The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 23, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1918
Page 6
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7 fit U* 5rtJl -fr»son 1 *f if# 8 r> * MONDAY.' sfePTSJiMBEtlM. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS OKFTCIAL p APE 5~ OF~REKIO~COUNTY w. v. MOPOAN, EDITOR. tSTABLISHED 1872. The Sidlinger Drug 6o, PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Tefeptione II. No. 17 Nortfi Main Street, Hutclilnton ****** CLOSER TOGETHER. Since our darin died nt Vnilr-y Corgi', Ijcfori' they'd be suhmltlln' to tljnt old bont'lir-ftd German Gi'orgD who then was ruling Hrit- Ian, a nort of coldness him obtained between two mighty nations; our bonds of friendship ull wore strained, I hough we were blood relations, it took another German king (with soul for war (Jipajiding) linlwocn these mighty realms to "bring the jicrfcct understanding. Our banner floats o'er Kiiglinh domes, the common foe defying; and over countless Yankee homes the Urltish flag is flying. The soreness that one time we knew the Herman luiltur smothers; our friendship's sealed wllh blood, and true, and wo are ' close as brothers. We sing with them, "Cod Save the King," and raise our glad kyoodle; and tl'.cy will make the rafters ring with ' good old "Yankee Doodle." Britannia rules !ho waves, you bet, and o'er lhaf heaving ocean, wo slroach our bands, already yet, Willi brotherly emotion. When Kaiser Bill luis i|Uit Ibe fray, brought Mown by stress of weather, he'll lonh at Uril and Yank and say, "I brought the two lo- gelher!" And that will be llic sourest pill, the sickest dose of bllti rs, lhat e'er weni down old Kaiser Hill or other kingly crit- lers!— WAI.T MASON. • »*»** «i*»4«*t**« THE PLAN CAN'T WORK, The Austro-llunpnrians are trying to find a way to come part of Ibe dlslanee toward the plans of the Entente Allies for peace. Hut though a stall is made 11 is only a start. It hasn't reached anywhere and unless it ramps farther slill the Vienna government will have to make up its mind to light the war to a finish. The Eniente Allies have recognized Ihe t>.echo-SlovRk nations as beng an Independent government. This means that the ('millions and Ihe ller/.ego- vlnians, if we are victorious, are to have a country of their own, as other nations have. If this bj carried into effect Ihere will cerlainly be. a breaking up of ihe Auslro-liungarlau empire, it .would mean that such a larg • pnrt of the empire would be gone that the llupsburg family would have no one of importance lo rule. The move made li;/ the Austrinns and lluugarans lo save their empire propesfK to make of Croatia and Herzegovina a separate provincial government, but still under the Austro- lliingariau empire, it will not work. It would be be like the proposed "liberal" government the Germans arc trying to palm off on Ihe I'oles. .The people will not stand for it and the Unlenie Allies' will not aerepi lhat sort ut late for the t'roatians and other:' It would be national slavery for thi-iit and Ihe Vienna government is av.nn' of il too. Tile Austrian* will have to come a much longer distance than this. The die is i as!. There I.-, lo be no hacking up. Kither Vienna can break away trotii Hcrliu and show some sense or sin caa load her old guns u^ain and prepare lierselt lo I'IKM Hie war to u lini-h. A PROBLEM IN ARITHMETIC. By Ruth Cameron. li one did all the tilings lhat one is loltl b.v one authority and another """"i tan I one ought lo do lor ibe good of one.'s body and ininrl and soul what lime would one have bii just to live?" None, I think An article which assured Ms read lis that Ibev ought to be able lo do lrto hours serious reading a da>, starti il me to ihlnklng on this subject. Two hours It-n'i much out of the t Iw i tiI> lour, is il'.'. ilul just try to 'recall some of Ihe oilier purposes to which enthusiasts on one subject or another assure one lhat one should (asily be able to devote ten minutes, u ball hour, two hours. i'or instance, a health expert declares, in an article on outdoor exercise, tiiat no one can tie really healthy unless he spends at. least lliree bonis in outdoor exercise. And that Ibe three hours may be wholly given over to bis hobby, he takes pains lo assure you lhat walking lo and from one's work, or any other form of exercise which is incidental lo daily work, shouldn't be Included. The three hours must be spent strictly In borne form of perlectly UM'ICSS oxer- else to be of any use. Of course everyone knows how lhat one should clean one's teeth at least live times a day (nno dentist assures mi this Involves iliu possession of three toolhbrUBbis wliluh should be used in proper rotation and carefully rinsed and aired belween each using) Another health expert complains that we do not spend enough time at our meals. Kach meal, ho Insists, one should spend a lull hour ul the tuble, first chewing every morsel of lood properly and then bluing still tuid conversing over the coffcu or tea tups while Iho meal digests. There there lb Ihe rolasallou en- B ELL-ANS Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 26c tlitiRiafit who promises you a speedy old ngf* unions nt toast half an hour <pr.L>fprnbly an hour) In spent some time; in the day just relaxing. If oho Is a woman, tho can? of the complexion and hair and nails should, mik'HH one is a slat torn (so says t.hi* boauty export), eon.MJino at the very least, an hour a day. A half hour a day, says the memory expert, Is nothing at all to devote to cultivating ono'« memory. Anyone who will not do it, deserves to bo the failure lie certainly will be. Now, if you are very clever at arithmetic, doubtless you can add all (nose hours iOKother (to say nothing of as many more for similar worthy purposes) and then add eight hours for sleep and eight hours for work and get tho whole into twenty-four. Tltit so far I haven't, boon able to do that. Hut then, 1 novcr was good at figures. The follow!IIR 1 casunltics are reported by the Cominan<HiiB (ieneral of thft American ICxpeii.Uiwmiy Korean: Killed la HI- tl'iii, 7(»; mKsltiK' in uclion, fi!J; wouinl'Ml Ki 'v<'rcJy. KU; died from wounds, 47; died of dlnou.*"', 1"J; died ft urn airplanu m:ci- iltnl, 1; dii-d fiuin lu-eldent mid oilier i-iiuwes, (i; wounded, dourou undt-'i'teimlu- ed, 4. Total, KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenants: William I', llyiron. Iowa Fnll.s la. KltJ'wul-Hi O. .Slrolitf, XcwtouvUlC. Sergeants: Joseph K. I'VrnliiK, rhiladelphla. 1'a. Kdw;mi T. J. Miu-um, Peiin Van, N. Y. John \W Stiles, MUM.fik.-UI. N. Y. j'Mwin I). Wultnmn, Anipahov, Colo. Corporals: Harry D. Hngcuan, Leavenworth, Kan, Frank ,!os<.'pn Konehlnski, Detroit, Mich. J.lines K. M'tttliew?, I'angliUrn, Ark. Ui'Tj^i.: "A. Si hm-liman, Toledo, O. William II. Sliotunakcr. WintriVft. la. I'"ranei.s W. Vansnrkun, 01iit*:iK<>. "1. Wagoner: Marrollus Tcriuey, Saiid Itun, W. Va. Privates: *S:miucl M. Azelrod. Waterbm-v, Conn. Kiluiu-il II. JMttiwtn. St. l lair, J'a. (irnvr T Half*, Monroe, Ky. Walter V.. l.auiiiatin, I>arbj. r '.'i- U< ' ''Mi liravei, 1 Nil (land Ore. \W: X>. Hryaiit, Sumner. Mo. WiiMtT ("leinciia, IVr^lrnoii. Kv, * Sablim li'On.i. Lynlmist, N. S. Anthony liainam, Now York, N. Y. lOdwhi (*. l.Jorsi, Mlnersvllle, l'a. t.'hajle.i l.iiinii, Stratford, Conn. Owen litinti. Mt. \ernoti, lnd. KfMtr.Ri) J. Torn, New York. N. Y. Mike Kritst, MO iiddress ^Iven. John A. f.lornt«itr. Thi oop. I'II. Arlow c.rifruli. Wiistiitinioi, c. ir, o. Allen II Inkle. Shaf ixliurB. Mleh. I)t'!ni;ir M. Ilowurd, MynUr, (IH. Alvln K. Isi'tthurg, Altonna. VSL. .lames Meil-, nine, i'liiladelplita. l'a. .lolin Iletirv MeQiusiion. Narbertli. l^a. (ieor«c U. Miller, Kiirlid, Ky. Knur MI Carl .Mold. Haittord, Conn. Vlitnem U. Nase, Sellersville, la. Uttd'ijph K. ulsun, A i llnpton, N. Y. Charley t 'oWTM, ralmyni, Tenn. (.lyde Wilts Kiulierii ul, Mtiuvh Chunk. Pa. Mjirtin V. Ke/.epatiiak, Peru, 111. Kdward (_'. Sirnpsof, (Irernwlch, Conn. I'huiieefoi (1 Statuhminh. Spring ' Iruve. Pa. i Unfile TniHM-U, ('larenee. Mo. Antnnld Vaiinini, .lauiaiea, N Y. Chi-lsi Ylaiful's. Akn.ti, O. WUMnm S. Wiiltiee. i iwensvllle. Hut.;, W. Wnlts, I.atmlii'. PH. Jiime.s Wllmm. AH»anv, N. Y. William J. Wllsnii, Iteaeon. X. V. Wlllhun A. Ilo ^an, r'alrhurn, Ma. Noah O'Hanlon, JCl^hip Sun, Ind. l-loyd K. SJM ars. JtHMM\ llle, J1J. F.Iix AlbeeUI. WebHter. Ma.s-s. John C. Ited^'ll, Mrooklvn. S. Y. H.nrv I). Heirv, I'bihulelphla. Pa. Will penry, Wn.shiriKtmi II., f), (jeremla I>JI>eriia rdino, I'Mtiadelphla, P.e A liver t 11. Hoyd. I <oijn*n. I'lnBland, John flarliiiK, ( levetand. O. Kdwin Ci.iss. ItOH.Ue PaiU. N, ,1. Alton Iliek.s, llaitlord. (.'(inn. Stewart Holler, l-iankforl, Kv. Paul Mllrliiga. Vj.stHii, AiiNtlia. S'ernnn Kello^K Pe'Uij, l.oehestrr, N. Y. Ii< Idriln I't'ijllo. Proi*. nf CeKitme. Italy. Samuel I.. F.-,i^t Huidy. P». (;ui.s'-jipe SiiHliefDlo. J 'It \s 'on, F'a. I-'IMIM-' •<•<» S.ianiiiiina, i'lDvlnee AM-OII V\> -tie ,M..nli r>e H«eario. Italy, • ;io\. Mini i: Si'liiain, Cenazaro Mtitto S.inla 1 tn-iu, Paly. Chi in;, i Spy i on, < 'onfcira.t, provliiela ICut.O' a, Ciet IT. I'lioen S St^iKor. Suedurff, Pa. Arthur P. Struck. Klclimuwi Hill. X. Y. Jusepli V. Tuttiler, SheV .ovgan, Wis. Iji -Hier A. rm.stol, KMer^lle, Md. Leo O. Varncr, Great Bend, Kan. DIED PROM WOUNDS: Lieutenants: • .- . Marvin K. cuttlw. Toledo, O. Abx K, Mnlliewi*, LewiHluij;. W. Va. .funis J. Offnlt. Omaha. Nei), Kdmund V. Walsh, Haikville, S. V. Serneants: Peter ,1. t 'rutty. New York, S. Y. Willia-v K. Henry. lMll^luir^h, Pa. Thomas JU'illy, New York. N. Y, Walnr Au «iiHilak, Chlcafio, lit. , tt'NVill, Jerooy *'ity, X. J. Corporals: Kranels H. Kranktln, Nuhlr. J'u. Mvnr W. Ryk'.'s, Muncey, l'a. Andrew IN.ykln. Philadelphia, Pa AIKOI RuM.seil llHtnor, Ml. Clemens, Mleh. Kriier.'-ion Morgan Walking, i'u \ honclale, Pa, Privates: Hi,ward S. Aieher. Arab )--on, H. C. .Meivlu .1. .\i (itsl runs, llaimaford, N. D. Charlie K. A^bill J-uusl Itraneb. Ky, James t' H!ae|;ini>ii. Cleburne, Tex. Cl >de W. Ihiekuei'. Cl« veluml, O. Charlie Currv. UulbtM, T< xa-.. John F. Huffman, Meriden, Kan. I.uther C. ilelk, t'.uur. Stole. Kv , John i'. Humid", S' Kv, I'huilev M Kidder, Lileiiwood, la. .(u.-iliu.i l .i .we, Keplon, Ala. I... D M'Kiimey. PralHllle. Ala. I'lhiier i:di^nn Manrer, S*raiUori, Pa. John Orroatdt Meyer, Sabetha, Kan, I -m Itiit l'. MuidiK-K, Samson, Ma. J"lui J. ul..'iuy, LOIIK Iwlutid Y. Alheii Jiuwaid l,e L - O-slraiider. Coltini- Ini.-s. Wit*. Jlnini-I Puillier. ChleaKO. Ml. Ki.d J. «ai.«. PUUburgli. Pu. I lurry l'. Suit'a.-e, Cornell, HI. Tom Win KM, Curt t 'Union. (), William WU.HI, HeWIU. Neb, Amos A lehley. Sevlervllle, Trim, William W, Carson, lten»einer, AJlt. . Albeit J. Dolvm. Little Kail*, Miiui. Paul V. liaiiber. Melbmirnti, la. WIIHain llelUiud, Anna, O. (lu .'-lav C. Holtliaus. Ueekeineyer. 111. ,li >hn X- KIMKIIIOII, Towmamd, Mins. Ulrhurd W. Kuopj>, St. LmiLs, Mo. Jlarry 'i'. OLsuri, Spuk'ape, WaHlt, Henry K, Knilth. Waltham, ftobeit W. Hunt, Wlllikesha. Wis. Harvey Vamicrhnof, Knid. Mont. DIED OF DISEASE: Sergeant; i»ut-iei i>. Haljon,. Conway, ArkCook: William 1J. Uubburd, Turlington, Conn. Bugler: Hufurd W. JaeUsnii, Na.slullle, Tenn. Privates: Willluu) Cuale. if^ltimore, Md. Uumlu'tt Hook. South Carolina. Clarence Monro. Phlllppy, Teun. llrnuhH (irii)s, Lnulbvlllo, Ky. Alexander It. Hereon. Pittsburg, Pfl. Kenneth A. Mulntyre, PorUnud, Mich. Henry J. Nelson, tJonnera Kerry, id. Iteii 10. Itoyal, Marlow, Okla, William John Uyan, Now York. N. Y. DIEO FROM AIRPLANE ACCIDENT! Lloutenanti fctttmuil A. Cireenwoud, Jr., Niaffara Kali*. N. Y. OIBD FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Lieutenant: ItlehurU 1|. Urfthwo, Sun Antonto. COrperil; -Walter Shnrtm. Nf-w York, N, Y» Privates; Clnrence U. (.'lick, iMylon. O. Hamilton H. Cranmer, Urnver, Colo. hTloyn J. Hlgcins, Lnt)cn»ter, Wis. Clifford n. itinx, nrooklyn, N. Y. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Captain: Hoy M. lfouk. (^imieoihe, O. Lieutenants: Cllftncal* Bartlett, Belle Plalnc, Kt*n. lrfiuls A. Kieemin, HparlnnbiMR. 8. C Stnidey T>. I^ttmil«, Me^hnnpen. I'a. tionrpo C. Mohlke. Wflukefhn, Wla. Knincis A. U'Conneh. Monti In In view, Cnlir. Itiruiltl M. Rr|il. WllklnsbiirfF. Pu. pM -oy J-.. I.eslnurKcnn, t.hleiiRo, J1I. CheMcr IVleo, Anniston, Ala. Sergeants: Klllm Vlovd Italf. Kalkaflkla, Mleh. Htunley Unvln, OnkhUI, O. Krnest M. I'lrnu, New York. N. Y. film Hill, CottaRovllle, W. Vu. Kiie! Kmernon Hotivnr. KltlanlnK. VA. Marl I^imirum. Keninore, O. Charles Arthur OI»on. Muskeunn, Mi^h. William ICai'l PoinmrrenlriK, Ami Arbor, Mlib. Llnenln H. Smith, Wkpnrt. X. Y. Willie Sadlh. Van Lear, Ky. Amedte Joseph Valentine. Cliloafi 1 '), III. I'^lwln H, Adnmfj, Akron. (>. Clay Hole.-., Hlllm.m. Tcnil. Cliirem e Olund Crcvn, I *JI wrrneebm K. Tenn. <leorKe 1,. O.ilirk, Mflledcuville. 1)1. Warren Philip Taylor, J.ineavllle, Wis. Corporals: Alexander F. Uod( lutein, Mndlnon, Wis. William McOlnntA, Lawrence, Kan. Henry ('heblti, Prlerdale, Pa, ("leorKe I>o<lnrleln, Cbil«*ltann, Norwny I'>lnar Price. Hronklyn. N. Y, Jamtm Andrew Adams, Marked Tree, Ark. (lien is. Miller, Cres(/m. la. Jlarry A. Unehr, Pit l.«buiRb. Pa. William K. P.usch, Xnntleoke. Pa. Owen Clark. ChlneniPHKUo. Va. * Joseph L. HlmLs, Jllll City, Ukln. Robert MeArthur. Phnrtdx vllle. Pa. Thomas J. Xoonan, New York, N". Y. John Pmyon Sifwon. Snddy, Tenn. Allen W. Snow, Jewell. Kan. Henry L. Kleok, P.^itlale. N. Y. Norman James Tcrrlan. Rush Center, Kan. CUTIIS W. Williams, Proapertly. W. Va t Privates: Stanley Andrzcjowskl. Snnih Rend. Ind. Kd\wml lleenier. Sun Prairie. Wly. Jo,, riell. I^ong IHIUIUI City, X. Y. Jiarry Wllbcrt Bennett, Niagara KallH, N. Y. Con-stantlne Mevncqua. l>*ulton, X. Y, Taul Bible, Kolev, Minn. John It. Itradley. Harbor Sprint's, Mich, l-^lwartt p. Hrot.-ki, Ucrlln, Wis. M'o Carter, Commeree, okla. John H. Conway, Ulen I-'HII.S. X. Y. NnrcLsso Deroy, I Itdyoke. Mass, Oscar L. C'iuglas, Lcavenwortli, Kan. Wlfliam J. KiirKet, Worre.vier, Mass. Km lie. J. Pomnler, An.*on!a, Conn. KnJniKh t*. I->lnk. Seattle, Wa-di. Thomas W. (J afford, Cummberland I'urnaee, Tenn. John J. Cillen, Xew Haven. Conn. Vlneent Clordann. New York. N. Y. ,Io» iVter AUK. l'fu>ljurBJi, Pa. San ltatv. U»:t, Tex. Aehitb' Pianehi. Ln-nazzo. Milan. Italy. Oscar L Iii*thop. Met-n.ty, Ark. John ltii»ek, Natrotna. Pa. Nieola V. ( nn -ii7 .il, New Uritaln, Conn. Oulsi ppo Chvh Ho. Oratlatnm:irua Pto- vinelan Da Vulino, Italy. Men.lamiti V, Cook. Cinssl'Ia(. Pa. Itartolnmeo Plnieeo, Ah I Prnvineia Tu- nmo, Italy. 1 'ark IKennedy. Marlon. O. Karl C. Sanders, Kmbarras.s, Wis. Poinenfe. Volro. SJH Vrneto lonln Pro- vineta 01 Catanstnro, Italy. Charles l.elnnd Kaldwln, IVtroit, Mleh. Homer Harnett. Cullman. Ala, Charles l-'i edei iek It* amiah, Tras erse City, Mleh. Harry Hrehler. Niles. Mich. Iloraee I). Mriizn), York. I'a- Arthur H. BriKRS. Sandusky. Mirli. Ualph Kentt llrown, LanHing-. Mich. John W. Neumr.nn, Paltlmnie, Md. Peter (J. A. Nielsen, San 1'raneUco, Co nr. midolph Ottn. Cht^lsnrt. Mich. .leJin II. Osem-ider. flei rien Springs. Mieh. JCmanurl PaJemetukiw. Ki«s»len, Greece. Krmieis Purl^ti, Santa Clnia. N. Y. Joseph Piiw-n-re!, Krficentu, Italy. Kay Patterson, Alden. Mieh. Kaffale I'ietrafeso, Vinoso provlnec, 1'oteii/a, Italy. Arvhli: i.. i'opplewell I lustonvilb'. Kv. W1II1H llekm. .Srhuo.enift, Mieh. Trov Itunvnn. l'Javv. W. Vu. Herman ShoberK. Swiss vale, Ta, i^-. Smiih. Arcadia, lnd. Har\»'y It. Spiaker, .hthttvifle, X. Y. Willian- L, Talbo-i. Cuuie, Ark. Ciurla Taylor. Plukbili, X. C. Harry C. Turney. Mnunt-nln I J nke Park. Md. icirh.itd Cai I Vannaiter, Watervllet, Mich. Thomas J. Wakefield, iCast Orange, X. J. Walter W. Wrher, SheboyRan, Wis. rlank I-:. William, Alhol, Ma.^s. Manillvillp Williams. Wellfmd, W. Va. Andy K. YounsUar. I r Hirfield. Md. Prineo ZanaMo, Puriland; Clie. Nelson Clock. Highland. Tex. liubert _ Hanuu. HunlliiKton, N. Y. Waldo "Hoke, Cnion f.'itv, Ind- J-^lwin M. Jewell. Newbui'Kli, X. D. Frank Joye, (Jreenwieh. Conn. Harry V. Lees. Newark. O. Harry |.. Mansfield. . Charleston, Muss. L.'iwtence MIUVIIZKI. IJetwfud. W. Va. Martin J. Murray, Humboldt, Kan. I Tarty F. Marshall, South Brewer, Me. Clarence Mteliiel, Ansoniu, Conn. Chtirltw F. Miller. ChieaKo. 111. Hoy Lee Miller, f>dar Hill. Tenn. John 11. Moiris, I v itts, Ark. •lolin W. Miii'riaon, It;ikerton. Ky. Ifenneih Hohfion Moser, f.rahum, X. C. Thomas XOIHII, Troy, X. Y. Samuel Melt. Ponton, Shelby, X. C. Henry C. Piather. MOIJI, ill. Mike Ki K here, Saint Claire, Pn. Frank II. Kuth, Lancaster, Pa. Fred H. Shnphrrd. llenderaon, 'Mieh. Sum Smith, Cnltewah. Tenn. CJavenee Sneller, Falrehlld. Win. Kinrmimit.l Siavroulakls. Sioux City, In Hay K. Web.sler,„. MuisKewon HeiKhts, Mleh. Fiwl V. Williams, Neosha, Wis. William Albert Wtbwin, Harvey, III. John Metvlnloy Winslow, ilrownt\ille, Minn. Hveiett L. Wolfal, Fnunialn City. lnd. Oscar P. Yopp, Chicago. 111. WOUNDED: (Degree Undetermined) Privates: A ndrew Lucas, Dun bar, Pa. James P. MeKeviit. Albany. N. Y. Karl A. Orhoiii, St. I'aul, Minn. Victor .1. Patkus, Worcester, Mass. MISSING IN ACTION: Lieutenants: John Andrews KIIIK. i-'bhago, 111, Corporals: Theodore Johnson, mulnnk, Mnni. Frederick Hi in e MeOrady, HoanoUe, Va. Lynn F. SpUrint,', lUllsboio, N, U. Wagcner: Kay I'titer WiiKUer, Marathon, Wis. Privates: Williain Arnold Alb n, YouiiKstown. O. Kdwanl Anderson, MR Itapids. Midi. Anwelu AIM\ uiiufi, Karl toy Lefkadan, (ireece. Jtnbeil Kdwin Heeler, Monroe, Mieh. John Luther Itevier, Ann Arbor, Mieh. Arland H. Burtnn, (.'ramitin. Va. John Uomintu. Heneva, Italy. Stephen Cioloway, I.iubno Horad, ftu«- Herbert C. Howe. Pueblo, Colo. ICUwatxJ J. Knadler. Columbun, O. Hunii-i liandriKau. Flint, Mich. Frank Malkowskl, Mu«olnfHki Czery- kow, ItU-ssta. Kazlnirls Mlkuln. ChieuKo. ill. William Albert Miller, Greeley, Kan. KdwMi'd u. Moore, North Platte, Neb. Waller K, Mullikin, Uichmond. Mo. Albert Nclbert, Hftroirr Mieh. UUJIM Padllla, J.OH {.'andelerlafi, N. M. Tonpy ItoaH, I*ldladelpiiiu. Pu. Jolin Scueein, BaBHt«mo itotnn, Italy. John 1>. Hwope, Lidiunon. Pa. Anselo Vitro, Faille del Suttle, Pavlsia dl Cub has so. Italy. (Just A. Adanirton, Cbieaeo, ill. Arthur iJotfUu, .Isejaki, Finland. Thniiiaa N. Clime, Heeler, Cata. AVIIIiiuii K. Cran>mer, Clinton, Mo. Collier Dawisnn, Hauxllo, Ark. Pietro He-meiHe. Cut\V«n»villo, f*a. Salvalore dl Franeesco, iiJrlc. l'a. Bert Hoyle. Sacrnmento. Calif. I'eler Kriekwon, Muddoclc, Nr V- Jeuwe W. litherldKu, Hambure, Ark. Paul p. Fowh'r, Oswego, lnd. » Oflear (l, HIIK»UI. Walcolt. N. D. Fred C. JobUBon, Ueviln, N- 0. William Henry Lewis, 1-exluglon. Ky. Nick I*. Lonea, OJal, OnJIf. Theodore J. Moro, Kouueu point, 1C>*. I'M win Morken. Maddoek. N. li, fjeoi'Ke Powora, Jeille.o, Tonn. Frank K. Punk. Wnuttau, Wis. Henry Heod. Cnion, W, Vu- Harry T. Shuuuon, Camhildse, Mass. William A. Snrtujuc. Hcvila I^ke, N. D. UoluHtirU W els nor, Bhaltuek. Oklu. Uiuiw B. piobat, lx»tiii*ville, Ky. Juntos Hcud, Nuw liutUKticin, P»>, ORE THROAT ot TehMllUi, ftrtls with, warm suit «*l*f then ipply— NCW PRICES 30c 60c. |1.20 HrrSrhM ItortR^y, IVntrallft, Ilnrry K. Hons. Wnhiwlon, N. D. ._. Wllllnhl W. Ptonjihowakl, ]Jlcli »0n City. Pa. \vHl\nm TWiinilv. J ''R \rflHd. Conn. Wllllnm H. Tolbrrt, Hnrdwell. Ky. .Iflsper Tot-torlcl. l > onbofty, Mns«, Wlllljltn W. Wnllr, Hull. Mont. (MARINE CASUAI^^ The tollowlna; en5unllies arc reported by the Commanding tjcnerol or the Amoriean lOxpwlltlonary l-orces: Killed, in action, IS; died of wounds received In action, 4; woUnde<I In nelion, severely, J; misMlnR In acUon. H; In hands of timmy, U. Tntvl, ao. KILLED IN ACTION; Corporal: Irvltt Wade, Hine .Kiey. 1)1. Privates: Leo T. Hurke, u,uoiui, Mn»n. Waller J. Cox. Portland, ore. Paul K Ullle, LtasHtl. Mmn. Arihur 'i'. Himm, UKuen, L'tah. Jlmmle 1*. Duke. Santa UO.HU, Calif, uoberi ,1. Glek. Krie, Pa. 1-Yed li, Oret'ii, uneymne, Wyo. Hus^oi S. Hawk, iJtrhy, Ore. J,ohn IL I^ittTence, Cleveland, O. J«din W. T. NlelMon, Santtn d, Colo. Glenn C. Perkins, Poeateitn, Id. Hwen H. PuteiMon, CUIUJ. Neb. Alvln lluth, Diiuider. La. Mu rum Hnnrp, Miuiu a pons, Minn, l^loyd Short. \Vuu rtown, S. H. KILLED IN ACTION: (Previously reported missing in action.) Privates: Bayinond ,K. Btiven. BrUtlol, H. I. Thurmitu 15. Wursiall, KaneRvllle, U. DIEO OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Corporal: John J. Sullivutf, lUixliury, M;i's. Prtvatco*. John S. Hlndelly, .)aek>tnvUh>. Ma. Herbert A. Nllan. Kasl OranRe, N. J. Herbert F. Laurent?.. Mm.nm Fulls, O. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Private: Charles (irectiumid, Kenosha. \S'i.-<. MISSING IN ACTION: Corporals: Isaac N. Miller, Johnstown, Pa. Claude S. Banwrll, Beltun. S. C. Hubert H. CovMirev. Salt Lake t lly, V, Kobert I,. Dutro. Ciroveimrt. O. Abner T. '1'lHkew, Pa)met to. tin, Benjamin I'". Fet-.w, Asburv Park. N. J. John V. Flaherty. (Sreat Fall*, Mont. Thomas J. Holland. MeKeenport, Pa. Uaiih-] Morrcl. Mllfonl, Tex, Nels J. Petersen, Havton, Id. Jtov O. Heed. Wa-shln^tun. D. C. Jay 1". rinse, Salinville, O. Peter S. Smith, Shawnee, Kan. Burke S. Taylor. WiehltH Falls. Tex. IN HANDS OF /INEMY: (Previously reported missing in action) Corporal: Uieh.ird J. Bhinkenshln. ltiehn-niid. Va. Private: Leonard Kammenwid, West OH\e. Mleh. RETURNED TO DUTY: (Previously reported severely wounded) Private: Howard M. l'a inter, Jnplln, Mo. $1.00 Way. Men's sulta nr overcoats denned and presacd $1.00. K. R. (5allup, 419 N. Mnin. Phono 961. Mon. Thurs. 13-tf H»» HUTCHINSON, KAN5A&. w Time for Warm Underwear The first chill days;of Alituitin starts p'oojllo towards our undtfnvcaf: department and well thdy tttfty, for wc are amply supplied with good underwear in all the favoJfid^Wcftycs'^-weights, styles and sizes for early fall and winter wear. Wc bought parly a year ago—that's why wc rannot buy many of these numbers at all today. ' ' " , While we have them they are yours at these prices Ladies' Knit Union Suits Medium weight, llfcecctl lined, bullon front, opej seat, wllh ox- tra good flap, high neck, long sleeve, ankle-length. Sizes 34, J6, 38 ,.»1.76 Sixes 40, 42, 44 »2.00 Ladies' Medium Weight Union Suits Without fleece, fitted with outside seam, ventilated wnlfil "lino, Dutch neck, elbow sleeves, ankle'length, Sizes 34, 36, 38 Sizes 40, 42, 44 ..$2.00' . i«2.25 Ladies' Medium Weight Union Suits Without fleece low neck, no sleeve, French band finished neck, ankle length. & Sizes 34, 36, 38.. Sizes 40, 42, 44.. CHILDREN'S KNIT UNION SUITS Klcneed lined, medium, heavy weight, button front, drop seat, high neck, long sleeve, ankle length, white or cream'. Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8.., $1.19 Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 $1.39 .$2.00 .$1.60 CHILDREN'S KNIT UNION SUITS Heavy weight, fleeced lined, Shell finished neck and front. High neck, long sleeve, ankle length, white or cream. , Sizes 2,4, 6, 8 $1.25 Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 $1.60 •En Attractive Dress Goods The better grades of dress goods are notably difficult to get and what may be had is high priced—Because we have kept in touch with the markets and the advances of raw wool wc confronted the manufacturers early with our orders and the result is very attractive assortments at prices, quite within the reach of cxery purse—In this showing of dress goods your attention is particularly called to tbesc— r Abe Martin -J Of all Ih' war measures ten cents worth o' crackers is th' limit. Tell Iiinltley went, t' (delated) yiste.rday an' returned t'day with six quarts o (delated). Aged Resident Has Narrow Escape "I was at my work, my limbs became numb, I got dizzy and faint, my ears seemed slopped up. 1 had been troubled with gas on my stomach tind severe bloating after meals. Doctors failed to ht'lp me. Ono dose of .Mayr's Wonderful llemedy, recommended by the corner druggist, proved u life-saver to me. I am continuing with it with splendid results." It Is a simple, harmless preparation lhat removes the catarrhal mucuc from the Intestinal tract and allays Ihe inflammation which causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal ailments, including appendicltic. One dose will convince or money refunded, or sale by druggists everywhere. PROFESSIONAL CARDS H. S. BREVOORT, H. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment *f Chronic Diseases Eumloatlon and Dl««n°»l» Fr««, $% Weet Pint St.. Hutchtnion. Kiniu Kate Williams CITY VISITING NUR8E Office with Dr. Louise F. MctiinPiQ, Bulte ESI RorabauKh-Wlley UuIMlng. Phone 8J68W. TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES U our apeQlally. Pr|cc» rea»ona»l«; accurate service. SHIPMAN 8B0». • Over Cqmmercjal National Ph»n* m*, $1.00 .UOI III PANAMA CLOTH at tho Yard This fine cloth is 42 ipches wide, and is a very desirable fabric for Suits, Dresses and Skirts. It comes in the following colors, navy, Burgundy, black and brown. DRESS PLAIDS at the Yard In colors of red. blue and green; very desirable and suitable for children's wear. Full yard wide. SATIN STRIPED EOn POPLINS, yard UUO This is yard wide fabric; in colors of black, navy, brown, Burgundy and green. Willi pretly satin si ripe effects. The Prettiest of PLAIDS at .... $1.95 A fine soft finish wool dress fabric, In the prettiest of colorful plaid combinations. Such rich Autumn colors of military- blue and brown, Burgundy, gold and numerous other pretty combinations. $1.50 SHADOW PLAIDS, yard .. Dignified and dressy in colors that are blended so richly together that the effect produced Is both rich and dressy. There is a wide selection to choose from and the most fastidious can be suited. FINE BROADCLOTH at the PO yard ^vl.OU This fine lustrous finished Broadcloth is one of tho best values at tho dress goods counter. The colore are gray, brown, black, military blue, plum and golden brown. Tho cloth Is 61 Inches wide. 51.25 Fine FRENCH SERGE, yard $1 A very desirable dress fabric, one yard wide In colors of navy,' Copen, black, rod, green, brown, Plum and gray. WOOL MIXED KOM CREPE, yard ,..U «|C In colors of black, gray and navy, and full yard wide. THE CUltTIS STORE CO McVAY LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. Directory of ihe Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Elevator eervtce da> and nlfbl. ARCHITECTS MANN A GEROW Room. 721-22. Phone 21S4. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attcrnoy-at.Law COS K.-W. Bids. DENTISTS ~|7X7QNE 8. Otnilet. Suite 812-13. Phona SOW. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS ~^^rM7TTTvV^T7MTa tulle ill. epecltl Attention to Eye, Ear, NOM •nit Throat. Gliuo Accurately. Pitted. pi. Mm MuudelL Dr. W. N. JJuudeu ORS. MUNDELL, Smio II* IL-W. pid( Phone JIM\» G, A. OLASOEL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •ulte 111. Office Phone 22li. Rei. Phone tl*% DR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND. Suite 521. Office Phone 26S2W. Residence 26«R g, A. CHICKERINO, PhyelC«n-8ur|«on. KM. T<4. WMl. Office Tel. .m»w. guile (01. . OR. A. G, DEALL . Phyelcian and 'Surgeon Special AttuuUon to plasnoJil*. itoom 60» Phones: Office S3»J\V. Ites. 5561 Or, H. D .-8TEURETT Practice llmttod to Kj'o, ear, nose and tlirual. Room Sun KorabaUBh-Wiley BWg, phono 86S0. REAL ESTATE ANP INSURANCE Lean* and Bond*. AUTO DIRECTORY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Toola and Garage Equipment. DletrlDUtore: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rlnga. Phone 3000. -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"THE nDVanZandtv^. DISTRIBUTORS J3-15-IB First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 wicHiTA Arno i d Aut0 Co# Mar mon Haynes—-Dodge Brothers Phone 2707 AutOItlObileS 25 East First F DATtOI? —"The Most Beautiful lAWfi car in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sherman East Also Studebaker Parts and Service Electric Battery ft Repair Co, /j DISTRIBUTORS W il.Lr,R0 STORAQB UMTGRIES Uied by *7 Per Cent of All Manufacturer, LARGEST BATTERY R6PAIR STATION IN KANSAS. 1M fharmiin E »it. Phone V— FREE INSPPPTI0N OF ANY BATTERY AT ANY TIME It* yon Want to got tUo Want you Want You Want to Advertise your Wants I'll th 'J Want Columns of The News, In answering advertisements pleaso mcntipfl The News,

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