The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST «» 1*34. THE f AWS NEWS. OCI Ch urches Sorority Rush Week Date Is Announced The Delia Beta Signia. sorority met Sunday afternoon at th* Gibraltar hotel for a discussion of j>lass for rush week which has been announced to take place the week beginning August 12. Miss Eugenia Kzell "was elected rush captain. Officers for the coming year were then elected and these new officers v^ill be named and install^ cd at the banquet held at the close j of rush week when all the new • pledges are honored. j The sorority's r.exi meeting: win ! b'j Sunday, August 12 and ait mera- j bers are urg^d ro attend. .' Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern PUSHMATAHA CALLS RELIEF COISFERENCE Cub Daughters of Neptune Stnith-Folmar Wedding j In Dallas Sunday j, The iiiarrla=;e of Mrs. Flo Foimar •of Tyler to R. E. Smith, also of Tyler, took place Sunday at the Saker hotel in DaHas, : -n the ;>res- j *nce of a few intimate friends. j Mrs. Smith, former president of j the Business and Professional Wo- j men's club of Tyler and state cor- i responding' secretary 3ms several j rimes visited Paris as guest of the j c'ub here and Mr. Srniih is simii- j arly known among the Rous.ria.ns as he has been district governor of Botary clubs. idabel Sunday School Clogs Entertained HXA.BEL. Okia-—Miss Fannie ilae Kisinsrer entertained her Sunday school class of the Baptist church, a group of Intermediates. with a theatre party and informal •dinner at her home. Thoscr present were Annie Dean Rachel. Louise Kirk. Helen Turner, Adean Nichols. Irsa Kimbro. t>elilah Baird, Frances Scott. Kathleen Hill and the hoste**. A X T I> E R S. Okla-—Twenty farmers, representing different county committees, meet here Monday afteTioon at 1 "o'clock ai: the courthouse, with business men of Antlers, the county farm agent, Georsre Innes. and representatives of the FERA to discuss -ways an-1 means to alleviate distressing conditions faeinsr the county as tfce result of the prolonged drouth- Antlers business men m." e t Th-jrsday rsigBt to consider tfee re- 3sef problems but it was decided best to meet with representatives from every section of the count:* first before taking further steps in th>;5 direction. At The Grand College Girls Learn Art Of Sailing On Lake Dallas X.— Hoist the mainsail: : of tha skipper rin^ out dver'th« A3! heads duck. starboard your! ,,-,.-_ , ^ , , helm, and stand by to shift jib T^""' aad : '°" jns lady * aalors a£ sheets! These sharp commands | Texa * sta "« College for Women - — — — - • -- \ 'CIA) make, an attempt to master At The Plaza t I me art of the salty seaman. | Lake- Dallas, artificial body of i -R-ater located six miles from the I college campus, serves as a train- j i^s srctund for these "sailors.** and A say, romantic comedy of a ] with four international handsome- beauty doctor to whom' boats of the Snipe class a thousands of women flocks for his • tjie »:r!s are afforded excellent op- "speciar* treatments, "Kiss and • PO'tunities to answer the call: o£ Make-Tip," Monday and Tuesday at \ father Neptune. the Plaza Theatre. Although a -rew for racing "this This picture -was produced by j "-'P* of boat is generally made t tae Paramount I °- I7r ° girls in the Instructi B P. Schullberg: a: studios, -with Gary Grant, Gese- vieve TobLn, Helen Mack and Hd- uctlojial period for this* class four students and an instructor comprise th« Party Honor* Fifth Birthday I ilrs:. TV. B. Richards entertain- ! cU Saturday afternoon in honor of j her son, Jimrm? Bob, with a parry | for :s few of his yoxinz fr?e-nas in j celebration of hij; fifth birthday i anniversary. I Games were enjoyed during the j afternoon and favors were prp- j seated to each guest. Afterwards | tfce birthday cake was rut and j served with ice cream to the fol- i FKYV FROCKS ARE SO SMAKT other things that make a TV lowing children: i AS THIS SIMPLE OXK T50R3. Hunter, .^ Ja'nj»,s!_ JBrysrr i and Harriet" Ann "Kil!*&r>?« : . Nancy f Caviness. Alfred and Kent Haynes. ' j The dramatic predicament of a i young- naval academy cadet madly j in love -with his commandant's j daughter. an<i tv-ho has neither time t nor opportunity to woo her be} euuse of the traditionally strict I discipline and re^-uiations of the [ i Uiiiied States Naval Academy at I Annapolis, highlights the romance | I of "Midshipman Jack," RKO- j I Radio Picture at the Grand Thea- ! | tr& Monday and Tuesday with | I Bruce Cabot and B«tty Furness in J j the leading: roles. I j Filmed at the Annapolis ins-ti- • i tution with special permission of I I the Navy I>epartmeiit. "Midship- ! I man Jack" unreels the story of j i Jack Austin "while presenting inter- j cscin? and instructive phases of I life a.r;d training: there. "When | Jack steals out after Taps to • pro- ; crew ^ f(mr is sho _ rn - n tfee u ^ r ]eft wkh a dose _ Ul) £t thg rf h £ j less HIS iove to Ruth Rogers, ne is | In tfac lower ]eft ^ s - udeat t^ es ^ 18-foot c**oe >or her "iolc j reporteo to Captain Rogers, her; p^^i ?> i father. Placed on probation, he! l "—" [Violates 'his limitations when he \ i assumes responsibility for a crash j ; between a subchaser and plane ai- J i thocsh it was caused by a beloved ' I friend. " j j Christy Cabanne directed "Mi-c- ! i 5h;p-rnan Jack." with Cabot. Miss -j j Furnese, Purnell Pratt. Fraizk Al- '' bertson. John Darrow, Margaret ward Everett Korton, in the prin- ^s"""- Duris? the early stages of cipal roles. r training these would-be -sailors The film presents Gary Grant as [ ? earn IO ~ s :h - shi ?- "° 2*andl»:th*' the o^-ner and chief doctor of a i ooa " " r - der an ^eather conditions modem temple of beauty to Trhich a " a u:id * rssand lhe technical terms . °~ sea " At The Lamar m '< murderous criminals hlGir:-^ under j the very shadow of the British \3.^r. ; holding captive a beautiful arirl I within a few miles of ths> imoer- : . turable representative of T±i=?~ B~ ? ta tropical settin? amicst 1 1 - nic Majesty, yet overcome in the s and junsrles and .he sharu | ersd bv a mar? tvho at t ? m=c a 1 ^- ~j ~ ^ ^ » ^—., Seddon, and Arthur and Florence ^ contrast of English government j Pears ^almost a fool. Lake. • officials in their tropical whites i - As!ds from the mystery story. t srsd the squalor of hidin^- crim- i ths -P-ot unfolds a . beautiful ro- ; jnals in rasrs. a ca;zn and* rorand I rnancs ' bet " Sreei1 a ver ^ subordinate i priva-e investigator. — ith an in- j character, in the picture, and. the tile entire feminine population flocks, begging for his treatments, j After the early instructional pe- One of his pa.tients, Gerrevieve To- i "- l od has beep, completed each stii- bin, wealthy wife of Edward Ever- 1 cent prepares for her "solo flig-ht" ett Korton, is just about through [ ln an -S-foot canoe equipped witJi with her series of treatments, i a si^&Is- sail. A successful passing which have turned her into the j of "- :s Iesr shakes-her eligible as doctor's aiost beautiful and per-j a skipper of one of the; racing- feet creation. ' (boars. The doctor fa.!!~ in love with her. The husband, fed t'.p •with all ths beauty-regulations, walks oirt ar.d leaves her to her new love. Grant marries her -with, a heart full of romance, but his blfss Is completely ruined, "when he comes Every precaution for safety is sen-ed in all sailing->& lake. Only students who are expert " swiminers are allowed to enroll" In the class ar.d at 20- time ' !s-:the' boat allowed to leave dock with- ut life belts and other safety : .de- fo.ce to face with che effects of his \ v ices. Motor boats, maintained at stringent beauty rules. He rea- | convenient distances for use In.'case or raisnaps are also used fcv the instructor to folIoTr class -boats.;" A. college canapsite cotssistiny o? twenty acres of land on the oankas 'ises she is just a creation of powder and paint. Ho~?r he escapes and eventually finds his. heart-mat© in a -simple, . unspoiled "girl who'needs to'make-! °" ^^^^ Dallas is partially restroh- up to brin*: out her charm:?, bririss I 51 °- te> *°~ ^-- e interest taken in-this th& film "to'a happy ending-. " j sport. Camp huts completely furn- The supporting: cast includes j I£ he<l -^-ith all necessary ecufptaeat ILucien Littlefield. Mona Marls, j 7 "" er ^ built by the colleg-s- several Toby "vVIng-. Uorothy Christie, j 3*ears as"O and are now hi con.- Henry Arrnetta and the thirteen | * Inuo ' JS use D J" students of. the ^~a.mpas Baby Stars of l?3i. | college. Groups of girls ramsiES- from SO to 50 in number spend. week-ends on the lake tl "- Heather Angel. /a// L V on his shoul<2er, • -;cov=T5' The core o? a diamond I n-jsrg-ling plot and incidentally i Lirnness. GUAKDSMEN SAX ANTONIO. Tex.. L&. —Two .tional guardsmen of tae Lub[ bock field artillery battery. in- iiis frock is one of those sur- t-rising thr^srs that happen just I >«.» often—we;;, just, so often in a I iff^rirjje! That is io say. you could ;Th;n.5 ^s tnc'tet? sieevc-s making a: | i rock the siunnins affair this on-s Jinamifc Dear. Hick<?y. Clare Xeilie Jean and Boor* Ri a.r?d Jltrsmie Bob Richard?. SCHOOL WELL ATTE?O)ED \ *-*»* ^^ ** : ^ • us« the :'.tt:e fri'l down the sea>:n rt ^*- r.on- 1 i-T*r,^^^ C£ . I --* 0 '- 3 "*•'&'- '•* c - thent — but. of course, ^"a^ihr^srnrir^ *j^h«oll;, h " ' r -^°=P' S J°:- To " ca ," rnak ^ '^. T/' ^.'-V ^^ \. or .. :.,;,, J,T * f>,-1 tjl " ^ r ^'= °^" :h " sar;;^ fabric, or ',«.",,_ *vjKi',"' ••-*-. - | yr-'i c«in mak-7 it -_'f a dark one. «d "Pa-k- VooK a 'na-i nf He-, i " av - v hhie '' r b "' ck sUk crep ^ cr ,1 r-atj!^ , 0 v t ircr-h Ss'urtiav ! «>'??an'J^. ?<^r example, with frills -' .,'. ' w ,^,, '."-",,;. 0 .;''..^-.j.'.^^^ (_," i °f T >"-'bi"e or cream colored nol>'"-4.<' u-U--'-- -.'-..- • - |., T .,j ar>y ^...j,,. yo-j Tr:ake it. you will ",';" A'l^.i"!l.^ --.- ,, *. r —Tr>, : 2'Sorr tr. It i«, fc-r nil it^; cliic, a T i* v:5 ; ?Jyjc 'is t j> -^ h j ?^»';<; of Mr. -• " "* ' "'"•• " "" k ~ * " = " *~ - '*• •,'n'T*.;s ?.t "i""j.;:-n TJO h'jcrinriin^ dr?*?s— R. B. EH-ott ^ recers*!" -,v3s tak^- pitnl Frid^J- : Mr. ant? Mr;-. Fre=-J Ko" *,-: Fr:<:>- i r.;t, have r-^turnf-'J hosiK" ri'^.-r vi«i"- I iris; her*s TI ;".h R- L*. >';;''h'--": and ; ha«» r^Curnrd fr:-m a visit iv son Srn;th D*»v;/*jto« V.*TO. -'••T. T'~":ir:^ yo',: how to cut It '.;f :t t<?i7-?:hor and *•-.•-• it.. in • T^ r;*^ Tl', : 't iPY 1 -*"" ^ •"•riJ^'i 1 T"OU]<i TS:* ' to i.iv^*^rst.'iPii Thi^ fi^!>^s^Ti i 1 ^ '^3^*^ f-,f **-!* ™"c™"v V*?**^ ^Ar**»"^ v 1 f f^ndiri"*' v.->ip,t 'up. i: ;? t-.- make a dreys T-J. ; ;: . is. !••?. s n . 2*. ss. "•?, ss 5AMTARIU>f HOST .<..-i-.j KIPTKKN CENTS 'lie) v c-.'irss- cr sta;;:i'S i coins prefer- TO BPWC TUESDAY r d -r ,:^h A:-,„« Ada:», pat- Tv'oi^o^'r-. club Tr-.*'rnbfr,» r/ti; br> I TO STATK SIZD CANTED. ^-jT^i.«t*«i Ti*^ M «5i'1^v ^ v '^t---"- r» f »*»f» i *.» i.- ... „ ".-„ * ^. **_-...-. * *. . «.i*t_* i . f ..,^ r^-, ..< A^-J^I T^,*Ti g r' 3 ou r*rr* ^*.'rTt*r5^, wr.y sar. i;.arn:n-! o. t-;»"is f»r t-.<•* nnt:!.:n; ; j- u i inciuce n^ -..r-Jcr i-.-r a fascs- ..^a.tji r~<'S~^ " !1 r-!-!f-»?; t r:s. .- 4 ;.vs i n -, t i n5 ,. jjoorv. crairimod from co*Dorothy C- 1 ''":^sr>. hcinc c!;.i.irniAn. er to -;t;:-;n'.r!,c illus- Cremd \t .AKMOVR WINS t TOKC'NTO. ij^--—T rnmy Arm- A «-;-O-A<] <-> •pj"!? a'.t^rjJ"^ .-••.-.-iva! rrtr^:;r n^ny ronverf No **rvk-e »?u* on Twpsf ron:2ns ,*nd d The !*iihj NOT1<?F TO WATK'K -r;scht August '0 in or4er :t- secure P^r cei^t tl^C'.^tint or Wat*-r Works, TAKE FLAT WORK FOR INSTANCE— rhc laundrv •j. Ar.d Mot ho'j^en-jv^s ir>vc found that oni- - place to ret tint work beautsfuHy clone, u'hcn it is done <;»'* economically. 3> a par; t>f our ' ?Iy Wash Service, most housewives find that it saves money to send alonsr all the family wash in c, for we \ all of it. ironing all t'lai work" and make only a nonina 1^e of 6c .1 pound for the first to pounds, .ind 5c for each additional pound. , Start vith us f in^ week. Our mi m hers are ?J and 22. chic THE SUMMER ISSUE f BOOK_ PRICE FIFTEEN" S CENTS. BOOK AND PATTERN TOGETHER. TSVENTT - FPA'S . CENTt. 17th Street. Ne^- Tors Cii>- M'CKAW SPEAKS liajaj McCra-.v, former Dallas couu- |^ ty district attorney, openc-tl bi5 f runoff campalsrn for state attor- j ... he f.-ould receive virtually all the i " c votes cast in the first primar-v- for ; , - , , _. ,. Clyde K Smith wh« ran th^rd I i na " in br!ef - Is. the mysiery i 3ured when a riela p:ecs crashed frplot cf the picture. "Murder- in 1 :nto a truck near Fredencksbur^ t _-;: -T>r*r-cr ,-v-p- \v < -ii-^>rii^' Ts^ica..-^]!. be shown .a.t '• Saturday, were ia Fort Sam i±ous-j v r>AE> VT- \\OVTTDS | .j,^ La.mar Ttieaire Tuesday and j Ion scatfon hospital and seven I HOUSTON. .?.iF'.—Jack Lemay, I XV-sdnesday. The bald stai-en-.enr. '' c ' 7 -' r - er * resnnied their trip to the \ 32-yea.r-old. oil lesse broker, died .; however, cannot be~in to sive an ' P-2-Iscfos trainins: carcp after re-; Saturday of three pistol tvounds! idea of the breathless-'interest the ! c ** vir! a first aid treatment, | received Friday ni=-ht. .T. C. : unfoJdtn- of :he plo: ^vilj have for! ——-—• j Pr;a=-eon. 53-yesr-o'd dru=:£:Ist and * the anclence. Slrancc. and-bizarre ' I>uck hunters at a I-ons: Islanc i former substation postmaster, was • sfrtiin?. possible only ;n Trinidad. ' N. T.. club are experimenting in j charged with njurder, be-autif-i ye: treacherous jsns-'e?. : breeding: -?v"f!d ducks for sport. '- Scout News -at the. school term. Troop 3 had- a regular meeting" i Friday ziis^nt at tire Chamber of j Commerce. Scoutmaster "Vr. J". ; Vv'illiaznson in charge. i : Troop 4 ead a sTs-irnminzr perty j at Ca^np Clark under.-the leader-' ship of Scoutmaster Carl Kalev, os ! Friday. ! Eases Headache In 3 Minutes GOLF SITE ir amatecr-pro s^fespstakees of t Texas Professional Golfers Association •K-ill be held Monday over I the- Meado-o-brook Countrv club . . -^ course .whers Clauds TTa'rrer, is i to inorganic causes. IXO Ear- also neoralgia, muscular aches and pains, toothache, earache, periodical and odier pains doe code*. ZOc and 25c package** THE TOP OF THE HEAP IN TE^-XIS? Tbat » the cfsrZsble pa&icrs ofEJIs^ort^ V^g^Jr., tBe spectacular young Pasadena asbtftx star tt'bo holds the U. S. XaSsonal CbaTnpionsbips for 1931 arul 1952, and bos xov; wept i&roug& ibe 1954 professional ranks as a*Il! YOU'LL enjoy this pleasing ''Energizing Effect When you've used up your energy at work or pl.iy—smoke a CsmcJ and notice how soou you teef your flow of natural energy snap back. This experience. long known to Camel smokers, has now been confirmed bv a famous New York research laboratory.* Camel smokers enfoy a positive "energizing effect"* ...a heakbful and delightful release or" natural, vibrant energy. Millions have found this to be true. A typical Camel experience is tbis* Ellsworth Vines, Jr. speaking— "Championship tcaais is one of the fastest of modern sports. After four or five sets, you some- level. And I can smoke ail the Camels I Trant* times feel chat you jfusr can't cake another step. for they don't interfere wich rny nerves." That's when a Camel tastes like a million dollars. Not only does the rich, mellow- fragrance appeal to my taste, but Camels hax-e a refreshing way of bringing my energy up to x higher So, whenever you want a 'lift," just smoke a Camel. You can smoke them steadily. For the/Wn MORE EXPESSIVE TOBACCOS i* Camels ftertr get em y "| CAMELS Costlier Tobaccos never get on your Nerves A Cvnels arc mmde from tin«, MOKE EXPENSIYE TOBACCOS —Turkish and Domestic—th«n mxvy oth*r popular brand. "Gei a LIU with a Camel!

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