The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 18, 1965 · Page 47
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 47

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1965
Page 47
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Page 47 article text (OCR)

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Here'a wonderful new MMMMM relief for the pain of ^^^^^ Bunions and Enlarged ^^^r Toe Jointa. Dr. SchoU'a FOAM-EASB BUNION ^i <.ir-<^ ^ SHIBLD . Soft, cushioning L,atex Foaoi. Loopa oyer toe. Stopa painful ahoe friction, eaaea preaaure. Fleah color. Sizea: Small, Medium, t«rfe. fl .60 each. Available at Drug, Shoe. Department Stores. Or •end $1.50 with pencU outline of foot to: OR. SCWMl'S, DwU7Uy -S, CUewK MtM D' Scholls BUNION SHIELD QLD I_{6 Sof^^S Are you raiaerable with pain and aebea of leg uleera, swelling, itch, rash due to deep venous eongcation T Proven VISCOSE work* a* you walk. Easy to use. Monay-baek guaranteed trial. mil Send for nKt lOOK today. MM w f VISCOSE COMPANY Ita W. Chlcaga A*t.. CMcaga It. IIHiMis Confessions of a World's Along with the aching feet and endless questions are lots of laughs—and some romance PrincenH Caroline and mother meet Mickey. By PATRICIA CONNORS as told to lack Ryan L AST YEAR, when I was a i hostess at the Pepsi- Cola pavilion of the New York World's Fair, a little boy came up to me and wanted to know where he could get a drink. I pointed out a nearby water fountain, and he took a gulp from it. Then he walked over to me— and kicked me in the shin! "This is the Pepsi pavilion, and you give me water!" he growled. Now I work at the General Electric pavilion, which features Walt Disney's lifelike robot figures. Once a nice little lady stared at me for a moment, then gently pushed her finger against my cheek. When I pulled back, she blinked in embarrassment. "Oh, good heavens," she exclaimed, "you're one of the real ones, aren't you I" When the Fair closes for the evening, it's time for exhibit guides to relax, and we often sit around relating stories about the wonderful (and a few—very few—nb< so wonderful) visitors we have encountered. The Clairol pavilion, for instance, is a ladies-only exhibit. Husbands and boy friends must wait outside in a special area. When there's a long wait, one of Clairol's pretty color consultants comes out and explains to the males that beauty occasionally takes some time. "Listen," one middle-aged man replied, "if you can do something with my wife, you can have her all week." The guides at the Parker Pen exhibit can tell you stories about their computers. The machines match pen pals from all over the world according to their special interests—sports, pets, hobbies. They also are supposed to segregate the sexes, matching men to men and women to women. But even machines can't handle sex. Last Christmas an American sent his Parker pen pal in England some shaving cream, lotion, and a razor. In return, he received a photo of his pal—a lovely blonde. Now he plans to visit her personally with more appropriate gifts. And the Parker people ruefully remember receiving a thank-you note from one girl who said: "My pen pal is simply wonderful— she's the daughter of a Paper- mate executive." As hosts to the World's Fair millions, our first rule is to be "Once Upon a Time.. 10 9 Family Weekly, July 18,1965 T ODAY'S TODDLERS grow into adolescent adding machines. While they run their robots, I'm an, old fogey who still has a Raggedy Ann doll around the house. This makes me strictly pass6. I also have copies of Alice in Wonderland, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and a number of other classics, also passe. Today's doll has to have flesh and bones, human functions, and distinct speech in five languages. Usually it also wears a brassiere, high heels, a mink coat, and goes steady. Today's literature for the smart set is either educational or non- habit-forming. No more of this nonsense about Santa Glaus, Piglet, wizards, and witches. Mother Goose is an ugly duckling. Don't bring the kids to my house if they're about to expound on the mechanics of race cars and have never heard of Rapunzel. Don't show me any children who know everything there is to know about astrodynamics and have never gone anywhere with Huckleberry Finn. I never saw a stalk-legged doll that had the appeal of a baby doll or a Teddy bear. I never read a sophisticated "children's" book Fair Hostess polite, even under stress. This sometimes has been difllicult for Dick Church, a young Englishman on the staff of the General Motors pavilion. Once a rumor started among a large group of Girl Scouts that Dick was a cousin of Ringo, the Beatle drummer. The girls pulled off Dick's jacket and shirt before he locked himself safely in the men's room! At the Johnson Wax pavilion, the hostesses learned to curtsy after they got a phone call that the Crown Prince of Japan and his fafhily were coming. Soon a gentleman arrived, followed by an entourage of children. They were ushered into the VIP lounge, where Mishika Plores, a guide of Japanese descent, began speaking Japanese. The gentleman looked at her blankly, and Mishika let the bomb drop: "Why, you're not the Crown Prince!" No, instead he was a Greenwich Village waiter who explained in very good New Yorkese: "With all these kids, you don't expect me to stand in line to get in, do you?" Speaking of curtsies, the girls at Pepsi practiced them when Princess Grace of Monaco and her daughter, Princess Caroline, visited. But Caroline recognized real royalty when she saw it. Upon being introduced to Mickey Mouse, she made a deep curtay. On another occasion at Pepsi, a host pointed out an animated "moose" to John Kennedy, Jr., four-year-old son of the late President. John shook his head. "That's a water buffalo," he corrected the host—and rightly so. The fellows I know at the Chrysler Pavilion call themselves "beach boys." They maintain a room with towels, terry-cloth robes, and a maid to press clothes. Why? Well, the Fair has many pools, but the beautiful ones at Chrysler seem to invite people to jump in; hence the boys. Don Buikema still recalls plead-, ing with a 300-pound Southern woman to cease sitting in the main pool. She shouted back: "Son, this is the first time all day I've been cool!" And one morning Chrysler guides found an entire New Jersey grammar-school class in swimming togs using the ornamental pool. Supervising them was their teacher, with a whistle and life preserver. Somebody had told her the Chrysler pools were available for wading. And what about romance at the Fair? I remember all the broken hearts last fall when the hosts and hostesses of the '64 season went back to their schools and homes. I suppose this fall will be equally poignant—but not for Carl and Sonia Walters. Carl works at the Ford pavilion, and Sonia used to work at the Better Living pavilion. They met between duty assignments, married on their day off, and later took a two-day honeymoon—then back to work as host and hostess. So you see, our jobs aren't all fun and romance. There's devotion to duty, too! that could hold a candle to light the wondrous world of imagination conceived by Hans Christian Andersen, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, J. M. Barrie, and Lewis Carroll. I never had a nightmare as a result. I never turned to shoplifting after discovering Robin Hood. I didn't develop a shred of racial prejudice after reading about Ivanhoe or Little Black Sambo or the rollicking world of Rudyard Kipling. The figures lived vividly but only in my imagination, which is where they belonged and were comfortable. I get tired of noting that libraries must ban books because they mention blood and thunder. I get tired of reading about new books for children which are guaranteed either to teach tooth- brushing or bore the poor tykes to death. I get tired of children being treated like little mechanized buds about to be molded into mature monsters. I haven't any children of my own, so I suppose I may be forgiven for this outburst. But I consider myself an authority, anyway. I was a child once myself. Family Weekly, July 18,1965 mi YOUR W£NfT Awarded Monthly: $595 Scholarship in Commercial Art Draw your choice of any one of these heads—the Roman Warrior, the girl or the boxer dog—as though for an ad. Make your drawing any size except like a tracing. Use a pencil. Everyone who sends a drawing gets a professional estimate of his talent. Winner receives the complete course in advertising art, illustrating, cartooning and painting taught by America's largest home study art school. More artists practicing today have learned from Art Instruction Schools than any other art school anywhere. Step-by-step lesson assignments are furnished. Also illustrated art textbooks. These demonstrate the techniques of some of America's best known artists Including John Clymer, Post cover illustrator, and Charles M. Schuiz, creator of the internationally syndicated cartoon strip "Peanuts". If you like to draw, try for this art scholarship. Entries for August, 1965 award due by August 31. No entries can be returned. Our students and professional artists are not eligible. Winner will be notified. Start your entry today, AI/ART INSTRUCTION SCHOOILS studio FW-75 500 South 4th St. • Minneapolis, Minn. 55415 Please enter my drawing in your talent hunt. (PLEASE PRINT) Name Address Apt. City State County- .Zip Code- i Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the National Home Study Council.

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