Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 27, 1942 · Page 9
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 9

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1942
Page 9
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- • - : -// -THE MORNING AVALANCHE • nV.-. ? ;M' Morch 27y 1942 _ -.., lr ^. —, ., .^-^-.^.^ .^-.j,^.,,^ T ^.—T- kgjaAAVfa^a-C.'JJrJ-BAA-a IXXSKiOkSM "JftfoftjCy.yX Jeil 4343'For T!«« AvaTonr.he-Jourrial Offices •-< Conditions In Texas On Favorable Side Said Satisfactory AUSTIN, March 'Jp. WJ—Texas crop conditions at the start of a ;;ew season were on the favoraole side, as A whole, the U. S. Agricultural market ins service and Texas Agricultural Extension jervice reported today. The cooperating services said .subsoil moisture was satisfactory ^ln all but small portions of the state. Surface moisture conditions were regarded as favorable in the Panhandle, along the northern rows of the counties across the etate, in most o' East Texas, except for some southeastern counties where it was too wet for spring work. Drier In South To the south and westerly, conditions gradually became drier until in parts of Central and Southwestern Texas the shortage was, acute. The favorable situation in the north and northwest was due to snows during the first half of March. Spring work was progressing at about the normal rate, except in the driest portions of Central Texas and in the wet southeastern portion, while work was 10 days or mort late in much of the Mrs, MacArthur Is In Command In Her Own Home MELBOURNE, March 26. M>>—• Gen. Douglas MacArthur bosses the Allied armies in this part of the world, but in his own household the supreme command rests with his dark-eyed little wife. This was demonstrated today when Mrs. MacArthur took their small son Arthur on a shopping tour. She promptly deposited young Arthur in a barbership chair and northern coastal area because o£ previous cold and wet conditions. Corn Coming Up Wheat in the northwest had suffered only slight damage and was making good growth under the favorable conditions. In all of North Texas damage by "green bugs" was severe, amounting to almost total loss o£ oats in some northern blacklands counties, with the insects turning upon wheat and barley as well. Large portions of the fall acreage had been plowed up and prepared for corn or other crops. Infestation and damage was apparent down into parts of Central Texas. Preparation of fields was being pushed wherever possible. A large proportion of the corn acreage had been planted in the south and east and was coming up to a good stand. mum/M EVCRY LUNCH BOX! Bp sure you get easy-to-peel SEEDLESS Sunkist Oranges Best School and workday lunch boxes are a lot more like home meals when you put in an orange. It is salad, dessert and drink in one! Fresh. Delicious. Nature-laden with vitamins! "You'll want California Navel Oranges, of coaise. They are atdlus, easy to'peel, and divide cleanly into wonderfully 6rm and juicy sections. You'll also wane them for juice-with more vitamins C and A, and calcium in every glass. Those tcademarked "Sunkist" on the skin are the finest from 14,500 cooperating growers. Ask for them by name. Call/oral* Trutt G copynzhr. IBO, •£p^ • ~ ^ '"^m®m®^ aunkist CALIFORNIA NAVEL ORANGES A- CBS. C.-7S P. M.. K. S. r.-K RED BALL ORANGES .packed fc>r the growers of Sunkist arc o dependable brand of juice. foil, richly flavored California oranges. Rely upon them to give full satisfaction. look for the trademark on the skin or tissue wrapper. OPTOMETRIC CLINIC Dr. Miliard R Swart fcfi. ALIEH R. HAMIITOH DR. HAfiRY J, SMITH MYRICK BUILDING LUBBOCK ordered a good haircut for him. "The General said Arthur was not to have a haircut because he might catch cold," the smiling mother told the barber. "But look at him — he needs a haircut badly His father is not around now to stop it, so let's trim it up." Reporters attending the general's press conference earlier noted that IVlacArthur himself needed a haircut, but concluded that he was much too busy to have it done. Delays Own Shopping Arthur, who like his father rarely smiles, sat ,«ober-faced while the barber clipped. Two other youngsters in adjoining chairs eyed Arthur and his Chinese nurse curiously, but young MacArthur looked straight ahead and said never a word. Lest the tropic-tanned lad find his clipped thatch insufficient cover, his mother bought him a warm cap, woolen underwear, heavy play suits, shoes and a pair of black gloves—first first. Clerks and sales girls invented excuses to drop in to the department for a look, and exclaimed over the attractive mother and the well-behaved youngster. Mrs. Mat-Arthur was so busy outfitting the boy that she put off shopping for herselt until tomorrow. Spring Arrives—And Down Come Stockings NEWARK, N. J., March 26 <&— Spring arrived the other day—and approximately 8,000 girl office workers at the Prudential Insurance company were permitted to roll stockings below their knees or even go stockingless for the first time in many years. The company, taking note of the war-time clothing emergency, lifted its requirements that full-length stockings be worn. Girl workers say the object of the requirement had been to prevent distraction of the male em- ployes. Russia' industrial output of defense materials, interrupted by the -German invasion, is reported to have again reached the levels of a year ago. CIRCUS MAN I HORIZONTAL I Pictured circus man, 13 Bay window. 14 Free from dirt 16 Nickname for Edward. ISSicJf. 20 Hok>. 21 Dad. 22 Clamor. 24 Falsehood. 26 Backs o£ necks. 28 Technical (abbr.). 29 Celestial body 31 Path. 32 Tooth of a wheel. 33 Article. 35 Farm building 36 Declaration of truth. 37 Before. 39 Still. 41 Inseci. 42 Drink slowly. 43 Young woman 45 Not old. Answer to Previous Puzzle 47 Form o£ philosophy Cpl.). 49 Distorted. 51 Pint (abbr.}. 52 End. 54 Old English (abbr.). 55 Move sidewise 57 Limb. 58 Bees' cells. VERTICAL 2 Stop! 3 From Ireland. 4 River in Egypt. 5 Long fish. 6 Symbol for • aluminum. 7 British Columbia (abbr.). 8 High mountain. 9 Bridle strap. JO Pertaining to birth. 11 Not (prefix). 12 He gave his in • 15 Coverings. 17 Female deer. Ifl Obscure. 21 Writing tool. 23 Mass of ice. 2-1 Haze. 25 Wager. 27 Footways. 29 Island Js a sidcNbpvs 1 center. 30 Part of a whip 32 Shed tears. 34 Devour. 37 One of his dancers was "Little —•—/ 38 Uproar. •» 40 Drag. 41 Some. 44 Roman. 46 Footed vasfc 48 Edge. 50 Jexvels. 53 Bend. 54 Sphere. 55 Therefore, 55 put of (prefix). 57 Part of "be." iz IG b| SS Iti 44 Pi II39 •mm 29 4b 40 45 56 46 14- 41 57 30 34 teg? 36 54- JO 3J 50 ?7 n 1'^ 21 4Z Calling of convoys has caused port city of South Africa, and a shortage of .fish at Durban, a fish are being rationed there. Try Crisco's New Victory Cake-uses ONLY / 2 CU Luscious icing uses no sugar.' TRY THIS CAKE-SAVES ABOUT 3 CUPS SUGAR! Crisco's Victory Layer Cake with chocolate peppermint icing cup Crisco a CUP SUGAR ' teaspoon salt teaspoon vanilla cup com syrup cups flour teaspoons bai- K cup milk Blend together Crisco. m , v Mlt BakB in ttro s-incti "Cr ™ unire - I It's a Crjsco cake „., it's Lighter. Only Crisco j has new Lighter cake secret! Grand news for folks who love their cake with chocolate icing! Here's a real sugar-saver to help you through sugar-rationing—worked out by weeks of testing in Crisco's kitchens. For the cake you use only }$ cup sugar, and no sugar in the icing!—a total saving of about 3 cups of j.ugar over peace-time cakes. And it's a de^Kcious cake . . . lighter, fluffierbecauseit'amade with Crisco. Crisco gives you lighter cakes than any other shortening we know of, regardless of price. It's made by an exclusive process—has a new lighter cake secret! Try Crisco'a Victory Cake today —urn, what a treat! Chocolate peppermint icing—creamy and luscious on a light-as-a-feather Crisco cake! Yau can't get as light a cake with any other shortening! Stock Donated To Boys'Ranch MAGENTA, March 2G W,B~Bo.vs Ranch has become a cow ranch now. The once under-privileged youngsters living at Old Tascosa 40 miles northwest of Amarillo, had a "Boys Ranch" for two years before it became a real cow ranch It came about, said Supt. AHon . Weeks, as a result of a recent radio broadcast from Amarillo by a grouo of Bovs Kancu reiio?nts Five Panhandle cattlemen happened to hear the broadcast, and one asked: "How can those boys nave.a ranch without cattle?" He added that he would give the ranch a cow. The other four cattlemen nodded agreement, and each sent a registered Hereford to the ranch This story was printed by a newspaper, and other donations followed, now the ranch has 33 fine beef cattle. Wai Deseried Ranch Town Boys Ranch was established two and a half years ago by patrons of the Maverick Boys' Club of Amarillo. It was designed to give opportunities to underprivileged youngsters. Old Tascosa once was a rowdy frontier cr \v-town where Billy the Kid visited and gunfire frequently resounded from the dusty streets. The cattle trade moved to Amarillo and Tascosa was deserted, until a rancher gave the property —abandoned courthouse and all to the Maverick Club. During 1941, a $15,000 dormi- toi'y-gymnasium building was completed and 1,320 acres of land added to the 80 original acres Each boy has 'a 4-H Club farm project. Livestock sales by the youngsters last year totaled $3,300. weeks said, and in addition 3,365 quarts of fruits and vegetables were preserved for the table. The former Oklahoma Boy Scout executive who has been superintendent of Boys Ranch from the start, reports proudly that the first •graduate" has a job and that his employer described the youngster as "the best.worker . . . and most courteous boy" he had ever met. Ten million women are employed in industries of Russia. HOW MANY DUFE'ERS? '' NEW YORK W —There are 5,209 golf courses in the United States. Of these 2,007 are of 18 holes or more; and 3,202 of nine holes. There are 711 municipal courses and 1,210 are daily fee or public courses. SILVER LINING CAWKER CITY, Kas. (/?) — A break in the city water main wasn't, such a bad break • after all. It caused the water tower to drain but the water flooded a nearby park and froze Int' a first- class skating rink. HURRY! C-v A7MA2IHG BARGAIN!) NOW AT YOUR GROCER'S! Here's your chance to get in on a wonderful double bargain of healthful benefits for your family—plus smart, colorful, high quility china, made by one of America's great manufacturers! Ask your grocer for Mother'* Oats with China, tocUy.' Remember, ic'i lulttrally triple- rich in ihe great "ami-fatigue"vi:amin Bi*! It's rich in Phosphorus, for strong bones, teeth! Jn Iron, for rich, red blood! Remember, too, that oatmeal leads all other whole-grain cereals in Proteins, for firm flesh, strong muscles! Get these txtra healthful values of America's Sttptf Breakfast Food—and thrill to the colorful loveliness of high quality china included in every package—by petting i big thrifty package of Mother** Oats, with China—toda>-! *U proportion to catoriei APISCf OF SMARWUALITY MOTHERS OATS WITH CHINA Delivery Hours—8:30 A. M., 1C A. M., 3 P. M., 5 P. M. ._- ^""••"••™'•^•••'•'•••"••••••^•iMBWBBMMWWBBBIBB^M Lbs, 73c FROZEN - FRESH Fruits And Vegetables Bed Raspberries, 10 Oz. Pkg. Green Peas, 12 Oz. Pkg. Spinach. H Or. Pkg. <*« 27 C ^^ Z3C Folger'i COFFEE Pound C DefMonfe COFFEE Lb. 31 LIGHT CRUST FLOUR 63' 12 Lb. Sack . CLOROX NATIONAL 3-MIKUTE OATS HICH IN THUMtK (VTTAMIH I,) OLD ORIGINAL CATSUP CATSUP 14 oz. BotHe __ Lettuce Head Texas Seedless Each California Navels Dozen Grapefruit ORANGES Lemons I Cabbage Dozen | Pound C ! 2 ic | Fruit Cocktail 9%MHMM|^M|^M^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^_ No. I Tall Can,_ 15c PEACHES, Halves, Del Monie. No. 2'/z Can APRICOTS, Whole, Whits Swsn No. 21/2 Can .. _ • _• PINEAPPLE CHUKKLETS, Del Ivlonie, No. 211 «> ' Can, 2 For ijC PRUNE JUICE. 3 Cans ; CREAM PEAS, —pi 3 Cans _ _ 25C WHOLE GREEN BEANS, White Swan, « A No. 2 Can . 19C SLICED BEETS, -While Swan, No. 2 Can IjC COUNTRY GENTLEMAN CORN, Del Monle, No. 2 Can | Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Quart EARLY GARDEN PEAS Del Monle, No. 2 Can SPINACH, Del Monte, No. 2 Can ASPARAGUS, Natural White Swan, ' Picnic Can BLACKEYED PEAS, Pecan Valley, 2 Cans.._ TUNA FLAKES, *~ Abbey, 6 Oz. Can 2JC BREAD & BUTTER «n<, PICKLES, 15 Oz. Jar I /C PEANUT BUTTER, Armour's Star 16. Oz. Jar MACARONI With Cream' Cheese Sauce, ^ p Heinz, IS Or. Can 15C Parkay, lt> TEA, With Ice Tea Glass, White Swan, -A Lb. Can .. BLUE LABEL KA^tX 3 Lfa. Can JOLLY TIME. POP CORN __ 27c COMET HICE, —2 Lb. Box 2§C CHEERIOATS, ,»Large Box, 2 For SifQ MOTHER'S OATS, 9 » Large Box __ 35C Ritz Cracker's £?•_ 23c HENS Sliced Bacon Rath'* Black Hawk, *•% M Lb 34C Full ' Dressed Lb. ___ 29' Cheese Cloverbloom, 2 Lb. LEG D'LAMB Swilt's FHESH FI3H — FRESH SHRIMP Swift's .« p "n*ium. Lb.. _ 5*»V CLARK'S Grocery DIAL 4671 "We Reserve The Right To Limit" "FEATURING QUALITY FOODS" / AVE. V & ISTH ST.

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