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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Monday, February 9, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE REGISTER tinuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 188 MMITTEE TO PROBE GRAIN PRICE SLUMP ^^^* ^^^^ . . - --__^ i - - - ^mm^^^m^m^m^ ibout Town And Country By TiaOTHElIS T. [number State Historical Journal Reviews Saline Co. History HOOK REVIEW: The December B0 of the Illinois State His- journal carried a review , book. Saline County-A ,,«· of History, published by 'A,ffvr« fe? u ;. sussrtj; Ibration last fall. Sas the critic: Pauley Among Those Getting Tax Refunds Biggest Payment Of $63,580,904 Goes to U. S. Steel WASHINGTON, Feb. 9--OJ.E)- The Treasury reported today Ed- j win E. Pauley, center of a Senate investigation of commodity speculation, was anumg those who got tax refunds during fiscal year 1947. But PauTey's tax refund was al- Kerr of Brookporl Enters Republican Legislative Race pleasure to discover t t r j v j a i compared to refunds ory like this- k -" lr m format, easy -u is a peasu cotntv history like this-a book, rmat easy to read, to hold. Fourteen body made to corporations and some Hollywood celebrities. The big- re ly »»""» ? u - 't^.! members-ot,he Sate The ICountv Historical society look is well illustrated, has a bibliography, and an index. ·One is rewarded in the read- of good books with the wis- and insight of others. One om trie Westinghouse Elec- Corp., Pittsburgh, was second with $57,398,182. The tax refunds for fiscal 1947, the Treasury reported to Congress, totaled $2,882,735,904. Railroads, aviation concerns and automobile manufacturers got the largest slices of the refunds. No Retreat Truman on f*n ·· ffV I t Civil Rights Congress Source Sees New Statement To Placate -South ' By LYLE C. WILSON . United Press Staff Correspondent Sharp Break WASHINGTON, Feb. 9-- (HE)The White House said today there will be no retreat on President Truman's civil rights program to placate revolting southern Democrats. Press Secretary. Charles G. Ross Home Explosion Kills Mother and Five Children MT. PLEASANT, Mich., Feb. 9 --U.E--A father lay in critical condition in Mt. Clemens Community hospital today, the only survivor of a violent home explosion and fire which claimed the lives of his wife and five children. Roy Wohlsheid, 35, escaped when a cooking stove blast sent an d"hog*"pr'ices dropped sharply flames racing thro* gh the six-, t0( j ay j n the biggest price break room home yesterday. But Mrs. j in many mon ths. . * ·nr«»,iei,«;^ 97. -Rnv .Tr in- Bev- Department of Agriculture ex- Slump in Retail Trade Blamed By Livestock Men CHICAGO, Feb 9--ttB--Cattle Wohlsheid, 27; Roy, Jr., 10; Bev erly 9; Richard, 7; Dale, 5; and Patricia, 2, were trapped. Wohlsheid said he was trying to break down the door to the L I \,S-S fcjt\-i titcii j -- xy*iw* AW.J ·*+· -- w **·* -- -- - - _ - -- - fi 11 J V WCU I denied "absolutely" a prediction I kitchen when he was flattened by yar( j s by one of Mr. Truman's"principal!the explosion. He had run to the Meg perts said that retail meat demand had slackened, and that there was an oversupply of animals shipped to the big Cornbelt stock- Congressional advisers that the administration would back down .1 Uttle. The Congressional source, suggested that Mr. Truman might make a new statement on civil rights which would drop out his request for legislation to prohibit racial discrimination on railroads and other forms of interstate trans- 1 oortation. The Republican primary elec-j" His proposals for anti-lynchmg, Gordon E. Kerr torn tnis book in Half to Small Taxpayers Eight Wars' The Treasury, as required by ~ "'- law filed with the House Executive Expenditures committee a list of all recipients of tax refunds of $500 or more. Included were income, excess profits, estate and other federal taxes. A spokesman said roughly half of 'the total, however, was refunded hould gi\c us pause. Captain «:i\de \Veob. who commanded a Flung Fortress in the South Paci- ic wrote this to his loved one* jt home just before the last trip 5n which he lost his life: -Independence Day, and am fighting for that same mdc- endence again against a different here tion for representative from the 51st Senatorial district, has brought, a new face into the district political arena in the person of Gordon E. Kerr, Brookport merchant. r _ Meanwhile, grain prices rose, kitchen when he heard his wife fell an(1 rose aga i n O n the nations scream. 'major exchanges. Last week's When the blast hit, he stumbled p r i ce nosedive apparently had into the front yard and extm- been checked, guished his flaming clothes in the HO( , pr i ces dropped $1 to $3 per I snow. He told police he was try- hundred pounds at the major ing to get back in through a rear , ii ves t 0 ck terminals, and at some j door when he collapsed. JW anti-poll tax and fair employment legislation would remain. Will Filibuster Proposal White House conferences with protesting southerners have. been forecast as a likely development _ - . . . - - . points sows dropped as much as NEW CHIEF OF STAFF. Gen Neighbors rescued Wohlsheid $4. Livestock experts said _ - it e ral Omar N. Bradley poses at his from the debris-strewn floor was the biggest price break since d es k as the new Chief of Staff of where he lay. They also helped ear i y last year. firemen remove the bodies of At Chicago's huge Union stocK- the rest of the family--Mrs. Wohl- yar ds, traders bid $2 to $3 lower Anderson to Quizzed on leak' Report Gov't Economists Keep Close Eye on Business Barometers By AUSTIN \VEHRWEIN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.--(U.R)-- Chairman August H. Andresen announced today that the special House committee on eommodity speculation will make a "full inquiry" into last week's slump in grain prices. The Minnesota Republican said that the investigation will seek to expose the names of any who profited by "advance inside information" and the extent of their operations. He also said that his committee would demand from Secretary of Mr. Kerr was in Harrisburg Iastj 0 £ the uproar which developed v.eek in the interest v of Tiis can- {around last week's civil rights mes- didacy. He is a young man, ai sa g e- native of Brookport. owner and the United States Army. (NEA Telephoto) sheid"from a bedroom where she O n heavy steers. Nervous apparently'hurried in an attempt e rs had shipped 18,000 head of to save her children. cattle to market as trading open- operator of a grocery store ana to small taxpayers in amounts av-. a hardware store. He is a World - -'-" ' -- War II veteran. Washington meant when he said M we should always have to ·isht for our freedom . . .Freedom .nil ah\a\s go to those who are killing to fight and suffer for Other usually well informed persons held that Mr. Truman would j be in serious election year trou- 1 _. v Ible if any part of his racial, poll Since 1942, he has been a mem-'tax or anti-lynching legislation The blaze, fed by a broken gas ed ; : main, house. tmperature to bring it under control. Among the prominent names sprinkled throughout the list were j those of Pauley, W. Stuart S y m - ^ p - f . jf:// c J inaton. assistant secretary of war riior ixnieu ber of the Board of County Commissioners of Massac county. 8t If we as a nation, are willing j for air, Rep. Helen Gahagan id suffer and die, and- kill for Douglas. D., Cal.. Eddie Cantor, lhat freedom, nothing will ever ake it away from us. Unless we re, \\e will lose this war and he freedom which we are fight- I can see now why wars ill never cease " f * ,. o . IT'S BACK!: Do you remember few das ago Timotheus men- loned the unmentionable that one f the girls at the office lost? "he girl waj too embarrassed to fed\crtise for if. so Timotheus said ii« would take over. We wrote n our column that if the finder would quietly return it to the ;tgister, it would be quietly' ac- Artie Shaw and Joan Crawford. Pauley was included in the list along with his wife, Barbara Jean, and his brother, Harold R. Pauley. epted. L v; c ii. a gentleman quietly re- uned it to the Register the other |:a and it was quietly and happily accepted The gentleman ex- Mt. Carmel Airport In Airplane Crash MT. CARMEL, III., Feb. 9-(UE)--Norman Green, 23, .of St. FrancisvilJe, was killed instantly! were enacted. His chance of avoiding southern rebellion against his re-election may ultimately depend j on the Senate's ability to filibuster I the program until it is quite dead. I Mr. Truman r.hould rest fairly I easy on that because the Senate probably- will filibuster the bills If so, the South to extinction. might be , r , ng The three received total refunds j yestcn f ay ' when his two-seated laSl of $25,750. . Aeronica- airplane failed- to' come 1 _ c to be content "resolutions and a party-jar- protest at the Democratic na- convention, still short of a Pacific Storm Promises Break In Midwest Cold last two or three weeks. Large Carry-Over Department of Agriculture analysis reported that there was a large carry-over of dressed meat y 7 in storage at both New York and OJ.E)---Federal and state mine in- Chicago over the week-end. .ispectors searched the depths of 8 Killed in Explosion at Arkansas Mine GREENWOOD, Ark., Feb. 9-- By United Press . As a result, much of the cat- tie shipped to market today re- Sunshine coal mine today for cause O f a Sunday explosion vealed unsold late in the morning., t i ia t killed eight men. Wholesale butter prices slump- A storm off the coast of the · e(i at b 0 th Chicago and New York. The mine, one of the larger .. -- -- , , i^u c*v ~-- =- , shafts in the Arkansas-Oklahoma Pacific northwest developed a bub-1 At New York top grades dropped j, order reg i onj was not expected ble of warm air today that promis-, as muc h as 3 1-2 cents a pound, to open for norma i operations for ed to bring a break in sub-zero' down to 88 3-4 cents. At Chicago, I severa i ,jays. while Rep. Douglas' and her husband, Melvyn Douglas, received $3,933 between them. NYC Leads Railroads Screen personalities field four miles north of the Mt. CarmeL municipal airport. bolt , 1,14. VV* MA .""Q TM "·*" ---- ^ U V / » * *-V w w -- ·-- -- -- - -- - - "it- weather extending from the Rocky , the ma rket was unsettled ^ with mountains to New England. i "-w [prices 1 to 2 cents per pound low-. - nr- ' Symington got back $10,275, j ou t O f a sp in and "crashed into a Want T\vo-Thirds Rule ton Chicago grain recovered Manv southerners want back the i of the storm, 'two-thirds rule by which they us-i Fuel conservation measures were somewhat, with the exception of soybeans and corn for delivery m irmel municipal airport. 'two-thirds rule by which tney us-i Fuel conservation measures were ^".-"»" - m - ckel a bushel Green had started in the spin | ually were able m imnose minority taken in the industrial middle west. *«» . t chicago .... . ,. i t * nr\r\ f. ~ *. ' , ~~: ,1~ M i:«il «rt*vnnot tr»nc in ' r»_l --... _ *...«-. .*1 f «TY»«nt-9illl-»C WPrP lU«d. · · IIVMV f . . . . included , ... at an altitude of about 1.000 feet rule on presidential nominations in, Below-normal temperatures were iwer. ^ g TM* w -. c nnahlp tft null out i n . thft pood old uays prior to 1U36. renorted throughout the country .f°"5 c " ,,,- ,,,,, piamcd that his little boy had found it on the sidewalk. laffner to Retire Is Illinois National iuard Commander CHICAGO. Feb. 9.--UE-- Gen. C. fiaffner. Jr.. will retire as Commanding general of the Illinois National Guard and commanding feencral of the 33rd Division on March 10. it was announced today. The joint announcement by Half- hcr and Gov Dwight II. Green said "'.at Maj Gen. Joseph A. Teece. k'aukegan. present commander of he 44th Division would succeed lizffncr as commander of the Illi : Cois National Guard. Charlie Chaplin, $13,402; Brian Aherne $18.144; Charles Boyer, $6.241; Joan Crawford. $18,246; Lillian and Fred MacMurray, $86,686; William (Bud) Abbott, $16,333; Playwright Clifford Odets, $8,373; Noel Coward, $2,725; and Thomas Mitchell, $13,572. Cartoonist Milton A. Caniff received $1,495: Author Margaret Mitchell of "Gone With the Wind" fame, $12.325; Eddie Cantor, $53,- and was unable to pull out in time. He was alone in the plane. 986; Artie Playwright $4,019. now Fell in City en Days During January, Wise Reports Sr.o-A fell m Harrisburg on scv- n dajs dunr.g January, the re- wt for the month compiled by icic Wise, obscn-cr for the U. "eather Bureau, revealed to- Shaw, $4.517; and Maxwell Anderson, of i. , ? ' l ' An ' u ^}\ f ^c mercury dropped to below mornings. On Jan. four degrees below ' a on Jan 28 it dropped to a .V'NC Jr.c. Year's Day brought the weather of the month, tne thermometer climbed Green Urges Observoncc " Security Week SPRIXGFIELD, 111., Feb. 9.- Railroads were led by the New York Central, which got $41,995.929. Others were Union Pacific and affiliated companies, $11969,849; Southern Pacific. $29.524,674- Pennsylvania. $17,295,970; and Erie, $12,799,955. Automobile manufacturers included Chrysler Corp., Detroit, $13.819.127; Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich., $16,589,756: General Motors Corp.. and subsidiaries, Detroit. $36.293,611: and. Packard Motor Car Co., Detroit, $o,749,451. WASHINGTON. Fob.. »-£»-- Among the taxpayers m Illinois receiving federal tax refunds m fiscal year 1947 were: Caterpillar Tractor Co.. Peoria, $593,056.77; R. G. Le Tourneau, Inc.. Peoria, $1,296,843.80. Two Weekend Auto Accidents Citv Policemen Henry Dcvar and ^lovd Fulkerson today reported ;wc" motor vehicle accidents over) LcTourneaus the week-end- . jhis fo Saturday night cars driven by moral A J. Rav of Eldorado Route 1 Ifc s' and Mary' Field. 316 East Poplar ' street, collided at Mam and \\al- nul street Ray was driving north on Main and the Field auto was travelling cast on ttalnut. Both cars were damaged. . The policemen reported M$**y* a Alice Allen, who resides on Hob-|?ou so Prowlers Enter Rayfield Home City Policemen Isham Thrcet and Lloyd Fulkerson investigated the entrance into the Harry Rayfield home by prowler over the week-end. The Ray-fields had visited in Carbondale Saturday night and Sundav and when they returned home" last night, they found a door broken down. Nothing was missing from the house, but tracks caused by snow were found on the rug. The rule provided that·*i nominee with the exception of londa. needed a two-thirds majority to take the prize. f . Franklin D. Roosevelt engineered abolition of the two-thirds rule after his first nomination in 1932. The 1932 convention recommended and Kansas City The effects of the Pacific storm ! Hog Pr i ces Drop ^ ^. _t, JL _*. lu Cnn-n* 4-V** 1 * I ^ YlIlH I Q n . . fm . -r . * -- , brought rain from the Canadian border to northern California. Across the Rockies, a mass of warm air started eastward, bringing predictions of warmer weather °_ fi . . T T * J A U . n £ « f*r+rl in the partv was sweetness and Light and 'the Roosevelt-Garner team, running for a second term, carried 'all but Maine and Vermont. Many southerners now evidently feel that if the rule were restored Democratic presidents or candidates for election would not be so brash in proposing legislation which affronts the south. God is Responsible for All I Have, Lelourneau Tells Capacity Crowd at First Baptist Church R. G. LeTourr.cau. builder of rmrhincrv and a messenger At St. Louis, the price of hogs dropped from $2 to $4 per hundred pounds below Friday's average. A total of 17,000 hogs arrive d a t the St. Louis stockyards , . Wisconsin and todav ,^1 0 _~ tomorrow. Jn " Ne w York, the Grand Union Th^ relief was expected to last]chain of 128 stores announced an about a day. Forecasters said the warm air might retain its strength long enough to affect eastern regions. immediate cut in the price of steaks from 79 to 69 cents a pound. _, nn ~ At Cleveland, the Kroger Gro- The midwest and New England eery chain, which cut bread pnc- reported below zero temperatures. Caribou, Me., was the coldest reported spot in the nation with 30 below. Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug predicted that "if further abnormally cold weather arrives--and the winter is far from over these shortages (of fuel oil) may become even more widespread and severe. A nine-mile ice jam on the Ohio river broke Suddenly, causing $100.000 damage in the Cincinnati _harbor. One man was believed ing.' River towns were (Continued on Page Four) Pear^OirBoY Forgives Father For Severe Beating PLYMOUTH, Mass.. Feb 9- The muiers were in a "short" Sunday work crew .cutting coal with automatic machinery far underground. 'The main force of the blast was concentrated at about the 4,000-foot level, but a three- man crew working at the 800-foot level at the time said it shook the whole mine shaft. Three of the dead men were! brothers--Louis, Alvin and Frank Grilc. They were found side by side where they had been working nearly 5,000 feet from the sloping mine entrance. After Damp Kills'Five The others were foreman Joe Williams. 36, and miners Matt Denne, 50, John Winters, 45, Ear] Fish, 40, all of Hackett, Ark., and Ralph Morelock of Bonanza, ArK. It was the dread "after damp' «as that fills closed places after an explosion that killed five of the men, mine experts said. The gas kills by suffocation. Denne. Williams and Winters appeared to have been killed by concussion. Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson a full explanation of reports that a "leak" had.occurred in the Agriculture Department's decision to curtail grain buying. To Quiz Anderson "I am personally convinced," said Andresen, "that the government commodity buying program under the direction of the Secretary of Agriculture has largely dominated prices of commodities and the cost of food to American consumers." The "crash" in the commodities market last week, Andresen said, "demonstrates how completely the Truman administration has dominated and fixed the price of grains and other commodities since July 1, 1946." Andresen said his committee would ask the agriculture secretary about a press report that there had been a "leak" on the department's decision to curtail grain buying in advance of formal announcement last Thursday. Andresen said .his committee would investigate because, he said, "speculators tuned to the pipeline of inside information were able to get out of the market without. loss or take a short position and make tremendous profits in a few days." Stores Follow Break Government economists kept a close eye on all available business barometers, hoping to determine whether last -week's market break was a temporary skid or really the beginning of deflation. The next few days may bring the answer. The biggest question is: Will the price of grain and other commodities climb back up again, hold firm or continue the decline that began last week. Tho turbulent week in commod- itv trading closed with the market unsettled, but the stock market was steadier. This was in line with the predictions of Commerce Department economists UE)-- Nine-y ear-old voted too much time to business lions as t j ie W atcr level and not enough to God. ' '--*-- ---» «*"· 5"«» n^rl "God took away my business . i eved miss-j berg h's bruised and battered head warned of ! didn't hurt so much today. He dagger to boars ana shore installa- had forgiven his father. ,£n. a * th ft water level rose six T he father. Charles O. Lind- o vcstcrdav afternoon Rave hi., mvn testSronv at the First and left me heavily in debt, rch The buildin- was slated. "He also took away o church The m d to capaciK bv an audience him relate how he through crimes with t n r o u c r , *A had he . our f.rst bom. at the age of four months. God seemed to tell me that I was working for the «rong 1 ·«nowfall was Jan. 22, "w its depth measured three » one half inches. -_ ] \slt* * vi«w.««*»«» -- -- ---. -- - · Ufa] precipitation for the Lloyd Fulkerson today reported was 262 inches. id of God and how God »»'thing, and at a "n^val mcetma Juiblc for all that he had. I became consecrated, telling God Sd hcavTlv-built manufac- that if he would forgive me 1 haici. ncavn ;rplanc a mwould do anything that He asked The bad U-r?r his through ,, v v*.-- , .~ ~-- that after prayer and on top--j links with his pastor he decided I tl'at God needs business men to of'Spread the gospel as well as minis;-- ttrs and missionaries and he start- inches and the ice pack ground downstream. bergh. 39. was in a jail cell a few 'miles from Alfred's hospital bed, j accused of assault with intent to murder the boy by beating him with two kitchen chairs. But while talking with a Salvation Army worker. Alfred remembered something he had learned from his Sunday school LAWRENCEV1LLE. 111. Feb. 9 Bible "Honor thy father and thy _a£_William Finlcy. 19. was mother." And he asked for pen- Rescue parties equipped with, stores j n many parts of the coun- gas masks and working behind tnr were qu i c k to follow up the i burlap "gas curtain" searched - - - - five hours before finding all the bodies. While the dangerous task proceeded, anxious wives and children of the men underground kept a heartbreaking vigil at the entrance- They had been called from their homes by the wailing siren tnat always signals a tragedy m the mne. Lawrenceville Man Killed When Auto Skids Off Highway Truman to Tour U. S. Possessions in Caribbean Area .^"'^ESS ^nJrSS^i Mrs. Lillie Leavell v ,65. uioi^v break by announcing lower retail prices for bread, flour, bacon and some other meats, and shortening. This is one of the trends which the government will wah closely in the hope that it signals the end of the inflation spiral. ' t ... 4. But economists point out that stores which have cut Pnces-- largelv the big chains--are cutting prices on goods already Purchased at high prices. They thus are leading rather than following lower (price trends. ^ Rosiclare Woman^ iDies at Daughter's JHome in This City President Truman will tour Amcr-l £M * sssrts^s -.=»,.- ,-o sc^ca. ·, ^Sm^^^ff^.^ysss-Jfis Fishcr, 25. was injured early yes- "Dear daddy. icfdav when thclr'car skidded off am feeling well now. How State*Highway 50 and overturned you? .1 will al^to^yju.^ ^ ^^ ^ the boy was Rico ^c Virgin Islands. Cuba anQj! 1 :' ,;.jvinc«imK in »- !«"«.,-» vii Ti-horo Mr. TTU- lu several times _ _ LM4- A « · · · %»»"** - T-*' -- - - . about eight miles * That was Saturday night, only ,a few hours after latcr. physical bankruptcy years I Business ,-" and "My business was , that day." he declared. 11 served God the more . rv«vafor ' servca viwu tuv *«w»v «."v wuo...^ He began h?s talk by referring j prospered, .You can't beat the t ov Dorrisville, ran into 1 car of Bennett Williams of ; 1 at Poplar and as she was running)them Dorrisvillc bus. They we re, you've got! c . It's not what you would do with a million dollars, but what you arc doing with the .two dollars M f«"N-GFIELD 111 Feb 9- lTStd^l^%Ic^^ f ° r "£ -Gnv D,St A" Green'today Sidttc 'girl apparently was un- go* God ^Cjo l^^JStnS"^ *$££. ?...r* '"'"ois residents to ioin hurt, T^Tmirmmu said that he was leaps and ooinas. wun nugc residents to join hurt, Associa-i 1 °i the United States in ob- b rU', onal Security Week," · ' J ,? ^^ c week is sponsored «nc Rc:n-e Officers Associa- MINES J ?' Washcr 47 works. -*orks. Bird works. I wring works. Issue Charter to Fertilizer Company Secretary of State Edward J. Barrett has 'ssucd a charter to the Sugar Creek Fertilizer Co., Harrisburg. ^corporators are^ cd as Robert Mugge, J. B. SchrocK ^.d A J Schrocand tte busmess . was incorporated to sell, both at wholesale and retail, all soi build- elements. The corporation has share? of common stock, par v $10 and 250 shares d [preferred stwk at $!00 »er share. te stock of heaver. that'God put'is going up and I want to be on There is a lot ° { Hhc ground floor and buy a little ·t-understand, but I stock right now." 1 1 M . , _-_i 4^ ,.«,,·: T«Toumcau said that for scv- years his business grew by " g OTC "as I cried out to perish." and the in and I felt ' 'r v ^ii2ious home, but at slruction contracts coming in. O f 16 h" found himself "Then one year," he continued. r a revival meet- "we got two great construction stated he went contracts, one for a million doi- ~ and couldn't lars and the other for more than s afraid. a million. I needed my money D " he stated, at that time to get started on crossroads. I jihc big contracts and as I expected m c o r l ' l l i b i « icturns later I decided to God came j wait until the next year to give feather." itlie Lord his share. " Business Lord's Money on Payroll . £ T ^L f SS during the next) "Shortly afterwards I found my- He stated that jun s Clrislian!sclf {adng bankruptcy, and there 16 years he pass^o i - c({ort IQ - _ ^ c({ort out in yjung man out in get ahead m * ni - (Continued on ? a gc Six) ind.. where his condition was not without an answer reported serious. another lesson-and a leaf-- Irom . Both Ftnlcv and Fishcr were o f , his Bible. He lore out a page mTcnccviHc. ! containing the _ Lords prascr. How are beginning late this TMnth- ^hc ! ni f t at g^r--^^ Harrisburg. - White House announced coda. ten Jirs^ua;me^ ^ imm ^ ' " Pope county a month ago TV,, i to receive medical treatment Her Tru-|«rjw_ bccame serious four The body was taken to uneraf home in this returned to^tne residence late Using plane and ship, the Presi- noon . Funeral arrangements U* ^._K . .^. ^.^j. p art ibc announced later. I t U U l o n t i H H »·"· -- T . __«U«.^ IThcn he enclosed it in another dent will spend the better pan ^c announcea later. of a week'in the Caribbean. He. Surv}vors include three chud- may stay in Key West as long as I M «!« of Harnsburg, .letter to his father. ! "Dear daddy" he wrote the second time.' "How are you? i am fcclinc well. I have my Bi- Do you Comrnittee Okays Grain Rationing To Distillers WASHINGTON, Feb. .9.--U.R)-- j you A joint congressional subcommittee, bonks." . today voted unanimously to revive Thcn Alfred settled back pain government authority to ration \ M \ in his bed. happj-in h« for- gfain to distillers. j f 'givcncss despite the agony of a The authority, granted for one fractured skull and two Droxcn month in the anti-inflation bill passed at the special session of Congress last year, expired Jan. am feeling - ble. Do you want it? a funny book? I will . the names of my funny . ^ After an overnight rest at Key' a brot her. Oscar West on Feb. 20, the President da RF p 4: and .three will flv to San Juan, P. R. . ct (Mrs. Sudie \myard, The next dav he will visit StJ town: Mrs . Ida Ramcs, Foria. mas S the Virgin Islands, then and Mrs . Maiy Vanandeck, Chi- Thomas the 31. Truman has made Salvation Army worker, Capt. F. Ruth Webster, said she was organizing offers °f scores of persons who volunteered to pav V_ _ * m "* _ 1 ^.mrr^fi-nff+C ^T^fl ers ronS? mrtS next Oct. 31. j furnish "him with toys The Aericulturc Department pro- She quoted hospital and The Agriculture Department . poses to limit distillers to a total of 2,500,000 bushels of grain a month until that time. * , as saying none of the tives had inquired about his con- diuon. 10 days. iRFD 2; Raleigh Manon, Gokon- rg Sift- He will return to Key West by! air the afternoon of Feb. 2o. lie will remain at the submarine base there for an undetermined period which will not extend beyond M A?S£I Juan, the President wfll be joined by Secretary of Interior J A Krug and Secretary of Agn- culture Chnton P. Anderson. They ^**'****^* ,, -*i_ *!»... -----.--JA*** »·» J will remain with the The Weather SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Mostly cloudv tonight and Tuesday not · portion. party at least through the to St, Croix. Tuesday Local Temperature Sunday 3 ?. m. - - 21 6 p. m. 22 9 p. m. . 1« 12 mid. 15 Monday 3 a. m. 13 6 a. m- 11 9 ». m. 13 12 noon _-.. 2? NEWSPAPER! u! 1 V f J ;· :1 .« § I i

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