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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 20, 1961
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To City Subicribtrt: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6:30 p. rn. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Hope Bowl* Knif* Star For Weather RcporJ See Column at Bottom of This Page 62ND YEAR: VOL. 62 — NO. 237 »»or of Hope, 1(99, p f() , CenietldoUH Jan. II, 192* Bcouty Clinic Is Held Here BleachMg, basic colors, corrective coloring, and toners were discussed and demonstrated al a color clinic held at Ihe Colonial Beauly Salon Tuesday night wilh guest artist Herbert Smilh of the Ozon Hou?e in New' York. Ten shops in Hope were represented. Styling was done by local beauticians. Besides Mr. Smith, others from out of lewn in at-, tendance wore Mr. nad Mrs. Glen I Marc, of Texarkana. Cold drinks, coffee, and cookies wccr served' for Refreshments to 10 and the three, guests. French Launch Attack, Radio Tilhis Reports By THE ASSOCIAED PRESS TUNIS (API — Radio Tunis said Ihe French launched a corcli- nalcd attack by land, sea and air Iotlay against Tunisian barricades surrounding Ihe French naval base at Bizcrle. The broadcast reported Ihe city of P^rte badly damaged in Hip attacks and its water and electricity supplies cut. The French were silent on" this latest report from the undeclared war aimed al forcing Ihe French out of Hie big Norlh African base. Bul President Habib Bourguiba mounted a diplomatic offensive lo back up his civilian-military show of force. He look the case to the Unilwl Nations and broke diplomats,, bul nol consular relations with France over the issue, a bone of contention bctwenc France and its former protectorate long before violence broke out Wednesday. Tunisian troops and civiliau volunteers resisted the French attack "heroically," the radio said, and they suffered numerous dead and wounded. R;jj|io Tunis said French planes from 1 the carrier, Arromanchcs, fired rockets in low-level attacks on the barricades. It added that Ihe planes were backed up by the bug guns of the cruisers, Colbert, Bouvct and Chevalier- Pual. This reported artillery barrage appeared to be a cover for thrusts Radio Tunis said were being made by French armored cars and tanks. TV?.: Tunisian president, trying to drive France from the big naval base il retained after its Tunisian protectorate gained independence in 1!),%, told a news conference 2-1 Tunisians had been killed in clashes with French troops. Sources in Paris said two French soldiers had been kill"'! and 20 wounded in clashes Witt) the ^ Tunisians Wednesday and cai i/ today. The French also said their commander in Bi/ertc had turned down a unisian request for a truce this morning on Ihe ground thai a truce could only be arranged between military forces. The French commander called on the Tunisians lo withdraw the women and children among the civilian volunteers swelling the rai,"4s of the Tunisian soldiers around the base. . , , , . , Bourguiba said a special Tunis- *£***. ll( ; ll ) inks T«imslcr Union inn representative would arrive S dcnl J{imc! ! "°"? has lo much power, and lhat transporta lion unions should be placed un dor restrictions such as antitrust laws affecting business and industry. Mcllellan said, "Any union or any man or group or combination of unions thai has Ihe power to slop the Wheel? of progress and paralyze industry in this country has more power than the federal government itself." McClcllan said lhal if Iloffa succeeds in establishing a trans porlalion union federation, he could, if he desired, "paralyze commerce in this country and stop the wheels of industry. Thai's too much power." The senator, interviewed on the NBC-TV "Today" program, continued: "I believe the transportation unions, in view of the situation that exists today, must be placed' under some restrictions compilable lo what business and industry..have had applied to them under what is known as antitrust laws. "Mr. Iloffa says he'll never call a nationwide strike. 1 believe the American people would ralh er rely on a law passed by Con gress than Mr. Holf'a's promise he won't do it." jn New York tonight to present a Tunisian complaint against France to the U.N. Security Council, lie called for a council meeting tonight or Friday. Bourguiba, who earlier this year helped bring President dc G.'MIc and Ihe Algerian rebels lotVhcr for peace negotiations, was bitter in comments on the French president today. "The French attitude," he said "is dictated by a persistence of a colonial mentality and by De Gaulle's own obsession for grandeur." "Once Franco has lost her colonial complex, then it will be possible for us to copcralc with lier he said. Weather Experiment Station report for 2'1-hours ending at 7 a. m. burs- day. High !)2, Low 7,'i; Total l!)(il precipitation through June, 24.!H) inches; during the same period a year ago, 22.2-1 inches. ArJJmsas Regional Forecast . .< .. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central, southeast and southwest Arkansas: Clear lo partly cloudy and continued w a r m through Friday with scattered thundershowcrs Friday afternoon or evening. High today mid lo high !)0s, low lonight mid 70s ccn- Iral, low lo mid 70s southeast and .sol i Ih west. Jjjprlheasl and northwest Ar- ka.i.sas; Clear lo parity cloudy and continued warm through Friday wilh scattered afternoon or evening tluindershowers. High lo- day high t(0s to mid UOs, low tonight low to mid 70s. ARKANSAS — Fair lo partly cloudy and warm with scattered Ihundershowers north portion I his afternoon and tonight, developing south portion Friday afternoon and evening. High today high KOs to high !)0s. low tonight in 70s. high Friday high UOs lo high 90s. LOUISlANA-I'artty cloudy and warm through Friday wilh scattered thumler.shuwcrs near the coast and widely scattered aflcr- Jioon and evening tluindershowers elsewhere. Low lonight 70-7ti high J'V i»iy ilO-HS. Conluiued on Page Two Cattlemen to Hear Consultant Valeric Boycc, livestock consultant for Darragh Company will present the program to Ihe Hempstead Cattlemen's Association al their monthly meeting Monday nikhl, July 2Ist at » p.m. al the Experiment Station Hut at. Hope Mrs. Boycc has dor.-c extensive work in the field of animal nutrition! and disease control, having studied and worked under Dr. L. E. Swanson at the Florida Experiment Station. She also has training from schools in Texas, Florida and Georgia where her major field was Veterinary Science with minors in animal husbandry and agronomy.- Mrs. Boycc has practical ex-, perience also as she and hcrj husband maintain a beef 'herd! near Lonoke. Many editorials and stories in the Arkansas Farmer Magazine as well as Research Reports for Technical Bulletins have been written by Mrs. Boycc. The Hemps-lead Catllemeiis Association is an organization who.se purpose is to promote the welfare of the beef industry County. Officers of Ihe group are Monroe Samuels, president; Roy Fry, vice president and Bcnni'e Colcman, secretary - treasurer. This association is affiliated with the Arkansas Cattlemen's Assn. and American Nalionaf Cattlemen's Assn. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1961 ALL „ QUIET IN CHICAGO - ALL'S QUIET ON CHICAGO'S west side as Ihe police department put into effect Ilic use of its new canine- corps in the area where youths have engaged in racial demonstrations. The dogs are especially trained to handle unruly crowds. — NEA Telephoto Sentences Handed Down in Court In Hcmpstcad Circuit Court Ibis morning Charles Ben Williams entered a pica of guilty to bm'g- . Jary and was given a three-year in Hempslead: suspended scnfencc on good behavior. He. was charged with the burglary of Bradley's store al Saratoga. Marcia Walker .entered a plea of guilty to assaiii'fVith intent to kill and' was sentenced lo three years, suspended on good behavior. Says Hoffa Much Too Powerful WASHINGTON (AP> — John L. McClcllan, D-Ark., Sen. said entered pleas g and; reckless sentence until A. P. Powell Jr., of. guilty to specdin driving, passed for August 2!). Dean B. England vs. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Allen and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Crulchail, case dismissed as lo Crulchail. Default judgment against the Aliens in Inc sum of $:MI.M and costs The case resulted from an auto accident. Lucy Johnson vs. Monument Li e .Insurance Co., defendant in dclaull, trial in open courl, judgment for plaintiff for $251 plus J2 per cent penalty and $100 for attorneys' fees, interest and costs- Case involved hospitalizaliun insurance policies, S. Rickes & Sons vs J R Beardcn. Defendant in default' juifgmcnl for 1 plaintiff for plus costs Now Denies Causing School Blast Member: The A«oelot«d F,»» A Audit Ruro.u ,( Circulation! Av. N« Fold Clrc'l 3 mot. ending March J1, 19«1 — J.5J1 PRICE 5c COPY HENDERSON, Tex. (AP>— William Eslcl Benson today relracl- cd his confession lhal, be caused | projects, the New London schol explosion which killed 2!i(i persons 2-1 years ago.. Hist. Ally. William Ferguson said. Ferguson said Benson gave him a slalcmenl repudicating an earlier statement lhat he caused the disaster. New lie detector tests,, also show lhal Benson was not involved, the (listrid attorney said. Benson claimed in a slatemonl in Oklahoma Cily lasl Monday that he loosened gas pipe fillings under the school building to lei gas escape. A great many persons in this east Texas oil field country expressed disbelief that Benson's slory was correcl. Benson's 1-1- year-old sislcr died in Ihe explosion. Benson was brought here early today from Oklahoma City. Kennedy's Aid Bill Okayed in Committee WASHINGTON <AP> — President Kennedy won a major foreign-aid bill victory today when the Senate Foreign Relations eommiiiee voted to authorize Treasury borrowing to finance a five-year. $7.:i-billion economic aid loan program abroad. Sen. Hubert II. Humphrey, D- Minn.. said Ihe committee was to ael laelr on Kennedy's request for additional authority lo use $300 million a year for five years for repayments of past foreign loans. This would supplement the financing iif the development loan program. Humphrey, who left the committee meet ing early, said his recoiled inn was the vote in favor of Kennedy's loan fund request was "about 10 lo 7." Chairman .1. William Fulbrighl, D-Ark., l<ep| (he foreign relations group on a busy schedule in an efforl In clear the legislation. The President wauls to borrow *!«)() million Ibis year, and $l.li billion for each ,,f || u , succeeding four years. Some congressmen object lo Kennedy's proposed financing. They insist aid funds should be approved in advance each year by congressional , appropriations commiltees. And Ihey want lo limit the authority to three years, instead of five. Supporters of Kennedy's program argue lhal because Congress often appropriates less than il authorizes, the critics' plan would make il impossible lo assure developing nations that funds would he available for long-term 2nd Acquittal in Two Days Won by Ex-Judge Garrett JERRY D. KYERS, SON OF Judge and Mrs. Oric Byors of Hope, has been hired at a technician at Gulf's Port Arthur Refinery. He received his B. S. in mechanical engineering from Ihe University of Arkansas this yp.ir and a 1957 graduate of Hope Hiyh School. Gas Firm Insists Rate Is Justified Colvoiy Baptists Plan Revival Revival services will be held Sunday, July 23, in I be new sanctuary of the. Calvary Baptist church with services at 10 a. m and 7:30 p. m. The Rev. L, E. Holt of Texarkana will be I ho evangelist and music will be di- reclod by Ihe Rev. Bill Osborn. Services will be held twice daily during Ihe week and only the! JO a. m. service. Saturday. The Rev. J. D. Passmore, pastor, said t'hc. sanctuary isn'l cum-! ;illlu|; dl.v. plelc bul will be used during lhel«'illi Hie revival. LITTLE ROCK (AIM _ Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. will begin rebullal testimony in a rale case before Ihe Public Service Commission Monday and will base much of its ease on a new rate stud. .y. The study, filed wilh Ihe PSC Wednesday, contended lhal. Arkla's annual r e v e n u e s aro $1.(ill I,HOY below Ihe fi.lM per cent rale of relurn Ihe Arkansas Supreme Court has set as fair for tlie firm. s But W.C R. Stephens, Arkla president, said Ihe company docs "iol plan to ask for additional increases lo bring revenue lo the (i.:i-l per cent level. Attorneys for several Arkansas cities proles!ing a 70-ccnl increase in minimum rales put into effect by Arkla April | contend lhat Ihe firm's rale of relurn on its Arkansas investments is about 7 per cesnl. Arkla cslimaled lhat Ihe increase in minimum mean a revenue host Pentagon Will Handle Civil Defense Bulletin LITTLE ROCK (AP)-The U.S. Weather Bureau today issued the following sever c weather foit> cast: "Scattered severe storms with locally damaging winds and jail are expected this afternoon and early evening from 3 p.m. lo !) p.m. in an area along and 50 miles either side of a lino from Wichita, Kan. to Fort Smith, Ark. sin Arkansas this includes all or parl of Ihe following counties- Benlon, Carroll, Washington Madison, Crawford, Franklin and Sebastian." WASHINGTON (AP> — President Kennedy transferred today Ihe Peril agon major responsi- b'lily "for a greally accleraled civil defense efforl including a nationwide fall-out shelter program." The executive order gave lo the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization—which has been responsible for civil defense—the role of "advising and assisting" the President in planning the con- thunder- 'Hnuily of government and the mobilization of industry in event of a war emergency. Despite reports Ihiil OC'DM Director Frank B. Ellis had o|>posed so sweeping a shift of power to the Penlagon, Ihe White J louse announcement said Kennedy had acted on Ellis' recommendations. A Presidential slalcmenl cm- | phasizcd thai civil defense "will : remain civilian in nature and leadership." This presumably was a reas- | surance lo Ihe country's governors and mayors. During recent conferences both urged lhal. civilian control of civil defense be retained. City said pro- rep- to Won't Attend a Municipal Meet LITTLE ROCK (AIM _ Director G. W. Blankenship Wednesday (hat Lillle Rock bably won't have na official resenlativc al a meeting organize southern miinicipalilies. Blankenship met Tuesday wilh a Louisiana delegation promoting "je Aug. 11-12 meeting in Mem- plus. . ""' anyone goes (| ( , the meet'"«'. it will be lo find oul more about (he organization, nol lo Participate," Blankenship said. The Louisiana group ran into opposition Wednesday in Union City, Tenn., where I he executive director of Ihe ennessee Munici- P;'i League, Herbert Bingham of Nashville, said the new organization was not needed. Bingham said city problems "'"Id be handlde by the American Municipal League and the U S Conference of Mayors. 'J'lio Louisiana group wants a lion' 0 • smilhcn| - c "' iem «l associa- rales would of $1, 220,0(12 The rale study filed P.SC Wednesday contended that even with lhat increase Arkla's rale of relurn would still be less than (i.M pel- cent. H. E. Garrett Dies Tuesday at Shreveport Henry 10. Garrclt, nil, a retired engine foreman for Hie KSC Hailway. died Tuesday in Shreveport where 'he had lived .12 years. Services were held Thursday at Hose ,\ealh Chapel, Shreveport !>>' Hie |{ev. Stanley Jordon. Burial was in Forest Park Cemetery. _ Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Edilli 10. Cam-it, a son, Bruce of New York; hj s father, J. G. Gar- l ' ( / lt ol Hope; MVCII brothers, R. k-. M. I)., George, Hugh, and U. '. Carre.lt all of Hope; Fred of Los Angeles; seven sisters, Mrs, <•• C. Warren of Tc.xarkana Mrs George .Baker of fienlon; Mrs' i«'.y I'Vskr, JH...S. tlcne Kravcll! Mrs. Vera Talberl, Mrs. George JUKI Mrs. Joyce Duke, all ol Hope. Fer Ihe second lime in I wo days a Hcmpsfeaci Circuit Court jury yesterday acquitted former' County Judge U. G. Garrett of a charge of convert ing counly funds to his own use. Wednesday's cas'e involved $101) which Ihe prosecution alleged lhal Mr. Garret! pocketed afler selling a counly-ow.ned' Iraclor to Horace Phillips of Spring Hill. Thi) foi'mer judge testified lhal $72.5 Ofor Ihe tractor was paid in- lo Ihe counly treasury and he paid another $27.W) shortly before courl. convened yesterday afternoon. As in tine first I rial Garret! luld the court Ihe $27.r,() was inadvertently overlooked and thai no criminal intent was involved. The. opening case, against Judge Gai'rolt involved a mailer of $1,1-11 which was paid twice lo L. E. Poleet, local oil and gas' distributor. As yesterday, Mr. Garrell. testified there was no intent to defraud I IKS counly and he paid the sum into the counly treasury yesterday afler he was round not guilty. He eonlcndedl the delay was Che result of an oversight. Main witnesses in 1 yesterday's case were Mr. Phillips who verified lhat he paid $100 to Ihe former judge and Hai'ry Hawthorne, freas'urer, who verified the payments made by him. The jury decision on Ihe first (rial look only l!> minutes. The second took more than an hour. After 1 Ihe. decision Judge Lyle. Brown dismissed the jury panel for the res! of this session. Earlier yesterday a jury was unable, to agree and a mistrial was declai'ed in the case of Mrs'. Wanda Grimmelt. She was charg- o"(l wilh renting comity equipment, receiving 50 in- jayment and converting it to her own use;. Hopelessly deadlocked the jury was dismissed and a mistrial was declared. The judge did nol set any date for I'elrial. The trial of L. 10. Poloel, charged wilh forgery and false pretense, was postponed! indefinitely. It originally was scheduled for yesterday. The charges against the three resulted from a grand jury investigation of county affairs. Prosecution was handled by Prosecuting Attorney Royce. Weiscnbcrgei' and a special assistant, James Pilkinfon.Attorneys for the defense were Buyd Tack- ell and C. V. Nunn, Jr. All Around Town By The Star Staff CONFESSES HOAX - AIRMAN 3/C THOMAS J. AVINGER, right, of Daytona Beach, Fla., has confessed to Amarillo, Tex., police that his slory of teen-age hoodlums throwing acid in his face was a hoax. He said he rubbed Ihe acid m his face and into his eyes so he could get out of the Air Force. Avinger, his face scarred from Ihe acid bums, is shown wilh Col. J. J. UeKsad of the Amarillo Air Force Base. — NEA Telephoto Five Killed in Missouri Wreck POPLAR BLUFF. Mo. (AP>Five persons were killed early today when I heir aiilo veered off stale Highway '>:', about 12 miles south O f po p I a r Bluff and smashed into a concrete bridge railing. Slale Iruopcrs said I he driver, James Henry True, 112. of Clark- Inn. Mo., apparently fell asleep. 'i">'c impact of the crash threw Ihe automobile engine into Ihe IVi'iil seat. Aiilhtirilie.s said all live occupants, residents ul the neighboring area, wore killed oulrighl. Dead were True, his \\ife. Lou Jewel True. .H. Wilma Jean Kerr, :il Mrs. Velma \adine Patterson '•>'!, and her ,V\e,ir-i,M oiill, Keith, all of Campbell. .""'in !);''" '" .'.nPslea,! Circuit Court !, ( ;"; v ;| w " m; " ; •M'cclalor losi • " fJilso leell, .. . . lh , y wm , tinted over to Sheriff Jiminic "''fin uh,: in | lln , K:IVI , , hl . m "•ti'k to Ihe woman Wednesday she inquired about them. " -i'.V Policu repurl a l!)j| j) t . car was stolen lasl night lri) 'ii .Jimmy Brasher . . . the '"'I' was parked at Southland Kg" Co. Homecoming Sun. at Providence Providence Missionary Baplisl Church will hold its annual Home Coming Service Sunday, July 2:t with the Rev. J. W. Slory as Ihe guesl speaker. The Homecoming starts a revival service which will be lic.ld each day al 10:110 a.m. and 7::i(l p.m. The Rev. James Hoover will be evangelist and the Rev. Kenneth Bubo is Hie pastor. Flash Floods in W. Virginia Leave 11 Dead CHARLESTON. W. Va. (AIM— A violent rainslnr. wilh boiling clouds so low Ihey seemed In skim Ihe hilltops, deluged Charleston Wednesday nighl. Tho (Vownpoiir li'ansformed brooks inlo roaring rivers lhat spread death and deslruclion down the area's narrow valleys. Twelve persons were confirmed dead. Six of Hiem were children, 'ive thousand homes and office buildings were without dec- Iricily. The I lulled Fuel Gas Co., in cooperation wilh Ihe city, cut off gas lo a large segment of the cily lo reduce Ihe Ihreal. of fires and explosions. storm, in less I ban four dumped more (ban five of rain on Ihe area—a record lor Ihe cily. Small creeks lhal usually dry up in Ihe summer became raging lorrcnls lhal. picked up buildings as if they were children's blocks and dashed them against each oilier. From 200 In '100 homes were reported seriously damaged or destroyed. Guv. W. W. Ban-on made a quick flight back lo Hie cily from While Sulphur Springs and sur-, voyed Ihe damage quickly before^ conferring wilh federal'''officials 1 flying here from Washington 4b ! gel a firsthand look. The known dead: Sherry Lynn (livens, !). Helen (livens, III). ' r i Frank Sayre, nil. Carolyn Thompson, about !3. Alex Voires. Charles Dexter Jones, 1115. Harry Null Jr., about (i Fred Wolen. Nancy Hart, about Id. Unidenlified buy about 7. Unidentified woman abuul. 50. Unidenlified small girl. • "!'•• Cuok attended kana College ,•„„! Arkansas wncre he received hi* US degree m | 0 ,r.s|ry lasl month . I" 1 will a-sis! primarily ^u, ,'.,/ search work in forestry at the yetir.g lolk-- pi,.,,, | () l 'ar wash Saturday, ""'y'll pick up and guarantee In please al SoulliMde hold another July 22 . . . ilelivc r am! imply ''onlacl by telephoning 7--l(Hii. \\. Cook Jr . Trxarkana. ha.> '"'en named re.-1 arch assistant al "ic U of A's Southwest Branch Experiment Station ben- . . . he replaces Charles S. S.inliter. \\lu- ic>ij;iied M,,\ :;i i,, Uvomc assistant counly agent in Clark Integrated Guards Not Favorable WASHINGTON 'API — The Pentagon says lhal no withhold federal funds from National Guard units lhal do nol integrate racially Jii i g h I drastically reduce the juard's effectiveness. Al the same lime. Ihe Penlagon has reiterated its policy of integration in the regular armed forces. These were the views given Wednesday by Assistant Secretary of Defense Carlisle P. Rungc in a reply lo Murray Gross, national c h a i r m a n of Ihe American Veterans Committee. Las! month. Gross, in a Idler, said several .stales segregate while and Negro troops in their National Guard unils. He proposed that federal funds be withheld these cases. Runge, Ihe Defense Department's manpower chief, replied thai in a number of slates "advances in the integration of groes into formerly all-while unit have been made." If Gross' proposal lo withhold funds from still segregated units quite a distill bance j were carried to Ihe ultimate . - the cat hissed anil climbed I Rungc said, "at Ihe least Ibis over *,„•, ..hdycs until City Po- could mean a serious detcriura- • ice ueir callec and shot il. !|jon O f the effectiveness of these .... ... , , ... ~ ""." . . (division and units of the National \\lutlield Masonic Lodge No. L!:i'J Guard as military forces" «"l n.nu-.- a .Master* Degree Fn-j The Arkansas Guard is amon- dayman at , ; ;X). We segregated. Branch Stalien was wilh the I slationed in njcirried ami. month. Hie pasl he Forest Service. . . he is work this Al 'Mis. .-aIc one an Avon mcilin- last Elslun Willis received a award. lm lirst uon by any- in this icrritury . . . il was a U.S. Savings IJuiul. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Violent electrical storms left n rising death loll loday in flash floods following a record downpour at Charleston, W. Va., anil lightning, wind and hail in many Oaslern and Midwest sections. .Eleven bodies were recovered by midmorning al Charleston. Five persons died elsewhere, any heavy poperly dmaage occurred. A four-hour cloudburst loosed .1.1-1 inches of rain on Charleston and turned (lie dry ravine, Maga/inc Hollow, inlo a crushing lor- real which ground frame houses inlo piles of sodden kindling. Lightning killed four construction workers near Cambridge, Ohio, when Ihey look refuge under a Iree from a severe electrical storm. Thunderstorms ballered west central Kansas. One man was killed when he tried lo pull a billed when he tried lo pull a broken power line off a natural gas meter behind his home at Plainvillc. Wind gusls were clocked at 120 m.p.h. at Ihe Hays, Kan., airport, where three planes were damaged and Ihe doors of a hangar blown off. Hailstones ranged from Ihe si/.e ii golf balls lu tennis balls in Hie slurm bell. Heavy damage was reporlcd. Former Resident of Hope Dies Word has been received here of Ihe ('ealli, July ,'i of Mrs. W. M. BrummcM, a former resident of .Mrs. Brummdl died at Urn cf a daughter in Sonora. Calif. Somebody dumped a crazy cat in -I. (' Penny's Store Ibis morn'"-.. creati '*7-i A pel feet vocation ii the rcsulr of lakmj halt the clothes and) lwii_u 11 ic niuiicy you .onginglly planned on.

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