The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 5, 1956 · Page 20
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 20

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1956
Page 20
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20 Sun In Houston SCIENTISTS FIND NEW DRUG > GROWTH OF CANCER HOUSTON" iSiv S""ifT.tist,e ni t.ho University of T, ;;as M. R An'irrson HospitM ;i:id Tumor ln.«ti';:tr in lionsto! 1 have found in ifsi tube an'3 unimai i-speri- nienis that a r.r\v tyne of {Imp. •l-.".r.imopyr,'i; v .oif! '.',',. -i-ii' pyrimi- <Krn-. r irn:s's the gi'0'.vih of some kinds of cancer. Breaust' of i'.s toNit iiy 'u> exivri- jncnl.'il animals. J-AF'P is not roi!- faieriT'i s;;i!a)i)i:' for liuma:'. therapy a: ihis time, houvver. The vrsulis of '.his vcsi".iri'h \verp ai5nouni':ed by ;h-:- Amonr:\r. Cancer Soci-.'ly. The (in;:; 1 was ii.Siv-ri ::itl:i.ins! rnm-rr by Dr. T. C. Hs;;, ;;n<i its fhcmirs! cfOcis are beinij siiujicv on growth of inkiroora'anisms by Dr. Robi-n Filers'.. This dnij; H>U< many similar Compounds \\vro synt.hc-ftir.f-C! by Dr. Roland K. Robin? and Dr. C, C. Chi'iig of Xew Mexico Highlands University. Las Vr-g-as. The O.IP.C.C- ?0£'iriy supporti-d a part of the work. Dr. H.'ii used '.ho drug' to irput a i-anorr of tin: human cervix grown in ;csi tubes. I' completely inhibited t,hc proliforrition of the c-p|ls. \\'i:h:n _; hours it had Uillod nnr-;hird of the i-rils jr. thrsf 'laboratory experiments; and in ihi'cc 1 d:'.ys almost every cell in this irnmh i j r.d very'vital tumor w;ss destroyed. 3n the same eonceiit.rn.iion, the dm:; showed no "more than minor to normal tissue? of mice and humans. It took a hish t;on- ri':v,.raiio!i (C* slow v.p division of theSr :ioi'ni:ii ct'lis. This mrt an important recjuire- n-n'ii;. for a prnmisir.r,' fancor drus - u> hit canrer i f-lls without KveaUy harming norival cells. Thr n*-xt test was on mice bear- :n ihem onr-haif tin-, ani- '.•r,-' injecto,- with i- A PP. more v,vi-k.--. a!! the mko amincd. tri-:itr(i mice ;he tumors •iV.von .10 and '!(H> times t'hf tiir- cancers in the treated Tntreated animal? iiic-ii snd four weeks the tumor; for rd for - - mc:::s. 1: drug in-atmfiu was discontinued, howover. the tumors sinned srowin.s ru am —- their growth "nad been merely arrested. Dr. Furrs; icstrd the drug on TUTONt GREEN '53 FORD V-8 CUSTOM TWO-DOOR—RADIO—HKATKK SINCE 600 W. Texas 1934 Phone 8186 bread mold grown in synthetic media. Normally, the moid stopped srowing in the presence of •t-APP.—the cirujr was probably interfering with the mold's ability to manufacture nneleie acids, one of life's most vital substances. Helief of the poisonous effects was obtained from a number of chemical substances. Among- those were adenine and other nucleic acid components, as well as some compounds derived from 4-APP itself. Vitamin Bl and vitamin B6 al.«o helped offset the poisonous effects. Like many potential cancer drugs. 4-APP is toxic to the animals. The treated mice lost weight. Three or four days after the treatments started, their eyes began to bulge and some of them scratched their eyes and became blind. Many new compounds have been and will be synthesized by the Robins group in New Mexico. It is hoped that some derivatives of 4-APP' will inhibit, cancer and prove less toxic to the host. Dr. Howard E. Skipp'T of the Southern Research Instiute. Birmingham, A!a.. has reported that 4-APP slows down the growth of one form of mouse cancer and delays the death of mice with one kind of .leukemia, cancer of the blood and blood-forming tissues. Wife's Allergy Gives Grounds For Divorce SANTA MONICA. Calif. lUP'i— Mrs. Virginia H. Miller, of Beverly Hills, was granted a divorce Thursday from Daniel G. Miller. lereic to him and developed a skin rash whenever he was near. July 28 Vote On Bonds Will Save Democrats $7,500 The County Commissioners court decision to include bond issues in the July 2S primary will savo the Harris County Democratic Kxecii- tive committee about $7,500 in costs for the election. The court passed orders setting the elections on the $1 million juvenile. detention home bond issue, the $7.5 million 1'lood control bond issue, the proposition to increase the flood control maintenance tax from three to five cents, and a $15 million free\vny rights- of-\vny. County Judge Bob Casey said the court had agreed with the committee to pay 35 per cent of the cost of voting machines to be used in the primary balloting. Total cost to the county will bp approximately 522,000, since 1 the county must also pay for printing the bond ballots find provide judges and clerks at all precincts for the bond election. Judge Casey said. Total bond election will bo """o million. Husband Breaks Glass To Free Trapped Wife TAMPA. Fla. (UP) — Charles Ponder, 27, of Atlanta, told police •who arrested him ho had smashed a glass door panel of a closed appliance store because his wife was locked inside. Tile- store was empty. I'optilur Crew Cut DES MOINES, Iowa (UP)—Gov. Leo A. Hocgh's crew cut fascinates women. Golfer Patty Berg took time out from the Western Open tourney to note. "It would make a good barssie lie." Thursday, July 5, 1956 HOFFPAUIR'S COMPLETE SATISFACTION' Gr.ARANTEED GROCERY and MARKET 901 W. MAIN PHONE 2114 tt-E RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LTMTP OPEN 8:00 A.M. UNTIL 7:00 P.M. SPECIALS FOR THURS., FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JULY 5-6 and 7th SPECIAL! MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Strnrf! Medium Large $429 1 SHCDDS SALAD DRESSING 39 FFRESH GUARANTEED "1 FSTAR KIST "1 "EGGS DM ..35cl "TUNA c . n 29cl 1 I 1 SUNSHINE HYDROX i iWWwKltw 12-Oz. Pkg. VI WAFFLE COOKIES . WONDER LONG GRAIN RI_C_E I SLICED Pit APPLES v,«w, iSlRLOIN "STEAK •T-BONE 1STEAK 49e ' BANANAS 'BACON . 39c . 1C TEA I/ CO / ' LUMj >d I CM IV Lb. D7C > KENTUCKY WON BEANS L J5c!' 9c , EGG PLANT, 5c VEAL RJB KENTUCKY WONDER GREEN I STEW MEAT Lb 29c PORK i CHECK OUR EVERY DAY LOW PRICES , . 5 Lb,. 52c 10 Lb 97c FLOUR FtOUR Admiration COFFEE : .... ltn , 89c Folgers, Maryland Club or Maxwc'l House COFFEE Ltc .99c Imporifl! SUGAR Lbs. 47c 10 Lb , 93c 3 £ 73c Imperial SUGAR CRUSTENE Large Size SOAP POWDERS 31c Biant Size SOAP POWDERS 71c CRISCO S f0OF 3 L* 95c jjiiiiimm^im^iiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniKiiniii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. giiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiii i"MiiunniiiiiiiiiiMniiiiiiiMiiiMiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Boys' 10-Oz. DOUBLE KNEE BOYS' IMPORTED SANFORIZED GINGHAM BLUE JEANS I SPORT SHIRTS 1.98 VALUE! 1.37 Riveted at points of strain. Washable, sanforized, and coiorfast. Boys get six times more wear. Sizes 4-12. L49 VALUE! Washable, coiorfast, and sanforized. Huge assortment of bright gingham plaids from which to choose. 6-16. 19.95 VALUE! 3-PIECE MATCHED LUGGAGE SET 12" TRAIN CASE 21" OYERN1TER 21" PULLMAN PLUS TAX i Durable plastic handles. Heat and i moisture resistant. Choice of British : tan or royal blue. ; minium: '/2 PRICE SALE! FIRST QUALITY LADIES' BABY-DOLL LADIES' 2 BAR \ 51-15 NYLONS SHORTY SLEEPERS ^ Acetate Dropstitch I BRIEFS LADIES' NYLON | OR COTTON I PETTICOATS - 1.00 eo. VALUE! *1! 1.44 I 1 ' M VALUE! I 4 ,.r $1 = MISSES' = SIZES = 5-6-7 EXTRA E S!Z>5 H 8-9-10 E 3 for SI I " C VALU ~ ! E Self color seam and heel. = Exquisite warm - weather r = Your choice of flat cot- E E First quality only! = f y ! es c , uHn y ° nut !l f u?^ E f; ad ' e! "°J d [°P; sti | ch , 2 E f°' 15 ' n °- ir ° n P""". "Y- = — Ql/ . ' . -taring lines. Uelightiully = bar acetate briefs in H l or > tricots, ny Ionized : | 8/2 - II. Proportioned ^ f e mi n i ne in gay new = white, paitels and high E acetate tricots, and ; 2 lengths. E prints on white grounds. = shades. Doubie crotch. ^ magic embossed cottons, jj TiiiiiiiniiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiaiiniiiiiiuiMiiiiiMMiiiiiiiiiiimiiiMiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiitiimMiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiHiiiin INFANTS' HANDMADE IMPORTED DRESSES SPECIAL PRICE! 10.99 VALUE! CRIB MATTRESS 48-COIL INNERSPRING | BABY TRAINING PANTS I T9c ea. 4* $ | VALUE! \f For 7 ^1^1 § Washable, double crotch, cotton knit. ^"•^^ E Stock up now at this low, low price. »W= Sizes 2-6. ^iiiiimmiiimiimiimmmmmmimiiiiiimmimiimimiimmimmiimn I PKG. OF 12—27"x27" | INFANTS' EXTRA LARGE | I7"xl8" PLASTIC and COTTON | Scilloptd bottom wifh *m- broia'*r»d «ppl!qu£i. Button down front for quick- easy change, Jlnforficd, colorf^st. — Fits ail siand/srd cribi. C ~ Heavy-gauge plaitic ~ cover in cuto nursery — print on whlfo ground. H 2QO-lb. teit posfure — board. ilBIRDSEYE DIAPERS SHIRTS LAP PADS 49c Eo. VALUE! = H 3 $ 1 _ plas- ~ lie on one side. — Waterproof. Pro— lecfs bod'dinq or E cloihmq. V/h i I c — ond prtsiels. Sue = I7"xl8". 39c Ea. VALUE! = = For $ = 1.99 VALUE = I Soft absorbent. 4 R R = Washable ' co1 ' | All are hemmed J it ft = ° rfi ^> and san ' = for g u a r a n teed I •••• ~ forized. Idea 5 shape retaining. Ml IT i^ | f or use during E 27"x27" square. Doi. = the summer. '"iiiiiiiiimiiimimmimimmmimiiimiimiTiiimmimim MISSES' IMPORTED PRE-SHRUNK CUFFED COTTON 1 LADIES' DAN RIVER POP-ON SHIRTS EVERGLAZE EMBOSSED COTTON DUSTERS C I 1.59 VALUE! | Perfect mate to ~ shorts, s k i r t s, E and fancy pants. E Cool, combed cotton. Sizes S- E M-L $ 2 PLAYSHORTS 2.93 VALUE! 1 To while away z your leisure sum- E mer hours. You'll E stay cool as an ice .": cube in these care- i; free cottons. Sizes 5 12 to 18. Choice o* coHon Will or cotton poplin. Imported, pro- shrunk, and washable. Sizes 10 to 18. !llll FOLDING TV TRAY TABLE 99' 1.49 VALUE! HAMBURGER PRESS 99c VALUE! ^^^^^f' ^^^^!r | 12-OZ. ANODIZED COLORS § I ALUMINUM TUMBLERS I $' E 29c ea. I VALUE! For 1 E Pennsylvania Dutch rooster de- £ Lacquered hardwood. = choose from. E Hinged. = colors to E sign. Chip-proof, unbreakable, odorless tumblers. . Eight brilliant colors to choose from. m- 800 W. TEXAS BAYTOWN, TEXAS / ! I JIII|lini!n!IMIIinillinMIIIMIIIIIIII!IMIIllllllM|tMIII|ltl'''>'IMI'!llllllllir!IIUIM1lll|lll|illir..••::'.,,i.MII

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