The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 8, 1967 · Page 24
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 24

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1967
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

Page B-12 THE \E\NS, Frederick, Maryland Kridax. September 8. 1%7 Scull Family Threatened 01 dei ing has shown that uniden- DIVINK AID man Catholic priest, opened a tified persons have been send- ALBANY, N Y ( A P ) - The session of the New York Strte mt m coupons for the maga- Rev Donald J Curran - a Rob - constitutional convention *uh /ines and books IP the case of article;, the 01 deis foi them have been placed bv telephone \s foi the railroad ties, Scull told tho d i i v e i he hadn t ordered them but decided to keep four ot them anvhow for his garde'i He paid $7 each ROCKVILLE - MontjJorne'v to receive a numbei of mai',a County Police Thursda\ began / m e subscriptions books and an investigation into the late--' store at tic-les and even a t i u c k of a series of harassments of load of l a i h o a d ties mm,- if th( Montgomery County Council u h i e h h a v e been ordeied bv the s.i. president David Scull and his , n i l ] % io I n q u n v into the souices of the family Scull attributes the harass ments to opponents of his po^ 1 tion on the county s open hou ing law passed bv the coun .1 in July At first thought to be the i suit of a bullet shot into the window of his Silver Spi " g office, Scull said a police i n v i s tigation showed the hole to be caused by "a quarter - po ind iron bolt, fired pjrnaps n o m a slingshot "There are leal kooks on bo sides of the question and it ,^ a problem for one who tries ' walk down the middle, ' Scull said "A public official must expect a certain amount of such stuff This sort of thing is from the sick end of the right-wing se gregationist crowd " he said Scull referred to harassmen's which began when he and Mrs Scull returned home from a council meeting in July at which the open occupancy law w ·· passed An unknown telephone call^i warned Scull, "someone in yout family will die ' Scull said the calls continued "Many of them were of such a crude and coarse nature and several so obscene that my tele phone answering service wouldn't repeat the messages ' Scull said The Sculls also began receiving hundreds of letters criticiz ing his support of the fair ho'is- ing law Many of the letters were anomymous The Scull family has continued K l e v a t o i s were ha/atdous a' t u i n of the century In , l a i g e c i t y as many as *u people a yeai might be killed in elevator accidents Farm Leaders Ask To Appear Before Ag Unit Local agricultural leaders have been invited to testify at a hearing here Tue=dav oefore a special commission w nch is studying the Maryland State Board of Agriculture The 20 member commission which was appointed bv Gov Agnew in compliance w i t i a resolution passed bv the General Assembly this yea- h a ? been asked to evaluate the Boaid of Agriculture's admin ^ ' r a t i o n ' ,s it involves the agncu'-urji -*^n munitv '· The commission's m e m b ^ i s h i p Includes William B C t u m \\al kersville Edgai G E m i i c h Thirmort and Edv.ard F Hoi ter, Frederick The commission according t j chairman Edward H Cove!! Jr Easton is intere-ted in sug gesUcns and c o m m e n t on im proving the exiting st u r t u i e its activities and r e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s but. ( v v e i also solicit c immeniS b v parties satisfied w i t h t h present svstem " Anv organization^ w h i c h d s i r e to comment at the h e a r i n g l a v e been asked to p.esent a prepared statement of comments t ) the hearing chairman and limit oral remarks to 15 m i n u t e s The hearing is schedule 1 to be held in Winchester Hall f i o m 9 30 a m to 12 30 p m and Ed gar G Emnch \ \ i l l s e r v e js chairman The State Board of Agn u l t u i e is actualh the Bo-ml of Regents of the I n i v e r s i t v of Mar v i a n d w i t h a d i f f e ^ e r * name As the B o a r d of \gn u l t u i e the I I numbe p a n e l is t i e ad m m i s t r a t u e bodv f o r a g i i c u l t u r a l servrce and c o n t r il pi ) grams offeied bv t i e state KEROSENE NO. 1 FUEL OIL HOME DELIVERY SERVICE WEIL BROTHERS Phone 662-1121 Hamilton Avenue At East South St. APPLICATION BLANK FOR VETERAN'S DAY" CONTEST 1O HE ( K t M N E I ) SI M ) \ \ , N O V E M H E R 5TH (Eligibility--Teenage Girls) N A M I . (Please I ' t m t ) A D D R E S S P H O N K NO M A I L TO: L man Crawford, Chairman "Miss V eteran's Da\ Contest" Steadman-Keenan Post No. 96 The American Legion Hrunxv\ick, Md. As part of the piogram f or the annual \ eteran's Dav Obstr\aiHe to be held Sundav. November 5th, there « i l l be Crowning of a "Miss Veteran's Dav " The award w i l l he given to the Teenage Girl, along with (HO S100 Savings Bonds who wins the most votes through the sale of tickets on a 1967 R( \ \ u t o r Color Television Set The balance of the girls in the contest will gam seats of honor in the Veteran's. I)a\ Parade The \oung lady ha\- ing the seeond highest number ot \otes w i l l also be given a $100 Sa\mgs Hond Girls wishing to apply for the contest will clip the abo\t coupon and mail to I \rnan (' Crawtord Deadline for entet ing w i l l be September 20 19(7. Ml SIC STARTS 8.30 ALI MIXED DRINKS 75c ALL BEER 50c NO ADMISSION 3 1 3 N O R T H M A R K E T STREET OPEN 11 A M . TO MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS. 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S x M whitewriil tires white top Blue body In ergme two tone paint Tor power steering tinted windshield I M M K D I VTE 1 IN \\( INC, I l TO { I- \KS TO I ' V \ P h m o u t h Fur\ I I I whilf 11 el black ials Torqutf lite wmdshiLId wipfrs ID Hardtop Glove box light trunk light clock eicc Inc seat cushion foam front all vinyl interior trim 383 Cu in engine 2 BBL light packac Map light fender turn siq trinsmission power stc( ring tinted windshield mirror wheel covors 3 speed S 75x14 whitewall tires Bumper guards radio Lt Grm Met DEMONSTRATORS Pl mouth Valiant 100-6 4 Dr Sedan 225 Cu In enqine 300 Oecor, group ash trays and rear arm rests partial horn rings 200 Nameplale colored mats Torquefhte transmission glass tinted windshield w h t r l covers 6 5 0 x 1 3 whitewall tires white B t V TOI)\Y BKVT *68 I'RK K IM RK VSK I M m o u t h S IJehd. Satellite l« ^ \N 1TII ( ) N F I I ) K N ( K 2 Dr HT fender mounted turn signal indicator lights B u c k e t seat and foidirq arm rest wheel covers vinyl trim body accent itnpes, Turqueflita transmission, power steering head rests left and right mirror remote control Shoulder belts, 1 front whrel cover* sport 75x14 whitewall tires French Ivory )\ KR 1:5 ^ EARS SKRV ICE IM\ m o u t h Fury III, S 4 Dr Sedan qlove box light, trunk light ilock dec trf seat rushion toam front *ll vinyl inferior trim copper 318 Cu In engine 2 BBL Linht packaqe Turquefhtt transmission power steer mg bumper guards front and rear tinted windshield mirror remote control manual wheel covers Delu» 14 I 2S»U whitewall tires White THE RONEY MOTOR CO. Phone 6H3-M26 (i22 North Market St. Open Kve. H:30, Sat. 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