The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 6
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THE BAIL? FEW*. flSD'EEICS ME , THTO8DAY, JUHZ 2, 19C2. ATHLETICS TAKE YANKS lides Home Runs Win Each Game Of Double Header. STADS pbq it ! erici. abo-titop; D*vl», catcher: BL Brucaey. rigataeJd; Padersfcy, flat hue; la a lull- book ja*t printed by UK j pleasure u WAICC, and iie ·*» already Vanguard Preca. Harold Malsco and [ an oki man when I first av ibe EKivci:- Swain ask some exeiiiej; ques- j man perform against Use Cubs back Dmihto Header Planned ; gerovn Sunday for a ring it cam; ' The first double hesd-r ever played at ; th* Hoffman Chevrolets of rhat city. Grumne. pitcher. Muse Tailoring McCurdy PieSd on Sunday w^l be stag- ; The Eagles have improrec after a Company--Rice, rigntfieid; Kirschmac,! ed '.his we«k when '.he Frederick A:h- '· aly start arxS are now putting on a fast shortop and catcher; James, center-1 ietic Ciab baseball team tangles uith; *rsnd of «·«·»»»U Sutler or UOXCM Seld: OUara. catcher. Cockreil. catch- j the Majestic Radio Shop sluggers from { w m toe the slai for ifee Eagles. The base; j Washington in the ioca! ball orchard j Terminal Nine deserts tie Potomac Mi- base; j at 1-30 o'clock. The P. A. C. team has j joj, ,ji»mvm Sunday in favor of Wali- won four gaaies in a row and trill be ersville where a game has been soaed- out to measure the highly touted visit- j u^» »j.j, t^ independents of that er and shortstop; Free, third Kline, pitcher; Cruauniw, flret Anderson. leitfieki; Shaffer, second base. Y. M. C. A. Wallop* Alumni The Y. M. C. A- speedbail team of the PHILLIES DEFEAT GIANTS S- Philadelphia, June 1---The used tHe same method to win both. raises In a long-drawn out double . header from the Net York Yankees to- ; day and wound up only a half fmroc j X, of third place. The scores were} 7-6. the firs: game going 18! A homer 'iy Max Bishop wlta ; on- 0" base and one ou'_ in the 16th, wen she opener, the longeat game so| '«r i the ms'or league season, ar.i | Jimmy Foxx's 18th circuit dm* of the i s-sior.. .-«ung v.itli one abcard in the j s»Te- -i i supplied the rura In i the contests. The first game started; out as a duel between Charlie Ruffing ; and Leror Mahaffsy «nd was carried] ta-o extra inrung» ~h~\ the- Yankee j pitcher hit s homer in the ninth inning Jus: a few minutes before Mickey [ Cochrace. pinch-bluing for Heving. I - STANCE - rtxsr UMweO " \ \-~ff «OST ·*** "*Zs^ }j fa * ** oec BM.I. I 6 w-OOO CUBA. j tiocj. Ten of these axe answered by - 1310. What a marvelous : Colonel Joe William*, of th« New York j mat'- have been in iu» prune. SeJder ne ; Qefeat MUS6 TailOfS In N i n t h Fraternal Division of the City SpeedbaU , World-Telegram, who athlete* in « the 10 ; hi* appearance of awkwardness, it ryis'- , many sports- i be left to those before my tune to jucge. : Wagner i* Joe'a nomination for sa- I Apparently awkward, yet alt ays on [ prcmacy in frtffNtlH, and while there i top of the ball, rtashing with uncanny mil! be a Sot of chatter in the back j speed and judgment to either right or i room over that one. this department j left, and with an arm that was always , ! will east one vote with the CoJoneL · »w-Jt aad sure, right up to hut last: ; * * * I year ia the ganv. he was an inspiring i · The Caw Far Bath. ; one-man spectacle in almost every one I : There will be those who insist Babe j of the 2100 or more games he played. ' Ruth has proved the greatest hitter of j * * * i all time. It is pointed out that Ruin i On The Paths. : not only has been a. great outfielder. " His speed is reflected aiso in his base: but a splendid pitcher. He has been j running record. Wagner stole 720 bases i ever knew. «m«yv^»iy more than 600 i *aid that Ruth didn't nave to steal . homers ::i his 18 yean lit the game, bases--and be certainly didn't, with an .: Wagner, in his 31 yean in the majors j 18-year record of 116 pilfered sacks-- :;:t only 101 homers. j but base stealing in Wagner's day held Inning By 6 To 5. League steam-rollered its way to a 16-5 j victory over the DeMolay Alumni in a game played in Baker Park Wednesday Y QTII I uiLLLi evening. The defeat was the third in a ' row'for the Alumni and rn'"'*'** the 2l£t Consecutive victory for the Y. M. C. A. · xhe winning margin was coined in the | flfch. Ahrecht singled and scored on ! Kemp's error on Fisher. McKmrie singl- | as did GacUey. Two more bingles ! Accounted for six rues ! day evening as. the Hemlock Splinters j goyej.. Gastley and James were the came through in the ninth inning to ! heavy' hi ? t«rs. Bobby Susz did the best *-'«'· «« «"« TM**to C o m a n : a e d ore Sunday. Frank Fral»y will pitch | p^ K a . 2.30 o'clock. the opener and Phil Myers aad Buck · _ Stoc-kman will she nightcap., ladies aad children -*si! be admitted. Forests cover nearly 3.000,000 acrte free of charge. := the German sctes of Wurttemherg Tae Frederick ^gles jounxey te Ha- and Baden A victim of bad breaks. Johc Kline ·*as bested by Gene Crumbine Wecne*- j antl «« » Company: ^ contest was mariedj I by six t * K * bae sisrs ! G jjusz. shortstop: -- .= duel with honors about even. The wsn- ! G jjusz. shortstop: R. Nusz. eenter- mng run tallied is the ninth. R. Brach- | f. f :^ : Keefer. pitcher and third base; ey was safe on an error and stole sec- ; Boyer. leftfield; Yinger. rightfield; RajnE- In* thrown to the wrong bate. Tech- j as homers have since Ruth st nically. he covered his ground well, but | bSastinK them about !0 years ago :t is Impossible to forget the years In which he was shifted out of the sun field and that assignment left to other less colorful workmen. Wagner had a great deal of color, too. furnishing sensational hitting and The day of the woods through the irway is becoming history. Long 1 sparkling plays daring many a crais. ; iron shots have supplanted tile brasi:" H « »* T «" a lot of ball games, but he spoon shots. Hence a knowledge hardly approaches the Babe either in I do noc believe that Ruth, playing concurrently with Wagner, could have .^Uleii a third as many bases us tse Dutchman d:!. But I believe that Wagner, playing in Ruth's day would have killed 50 pitchers, and would have ! of a^"ninth, but the play at third, touched CockreU in- j K emp. flrst base. Y. M. C. A.--Albaugh. stead ol Bruchey. Padersky then fUed j -.fmeid; Ferguson, flrst base; Beer. out and Grumbine scored Bruchey from! vhortstop- Bowers, centerfleld; Abrecht. third with the waning run by sending i ^xond base- Fisher, third base: Mca long f;" to center. The Tailors put j ^ en2ie , rightfield; Gastley. catcher: together a walk, single, inneld out and James p ia:her; Eaunert. rightfleW. wild pitch for a flurry in the last half ' mad* so many more home runs :han : A tie the score, i be the difference to the play is unpcr- n:. Noe. 1 to ·«. inclusive, are con- had flashed oat a homer with one on j Q and then Goleznan had waited ar-.d j ^ Cramer doubled to giTe the A's the, 7i dered !ong lroca ^ n^^SSSi^ i he ^/g^ STuTSrim to Walter Brown In the 12th. bu., ^^^ Mm ^ aft ^ ^ ^ u neither team couM make a threaten- i iron is a punch, a direct ing gesture until the final inning. j ^^^^ bl ^._ The score. _ · · i jj ue w ^ e shorter ihifu in Iron New York - ' Ji Philadelphia ~ 8 11 Batteries: Brown. Ruffing a Dickey: Mahaffey. Grove and Herts*. Cochrane. Second game: R. H. E. Key York « » Baueries: Pipgns »ttd Jorjcns: Walberg and Oochrane. color or to human interest. Ruth has shown himself a greater j i cZubs. naturally one must stand cl | to the ball. This IT! oJ aircctioa easier. makes the matter Boston. June 1.--In one of the b«« garces Boston has been privileged to see this season, the Washington Senators nosed out the Red Sox today. 2-1. The score: R- H. E. Washington 2 7 1 Boston 1 8 1 Batteries: Brown and Spencer: weii- and. Moore and OonnaUy. j Chicago. June 1.--A nice Job of pitch-j Jag by Dizzy Dean and a rainstorm | today gave the St. Louis Cardinals a j i-0 seven toning victory over the Cute, but cheated Pepper Martin and Eddie Delker out of home runs. Dean held she Cubs to five hits and with the aid of three double plays was to no real danger. Martin did most of the damage to Pat Maione. After Ernie Orsatti ( had singled to open the game, the Pep- j per stepped up and lashed out a triple j i When such stars as Armour. £*raze:j and Jones address the ball, one can notice quite a bit of difference in the stances they take for wood and Iron. Itor the crire. the ball «m be played off the left fool. But for the tang iron shots the ball Is played off a point about nttdtray between the feet. The sUrs also will take their position j for iron play with the feel closer to- i gether and in open stance. j Ruth that, the comparison viouli very unflattering to the Babe. * * * Those Smoking Liners. home run hitter, with more color than J If Wagner had been standing up to old John Henry, but Wagner remains i that plate ia his prime during the same the greatest ball player of all times. # * * Could Ruth Play Short? · heard of Babe Ruth, and the champion- Shortstop !s the toughest spot in base- · ships that the Yankees won would have ball. A shortstop has to be fast afoot, ; gone to Pittsburgh, with ability to go to his right or left, j These who have never seen Wagner He figures In a great many more plays j pound that old dead bail screeching rhan an outfielder. He has 10 times - - · . . . . as many chances to lose a bail game. Wagner covered this difficult spot for 10 years. He turned In some of the brightest bits of fielding :t ever has been mj by B1U Anderson featured. The lineups: Hemlock Splinters--Landa. second! . . th ,, base: Chesley. third base; G. Bruchey. a ? pr "?? sw LS m centerfleld: Twenty, leitfield; Rhod- j Tae Humorist. -Why does James wear his hair so j lang?" ] -it's the only way he can create the brain Ts fertile."-- =3? through the pitcher's box may deem i~ this just a day dream. Bui McGinnitv i= and Miner Brown, or any other piurhe: -who put it over and ducked when ·:; ^-- oid Dutchman's mace rang out. v . . ~ testify to its reality. = ;;; pllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllW 1 AN APPROPRIATE | GRADUATION GIFT l! Sport Tips INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE = Do You Remember One Year Ara;Today--Less than a week after his appointajcnt to the American Leajue presidency,- William Harridge acted to halt complaints against league by namias Thomas Connolly. Yesterday's Results. Prosperity has gone to the heads of i Baltimore, 14; Reading. 13. the wre»Ue« and they are now fight- ! Toronto. 8: Buffalo. 4. , _ .. i Newark. 3: Jersey City. 6. ing among thamselve*. A concrete example of what the grunters and groaners are trying to do to kill the mat game It the complete runout nine of them took on Promoter Ed Conlos In Baltimore Tuesday night. Only one of j the 10 advertised battlers put In an i appearance and it was rumored that it i was due to a split between the factions controlling the industry. Shikai and pitted ajitnst the champion. Montreal. 2: Rochester. 3. Games Today. Baltimore at Reading. Nee-ark at Jersey City. Toronto at Buffalo. Montreal at Rochester. I 1828 1932 Ii Standing of the Clabs. Buffalo , . dean of AiaeKcan League arbiters and | JIm Londos. and unless the breach is i Baltimore one who never played baseball In hli j healed soon, it will be the death of · Montreal W. 29 29 as chi*f of staff o' umpires. F « T * _ t _ _ _ Ago Taday--Southpaw ibi? thTonTv"official gcore'oTthe game" ! Wa!ter (Dutch) Ruether. Yankee pitch- Rain starti to fall to the eighth and I * knocked out of the box lour straight after Delier and Maitin had raked Ma- I U!n f · ««""« "^ fi»"* *°°*. » two-hit, ions for homers, tine was called. ! shutout triumph over th* Detroit T1- R. H. E. i S"" 5 br a 2 - t °-° score. One Tiger got . . 1 4 1 . . 0 5 1 The m«n who failed Contos j ,, 25 -0 Tuesday arc lined up with the Shikat- j Rochester -- 25 ^0 Lewis group. They have been sus- Jersey City -- 19 29 pended indefinitely by the Maryland I Toronto -- 17 CS Athletic Commission. More than 2.000 j Reading 11 32 disappointed fans wore given back their n:oney. ! Pet. .630 .630 .563 .556 .556 .396 .395 .256 The score: St. ILcuis _ Chicjo Batteries: Dean and Mancuso: lone and Hartnett. CITY SPEEDBALL LEAGUE t industrial Division.) · as far as third. 5 Ma- York June 1 --The " Ten Years Ago Today cy Stable's three-year-old son of | saga:, triumphed by two lenrths over Phillies' Knooo '- c ^ n « Babylon handicap or :e from behind with three runs in the eighth inning today after Klein had hit. his 13th homer in the seventh and cefeated the Giants. 4-2. Terry and Ott hit homers for New York. The score: R. H. E. »h"adcJphi2 --. 4 10 1 Ne*- York - 2 11 1 Batteries: HoUey *rtd V. Davis. McCurcy: Walker. Luque and Hogan, OTarreli. me mile at Bclrnont Park. NATIONAL LEAGUE Taneytown Taneytown. June 1.--At the 18th annual athletic meet of the public schools Every college lacrosse team but West; ern Maryland Is represented on the Relay. Quin- j All-Maryland twelve selected for T. As- j BalUmore newspaper by Paul Broderick. His first team is as followa: Helnhold. Washington, goal: Nicholson. Maryland, point; LoU. Si. John's cover point: James. Navy, first defense: Carpenter. St. John's, second defense: i Lang. Hopkins, third defense; Pugh. j Maryland, center: Guild. Hopkins, third Yesterday's Results. Heoi".o;k Splinters. 6: Muse Ta^or^. attack: Zcigler. St. John's, second attack: Kelly. Hopkhis. first- attack: of Carroll County held at the Taney- i Moncurc. Navy, out home: Tumbull. fair grounds on Saturday. Sykes- j Hopkins, in home. The second team Game Today. Ox Fibre vs. Hemlock; Splinters. (Upper, Haines.) Game Friday u«e Tailoring vs. Hemlock Splinters (Lower. Kreh) Be the graduate Boy or Grirl, your expression of regard can be shown in no better way than by opening for him or her a Savings Account in this Institution. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION Bankers for Over 100 Years 1828 1932 Standing Of The Clubs. W. L Hemlock S?:ict=:r3 4 : vine school romped away with first | is composed of Invernezzi. Norrts. Hon- j Ox Flbre Brusa Co 3 3 honors, leaving Wostaiinster high. New | kin. Steiber. Maryland: Merrien. ] Everedy _. 3 3 Windsor and rtarapstead in second, j VTeitzel. Beeler. Stone. Ives. Darrell i Musc Tailor^ts Co 2 3 j Pet. j SCO · 500 1 .500 i .400 Freseley. Navy; Morrj. Yesterday's Results. St.. Leu^. J: Chicago, o. PhUadelphia. 4: New York. 2. Other clubs cot scheduled. third and fourth places respectively. ! Hopkins: There -acre 28 schools entered with 384S I John's. children participating, there being 2192 ! - j girls aad 1754 boys. The girls continued ! June arrived Wednesday and what a i to outplay the boys, as 946 badges. 745 j difference from a year ago this time, j : F - I s CITT SrEtDBULL LEAGUE (Fraternal Division) Yesterday's Eesolts. , track and field events and 697 games j Many changes come in a y««r. Chuck ; Yesterday's -i-ere booked .'or the prls that were ; Klein ied the major league horns-run Y M - c - A - I6: 5. Games Today. ""ils'^Irjriis a - jxe*?." York. Sr^ston a: Brooklyn. Ch'.csgo at PiUfburgh. Cincinnati at St. Louis Standing of the Ctebs, W. Boston ........... _.._ ........... 24 Ciacinat: .......... -- ....... C4 Fiusburgh ............. ------- 20 Brrokiyn ......... _ ...... ...21 S:. lc"uis ________ ............. 20 PhCadelphia- ......... ------ 20 ";-- York ...................... 17 IS 24 20 22 24 25 23 i registered sigalnst 582 badges. 580 track j and Seld events and 592 games checked I fcr the boys. · A number of records were broken . curing the meet. In the standing broad '. ;uaip in the 80-pound ciass Sykesviiie i Elementary carried off the event with ] S ft. 1 1-2 in.; running broad jump. i 115 pound class. IT ft. 8 in., went to Pet- i Union Bridge high: speed ball bat for ·61* | distance. 115 pound class. 175 :t. to -S"i · Hampstsad high: record equalled by ,500 ? Wctainster h-^h in 60 yard dasli. 95.500 i pound class: record equalled in 60 .488 ! relay. 115 pound class. ! awn. 22 2-5 .455; s ec ., sykesvulc high: 70 yard dash in 8 ·**«' seconds won by Char'.es Carroll: ran ·42a ; srjd catch relay, l mix. 15 3-5 se;.. ·aroa brigade in June. 1931. while Jimmy Foxx now set* the pace. Buzz ArleU. showed the way lor th« National League batters with .382. Today he is with the Orioles and among the leading baltsrs of the International League. The Buzz hs always hit well. Babe Ruth shared the American League j baitir.? championship with Mickey j Cochrane a year ajo. Neither is near lie top todsr. The five icaciric. baiter- o* th» National League on June '. 1931. were: Arlett, Homsby. Stfpftenfon. Worthaigvn and Grinrm. The Amari- car. Lear^c had Ruth. Cochrane. Siai- ntons. Averill and Fothergill at th« top. ; Paul TOuier and Jimmy Ru ar? th- Game Today. Ea;les vs. Y. M. C. A_ -Lo-ver. Kreht Game Friday Jr. O. ". A. M. vs. DeMolay A'.umr.: iCppcr. Brooks) C Standing Of The Clubs. W. Y. M. C. A ....................... 5 DeMOJa- ....................... 4 DeMolav A!uasi ........... 2 Eagles ........................... 2 Jr. O. U A M .............. 1 Pet. i i.oco! .657J .400 ! 333 | .157 j AMERICAN LEAGUE Testerday's Result*. 'Philadelphia, 8-7: New York. 7- Oier postpcsisS. r»i^. T I e '?*T"'-??»y first giirrg. . leaders of today. by New Wlrjdser. ; ' The meet was held by the au;honty j DOC White one cf t^ bosrd of education of Carroll j hlsndE7S who county and ur.der the directier. of the j mound Eni j Playground AUiletic League with Dr. I j,^ -i. William Burdirk as referee. Other of- . (vj^tro" flcizls vfrt: Starters. Samuel Jer.nes;. : .a is estimated to contain 200.0M square rr.;:?_- ^'. valsab'e for- es:.'. f the eve: now re is no excuse Declare? white; to th- for lack "It Is r J;l^n Wooden and Gcc'rse Showtr: track a question cf getting out and workint Games v'Jtr.s at Detro; ^ashastcr ac »T Ycrs at Prulaiei St. LO-JIS at Chicago. :^,: S a..C: a -a!eY w«:r..a K e S tSch«.^. ! j. pr^eUcing conUnaaCy And i WL^rd KawktrJ. RMen tr.gcr and ; .,.;. .,, ,.,,_,, ... bi _^L*-. f -, i Ge~:c R ::^:: ^rs^Clyd, IH^ j ^ -- - ^^ ^^^^ ic^'^a^iur^ sl£i^ * ·«- « -*«·-- TM* - o-rt ip recalled, acd hcCtis the recoro PHANN .VATS A8E IH R5J? CUSH. Standing of the Clubs. York W. _ ....... ___ 23 ..... ---------- S _____ ...... 24 ------------ 25 ---- ....... 24 St. Louis --------------- 19 _____ 15 ij. 13 Arlett Readir.e. Pa.. Record. points: IVestrr.i "" : K:g'c. 93; New Wtrxisor. 83: Karr.p- ; Charles Carro'.l, 43; Tar.cyto*n. 32; ; E^er Wc'.fr, 30: Moust A^rr. "": Mas- prospect Uves the *** he izo-s^ riir-irjg records today ihsn cZ-ou^i roar 'nase runs in on« gisce aja^st Head^.s The record booJcs shoved cr.;y t~D Tr'r.o ever perlcrxsd the Tsat. Robert Love, of the Boston S»:ior.a^ ".'A '.: :r. 1894. ar.d Es Dele- Gap ar.d Sandy-mount each 1C: West End. 9: Grace'-and. Woodb-^.e. Harrxy and Crarberr.- each 6. Pat3V»x. 4: Johrson Snydsrsburg- Hooper ard M:. Verr.or. Vs each 3; Vr.-.c:::?-..-.. : a:-..-: W^-.«-:d : Preacher: Mr. Jol-.ason. »hv .- TKS6 vo - v^^ », d dose ^ here fo" you de ;,,,,. recoris News ad-»erU'^lg «r.t to ,'s cat go; to dr -\si a Jrhr^xn Ah ian..- to go wheri busi- ; ( C«i i£ SUMMER SUITS AT UNEQUALLED SAVINGS! $ J.85$"f.95$A.75 VALUES TO $18.50 Three Groups of the Biggest Values in Town! Tropical Worsteds! Nurotex! Palm Beach! Twists! Flannels! Linens! Sizes to 48 Stout. Graduation Special! 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