Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1968 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1968
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 8, 1968 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE A4 Rank And File Democrats Prefer Humphrey By tOUlS HARRIS With almost two months still to go before their national con- vetition jft Chicago, the rank and file of the Democratic Party prefer the old politics of Vice President Hubert Humphrey to the new politics of Sen. Eugene McCarthy. Humphrey leads McCarthy 48 to 40 per cent as the preferred candidate of Democrats In a nationwide test. Among independent voters, however, McCarthy leads Humphrey 84 to 30 per cent as the choice for the Democratic nomination. McCarthy's problem against Humphrey Is essentially what it was against the late Sen. Robert Kennedy.- he is stronger outside than Inside his own party. He IB widely believed to be a more attractive personality than the Vice, President. He excites more Intensity of support from his followers than Humphrey. He is brmging more young people and affluent voters into the Democratic Party. Significantly, however, among the "hard-core" followers of Robert Kennedy, Humphrey is j*referre1 over McCarthy by 60 to 37 per cent. This result stems less from Humphrey's personal popularity than from the fact that a majority of Kennedy' support was drawn from the "gut" vrte, where the Vice President is also strong. The Dsmocratic Party, as It Is still constituted, it heavily dependent upon this "gut" vote — lower-In-i-me whites and blacks, big city dwellers, ethnic minorities and lifelong party loyalists In the South. Humphrey runs against McCarthy, as he does against Republicans Richard Nixon or Nelson Rockefeller, In the clasiio pattern of the Democratic Party. The Vice Presi; dent's s*<?ngth Is not In his personal ap!>eal nor the party machinery he inherits from Pres* ident Johnson, but rather that to most Democrats he symbolizes the old coalition which elected Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. If McCarthy receives his par- ly's nomination this August, he will have to struggle mightily to keep th? old Democratic Party from crinnbling beneath him. If Humphrey is nominated, he wifi have to ffltake It with the old Democratic coalition as his base, aided and assisted by the candidacy of George Wallace on a third party ticket, who siphons away switch votes in the deep So'ith from Nixon. Humphrey piles up his lead not only among Negroes, but with older voters, less-well-educated, Wg-city residents, Jewish Voters Htid Southern Democrats who ar* not for Wallace. If there is a single focus of McCarthy weakness, it is his in- HIRSCH'S ability to penetrate the Negro vote, which many of its leaders believe belongs in the coalition of the new rather than the old politics. Among Democratic voters, McCarthy loses the Negro vote to Humphrey by 15 to 86 per tpnt. with 19 per cent [undecided. Against Nixon and Rockefeller, McCarthy receives 7 to 9 points less of the black vote than Humphrey. If McCarthy could combine his heavy support among young people, the college educated and the suburbs with that of the Ne- groes, he would Win over Humphrey to-'ay — at least in a preference tpst among rank-and-file Democrats. Here is the trend of results of Humphrey - McCarthy tests among national cross sections of Democrats: HUMPHREY VS. McCARTHV (DEMOCRATS ONLY) H.HH. McC Not Sure Per Cent Per Cent Per Cent June 48 40 12 Late May 49 37 14 Early May 47 32 21 McCinny has steadily cut m-i to Humphrey's lead since early May, reducing the Vice President's margin from 15 to 12 to the cum-nt 8-point edge. A bretkdown of these latest results bv key voting groups among Democrat reveals sharp d'f'en-fices in the pattern of support for the two men: HUMPHREY VS. MCCARTHY By KEY GROUPS McC Not Sure Per Cent Per Cent Per Cent Total Democrats 48 40 12 By incotte Under $5,000 $5,000 $9 999 61 46 $10,000 rrr.d over 39 By sex Men 53 Women 43 By age Under 35 42 35-49 42 50 and over 56 By race White 46 Negro 66 By religion White Protestant 22 17 43 11 52 9 36 44 49 46 30 43 15 11 13 9 12 14 11 19 43 45 12 Catholic 48 40 12. Jewish 68 PHAR MACV YOUR FULL SERVICE PHARMACY • Delivers Free • Lets you etarge it • Maintains long hatts Alton's Most Modem Pharmacy 2510 STATE ST. NORTH ALTON Dial 466-6801 CLEARANCE SALE! WALK SHORTS! men's walk shorts reduced 1.55—$2 Entire Stock! Men's Walk Shorts Reduced! In- eludes solid color poplins and the ever-popular fastback jean short in solids of Gold, Blue and White that never need ironing. Broken sires. boys' walk shorts reduced Choose his from solids, plaids or stripej in. no- iron blends or 100% cotton. Some cut-off jean styles. Wide variety of styles and colors to. choose from. Broken sizes. 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IL— .....A.W. t.vAvvww.rv «-. ,» f s>.f VrtH. ft -, V > W**--*m« tf 0 Some Mercedes-Benz Diesels just won't quit. In the 32 years since Mercedes- Benz invented the Diesel- powered' passenger car, over 500,000 Diesels have been made, and 87% are still running! One owner in Stockholm iecentlystartedhisseco«dmillibn miles. . The newest Mercedes-Benz Diesel is the 220 (so-called because its engine displaces 2.2 liters). It costs $4,494,* and from the million-dollar way it looks and rides, many people believe it should be classified as a luxury car. An unconventional economy car Mercedes-Benz says the 220 Diesel is an economy car. Yes, an economy car, because it could save you more money in the long run (say, 100,000 miles or more) than the flimsiest little economy car you could buy. The 220 Diesel is so economical it doesn't even use gasoline. It sips inexpensive Diesel fuel at a miserly rate, yet has enough power to cruise at 80 (where the law allows). This amazing power plant does away with carburetors, spark plugs, and other paraphernalia of the conventional gasoline engine. But the engine is not the only unconventional thing about the new Mercedes-Benz 220 Diesel. The whole car is ''over-engineered." That's the way one critic put it. He was right. By conventional standards, it is built to far more exacting standards than ordinary motor cars. What else "over-engineering" can mean to you The remarkable longevity of the Diesel engine is one good example of how "over-engineering" works for the man who buys a Mercedes- Benz. But by no means does it tell the whole story. Here are some more examples: A superior braking system Many ordinary cars still use old-fashioned drum brakes. Today's 180-mph Grand Prix racing cars use disc brakes. So dpes the Mercedes-Benz 220 Diesel. And not just on the front wheels, but on every wheel. Drum brakes are cheaper, but tests prove that disc brakes provide the most precise braking possible—at any speed. So Mercedes-Benz engineers insist on 4-wheel disc brakes as standard equipment. With 421.1 square inches of braking area, it's virtually impossible to outrun the 220 Diesel's brakes. Foreground: the world's first Diesel passenger car (1936). Background; the world's bestDiesel sedan (1968). Both by Mercedes-Benz. 10,000 body welds Most conventional cars have a separate body and chassis, held together with bolts. After a while, the bolts can work loose. On a washboard road, the rattles can be deafening. Mercedes-Benz eliminated the body bolts. In their place are over 10,000 individual welds. Result: a structure of immense strength and rigidity. After 50,000 miles or so, you'll wonder if your 220 Diesel will ever rattle. A patented suspension Conventional sedans usually have a little device called an "anti-sway bar" nestled in the front suspension. It pre- vents the car from leaning on hard turns. Without it, the car would wallow (or the springs would have to be made so stiff that the ride would be ruined). Mercedes-Benz engineers took this idea one step further. They added a second anti-sway bar at the rear, part of the 220 Diesel's new—and patented— independent rear suspension. This allowed the Mercedes-Benz engineers to make the rear springs softer, too. Result: a vastly superior ride, but still no mush, sway or wallow—even in hairpin turns. "Fatigue-proof" seats Take a day-long trip in some cars and you'll wind up feeling like a damp washrag. The Mercedes-Benz 220 Diesel is engineered as much for human comfort as it is for mechanical efficiency. Ortho- pedic physicians were consulted in the design of the 220 Diesel's seats so you'll have proper support on cross-country tours as well as short hops to the supermarket. When you first slip into one of the 220 Diesel's carefully contoured seats, it may seem firm, but once you get used to it, you'll never settle for "marshmallow" seats again. Mercedes- Benz engineers have respect for your backbone. Clip coupon for brochure For more details on the 220 Diesel and 6 other Mercedes-Benz models, send today for your copy of the free 24- page color brochure (coupon at right). Better yet, visit our showroom. See and drive the new 220 Diesel. Find out how it feels to drive a car built to be the best—not just the best seller. 14 gasoline-powered models from $25,582* to $4,360* The legend of Mercedes-Benz Diesels has giown to Brobdingnagian proportions. There are some people who firmly believe Mercedes-Benz makes nothing but Diesels. Not true. In fact, Mercedes-Ben/ builds a wide range of gasoline-powered models, from the awesome 600 to the thrifty 220 (a car very much like the 220 Diesel, but with a regular gasoline engine—for people who are diffident about the virtues of the Diesel engine). They include: 600 Grand Mercedes ..... .$22,299* 300SEL Limousine 9,400* 280SE Coupe 9,174* 280SL Roadster 6,485* 280SE Sedan 6,222* 250 Sedan 5,060* 230 Sedan 4,544* 220 Sedan 4,360* SEND TODAY FOR FREE BROCHURE Cor better yet, come in and pick one up) Cordes Motor Company 2350 State Street Alton, Illinois 63003 Please send the free 24-page, full-color brochure that tells all about the new cars from Mercedes-Benz. Name. Address. City State. .Zip. designed around yeofa—not a marketing scheme. Result: ct car that toctfw like a c«r-~ not a sjylmg exercise. "East and Gull' Coast pom of entry, exclusive of options, state and local taxes, if any. Cordes Motor Company 2350 8 Wf Wrttt, Alton, Illinois Phono:

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