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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Monday, August 6, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESfl FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA If Y<MT F*n» New. U Not Oft Yo» Porch By 5:1* o'docfc, Call TW New, Offic* feffor* 6 o'CIock For Prompt Ddtv* 164 or 165. Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HOR> T ) VOL- LXV. NO. 143. Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION PARIS, TEXAS, MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 1934. ESTABLISHED IMS Taxpayers Vote On Bonds Parisgrafs N a. few hour* %fter is published the property owning voters of Paris are privileged to go to the polls and say by their 'ballots whether they want the sanitary sewers of the city to be repaired and made efficient, or whether they are tvillins to go on as we have been doing for some time and trust to luck or something to tum up to sruard us against danger of sickness that misrht become epidemic. and against Eight Burned In Oil Fire At Refineryj Victims Are Rushed to I Houston Hospital Immediately To Continue Cotton Act; Despite Crop Shortage Drouth Cost To Texas May SAYS LOOKED LIKE GASOLINE FLAME „ j Crew of 2O OrM OreW ere \VASHIXGTCXN*. <JP). —The farm administration, harking to the reaction stirred up *-y it» intimation that compulsory control of cotton production might be abandoned, has almost decided to continue it in operation during the remainder of the crop year. Protest which arose -when some officials declared they believed the Bankhead compulsory- control act should be abandoned led them to declare Monday that t should be continued in the July crop report. there • would be little need for making ! individual cotton allotments and I taxing the excess, Fe-w farmers would have cotton to sell in excess . of their allotments and no market / would exist for tax-exemption cer- i tificates, they point out, j However, there is the argument { that abandonment of the aeti svnr OnS Unless General Rain Is Had thin Ten Days. Want Is Seen McDonald Throws Support To Tom Hunter In Runoff Third Man In Governor's Race Says His Supporters Have Instructed Him To Support Tom Hunter In August Election Work Shown f 0 g e g a( JJy \T^ rt J A J JM 66(16(1 JtflTT KtJLtL. EFFECT OF WEATHER AUSTIN. (&y. —C. C. McDonald, defeated Itemocratic candidate for governor, said Monday his supporters had iitstructed him to support Tom F. Hunter in the runoff campaign. McDonald said a poll of tils supporters showed 1.016 favored for Hunter and 32 for , overwhelming victory against al! [ odds on Aus^st 25." j ; He added that his "own per- ; i sonal choice is Hunter, because I { • am a neighbor and have practiced I law tvith both Kanter and Alired i : for years, and there is no compar- ! ; ison from the standpoint of char- i : acter anti native ability." I Polls Open at 8 v ^AW Tuesday Morning; Close At 6 o~ Clock ^ • XT/) —" * that if this „ -u, 1 Plant The 2CeTvs has presentee j probleih day by day in the P 1 *™*** j KOUSTOK.C/P}— El^ht men were 1 - v «ar'» cotton production fell be- maner it could formulate ^^^ i seriously burned tor injured ia an i low th « 10,446.251 bales aJIovred | plainest words at its co j e:K p losion a , the sfc el | re fj nerv O n ! in tfa e Bankhead act. as indicated j Surely every man and woman «.no = ^ Houston Mondavi = reads of things affecting: the «el- j morniR5 The men we ^ working . | fare of the city has read a ^ u ?" j around a cracking unit. Three i derstands this proposition. SHo^M j ambujances ^^^ * he victims to I there be any ^ho do not it is again , a HoU5ton hospitaL j outlined here for their benefit and j The injurt;d workers «™ I to refresh the memory of others. without paying the t?T_ now re-1 quired. . i Sales of fertilizer In It Is Arerred Donald to remain neutral. "The jis's up -with ..Jimoaie be- 1 cause its time for Tom." McDon- See SUPPORT Page B Col. 2 See ACT Page S Col. 2 it is proposed to expend 5&S.OQO on repair and betterment of the sanitary sewers. The city is asked to vote for$70.000 in bor.ds which win draw 4 per cent interest and be redeemed annually within 30 years. 1'fce Federal government x\-ill 'give the $25.000 to m^kc th» nevded amour.t. The cliy expends S9S.OOO and has to repay only $70.900 and the 1 interet>t crn that | Robert Graham. F. C. I I-uuis Cloutier. \V. Domaschk. John ] I Manning:. W. J, 'Fat" Rhynes. L. i I E. Jordan, and Alec Vinctnt, j | Jordan, the least hurt of the i j i«cn in the hospital, said that 20 • j or more men were vrorking on ; | the number 7 battery of stills at j I B furnace. ; | "We had Just dropped a unit | ; and were drawing off the water." I i-said Jordan. ~The fire started in Mrs. Dunagan Is Named To Fill Late Husband's Place southern | DALLAS. 0?}— Texas farmers! aid said. i fisnired lionday that unles-s good | in the first campaign. McDon- ! rains^ fell within* ten days their : ^ ^ m "arrayed against us was drouin-parched products would | moae3: , influence and wolitioal fcost tnem millions of dollars. j po , ver , aad yet ^ were ^ nne ^_ | up in the memorable congest. J ; • will now answer your call a.r=d fol- : and in son^e D aces r>ro- «n this summer, cotton has not . ow y °' Jr 1A grown properly, wheat is Tar short •' r** JV ^ ~~* '~ n Mr ' Runcers of its normal quality, ranges have I ^^P*"^ ^ e aave loueht the dried UP. corn has turned • brown, I snoney ? ower *>~-ore; w« v.-ili do many panhandle farmers have • so °"~ — lore tJ^r»- and if \ve stand abar.aoneci their homes and most \ so - igi >' together we will '.via an of Uie 254 counties in the " j=tate are either on emergency or secondary drouth lists. Cotton crops in each of the = Appointment of Mrs, Roy Dun- ing so canvassed the returns the .widely-separated counties have \ Glory Entry Is Wardrobe Winner Only Permit Measures I Tuesday the question of whether | Paris will have an ad-equate sew; asr-s disposal and gathering sys- t Eerr: -will be in the hands of the | dry's approximate!,, 2.5fM* qcali- i f:ed vorers on the J70.60Q bond ; issue necessary to secure aa out— i -; 1 *?!- grant of an additional ?2S,- ; 00y_from the Public T^'orks Ad- I nun'.strati on. Long a source of Her Appointment to Serve Out Unexpired Term Is Made On Monday By County Judse C. A, Martin to fill the unexpired term committee certified -Mrs, Hoy Etan- >f her late husband as commis- agan as the Democratic nominee -hands, one arocnd the other as il .Russell, who resigned his The work estimated to em f describing a ir.ultipJe somersault. > j position to accept the postinaster- irien fo- Slunemeister supersn- jship at Paris, arid his action Mon- ihe refinery, said that \ day sow brings the commissioner's had been started | court to full numerical na&in's' ; s . the'; Martin filed therefore- ap- ~ point 5-Irs. Koy I?unagaji corct- missio'ner-. in precinct Xo. 2 to fill out the unexpired term of H.oy Duaasan, ^^n damaged more than $1,000.- j C0f> and the normal panhandle • wheat croi% of 35.000.000 bushel.- | ^i!l be about 1S.OOO,00<>. One | rancher traveled 5.000 miles try- i ing: in vein TO find pasturage for j "ii? herds. j s vrheat area nortTsivest ot | Aniarillo served by one railroad i <Sid not move a carload of the i ?:ra;n. It usually produces ' fM>m \ .000.000 to 1,500.000 buyhsls- In | ^^ sector July -eras the ^.hcrtest ; .? years. Gov. Miriam Planes Take One to Death Iniure Three W e- T> . T-,. r, '• tiiscomiort 10 pK?rso . 5>. Jrnce rirst; ran- . the area wasre rav nin County Entry Is i Tjie cit ^ s J Jnes is di Second J sireams and Ion j ing: over th trom •gsd into a sword hang- heads o: city admin• istrations as they livec.—and live •"Dinners of the two first places ; now—in. fear of legal action against. in -he state wardrobe improve- j such procedure as is now ttsed in raent contest, entered, by wonien ! the disposal of the city's "VVHD club members in 77 coun- I the Issue comes agaii: ties of Texas, live in Xorthe-isr . squarely to the voters- Texas, one being- Mrs. W. S, Price ! Persons interested m of Glory, Lamar county -^ao won j fare of the dry and In rirsz and the other. Mrs. Ear! j antiquated and anie of Fannln county. the we!— seeing- an now abandoned isposai plant replaced by modem Texa* SaLLatK Dav Cra^Oi ! Wi ^ ner ° f seco ? e ^lace. Awards i methods of disposal that will In- Ae.xit» jaJjifcLUJ, ifti* VjiHa-u- were announcec durins the An- : c'-^as* 1 - -«e ssa—-!--! T? >«.«- - " es Leave Survivors to. " Critical Condition ave sue.* By the Associated .Press Sabbath day plane crashes ers Short Course held [ t:ons of Station last week. Mrs. | rime in an attempt ^o : Price received a sewing macains | citizenship regardinsr ; and Mrs. Blassingarae a chest of j aee d for an immediate sole-don' of ^aiiver. _ -..,- ... * tire -probfeaar-eos-frontins iirs- Pnce is a member of the ; T>» The state departmen- o^" 2^a_ " now unenrpicyea. hut"? takem from the Koderal ^-JU the Federal the work, I* win be don* labor under Paris sunervislon, ---.-'•? side--or outride," he said. "I don't tlxrlieve anyone cotsM, it happersed • : Every citirca of Paris who- is ; so quick," 1 qualified to vote in elections for! Xeither "Wasj^sncr nor ; GraJiam officers is ?-l«o qualiflea to vote 1 would hAye b«ea hurt except that. , if hf or ?h« owns ativ property | t.hey chanced to be che<Jvi:is: ; ;n7bl«ct to taxation that Is on the I equipment near th® location of the j tax"rolls for this year. The elec- j explosion. i| t!on officers wiH have JisCs* of tho»<! taxpayers, and anyone in of the risiht to vote can b* in Texas took a toll of one life Glory club a/a has made art out \ has inrima-ed "ha r -Iy primary and after hav- See PI-ACE, Page S, Co]. ± 60 Miles Of Torches Line Road to Hindenburg Grave , ports that the ^xrended drouth I and other adverse cor:r;-"ti.:-ns had I " - creates a situation of "real acute j alarm." j Hoxvever, D^right P. Heordan. ' ! president of the federal inrerirted- | late credit bank at Houston, ex- I pressed th-e opinion that good sen- officer at -T'55 uard Admits Aided Escape arid left three - persons in critical conditions. Wayne Bickerstaf Houston plane, ^ras fatally injured vrhen a plane struck a trire cable and fell into the Brazos river near Bryan. The pilot. E- B. Gaither. 4?. also of Houston, was bruised and cut but expected Co recover, At Giadevrater. S^ record In her wardrobe . the . irnprovernent w-ori. as TV ell as i<2 ; I3-vear-oId other phases of TTHD work- According- to a report made by Mrs. Price, she niacie a dress, a. hat, bought f^ro pair hose a~c one Pair of shoes, underclothing and accessories and cosmetics for a total cost of SS.S7. She made a closet for her Paris is made BOND ISSUE FACTS X\*ho may voie: Any property owner vrhose holdings, real o K personal, are listed on the la a plane piloted i XHUDECK. Gem^any. (.?> — j troops, Schutz Siaffel members and j Through a lane of flaming: torches ! Hitler youth will Join the recular : sixty miles long- the body of Paul (army in the tribute as the caisson ' •, von Hindenbargr will be taken on 1 rambles along ; Monday n%h t to his grave. \ ^ nnr . and braaclies of oa , ; 5 ere crops might be replaced Se-e DROUTH Fa~e S Col. 1 nnd clo^e at •pen at 5 o'clock f«>fk. Thi« tv one SeV ^SnXl^W^ri":^?* 1 ^ 11 ^ Statement *~^*~* r .ate the late P resi- , the body .111 be placed ^'^ f Saying He Smuggled } ccai ^- Q fieja marshal loved so \ marshal s to^ver of the ~-r>" .1 * f~* W " } well. ; memorial, a to-tver Pistols to Cons by those who TiiCTT* to vote J find tT 1 in day, II Brief memorial exercises vir:II be ' Hindenburg Tower." national j n as "Von I 1 ies In Crash S clothes with- a cash outlay of only 5 cents. atiliriGg old materials. Ker record as a demonstrator inclnd-es making 114 fouaeatior- patterns, 25 den^onsrra.t!^ns in ed s. takeoff from an airport, rnaking- pajamas, 30 in making i Picg-e-on and Charles Sherrard of -, sleeves, and -5 in making skirts. ! GladeTrater -were badly injured, I Toune: Bickerstafrs neck broken as the plane !a -which he I and Gaither rode caught a^ cable stretched 50 feet above a sTvimniirg: pool, collapsed and fell into Faff Truck Fatal property nwn'nsr vot^r is to r.Ili-xvin^ Paris to s:t-* j>roi**c:it*n he should so to the- am? rote- np^ it. Th<»J»c favor it should certnirtiy c^- th<*sr attUu<lfr in the isarr!^ in the Walker county grarscl jury to investiicat* charges apainst James A. Patter- n *r.burs;. scene of one of his <*..«, prison sr«ard. in connection es - roiIiULr j- jrivrmphs. prison break July '. many's hero will be placed on a j Keich^ta^ in Berlin, will be Sun camasre for the trip to Tan- \ speaker at funeral exercises T^es- '• Holder of Endurance Record. Crashes utes After Falls to with i he men in making The to xftjl*- rtTstTt**r«: snd ^very person shousrf d^ hi> r-n sc*tl*rixcnt. Th<? plain — fher^ i^ no rt'itsers for «rs«$«*rstar!«1Ir:: IT — *h*r* Is no *Hc ground in ;? — Cither on-e is for . Jt r*r ssninrt it. snd t'h«'>se' tvho say th^y are for }• nn«1 n^Rrlwc or refuse to say 50 at th« ballot box arc "S in ^^hich Kay mo and fwo oth^r condemned con- vie is ot?caped, vi-as r>lanned ilon- Hainiltc-n roadside, torches in hand, in honor j of the old soldier. Xas; ptorrrs ' Before the body Vor. ±iin- irom DATTOX. O. See L-IXE Pa.ce S Coi. 4 Max Rosrers, district hurry ins: here from a trip, planned *•-> conf<-r manager t-f attorney. vacation XV lib L,**' the Texa,* prison- system arsd Warden ^V. W. I Waid, reg^trdtn?: a statemer.: Pat- f to penitentiary au- iu which he was quoted Lamar Put In Armies StiD Drouth Area Hold Orleans ; as admitting sunuftKling pistols tn- Th w!« haw favored thi* T>ro- poyJtJon jiM«t aj« it has fa%*ored •v< :U fav«r r-v»-r>"thin^ f^r the arid x\-«*Jfarc «f Paris, Ii haj« doti*' 4pv«ryt.hin«c xvUhin the power- of a new>ij»aj>'-r to r»res»c-n; it fairiy and fvll t« the prison To the desperadoes. Patterson, charged with smui?-. threv automatic pistols in- i side the prison for delivery to the . t ^ convicts, admitted Sunday In a) •*"*** signed Matenient that he brought roanty th« w«ai>on* int<* th* prison. Simmons and \Vald ^aid. Until shortly before h*? made his signed statement, l*atterson „ i had denied he knew of the TO TRY STTAKT | planned break *nd s« he did not HOUSTON. itPt —State's a:tor- ' know hoxv tht pistol* found their prepared Monday ro beirin a ? way Uito the prison. the of the ri^urt f?rht for the ?:f<? of K Siaart. 27. a fftrir»er Accused of j for the «IrT»wn!njr hi* four-y«»ar-o!il danjch* j n> t«r, t>ortha, t> cotf<«c{ in«uranee ( f<»r th»» sopnort of hfr twin »»t«r. that Lanra: hast i>eon irjc]»d<xl in the y dromh ftrea has bc«?n r?-e*-;v^d oy the Xew«« froir: i?<;n- a:«>r Morris Shcppard of Texar- isantt. IjRinar, tvtih other counties *,; Northoa^t Texas was included in th*- secondary list of counties He admit- «*.ipibtc for drouth relief al*out a .-r— Over tse air fearlessly i.n lite, Mrs- T*rariC f ?s Harr^JI Marsalis, C9. -sv-jji travel in death. The aviatrix, co-holder of the •women's refuelir-g: ersriuranoe flight record, was killed Sunday Tchen her ] Uch? biplan-s plunsreo to earth f x«.-ithir. sicht of the last marker of • " j the 30-mile- feature race of the sa- Advantage* May; Long and ^almsley Keep donal Trojne= " s air ~^ r •^ *^ -— 4^^^. j T»" I Tentative arrar-cc-rf.ents were V Armed IroOp* lm»de to tskT- her IvSy by plane £ back to her hcrnp at Garden City. 1 Ixsss: Island. X. Y. e l Her ship esusrM in the back,- j wash of five other planes, nosed Mayor T, Semines \Va3nisJev! *° wr! - ^"^^ a hole three- feet d^er» stack to their guns Monday :ri the [ in the jrroand. then somersaulted. bloodless ""buttle of New Orleans.** ? Mayor WaJn»*ley. who is po'irt:- ? CrTKI> FOR COXTKMFT 'out" with "Klnirflsh" Lons. f TVICHITA FAX-I-S, i3* —United Gaither -was thro-wrr: into shallow -water, -where he was rescued : by swimmers. Bickerstaff was MaXCV BoV Dies 3O Min- pinneti in the wreckage of the plazie.- Stvirarners held his head cuers used an a_xe to crop him ^ f Iree ot the machine- ne cied Harold Husrerse Julian, ten year '. ;j?ter at a Bryan hospitaL old son of Mr, and Mrs. M." H. ' The Glacle-water accident occur- ] Julian of Maxey. died Sunday aft- i reJ as the ship roared into the • emoon at S o'clock about 30 min.- | air on an apparently perfect \ utes after he had fallen from a : Suddenly, the ship wob- truck on which he was ridins: with i rolls in the office of rhe ta^c assessor for Ivimar co : iatv. A man and his tvif g. listed on the rolls as holders of coins* unity propert?*. each may vote provided each has a receipt for poll rax payment. A poll sax is necessary to vote in this election. vThar ^ill he voted our The Issuance of SI 0.0 00 in bonds. series 1534, to be retired in 3*X years and to bear Interest at the rate of four per c^nt, "^"hat tciil b« done: Two disposal p-anis tviJl he erected. one on tie north side of Paris. and one on the sotrtn. 2S.50& feer of ne'.v sew-er line win !>« laid and ^52 man holes con- simcted. The application • also calls for construction of a water supply at each of the disposal pi an -5. ^That this Tviil rrrean: A modern system of disposal of se-svasre ""'ithout heaizh 3MBace. Labor for 110 men d£J|p for six months, with attendant rolls each Treek. SECOND PAKTY 5E>"T TO RESCUE BYRD Accrue to County From Inclusion Heavih On Guard ORL.EAXS. Senaioi- Huey P. tv!t " «"*»ne keep the city hall] States attorneys were here Mon- of the party which was forced by i>y polscemea [ <Jay. r-reparir.c to an old a case for i ^ an *mouot of money u eek aw. but ^mrr.on* declined the amount liit as 'i>nj: as]• E. -Jf- Dowd, department of justice O. K. Alien f«R*at c::ec for contempt of court will divulpo dl of ihe fact* ' of Will Rogers the county from ihf secondary to the «mers;cncy prop ^ r time, i IJst wakes farmers and livestock I* the trJaJ.-* S?tmn?ons said, i producers of this county elisib:^ nrsonry the office a cr^aipr amount of h which to> purchase feed for £jien - Oalv th* state militJ ""When the remove our men—but not voters" i *'•««• >'* c with! O'lSare. bl**d !s.nd ncsed into the ground, several others to a s-^imming- pooL i IT did not burn. Both Fidseon ; The truck hit a culvert, throwing: : anr j n a ; e sa! ?rccee<5:iis gr stTid Sherrard suffered broken le^s younjr Julian off. and one of the J oi:t of the" discharge «f its raw and arms and scsJp lacerations. j wheels hit him in the side, causing- ; sewage into streams that it Cthe ! as internal hemorrhagre. department of health) wotild h« The funeral xvas held Monday , 'orced to testify agrainst the city morning- at the Maxey chsrch con- i of Paris as bein.^ gtzilty of soain- ducted by J. VT. Milliyan. Burial | ta.:ninc a nuisance and a menace- took place at the Koxton cemetery. I ;o health. ' The polls •will open Taesxlay morning: at S o'clock and wilt close : at 6 o'clock, one hour earlier than •' in state elections. Voters are 'cao- ; tioned to bear this in mind Taes; day and not put off until too late | Tuesday ;he registering of their I opinion. ! Ballot boxes w;ii be in the c«s- ' tornary places—TVard One-at Cen- :ral Fire Station: Ward Two ar the Masonic bunding; 'W.'ard Thr*© i at the court house and Ward Four ; at the hisrh schooL Voters are re' mindexJ that in cir>- elections;, voters tit Box 5D ca^t their ballots at L.rTTL.S; AMERICA. Antartlca. ij?*l — A second tractor party has set out from Little America or another attempt to brinsr rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd back from his lorsely-'ce-encased observation s-'o^t 1 23 rrtiles to the south. The expedition left Saturday. shortly after won? by wireless W.T.* received from Byrd. !>r. Thomas Poalter. in charge The pallbearers were Joe Walter Thorns-sson. "Thomas Lassiter, Thomas Nixoa ar-d w. A. Xobles. Ke is survived by his parents and three sisters and three brothers: the Misses Clara Nell. Alice Leys and Jolerte- Julian: are; "we'll ' oWiijjj: antartic storms recently to ram back aJter rea chirrs onty the lialf-way mark, was in command of the icrotir of fon^. I>r, Poulter w;" set his course corpus ; by r.avijcatior;. His- little party ear" ried a two-monthy ?x:r»p>-' c>f fovxl. Loyd. Joe David Jxilian and Charles Julian of Vaa. He is also survived r>y his irrandpartnts. Mr. and Mrs, R. A. Fry of Primaries In Three States Due Tuesdav TRl'CK MOVKMKXT SI.O\VK.1> MINTNBAPOLlj5 v oP)—Th<- pinch livestock and for retluce*} freight of srubernfttortAl power held com-; rnteft •>" f *" f> ^ 1 nn <* I* v *»tock.. La.niav HONOI-UL.U. — XV>«. w* are ( mercial truck movement to a i <•<«">ly ^ also mad* eligible for he.idinir for the hroad Pacific. It'* | minimum Monday &s Governor = firovernment purchase* of cattle. b<-fn a \v«>nsj<crfal week here. 5»m i PJoyd B. Olw«n a«:ain a»ct*rt to com- L*>ans amountirtti 10 $3 per head It would Jake month* to »«> It all, f r>e! settJemrnt of ihe rhree-w^eks on rnnce cattle: ?*4 per head on do J*>t* of playing her*, but .1 old inack drivers* strlfce. Only a dairy cattle: and f 5 per head on j * J soard "camp" they ur.cove-ed «* oM missionary f«mU5es do j tew trtick* were permuted TO move work^took mwy be applied for bv j ?Sj«ir 14 sub-machine suns in city of work, I'jo. One s-ood tbfnjtr j and their owners, under the jrov- T-amar producers, under the pro- ; hall and announced they were narrow separates tJ*e opposirajc It is **>fo Man's Sunday nisht as the police eb- j the transfer of a load of? suns Into the nation- ; Cuba Fights Smugglers In Air Bombers And WarsMps The- last I^ps in three spiritvd r-ri;r.ary races were run Monday. ; with the electorate picking the I Tuesday :n Missouri, West \ and Kansas. \ nations for EWO stats In he Tnit€d States senate — i>ow [. held by ?ee VOT5! Pace Col. WEATHER ft},out *en». they put «11 iheir money i ernor"* edict effective one minute ; vision* richt hack In :he tsSands, Attor- f past !n*r midnish;, had to havr ttonst n*-y General Curtminjr!« got In \ n*rwtt» from the national nuard. Thurwrtay. He !s Roosevelt's I _.™_-._» _ ....„_, „, lawyr-r. ftnil I «ru«-s»!« como out 10 ] B.\XI>fT> ARK SOL'CiflT Rtratjrhten out some devilment hU Corsicanw. Ufy —County and city bo»w» jroi In whil* here. Huey Long , cvfflcers «r« neekinit two of drouth relief resrula- i ready for any emergency. drive, by ;he f Adjutant General Raymond H, I a *» Snst rum-runners, detail* of plans for ct> \ ^'leminir. commander of the na- I Col, Fulgencio Batista coni- feed Joans n,«> well as <Je- 1i tional stuard, was reported to have ; snandor-in-cit'.c? of the army, tod s of the p!«n for }»uy*nc cattle | f on* to Alexandria where t*,e na- [ :he camj>j*isn. He ?ss:<J he believed the government have n«>t been \ tiohal jruard i» holding an oncaspp- I ? ^* ««ni',s»;yers tafcink . ,- ,. - . J ! announced, pending eomplff'ton of ** irettlnsr more publicity out here bandir*. th«u K M to be «scatr«d | a «*unty oncanlsatton to handle U» the pa pens than Hitler. If I am convict*. In connection w*m ih«- | drouth relief problems. Annomux- »i*a»$ck tomorrow yoa won't hear hi-j*ckme of WnUer • Roberta. Jr u m«nt Af »>,* Tw.« rt r,««i ^r tx* from me. Tour*, of Wftlter Robert*, Jr». j ment of the * woniftn companion. nc*r the {evjimtv nrtmnlrfirton H SUt« Horn* l*t% Sunday. | within th« n^xt two or three d«y». HAVANA, i^i— Ten airplanes, bombs, and sex-en Mondav in a whtsJcy to \V;:;cox, Arthur Walter and Jvas;! Arthur. Authorities refxjsed :o -r:ve ihe reason for the arrests. Jefferson Caffery, Cnitcu States ambassador. s.Kd he knew nothing or a report the tru.- wa^ ,-«stnv1> at the rc^jurs: department in NVasr»- "ith tnaxirrum temperature* republicans—aie at ! ho\-erins around the century nut- in Missouri and West Vir- = and little prom:*.* of relief fro No senatorshrp is being fil- drouth. Par;:* and vicinity co tinues to suffer £:O'».H heat, l^a.*. which are not l;r>eruS!y sprtnk r -- -I are scared an-i ; eaves are shruM;tT,v. A't ffiird^ns* not : seated h;f."e Jong ssm-e tjivf! .i>;<i many orrs;i'-j«'ni;t- sbriit** J>-*< lec! in s Candulates also are l>eing nojri- inated for twenty-six seats in tb^ house of rvpresetiiatives—f.hirtet-n in Missouri, six in and severs in Kansas, th inlo stal rnent. I the United for Parish deputies have been seek- } wilh arn ' s aTid d\'naniit* injr htm for aeveral d&^-s to serve j Cui>a » revolutionaries, injttnctton papers ordering th* do- j. Three. Americans W«T* Arrested be» A1\MIH^$ £*$.£# > Co«- i »siv*>. viiw»r jaa,<u<?ai •** KvvUo-rtck b?a ex!»re«6*ed confidence a '. ring vi-ouJj be brs>k^n up acd coal within a few das*. ; explosion sct'irhfto check the flow <.>£ afrtt^r.iVnateHy 7-3. *ud Ui uuaiit* isto Cuba. J other TKN MINKKS MISSING BIG ^Tt^NE CAP r V,-t , = ,p) — Te -n ar* unaccounted for in an section of th«r Derby nunu-' r^e mine of ' the Ston^j-rap Co coutfwiny \shfr* a y occurred at al-out lit} - ' tlay t*» worts JIM? ir» of the mine Partly

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