The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, HARR18BURG, ffiU SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7. 1948 PAGE-SEVEN- ncod c.,h fu cl bin ... or for -winter expense* . . . RED RYDER Cleared -- Temporarily By Fred Harmon HA1ED 10 QUESTION . IT'S OUR PUTfTOf _-_-,., UP EVERY CI.U6/ It. Vernon Galalia Defeats Carrier Mills, 38-37 to score up to pnr. Gnlntln was ! leading at the half, 18-1C. Tic with Marion For Third Place in South Six Loop The Ilarrisburg Bull Dogs blast- High point men ot the game I were 1'ulliam and Karncs of (la* llatia with 10 points each, while IPritchett of Carrier Mills also In an overtime game last had 10 points, night thc Galatia Bearcats de-, Galalia will be host to Eldo- fcated Carrier Mills, 38-37, in a jrado next Tuesday night. game played on the Carrier Mills i ---floor. In vanning this game Ga-} Insecticide Soap latia clinched the/ championship Three London scientists oavc dc- of the Little Egyptian confer- vcl °P cd a . remarkable insecticide - soap containing DDT. They nnvc 5 encc with a conference record of victories against one de nine feat. The Bearcats now have J L J l V 1 J «li i JO'VUl f, A ^ V « a * *^v* M..J ..,.,-.,, ed ML Vernon's chances oC ticing eel. won 15 of the last 17 games play- L'\\. ABNER TO 20 MONTHS TO KEPA\' Fosdick Has a Dry Humor THAT NIGHT .,,, WILL BE 3»OOO PEOPLE M ~ P E TO VATCH T^C. CMAiRMAM OP THC BA3V HOSPITAL FUMD PPEGEMTTHH tWOtt WI1 H £J,OQO,COO IN CASH/.' WHCRE ARE. V CO SEATING T H E J ^.-^ fcfri | || j CHAIRMAN '·' NOT A LIVING SOUL. i£FT TO TELL WHAT HAPPENED.*:' 3,OOO PEOPLE. SLAUGHTERED IN COLD BLOOD.'?' V/HAT HAVE YOU TO SAY ABOUT THIS, FOSDICK? GENERAL ALARM FROM THE COMMUNITY CENTER.?^ THOS. D. GREGG Second Floor Gregg 72W cr 265R for Appointment M O N U M E N T S A N D M A R K E R S 01' KVCKLASTIXG BEAUTY AND MEMORY ADAMS MONOIENT CO. 202 East Poplar Phone 11SGK Thurmond Adams, Prop. Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Parts P-o-st £·-, co On Rcpslrt Robson Radio Electric Service l'J L Pcp'ar TO n URPP!SE. I KO'JND 1 HIS FINE NEW CHIPPEM DALE. CKAIft, OS THE PLATFORM.".'' V/.JAT LUCK rr for thc South Six basketball crown . -- -_ by scoring an upset victory here By Al Capp i last night, 53 to -14. I The score docs not indicate ihc , superiority of the Bull Dogs over [the Rams, as Harrisburg held :\ I commanding lead over thc boys from Jefferson county thioughout tested this soap on all kinds ot dogs and find that it not only kills the vermin immediately, but also prevents the dog from becoming re- Lasl night's game was close all | infested ever, after being exposed to the way with neither team able' other lice-ridden do^s. ^ QU EBEC'S "CQU NTRYSiDE" IN WINTER'S GARB IS SKIER'S PARADISE Facts, Figures IN THE Sports Parade By OSCAR FRALEY United Press Sports Writer 19 NEW YORK, Feb. 7--l*R -- i . The Bull Dogs had plenty of pep i last night and except lor a period when they deliberately slowed for i a while, ihey looked like champions. All of the boys were exceptionally good in under-the-basket play, with Capl. Dick Vinson showing definite improvement .'n vhis phase of the game. Cummins Scores 21 Points i Herb Cummins led the scoring with 21 points. Cummins was clicking on his close shots and he did a wonderful job of guarding) Moore, Mt. Vernon colored ace, who made only a free throw all night. Brown was on Hooper, tall rebounding center of the Rams, and Hooper was held to nine points. Best Mt. Vernon scoring was done by thc guards, Payne and Brown, who collected 12 points each. . | Aside from Cummins 21 points, thc Harrisburg scoring was well divided. Vinson made 8, Brown . , Catlin 8. Jones 5, and Vander- Hills of all sizes and degree of difficulty attract the skier due to the htel l a o u t o£ Quebec's remarkable topographtel layout o£ Quebec r o k e , a b u t 1 m e s o u ute in this land where the r wocdcn Wmp, jrov^a mediom ..i To-.vnships. Here 100 miles South of thrill . , who substituted for a took an early lead a minute gaBa^^ uu,. Harrisburg regained its uriye. and led, 44 to 30, at the end of the third period. The Rams reduced business, as an, . to pick the pen 'tell you. but it's naiv. \.\j ucnuw; -,---. r .. Deacon Branch Rickey when he nautime. professes amazement that the, ?t a _ r :?.r Dodgers won the National pennant last season. Brother Branch's theory is that Dem Bums used ..oo many players last season and that a w . inR . er , the Vad"fi\'"e points in the final should have one set lineup. His fig- v~ ures illustrate that the Dodgers "' £ p . used 155 starting lineups and 43)Tie zor Third iMace plavers. including 19 pitchers,) Harrisburg today is tied wun three catchers 10 infieldcrs and' Marion for third place in the con- 13 outfielders, three players dou- ference,ar.d all teams havei on y biine one more game to play. Ccntia.ia Hogan Misses Green leads with a record of 8 and 1, ·The overall conclusion I reach Mt. Vernon now has six \vitu, *na is that we should have rinished -'ar, three losses, Marion and Hams- Tonite 6 D. Fulier Phone 678 says George Zoetermann FIGXED BY CUBS. "I'll be out there this summer, Alcii njii *fc*»jw -*-r » * · . _ overtime game to West Frankfort, ,.evil...destrttrt'tve... Era S* b' to v? ~' a GCr.0 m*f*»f^,f)t'S-L?-$ s t£ /v 7 S ^ ^ - : i ' * ^ f e u e 1 ^ JY v^^'S^^Sf feff'dp^^^^ Over Thc Fashion Pa'ace INCOME TAX SERVICE ·y -, a «· k 7; #D S. a '-. -isn CAUL J V I ( ' U n i e d 'ST VvTher liven His Lalease · ·k Yankees v.ith the Chicago Cubs and later v.ith the Brooklyn Dodgers on two made the big league Keaster Kujr Upholstery Cleaning: 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisliurg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer ^.id-season : r-1 l. m a sore-arned « 3 .s given r,, unconc 1C ^r the G^car-old pnde o the Yankees uly 13 and prompt ' ly Pitched vc= hitter a ail of his J.c COLLECTIONS .'·-v *h . ,,,: a:ccuv,s, net's and bad \'tt cclltct (m an/:ic, any- No collection, no charge! M. D. NeMer Collection Agency 302 E. \Valnut Phone 113 1948 season bcs.n, he wil at a new station. .., m c r c s He wound as a ' reform when he came to the aaue clubs ^ . instead to the . t bench. MOTS1NGER AND ROSE Konds and Insurance 1"'= S. .MAIN ST. Phone 655R "**""· '·'" '.-- J. E. "Pete" R»e first. . D. A. LEHMAN EVE. i:\n. NOSE, THROAT Classes Filled 203 North Vine Street^--Harrisburg Hospital the Senator m 1 ;mic ^!o 'vas three times n iii^m- mav «··« ---"'" nfn nt '! r «V · T . r r s D-owns i pound I^cwsom crept i b c r of thc Si. i-iui.s *~°^£- ,.., ; !:., wout sneaking toward t lib other Anici:cr.n ,IeaMC cK-t) «i.»om. ^ ^ Umc to affiliations v.crc «ilh lie ^anKccs. Ian^ ^ 'jm j Bobo n 11!o: j lon vK,Sh D ^ S *TM^^ « il would havc u^xiu!^^^^ 'Paris "Meets Robinson in Tonight Harrisburg winds up its South Six play, here next Friday mght Little Ben Hogan seems to have missed the green when he claimed he isn't making much money, what O i.v j^.^j .---- --- ,,,;,,,,,,_.-,.,, i with expenses eatins up. all his against the league- cadi«? Ceatia- tburnament profits. If he didn't i« ftmhans. Tomaht .he Lull stav on top in the tournament game would he have had earnings Hews of the Day Science lia Orphans. Tonight Dogs travel to McLcansboro for a non-loop tilt with the Foxes. ! fast~vear of S75.000? . . . Maybe:Bull Pups Win . ;Lf oShta tate up a collection : , Last night ? prehminao' = o * **»i . /^4_ T _ , . I TM t*r\vf+ i r ^ O l C 1 1T1^"1 ~ \J Li tali t«-* V M " V - **f "·* ~ The St. Louis Cardinals and thc 1 New York "Yankees have been ex- Iperimenting 'in pcactice with a regulation ball with a ruobenzed cord cover which is scuff and mois- iture proof. The new ball takes Ifar more of a beating than the horsehide product and has the same weight and bounce reaction. Cheaper Ball was a thriller. Harrisburg Ainally won. 41 to 39, in two overtimes. ·U Mt. Vernon Jan. 24 the Bull Pups lost. 30 to 28, in a couple of overtimes and last mgnt they, got their ycvcnge. ' The regulation game ended with the score tied at 35 each. In the first overtime, a three-minute period Roncr and Gilchnst made * * w w ' * Sun. 2 p. m. -- Mon. 6 p. m. -- Tues. 6 p. m. 14c and 40c ADVENTURE OF BURNING CONQUEST.N IN TROPICAL TECHNICOLOR ipanor Ball rioa, ixoyt;i "'« "' . : r \ It could make the game more free throws and Gilchnst a bas easily Slable io .he kids. :oo. ket. but Mt. Vernon made a couple Sse it markets for 98 cents of field goals and the score was pared with the major league | tied at 39-39 at the end of the at $2. t r a d i t i o n . ! o v e r t i m e . In thc sudden UC 1U rf* 1 **-^v » » * * · » · *«».-.-- *·**_ I Conservati6n Corner: By using I its sensitive tail as a guide, the pocket gopher can run down his : * ,1 j,, n in*j~irt ic fncr n; game. They dJd a fine job. Bo v score of the feature game: " - , - « v r*r* T^T* "TPO TT7 pocket gopher can run down his Box score of the leaiure^,.,^ hole backwards almost as fast as;Harrisburg o3) tO FT TP PF h* can forwards. . . - Sounds like Vinson. 8 4 0 8 i he can forwards. a rookie pitcher. . . . Brown. 9 A.nd this'll slay you. thc chip-1 Cumnnns. 10 "' - sparrow is thc smallest of all Catlin, 16 _,,__ : ,,!,;.·,« loec thriii one VandcrPlu v m, 3 Cline i Pavelonis iJones TOTALS Ulllji 5y«JHV« »o "·»- "-- , sparrows, weighing less than one ounce. . . - Something like the St. Louis Brown payroll. Class dismissed! 4 4 9 2 1 0 0 1 0 1 3 4 0 0 0 3 8 9 21 3 2 0 0 5 Dislricl Grade School Tourney Here Nexl Week: 53 The district crad" school basket-! bull tournament will be held next- TOTAL s _ . _ · . ] _ _ . ««nrl I* T*trt*l\ ' · 21 11 53 | ] IUI1 WIUlIlo*'*V*««. » · * · · "^ " -- -- . , j HIGH BALL. A Florida lovely i Tuesday, Wednesday snd iriaa wearing a California swim-suit is at the . 4 " ar . risbur £ ir : 1 ""! ir ^: c : n a , «r».x» ^^e. nn Knv.;^^ thf. crl-.nol with nine scnoc«: paruciiw I Payne. 42 -fHoopcr. 51 jRiley. 54 (Brown. 49 Moore. 44 Clark. 43 School . Eldorado end Me j Basketball in tnis district, will I Vernon (44) FG FT TP PF 0 1 0 4 i 4 0 12. 51 9 3 4 0 12 1 3 6 5 0 1 Nov/ Showing Doub!e Feature -- 12c and 35c GOODRICH TIRES *" n-^-r. Truck, Tractor TI1JK BATTERY « i:. Poplar Terms 1741U pion^v.-p i.'. ]c-:c;:c ''-' r the fin-.K by "ir r\T.tern Illinois saw action . 1 ^ moved into victories. Pckin m a revenge {Three Manteno State ·.. . iCrvi,ii tr i ^^ ^^ ·a*«-«r i- ^^SSW^'^i"?' 1 ?" 1 Altwidante c.-'cy fvn.. M i«.S- fH 'i^lh ""estate u,oir only i Killed in Crash this season. unbeaten ; districts vi .^v^ «- -- ; - 1 - :ii send their teams direct!} ad of par-; Insurance Barker Miley " COrXTY CKKD1T I5UREAU njEnrr REPORTS INVESTIGATIONS C01.I.1XTION SERVI * * * ' * « ^ « * » · * ^*,^%i crioN SEUVICI: Phone 6TS MANTENO, 111., Feb. 7--O ro'Ji'rr.i^ ar.«l Kobimon :%jzs:\£ss ^osrsj: ^J:*A^S: BHP , W fe^«ss-^'2i ^^- a ^-vs m-y^. s^sr $$Sr .iSTBriM*. -1 toW »* IJ » * ' " i s - . « ' " · .. , . _ . . T,. ,,,. r-niirl -V^^l- T1 trt 2 . Robir.son 61. Oblor.s 31. Merchants Baseball -·oncv SERIAL - Jangle Queer, will be shown at all shov.s Friday f+^ * __* _· i-»»fi 'ki^*v1 *?· J-^ n in. an d on Saturday at 1:39 and 3:45 p. ro. kf 33 M3n0n 4 8 * ran Sunday 2 p. m. -- Monday 6 p. n?, * 12c and 35c McLcan«boro «. Eldorado Flora 62, Fairficld 44. Bridgeport 48. Ml. C;.rmcl -i j . Jolict n~. Elgin 43. Danville 63. \ValM*a ^3. Pana 69. Windsor 33. Springfield 40. Klooniir.gton o Fckin 48. Strcator T.6. Dccatur 43. Maltoon 35. Olncy 35. ga\- Csty 12. La Salic-Pens 53. i He Was AH Tltfimsto AB r/orng --SOT!*- rar^ .«!^ t^iS^atttSrSM^^^f^^g^SSS^ AC.2NCY Ruilding SEE John B. Owen, J. P. J« = S. Main Phone 635W Jr r .,^ate, or Drivers' License, -o!]fcUons, Deeds or Mortgages. JNCOVE TAX !j^/i4"i * · · iu i *-- ^. vwtf KocJcfo^ 1}^ loss i;^ *v« » % . . - - - ^ . 1iATy*f* *^1- V* t Ji j^,..55...»»--» -- --- . ,,^.,-- -,-, ·^"crff'Sc SaffWnj ^^e 1 ^'select list, Gales-j The ^Register, 20c a v-c^jPloycrS Meet Tonight inbcalcn Altaic. 53 to J8. r^ Japped from ^^ngs - be^TS Au- Members of the HanJsbjJS nockford proM0^1 had icaun . wcc k-_fcll brforc Rock ow^ w?s j AU lrouncc d Merchants baseball .team will work La S'llo-Pcru. ol .o 3'- J 1 s , ,- nd 43 to 3i.. ,^* U L,SS S3n 57 to43V out at thc Junior high school »-m- 'climb to a Pta« »«on« d(n,n ^ 43 |ffl 3 f 0 r the second Elgj^oTW^U. ^^^ j ^ J*t"fTM ^ s ir.tcs select_ lo ic.i£. . s t i m o i h i s ^ a n K w a n ^ wji^c ^ individual ^^g nor , aisd lcn o'clock. Charlie Nelson Author ' : ^. ctr ""V to 4 in a Molinc. 60 to ^0. 5:? ^icnbard ^ors for the evening. He totaled manager, said that bps '^crc^- los., «o Var:.^"- , - '« -- 1jffat Mad !sofl. M to 3l - ^? n °JTM 42 po^ as Johnston City ovcr-jcd in playing with the Merchant* '.SISA '* __ and ·jSr's^hSd B 0 en\°on? 2 79 to whored Metropolis, 91 to 57. |th« year should report. . i Thc state's No. 1 team Life Averages Up FAYETTEV1LLE. Ark. T.r«--The average ?gc at the University oi Arkansas has sho\vn a decided di op. according to a survey by E | Burke Kuber. director of thc_ central housirc office. Hubcr fo«n- that married wtoranj. Irt.n^on11 c mai marrt«i \t-m-..- ··-.- --.rv,; ... campus have a total oi 296 children. $, 4 1 r. if. fl

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