The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 28, 1969 · Page 1
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July 28, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 1

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1969
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Where to Find It: Comics Editorials Wilson 4.S 14 4-S TV> Radio 1 Weather Women 13 15 11 THE WEAfHER-Generally fair through Tuesday except some cloudiness this afternoon. High today 80; low tonight 58. Warmer Tuesday. Sunrise 8:05; sunset 8:37. Tfce Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon JP Des Moines, Iowa, Monday Morning, July 28, 1960—24 f'ages—Two Sections Price 10 Cents INDONESIANS WELCOME NIXON (HIHKCTRY WHS TO KEEP TAX BOOTS 'Shocked' by Home, Lobbyists Unite By Murray Seeger <») Th» Lot Angeles Times WASHINGTON, D.C. - Ad- mittcdly "shocked" by the strong congressional drive to reduce its tax privileges, the oil industry has started to counterattack. A quickly formed industry committee based in New York has started a nationwide news* paper advertising campaign, seeking public support. The campaign may cost $1 million, one industry official said. In Washington, the industry's best known spokesman, the American Petroleum Institute, is trying to persuade the House Ways and Means Committee- to reconsider the action it took Monday when it voted to cut the most conspicuous of the industry's special tax advantages, the/depletion allowance, from 27% to 20 per cent. Join Forces Other industry associations, which have different views on some tax proposals, have started co-ordinating their lobbying efforts more closely. There also are indications that the trade groups representing oil and gas companies would be joined by the American Mining Congress, the biggest association of. hard minerals companies,, in battling the tax reform drive. "We're all on the same side of the street now," one oil industry representative said. The new lobbying effort is just getting underway and there has not been time for agreement on grand strategy. As one official of the petroleum institute put it: "We are still in a state of shock." The depletion provision is considered the central issue in the comprehensive tax reform bill now taking shape in the House committee. The 25-member body is nearing the end of its work which started in February. The^action which spurred the new oil industry activity was the 18-to-7 final vote by which OIL- .'"• Please turn to Page Nine Winds Push Cool Air Into State Gusty, northwest winds of K to 30 miles per'hour pushed cool, Canadian air into Iowa Sunday, creating a pleasant, almost spring-like day. . Temperature and humidity readings were considerably lower than Saturday's levels. Highs ranged from 72 at Waterloo to 80 at Council Bluffs. Des Moines high was 77. A few weak thunderstorms were reported in the extreme eastern portion of Iowa, and some sprinkles of r a i n devel oped Sunday in the northern two-thirds of the state. Skies cleared Sunday night and fair skies and warmer temperatures were predicted for today. The mercury should reach 80 in Des Moines. Boy Injures Eye In Gun Mishap A 7-year-old Des Moines boy suffered injuries to his left eye when a blank pistol was fired near his head about 9 p.m. Sunday. Mrs. Mary Smith, 1457 Seventeenth st., said her son, Larry, was in 3 car outside 1310 Fourteenth st., when the boy was injured. She said the gun, which fires blank- -shells, had been left in the car accidentally. A police officer said wadding from the blank shell struck the boy in the eye and a doctor at Broadlawns Polk County Hospital said the boy might be permanently blinded. The boy was later transferred vto University Hospitals in Iowa City. 2 SHOTS FIRED AT PROWLERS; U BOY DEAD WIREPHOTO (AP) Mrs. Neil Armstrong, wife of the first man to set foot on the moon, is overwhelmed with emotion during talk with her husband through the window of the astronauts' quarantine trailer as they arrived So Near, Yet So Far at the Manned Space Center in Houston, Tex., early Sunday. The Armstrongs' son, Mark, G, tries to talk to his dad via phone as his mother clutches him. STORY, ANOTHER PICTURE: Page 5. Boy Nipped By Lion Cub At City Zoo An 8-year-old Des Moines boy who was allowed into the lion Custodian Charged With Manslaughter cage at the Children's Zoo was injured when lie was scratched and then grabbed by two cub lions Sunday afternoon. Zoo Director Bob Elgin said 10 children were also scratched while they played with a pet cougar during "Adventure charged with manslaughter in/Day" at the xoo. he shooting death of a 14-year-j Elgin said lion tamer Gary old Des Moines boy early Sun-! Enficld took Kevin Ajlen. son of By Michael Sorkin Des Moines man was day. Lonnic Lee Harms, son of Mrs. Margaret Grander and Leland Harms of Des Moines, was found about 1:30 a.m. face down in the rear of an apartment building at 743 Nineteenth st. Police said the boy was shot once in the back, of the head with a .22-calibcr weapon." Charged in the slaying wasj John Brandt, 4fi, a custodian at! the apartment building. Brandt is free on a $5,000 bond. A Mr. and Mrs. Larry Allen, of 528 Twelfth st., West Des Moines, into the cage so that his father could take a photograph. While the boy was petting the 18-month-old male lion, Ramses, the cub nipped him on the seat of his pants, said Elgin. Kevin was treated by a private physician and was reported in good condition, a member of his family said later. A witness to the incident, Mrs. Floyd Robinson, 8063 Til- ner- drive, said she was three HE PROMISES MORE AID IN JAKARTA VISIT Toss Orchid Petals In His Path By Richard Wilson (The Register's Washington Corrs sponcienl) J A K A U T A. INDONESIA (MONDAY) - President Nixon established a new relationship Sunday with President Suharto ,of Indonesia based on non-intervention and increased economic involvement with this nation. But he indicated that the U.S. nuclear umbrella is extended as far as it will go, and he is not going to make any new nuclear commitments during his trip to Asia. M r. Nixon was received warmly and with official pomp in the capital on the island of Java, which formerly was the hearing on the case is sched- : f ee t from the lion cage when uled for Monday. Brandt told police two youths Inefficiency: Root Of Police Shortage Following is the second of two articles based on a study of problems in the Des Moines Police Department. By Stephen Seplow Police manpower in Des Moines is inefficiently used; the MOON ROCK LIKE EARTH'S HOUSTON, TEX. (AP) Scientists here were excited Sunday after getting their first good look at a moon rock that seemed very similar to earth matter. Ted's Case Stirs Clash; Eggs Tossed Onlookers shout support for Edward Kennedy at church: PAttE 7. had been seen prowling around the apartment, and had attempted to steal paint from his 1962 station wagon parked in the rear of the building. Two cans of paint were found next to 'young Harms' body. Police said four additional cans of paint were found in the rear of the station wagon. Authorities confiscated a .22- caliber rifle from Brandt's rear ground floor apartment. Two bullet holes were found in the window screen of the bedroom which faces the rear alley where the body was found. Two spent shell casings were also found near the bedroom window. Brandt told police he first fired a warning shot, and then fired another shot, believed to have struck the youth. Authorities said a second youth is believed to have fled on foot after the warning shot was fired. He was described as white and wearing a light- colored shirt. Police said Sunday they have been unable to locate.the dead boy's parents or determine the boy's address. The body was taken to Dunn's Funeral Home. the attack occurred. She gave the boy following shook his account: he*ad as "The if he didn't want to go in, and the keeper picked him up and carried him into the cage. "The male lion went behind the keeper, and put his paws on the man's shoulder. The man swung around to knock the lion off, and the first thing we knew; the male nipped the boy by the rear, and knocked him to. the floor. Then both lions were on him (Kevin). "The father yelled 'Oh God' and ran into the cage with another man, and between the three of them they got the boy out. Then the keeper was so mad, he began whacking the lions on their noses. "When they got the boy out, his hip pocket was all bloodied, and,he was crying like the devil — it wasn't for fun." •Elgin said children are customarily allowed to play with animate during "Adventure Day," but Kevin was "the only one to go into the lion cage. "At no time was the boy in any possible danger at all," said Elgin. All of the children who were scratched by the cougar were "all right.," Elgin said. PICTURE: Page 4 governmental center of the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. The present non-aligned military government which overthrew the flamboyant dictator Sukarno in which took a 1965 blood bath 300,000 lives wel- 2 Soviet Ships corned President Nixon with a motorcade, a lavish state dinner and cultural entertainment in the traditional ._iay_aties.e style. U was the first visit by a U.S. president to this multi- Island nation of 117 million people, sprawled strategically along the Asian underbelly. The crowd at the airport and lining the motorcade route to M e r d c k a (Freedom) Palace seemed thin, but enthusiastic- Indonesians waved flag?, popped balloons and shouted "Hi- dup Nixon" ("Long live Nixon") as the beaming President waved to the crowd, shook hands, signed pictures of himself and exchanged yells of "Long life" in Indonesian. Dusky maidens from West Java danced around him and NIXON Please turn to Page Four INSIDE THE REGISTER detective bureau needs an organizational shake-up; the patrol! " Il appears to be a fine grain j H Y A N N 1 S PORT, MASS. forcejs not doing a lot of investigative work it should be doing, . juvenile bureau is doing FIND BODY OF MICHIGAN COED YPSILANTI, MICH. (AP) An Eastern Michigan University coed was found strangled Saturday in the same area in which seven other young women have been slain in the past t w o years, authorities an- PICTURE; Page 6 nounced Sunday while disclosing a bizarre similarity in six of the deaths. The body of Karen S. Beineman, 18, of Grand Rapids, Mich., was found Saturday, police announced Sunday. Six of the eight victims, including Miss Bcineman, had pierced ears and an earring was missing,from the ear of each of the five others, said Washtenaw County Sheriff Douglas Harvey. Harvey would not say if one i ^' of Miss Beineman's snowflake- shaped earrings was missing when her nude body was found lying face down in the bottom of a gully. She had been beaten about the face, said Washtenaw County Prosecutor William Delhey, a lot of work it shouldn't doing. be These are elusions of some of the con- the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which has recently completed a $31,700 study of the Des Moines Police Department. Too many men are assigned to some shifts while not enough are assigned to others, the study says, adding further that many officers are not being used to maximum potential. Manpower Shortage All of which leads to one conclusion: The manpower shortage on the Des Moines police force — undoubtedly real — would probably be less acute than it appears if available personnel was used more sensibly. "The Des Moines Police Department does not need a significant increase in the number of patrol officers to give a high level of police service," the report declares. "Sufficient numbers alone do | not provide the best protection. Officers must be well selected trained, and used intelligently with discretion. "We have found that the patrol strength of the department is not used to the best advantage and its full potential has not been realized because of the department's in- igneous rock, with individual mineral grains visible on its surface," said Dr. Elbert King, curator of the laboratory where the rocks picked up by the Apollo 11 astronauts are being examined. Slipped Off Igneous means a rock hardened from a molten mass. It might have been born in a volcano, or such a rock—hardened below the surface—might have been ripped up by a meteorite impact. | Geologists were at first I thwarted Ijy moon dus~t covering this rock, as well as others, but the dust slipped off rather easily when it was lifted on an elevator inside the vacuum chamber, exposing the rocks to better view. There is evidence, from small strips on the rock, that U had been peppered meteorites during by micro- its stay on the moon's surface, the scientist said. (AP) — A group of demonstrators with signs calling for the resignation of Senator Edward M. Kennedy were pelted with eggs and firecrackers Sunday by a small gang of youngsters ranging in age from 7 to 17. Police said the incident occurred after the demonstrators completed their orderly protest parade about three blocks from the Kennedy residential compound. Kennedy in a national broadcast Friday night said he was asking Massachusetts voters to help him decide whether he should resign because of his auto accident in which a woman companion was killed. .The anti-Kennedy demonstrators carried homemade signs that read: "Youth for Truth Demand Resignation," "Can You Buy Justice?", "Tell the T r u t h, Ted", "Go Swim, Don't Run in 72". Police said youngsters sympathetic to Kennedy shouted ob- 4IOWANS DIE IN ASHTON CRASH By a Staff Writer ASHTON, 1A. — Four persons Visit Zanzibar Nab Mafia Leader MOSCOW, RUSSIA (AP) - A Soviet rocket curi u-r and tank-' er visited Zanzibar, off thei Tan/anian coast, Sunday and were greeted Dv large crowds CHICAGO Mafia kingpin Felix and a 21-gun salute, the news (Milwaukee Phil) Alderisio is agency Tass reported. President Abeid Karume of Zanzibar was quoted as saying, "Tiro charged with attempting to do- fraud bank of 578,935 Page 13 were ! were friendly relations between our armed forces and peoples." the kidnaping N.Y., infant '. Buffalo, Page 4 Marriage Surge Is Leading to Baby Boom, Experts Say killed and five persons visit will further strengthen the'CANADIAN WOMAN is held in injured in a two-car, h c a d-on accident about 9 p.m. Sunday on Iowa Highway 60 three miles south of Ashton in Osceola County. Dead are Donald Kammlade,! WASHINGTON, D.C. (APi - Despite the pill, population 70, his wife, Christine, 64, of specialists forecast a possible new upsurge in births because Matlock, and Marvin Norling, Americans are marrying at a near-record pace — with many 32, of Le Mars, and his two- newlyweds themselves the re-. ' suits of an earlier baby boom. That was the word Sunday from the Population Reference Bureau which reported that i week-old son, Mark. COED- Now, he added scientists are really excited because they can begin to see and de- iscenities at the demonstrators, scribe these first bits of mat- i S0 me of whom were reportedly ter from another planet. . f rom out of state, and yelled. The rock will be placed in a; "Go back where you came radiation counter to measure!from," and "Get out of here, gamma rays, a kind of X-ray,jyou bums." turn to Page Six POLICE Please turn to Page Three | that it may be releasing from i reactions to cosmic ray bombardment. This could give a measure of how long it has been on the moon, and perhaps ROCKS - Several mothers called their children away frgm the scene, police said. The injured were all taken to the Sheldon Community Memorial Hospital in Sheldon. They are Roger Klose, 35, his wife, Carol, 29, and their two sons, David, 4'/2, and Andrew, 1%, all of Elmhurst, III., and Marvin Norling's wife, Marilyn, 28. Mrs. Klose and her son, David, were reported in serious condition early today. The other three persons were listed in fair condition. Terry Pullman, an Iowa Patrol officer who in- the accident, said a car driven by Marvin Norling and carrying his family was traveling south on Highway 60, and the other car driven by Donald Kammlade containing his family and the Klose family was going north when the head- 1968 brought 2.1 million mar- Physicist suggests fallout may have caused more than ll)l),0<)<) baby deaths since 1950: PAGE <i. riages — a figure exceeded j- only in 1946—in an acceleration j- of "the marriage boom of the subject matter ranging from dilate 1960s." War Babies Marry It said: Main reason for the marriage boom is the fact that Americans born in the baby boom of the years just after World War II now are reaching marriageable age themselves. And the current "upsurge in marriages . . . may lead to a new baby boom" despite the widespread practice of birth control. The bureau, a private, nonprofit organization which keeps A police cruiser moved in to. on collision occurred. prevent further disturbance and No charges were filed Sun- tabs on population trends, told the incident ended without any day, but Pullman sa'd in- about it in offering ;i new "Pro- Please turn to Page Five \ apparent injuries. • vestigalion wus continuing. i:le of the U.S. ramily" — with vorc« rates to what the bureau termed "the truly forgotten Americans . . . the working poor." The latter were described as people who have low incomes, yet are largely unaided by welfare and Social Security programs. The bureau forecast a possible new baby boom in the next few years even as it noted that: "Today the overwhelming majority of American couples use some form of birth control " Hand in hand with the iu- BIRTHS Please turn to Page Nine r

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