The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 8
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TITE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, BUG, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 7,1948 Sunday Sponsors of Ihe Church Page Dean's Garage Hudson--Packard Sales--Service DEAN HILL Bible Curiosities The ending of the Lord's Prayer, "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen," does not appear in the oldest manuscripts of the Bible. Edwards Jewelry Co. Elgin Watches We Give Eagle Stamps Go to Your Church is Sunday Pool Pontiac Soles Pontiac Sales and Service USED CARS WANTED E. Poplar and Mffl Phone 702 The Harrisburg Notional Bonk Zola Young Sloan Insurance -- Public Stenographer E. Locust St. Ford Brick Tile Co. PHONE 97 B. P. O. Elks Harrisburg Lodge No. 1058 LEADER DEPARTMENT STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family Hirrisburg. HL Send Your Cleaning TO THOMAS' i t First Notional Bank Harrisbor*, IU. Dorris Heights Methodist | W. E. Shafcr. pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m.; War-' ren Evans, superintendent. Morning worship 10:45. Youth Fellowship 6:15 p. m. i Evening worship 7. Prayer meeting Wednesday i p.' m. Dorrisville Church of God ! 722 Charleston St. Rev. Alvah Crim, minister Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.: j Kestner" Wallace, superintendent. ; Morning worship at 10:45. I Young people's meting at 6 p.' m. I Children's meeting at 6:15 p. m. Evangelistic service at 7 p. m . j Bible study Wednesday at / Weekly broadcast over WEBQ Thursday from 3 to 3:45 p. m. Equality Social Brethren Kev. Carl Huston, Pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 10:45. Evening service 7. Prayer meeting Wednesday / p. m. ' Everyone is invited to these services. Pierson Saline Ridge Baptist Rev. Tommy Cook, Pastor Saturday services at 7 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning sen-ice at 11. Evening service at 7. Come and bring a friend with you. First Christian South Webster Street E. M. Oakes, minister Bible school 9:30 a. m. | Morning \\orship 10:30. ', Evening worship 7. ! You are cordially invited to t these services. - I The Church of God Homer and Vine Streets Johnny Gaaz, pastor j Saturday service 7 p. m. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. j Morning worship 11. Evening service 7. ! V. L. B. Wednesday 7 p. m. ] The public is invited to all services. The church with the ensign (or; flag) which is a fulfillment o f 1 prophecy. Psalm 20:5. , Mt. Calvary General Baptist ' Gaskins City j Vernon Buchanan, pastor i , Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.:' "Wiley Fulkerson, superintendent.! Prayer meeting Wednesday a t j 7 p. m. j Preaching service on the second and fourth Saturday nights. Sun-j day morning and Sunday night. j Everyone is invited. t St. Mary's Church j Rev. G. P. Lally. pastor Sunday Masses at 3:00 a. m.. and 10:00 a.'m. t Week-day Masses at :30 a. m.. Confessions will be heard on Saturdays from 4 to 5 and from 7 to 8. The earliest and often the most effective re- liaious training a child receives is derived from the little prayer he is taught to say upon going to bed. He is* proud v/hen he learns to repeat it without his mother's prompting. Some of the little prayers of childhood have become classics in many languages. Some have been embodied in song and story and have thus achieved lasting fame. There is a story of a man who was rescued from tragic death, and later was asked how he felt during his "experience. He said that in his excitement and fear he tried to pray, and the only words he could think of were "Now I lay me down to sleep." Pity the child whose little feet are not thus firmly planted upon the rock of faith during his early and most impressionable years. Parents face a great responsibility in the rearing of children. The task will be easier and the training more effective if they make the Bible their guide and seek the counsel and cooperation of the Church. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . .. ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character end good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without c'strong Church, neither democracy nor civjhzation ccn survive. There ere four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They ere: (1) For his own saio. (2) For his children's sate. (3) For the saie of his community and nation. (·!) For the saVVo! the Church itself. which needs his moral end material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read vour Bible daily. Sunday- Jeremiah 14; 15 Jeremiah 16; 17 Jeremiah IS; 19 Monday Tuesday. .. ---Ash Wednesday- Jeresich 20. 21 Thursday.. ________ Jeremiah 22 Friday 1 ---- Jererciah 23; 24 Saturday. ---- Jeremiah 35 For schedule of yearly readings, write American Bible Societv, 450 Park Ave., N. Y. 22, N. Y. © IMS. E. E. KUsier. Stmbure^T*. First Presbyterian. Stewart W. Radford, pastor 9-;0 a. m. Sunday school. 10:45 Morning worship, we welcome thc scouts and scouters to our morning worship service. The pastor's sermon will be '"The Scout Citizen at Work." The parents of scouts and friends of scouting are cordially invited to worship with Troop 23 and Cub Pack 23. . , ,,_ , 2:30 p. m. Junior High Westminster Fellowship party at thc home of Mrs. James Scott. 6 p. m. Youth vespers to be followed by Senior High Westminster Fellowship. 7 Evening worship. The sermon will be "The Parable of vhe Tares." This is the third of a series of sermons on ihe Par- ablcs. The second meeting of the 1948 School of Missions will be at 6 p. m. Wednesday. Dinner will be Served, after which classes for each age group will convene. From 9 to 3 p. m. Thursday the Cairo Presbytery Junior High school youth rally will be held at this church. All our Junior High people are urged to attend. All of our people are urged vo attend the World Day of Prayer sen-ice at 2 p. m. Friday, at the Christian church. There will be a service at 7:30 for those who are unable to attend in the after. n °At'7:30 p. m. Friday, the Young ! Adults Sunday school class will hold a benefit tea and Queen of Hearts party with a cast of fifty children from, the primary department. First Methodist N. C. Henderson, minister 9:30 a. m. Church school. E. L. Norman, superintendent. 10-40 Morning worship, ber- mon "The Enthronement," the Sponsors ot the Church Page --WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- The Nature of Jesus p. m. Youth Fellowship groups. ,, 7-00 Evenin* worship. Sermon, "Masterless Men," the pastor Mondav evening the Harrisburg ! group of the Youth Fellowship meets at Dorris Heights. Wednesday the general meeting of the W. S". C. S. will be held at .Wesley Center at 2 p. m. The Lydia "division will be hostess. All members should attend Mid-week services will be held Wednesday at 7 p.-m. , Sunday, Feb. 15. will be Mc- iKendree Day and we will observe lit with our offering. ! The official board will meet for 'a few moments after the morning service tomorrow.. Bethel A. M. E. Rev. Leroy Williams, pastor j Sunday school 9:45 a. m. · Morning worship 11. 1 Quarterly meeting at Carrier I Mills 3 p. m. j Evening worship 7. aunuav .MUSM:: ut o.uu u. »., «»"- v. n. omu», y- 131 " 1 ~^.,«.. . ,, . _ _ - - - . f n r\ «··« inrarmtp in!· iniKL AVI ««= i*\/»/»v.n^ «·· -~ 10:00 a/m. ,, ^ I Sundav school 9:30 a. m.: J. £. ; Suipture: John 6:3o-40; Colossians life As God^j*^j^yj day ,» an d at the evening service Week-day Masses at 7:30 a m . R 'superintendent. , ¥ ¥ TM v n n that Christ coutdbe incarnate in there will be a round-table Discus- Confessions will DC heard on Sat- Morning worship and sermon by I Bj WILLIAM E. GILRO\, D. D. ttiat uirisi cfou ^ u "Christision in honor of Founders Da urdays from 4 to 5 and from , to t 1( f. 40 _ , The nalurc of Jesus was de- fjf hs ^ Isme °" hfsatd: That is thelThe topics for discussionwill be S- - a u*nH Training Union 6 p. m.: Miss f i n e d in His Mission and mes- ^idence ^f true faith in the di-j"What Is Church Strength? and Everyone is welcome to attend] JQV R a n d o ] h director | Re was a messe nger of|^'? e " cef our Lord "Does Our Church Adhere to its divine services at St. Marys. i 'God. come to save men. But many| x - m t OI u u r _ Founding Principals? Persons -- r - , i Mondav. R. A. meeting--inter-" messengers of God have been min- . Mctn i;» Tabernacle j taking part in the discussion will Assembly of God ! mediates" and juniors 7 p. m. mere of sahation, and the New ,,^£±1 rlSSstJeet be Mrs ' BerdlC Rocu . StraTtton ' MTr *' 415 South-M..1 $ Tuesday, voung people's prayer Testament assigns to Jesus a I 1^? ?ou(* Granger Street Verdie North Archie Jones. Ivy Assembly of God South'Mill D. C. Morningstar. pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. 'mediates and juniors 7 p. m. ibiers of sahation, and the NeW[ { Tuesday, young people's prayer Testament assigns to Jesus a| j meeting 7 p". m. {unique and special place in the Wednesday, beys" and girls' :- t \ elation of God. The writer of the Epistle to the Preaching 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. prayer meeting 6 p. m. ,. .... . Prayer service Tuesday 7 p. m. | Wednesday. regular prayer I Hebrews expresses the fact of the Young people's service Thursday'meeting for" all the church m e m - ' - " ' -' 7 p. m. bers and friends. great clearness t / . J t J. _ l . / » j l » J V l t » V J » » * ^ ' » * V « ^ . The public is invited to attend. Tonight at 7 is our regular i u c . o . . · and cmnhasis. bringing out strong- Night." Th iv both"the divine and the human oldest Bible «· -""' . . . .. ·» _ . . _ *. ·* . . * i Bucna Vista Methodist George D. Jenkins, pastor i I/I 11^1 I V «*· · AO \ S U l A \ , O V « « M f c 1. U W l l * L i l t . V I I * 1 * 1 ** M » M V""- · monthly business meeting. All nature of Jesus, which the Incar- members should be present t o ' r.siion means--that is. divine na- ·y on thc biggest business ; ture revealed in the flesh, in an OCOiSie U* JtUJVllIJ, pojfcva. MiClp t a l l j U I I *.iHJ UI^^^OU WUJI*»^-^^ i t U l C I W V J d K Church school 10 a. m.; Everett |j n all the world: that is the busi- j ..vrthly life. Cooper, superintendent. Morning service 11. M. Y. F. 6 p. m. Evening service 7. ness of our Heavenly Father. I f ! "God. \\ho at sundry times and Jesus needed to be about His , m divers manners." says the writ- iFather's business and we know t cr (Hebrews. 1:1-2). "spake in Apostolic Tabernacle 1250 South Granger Street J. L. thinning, pastor The revival continues with growing interest and crowds increasing. Tuesday evening of next week will be "The Bible on Parade The person bringing the U1U «. ^ible to the service (the Bible must be dated) will receive a record which will be made of the song about the Bible. Everyone is urged to bring a Bible. There will be a Bible march. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; Dave Morris, "superintendent. M. Y. F. 6 p. m. i f r a i n e r s ousmess ana \vc Know {cr (.iieoreus 1:1-^;. ifdixt i» Morris, supenmenaeni. Evening service 7. 'He did, according to Luke 2:49. t !mc past unto the fathers by the AIorn j nK worship 11. Midweek prayer service Wed- then how can we as God's children , 5 rophcts. hath .in these last days - *" cpr virp 7 n m · ^sdav 7 p m. 'evade thc responsibility? Ij-poKen unto us by his Son. whom! Exan f. cl . K " c 1 cZlv.c ,J;c!,,' ·£TMA , «*« -- '«^^'±^^^1JS|Sirs^5 0 s^^s I?*- 1 " · _ _ , , _ . _ _ _ ' j * * . # l * * v »*^A^^riiTic7 American Sunday School Union James G. Johnson, missionary First Baptist lie 1 i h i n r :-irsi i*apusi ;nines, ov wnom aibw tie maucj-"--~ i,- ,, K. W. Wallis. pastor i U,e worlds." The writer goes on.;do the preacmng. ,,_ . 9:30 a. m. Bible school: F. G. J i n terms that are very like those! Services each evening next week Number Ten Sunday school at Burnett, superintendent. i concerning the Incarnatc Word in ·. at '· . - m \i\sA to these ··0 -i m- Miss Wanda Waller, su- 1 10:50 Morning worship. Sermon, jht prologue to thc Gospei ol fcxerjone is inMica lu in^»- r?.rfnlcndont '"A Light In thc Window." Scrip-; John, to assert and descriOc thc'services. r Murrav Sundav school at 10 a. turc. Ephcsians 6:1-4. ' ' - -- ««« «' ~. n « , R P member our r m'- Bernard Pin- superintendent.! 2:30 p. m. City wide meeting. " Chenault Sunday school at 10 a. R. G. Le Tourneau. speaker. cnau . . . . . m - Lemuel Pitlfnan, suoerinlcn-; 6 p. m. Brotherhood: H. C. Ren" to assert and describe tnc services. on- of the divine Son of God.; R cmemb £°" r , vr gft* 1 ?*?; Then, in Chapter 2 of the Epis-least over \\EBQ Wednesday 3 to tie. he Je'.b liow the Divine boa. 13:45 p. m. " s o much better than thc angcis."; shaw. president took upon Him human nature. Church of the Nazarene 6 p. m. Training Union: Chas. !;md "was made a little lower than Corner Main and O'Gara ;toncfort Methodist L. Mitchell, director. the angcis for the suifcnng oi Leo Darnell Minister Robert Gullcdgc pastor ' ~ Evening worship. Sermon. · death, crowned with glory and Sunday school 9:45*a. m "^ *"$£* /" V " CSC " Preaching first and third Sun-, lurc - Matthew 4.!_-],. .. _ « _ *1_ ^ * .m. _K« «*·**) *7 ,--- r -- Founding Principals'; taking part in the discussion will be Mrs. Berdie Roe Stratton, Mrs. Verdie North, Archie Jones. Ivy Fields and C. E. Brewer. Everyone is invited. Stewardess Board No. 2 and the Kings Daughters will meet in the church annex Tuesday evening. prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday evening. Choir practice Friday 7 p. m. General Baptist Arthur Austin, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. in.: Charles Melton, superintendent. Evening worship 7. Choir practice Tuesday 6 p. m.: praver meeting 7. Weekly broadcast over WEBQ Friday 3 to 3:45 p. m. Apostolic Church of God East Elm and Lewis Streets Elder W. M. demons, pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m.: Essie M. Ciaybrook. superintendent. Morning worship 11:30. .Evening worship 7:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 x m. Thc public is invited. . i.v:ui. *.4u»iiw* v.n.. e----- --··-j Sundav school 9:30 a. m.; Win. j Scrip- honor, that He by the grace of God ;n ug hes." superintendent. j-hould taste death for every mm. , Tvi orn j n g worship 10:45: sermon V \ « v fc**^vv- v«^.»«*«» » - w - -- . j v l U A l I l I l i l I have turned to these passagesj b · pasto ^ Gaskin*. City Baptist · in Hebrews, and commend ihe ~j un j or x Y P S.. 6 p. m. A. H. Modslin. pastor tcnJcM in which they stand, be - - - - " iy school 9.30 a. m.: Aion- c; I th:nk they constitute the r. superintendent. nrst comment and exposition O i _ ;2 worship 10:35: -crmon the specific passages indicated as 1 » » - - _ _ _ _ * . _ · · - _ ^ a . - _ -- f * l _ I n 1 j~*r-f*im ft*nf*¥ I ?crmon days of each month 11 a. m. and 7, p. m. Midweek prayer meeting eacn Thursday 7 p. m. Young people's M. Y. F. each - Sl Am$n 6 e P noT attending services. theme, r"TMTM'? elsewhere are always welcome at gam,, nu Lnmn 6 P. m °" r church - U.SS? "tost 0?pirtunrt,v,. Mountain Grove Church of Gofl G. A. meclins Monday 7 p. m. Rov. AUah Crim. pastor ' at the home of Jane Partain. .. The Mountain Grove Church of R- A. meolina rue«-day , p. m. th- CnnM ^rur?^ ^ C |/° Ulh ° f M Sd C u5!^or service Wednc, dn^r?° One^ \^"Whall'g "vS $ te?c scn!;^ on the first day 7 p m. TMth Hro. John,** ihe ^nin^and^fuU.igmli. g« and third Saturday nmhts of the Ncal as loader. month, and a cord:al welcome is Brotherhood mcclirg at tnc cMended to all. · church Friday 7 p. m. I N. Y. P. S. 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic sen-ice 7 p. m. We will have a week-end holi-: Free Pentecost 10 East O'Gara Rippcrdan, pastor Saturday sen-ice 7 p. m. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning worship 11. Young people's meeting 6 p. m. AVatch for thc free bus. Come to MO HORSE HERE Papa cow? inako steak not horses. .V.I animals cooked right kind only all the i\mc at Nick's. NICK'S "The Talk of the Town" . , ,, a. m. including tcit sou] winncrS- preaching on "Christ the Incom- speak concerning his recent cvan \\e are .subject, I think, lo tour of England. Worship 7 p. m. Bible study and . « rest, and even need- inq pr.i\or "In those days," »c arc told. "Jesus went into the mountain, and continued all night ir. pracr." Thc temptations that Ht Miiercd \v«Milu »iavc ha« no ro,;liJ. if He had not been truly human Call 869W for thc church bus. Our Redeemer Lutheran 208 South Main Street Arnold Wagner, pastor Divine worship 9 a. m. j"~Mornlnc worshin 10- Tune in thc Lutheran Hour cv. lwM1 ?? l 2f^ lS! ' lp 10 ' man bv thc tor A n d t h o othor danger is that the cry Siinday over KWK 11:30 1 a. j 'Training Union 6 r. « l i \ i n i i y (A the Chnsl shall bc ; m., A\LBQ 2 p. m., or KFLO 3 P-|p c ]h an ' K .director. to u onh ,T doctrine, or a theory, m. j Evcninc \\orshin 7- * mp ' n '-onfo;ion in words, but not a Each Saturday at 1:30 p. m. l,,ir;£; f;: .U-ssis warnod against Lutheran church of Harrisburg. ihi..^ ' Wriy call ye f"^- Lord, i presents "Victorious Living" ovcf! l o r d " Ho said ".ind do not the, WEBQ. The pastor will speak m I tin, ;s i . M i ' I ^iy?" ,lhe topic: "Slrength For Our) T h e Ami^io Patil was '«. great Youth." . · i \\orshin mp oiibie is rnrdia PUDHC is cordial Additional Church Notes on Page Six Chas. V. Parker Co. FURNITURE STORE "The home of Crosley in Harrisburg" FARM IMPLEMENTS BARHAM-GREEN TRACTOR I M P L E M E N T CO. Locust Mill Streets Phone !:GR Go to Your Church This Sunday McKinlcy Avenue Baptist C. W. Miller, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. m.: Kenneth M. Smith, general sermon ^ Tm » n m.; Ross HEATING -- VEXTILATINf! AIR COXDITIONINC: KEITH BUILDERS SUPPLY Corner Locust Mill Streets Phone 45GR "THEY ALL SAY" MILLIARD'S CAFE HOME COOKED MEALS City Style for Country Folks Country Style for City Folks Corner Jackson Locust CLOSED ON SUNDAY Harrisburg Printers (Formerly Hooker Printing Co.) LEGAL BLANKS, YEAR BOOKS, PROGRAMS GENERAL COMMERCIAL PRINTING W. L. ARM I STEAD, Prop. 22 South Vine Street Phone 1180W A Union Shop PAN KEY BROS: Baked Fine Since 1909 Borter-Keltner Drugs EAGLES AERIE NO. 2406 HARRISBURG, ILL. W. A. Grant Jewelry Co. Your Sunday Best « Keep your clothes sparkling to look your best every day. BROWNIE CALL 25 SPAPJtRl

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