The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 18
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It* Xew*. Frederick. M4., Thursday. July 12. 194ft Draft Begins About Oct. 1 Walkersville Bible School Oos-es Fritlav I The Walkers-vsllc Dail YucaUon {Bible School v»)il clo^e \\ith a Julv 21 J fi Draft- public service oa Fi-drf e\eiung J " ' - -" · -·-'--·- -·--- . -- . - - . A l l l ^ of the oTXSWic*. m«n 1* through 25 · * « o'clock: Th ; , .crxice f«c * 21-tttooth stretch in the artn- bef in around October Maj. Gen. Leu is B Hershey. nation*! Selective Service director. announced this tentati\e ciate day as 18-year-olds flooded tore- held :n the auditorium Methodist church j-choc! where the oaii «-e«-MOj^ !,j\e been held during the t\\o .seek period The children of th» fou- depart- rren-o- vo : pre-e-r. .be p-ogr^v , cordacted wh'ch hat developed fiip. their department--teacher. Mr? W DeWitt Dicke SVM steel b\ Mrv Charles O Burner. Mrs Burdcll Crum. Mrs C E. Easterday. and Miis Nancy Webber primary dep- aitment--teacher Mi«-: Josephine Cranjrr a'-'-i^'ed b\ Mr* Hari\ O Smith ard Mi Gra,. «on B Hailcr Jr · j:mor department-- teachc Mrs J Maurice Haugh interr"ediate department -- M r s Me-hl Reddick Re\ E Koontz Hel-AiR pastor of the Lutheran cr.urch s« tn^ d-rettor of the ·"-j^oo! . fay t h e Walkers--ill*.- 3,««3 POLIO CAfcft Wavhingtoii J u h 21 H'-- The n a t i o n s total of i n f a n t i l e p J i a U j . ^ casc« hjs mou"ted to 3 bOJ sr ty th ; \cai the Public H cult a So.-\ ce rtpoitfd tixla\ Tn s 1 O ' l irt-r*' than for the. sji^f p e ' i ' ^ i r 3946 setond \\Qr^t pol'o ;.cj. j · 'ccord Bat ijic c »i\ii.e sj.d tjic "irfjo' of Cities ttiji 3- e be.iig j«-portfi from three state- -- Ni"V; California o-i fl cvpinasium lor Storer College 'i- ii- Tne site is oen^ cl'-arcd. trees at^d brush cut d o w n , and grading ur Jvi taken for 'he foundation !, tohcrctf ufocks w i l l be made t. ^ - - j j p l u ate working '.\\f 01 »\.t on uf j" o.dei i- v.ho has , d r{ j/-at' tal ex- dai! worship and cruitmg offices to sign up for one- The ' r lan ^^ ork the hitches. By enlisting for 12 month* teen-agers will not be subject to the longer draft \\hen the\ reach their next fairtnday. And from coast to coaM t«:c snapped up the bargain as tt \\a* offered for the f-rst ttn-e toca-, Many ivaited ail nijht outride recruiting office^ Taking N» Chinees They aie taking no chance* of beiag too late, for on! 161 000 «f their age group wsi! be -:gned up the first year The Arm v sH take 110000. Xavy 30000 6.000 and the Air Force 13 000 Gen. Hershey to!d a ne\s= conference toda that Oc'ober 1 would be a corsserva'ive date for the be- ginaing of sae draft Under th" law. it will beg:n Aug-at 30, end September IS The craft cmef said h" fa\orea drafting 25-year-olds first, bu' said th^ had not been decided et »e«iher he cont.nued. had tne »rat- ter of deferment, bee:, v. or^rd om. bushe hinted th» exempt son-s \\ouln be liberal For example he picdicted that only about 8000 would be inauctco out' of a total of 1 200 000 men aijcd 25 Ke said defeiment* »n shi«; bracket would be mo r e *han liberal. Industry To Ecape He said industr would not be hit very hard The method of Delecting draftees will be either bv age groups or b\- a form of lottery Hershev said Th-.s will be decided next week He explained w h v he fa\oied the aee group plan, calling men aged 25 first: because 100.000 of the US- year-olds beccme 26 every month and are not eligible for the draft Draft machinery is. being quick\\ whipped into shape for action in October Ker^hev announced that 20 stase directors already have been aopcmied bv President Truirian He said the rest should be named n x lev dave Relaiivel} few men w ill be draft- ·^5 at first The program later ma be stepped up to around 30 000 a month The goal for the fir-n vcar according to Secretary of the Arm\ Royali ha* been estimated at bc- ;\seen 225000 and 250000 men Bible kx* on display Friday ex enmg Certificates the pupils .«. ho h a \ v ^tieiacd a' iea-t eight of the !er % aji!\ -e-- · = T**s sc^itK^l na^ 70 th.iorcn e .-oiled w i t ' i a .'U:^UjS:\ ;»:«* Beaitintr ae;)!r"-"e ,· iwpo-ea i: Lt \VIXC t O K ECKOl'E Ge" -ourg Pa July -1--Dr Aboel Ro^ 1 - Went/ pteMoent of !:.- C"tt% ^fa'irg Lu'iieiai: Theolositj! ··e.'-ijr v.i'l ie.-iVe Thursday £o- Xe\. Yosk to ^aii for Holland, u^ of iv»us de!fttjsc« I to" 11 I'l*" t:-. sco-e th^ tie v r \ , e e j - 2 ' i f of ca^i :.: exptittJ ' a.d, t'.e-e o conducted the Urcal \\ete reie, ject n the Asa SwTJi' The «c" the fo.lcv to the -- 't.v «cj/j:t' ;jol r* Tht . .« :j- ,» ·:«.* V, L.: t.l »f Cnurtne of the to be TO BLILD OVM Harpe's rVrr. W Vj J-.I-. --So'Pe 24 · t/j» g "t;. j- cl . ^ j t -p^-, o'xl t/; ·· e V ..-· (.a- f ' · J-t r . -«. COT ::.,ttec, a:t- prtr;w and o-.Ia.r'j; u ^ - e. j - :-, !. · «.-· ' en KJLLtO BY JTKA1V O j r ' t T o / V. \ a J j j v 21 ·- --~* ^ W^X'Ort * o^^.tli * **ste '^ d*- k! tjuc-. v. K ei 'he t: -.1 i. f-e -, jv G-in'35 col'.aeo v ijh o vd a kv HJ..\"f *B.rd"'b- \ ,, H ^ ' f *^ "f v ^ ^·"'"jO ei o" - i f . ;,,--» f j c i-^^ , ^s (,.. the -op d-_ a Mr- Johr. Cxccli Air Force Is Riddled By Desertions Heidelberg. July 21 --E-,cap- ed C/ech Ge-i Antonni Ha=jl s ;u d todav the Czechoslovak air forcr- has been rxddled by cesertions and the army purged of 1200 officer but Mill is, not trusted by the R-is. siar^ He declared he s^w no nope of ni- couiurj be.rg liberated fro;:, the Coiur'Uii sts except cy v. ar or opeiatio'ib of the Mar5ia'! Pla-' and that ne -a\v no i'g'.i tuat :«" Rus-dn» \.diit v ar The 53-vear-olci forrrer oeputv thief i,Z jtafT z.ra n:i.Ui! ad^itor to former Pre^.ceit Bene^ shpp t .Q out o f C^echosjo\«ik!j -with h.s v i.e jon and d^ughte: the nig'i: of Jul-. 2 One of fie si^ghest rank- ng of '"..»'^;\ c-.-i'.er^ to ^a«-v o-: hi;, ruti'. e couritr\ smce tne Co-n- n.L,iust coup of lait February, lie .^ bci'eied to h^%e brougnt \alu-i (able informatirn for American intelligence He made tnese statements- to a news conference at U S. Aim;, headquarters here As many as, 7C i^crcent of the en- liited ni".! and ncn-coniinii=:oned officc--s IP ti.e C'ccn a::» are OD- poscd tu C7ir.'iiunii!i About 3200 ofucers, ha%e been purgec frc.- the ».-niv by the Co-n-«.l ge-.erais nase bee r i arres*ed " At least i-i t,; ?}. e 120 ge-era:s ha\ e escaped frj- --^ THUKMCNtt KESIGN9 Columbia. S. C- July 21 -Strom Thurmond. Presidential candidate of rebellious Souther^ Democrats has resigned from the national Democratic committee. The anti-Truman governor on South Carolina said last night hel had mailed his reMgnatiou tol chapman WilLani P. Baskin of the! State Democratic executive coin-l mittee and that a copy had been! seat to Chairman J Howard M-.( grath of the national pilots ;n tne ir f orce ha.e flea ' and the sir force s* \ej;. \.ea'i ' J;i ca^e of v ar i doixbt t^at the prese.-i Czec'" reg - e- tr the The opossum ujes n* tail as a| hand in dinging to boughs. would certeinlv w.'n tfts v. s~: " tr\ to operate " Your £-· ' cousin s chiM is, ;. our first cousin once rerro\ ea E L E C T R I C A L W I R I N G Rei«!enLial. Commercial 10* IndUitrtU FIXTf KES OF AJU. TYPES AXD REFAUt \\OKK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 16tl ''*·' pro- Stp'c"iocr of F:toeri K Count} ha-.e about e-gh'-ten'n- ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE' CAt.t. F\*T FND GROCERY 1S37 \ \ 1 T I M H Commercial DomcKir Franklin (Bud) Stuckiuan 100 E 6th St. Klecincit Appliances Repaired Hi: ii /Iff . \ r SHIVA'S SITE A K sROUND SIRLOIN! . . . 7flc 1IOAST IIEEF . . . . O.Tc (.IUMMI IM I I . . . . .»|c IIAIS {HOME CURED] . . . . . O.Jc SIIO1 I.IH^IIS IHOME CUREDJ . SKIKI1I S VI S Vt.l . SIOKI l IUII 4M.\ A LE; LAMB VEAL CHOI'S . . . . I III Ml ItAIIItlTS . . FRESH FItTEllS 59. 313 East Patrick St. Phone 49 C. J. SlirLL A SOX FOR A PENNY YOU'LL HARDLY GET ENOUGH CHEESE TO CATCH A MOUSE ; UT FOR A PENNY , REDDY KILOWATT WILL RUN YOUR VACUUM, CLEANER FOR THREE QUARTERS OF AN HOUR / / V THE POTOMAC EDISON CO S T U D E N T S ' SUITS ALL WOOL 2-PIECE SIZES 37 TO 10 GIRLS* Nainsook Panties 18-00 LADIES' BLOUSES FUSSY TYPE MEN'S SPORT C O A T S ALL WOOL 7 ONLY SIZES 37-38-10 ! MEN'S ALL WOOL TROPICALS | Fancy STRIPES PLAIDS | SIZES 36 TO 42 -- Regular* 40 ONLY 3250 MEN'S BROADCLOTH PAJAMAS SLIP OVER TYPE SIZES "B" AND "C" 40 PAIRS ONLY BARGAINS FOR THE LADIES 130 Pr. Women's Bare LegRayon Hose 29c 150 Pr. LADIES' BRIEFS ssl 1 25c 100 ONLY LADIES' RAYON VEST 69c 12 ONLY LADIES' UNIFORMS 1.50 250 ONLY Misses' Brassiere* 2 for 1.00 23 ONLY LADIES' GIRDLES 3.50 13 ONLY LADIES' GIRDLES 4.98 36 ONLY RAYON HALF SLIPS ^" 1.15 7 ONLY WOMEN'S GOWNS 2.00 6 ONLY WOMEN'S GOWNS 3.00 WOMEN'S PLAID RAYON PAJAMAS 3.98 100 ONLY TEA APRONS ^; 59c ·-_ -- _ . - . -- - _.... __ -... l _.._.___..... l _.... __ ^._,_ W O M E N ' S DRESSES Assortment Of Si^es 144 Pair Only GIRLS' Playsuits £.00 Coo!. Comfortable 9 ONLY INFANTS' Creepers Ea. Assorted Sizes 24 Only FLANNELETTE Sacques 25 C Ea For The Baby 27 Only MEX'S · Union Suits .00" 26 ONLY SIZES 32 TO 35 ALL WHITE 22 ONLY S.zes 32 to 3$ 3.00 WHITE FUSSY TYPE 15 ONLY 32 l.3 4-00 LADIES' SHOES DRESS TYPES All Colors. Assorted Sizes. VARIETY of COLORS Assortment of Sizes 3-°° i KNIT Button On Shoulder Sizes 36 To 44 -- 140 Only MEX'S Slack Sox COTTON CASUALS 80 ONLY RAYONS LINEN'S ASSORTMENT OF SIXES 15 ONLY 5-00 JUNIOR SIZES DRESSY PRINTS 80 ONLY g.oo Elastic Top-Gay Color Sizes 10' 2 -- 2 0 0 Pr. Men's Belts 79c One Lot Only Assortment Of Sizes LADIES' SUMMER Handbags .00 BARGAINS IN WHITE GOODS 100 ONLY BUCK TOWELS 15c 26 Pr. CURTAINS Pr. 2.50 4Pr. CURTAINS Pr. 1.50 120 Yds, FANCY ART TICKING Yd. 69c 68 Yds. CASEMENT CLOTH Yd. 39c 17x34 TERRY TOWELS 3 for 1.00 60 Yds. WHITE DRILLING Yd. 35c 315 Yds. DRAPERY MATERIALS Yd. 1.00 96 Yds. DRAPERY MATERIALS Yd. 69c 50 Yds. RAYON CREPE Yd. 1.39 Remnants- One Full Table - Real Values 1000 Yds. Fancy Prints - Sateens Rayon Prints Yd. 49c RAINWEAR Misses' RAINCOATS 18 ONLY 3°° 2 Misses' Plaid Raincoats *Mres 14 and 16 2 ONLY DRESSY PRINTS ASSORTMENT OF SIZES 31 ONLY All White AH Shapes And Sires Ladies' Hats 50c Large Assortment BOYS 7 RAINCOATS ZIPPER FRONT SIZES 10 TO 16 16 ONLY 6-°° BOYS' RAINCOATS BX.TTOX I-ROXT. SIZES 10 TO IS 19 ONLY 4-oc RAYONS AND LINENS ASSORTMENT OF SIZES 38 ONLY Bottle Warmers Men's Rubber Boots · O O , + A* BLACK ONLY + · 10 ONLY SIZES 7 TO It NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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