning. Bui jilale umpire breaking three-run homer. caivlDmig,. Harvey ruled that Cor- ping a five-run fifth-inning rally'roll's glove had interfered with that powei-od the Houston As May's hat. tros to a 62 victory over the Cliff Johnson's double tied Braves Monday ni^ht in the the score 2-2 and Crux, then two clubs' opening RHme. riubbed his three-run shot over Cesar Cedpno'R two out in-, the right-field fence. held single drove in the first of ATLANTA HOISTON Scott Leads Expos Past Cards 8-4 (jarr !' Ml'!-: e,. Kvanx I , Baker 3 1 n 0 Cabell 11 4010 KAmlrw.s '.'b 4110 Oiirnn cl 4011 M>!«y r toil r.!h«*n Ib * i> o o ,ii''iu/. i r 1 f) II n Eior.Bripi 3b "> n (i (i Alpugin- is "1 2 I i Total 3 h r h bi S II 2 0 :> i a o t 2 •> 1 1131) I 'l .1 3 i n L' n r, o o D ' 6 H S on catchers inter- ST. LOUIS (APi Scolt's two-run double m eighth inning and fellow rookie Gary Carter's three-run homer in the ninth sparked the Montreal Expos lo an 8-1 triumph over Bob Gibson and the St. Louis Cardinals Monday night in the opening game for both clubs MONTKEAI. sr MICK ab r h bl ab E«!l U J V 1 2 Brock If S Hmutnn K • Kvans rorrci Of*i inn nito— } IHU) ll.iH JDl— ft 1 IXlB-AtlsnU 4. Houston 11. :B— r.john-n, Ceilrnn. HR Tony 1 h.e ookif omer .l.i'rut 'li, SB— f> SK - <.v.l ohnsn. P. .Vickrn iL.O-lj Harri>o,i : CJPIMP Inrikr: <UM-fli rfBI'--bi Pinker T-^Ov A --14.959. ilpno. C'abrll, J.rruz. IP H R Kr. BB SO 4 '-3 .1 3 n fl -I ii-3i i) i n •! t 1 1 •_' 3 1 1 '.' 2 1 7 iCrxrn. PB -Corrtll. r h 'ni 1 1 ll 1 ~ U Reds Edge LA 2-1 P.SUnsil rf 1 1 ': 1 McBrirt? r-.l Jorsfnsn Ib 4000 RSmith rr ycn'f f r-, 1 0 fl TSimmcn? c Carter r! 4 1 r* 4 KHrndr Ib Mli-kanm 2b 5 0 1 0 F.etlz 3b Parri'b 3h 4110 Brinkman >: McN'ally p 2nnt) Dw\er pn Bultnf rph 1 n 1 n .Sosa p J\VI\ltf pr n 1 0 1 Oib.-nn p Tola! 5-5 11 7 Total Montrral E—Marksnln Fairish raric>r Caiicr '!' 5B — P.Man;ua\. .- ; r i :: i i o n < i n ( Citvo fas* ton T— 2-.07. .v-3l.7fii>. \VT Mr-Nall> ,,„ Kansas City al California, late nuiil Other rlubs nor scheduled NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati -'. I.os AnsdPS 1, 14 inninss S. Kl. I-ouis 4 ; U'IIPS ;h Houil/iii fi. Atlan'a '_' , nuu'kncr If Orhe." c!ub5 noi scheduled ' MMnta ph THIS STANDINGS : I'.mm-ck ir ERIC'AN LEAGl:E ; Jjo^h n (Continued From Page One) "sacrificed, Lopes was purposely ^ f, 1 ^ H'walked and then Clay Carrol) toooicame in to retire pinch hitter 5 n ii o'Manny Mota and preserve the; r.7^4 a •.-[deadlock. \ inixiivlf -'''he Keds threatened in the; rod. T' ;iOlh when Pete Rose walked mini " R ii v-'tih two out and reached third" '?m-ii on Joe Morgan's double. Then, ''2 r * >( ?, with first har-e open, thp Dodj;- 1 n fi -' rrs elected to pitch to Johnny ii S 'f Bench and Marshall Rot him, ending thp rnlly. i Marshall pitched five score-, less innings before leaving for a pinch hitter in the Kith in-j jiing. The Dodgers threatened i in that inning \\hen Dave Lopes i i singled and reached third on Conccpcion's two-out, two-ba?? error. But Joe Fergu- Eight Games Slated In Majors Today " «J • • •. • J By The Associated Press .Billy'- Williams, who will, be Introducing, Act II in the 1975'Oakland's designated hittpr; baseball season, starring new! Nate Colbert, Detroit's fvesh OUT AT THIRD--Atlanta Braves' third baseman Darrell Evans tags oul Houston Astros' Jfisp Crux as he trips to go from first to third on teammate Rob Andrews' single to rightfipld. Atlanta right tickler Dusty Bak- er threw a perfect strike to Kvans for the out. Action came in the fifth inning of the season opener at Houston Monday night. The Astros took .the contest by a G-2 verdict. (AP Wrephoto) Lubbock Christian Unit Bids For 20th Win Oi Year Today __ ^._ PORTALES (Special) — Lubison liiied out! ending "the inning..! hock Christian College can keep , T | Jts string of 20-win seasons at. rii hi| alive here today by splitting a ( l.MT.NN.Vri H (i 2 nltwin 5 n n n East Division rl !, PCI. r.n ab r b bi .1 0 L> 0 Rose If 4 0 n D Morgan-2b 1 n 0 CrBcnch c 1 II 0 n TPcrez Ib 6 t, 0 fl .5 i I n Cncpcion ss fi n 2 1 n n n n r.eroninio ct 5 i o n i n 1 0 Griffey rf 5 0 1 n 1 Vukovlch 3b 3010 bill with winless Eastern B^r.t on Cl?-fli Pftroit o n n .OW .rnn .noo ,iw . Oakland Montreal Chicago New Vf't Cmnnnah Houston 5an Dippp tan Kran .000 - o n n o n n 0 o Vest Division , n n n n n fi n 0 Cl 0 National League Last Division w i. rvi r.n 1 fl i.noi n o .000 '• •• n o MM '!: ia no .<irjo 'n o OKI .'" 0 i .000 i West Division 1 n i.n<n i o i,noo n o .ivyi '- isco o n .firm <', nila (1 i .<VK) I Anicles 0 1 .OHO 1 TODAY'S GAIMKS AMERICAN LEAGUE Xow York (MeiJirh 19-l.i' at Oeveland i " 1 n nisnry 3b i 0 n n GKostnr ph .000 Gi.-Hett p •'SI Total 0 D D 1011 3000 45 2 3 2 Two mil when winning run scored. (ma ino n"o nan m— oon noi uno onn 01—2 DP—Cincinnati a. M. Cincinnntf 11. 2R— - _ - . Morgan, Garv.oy. SB—Mnrsran 2. P—Marshall, Reilenmund, Griffe> - . E—Ooncepcion. - I,OB—Los 1 Marshall ! Kouuh (L.0-1) I OullC-tt 1 r.carmll - Rorbon : . Oarcy fW.1-01 H R ER. BB SO 1 3 20 1 M 2 1 92.S 3 1 •_M 0 (1 12-3 C 0 2 s n i i n 2 a i i ^ n o n n o o (2-01 and Tom Server of clue to hurl for the Lub-l weather and their iast games of. dash at New York and San;of-three series. Ronds; slick fielding shortstop Ed Rrinkman, who is expected lo glue St. Ljuis' infield togeth- faces in iie.v places and in- f'yst baseman; slugge.i Kenjei 1 , and Atlan'.a outfielder Dave eluding .ha m&nagerial optin,- Singleton and Lee May, ira-j May,'who hid the distinction of ism that biooms every spring "Ported from Montreal and [ being traded for Aaron, 'and settles every falU" j Houston by Baltimore, and The optimism belongs lo a Eight games are scheduled ; Robb - v Ronds . acquired along) fistful of managers who swear /or today, weather per-' witl1 Hunter over the winter by i that their teams, have what it mittng. U didn't permit in De- llie Yankees. i takes lo win this season. That troit and Chicago where spring! ^ n " ie ^~"' •• *' le npvv '°°' { be-j feeling ivill last all summer and storms forced postponement of I '° ll S s '° I'eoplt like pitcher | then 'begin 10 dwindle for most two other openers. Because you Rave McNdjIy, obtained hy|of (hem in .\eptcmher when the can't play baseball in galoshes,! Montreal af(cr 12 seasons with four division winners emerge the Pittsburgh-Cub and Haiti-;'" 6 AL Orioles; outfielder Bob- for the playoffs and eventually more-Detroit games were push-, b >' MuiTer, who went to San two of them are left to face ed back from today to Thurs- i Frannisco _i"__t_he swap for'each other in the .World Series, day. j " "" " - * - ~ 7— In Cleve.snd. the Indians will' host the Ne»v \ork Yankees in I j a game that will mark Frank: [Robinson's oebut as the major: I leagues' first black manager. GayJord Fi-rry goes for the Indians agaiiis:, the Yankees' Doc Medich. In Boscon, the Red Sox entertain the Milwaukee Brewers who will 'of h-seball's all-time , By The Associated Press jnadiens and Buffalo Satires' home run king, Hank Aaron,; There are genuine looks of earned a bye as divisional make his .American League! puzzlement on the faces of j champions. They will take it bow. Luis Tiant pitches for theiP la >' <:>ff - hound National Hockey easy until Sunday, when sec- Red Sox and Jim Slaton goes' League players and coaches. < ond-round action begins, for the Hrwers. < Everyone is trying to figure out' For Sanderson and the Oakland's ;>mbilious A's start; what il tak es to win a Stanley .Rangers, the first round wil, 1 on the trail of what they hope;^ u P- 'mean a lot. "It's a way of re. will be a fourth consecutive "It doesn't matter who you'deem ing ourselves for a me* world cham; "onship at homeip'sy," said Chicago B 1 a c k ;diot:re season.' 1 he said of the against the Chicago While Sox.; Hawks goalie Tony Esposilo., Rangers, who struggled until In the absence of Catfish Hunt-'"You need an over-all team ef-|the final weekend of the, season er, now employed by tlie Yan-'fort," says A) Arbour, coach pfj before clinching second place in kees, the A's will start Vida;the New York Islanders. "You! Division J. Blue against knuokleballer \Vil-necri good goaitending," says' Ksposito agrees. "It has.been bur Wood. j New York Rangers forward De- a disappointing season for all of Texas, hoping lo lake the; rek Sanderson. i us ( on the Black Hawks); \Ve American L.vigue West crown j First of all, you need lJ win. didn't finish first (in Division from Oakland, starts at home ; the first round. Eight teams set' 2 ', and that's what counts." with Fergus.,!) Jenkins against ioiil to do so tonight' What counts in Boston is the Minnesota's Be r t Blyleven. [when the Toronto Maple L^afs physical wcd-being of defense-! In the National League's! visit the Los Angeles Kings, the'man Bobby Orr and center Pbil openers today, two former! Black Hawks travel to Boston, Ksposito. "Orr looks like he's Cy Young Award winners,; [he St. Louis Blues go to Pitts- ready." said Bruins Coa;K Don Steve Carlton of Philadelphia; burgh and the Rangers are at! Cherry. the Mels.ihome to the Islanders in best-: NHL Playoff Begins Tonight bockites. Wayne Aiken (O-oi and Kyle Lubbock. Johnson (0--H are likely starters! The Chaps lineup New Mexico. Sincp launching their senior ... college baseball career in 1971. New Mexico last weekend. jmiss the games due the Chaparrals have never, wonj LCC has defeated the 'Hounds jlinary action. the year wil be next Monday in | Fra ncisco Uics Jim Barr, ls exr)Cricn ce a factor sav in ' ' against Sa.i Diego's Randy | the Rangers - Islandey* series? ,I The Rangers are in the pUy<>ffs! .non - openers; for tne nint)] s t ra j K hl year, (he be Jones. a t IS Oil Slia I*CS today for the Greyhounds, whoi somewhat jugglecif this ueek, as ln "' t of j av - s lOSt a " ---:-- i. I _i_.r.-U-_ t n (by i:v a three-game series here|regular riphtfielricr Louis Perez Kansas Citv'plavs at Califo .:VS, 7-2 and 9-8) to Western-and shortstop Andy Bustos will (jn t " ne Anie'if-an League Mexico last weekend. imiss the games due to disciu- 1 .,,—,„ : r ,. u,,,,=ton i,rtho fewer than 28 games and own a 23-8 overall advantage over ENMU. Today's twin bill is slated for a 2 p.m. (CDT) start, with Rodney Cox (5-1) and John Ross Team Lubbaok CONFERENCE SKASOX Christian R-O Phillips U 6-0 1.000 \VP—Button. PB— Yeaeer. T—3:23. Okla Christian J-4 „ itirfireslem 2-4 ?! Dallas Baptist 2-4 .Okla. Bantisl .,1-5 Belhanj- Xai. 1-7 <CT. Perry -'1-L-ji. ? p.m.. -10,000. - Milwaukee f^laion l",-16i at (linn' .VJ-U', - n.m. ."fl.llflO Minnesola (Blvlcvcn 17-17 l ,lt f,l^nr,-m^ 'J.T-VJ' H p.m.. Tr-vas Indiana Nudges Spurs By 98-93 SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Indiana's George McGinnjs bombarded the baskets for 30 points in the second half Monday 35 the Pacers downed the .3M .ifi- .125 - !t-n 22- G-0 .780 W e ? I e y n n M-ll-0' .BSS !,- r-0 .(H3 4- B-0 .400 4-10-0 .250 MD-0 .167 4-1S-2 .208 1.AST WKKK'S KJStl.TS 1IONDAV—Texas Wcsleyan 1-3, John F. Kennedy. — 1-CC M. ACC 4-S; . 3-3, Kansas Slain 0-2: Oklahoma B-9. Okla Baptist 0-1; OCC 5-11. OklHhoma city U. 1-1. Bethnns- beat Oana two of Ihrce. b--t scores unavailable. WEDNESDAY— LCC 3-5, Eastern New llexipo 0-4. FRIDAY— LCC 5-3, Dallas Banlist O-'J: Phillips 5-10. Oklahoma BRptisl 1-3: OCC 1-fi. Texas Wcsleyan 0-S second Rama 10 innings: Belhany 1-3, Midwestern 0-10. SATURDAY— LCC f. Dallas Baptist n: Texas Wcslevan S. OCC 3. Phillins 6. Okla Baptist 0: Midwestern 21. Bethany 4 TTtlS WEEK'S SCHEDULE ni3 p m. "citv i.=niittnrf( 13-iifi ^i raiifor- San Antonio Snnrc PS-Q3 in <ha< HOXDAr—Langslon at OCC i2i: ram- er '--I n t - Tanana 1!-1> lo ; :',n rtiiwiuw opurs aa M.1 111 _ me| evon stale gt Ph i] lips ,.>,. ouachlta Bap- second game Of an American list at TVVC CJ): East Central at Ohla ayo nvoort Jfi-l! 1 ! 17-iri'. 11 p.m.. " Onl^- james <=rlio<iuled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Phjlariclphia ifarllor Ifi-i:' at NfM-,0 TnrK iseaver U-ll', -.ffi p.nv. 3n.noo Atlanta 'Canra lh-S' at Hni^tnn 'r;iiffm H-Ifn. S:3S n.m .^an i-'rancisro (Fail l"^i st ?an \^rxn ('Jonr.«: R-l"', 10 n m.. 1(XO:>\ oak-isnri 'Biur;Bnskc(ball Association Western i Division first round playoff. \-ictory gave Indiana a 2- Baotist C2>. •rnr>,\Y— ai ENMU now; Hub City Statistics CORO.VAOO M All H H .'B IB KR HHI in the .sories and the match moves lo Indianapolis. Sail Antonio held McGinnis lo just three points in the first half, but he o.xploderi in the second hitting with long shots and driving beneath ihr defenders for layups. Denver fnnk a 2-0 load in its sprirs with a j'26-l'JO victory Monday nigh!. nallss Baptist at TCU (2); UT- Arlinzton at Ttva.-; Wesleyan '!'• WEDNESDAY—Harrtlri-Simmons »t Mid- best-of-seven'«estem <-!i; Bethany at Oklahnma cit.< twice this year, by 3-0 and 4-3 counts in Lubbock. The first dotibleheader between the John Harris, who will pitch no Fridays only the rest of the season, will stop into rich! field rma and Atlanta is ai Houston in the National. Th:/;t: ttams starleci the season Monday aionc with Montreal at S'.. Loin;- and Los Angeles at Cincinnati in the NL. are there for their (hree- "Experience isn't mean that much in • ' DALLAS (AP) - g ° m short* : -"' llnrfst °P Ronnie T 6Jfas Tech Mattson and ter position. Gary team's Xo. 1 utility be the shortstop. Koary Bailey, who has been relegated of lale to a pinch-hit- iier's role herause of a shoulder injury, wil serve as the designated hitter. Elsewhere. Don Worth will bo Olivo. the Amo "R the novv , facps man, will Arneru :' an _ L L agu ? _?!?ilf ./ Lanz.ston at Oklahoma Faplist . Esdv Ho I ton Foster Hlackw Ai terh-jrn Vaushn Gray Broach Sams E.'ount Kcuscnt Cher;-- Rookcr Tram K. 711 SI M t 10 .0 e 4 13 1 n •', 'i II :»$ Raceway Opens .i;:' 1975 Season MOB Meet Under Way First-round action in the Moni terey Optimist Basketball j League city tournament began ;.Monday night at Evans and illiitohinson Junior Highs. j In ihe 9-10-year-olrl division i played al Hutchinson. Paper Clip downed L&M Drug 30-11. Anthony Mochanical topped ',. -\kpr-lfpadi-ick -IO-.*!3 and Stale Pigeon Racers Begin Series schools was called off by bad|f'' o1 "n his normal designated hit Tech Netters Top Baylor Non-scholarship performers accounted for three winning matches, but it took a tiebreaker in No. 1 doubles for Tech to pull out a 5-4 tennis match victory over Baylor Monday. Tech. down 42 after singles play.qon all three doubles mavhes to post the win. The teams retreated to the indoor courts at Lubbock Racquet Club because of the weather conditions. John Clements and Don Adams, both non-scholarship players, won singles matches, and Chuck Bond joined Clements in taking a doubles match. Tech took the first doubles match 4-6, 6-4, 7-7, on the final shot of the tie-breaker set. The SEAGRAVES (Special! best-of-nine-point decider waslMaynard, former pass catchin^ New Mexico concourse, knotted at 4 .with Baylor's Dan- ace for the New York Jets, will Dobbs serving:. However, a he nrincinal sno^u-or rm- s oa . In behind the plate, Ric Weaver or, -rj le Luhhock Pigeon Racing! Mark Lislo at first, Rodney CU]h hecan its old bird series: Gardner at .second, David Carl-, Saturday from Snvder 1 er at third. Buddy Davis in leftif rom 'Midland. Odessa, and Randy Evans in center. For ENMU. Andy Reeves handle the catching, Mark al will be. at first. Larry Hunni-i ""pe'uT" Brown out at second, Paul r " third. Ricky Rapp Dennis \Vrig})( in series." says Rangers center I "' ous ton golfer Keith Fergus Jean Ratelle. ''It's just going to share Athlete of the Week hon- be a matter of breaks." sairi ors. Southwest Conference offi ; Islanders nelminder Glenn jcials announced Monday. Re.sch. ) Malison, a .junior from Fort What ahout the home ice ad-' Worln - raised his batting aver-, vantage? a " e ^ m points last work when "Home ice means so much in he wonl 10 for 1S in a three- a short series," says Islanders eame se t against Southern right wins Billy Harris. Methodist. He also got seven "Home ice means nothing." counters Fred Shero, coach of! Fives ' straight hits during .Saturday's double header. He now is in defending champion Phila-l* 1 * 1 - [>J;ice at ' 411 in the s "' c hi a FK-P« -A^ rnr'.. the ba A tlns race ' ,, .,; Fergus, defending SWC rrted- , - v !al champion, won the Stephen gamesinp Austin Ilnivr-rciry In- \\i't,h a __ , of Lubnock's; man and the - v ml % hi g' ve the •iournamcnt '"victory "in seven! out at second, Paul Valigura at!"Steve's Place" loft took the home team a break." |starts this season. In 18 rounds' at shortstop Sp0 f in the LRPC with ai F °"'' teams are idle in the.he has played this spring, the 'eft. Ron; bird which averaging .J6.5 miles' fi ''- <il round. The Flyers. Van-'Kiltecn junior has averaged Mims in center and Ron Uinc p Cr hour over the S5-mi!eicouver Canucks, Montreal Ca- 72.1 strokes. in right. Aiken \vill .serve ^s the - - - - *r- iclrews. Big Sprinc and Lubb<,,k I "°, n l ca ^ " "\ e las , 1 « a . me s '" F. Univr-mtv •« will Ipompclcd with 28:i birds being' C . hma -. J he OTl f advantage is ;Vi , ationaI tournament wit, rk Vin-^-eicased. ,' lhc ''c^'^cs- I hey re only hu- three-unricr par 141. his fn Hunni-i Potr> Rrmvn nf I .nhhonk's! man ancl lnc y might give the tournament virlnrv in <; dh when he is noi Seagraves Sels Sports- Banquet .course. Bob i'rwin of Ihe Wind-j Ibraknr loft was second, fol-j Mowed by Brown, Joe RIackwood; Jin fourth nnd fifth place and (Tom Noble in sixth. I The club's noxt race will hei ! flown from Brockenridpe inj ] overall competition with the; -Don : Southorn combine of the Texas-' WELDING COURSE G.I. Approved - 16 Week Evening Glosses Begins April 28, 1975 Cos!; M 58.00 CALL: REGIONAL OCCUPATIONAL CENTER 747-0576 or Veterons Outreach 762-4518 ny Dobbs serving. However, a cross-court shot by Raider Paul Leclum on the point's third volley decided the match. Raiders Adams and Moffett then wjiipped Bruce Walter and Skipper Par- be principal speaker for raves School's nil-sports banquet here Friday night. The prosram. honoring all John'Seagraves tciims. bold boys and Boars girls, will bcRin at 7::;0 p.m. Maynard wiil remain horc Arrna Park Rarr.vay opened s IflT.i sr.-ieon Siind?y with tin '°'r n •at. Kvan rlrfealed 1,-ippcd Hunt Seed 23- B^o^poin.s kcr 6-4. fa-2, and the Bonds-jand acl as honorary referee for Clements team whipped Warren!the District ,VA track meet s Woo and Chuck Dorrity 6-0. 3-6, jut-day. 6-1 in the last and deciding ~ match. In singles. Clements defeated Lyndel Picketl of Baylor 76. l>4, and Adams won over Woo 6-4, 2-6, 6-4. ramp \vhrn ,he ofHo hhySl o^ and Sprints. | harn S|f ; rl 2 1 ITi and Frank! ' - I. [P li Kl! H I'. n :••', l (p :\ I L'l"- 5 •• IS f) ,v>-,, i: :•. u S S I -1 KO'tPf '21 Ea-:.v in « n <r-.. in i-j .:? T*am •>! in 1 II!) r,K T; M .MONTKRKV ('I.AIN-^.M I-.N (It,. I 1 SO KHA ^ h (i IVI :v '^ (/>'.% '^ ! i i M I 1.17 '.i 7;, i 7-; is tin .: •.:" r,fi :ns i ..>o Arena Park lay night raring ''ririay *( X p.m. season ihis FIP..-T MK.\T Mi-rmcnm. Ptn.vrr Smith Waldrn Gflrrin^r Wilk'5 Grffn TrihWc Bcern^r tram S'H Alt n K ?R .'li in: lilt .vi > AVt S7 Krt : i o i n n o n fl n o n o " n t , Inch ];;• h'-.ll. . •',- l.-.ihlK •'' " en-, J.uhini \inni Today's schedule in the 9-10 meet pits Fields & Co. against; .lay .McCUire Gntf Shop at 6i p.m., Oshman's \'s. Groer EleosunduHn: Nic-k oinik. i.uhhm-k: trip at 7 and Fee Pharmacy \s. Holme*. I.imixii'k. TROPHY A T T-. -. i r- ^. n ., HASH WJ.VNKJi-Rolnml -Mariin. ro.v.-n. M.n. MfKPR CO. at ,S. .All '''' l ' lVn °'\m l! 'r^irf ! ?' h ^ul,hm"''TMi,| 1 'n"i Sa ' TlCR W '" b ° P la J' eri ai Hlltch-; iiiiit<i«'.ii',v. jiAi.v".'/im"mv r','iur'i." : i rlsriri k: -roiiinv iiriimrs: Ru^tcr Ron-, in the 11-1'.! tourney today. ""'''"loiiinro STOJK .First Kerirral Saving plays T HKAT r,niy Tavior. canynn: Ftirr'.s Super markets at fi p.m., ^ \\n;iiliin. Irlalnir t nin }lii"hn ! T-W- • • T-» -n- m k. .-Kcnvii nf;.»r nne fJniilim' i Precision Drilling meets Twin ln; r ;^"" !i -' vlal ' 1 .i"','; ul ' i " ! .'- k . ; All °" Onks Pharmacy at 7 and Plains jMp,,,n.. Tr 11:11 nK,\r-.i.ii. ^^op b,-ittles S toiler Co. at 8. nno KM Tunif MI ..mi Player HASH WIX.VKII-<;»!< I.ATIO.V r,.\cK.--i:i>n< Ifnffmn^, Amanlio: ,fn> MAIN Mas Hullm;in" l>irk Wnmt. M'lllVT C.\»s KlT.sT (IKAT lu,n 7.*hn .'err' Piilln. Amaillln: (; R!1 Liili'iruk. SKroND HK.S'r .-'!!- Ansoio. Ti:oruv,.\ll j;;imrs are set, for Kvans. Ta J l,,r. ^roNSO^ ,,,, ]c to(lr( ,,, mct , ls wi jj con |j n i le i.nir,i..rk. through Sat.nrday. Ritnrr. I.LI 1)1)01 KnUr.u |)y Nf-l- 'k: Team o w t. IP n K,n ti nn MI i:nA •t ft I f'-, .'• ! .1 S H tt.Ht .1 i f> "'-- ? '. fi fi is i.n -^ 1 '' JI ,-* 10 1 1 K- I/',I' \~fn «/!]• [ ijhh^i'' 1 " 1*1*OP! tV I) \<H' Fci t in •>.> 1» 10 £• in il L'.foi fuiiM.' . Mnanlln.' r; f> : X so I. V T !O N :n IB i m M M in rh^]^ i..T.,,i,,, n , u,t>i*»-k: T><1 HO«. arrt. l.iililmrk: Uanrl- Willmzham Ama;-, lllo. MAIN DH-. I RBOCK WK« IH-1 l-:.l fr AB R II 3R .111 Hit nrtl Ton r y .Tmm'p .1 HI BS McMillan Parham Santiago Greene Plcne Bnrrnn Duffy Smith Gn'-nero Srll vpaniieva JIoirr» 3S ^ n w r> S? 7 ! « [« n i r, 'j o o ^ n n n n n n n n i n 37F! i f) n o n n n o i ?. a :M TI n o i 5 » n 1.1 •i. o n R :> i f> in n n i 'i n n n i l n n n i n i R n o o 6 ft l i s n n n n r) n n n o n ooo A o n o n o n o fi o n n n 3 » 1M . i*J>r»n. Ro.'lon. t "82 i ."4 .win, .nnn ; nwi .nor, .win l .311 ' smith »r«ntl»7n ' riTCHINC r. 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NYLON CORD R1B"HI-M1U:R" • I.ow-prirnrl, diirriblr: Rib T-li-Milcr 3-T nylon corrl lire rnsisls bruising on ,ind off the rond ... tonsil Tufsyn rubber Rivrs srcat slriin^ih nnd Ions-life. * Herp r>-rih Irnari design, hiiltri-ssed shoulrtnrs ^ivn traction and steering case whornvcr you drivn. Sale Ends Sat. Night SIZE 6.70-15 7.00-15 7.50-16 6.70-15 8.00-16.5 PLY HATING 6PRTT 6PRTT 6PRTT 6PRTL 6PRTL PRICE S23.BO $29.70 $34.35 526.70 $34.00 Plus F.E.T. t old tire 52.43 $2.80 $3.27 $2.73 $3.39 GOOD? YEAR 6 VJavs to Buy • Our Own Customer Credit P!>n • Amerion Ixfttii Meney Ktrl • Ma'ttr Ch»rie • ItnUmerir.crtf • Cirt* llitiche • 0)ne» Clil STORE HOURS 8-5:30 MON.FRI. 82 SATURDAY 50th & BOSTON ill ffi,

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