Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 11
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 11

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

8-B—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Tuesday Mornmg._April 8,_I9_7S Multiple Flights Planned By Viet Orphan Agencies (('oniimidl I'l'itm I'nur Our) ,'1'lir supplies arc bcui;-; slni>|>eil irilniied Ui five m plumages In Ihcir drive lind been a race MI strong that this \\ili liap-'I'V uomuicma! carrier lo Sauitho .Saigon area run by Austral- against time. The evacuation ui Uie enil-. !< ; a(l( ; d ; ' ljuaal i; - s - ' ur clivn has come in for crilieism;' '. , .. . in several aro f .s. A group ot i>|,- ; ....' he ....! 1 ': l . c ! WI 'L . I ' 11 ' 11 '" jiosilbn politicians in South j Vietnam said it was a jiropa-I •_;aMc];i campaign lo obtain more military aid tor Saigon li'om Die U.S. L;ovenimen!. .Naomi lli'imstein, one of the or'.,'.'itii/.cfs of ,-t flight. II),it e,-ir- ricd til (.»\il(livn I-1 Vancouver, 11.C'.. on Sunday, was riinn rniTl Hi,it Mime lieoiite liave .joined Ihe evacuation (in\e Minoly he c;iu'-f il ha', lieruine tu-iiion- U r rane.isijo whcro they \\ill boiian scluiollraclu'i 1 llosemary 1 Taylor and l-Yieruls of All Chil- 'dreii. dis • Sump (if HIP workers said 'haiiKus have been su rapid," said JUareia Slillc. "U'c have no assurances these shipments will reach the children. INVESTORS'GUfDE By SAM SHUISKY nnl married, Inuc uliuM- people how to live but it Merely take your three lax earn S'j(;,t;«(l a '-''i in-- in me lhat a man wilh'bills o!f ihi.s $8jO and see whal .. ,i-..,. . ,,.,,,. ..,>,.-,. > mnH"ii"i. '"•' ' llil ' iivn . """ '" i" ilelil il loaves you. The Federal l ' r ';V'r'rPMl im a s:«i.min li(.iis.-. I have /on. I:1M<K> lnjj " 1)l -' lnl)1 ' I " il - l ' i illll! bill of M per cent alone ' T in s»vin«s «n,l own -S7.IMIB In ™"\ *"*. ,.!',' ."'V.'. *™\"^. .!!f!. S wi " lakc * m - Tncn >' ou alilr <). 1 am :: "\Vc slarli'd !ii • uori, -l\ | UO children • vc;u'-. ii'.;n :<int ll IKli.llill- Illl'll 10 ' ~aiii Mr-. l'.ruii-li ;i ru director nl Kamilii < •hililivn. "It u.i-n't even KIMI •• • *••-,•• •_--•- ..,-,,,,, m.iai.l- hu> moivh-: ;.:;,.. Xm\ it r -'"">' """ somr s ""' ks "' :l 'n,..|l'- lliil il'> liecume s|>cenl:vii\e nil M'litlirc. in H la-'hionaln'e. "It's like '.;clliii'.: me meet nuirkel. Tl.^ i,rm iner "'.> »MVM...I-,,I e.N|,e, , "^ uersunaMic.n (Mil you must be t, -JOO l,al,ii>s. Thi- m-nvinec "<;';» ;> ^. ls ; l ^" r .''".'"'Ilr,'!...':"'' ;Kiv itu; heavy mterc'sl char-Con I'll clrniiics mnijiiiMV ;I HI| iea| hank. As yon can M'c, ivcslmt'iil e\|ierienct' has a disiisl'.T althun^h our luHcii ;m e.\emj,l;iry pro i mlsl c i c ,i uc t st; u c an( | local "tax unless, nl niiirs:>. there bills al whatever rates you pa> .-•me unusual problems |. o f s assume further that, this, u,- not mentioned. You brings your net clown to around i ~"> ..... ,, „ 't inscribe t;ic NT.OUO debt. S.1U(I° If „, ., ,„ a lueal hank As yon can s<'c, ,„„ f ^su.Hmcnl «r a jji,.,, my iiivt-slniciH e\peneiict' has cl \>.-iiits .'Kill. .\u-lrali.i i'< ti'vin;/, (t> riutdo the U.S.; Ihe U.S. i-, tr.\'- lii outdo inir ehililren's eilu. alimi and ma luiinl. I'leas il. 1 \\oiild inn as 1'ii'si priority the Imildinj.: ol a savings ac- •'•The I'eeliiv; in Saii;..n . . . is ""'"'• I'*™* 1 ' *1\^^. ", 1 "; 1 "" l ot' Uu> fk'bt. After that you could ., • J'll * » i I 11,1 t *lil I III ttlZI t* tilt t il Itht I * I 11** * » '] • j •, ihe c'.iimren are ,ni:-.l iieiti:, . ri| . j" ( .,,. (li s inter' ( li' ' a l lo|P| odic program ol u --' il j.°.::.: 1 '.'.I-, 11 !'."":.'.'..., M,,, ii»-« : ««« : i .•»» rrank' 1 «i,..i,i"m.v ^ a ;! ll " b '.: i 'r.. *;!i (: !... '::'' iinum ! hijihest quality tax eNcmpts in your .state are yield inj; 5'-j per cent and arc Leaders Expected At Gridiron Show Rehearsals of music and com-; The Saturclay proceedings be- cdy roulincs arc in full swing this week as the 15th annual Gridiron Show approaches. wilh whal Nash calls an "altitude adjustment hour" beginning at U p.m. A ribeyc About 250 business, civic ;iiKlj- stCak dinner will lie served at political leaders are expected at I 7 - 50 P.™- Tile st »^ show will the Gridiron Show, presented follow. by The Greater Lubbock Press! Al1 added feature of this 'year's .show will be publication Club. The benefit event is scheduled for G p.m. Saturday at Vann's KoKo Palace, 50th Street and' | \vcnue Q. "These arc undoubtedly .some of the first issue of the Gridiron newspaper. The Griddle. Like the stage production, The Griddle will present the lisht side of local news, poking at local newsmakers sioeks not -ambling chips. A 1 .). l'>.<'epl for ihe broker \\lio A group ui 1 .c\iiv,;ton. Mas-., residents is uoi'Uiru; in hi'li' ihe children rcmain'iir.; in orphan , 1;: es in Vietnam. .""Id >'"" ^'> .H" lk s '" l 'l^ "J' L (l1 la-, Anmist r'«. I paid <,,i s.-,,t Ku.Hi l.r Ciiililr.'n of Viet three. I would aLTee \MIII Ih-in. ,._ , ,,1,1 |]|h( -' • ' i,.,MI. hu-. ha- '..'inhered mure To mislead a broker about your djj-i,!,.,,,! ^ hy ;h,ui three tmH ol d,>nalcil lii"d, irue financial situation is slujiid. vi!amiiis and [ii<'d:eal Mipplio. I am always reinclanl lo lei! exempt from stale and local 1 SANTA GliTS DUNKED-Sanla Claus raises his arms as he taxes - it is pretty obvious you] crosses the finish line in the annual Tenandcho canoe races are better off wilh the $5501 '» Mechanicville, New York (top). The victory sign upsets tax-free income from the mu- 1 the canoe in fast white water (center), spilling its famous nicipa! bund. I occupant, who is unceremoniously hauled ashore with a rope • • • (bottom). Santa is also known as Stephen Hatalsky. highway superintendent for the nearby town of Halfmoon. (AP Wire- photo I I of the best scripts I've seen in!; 1 liltle a IOIIK time." said Gridiron! 111 l ' R ' producer Bob Nash of KFVO Hadio. "And I've been involved i in every Gridiron Show Lub-i boek has bad." i Ticket chairman Helen Dixon; fC'ontinnciI Kroni 1'agc Otic) 'of The Avalanelie-./ounial .said :il U 0 ns for the J07H-7T biennium ,soiiie of the §'20 tickets still are:are known. | available. Persons wishing to! .Meanwhile. the executive j attend may send their checks ;dircctor said the matter of full (and ticket ureters lo Mrs. Dixon funding for TCAH has provoked at P. O. Box (ill. Lubbock. considerable public response in Proceeds from Uic Gridiron the form of petitions, letters ! Shove will provide Press Clubjand telcitrams to lawmakers, scholarships to students in and visits to Austin by deloga- mass communications at Texas lions. Coats said he was encour- 'Tecli University. 'aged by the public reaction. s-^ff I r^ 1 I dividend ,\uu. T,. The dale 'of -!anche-J CjTTjrin Rprord^ i '"•'' ;i;t>m( ' n! has rui l "' ai ' in - l -- i - b ^ Vyi nVIVJI IXV^V-Vw'l V^O J on ihe mailer. Thr importanl .... .. ..i •.in. . i -......... • " i * dale, ai'o the dale S'on boti'']it \veleomfs \\ritien iue,stions, bin he will be able to t • provide answers only through, •V.T.vVT c mon;the column. ; For information on corporate J tin- Oct. 1 and tax-exempt bonds, please; include a s e 1 f -a d d r e s s e d. j A. I'.eeause you bought the stamped envelope. Address! -lock three dax.- too laic. The > ULir requests lo Sam Shulsky. in "ex" on liie ()ci ! eare ol The Lubbock Ava-. anche-J'Jiirnal, P.O. Box '191, ubbock, Texas T91US. FOR SALE SWAP OR TRADE Business Commercial Properly-] 625 19th, 2901 Avenue N Rental Property- GOOD depreciolion-11 unit Apl. Complex-Single Family Houses, 2 or 3 Bedroom Duplexes-Terms to Fit You-lels Make a Deo!, to rent, trade, lease, or buy. LONNIE HOLLINGSWORTH INVESTMENTS 4616-34th 795-3896 OYSTERS -?3 25 While supply lists . . We iccept food stamps. FISH SPECIAL TROUT 99 < Gulf^Coasf Fishs Shrimp 4Stht Memphis OPM 10 ). Mon. Sal. 799SI10 1B19 Partxay Drivt Open Wed., thin Fri., 12-6.0j!n Sal. 10-6: Closed Suada* Marriage Mc>llaM.t Ann ji:;,.1111:1 I': itml M.-ina (i /N.MA t.i li-v.l-.i-u Bllil l; l:i-voliin •111, U)L i-U). Cunc^U'd I' EcvCi! IKL.iiv l:uli.-i-.ii tu i:;c.' Knvki-i ;II;.L l ' h ' '-ilol.'lv ; M-r. ;,,; ,,. ;T... ?, :;i;:, M. And'. MM, \. date. ,,n [."V. i. .:HI!'il!> In _ .^i;..', 'I'riiLL ^ci'L. o'j. ~ ™ 9 <i- I ajn ;t. wi(luu p of (,-.' Hilli most of my inlit'i'itancc in ci^ltt Dinliiiil funds \vliiclt nay me Jiiuna; i/niv I..IK.-.. '.'I. .'"'I KWO' liiilioil U Mi'I.i-ml anil wile lo Uuliburk ........ 1;H ,,. T ,..,, •,„„„ , , , l-im s'oiton L>- lioihurLi.iib.K-k. RT,,U,, (Mama ^ivae, j^is :. s. :•, JO.A (1 > lttlL - l »!"<•' "ecu advised AlbfrU) Tunv;. '.'{. IVoii.'.jrlli. and Cvt\-: ulk. |W. u'f. ; (o .Swi'cll tllCsC (o JI1COI11C fluids "ylSjTMJ,^ 1 "!" 1 ;;,.-,-. =.!!,,!:,, 1 , 'r^i,, 1 "!;: l^^f^'^ '» redeem tlicm mid l,,,y cor- >-;r"^i. Va.. .mil C.iiul H-iinlnl nr.iMii. I'll, INK 1 am! .-:••: 1 ,,l N\V ;. .-vcl. :r>. :itvi '. |IOt'a.tC flOlHls. IM ^*' M U rri«r l.«lstr a ,U,n , JjJ^ IV. i'.lk. l--.i. ihUo ,,,,,! l. u .,l lu ,..: A _ A[()n(;y tf(day cun ^^ I'l.n Uilili 1 Wiirmi, l'"i. .mil N:uvy Kay! IU'ih'11 .liiclann uinl l:;iM:i..nil A. Tuv • about S 1 - pel' CCIlt I't'Om the •-•'•"••'' " '"' '; 1l ,.,| : |;,™"!,'. lln ,V.. .' ;1 ,'j; i> . l1 ;',:- ] "' '"'• hi-he^i irnality lon^-ievm corpo- h ;.'ii;i[i.s i.iui v.i... in .11 iir.iiin i: rate bonds. 'iS!:.% ; r;s^rrn;;,,!;:' i ';-;,. A !!: IM1 -,, v " 1 "- ^-^ ^< * ^ ^^-:•'•• I v, iv. x ai 1 i..,'. •:. i:.,tn- 'nine hnw much \oii now have .,'"""'•:,-I t,':\ *-,"i-i:'ii !|... ri .. M ''I'.'csl.'d in each I'lind I nutltijilv- •,' -i"- I'l'i ,\::i ;'.•>' :'IM'.I ••'.«•, 'i!.V ':>;' in'.: the number of shar.'s in ".;'";•,.';;|; 1 ';,,, ii , ,,„. .,.,„ ,„ .,,.,„„, each fmul by the L-urrent nel niiii> .ma « ; r,.'. i,, ( t,;,; (,;,v. '[. :;1 ; asset \-fllue per Kharci. 7f you ;n':» not rcccij'inj; 7 per ceni or --. .. Ldhhock Cottris On- l:llc Wi;l..irn '!'<•: : • III: M . .'llVln-.i'.!'!!! '".' l-'f.ltlt. <;.i-!«: i.i' ' .^iiit i- ut li;i- Inti'' Kin i- tluiHi'! ,,.;., .1! |..h IT I."llil 1,-illnl.l 1II|(..|I,M1'|.'| .• i",.: . A. [d)' ;,|,ni:i!>. u' v.'ill I III .\ n (01 III' \T-I.\\Y NO. 1 IJlHin II. .Imlse rn^i.lilii: 1 ... .i 1 ':,!!ui.; JU:;I[:L-I I ir-|ijij'liiiont \-; ( nl N rv (<>i ur-\'i'.|.\\v so. 1\' i:. l.itl.e iiml |.';n Mi-r,:H>. i', i.:rjj;i I..'! 1 Tl|i;tlll i'lDII. Mlii I'.IJ. ili'.'OK'-. 7.'XI> DIVI'lltl I' I til I!T lli'iifil II.'M.i-.. .lil.lsr I'li^iilin:; •l.inlri }'.. Ilnliiii^ :iliii Kik-i'li i: •n..:ni \,(iin belli.r on ihis capital you w'.'n.t ''V.I.N"""' >!lolll(i ''0'isider i\> a .switch to. ic ' ii,' .iniiin:. an income fund handled by ihe '"n.ui"'v' f.. •„ s;uln> invcsimrnt or#wi/ation iii 1 i>ii T, \v ur (Ji redemption and reinvest-: \i-i-. ''iijii ''' >]i ' ' A ' J; '' i>l ' !! > '"" !|M "- 1 mem in hi^iior yielding savings! •^ _Aki;r-;irniini'k- i'i,!i-uunion :., ia>i,!^ eonil'icalcs and c'orporatei ™t JM f ''{'iji'i:," 1 '' ; " : '' '"''''' '"'' i " b ' 1 <v -'"' (f -" bonds. And if you make the' 1|CI . Mllli-a i'iili:i:nl> ;iml -.. \!f (a Ilnliliy 1.. SWllcil til an illCOIllC fund be' "'" Ann,"-!''"' ''"' ^' """ J ' : '' l " k ' 1 ' 1 A ' w " 'sure you are not charged more' 1:1 -' .luini v. .-iniiii ami MM.- (,, .in.y inni:'' 1;! " S"> for the transfer and "" "T^'^^^ii^.^^i 11 ;-:;" 1 ''''';!::-,,-: 111111 ^.^^ into which you! ;•' n. i':';i.,tt.ini nnii ivnc. i.,,i (,;.. ]>in'r i;ir( ' movinj; has demonstraicd ai -«•< ''•i',u'i; A 'v"K^ a is- ,„ , ; ,-i,,, wi,,.,- j ! )ist '"' y "'' l"-"vi(liii.u' sniisfaciory I ! i. i/.i :.). r;ik income. i:u->i-:i Amiii . skauii. • • • i l.'liiliurk :\'lll]ini;il F.lll'K. l!iili>iu-.|lilf.|lt i ,, ,, . , I KM-CIU.),. .11 lin- Will ;i!nl KM.-i11- »f !•: i: : "• "° :ll 'c i" I'lc 3(i per rent; ^""'.'.'rii"'^'!.. 1 "•'• 11 i:'v, 1 ;:' 1 '-i ! , : ",'.'i :l: "J,!i' ) "^.V' : J ' 1 '' (Uil ' !l1 lax bracket plus stale KiJ.. '.!>'. '"' ""'" ' '"'•• " l> - "- ami city in<'ijiiii> ia v c,s. How do Siiiiiuiy .ini'ii .\i,-.\iiM,-i :mii «i i t . i.i „-.; ([,-,.iilp \vlic1)\cr n ciM-pura le : Jum'i:''.ii 1 ,,,...".;'.!,!,'"' v ""'' '"'' '' i:lk ' '"' bond ivill il» heller for us. net. t. l 'iv'i.i'.-''.\i!iiii.'' l " 1 ' 1 '" "'^ ' '' " '' "' A '!• i* al! a matter of .simple I'.iiivi.ii.idi :.. .\iii,,._ !i..|,i,;,,,] m-ilhmctic. Assume j'ott have ''• .^10.000 in an AAA corporate •in i n nivriai r i in ui II..i,.ud I II.HIM,n. -In.liC l'ri.~i.ll i::. ]..,:il N.I, m;iii .1 r n.-i , nr.ii Ali.i;.. i.'ivrn ni'-iiiii r < 01 J:T K.ilirrl I . \\iiilil. lll.lsr I'll-S'ihili; '[.'''• .':•• -^• i| ii'. bond yielding ,vi'M;i i "ii /I-; iii^ S850 interest.' Mi. -.-i i'l" . I P-niwri'i -i;ii iOi- ilivou-... i Idl'll lllvlKU I' ( III 1ST \VlMi:. 1:1 I!. ~li:l\n .Inilur I'l.-nllllt ::.l:il-'n l.' limn-: r.ivt Kdn:-' Im Tor Ail Needs, .ill:; Ac ii-i Ai coaicr ic iMiiusii 7UJir< 376 I .-. iit-i'iEicr < ui i:r ll:illi.T1 II S\.n. ln.inl. ri ,.>iilin<r l>i\ .••<; I • >",\ i M'iirrnn(.>' Dcpds .': \Vi-.'iika^rrii'i- 1 1: i[ n *T" ruul /.•- • K'l.-it.-N Adi.'ii. in K IT.'i; i ry nnd A- -.,.:i;ltf ..I. V.'v cn;:-;i iiuvr. l^-.l l^. 1 , Ti:- BOTTLED WATER WITHOUT THE BOTTLE "Only 9' Per Gallon" f'^ty Sparkling Drinking VVntcr With NO Bulky Bottle'. • Delivery Nui'.ono FOR SALE OR RENT 792-334 1 5280 34fh Street y// i'f SOFT WATER SERVICE ONE 8x10 PORTRAIT IN BEAUTIFUL COLOR NO EXTRA CHARGES All ages- Batier.. children *ml rtrtun-. One sitting per subject Additional subjects—Groups or tnilivuhM,-. n same family—il.OO per subjccl No proofs—Choose Irom finisherl pratc!>!>ianr ponraits (poses—our selection) You may select additional porlraitsolfercrl •> low prices SATISFACTION GUARANTEED APRIL TUES WID THIJRS 9 10 FRI SftT 12 ;i •5KAGGS ALBERTSONS V tHUCS ( FOODS DAILY: I fl KM'8PM 3249 50th Street at Indiana It's Here! SHOP SEARS DOWNTOWN 9:30 AM to 9:00 PM Mon, - Sat. Sears Starts Wednesday! Sears Will Close Tuesday Night Al 7:00 P.M. lo Prepare for This Gigantic Event! CHECK YOUR MAILBOX FOR THE BIG SEARS DAYS SALE CIRCULAR! Be Sure to be At Sears Saturday to join in the ; Crazy Days" Sale! ' BE AT SEARS WEDNESDAY AT 9:30 A.M. for Savings up to 50%! Register In Sears Television Department for $ 200 in Merchandise Certificates lo be given away in 2 $100 drawings Drawing to be beld Saturday, April 26th. Guess the Mileage'- and Win A Sears 10-Speed Bike Register in Sears Sporting Goods Department Drawing to be held Saturday, April 8. No Purchase Necessary, You Need Not be Present to Win. 2610-50ih Si. 795-9336 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears SKARH. RQKIUICK ANIICO. I625-13ih 762-0101 Shop 9:30 in 9:00 Mon.-Sal. Shoi> 9:30 lo 9:00 Thurs. 9:3() lo 7:00 Other r) !lv . s

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