The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 9, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 2
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, PAGE TWO The Daily Register (Established 1869' as Saline County Beglster.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MBS. ROYvtl. SERIGHT, President CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and .Manager. THE DAILY REGISTER. HARRISBURG. ILL.. M Q^AY.FEBMttreftJM8 Out Our Way f it. *·* V »· '·, v* MERRY- (30- ROUND By Williams Entered as second class matter ·t 4he post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. ' Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By inail m Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 fnr three months. Outside Saline,mgnis iui"" r -...--o-- -.---.. aid adjoining counties, $7.00 per v iduals, su £\j£ nc j x - hcavyweight !g Wr month. , JUi c £TMyJM7. ^ *£*! *£t The Daily Register is a private ble round trip to New \ork so bustoess institution. The manage- that Tunney could deliver a lec- ^^.i'^ti.^^ right to be sole turc on "Sportsmanship" at Boll- ,nce or rejection i n g Field in Washington. In ad- ·__ ~~~ ^tthar- oc' ,!..:,,« i/\ nthpr exoenses. me DREW PEARSON Says: Air Forces disregard Presidents order to conserve gas and on; Congressman Buck reacts to television.; Herbert Hoover "neutral" to all candidates. WASHINGTON. -- The Air Forces have carefully posted a notice on the instrument panels of military planes, reminding pilots of the President's order to conserve gasoline and oil. The President's ecftct however, apparently doesn't apply to free for certain privileged mm. _ i- ~ TM A.** T ^ n n v r i M i t A i ?rl T this supposedly important as- ifenment. At Chapel Hill he had to wait outside thc stadium until the contest was over and then drove s boss back to the air- following which he drove noH followng w S l l \ h e way feck to Washington a l ° C °Ye C t the Army tells Congress it needs more money. Nole -- Secretary Royall'« ex- '"'his i tism." a _-. ment 665 BIBtE .THOUGHT 'FOR TODAY t l l f WOt v»»*- * « . . I T -- ,, - gallons of scarce gasoline. i It would have been a simple '.process for Tunney to have gone to Mitchell Field, Long Island, boarded an Army plane for the free ride to Washington and then returned to New -l " «" « h * V l l f OH ***·*·»·« ·«»··-· f I sirgu* ^*~~»~ ^r clear thought all and--intelligent expression. L»CK -- closes the door to "instead, the C-47 was dispatched · wav from Washington to airfield in Westchester arbiter o the Dutch East Indies dispute, and had asked Royal to pSuade thc trustees of he Urn- versity to give Graham a leave of absence. Therefore he felt t h a t , he needed his car at Chapel Hill to call on the various trustees The Armv had no reply to the qucrv as'to, why Secretary Royall j could not 'have ordered a car, from nearby Fort Bragg, N. C, instead of bringing one all the wav from Washington. PALESTINE PROBLEMS The Army has just sold 21o | jeeps to the Iraq government-- · to be used by the. Arabs to fight the"Jews in Palestine Meanwhile Britain. Russia and the State Department have shut off the sale of all weapons to the Jews . . . Eighteen months ago when Russia violated her agreement re- ent expression. Lack "" small a f rf ield in Westchester sia violate d her ai««TM e « l " . e closes the door to I* tv N - y where Tunney was gar ding Iran, the State Depart-, \vith the Infinite.- Sd up and flown to Washing- me nt screamed to high heaven J==j^-- Exolus~20:7: "Thou shall not take ^ AftPer reg aling the officers Now when the Arab sates thumb Qgj^ fhe name of the Lord in vain." j lond ' enlisted personnel at Boiling their nose at the United Nations , % tne name u anu virtue s of sportsman- rega rding Palestine, the same _ «??.,«. T?ni -rnnAV r . eiu ,, _i ^f,,^r,ori thp for- ^*°.« n«r,ortmpntremains strange-, --·*£.*, ../ . , Field on the virtues of sportsman- BIBLE READING FOR TODAY sh the plane returned the for- Feb 9. The Inspiring Spirit.- mer champ to La Guardia Field o Sir:, 1.1R.2I. ,N. Y.. then deadheaded back to iinp tu jua \JT««·*«*** * *~--» ,, N y then deadheaded back to I Washington again--thus complet- 'in» a total of four trips for the *'-- 30 minutes of regarding raiconut, ....~ -----State Department remains strange-, lv silent . . British liaison offi- cVs at the U. N.. headed by Sir I Alexander Cadogan. have warned , U N officials that they will b e ' assassinated within one hour of IT SEEMS 1 TO BE TIGHTEMIN' STOPPEP TH£ \VORRV WART T. M. REC. U S CAT. OFF. COPR. W8 BY SEA SERV'CE 1I. I...I-.H.., l»»t VINCENNES. liul. U l ' » -- t o r Jl vi. { ,rs foml CK-rk Allic A Arnold u: the courthouse reuoids. IIUIH- iod biithday groetinKs lo hnndix'us of people in Knox Coui.ty. Mi 0 "*. - - - · · to return the fa.voi lion Doubles Ut FALLS CITY, Neb. (t'h \ r.U'te cgt; inside iinollu'i \\as by on ,Aii!tralorp hen ownc, the Hev. Harry Walker. Tl» was us largo us u : ' until egt was 1IS ia i *c us» a uuu'c n l II had its own yolk and \\|,,,1 d no MK'iot. RHEUMATISM YIELDS TO DRUGLESS METHOD OF TREATME^ i · L- ,,r,i Mn l«b 8 -- WaiClS anu UUUIS. I l l l b IK\\ s \ $ W n ExcclMor SP mgs, M°;; ^J{jj clv of treatment is fully d v «,,bcd i So successful ' ^ ^ ' S 0 1 ^ .'en for the book and tells hou ,t ma " 1 ^ M U n ^ ' f i e t m r £ a , HSriUsI possible for you to find r,^ M l H l l ; I "I U l l i m i a i " »"^ _ 1 ( f^, nrn , . | o n m i 4 t Q m 1 waters and baths. This nc\\ a ama/ms book will I ;ill i U I U I l l U r . '"-" , .. ., · . Ul - sent hcc to :»»' «cadcr ol this paper who w i l l w i i t e lor U. from rheumatism. You incur no obligation in YOU incur no uuii^uiun in sen infj for this instructive book t book . . . : « « lor It o'S l w * i....,* ...^** % . ~ v . . v, Mwur\ entitled, ··Rheuma- i may be the means, of saung oi the tiouhle. B a l l .^s. Mo- LE Goodrich By Adelaide Humphries 53 by Adelaide Hu-phncs, Distributed by NEA SERVICE, ISC. Janice Hilary, young ,skm the advertisements for soaps} 1 raved about And along with thai llovelv. stlish figure, she had a| ! cu-ick warm sincerity that could, 'make anyone feel good inside Which must have bean whi 1 Betty Jane felt bad. ! It "was a shame. A darn shame £ven \ii«, \Villows. in ner i -- -- * » i» H rt i" rt · i * ~~~ Even Miss \\illows, in nei o » ^ ' I l a x e ' y o u any idea what hap- manner, had indicated that she famous sires of the Per jnnev s IUIK. . , . The'publlc may Jbe surprised a 1 y UWiiv. iit« ***** «JM* % but Boiling Field personnel , 1 _ . T T T Ti "^ f*'£HT7 Jupiter and Confident, to name Little Betty Jane CoXe. JLlMs »TI«JV/JII »j*.v*» - paiicnt. J U l l l l U ucttjr j**iiw -^w.-^. -" I When music czar James re-, the flther nurse asks lhe doctor s \ c i i trillo testified before the House , two secretar j es spmsteilsh Mn-., ·· » » _ __ _---*««^*frtt» nr» tPlPVlSlOn. ..-·*!. __._ j ^.i« n A . M 4- ^.l^r* "Vl^??n£i » i * . i CROWNING TOUCH The crowning touch was pro- trillo tesiuieu uciu lt . ^.v «----'-i^ o se c Labor committee on television wm)Ws *.v,« foiovi:inn nroQucers insisieQ -,. thM . I xne crowmuo uuuvn ,,***, L -- ivided by Secretary- of the Army s . . . V ersity of North Carol ma iveisuv ui. ..«!"· ---1 Georgia at Chapel Hill O I . . CilCil,. OI1V, ****»».·. ^-'~ i pen back in its stand. "Time \\ill tnllo to ease up o n , a ^B' "RTicn disorder of Udncy f iriction permits iaonous matter to remain in your blood. JJCil U«iC o. *l* **--' fcjv**«««- -- o a tell." This last was in her seveie, * \J *· . _ . . . ,- -+- n n n / \ f l * f \ t r * * l . Navy: in lact. aunougn oiu .u. u - -- - n't exactlv put it into words, or "* tneo ane\ . - 1 1 w _ ^1. r t n « . r i f / ^ r t n l ^ n ijont wait: -\SK jonr aru^::'i .or i^uuji · . .;i ,,.^..],-i , Pills, a stimulant umixtic, u td s-iccc^iully S'lC SaiCi. It \VOnlu i ^ m ,!Uon3 for o ^ c r o O jcars. Doan's ^i.o , . ii;i ...r-'ln i Jrills. a samaiant uiurmc, u «.u 3 juct-.-.^ 58, S'lC SaiCi. H \VOnlu i bv mijl , ons for 0%cr 30 jca rs. Doan's ^ 'C if Ml^S Hllar f Were lappy ix-Iiuf and \.i!l i-elp toe lo mi!e; ":....* "·· ^,r.r,r,^« chf^ did kidney tube* flush out poisonous YMsteft !^^^ffi'u«i^i^^ »»"·«*·* After suun«iu.ic T ran married some day \\nen U "C if Ul^S Hliary WeiS lappy rclmf and \.i:l i-elp toe J o mi'^ ot ·quit. "I suppose she did TM*^*ft£^TM*^ ieelings hurt. -' , ' The chauffeur had to drive at C R E O M U L S I O N JaSoUy l escaS^al sp^ed u^rgM ^ tne ^j_ ^ forCQUghs.ChestColds.Bronchitis pickets, inordertc-^oi^tan^.^n^.^^ ^ my ^.^ they re , " , "Heavens'. Jteuy J I claimed, her big Blue YOUR OLD TIRES 'You'll get a standout far- gain when you purchase ne\v 8 F Goodrich Sil\cr- towns for your car. VC't'll give you a most l i b e r a l trade-in allowance for \our old tires on new Silvcrtonns. IN YOUR NEW T I R E S Silvcrcowns ,givc more mileage because diey ate built with thc broader- faced tread.' Silvertowns give more safety because the stronger cord body resists road shocks better. EVERY B.F.GOOORICH TIRE CAPRIfS A QuGSiKtee. PIUS TAX IX AW1EK, purs A HE* s oo-is T I R E O N Y O U R C A R HARRISBURG TIRE BATTERY 206 E. Poplar Lloyd C. Horn You'll get MOiEl m i l e a g e anil safety for yo«l m o n e y k' CO. Tel. U4 Cold Wave $ 7 - 50 Creme-Oii Machineless $6-50 . i t. no Os! MachineJess . · 4*t.w Oil Machine .. · · · $3.50 More Beauty at Attractive Prices i$'/i lea 1230 South Granger Phone 725R ne nail ex- .\iiss \MHUS ^m". «.·"" ": big Dlue eyes horn- in their thinnest hne "What ev;.. ;n't a guy. He's a per| g a \e you thc idea that Mis* hilai IT I -- - -- r Glaring a t ' t h e television cam-[ffed. pramen. he added: . - ec t 1 Jt I velous mini. \JL\J\JUL-Lwi.***o" - * - "Thats all. n »vpr rfrpamed one man could oe'Jnne could £... ; POLITICAL CHAFF L good'fooling outside^ tne rr.ov-'v. um ans expression that-ric,-idea Things look lush for the Re-, ° The darK v inie type, you, had been.Absurd.. * ne TMi» nal »® miblicaM G. 0. P. National {I?-. He has a little musiacne,, named.' Betty jane tried a 0 am SairS' Carroll Reece already ^'^^ wears tne nest-Ioo*. SU did not relish bejg nwde to has four million dollars m - t h e , 1 ^ clotiies; ties tnat matcn his, feel so aumb. ..Iiss Hilarj, Republican til. The Democrats ' =d handkerchieis: ev-ry-l jr.ean." . } , aren't? advertising what they £ naveJ J hmg ^mbU quiei yet terribiy, in ss \\ihov.5 shoo. h«.r i.e«a .., ask for an itemized list \varcJrobe." Bil! pared with the "Republicans' * ^_1:*-:««1 cnnrlc afg ShllLin se notr ^ r e - j ' S h e s S oung and awfulo *' ~ Lon not to %vax quite Blll a s ins oroiii^- 1 UA ^i»v^ **-.--· Long, has just been elected Democratic national committeeman ... lr|U5 i a!)l ji;. ^.^ --- . Strange political medicine has Upc .. Hc s frightfully nice Andi i U re! been brewing behveen ex-Senator % : cr% ." po ; ller CV en to me." ^,rton Wheeler of Montana. _ a - .:,,.-,, bcucr b c! " ml «,,, so unforeseen _.j't see he re: Betty Jane ut^.-.v.-. -I am sure enough. .»Iiss \vu-i ,, ^._._,j ,i««;oi»-otv Then Stic HSoi? Whaler or" Momana. i ^ w ? H ?d beTwr bel" BM had i^ stated dedsively. Then s^ §emo?rat, and presidential caruh-, ^ lookmg a5 though hej ? dded m an odd tone. Its a m t , , date Bob Taft. They've been hold- * ld prefer tnc doctor to lorgec-a terrible pits ^ lJemOCrat» emu j / » « , « . -- ~ - gru«ltu. iwim.e, Bob Taft. They've been hold- w prefer t!lc doctor to - in« ' long and private talks on hb manncrs £0 that he mignt h^c * .. :^*» *-»*»*^ioes\" \llS- ! *^ ^rt.-»vi*«rl h i m n* tnOITl. \vas r.o Vick's Salve Pertossin Vitamins" Kleenex Absorbent Cotton Adfccshc Tape Antiseptic Baby Oil Antiseptic Solution Aspirin Tablets Atomizers Bahy Oil Bandages, assorted s. Boric Acid Born! % Camphoralc.-l Oil Camphor Ice Castor Oil Clinical Tnermoir.c'cr; Cold Tablets Combination Syringes Cough Remedies Electric Heat Pads Electric Vaporizers Epsom Salt Eye Cups Fever Thermometers First Aid Kits Fountain Syringes Tincx Cough Drops Crcomulsion Gauze, assorted sizes Healing Ointment Hot \Vatcr Kotilc Hypo Needles Hypo Syringes Ice Bass Infant Sjrinacs In%alid Rincs Iodine Liniment Lysol Milk of Magnesia Nose Drops Room Thermometers Rubber Gloves Rubber Sheeting Rubbing Alcohol Pore Throat Gargle Spirit of Camphor Throat Bags Throat Spray Throat Swabs Tongue Depressors Tweezers Vaporizers jgctty Jane decided pSeTas r g re"at Supreme Court authority in his attack on Justice William' 0. Douglas, has never been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court. Ini fae tint oven been admitted to . Uce before the U. S. Court of Ap-' ..5^ bc silly!' Vctty Jane haa ; Haven I you i^_««»» -:^ peals in thc District of Columbia lQ hy B U %v ,th one ox l j c l ? sh= asked. co£.m ? . ,o 3 Thc State Department didn t h SWC ctest smiles. 'Or. iiol- them. K b AJ* a»- appreciate thc work of U. S Am- trook wouWn -t look at ir.t. .ries thifs a pre^J 1 ^ w '.th pleas- bassador Dick Patterson at Be- 1Ramcd and his v.ue is w m , b , Betty_Janc blusnct^. . 11 grade Yugoslavia-until he left. · b uful . H e keeps ner portrait. ric . ' Jnanks-- thanks a . Then thev began to realize how t b ., onc in a n ,aLininccni iS i, c said .MJSS HJiarj -"^u i '^ 11V3S " sel alone witn ^:'^y^::AS;-^!^^--: HOOVER'S CHOICE ii^t 'hrro ere iresh flov.ei.s r^hu^r-s saying to ^.ss \%iuo ^^ ^ Herbert Hoover l a ^ffSSnSs st^--.r ·'" roo ;«^ : -"»^i r ^S£-ZSS%«$s? S i H^^-·""" -"--" -;J ^SffSMTu-S^'^Sr^ -;;!.···; ff^.-.^-s.-Es^^ ·'-- ·is? rA""^."^; ?£-£.££ ^ ^r^; f-lK'\.^."ss srs H4=«?S«?ff ! SK«^ Dr. Drakes Croup Kemctly and CARL H«, Pharmadsts 7K2 -- Carrier Mills arv mind is not tnc mma 10 soivc ^u«i«» v "- - -· dSc? "vorld or domcst,c prob- lows and Mrs *· 5-*5TTlC «\ »*^ · cms." rr,n, her Tn«ittcr.«.. Develop Ball Towdcr Clay pigeons -A ill be :hc f.r«: peacetime targets lor ;hc TCVO!U- .... ...^ . t lionary wartime dcvclop-r.cnt o! r t r turios;ty "^ati^.icfl ball powder. This pr.\dcr, v.hich upset thc manufacturinc trad:t:ons of the explosives irsdmtn-'. Srst ·went into full-scale production jn October, 1940. for the Bn1:sh after Uieir disaster in May of thai jear at Dunkcrqiie. The rc.v loader -; ^"^ } '^' ,f .,] 1C do claimed to bc more sl.-ille clean - "burning, smokeless and lo have a 3«»^^3f- ; sS« nit-" she askwl M^ »'C" ac ai t(.rc«l lo ftcrscu -s -'« -""X .-.,. Se end of lhe dty. Brtts Jane icli o , thc immense mcd^l cc^c that she simply touMn t -tarl or ,. v . n , one of the ta.u.1. two hour inp to Jtr,c 'Ai^ cxpcnMvc. ami josl ^- ..r . ... .. -- , ^1,1 ,,.rt ,^^Trw^rc .n Aianiia*" 1 1 1 - " ^. . Jl/ oi McKac expensive, s»" »·""- -T v ,.-i BS «" JSKTJIS. « * S3? "Oh. ou n.can . ,, \,c\v of tCTtrj. .«. lo wail and sec. GaiW ""round and U«lcn! YoVU thrill lo AM-H radio nn! aulomalic rcronl player of supcrl* quality, ready to cntcrlai.i -fm i- }ou choo-c--m manner so lifelike and free from unwanted no:?r and interference, you feel every performance is for you alone! Gainer 'round and look! Feast your eyes on, mellow mahogany, masterfully fashions! into a cabinet of exquisite beauty by skilled Carrol!ton furniture craftsmen! Listen--look--compare--and you'll **ant lo the beautiful Cro^lcy Yoguc radio-phono 1 center of your family ciiclc! Convenient terms, if $299.95 ouinuij;. jjiivr.;«v^ juu «u .m»v « i f j l ,, JQ \\ait. Betty very soft recoil, together -.v/.h r.^.ore uniform fast iR-.:t!Oi. Produced under water five Jirres faster than powder made bj conventional methods, thc new m.nimnx ball powder has been largely K'^dcd fa- trap and sfceet shotshclls. ·el married, , ,., - - n t *h«* up.-;,^:·1 a nrd«,d^,n«a M !S' Until fuc;sday ««· I:!' S T^' Si? xTf honic^rf b^und 'ki dcock^^A Tifcrc ^t^^c man -Ssa'JSg 8 ;-;-. - r; --- a ^EH« ; s |,ci di*, labonns oxer rorj^^;^ a «x m^bea, 0 - ^. h, ^ That J,ool !?.(« ^« s |1M ;. , n a n »«·· ·-" l,ci desk, labonns %cr K-r h^ ; w a s a wing J V.iss Willows often staeil on aitc, j^cadedly the uJ'BcUv'janc thought. jh.«d grey ce:h..d grey ccs and the F U R N I T U R E STORE ·- Home of "CROSLEY" in Harrisburg ·*^^^MMHp«M MMMHMVWHM ^ MM ^^^l_^^^^^^^^^__^^ M ^^^ Mp ^ HHH Mi SPAPFRf

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