The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TAG? TWF.T.VE. THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS. MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1924 bvfiDMUND SNF.I1 ( - / C< OH ft* ,V£> iikflU, 1*«, -THE FASCINATING MISS PATERSON. U-.-4f«i| Cnrrlgnn in. veranda mil. ... binoculars, will mni«J''-;lv f (•»»))( >•""•:" Th" lirsl ;i--••):••''.mi. 1 'Miii, snare pncl )un. lid i.u-fil. lr-ii tm> map hi; hud hi '(-n slv,dv ; !m in ently. ;inr] went nvcr to wiiere* JI dfiil t.ihlo Btnml in ;t currier hv Ihe wall. "Jliuhl Ii.'inil drawer, isn't it?" lio iliMi :;infl '-il. '"(•Jiiifs the (iclc-f. Quick. nld Bon. Tiier"'^ Hunii .'tliiiiK hem ! (Inn'f finite uii 'l'M slajjii." The jTuj .r;* inr of U.o;- Puteh rMMe HH. V .njmni; intently ihrvujrh a cntiveiifeiH latin purposi" 1 )y 1**1 r h.-lwei-i) Ihe niliUer treen tn -\\herf, ,ii tilt.' rem (e the .-dupe, I wo •u )iitc (Iju! rutin.- wen' eheekirif* .1 li'':i]i u) inmiis, The nmrnijm train had jusl arrived. A (all Sikh waiclnnan, vrs |ih 'inl"iil in the in- f-viiahle iurh;m and ihe new livery uT khaKi with hni:ht red pfpini;, Mnmiitn: r-oiuei hiriK In a nutn- tlnr whiifT cuulii » f i s \i -ie laliui'nusly w»'»'f!in::. A i niijde of nude r'iil- iiT **n and a U-iit uM uitttw whu l-;ul iiuthiii^ Ijt-tler iu do. wer#_> fevardinu the neuvomers with ll.lense inlen-M. Kfllusvs haniled over th* binocular;-. Cnrrltrat £ncii.--f(l Tin-in swiit- ly and "It'-* a woman," -,\f < la red llir as- ^islaal. uhn was no^'-sried of lon^ fclirhf. (cri'lcan di«r;»rdi-d the filnflscfc I villi ovid«-nl IMMMIM. ' "|)nr,n:" h.- -aid loudly. | ''She'.* deiirril i;nnd lookiJlfi," ' run-sued 1 'Vlliuvea, Unoriui; tin* j I'lupi ii-ior's reiunrk. "Nier-ly turned \ it'll, run. Set. iin tn know her wny .ilmnt. liun't tare much for Hie luidt uf tlii* eliap wlio's with her. Wad in/iaii \umher Two luoks 'nighty ini »ire.>,..|. ]\y V,:uV. Sho rnn.-i ^pi-iik th*' liimn like a null v!" "You dun'i happen to notice the mine flic-'i; rut pewn on her pnttl- cfiatf, nt distance?'' growled V 'iM 'vit:au ftiirc ;i~tical(y. Kelh.v.'eH qrinned itmiably, "W'liai'n wrnnc V" inrpiiriMl, cuiiiiiiji round tn face Tlit 1 other. "WI'MUU! Why. ihit pUtce /11 he swavtniiH-': *vitU ww.ueu hefurt' wo know whern we are! f didn't, nar­ ea m for 'hie;, i can jrive you my 'vurd. \N"hr-n th"> - HMit inn his pedigree from Singapore, J rhoiiKlit v\t, w.'to "ii a jiiiod tiling. The imenu assitriMi ;m* we wouldn't hiive a b .-ttt-r mail m replace yonnp While while li *;V away; and liin!>Hl with the riff-raff that's pour- hip unt east jiiFl now, ue 'd be wise tn look runnd ami e if cnuldn't squeeze him in as :i p'-nnaut'iicy\" KellfiWeS U llistled. "And y:m hadn 't a noiiun he was married nnlhor RtiniiPiitB. MH roapontUid of- fiiHivoiy, hold InK he-r f incurs for n»Ho ft ftccond lorwor thnn wn» nliMilulnly tion-fsary. A look from ('orrn:an lirmmht. him to his "I've heard qul (p !i lol about you i in Sln .LMpure, Mr. ('oi'ri^an," ^ald j Mi .-H I '.Hersim. nvnt'tnt; voinforlah\.v ; fn. 'he I-II.HIIIDIIH. "You iif -ed to bo | iu Ih'rak. didn't you? My friend* | tbo Uavise;.—worn Up tin-re, too, j t'oi quite a whUo.'* ; "Davis," repealcd r«rrip»« ! lhout;ht!tdI.v, "Havlh? I'l'eUy usual name out here, Minn Paiormm. What wan ho? Ac.coiintnnL of point) sort or other?" "Ye«," said the girl very positively. "A chartered accountant. They're frightfully nice, people, you know. He's doing awfully well. Of they twnt you their fia-. laanis." "Thanks. Heon out east, very IONK, MISH PaterKon?" "Oh, no!' She turned to her brother who was loaning agulnat Ihe rail, talking to Kollowes. "How lone havo I Ijeen out here, Teddy?" "A I'ouplo of moutlis, nioro or loss."' "Yes, thnt'.s all. IVyou know. 1 simply adore the tropica. 1 feel as if I've boon out here ul! my life!" "Ah! 1 * commented Corrlgan, getting to his toot. "Mr. Follows has very kindly put his bungalow nt your disposal and lias decided to migrate to the one I had intended for your brother," "I say," protested Paterson. "That's awfully good of you, and all that; but wo really can't hear of your tin hint; out, can we, Enid 1 .'*' "I should say not, indeed. Can't i wo manago to fit in somehow?" Before, Fellows could reply, Cor- rlgun broke in rather abruptly. "Sort ll out among yourselves. Mr. Fellowes'il tak« you across there now, I'll got the men to tol- j low with your barang, Paterson, i as soon as you get settled down, run across and see mo. I want to havo a few words with you. Kay hi.uween four and five. Good morning, Miss Paterson. I shall be seeing something of you. of course. You're only u couple, of miles from me. Oheery-oh every body!" Ke watched them start along the winding path which led over the hills to the house of his first as- slbtnnt. He stayed at Uio opening between the blue sun blinds until 'hoy were lost to sight round a bond in the road, then turned suddenly and dropped into the chair lurUl Pator&on had vacated. As he reached for the cigaret tin, Feb lowes plunged back up the eteps. "Left my damn map," he explaln- * A WDMA.V; DKC'lvARHD j lireathlessly. Ue folded the \i3SISTVNT U ,ltn g carefully and stuck It in a '"trouser pocket. He paused for a bewitching violet eyes. The first! second in front of Corrlgan aniu may havu the desired effect. Sli'-'il think slieV fallen iif with a ; crowd "f lui^aiuU- and lievuli' to' take the next boat home!" "Uodd murning!" A voice like the tinkling of a bell came, from the fuot of the short flight of wooden Mops. "Oood morning." echoed Corrl- gan. "Come in out of the sun. Morning, Paterson. 1 mippuse you are Paterson'. 1 " "That's my name," replied a tall, slim youth, with a fresh, plnkand- white complexion. He followed the girl on to the veranda. "Me—er- sister was staying with some old friends in Singapore— and in minted on coming with me. 1 hupc- that's all right?" A swift glance, full of deep meaning, passed between Corrigan and his first assistant. "I'm afraid you won't find this much of u health resort. Miss Pat- orson." he told her, pushing forward a cane chair, fihr. extended on incredibly small hand and Cor- ritan held it for a nmmeiH in his huge paw. He greeted her brother with grim cordiality and proceeded to introduce Kellowes. "How do you do?" There was something morn than friendliness In the light, that flashed from those Ends Hep Neuralgia—Due to Pyorrhea Tin- polnonous pus from snrc, hlwiini': Kimm InferlH tho entltr Bysli m Tli«n you get rhouinatlsni. imurii. -•. neuralgia, stomach ills orderi'. It 'looa not pay to lot 1'jorrli'n go unclieckeil—ami It In miner. •• iary now that yon ran RHI .li )-Vi.\ Hero In what •x I,ake\vooil, Ohio, v. email wrote us: "The first nlKlit I "seil .lo -Vex It stopped my nouraHii ;i wlilch waa caused by Pyorrleii. Tha second day the bleeding of tho gums Btoppcd and the fonrih day there waa » pro- nounoed ilshteiilng of the looBonod teeth. (SiRiind) Beatrice Garcoy, 17833 Norlliclirf Drive." Jo-Vex in easy to use and Inexpensive. Sold on money-bnclt guarantee by most druggists, en- pecially A *. A Drug Co. a-d Foltv. I'harmnry. It your dealer can't supply you send ?1.00 to the Jo -Vex Co., Akron Ohio. "IT THE "i; ..I l ..>r.l. nt ,.r tin- l ir-A- H's upsel all The sha.k I tet i hup run hardly assistant Unoeked completely off his balance by tho unexpected novvs thnt this amazingly attractive woman was actually unattached, forpot for tho moment a two-day's growth of beard and abbreviated "Well, what'd'you think ot her; Not had, what?" Corrigan Knorted. "I'll sive you my oplnlou ot that lady—later on!' "I hope you'll bo better soon," rutortod Fellowes maliciously, and • ran down Ihe stops, ducking to j avoid the hook Corrlgan slung nt- 1 ter him. j "Tho slrnnga thing Is," mused tho planter to himself from the depths ot his long chair, "that'I never remember meeting a chartered accountant whose name wns Davis, nnd 1'vo not yet discovered tho pretty woman who could completely master the Malay language in two months!" • * • On a certain evening, as a fiery sun descended below tho topmost tips of the waving rubber trees, tho first nssistant sat, as was his wont, on the steps of his veranda. Sundown—the blissful moment ot the weary, sweltering day when, by the laws of tho dwellers of the orient, square bottles are permitted to put in an appearance! Paterson hnd not yot returned from his side of the vast Kabun, Enid was presumably Indulging in a secluded siojta, nnd Fellowe.s was engaged In a grim struggle with what he imagined to bo his Inmost soul. (To be Continued) BAZINE INCORPORATES; THE ELECTION TODAY. Bazlne, Dec. 1—This Ness county town Is holding its first city election today. Proceedings were Instituted at the Inst meeting of the board of county commissioners for the incorporation of tho town, and the election was called for today to elect mayor and city council. Bazine has a population of 2S0, which is more than twice as many as required by law to incorporate. Remember the Shop-o-Scope whenever you think of Xmas shopping, tf. !,.. in..1.. il IIp l>n as married quarters. Veil kiinw- ivliiit vvtuuen are. Mi- Whit" \ v mu ili.iul; '.nr-, <m her i .i mil a sli-' liiii;^ I've allowed a • tiaisg" i"""i '" '"'riipy their ' K.•;].>«-"•- "iii'.rd over Ills shoulder •u\'..uv. th.' unwelcome lutriKier. •A he, by rhis time, wan already lialf- W;.> Up l!ie slnpe, the lll.'lll follllW- iiiti ii could" nt Minis behind. "Sii.. tun it .ive my place," he ji -rkeii en; suddenly, i orriiinti Marled as if be had l~"-n stuns-'. •My poor old idiot!" lie cried comeiissioliatelv, ••you can't be well!" "It'll solve the problem, at any raie.'" t'orricaii thnuirht. Presently be j ruuek bis ban 1- deep hi his pockeis ; and frovi li '*ii. | '•All riphl. If you're fool enough ' to turn out for them - so he il ! Hut. von ran Ink., from me, that young j man's In i'or a pretty warm quarter j of an hour wlie-i i get him alone, j and I'll favor l .ho-e darnii.'d audits wllh a piore of my mind, at the fcaine time.' 1 "I supp"M' it is i, lilt thick." agreed r '"lIowi'.-. "Aft. r all, our .iolly little island's no place for no- men-folk. AVondrr j[ she plays leu- ills?" He siirvey.-d himself In a rriirked mirror whirh IMIIIL* on the wall. A wealth of blue tirlftle reminded him ratle'i' foirilily 'hat he hud online. 1 to s-ha -.i- morning. He wore I H I tunie an,! a -nnirw h .1 ^veatiier-stailled . rii k--l -iiin. lie- leeves rii !l..|| up to the elbow.-., P-'-.ed a gaime singl .'l of whieh Ihe 'op imllo'i was I'.iW-ing. ills '•.tiaki shod.- Imd shrunk eo liiat ' iieir le \i . [• e\l la. Hill (eM e \p.ea :rr .>Ye his iirown runvas Pnots. .pule a not ir. a hie a mount of dm s hllle ^orl. tllat .vas guiltie-s ,.f SIP- pellder-. CoiTigan -.valilled him with all nmu.. ed riuiie. "I w .tn 'l oi trr iu uhtige \ ..n wit h a rhangr. old In an," ie- said. "Voitr isoniewhai apir'ar- The Sock Of a Thousand Gifts This Store For Men puts on a holiday attire. Here's the store of 1000 and one selections—each bearing the stamp of quality. "Gifts to Wear Leave Money to Spare." Interwoven Hose Fownes Glovet Betber Luggage Krementz Jewelry Dobbs Caps Leather Coats Mufflers Handkerchief* Eagle Shirts Resilio Neckwear Slipover Sweaters Manhattan Pajamas Stetson Hats' Golf Hose Mark Cross Leather Goods NUSSBAUM'S $idt@CetKier& Established 1887 Made General Manager. Great Bend, Dee. 1.—N. W. Leicester, for several years superintendent of the Great Bend Water & Electric Co. has been appointed general manager of the Hoisingtou Electric & Ice Co. Day, ?323 has been collected up to | date. For the Red Crosi. Larned, Dec, 1.—Mrs. A, Pultz. Red Cross chairman, reports that in the canvass for Red Cross membership inaugurated on Armistice Solve a dozen Chrlstma. problems with the gift that only you can buy—your photograph. Mclnturff Studio F. M. JOHNSON J\ Gladys Hawthorne, B. A. Mus. Bac. Voice—Painting—Piano PHONE 3037-J 800,000 People will die this year. At least two thirds of these could be saved —the ones who are a "little off" now and who will probably be the ones who will succumb to death from some chronic trouble during the coming year. These are the ones who should not die. DR. HUNTER and ASSOCIATES are devoted to the diagnosis of chronic, pelvic, special and rectal diseases and their treatment by advanced, non-surgical office methods. cgaie CALL AND SEE . the wonderful advances of recent times In disease treatment, as exemplified by the equipment I of a truly modern clinic. Refer I to Hundreds of Former Satis- i tied Patients, tonsultatlon and j advice free—Moderate charges ! 14 s ~ Main Hutchinson, Kan. and easy terms. I Entire Second Floor. M !.•!•. limit- I- .V A .-M 'eiiitC ll.e of a teirihl.- nervous (iise-ase 1 year.? ago. Have hern In lier- f.":l. lieilllh ever sin.-e. )II',S. il. A. CiKEKN. Office hours 9 to 12, 1 to 5, except Sunday. Wednesday and Saturday Night from 7 to 8, S X i i s S a i 3 THE GUMPS—THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE tUtiili .4Wi;i.*4JlMSllllIllllllSlllilSllll*I«lia)l*»4tt**i a «.. ll .<..t>...l*ll«SaJJi*. A Teacher's Job would be lighter and brighter if boys and girls were properly fed at home. Whole wheat cereal, milk and fruits are Nature's food for growing children. Shredded Wheat is the whole wheat in its most easily digested form. Better than mushy porridges for children because they have to chew it, and that means sound teeth and healthy gums. Contains all the bran of the whole wheat grain, also the mineral I salts for building bone and brain. ! | Two Biscuits with hot milk \ I make a warm, nourishing meal ] | for a few cents. Shredded Wheat LOOK M ^OCK N CNMKreS UKCt N ^ECaVevVevVY \ / NOU'LV. HKVE- To WCCVCH *THOS£. J I ^\\\,% MORt CLO'SEV.M- WHS SSAOUV'b \ NWO^K UvKE ft. SUATc Xo KEE? XrAtCT GROCER H\S FAW\C4 LO\.L\^C\ p IrA "VV\^ Lfc.9 OF \_V>x\)R.N ? Syp^Ot^ . "SOU ttUN "XVI\S WOU§E - UQVO LOMO I \>o MOM ^MPVO^E \'C> t>OrA'T THNT SO? eAE XBjJ-HQO WRE A. WZOOZTz t\VO£ NQ\) WV^H iKjftAXli^!, FO^ ?»^t)^VAT~ ^ rAOMtM Mo\) U^SXB\5- t>\i^V^<a 'SO^'R. ?OUX\CA\_ X0 V^E.^ TSM^H ^HO\.\^WMAU ^ VONt>OM- i, ,s»v< MUCH AaQVJX BiOt^OrAS ^ ^ C\.NcA YJO'ES niiiiiiHinminiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiK COAL BUTLER & SONS 515 So. Main Phone 280 PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28} N. Main Phone 2659 CAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson A Cycle-logical Christmas, give your boy or girl a bicycle of volocl- pede, and you give Uio utmost in pleasure auil health combined. Our Christmas stock of cycles fa ready for your inspection. Stallman Cycle Supply Opposite Post Office. Phone 93. 23 East Sherman, f| Everything tor the Blcyels

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