The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 23, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1918
Page 5
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vPAGffi HVE. Halt of the people.kill themselves. —Atchison Globe. CASTOR IA Pot Infants attd Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always beam the •faiMott i HELLO BILL!' Where did you get the hew hat? That isn 't ft flew hat. it 's my old one I had cleaned and blocked at the Ubsbh Hat Co. 4 South Jilftltt. 21-3t .j Notice. Will be out of city for two weeks. My office will be closed. See notice In paper on tny return. 21-3t bit, R. W. ItOBERTSON. furniture Hoipltal. 406 North Main, Telephone 169. 11 -tt The man who roasts himself is only fishing tor a denial from his friends.—Atchison Globe. The average man hasn't time -to practice all he preaches.—Atchison Globe, Roofing L -• Certain-teed renders a war service. Certain-teed saves war supplies, because it is made of materials which have no use in war products. It servos war needs because it provides our armies, and peoples everywhere, with efficient, economical roofing. Certain-teed saves war transportation, because it is so compact that it takes minimum car spare, and so easy to handle that {^requires the minimum time to load and unload. Certain-teed saves war labor. 'It can be laid in less time than any other type of roof j and no skill is required- anyone who will follow the simple directions that come packed in the center of roll can lay it correctly. The durability and economy of Certain-teed are'recognized the world over, u proved by its enormous iile. It it now the standard root for factories, office buildings., hotels, stores, warehouses, garages, farm buildings, etc. Guaranteed 5, 10 or 15 years, according to thickness. Sold by best dealers everywhere. Cert&in-tced Products Corporation OfHc«t&W«r«liou«ealD Principal Cltiof of America M»ufacturert of Certain-teed Paint*—VarnUhew— Roofing ||||P|j|||||| We will win this tvar— Nothing else really matters until we do! The Flavor Lasts SHOULD BE , A SUCCESS This is What Hehry Clews Says About the Fourth Liberty Loan. (Correspondence.) New York, September 21.—Preparations which aro in progress may bo expected and may, I am confident, be depended upon to make the distribution of our Treasury's fotirtb war loan a thorough success. There is no duty more Important, moreit rgent nor in Avliit .lt ovcry American cill7 .cn can assist more patriotically. As WHS to httvo been expected after I ho brilliant successes of the Allied armies in the last few weeks, a pence offensive lias been started by the enemy. It Is likely to continue, nnd it la nil Important Uiat the Insincerity of Its purpose should Tie properly nnd promptly appraised. What has lmp- pened in the last three months of the enemy's severe reverse is appreciated In Potsdam quite as effectively as at homo here. One of the mightiest; drives ever arranged In military history was hegun against the Allied armies on March £1. It. made great progress toward the accomplishment of Its two main objectives, namely, of capturing Pnrls nnd the Channel ports. Suddenly the tables were turned. The foe was driven back re-; lenllcssly. He still is bring driven back, nnd all must agree that Lite tide of battle has changed. A Reserve force. j The explanation is not difficult to appreciate. Aside from waiting until the attacks had brought the enemy into a vulnerable position the Allied commander found that with the now American army -which had been placed at his disposal he had reserve force .that would justify him In taking the initiative. This he at once did. •Successful attacks have continued ever since and may, with, of course, occasional reactions bo expected to continue right along. Meanwhile il Is stated officially that practically within one year we have been able to send 1,600,000 well equipped troops overseas. We have another 1,600,000 now in service, ' awaiting training and transportation. Our War Department's plans contemplate nn army of no less than 4.S00.000 men as Its maximum strength next spring. IT additional troops then should be needed there is -Rtlll a large surplus to draw from. There is to bo no shortage of men from our own country to win the war. But all this requires that ample financial resources he made at once available. The enemy is undoubtedly fully advised of the extent of our military abilities. What'.iiow is paramount is that he shall < ha /e demonstration of a most practical character of the popular enthusiasm in the form of iv large oversubscription of the war loan whose distribution is about to begin. Too loan, although Its exact total has at this writing not yet been announced, will, It is understood, bo the largest similar single transaction ever entered into by any country. To make it a full success will require the cooperation of all Americans and all •branches of our national activities, •Sitch co-operation is assured. Austria Peace Note. The note addressed to all belligerent and neutral countries by the Austrian Foreign Minister is representative of the peace offensive to which I have referred. Its true value wits promptly recognized by President Wilson, who very wisely stamped out its power for harm by his curt, straightforward and prompt reply that our •conditions which were the prerequisites of any pcaco discussions had already been stated with such candor and so specifically that our Government could not and would not enter Into any discussions on the lines suggested. That the nolo was not destined to become an important influence at the present stage of the war, was the Immediate conclusion arrived at in the Xinanclal district as soon &s the text of the document was published in the newspapers un .Monday morning. A proper peace today, all must agree, would bo an influence to which the markets for securities might bo "expected to respond enthusiastically. Furthermore the market for .securities may be expected to exercise its usual prorogative of discounting such a result when it shall appear within reasonably definite prospect. But the course'of the market on Monday indicated no such (rend-ytho real character of the notu bad not been misinterpreted, it anything, the selliug power exceeded tho buying power, while Uie publication of our Government's masterful reply on Wednesday was accompanied py some degree at least or market strength. These features may be regarded enlirely significant of the belief that, on Preslddnt , Wilson's promise of "force, force to the utmost and force without sllnt or limit," must hinge the decision of the war. It is tho only argument Ilia! the Prussian machine understands, it Is the basis of the Prussian policy of domination of other countries. When the enemy has withdrawn from . llelglum and France and Serbia it wll| be tlmo to listen to his suggestions for peace discussions. He will not Jet withdraw voluntarily, hut must be driven out and Is being driven out. A negotiated peace today would mean a mere truce. Bond Campaign. The official campaign for the sale of tho new war bonds will begin next Saturday. The preliminary work already has begun, and it is to be expected that the Stock Kxchango market, in common with all olher departments of business and Industry, will willingly make whatever sacrifices may be necessary to promote the success of the undertaking. Bank reserves and new capital will be placed completely at the service»of the Treasury, and it hardly is probable that the market will In tho meantime display any pronounced signs of activity. J3ul when the loan has beep successfully placed it is not unreasonable to ex­ pect that same substantial degree of relaxation will ensue In banking circles and that financial facilities again will become available, for the transportation of Stock Exchange business. Stocks today are obviously in strong hands. There is no evidence of an overstipply in any direction! The recent order of tho Stock Kxchange calling for the filing or reports nn dally borrowings on demand and time loans has probably exerted some degree of Influence in the form of encouraging the covering of short commitments. This appears to have been somewhat of a factor In tho substantial undertone displayed by the market during the week. There also has appeared evidenco of an accumulation of the standard dividend paying railroad slocks in anticipation or hlgher'prices that are expected to accompany Ibe ending of hostilities. War doing Well. As I have already pointed out, things are still going well for us from the military standpoint. Success is attending the well-defined strategy of Marshal Foch of preserving the initiative and striking suddenly and in lurce at point after point which he finds have been weakened by forcing withdrawal of enemy troops to face his preceding attacks. The American troops In their own particular sector have this week added very largely lo their brilliant successes of last week. The llrltish troops nnd the'French have also made gratifying gains UJUI we aro now hearing of active progress of the Serbian-Greek troops against the Bulgarians, of the C'zecho-Slovalcs In Siberia and of the entrance of the Jugo-Slavs in their revolt against Austria. All these movements are but part of a main plan of the Allied offensive. It is now reported that the Austrian note having failed there will be a tuoro definite offer of peace from Berlin itself to follow a new resolution to bo offered in the Heichstog when the body meets on November D. The new revenue bill has reached the first stage of lis legislative progress. A short time will see it upon the statute books. In its present form it contains numerous inequalities which there is reason to hopo will In part be modified when tho measure has received greater consideration in the Senate. The burdens of taxation as thus far arranged appear too suggestive of class distinction. It is desirable to bear clearly In mind that It is from the wealthier classes we must expect the greatest cupport for the war loan. Meanwhile the bill taxes so severely Ihe Incomes^ and profits of this source of capital supply that little is left in the form of net income to-be utilized for investments. Cheerfulness in investment, circles in one of the most desirable factors to be maintained throughout the entire process of loan distrbiition. It will nid most effectively in promoting the success of the transaction. HENRY CIVEWS BEEBE FUNERAL TODAY. Mrs. H. D. Beebc Laid to Rest in the Eastslde Cemetery. Tho funeral of Mrs. 11. O. Beebo was held this aflornoon at :i o'clock from the homo at l> North Elm street with Rev. James Udgar Wilson of the Presbyterian church in charge of the services. Burial was in Kastside cemetery- Mrs. Bertha Barr Beebo was'born in ICdgewood, Ja., and was married to •II. D. Beebo on Feb. 5th, 1905. They came to Hutchinson on April 2nd, 1912 and have made this city their home ever since. Coming to the city as a total stranger, Mrs. Beebe soon made a host of friends with Iter plpasing personality. She was deeply Interested in her adopted" city and the friends she had gained here. During the several months of illness she was cheered by the Inquiries of those friends. .\trs. Beebo Is survived by her husband, H. D. and little son, Jay. Also by four brothers and three sisters, all of whom visited with her within the past two mouths. "FT WAS ONE GBAND SURPRISE/^JSHE SAYS "I Gained Wonderfully On The IMrst Bottle of OrRatone," Says Carpenter's Wife "1 have gained wonderfully on my first bottle of Orgutono and feel every bit of five years younger," said Mrs. T. K. Itucker, wlfo o a well known Wichita carpenter, and residing at 1204 South Main Street, the other day. "I was in a very much run down condition," she explained, "from slomuch disturbances, and must everything 1 would eat gave me trouble. .My food would sour on my stom- i acu and form gas that made ine miserable for hours and many a night I would lay awake all night long with my heart throbbing. My nerves were all on edge so what little rest I did get..iat night did not help me very much aiid when morning come I was tnost .aB tired as when 1 went to bed. 1 had terrible headaches most all the j time and felt so wretched and no ac' count I hardly had any life or energy left to do anything, "i heard so many pooplo telling I about the good that Orgatono had j done them that 1 decided to try It. I The way It took hold troubles was I one grand surprise and 1 hardly | know how to begin telling of all the j benefits 1 have derived from using it. 1 can say, tho, Dial It has made a new person out of mu and when I go to bi-d at night I Bleep soundly and get Up in the mornings feeling re- I freshed and ready to do my housework. My complexion has cleared up wonderfully, 1 have no more trouble with my digestion: Orgalone treatment has been a fine thing for me and I certainly am glad to recommend it from my own experience with it.' Orgatono is not a 60 -ea!led patent or secret remedy but a new scientific treat meat containing no alcohol or other stimulating drugs and Is sold in Hutchinson at A. At A. Drug Co. Out of town customers are being supplied all charges prepaid upon receipt of price tl .25 per bottle or six bottles for J6.26. (Advertisement-) Pegues-Wright's Autumn Fashions With the Spotlight of Chief Interest Turned Upon Hats A Great Variety of Such Tastefully • Simple Models But in no way has the smartness of style been eliminated. There's a wealth of charm in every model in this splendid array. This Autumn of 1918 has given its seal of approval to models that are simplicity itself; the shapes show wide variety, it is true, but there's nothing luxurious hi the effects, and the use of trimming is marked by extreme moderation. Ostrich is much to the front, but iC is used spar- iugly, the result being lovely to a degree. Large drooping Hats -t>f beaver, velvet, satin combined with velvet, or hatters plush, are trimmed in a manner of elegant simplicity. ' Wings and Ostrich are favored trimmings—sometimes they are placed at. dashingly smart angles, other times they form almost the entire hat, Havana Brown an alluring sapphire blue and a mellow rust shade, of red are among tho new colors, but black predominates, Chenille, burnt feathers, tinsel thread and ribbon, exquisite bits of embroidery, and tiny Hps are umong the new In trimming. , j You'll Enjoy Looking at Our Hats—' Trying Them On—and Finally Choosing Your Own. ORYCJOOCD&? CO The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. flO-20 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Hutchinson, Kansas Operating mills at Wiiiflcld, Caldwell, Newton and Hutchinson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bbls. We invite the inquiries of flour and h'eed Dealers (.Corlots only) Use UNITED Flour BUY Writing Paper NOW Prices on cloth finish papers will be higher and perhaps unobtainable. Mornick Linen Lawn (Six Styles) Special, 35 Cents ADAMS DRUG CO. 206 N. Main. Phone 131 DIAMONDS! We have only the best tiuality in DIAMONDS Perfect and blue white. You protect yourself in buying of us, THE ZINN JEWELRY & OPTICAL CO. Henry Zlnn John Blrchfi«|d In answering advertisements please weiitioii TJie Kews.

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