The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 9, 1959 · Page 8
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 8

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1959
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

W^ti!^ SUNDAT BtJLLETlN August 9.1959 Bee. 1. Page « • AI' WlK'pllOlO This U the Interior of the Luthonm church whert- iho couple will be niarried. Rockefeller's Norwegian Fiancee Wins Dispute About Wedding Site KRISTIANSAND, Norway - '/Ti - Steven Rockofellcr SaliiKiay Icaim-d IMW of the rules lor a happy niarnaju'—l^sc an ^cument gracefully, rlie 23-year-okl heir to some of ilu; Rockefeller millions aiinoumcd f;o(ul hu- moredly he will be married tun weeks from Saturday in the Lunde ('hur< h whert; his fiance. Anne Marie Rasinussen, 21, was christened and confirmed into the Lutheran faith. Steven preferred the ,'3()0-year-old chapel at nearby Sogne because of its tradition and primitive beauty. In winning the argument, the grocers daughter solved a seating problem. The new church can accomodate from 7(10 to 800 people — more than double the number who can squeeze into the frame chnpcl at Sogne. Met Press The Lunde church is pointed white. It has two rows of windows that give the illusion of two stories. In front stands a 10-foot stone monument inscribed with the names of eight local men who were killed in combat or died In Nazi concentration camps in World War U. The son of Gov. and Mrs. Nelson A. Rockriclh I ol New Yoii; has tried to avoid I lie press Mine his arrKal here to wed the I'lrl who oiu e was .i m .iid in the Rockefeller liDUscliokl. Kill he const nted .Saturday to^a news conference. Aline Marie \vi)ii! I lie blouse of a Norwegian national costume with silver but- lon.s and a silver broach. Her skirl was a deep blue with a white border on the hem. Her honey blonde hair was pulled tightly ));ick and tied in a knot, il ufiually looks windblown. Anne Marit; then elian )',e (,l into brown cord- iiroy slacks for a short spin on Steven's motorcycle. Slip Aw.iy Today, the Ki'v nl.iv <iautesiad, vicar of the nearby villi'ige oi .Sogne. intends to read the simple banns of marriage nt 11 a.m. servic(>s in the IVlh century church. Steven and Anne Mane are expected to attend the traditional l.iilhoran service. The Rev. Mr. (Jaute i id, an old friend of the Rasinussens, will conduct the wedding ceremony. Sogne's 7()-year-old organist, Hans Skarpevig iirobably will be at the organ. He lias played al all the church t'\'eiUs 111 ll\e lv ;isuiU','.cu lamily I 'nr two generation',. Slate Sessions for Requests on State Budget MADISON .r'^R—Gov, Nelson's top fiscal aide will open budget sessions Monday on additional appropriation requests for the second year of the biennium. The Legislature appropriated $197,176,000 for the executive budget for the period, which begins next July 1. Nelson has indicated he will attempt to revise these figures upward during the fall session. Joe E. Nusbaum, director of the Department of Administration, described the .sessions as "working, exploratory meet ings." He .said he will talk with department and agency heads on an informal b a i s , laying groundwork for formal hearings next month. The governor will conduct the formal hearings. There is no assurance the Republican-controlled Senate will permit Nelson to revise second year budget figures when the law-makers meet again Nov. 3. The present figure was agreed on in a rare compromise committee which climaxed the session's longest political scrap. The .second-year figure adopted is a projection of the governor's $182,970,000 first- year budget. It was approved at the insistence of Senate Republicans. The Legislature, with the present authorized biennial .spending level, are faced with a second-year deficit of around .$35 million. Weather Forecast Map for f/?e United States for Swn<t<ry thrfi^m* High T«mp«r «twr««. I«|N<1*<I WAX Red China Reports Bad Floods, Drouth TOKYO —m— Communist China reported Saturday that Its people are fighting both flood and drouth. On the heels of a report thai 10 provinces were battling the worst drouth in many years Peiping Radio said that people's communes in Peiping were working around the clock against the heaviest rain in many years. —Joumal-Tlttiei Photo Most of the country will enjoy fair weather today except for showers over most of the Atlantic states, northern portion of middle Atlantic states, Florida, southern Plateau and the southern Rockies. Only expected change in temperatures is a slight warming over the northern Mississippi Valley and western Lakes area. Might Use New Satellite for Man-in-Space Test New Archbishop, 7], Dies in Buenos Aires BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -t/P)— Msgr. Fermin Lafitte. 71, newly appointed archbishop of Buenos Aires, died Saturday of a heart attack while officiating at mass at the naval academy in suburban Rio Santiago. Msgr, Lafitte was named archbishpp of Buenos Aires last July when Santiago Luis Cardinal Copello, primate of Argentina, was appointed chancellor of the Roman Catholic I Church in Vatican City. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — (AP)— The new American satellite might be used in .1 novel long-range test of a technique for bringing the nation's first human space traveler back safely, a space scientist suggested Saturday. Six months or a year from now while the satellite will still be in orbit scientists rhay attenipt to fire, by a radio signal from the earth, a "kick" rocket carried in the belly of the high-flying space messenger. The original mission of this five-pouncl, rylindrical rocket was to serve as an in-flight booster for the .satellite, in case the perigee or nearcst-to-earth point of its orbit, was too low. Another Purpose Royo/ Wedding Diverts Laos from Red Threat or} Border I ' \ 11 N li .ANi:, Laos - (/PI —i(he battle area of Samneua |i:x(lieinent over an iniiiending where Communist troops have iruyal wedding diverted Lao- penetrated 50 miles inside Laos Hans' .lUiiiiHin .Saturday IromL ,,. , . ihe lineal ni ( nnmumist' troops/"'"^ North Vietnam and occu- ;lo Ihis liiile Huddhisi kingdom. IP '^d two towns. ! Dijildnials and Laotian officials heiMU liMving for l.nang- Latest reports from the front showed Red troops — border Pialnui;', rur.'le rimmed an-;,rea tribes people with some rirni nt what oiue wasiviotminh officers — thrusting (Mlled I he I ,md ol a Million|into Laos in four prongs in I'leplKUll Inr the jMnutlav of Piiiuess Dala Znaf. the pert 21-vcar-old ! She IS V.raiuidauv.liler of King .Sisa- \.m;', \'iiii;',, who aseendcd the throne ol this liny Buddhist iiialion HI ll'Ol. marriage,Samneua and Phongsaly provinces. The Communists reportedly have heavy strength in the valley stretching from the Vietnam border below the Red regimental headquarters at lemple spirrtl l.uang Pra-|Dien Bien Phu to within 35 hani', IS some 101) miles west of miles of Samneua City. But now, .since it appears the satellite will need no extra kick in the pants, the hitch-hiking rocket conceivably could be fired for quile another purpose late in the experimental life of the vehicle that carries It, said Dr. John Lindsay of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He said the attempt could be made as part of the safety research under way in connection with the Mercury Project for hurling humans into space and bringing them back safely. He said that the space capsules in which the Mercury Astronauts would ri(|e, would be equipped with special "retro" or backward firing rockets designed to slow down the space vehicle after a few orbital 1 passes. Gravity then would pull the capsule and its passenger back to the earth. Need Assurance But there needs to be assurance, he said, that such a rocket would not be adversely affected by its ride through space — so that it would fail to fire when the time came for the Astronaut to head for home. It's possible, Lindsay added, that various conditions iri space might affect the rocket itself or its triggering mechanism so that it would not respond to a firing signal either from the space pilot himself or from a ground control station. Thus, he said, an attempt could be made to fire the 14- inch-long kick rocket in Ex plot'er VI after the vehicle has completed various other scientific jobs that are on its schedule. He made it clear that any such firing, if successful, would actually send the satellite higher, rather than bring it back toward the earth as would be the objective in the Mercury program. Test of Ability But he said any such attempt would offer an excellent means of testing the ability of rockets to fire in space in response to remote signals. Lindsay is chief of the solar physics program of NASA's Space Science Division and Is not directly connected with the Mercury project. A NASA spokesman said it's probable an attempt may be Look ot th« Bock of Your Neck iveryone Else Does Prompt Barber Service With or Without Appointment HAZLETT BARBER SHOP 416-6th St. ME 7-1161 made to firt the kick rocket as a test of the radio command system designed to trigger rockets for various purposes in space. But both he and Lindsay indicated that any use of such a test as part of the Mercury research would be a decision resting with Mercury project officials. Woman Slain by Holdup Man WESTHAMPTON. N.Y. —(JP) — An attractive 50-year-old woman was slain Saturday In the third vicious holdup killing of the week in a small area of Suffolk County. Each was similar and authorities worked feverishly in the fear that more might ensue. In each- case the victim was someone working alone in a business establishment at night, each was slain by a .32 caliber bullet and each time the killer or killers rifled cash registers. The latest victim was Mrs. Irene Currier of West Yaphank. She was found shot to death early Saturday in a diner she and her husband had purchased six weeks ago. Good Trafflo LOCATIONS for POSTAGE STAMP VENDING MACHINES Commiulons Given Phone ME 4>2143 Why Worry About It? Let F&M easy DENTAL PAYMENT PLAN keep the whole family smiling. Exclusively At . . . Mtmbar PDIC "Your fritndlY Bank" WIST ST. ir MILWAUKIE AVE. Al' WlH'I'h.H-i Anne Marie Rasmussen and Steven Rockefeller smiled as they met the press Saturday. Babs Hutton Angrily Derbies Wardrobe Cost $200,000 TANGIER. Morocco —(/Pt-I Barbara Hutton Saturday angrily labeled reports that she had bought $200,000 worth of fancy frocks from a Paris fash- Ion house as "completely er- foneous." "I am f«rioL« about those aewspaper stories," she said. Mis$ Hutton has been here for three days, taking it easy ftt her luxurious home in the •id walled Casbah. The stories were published •fter a spokesman for the Lanvin Castillo House in Paris, long favored by Miss Hutton, •aid that she had bought more than half of the new fall-winter collection. The collection included 171 models, When asked if it were true that the purchases cost as much as $200,000, the spokes- Bian replied "Oh, a lot more m »n that." MiM Hutton acknowledged that "I bought a few things for Wyielf and my friends." But 4 >c ducked a question by a iiportcr about how many cmi wid eoati ihe had or iercd or what thay coat. *'I1iaff psr ,|»uainaM,' ih« Miss Hutton, looking slijihl- ly plump and very relaxed, re veaiecl that she ha.s completed a health cure. A.s a lol- lowup she plans to .stop think \np, alcoholic beverafu's and cut down on her smokinj^ for a while, she said. She was s e c n .slrollui}; through the streets of Tangier wearinji a plain wlutc blouse, brown pants and sneakers. "This is a vacation town and one usually wears iniui- mal things," she explained. Heavy Downpour Swamps Washington WASHINGTON—(/!')— Near ly three inches of rain flooded many .streets and homes in the Capital area Saturday. Several motorists were rescued from autos inundated by water as much as six feet deep in one area. The rain shortcircuited underground lines and halted traffic on all but two of the city's trolley line* for e time.. Telephone service was interrupted in some suburban areas. No injuries were reported. OINGOUTOF CLOSE-OUT OF ALL REMAINING STOCK AT TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS! MUST VACATE BY AUGUST 15 Everything Goci At Prices to Clear Out Immediottly! FIRST COMC, FIRST SHVID USIO STANDARD TYPEWRITERS Underwood—Royol Rcminflfon—•Smith LIST SALI »85.00 ^49.95 *60.00 '39.95 USID ADMNG MACHINES REMINGTON and SUNDSTRAND LIST SALI 85.00 50.00 90.00 65.00 OFFICE EQUIPMENT IPIf Waililii |*M • Mi |.0tl7 (NMr C%pM TfiMtrt) 9tm dtHf $ AM, . i PM, frUtf 'TH f mam DOWNTOWN & ELMWOOD PLAZA! 6 DAYS ONLY! BEGINS MONDAY! ^ Get a Beautiful 5x7' Picture of Your Baby Ch AOI UMUT S YIARS One or two children in any one family will be photographed MDgljr at 49e aach Cor tna Cirst pie* turt. Each addition* •1 child vender ftva, $1.^0 for lha firtt pietura. _ . WW ^Wlww pvvwvvw^fW a f a Wl In dWeroiit peMt ... for only 4f #. Yaw wMI nal he vrfod fa ktty, bwt H yow with yaw tan htiy the remafnbif phateorofilM at enly 1 .SS for the llrtt, $1 far the )nd aad far •ayddltlamd pktvraa bewfb »liithaiMra» DOWNTOWN STORE: 9:30 to 12:00, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Also 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday and Friday! ELMWOOD PLAZA: 10:00 to 12:00, 1:00 to 5:00, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.! Sat. 9:30 to 12:00, 1:00 to 4:30 p.m.! JJ f

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