Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 137
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 137

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 137
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Page 137 article text (OCR)

REPUp? ftEPUBLfC , (] MAlO' JlJ g ULL DOG D-4 The Arizona Republic Phoenix, Sat., June 30,1973 Leahy's death was Notre Dame's costliest victory By JIM MURRAY Angeles Times Service 'His teams won 87 games In 10 years and tied nine others, the institution was glad to see him go. He couldn't get a job In a business he had made an art of and had no peer at. He even made the U.S. Army, or at least its military academy, run up the white flag. He took an obscure Je- stiit school, Boston College, to the Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl on successive years. He considered the Big Ten tune- ups. Michigan and Ohio State would have soon have played the Chicago Bears. A pale, ascetic man, he talked in wall mottoes or like a character out of "Stover at Yale." He projected a public image of a guy who would put splints on birds and mend insects' wings but he could look coldly at a player lying on the practice field with a freshly • broken leg and say icily, 'Shake it off. What are you, a girl?" He always sounded as if he were addressing a bonfire rally. He was Irish and could be sentimental but one of his athletes, asked to describe him, finally hit on it. "A Prussian leprechaun," he decided. Francis William Leahy Jr. was a complicated man. He Greyhound results., entries SDAY RESULTS 'MJST, Or J, 550 Yds, T-31.54, Q-(3-7) BUCK CANYON GREYHOUND PARK Official Entries For Saturday, June 30 Doc's A Dewltt 9 Wei. Paul J Cactus Red /2 Rafo 8 Bob' 12 MR' oel « 's Clayton 10 R's Mnslgnor 7/2 (3) 36.80 9.40 4.00 4.20 3.60 Also, "King's' Over, Rebel's HI Red, B.'s Rite, P.H.'s Prissy, Kim Caddo. Yds ' . (4) 18.20 4.60 3.00 4.40 3.00 .-,.5. Be? W, SOD 5 t— . *~J. -T.-TW n.ww *fllnht Style (i) 2.80 • Also, Shore Lot, Billy John, L.L.'s loreen, Strong Run, Rebel's Reb, FIRST—Canyon, Or. 3. Skipper Scoobv 5/2 Rlkstar 6 GP's Ample oy 8 Georgia Go 12 L.L.'s Cache 7/2 Satin Song 9/2 Mona Jean 8 B.R. Star 10 SECOND-Sunsct, Gr. J. Starr Moss 5/2 C.W.'s MlstV 7/2 Pvrty Stricken 9/2 Mlckev Greeko 10 Common Cause 8 Low Rev ' 8 Sandy Elaine 12 Bob's Friti 6 SEVENTH-Canyon, Or. ». Arizona Bred. Exclusive iaesar "Ability 9/2 Dave "Caddo , .'s .Droopy 6 Carvon Espanfo 8 a l; Mar Marc C. P.H.'s ~ Peebles 8 Donna' Did' 12 Kork's White 10 5/2 EIGHTH—Yavapai, Gr. 1. P.H.'s Packet 9/2 Corlna Kane 6 Mother Nature 8 Oshkosh Pride 12 Star Kissed 5/2 Honey Red 7/2 L.L.'s Zoe 10 New Set 8 THlRD-Sunset, or.4. 9.00 9.20 .80 iurflre Archie (4) iue /Friday (7) ; 'olden Holiday (2) 7.81 Also, Kamo, Sportsman, J's Fulmer, ebeJ's Husky, Little Gopher. FOURTH, Or 2, 550 Yds, T-31.77 J-llo)-$51.40. Frank's Devil j —aunsei, wr. «*. Sansage Sadsk 5/2 Deekie Boy Reb's Jsephlne 9/2 Gem's plamond Red Jolt _ i.2 Like. - ' 49.60 12.40 7.20 Juliana C.C. 7/2 Proi ke Brldy •oflt Taker 9/2 8 BUZZ Uptown (1) (5 (6) 11.20 4.40 3.20 3.80 9.40 3.40 jamon Sam (6) . ilso, Dewltt's Checker, Unser, Little _ Headway Spinner. Klmbera. FIFTH, Gr 3, M3 Yds, T-40.24, 0;(7-8)-$«J.OO, P«r|.(8-7)-$209.40. -Miriam R. (8) ._. 8.60 .6.20 3.00 Ha 3 Bib's Rick. ppy Warrior (7) 10.40 4.20 •/s Edle (6) 2.80 Iso, M.J.'s Patrick, L.L.'s Zoom, S's Hungry Dove, Black Ability, H, Or 1, Kt Yds, T-31.59, ^ Voiirself (7) 15.80 6.80 3.20 '•fc &sr D m m 3 ' 8 ° 4'50 (so, Zim Zlm, Ron's Cymee, Boo'ne "• Open Country, Vital Issue. ENTH, Gr 2, 550 Yds, T-31.36, -$17.00. Gold (3) 3.40 3.20 3.00 ift Current (7) 5.20 4.00 NIB'S Red Wogan (2) 3.40 jSSIso, Garret's Dove, B.R. Cactus Snow, Fat Mouth, Two Dollar Broker, Shi's Rose. IGHTH, Gr 2, 683 Yds, T-40.25, 5Sfso,~"D.'V.'s"Busv Bee, Pistol Pete, ier Blurr, R.D.'s Mr. Ron, Goofy. ..NINTH, or i, tea Yds, T-39.49, Q-(]-6)-$31.80. . OuSty Mitch (6) 6.60 3.20 3.40 ffiC.- Trlshi (2) 5.20 4.60 *H.'s Packet'(8) , , , 5.20 ftlso, Pretty Custom, L.L.'s Zoe, Osh- nh Clown, Bronze Figure, Sandy C. ENTH, Gr 3, 550 Yds, T-31.52, •• 12.20 7.20 3.60 . Sunbeam (2) 6.60 4.20 .ir Thistle (6) 11.80 «lso, Flip's Boy, Dee Boy, I Am, .W.'s Texhoma, Frosty Whirl, B.R. tmdlf. *%UEVENTH, Gr 2, 711 Yds, T-41.72, 0-f}-6)-$95.20, Perl {6-5) $333.90. IEl!.'s Dover (6) - 34.00 33.00 13.40 L'adv Flasher (5) 8.40 5.40 Vickie's Lark (8) 5.40 riAlso, Bee Coker, O.B.'s Sweetheart, Sweet Kathy, Better Way, Diamond Broker. H-BI9 Q — 16,094. 188 Exchanges fUs\ Half 2-f, Secon $5.171.40 to 1 winner. ; st Half 2-5, Second Half 5-6' paid Attendance 1109. Handle $79,7267 , FOURTH-Canvpn, Or. 3. Mod Mama 10 Scratcher 9/2 Miss Bead 8 Applejack Inn 5/2 Rattle On 6 WV's Prty Boy 7/2 Brown Satin 8 GA's Wsrt Dove 12 FIFTH—Yavapai, Or. 4. Caesar's Bones 9/2 Paloma Espanto 8 Sterling Stride 7/2 Red Dawn 6 Buccaneer Bob 10 M's Blue Lady 12 Spanish Guitar 5/2 Ernie Vee 8 Pride'N "princs°5'/2 Taste Of Lemon 8 NINTH— Canyon, Gr. 2. Watch What 5/2 Go Puff Main Chant 10 Air Wave Kitty 7/2 L.Us Can Do Mltzle Mac _ 6 Mighty High TENTH— sunset, or., i. Romantic Novl 9/2 J.S. Misty 12 Sue Halnes 6 Chives 7/2 PH's Phantasy 8 Juana 8 Wilt _ 10 Stormy Jerry 5/2 _ ELEVENTH— Canyon, Gr. 3. Miss Bodlne 5/2 Deb Wells Slrso I Am Astro Jack Bob's Lorle 8 Oshkosh Teena 8 Madd Donald 10 L.L.'s Buck 9/2 6 believed in God, football and Notre Dame in about that order. The stilted phraseology, the over - formal, old world manners, the flinty facade — it was easy to scent a.strong reek of hypocrisy, but the evi : dence is, the hypocrisy was on the other side, or, at least, two - edged. Millions of fans hated Notre Dame because they hated Catholics. They hated getting by all those boys with the "Zs" or "O's" in their names and all that paprika or garlic in their food. You could hate Leahy right out in public and not lose any of those good Catholic accounts. It was "safe" to vent your prejudices on Frank Leahy with his Micawber- like utterances and his ferocious football. When a tackle name.d Frank Varicchione faked an injury to gain a time - out and a game - tying play once, you would have thought it was a capital crime like treason or child - molesting. Tackles had been faking injuries for time outs since the game began. But not Leahy's. He called everybody by their formal given names. Charlie C a 11 a h a n, Notre Dame's long-time press agent, was always "Charles." Ziggy Czarobski, the fun-lov- ing, beer-loving tackle was always "Zygmont." Leahy was chillingly formal. He was born to coach football. He learned, the tricks lying in a hospital bed next to Chief favored horse NEW YORK (AP) - Neil Hellman's Linda's Chief, winner of six stakes races this year and three in 1972, was rated the early 7-5 favorite Friday to win today's 66th running of the $56,000 Saranac Stakes at Aqueduct. British pilot wins MONZA, Italy (AP)-Roger Williamson of Britain in a March BMW Friday won the Monza Lottery Grand Prix auto race, an event counting toward the European Formula Two championship. Patrick Depailler of France in an Elf-2 placed second. Another Frenchman, Jacques Coulon in a March BMW was third. Linda's Chief, who passed up an opportunity to run against Secretariat in Chicago, will start from the outside and carry top weight of 126 pounds with jockey Braulio Baeza aboard in the mile test for 3-year-olds. Others in the seven'horse field for the allowance stake, which will pay the winner's- owner $33,600, are Jacques Wimpfheimer's Champagne Charlie, a 6-1 shot and 117 pounds; Hobeau Farm's Step Nicely, 3-1 and 123; Joseph Tatib's entry of Startahemp and Pilot Star, both- 10-1 and 117; Greentree Stable's Stop the Music, 5-2 and 123, and Mrs. Ada L, Rice's Illberight- back, the 15-1 longshot under 117 pounds. Rockhe In the Mayo Clinic the year before the Great Man's death. It was too bad Rpckne c o u 1 d n 't pass on something besides the "X's" and "O's" because, what Rockne. did with a, twinkle, Leahy did with a frown. Leahy was adrift after, he left Notre Dame. To be an ex-somebody is worse than being a lifetime nobody. He floated through various financial activities including a tie- up . with the financier Louis Wolfson before that fellow went to prison. His tragedy may have been that he went to Notre Dame. The delicate nature of that institution's relations to the community, trying to equate an ancient religion with passing out nose bleeds, was beyond Frank Leahy's public relations capacities. The harder he tried, the more tte was rejected. He was not subtly different from a Paul Brown, or a George Allen. Had he been allowed to settle in the role of crusty, aloof,- career mllitariSr tic coach at, say, Ohio State, or some Southern school grateful of victory and imper'- vious to ^criticism, the alumni might not have cared if ,he were Genghis Khan or a closet cannibal. But when the alumni included a lot of monks and Roman collars, Frank Leahy was not equal to the acolytic task. Well,. Francis died the other day, doing the thing he liked least, selling insurance or something. I have to think he got beat by the only team that could beat him, Notre Dame. He got beat in his own corner. It was not one' of Notre Dame's great victories, : TWELFTH—Yavapai, OshLsh Twister 9 (o silly John; Tn I rl Riser y John Sissy Kane 5/2 Mfigestlc Maid Diamond Broker 8 Wild Spirit 240-Z NOW! We'll make it easy for you to Buy or Lease. TRY US! GOODSELECION ALL MODELS LEASE LEASE DIRECT FROM DEALER •Includes Air Conditioning, Mag wh«eli, «tr(p««, mots, AM/FM radio Continental Homes' Dobson Ranch A new brand of living. at Baseline & McClintock SAVE YOUR MONEY TWICE This new 1973 Valiant 4-door sedan will save you money when you buy it and every time you gas up. It comes equipped with a 225 cu. in., 6 cyl. engine, factory air, 3-speed transmission and power steering. Come in and see it today. Specially priced at $3,099.25 ... ' Stock #2419 Howard Chrysler Plymouth International Trucks, Open Road Motor Homes 47th Ave. & w. 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