The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 14, 1968 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1968
Page 4
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4-Alfffttt, (la.) Upp«r Dftt Moinfti Thursday, March 14, 1968 mmtiitiniimiiiiiiiiiHfflniiiiiiiiMtiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifliiiiHiiRtiiHini . lUitS ..*>y \»" Evelyn Mitch 4 - "What a Wonderful Morning, Oh, What a Beautiful Day*' - la la de dal Yet in the backs of our minds we keep thinking, "We'll have a big snow storm yet. 1 ' I hear fanner calle r s talking about how dry the ground is, but, for my money, I think a good Soaking rain would be much better. * * * I know Alice Condon is a talented person, but 1 always think of her and art-but apparently she can combine art and cooking. Proof whereof is some candy pretzels she made and brought to a few friends at the rest homes. They were so tasty and she told me how it was done but it didn't register with me well enough to pass the information on to you. But they sure were a novelty and clever as could be. * * * I recall so well when the beautiful Frank Dingley home was built on the site of the old William Ingham house. I was in the house to attend the reception of Zaida and Bill Nugent following their wedding that morning, and a few years later Zaida, always "Ding," called me and said, "Come over and see my baby." She and Bill were home on a visit and little John, a sturdy infant, was just old enough to crawl on the floor. They were living in Chicago at the time. He was a fine baby and I said, "I suppose he'll grow up to be president." Ding replied, "No, I'm afraidhemight get shot." He has turned out to have a very fine life - Father Frank, his brother, became a priest and lives in Des Moines, so far as I know. It has been some time since I asked about him, but the baby John I saw lives out of Des Moines, in fact out of state if I remember correctly, and has a fine family. The boy John has long since be en "Jack.' In fact, John Donohoo and John Wheelock are about the only persons I can remember who didn't turn to "Jack." 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Reg. 4.98 NOW 3.99 24" x 36" 'SCANDIA' All rayon dense, shag pile rug makes a bold color splash. Reg. 6.98 NOW 5.99 27" x 48" Miss Otto Of West Bend To Wed June 9 ESTHER OTTO Mr. and Mrs. John B. Otto, West Bend, announce the engagement of their daughter, Esther, Algona, to Edgar A. Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Meyer, Burt. Esther is employed at Druggists Mutual Ins. Co., and Edgar is employed by the Wesley Coop. Creamery and is engaged in farming. A June 9 wedding is planned. when they would come to see grandma and grandpa Dingley, but that was many years ago. I said to Ding one day, "It seems as though such wonderful father material is sort of wasted by Frank becoming a priest. She had made about the same remark to him sometime after his ordination and he made such a nice reply. "They are ALL my children," surely a truthful (and from the heart) answer. * * * When I learned about Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Bunkofske going to Sunnyvale, Calif, as part of their vacation, I thought of my good friend Horace King and his wife Mary who live there. We always called him "Hump" and the name still sticks with his friends here. He moved there many years ago, bought about 30 acres of land which he planted in pears, apri- _cots and walnut trees. On the side, he did other work until he could get his trees on a paying basis. When he moved there, his property was considered country, but gradually the city moved towardjiim. until he had his land divided into lots,. sold a large portion' to the government for a "clover leaf" and has realized a sizable sum from his investment. * * * The "pig In the parlor" is now nicely established in its proper place and I must make a trip down the hall one of these days to see it. The old one has been disposed of, I don't know where, the dump possibly. If at the dump, here's a suggestion. Fill it with poisoned water and let the rats go for a swim! * * * I told you about the coin collection a person I know of has. I read with interest his two items in "Coinage" and while it was completely over my head, I enjoyed it nevertheless and never before realized the coins that have been minted in commemoration of important events of history all over the world. I gave the magazine to Lewis Ferguson who is a collector, too, though in a much smaller way. * * * I have not met Mr. Reab, but he seems like an eligible bachelor all right. Some day I hope to make it to the movies again and meet him. It seems strange to see so few pictures now when in years SEMI-ANNUAL SETTLEMENT OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KOWUTH COUNTY, IOWA With Donald D. Jorgenson Treasurer of said County for the period from Jun« 1, 1967, fo Dtctmber 11 1967, inchiiiv* COUNTY AUDITOR'S STATEMENT AUDITOR'S LEDGER Balance FUNK Poyroll Koreon Soldier*' Bonus 450.08 ;Automoblle License 156,487.36 Use Tox _-, 13,600.26 Comm. College 205.11 General County 201,037.52 Court Expense 5,418.69 Poor 79,038.87 State Iratitution 36,945.32 County Irwone 27,190.95 Sato. Tox 9^.24 Secondary Road Maintenance 242,056.08 Rood Clearing 19,741.59 County School 2,214.60 Ao. Extension 1,054.06 S»rv. Comp. - 187.20 Soldier*' Relief 30,371.36 C. H. Bond Funds 1,013.23 Domestic Animal 7,279.21 Bovine Tuberculosis 13,681.01 Bong's Disease Teachers' Institute Union Slough Drainage Assessments - - -J»y Special Asswsments ... otlon Funds -- 16,923.21 District Fund 36,595.11 ' - ' ... 1,938.65 1,387.35 434.27 3,324.09 4,345.52 ... 96,759.29 Board of Education . 25,646.46 Atmsor ... ... 27,285.18 at^Li:::;::: .*$& ' '«"•* <*• -::;:u^ffil Warronts Outstanding 15,765.18 1,293.35 271.47 72,109.77 852.73 23.77 25.69 195.57 115.50 5,621.13 133.45 58.50 694.85 District Library County Fair ... Advance Personal 4.00 98.52 6.31 TREASURER'S LEDGER Balance 15,765.18 450.08 156,487.36. 13,600.26 205.11 201,061.29 5,444.38 79,234.44 37,060.82 27,190.95 94.24 247,677.21 19,741.59 2,214.60 1,054.06 187.20 30,504.81 1,01323 7,279.21 13,681.01 15,088.49 1,293.35 271.47 72,804.62 852.7J 16,923.21 36,595.11 1,938.65 1,387.35 434.27 3,324.09 4,345.52 96,763.29 25,744.98 27,291.49 952.69 5,052.04 4,068.58 1,175,078.96 ASSETS IN HANDS OF COUNTY TREASURER AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS DECEMBER 31, 1967 Total Amount Cash in Bonks (See Treasurer's Balance in Schedule Below) $1,173,831.18 Cash in Drawer --- ' 1,234.76 Cash Items (List each item) (Treos. error from prior years) 13.02 Total Cosh on Hand and in Bonks - $1,175,078.96 Balance in Depositories at Close of Business December 31, 1967 Deposits NAME OF BANK TOWN in Transit S;cjr.ty State, Algona 14,683.00 lowo Stote, Algona 16,037.77 Farmers 4 Traders Savings, Bancroft Burt Savings, Burt Farmers Trust & Savings, Lakoto 1,163.35 S*ca City State, Swca City .. Lone Rock, Lone Rock Former's State, Whittemore .State Bank, Ledyord First Trust 4 Savings, Fenton . Titonko Savings, Titonka .... Exchange State, Wesley Time Certificates Net Amt. on Deposit in Bonks at Clove of Business Dec. 31, 1967 31,884.12 Cashiers' Checks Treasurer's Certificates Outstanding Net Balance 304,931.78 416.72 319,198.06 302,428.5) 3,888.80 314,577.48 25,723.80 25,466.73 23,851.65 24,789.36 20,610.99 25,773.39 25,450.15 10,487.12 30,914.56 25,824.54 300,00000 25,723.80 25,466.73 25,015.00 24,789.36 20,610.99 25,773.39 25,450.15 10,487.12 30,914.56 25,824.54 300,000.00 1,146,25258 4,305.52 1,173,831.18 th* o 31, 22,742.47 „-,.,,, lowo, January II, 1968 I, More Mcoff. AMditor.cit Kouuth County, lowo, do hereby certify thpt mert glvfh above, correctly snows the condition of the funds in the Donald P. Jorgenson, Treoturjr of said County, at the close of business l°67,o» shown by accounts in my office. Marc Moore County Auditor. Jm ;'...' " Deputy. Algona, Iowa, January II, 1968 We, the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the foregoing statement correctly shows the assets in the hands of Donald D. Jorgenson, Treasurer of soid county, as counted by us, on the. 31st doy of December, 1967. A. M. KOLLASCH L. A. NEWBROUGH EARNIE SCHMIDT GARRY MCDONALD ANDREW REISING past I went so frequently, especially when Mother was with me, and later when matinees were held and Velma Hagg and I went. * * * A friend of long standing remarked awhile ago that I didn't get out to shows as I used to. I said, "I don't like being out nights. My night life doesn't amount to much any more." His reply was hitting the nail right on the head. "Who does at our age?" Well, we're not so old that we aren't interested in current things any more, and we don't FEEL old- or do we? How about it my friend? My antenna rotor has gone on a binge. I had it set at 5-Ames, and got Mankatol Well, there's one thing about it, I am constantly getting surprises. But I might add It's a bit frustrating. * * * I am highly indignant with a friend who was here today, passed my wide open door and never came inl What if I was asleep? I'd rather visit than sleep (with most people) and this person I'd have gladly awakened to see. Shame on you! 1 * * * Our devotional period has for some months been changed from 5 p.m. to a little past 7 a.m. due in part I think that at 5 there is often much confusion, but mostly I'd be Inclined to believe is a time when Mr. Nasby Is just beginning busy days and frequently can't be here afternoons. At any rate, it works out fine. My church going consists of a week's reading in our Methodist "Upper Room." It is supposed to be dally readings as is the "Daily Word" but I read for a week. Then I read the Bible and will quote from Paul's letter to the Corinthians, "Does not nature itself teach you that for a man to wear long hair is degrading to him, but if a woman has long hair, it is her pride?" Let the young man of today heed this— and as for women, many have gone to long hair, not from religious belief I am sure, just a fad. And perhaps that is the young lad's idea. But what puzzles me Is that after Paul makes these remarks, 1 have never seen a picture of Christ with short hair, nor any of the apostles. What is the answer? Neither have we ever seen a short-haired Madonna or Biblical woman. As for beards, ugh I * * * I am going to watch Music Hall tonight to see if Pete Fountain still has bis beard, which I loathed. I can't say that I shall miss Alladin of the Welk pro' gram. I always hoped he'd get rid of the twin bristles on his upper lip and I was not too impressed with his readings. I could do without the two new girls on Welk's program who merely sing in unison. It seems as though a second Lennon group might be evolved with the new material he has - but be sure Norma is in it, the little country style girl, and the new dark-haired girl— I have not tried to remember their names, and Natalie Nevins could be included. There are four who could surely harmonize, and truthfully, while the Lennons were very good and I enjoyed them, I often thought they needed 'more zip in their renditions. I'll be glad to see them each month, and I hope Welk isn't going to let his program change too much in personnel. * * * Going back' to the bath tub-rat poison idea, a ramp baited so that Mr. and Mrs. Rat would be enticed, I'll let some one else go into that detail. It reminds me of a doughnut machine Mother and I saw in Pomona, Calif, years ago. The apparatus was in the window and we watched, utterly fascinated, seeing the raw doughnut go up a ramp, drop into the hot grease, flip over to brown on the other side, then as a finished product, go down another ramp into a receptacle for the waiting period of purchase. They seemed like trained animals and entertaining to watch, * * * Well, it's true isn't it, when a real estate office has a sign, "Ground to order." And for a rummage sale, "Come one, come haul." 2 Fire Calls Swea City's new fire truck had its Initiation last week with an answer to two calls. One was at the Jim Kollasch farm to put out a grass fire. The second was at the Tony Barslou farm, also a grass fire which had neared a corn crib. No major damage was done at either place. KQ8SUTH COUNTY'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPER! No matter what type of Electric Heat you choose... ... you and your family will find it's the best heat. Convert your home from old-fashioned heating methods to modern, clean, convenient electric heat Algona Municipal Utilities »*»••» ^^! DOUBLE your savings here by retirement time! STILL IN YOUR FORTIES? Any set amount saved here will double by the time you reach retirement age! Even if you never add another dollar, our generous earnings can match your savings. Or, start a systematic savings program, adding a regular amount every month. Your compounded earnings add to your savings to give you a hefty leisure-years nest egg. Convenient Passbook Savings •"••round p|. n for to wh ?. n you I** ," • • • im.ll .um* into l.rg.. Dlvld.ndi art • " ytar ; Put *°y imount lnto account ... any timo. HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. AH A«counti pu||y iniurHl ft 115,000 Sive From The 15tb „ Ewn Frpj» The lit SINCI1917-ALOONA, IQWA ON PASSBOOK SAVINGS AND frMONTH INVI$TMINT CKRTIFICATU Savings Accounts insured up to 115,000 by F ederal Saving* and Utn Ineur»nce CprponUort

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