Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 27, 1942 · Page 7
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 7

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1942
Page 7
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V • ... - ,AGE FOURTEEN—THE MORNING AVALANCHE DIAL 4343 /nr Dial 4343 For The Avatanene-Joufmi! Office* E RESULT NUMBER" To B £*;««, Haiti »nd UeqnlrtsncnU •! Cl«»!/Je<l Advrrtiflof j.O- - ; oi Th» ' K*i«f, Rule* »n<J Requirement! gt Cl»t»lfle<S AdTertisliMt Of Th« Lubbock Evening Jouraal Lubbock Morniag Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal! All UiuUied tdterUiiac nl) »pp?»r U botlj tbt Morning *ad Aiteraoon pijxn both P»p«r» counting ace lowrtloa. All citul/lea adreril'jiag it printed is Lubbock Morntcj Ar&ianche- tlrst and tb* Dillr Jourotl of the E&BXC title, no 0]ji5£jfleo orl£ir*tlc£ in tria dtemooc P»P«r. _ o wUl » «j In tt« AT»'.*ncie-J<r,irn»l counting oni liutrtloa *i tfc» P*r«* U «nt to fcu cub »trlbnr» of both the tlteruoqn afio aior£inff paper*. ZFfZCTIYT! JAXOAR7 IX IW4 A VALAS CHE-JOUBNAL Com'.jLntd Ratal 10 Word Mi&muA 14*7. pcrverd -- 3 C»j», ptr irord . -. , 6c " ' «• vord 4 d»7i. JMTT vord 1 d»y«, per vora , ______ r»te> (or niuccuttT* insertion only Ul cut-ci-lown ads rteelrei b7 mail cius b« eaj2i iritfl order. No exception. "NO RKFOMl" on jd «toDj«d utter it bw tp&e&red d paper. DIAIi UU Our esKriented »<i taiir ••m n*c]r« y«er •1 _ad help jou to war* it then eor c« tec (or will call k'n toUovioc 4*7. THBSS ACCOUNTS ABB "ACOOMMQOi TIOH ACCOUNTS" POK OTJB PATROS8 AND FOR ONB DAY OMtY. No adTertljezaenU -ccectM on «n * 4 OBtti Torbld" order. A ipecUled nosiber of Sn- Mrtioni must b« BlTen. w* rtwrra the rlffct to place an tLKiniat ocder tie proper Uon tnd reject naclmn or ««P7. Obitsarlei lAd urtii cl """rr _t rtcnUr ciiuittol -dttrtljinj r»tw. Ttu pnbl^hars lire not r«poniJb!« lor cop; omlJJlon-i, tfpoer«P^!i»l »rrors or «n; unlcteallons} error that may occur further than to corrset it nett tone alter 11 Sj broujht to their atteistJon. All »d- orden ara accepted on Tli* Anlsncha-^aomai cu not ba rtspon- i!bl« lor raoro thin ooa tneorrecs Insertion el » elsssllled ad. Adrertljera shouid cheet their ads on. lirss d»r ot publlc*. Uoa »n<J temedl»ttly notify the Ciaul- tted Depamnent it any mistakes occur. dauified AdTBrtls!n» accepted until e:W p. ra. oa ireei day* »nd SanmUyj. ror gi sasf !'.ffi dlsplsy adTertlsiag InJor- DIAL «« TO DISCONTINUE AX AB to DIjtoatinne an Ad oast b« irrea *lttc S «. n. «ad b«ior» « j>. EJ. to sods tneattr of the Classified Advertisi n:ent I>epartmei:t. TVa cannot be ir^pocsi- K* lor notice si'sn before or after these . hotxrs, a^d to tnerabers of soca« other Notice To The Public • "• ** i If—mjUT^aX IS & ^£^?CX •! tha Association of Newspaper cussllied AdTertlslas ifiaigen. wbich inalndes !«<!lo» Newspaperj throughout the c*ttntrj *JM JJ.M &s its ftia tc« el!mlnati4c ol Announcements —Lodges and Societies TeJlflVtonso Lodge Ho. 841 A. P. sad A. M. Stated coamnsicatJoas the Pirn EYitJaj nljbt each month. JOHN H. PORTWCXDD, W. V. HIIQH J. McCLELLAN Seeretirj. 2-—Floral itnd-Nursery StacS or Szsoath. Straight CHINESE ELMS and other shade trees. RED BUD: Blooming sirs 50c to SL50 smaller sizes 25c and op. Erergresas, nowerins Birjbs. B-olbs, KERSHNER NURSERY %M1 E. of Ave. H on Slaton WIGORO " tr, mr .la, f «/~, f. r : Fertilize your yard now \rith VSgoro for .tee best results. Ka -reed seeds, no foul -odors—easy to apply. ; COMPARE OTJR TRICES AXO QDALITT YOU OAK 1 1 BEAT THE3I Hies NandenlM :lrom . . Pfltzer Jonlperj 'from ' Frnlt Trees, ;80s each or _$5.00 DOZ , ;Strawberry Plants. Best lf«5 c« i Everbearing. 100 lor ^>Z,JU j Many other Items on i&la not listed. 1 TEXAS FLORAL CO. } Lubbock's Leading Flos-ist » -.. and Nurseryman 2107 21st St. Dial 85S1 WHITESIDE NURSERY 1 i t ^8«8 us for select nursery stock Including : ishads and trait trees, shrubs, evergreens land 30 varieties of roiea. ( FHEE LANDSCAPE AKD DEUTEBY . * : SEKTICB • Jania North ol Tech Collesa on LJttlelleld ~ f TTLEB ROSES »You can no-sr plcfc from the targes, vsr- llety of Roses In West Texas. See our se- J.sct,cras before rou bay. -The' prices xre Bright, handena. Pyracantha, Panses, in * •?? a c j molete !!n e of nursery stoci that jwlll maie you vender how we nell 50 gcaeap. : I Hub Nursery 6 !31S-19tb Si. BAKER BROS. NURSERY Complete stock Ask us for complete PLANTING GtfiDE 2 mi on Slaton Highway Dial 4521 Gem, 61 n. 100. S1.2S prepaid. |Son. Route 6. W. MASTODON eTerb!aring jeerry piants cheap. Dial 2-3603. Kursery. z - l °f ' itate , cl-j:cb and cceny tree* . berrr ,3—Lost and Found _ , ^ New left r d »rk pijstin lady's glorc. ,size 7. In toirri. Thursday. Dial 9169. Ch07r "73. *4—Personal Notices 1FOS ATON Froducts. Call at H02 *tT. Dial 7300.' SHE SHEADINGS from • Amye entirely dlffer- "— 1912-Utb. Dial 757S. PATSOVifl *Ash-ologfst and. Psychologist on baslness. lovt, taaniaie 'f I Special Readings SOc Honrt: 10 a. ra . ta 8 p. m., *:» A'*. J. Aparttnent B POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Avalanche-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of. the following citizens as Candidates for office subject to the action of the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday, July 25, 1942. FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE. 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE. Court of Civil Appeals (7th Dist AmariUo) E. C Kelson ol Potter County J. Koss Bell of Childress County FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S. Burks, Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COURTS CLERK Royal Furgeson, (Re-Election) FOR SHERIFF Tom Abel. (Re-Election) J. W. (Woodaon) Boyd FOR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B. Bryan, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTX ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D. Allen, CRe-Electlon) R. L, Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE G. V. Pardue, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman (Reelection, 2nd term) FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G- KL Horton, (Re-Election 2nd Term) ' Barrett Penney PRECINCT 2 Ben Mansker, (Re-Election) C Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edgar E. Gray, (Re-Election 2nd Term) T. L. Holt Ottis Isom PRECINCT 4 Newton Stokes, (Re-Election 2nd Term) V. j. Farris M. J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF PEACE PRECINCT 1, PLACE 1 Walter Davies PRECINCT 1, PLACE 2 D. W. Robertson J- T. Inmon, (re-election) FOR CONSTABLE PKECINCT NO. 1 T. E. (Chief) May OFF THE RECORD Anythin; "Can you spare a little cracked ice for our party next door?" Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 13lh DIAL 5718 WALL PAPER SALE Room Lot $1 Up BO new 1942 patterns to select from. Good wallpaper^canvas 12TO c -3 A •weight, per yard 3 O-'JC WALIRITE BUILDING PAPER New beautiful patterns. 500 tf- -t cr\ it. rolls <pl,OU Rent our Johnson DeLuxe floor ef\ polisher, per day OUC Rent our new Big chief Hilco <to Cn floor cander. per day 3>J.3U Reflnlsh your floors at low cost GOOD CHEAP HOUSE PA1HT $1.49 $1.25 CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbock Voters in the Election on April 7, 1942. FOR MAYOR Carl E. Slaton, Re-Election FOR COMMISSIONER Place 1 W B. (Bill) Price, Re-Election Place 3 Hub'Jones, Re-Election Announcements 4—Personal Notices MADAME (ORLENE SHADES Consult me. today about your love mar- rlase or business problems. Pato rea and phrenology analysis. Kear business net. KeatUngs 50o and up. IUS Are. L Dl»l Z-3503 MADAM BETH, READER tr«t Sunday. W22-19th Business Service ~ — 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors STEEL Orntrasntal iron ol an one*. ' Sll IUBBOCK SIEEl WORKS "• °* Dial 878J LUMBER Pay Cash and Pay Less >er 100 ft. 2x6 ; 3. per IPO ft. x6 ough fencing "Slaters Fell psi roll _ 15 Ib. Felt per roll 30 Ib. Fell per roll _ Ailas While per sack lement. Trash, per sack 0x12 eight It. wds. each 8x10 eight 11. •As., each /« inch Sheet Hock >er 100 ft. Wall rite paper per roll 2x6. Bull Pen~ Special, per 100 It. $1*95 Avinger Lumber Co. 12G East Broadway Lufcbock. Texas Per gallon .__ Red Barn paint, gal. Lowe Bros, high standard ~ -. -,±. house paint, gal. «p^.^D Unseed o'.l. 3. •, r, c pure, gal. »p I ..£ J HOG WIRE 26"-B-U>,». 20 rod tf-/: or- rolls. each 4>O.Vj 32"-G-H',i. -20 rod rolls, each 32"-I2-l2ii. 20 rod roll $7.75 $7.95 20-48-6-H'.i poultry and rabbit fence !0 rod roll. tf. OK each -?O.OJ 23-GO-6-l«i poultry and rabbit <to oc fence, 10 rod roll, each ^O.AJ BUll PEK nn ,7\J IT }*,} "• d ° s h °n«3. painted white. Will deliver In city ct-o nr limits for. each _ ;__ ,?O.VD 3 odd size new doors, each ___ . _ Ten 100 Ib. spools. 2-ply twisted cable wire, per roll ___ Lumber, all Wnds. Pick it out 2x4 to 6s6. per hundred _: __ 40.00D ft., V, j-elloB- pine shlplap. <tO TC per hundred ___ -p-J./J CEMENT PER SACK,, Vi-tnch fir wall board, per 100 iij. ft. . 69( $4.50 _ $1.90 Call us for competent carpenters and painters. BQWMAH LUMBER CO. Tour Friendly Lumber Dealer Gold Bond'oriental stucco per 100 Ib. sack IUBBOCK IRON & METAl CO. NEW— STEEL -USED Windows. Stairways. Angles. Channel! Beami 1817 ATB. H Dlal 1932 CAPROCK LUMBER CO. 19lh Street and Avenue p. Dill 5533 .$3.50 $3.00 .$4.00 $3.98 .$3.50 .$1.50 per gal. T5c and 2x8 Yellow pine . and 2x8 Slightly crooked B and Better Beaded ceUlng and petition 50 ft. Goodyear hos» With connections Oood used ',« Inch ply-board Painted on two sides Master Painter's le&d rlnc Per gallon White House paint Good straight Posts, each 6—Beauty Parlors BON TON BEAUTY SHOP Peraar.enti shaping. 2009-Mlh h latest style feather telr . DAIL SOU NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP S OPERATORS FREE PARKING 90S 18th St. Dial 4342 SPRING PERMANENT SPECTAtS $5.50 permanent £o WAVEt 1009-lJth Et- SHOP Dla , BALBERT'S BF.AUTT SHOP '« 6t ^ 9nt> ATt M Dlal *- 3 SaTlders OJ - __ J' oermanent _ . _ n $500 cermanent — ~~ Plain shampoo and set ss,. 8—Business For Sale r^P^T? '-a"ndrj-, 1000 galnln Butane plant. .\«.Uie Schgjrz, Southland, TCXAS. OR TRADE grocery stock and Kx'.ures Jor farm equity. Call S.JSH. KKt-PY-ECLFr laa.mrc 8 cood Marta-s Established 6 j^ar.%. PhcL 6539. T * SANDWICH Shov '.or :ra:e K. or tr/ide, 3107 Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors surfaced GEO. W. GRAV LUMBER CO. CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales No Deliveries $3.00 $3.75 .90 $1.10 $1.35 $2.00 $1.50 $1.75 $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $2,50 Above prices subject to stock now . OI ?.. nand and subject to change without notice I. W. GRAY Doors 5-panel, any size Red Fence (4-it.) 50-foot roll 35-lb. Roll Roofing 45-lb. Roll Roofing 55-lb Roll Roofing 90-lb Roll Roofing, slate 100-lb Sack Asphalt Asphalt Felt Per Roll V4-in Gypsum Board %-in Gypsum Board Vfc-in Gypsum Board Vs-in Liner Board _ _ 4th & College Texas & 23rd 7 ~ —Business Opportunities WANTED Partner In the Insurance division of our business. Attractive - proposition to right party, siaco will handle deal. I. D, CASEY & CO. Insurance. Loans. Real Estate, Abstracts 3629 Broadway " D | a i 9353.935^ 8 —Business For Sale antl bttM - p j ant> e< l ul PP«1 with the modern equipment, practl- h-i*, T? e ? tal con "act. in Rood building. Doing a good city business and also a contract at th» Air Base for alt can handle. Reason for selling ll t P em. helllHl ' a tb£ f0n5lly - ^n make food RALEIGH MARTIN Over J. C. Penney Co Phone 7181 For Sale Fixtures for small hotel and [eajo on tnwn'"! ™> w >" operation in good Texas town. Selling on account of sickness P O Box 746. Littlefleld, Texas. """'• F ' °- 10 —Tailors, Hatters, Laundries Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS lOc 13—Help Wanted, Male WANTKn: Experienced waiter, 10 hour* SJ.OO dally. Green Hut Cafe, Lamesa. ' WHITE woman help n-itii housework go to Corpue Chrlstl. Dial 2-0952, 1218 Broad 13-A—Help Wanted, Female WANTED: Two experienced ressei $13 50 Treekry. Green Hut Cafe, Lames». WANTED: Maid fo-: half day work. Call 2-2593, before 8 «. m.; 8305 after 8. WANTLD: Nur*a for general duty Write South Plains Co-op Hospital, Amherjt, lexti. Phone 37. WANTED: Experienced girl *oda dlspeDier. Apply 19th Street Pbarrancy. COLORED maid with hotel experiences and references. Dial 2-1582. Flcka« Apartments. " 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional Cath and Can? STINSOli'S 1708-10 Bdwy See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs and .Upholstering Lubfaock Laundry D5al 66SI 1001 Ave. G Whitworth Cleaners 1315 Texas Av<-. Dial All Work Guaranteed Announces as New Services MORRIS PICKUP STATIOH 1303 College Ave. IO-B—Professional Service BR. J. W. PHILLIPS . DENTIST 227 LtJoOict Htfl. Bldg. Dt*l 3-3SC1 12—Woman's Column F.HY.E AIRCRAFT SCHOOLS CAN QUALIFY YOU FOR U.S. CIVIL SERVICE DEFENSE POSITIONS At starting salary of approimately $1,900 per year and paid vacation. Requirements Age 18 to 55 l-A draft classifications not acceptable. Must be willing to accept position anywhere in United States where Civil Service Commission wishes to station .you. Physical eamination waived for well-qualified applicants. Ask Any FRYE Student JACK N, McCR&RY MGR. LUBBOCK OFFICE 1620 Broadway Phone 8301 The Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-1402 Ave. J WE ABE OPEN For regular Day and Night Classes Train In Lubbock Now Men 18 to 55 Women 18 to 40 MODERN EQUIPMENT AMPLE FLOOR SPACE individual Instruction, individual attention, tools, uniforms and textbooks furnished. Surprisingly low cost, part tuition i «S f° n ? e ° n ' 7 * fter ^np'OTment In ill-craft factory. The Aero-Crofts Institute As_ efficient in ils field as any training course now offered io ihe public. pur Instruction staff Indudej factory- trained and gorernment-iiccnsed aircraft mechanics. !h tIlncJ1 i e ? u!led de Pend» upon the ability hB ' ndl *Jdual but in no case will he be . Dial 2-2272 Open Week Days and Sunday Until 9 P. M. WE ENCOURAGE THE FULLEST INVESTIGATION Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-02 Ave. J Lubboclc, Texai (Associates wlln Houston Aeronzntlca] Trade School. Houston. Tei. mnd Hiile ioj Service, ADS, in, Tex.) SKILLED workers In creates* demana to- diy "" WELDERS lor aircraft and ship yards and other national defense plants Mr system will prepare JOB in a few weeks. Dial 816i at n! s ht or s ea me " 50<-Broiidway. MAST WE1DING SCHOOU 14—Situations Wanted and 8ervice statlon driver wants Jo^). Dial 5853. MARRiro man -wants farm work. Experienced with tractor. Dial 5S5J. MARRIED farm hand wants lob tractor experience. G. F. K S zer. Post. Route No. 1. CARPENTER work, paintir.g. paper-hanft- ing, rirat ciass work. Dial 2-2683. MlS-IOih. WANTED: Position n s hostess, saleslady ' EXPERreNCED waitress irsnts part-time worfc TChlla attending school. Dia] 5545. FOP. PP.ATICAL nursing, for drcn. Dial Nurses 1 Club. 9818. Financial 16—City and Farm Loans , e old loans. 20 cent Interest. r»ur farm and ea-.-s to say 4'i Eriley & Jay Room 201. Cocley B'de. P. O. Bex 221. Dial im 16—-City and Farm Loans CIIY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS Aa Iinancloj cc/responrteni tor tfie' C'on. oetlcut mutual Ufe ln;uranc« companj 1 ato prepared to maH« TOU * loan it a new low Interest rats. LF IT IB A GOOD LOAN 1 CAM MAKE IT CLAUDE B. HURIBUT Clttzen» Net-u Ban> sidg . 69J1J Miscellaneous 18—Furniture For Sale Highest Cash Prices PAIO K08 USED FtiENITUEE ' PLAIHS FURNITURE CO. Phone 4571 o°, P £ RIC E3 paid ror uiea furnltura Bain Furniture. 181?-l9th. DIai J.I8S1 ." For Your Own Defense : Hepalr Your Hom» We Will Finance and Insure It Read & Bondurani Complete Insurance and Loan Service^ 1210 Avenue J DIAL 7456 BiAL ESTATE LOANS Farm loans City Loans F. H. A. Loans RANCH LOANS See us lor loans. GREEK BROS. Lubbock Hotel Bide. Dial 7222 16-B—Money To Loan L DIAL 4971 IF YOU NEED O A LOAN RIGHT NOW! j\ MONEY FOR TAXES • TAGS - BILLS • • Any other worthwhile need will be advanced S wiihin ten minutes after application is taken ^ W .FINAHCE CO. 407 MYRICK BLDG. Koney To Loan Diamonds, watches, guns, radios typewrit era or anything oi value LICENSED AND BONDED PAWNBROKERS GEM IOAH & JEWELRY 1203 Broadway Gla , B1B1 SMALL SECURED LOANS Sin-00 tr> S7500 WESTER "Banker to the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs. 1003V& Texas L! $5 to $75 .Your Signature Only For Easter & Auto License $10 Loan $1.00 weekly $15 Loan $1.25 weekly $20 Loan $1.40 weekly $30 Loan $1.75 weekly $40 Loan $2.40 weekly $50 Loan : $2.95 weekly $10 Also $VOO Furniture and Auto Loans Quick, Confidential Service PLAINS FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial 6942 $5. $10. $25. $50. • OR MORE * FOR EASTER FOR AUTO TAGS DIAL 4378 Today — Don't Delay FAIR FINANCE CO. 204 Leader BIdg. 1104 Bdwy. Over J. C. Penney's Miscellaneous 17—Instruction Classes UORE Jobs offered than we can fill! New o ?°5, n s«S secretarial course, prepares quickly. Draughon's College. 18—Furniture For Sale WE WANT To Bay rour Used Furilture EAST SIDE FURNITURE 105-A-ve. Dial 2-3162 ! ohn Split j Edd!e Sellers THE EESr DAY to ncxerusf <s the aa^ ran wani i u sell soTnethlnw Phone 13 to- Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE e stock turn:ture. Storex carpets. We traie tor ar.rt h;iy 700: lued furnitart, I2I!-J3tn. Dial 2-2121. CUT RATE PRICES ON NEW FURNITURE 2-Pc. Tapestry Living Room Suite __ 3-Pc. Walnut ,- ra Bedroom Suite __ _ 957Ov Fibre and Wood A« -,Wardrobes, Mothproof . vZt/9 Rockers or A-< m* Occosional Chairs :__ y5»7 f Desk, ^ tft «_ Walnut 9l5*0(l High Chairs *• ne Red of Natural OZ.75 Rugs, 27" x 54" s j ft Briar Wilton _ 54*95 Rugs, 9'x 12' •~~ Thermtex * Furniture Dept. Upstain W. D. WIIK1NS & CO. 2209 Ave: H •Cheapest Prices on South Plains' AN EXCELLENT COOKIHG STOVE 1941 Westlnghouse Chieftain electric range Practically new—S45.QO off list. Excellent condition. Call owner 4916 evenings. 4634 daytime. Or write P. O. Box 1031 Lubbock, Texas. Sale price 599.00. HIGHEST cash bidoen on used furniture Harcid GrifHtb Dill 1-3421 ipikes-Seilers NO.'2 Billy Spikes. Mgr. WE WANT TO BOY OR TRADE YOUR USED FURNITURE ftlso a complete stock new furniture 1214 Ave. H Dial 6462 , . Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale 18 PIGGY sows and one boar for sale. Inquire Associated Iron and Metal Co 4th and Ave. G. Dial "2-39-12, HEAVY sprinscr HoJste'n heifer. R H Lowrey, 2 mi'cs south on Slide road. 21 HEAD whflefaced feeder steers. Approximately 400 pounds. J3c. Earl PJank Route 1. Portales, New Mexico. ' 22 PIGS from $7.00 to Sll.OO-each E E Lockey, 2'.i miles East Lubbock. REGISTERED Hampshire s=w tor sale. Clifton Barrisr. Route I. Dial 21F2. FRESH MILK GOATS. College ave, nouse canyon. 6 to 1 evenings. KEETON PACKING CO Free removal of dead horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect See Us For Keeton's Western 'Brand Tankag-e We pay highest prices f )r hogs. Highest Prices Paid For ::att!e— Horse Hides, Sheep ,Pe!ts, Wool, Tallow. NORTEX HIDE AND PRODUCE CO. Oia) 4442 East I9th «n 0 Sania re 19-A—Poultry & Supplies ATTENTION. Poultry ralsersi Now you can get RED CHAIN FEEDS at the Cox Hatchery In Lubbock. Dr'-.c 01 -~'- 1 1111 Ave. F. Pbone"«62 Livestock 19-A—Poultry & Supplies THE LVBSOCK 15 hatching lots of cbickj tad have lotl o( started chicks. Come and get them. East ot Fairgrounds. n. w. SIMS Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory .with greater poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks Are Healthy Chicks Swifl Hakhery, 506 Ave. H Lubbock. Texai POULTRY WANTED to 2V. lb>. No. 1 Fryers, i All No. 1 Hens __ . _ Roosters over 5 ]bs. ___ __ Nc. I Tom Turkeys __ No. 1 Hen Turkeys _____ HH .228 IBo - So _16o 18o W* Nt HALL Dial 2-5311 or 5141 1805'Are. H WANTED Cream—Poultry—Eggs See us for Baby chli. seeds and feed. RALPH ROBERTSON'S INDEPENDENT DEALER 270-J-Ave. H Dla( 6012 QUALITY HATCHERY 347 Avenue H Uncle Sam needs more eggj tor Helens*. You can supply them with pullets from our nifth-nowerecl titamin fed free ranai Hocus POULTRY WANTED No. 1 Fryers, l^i to IV, los. •<:•<, No. I Hens, all "" i7 e 1DT1I ST- POCLTRV 1603 19th Dial 2-2051 COX HATCHERY Remember. CO.T ChlcJts Don't Cost They Pay 1111 Avenue f LUBBOCK. TEXAS • See us for 12 breeds of the finest chickens. better PEr *° PSy m ° re f ° r JQmE ' thln Z '" AND FRI- Complete line of Poultry Remedies, also exclusive RED CHAIN FEED DEALER. AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS iEAD IHE* WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR YOU OUR PRICES ARE tN LINE Don't delay your chic* Buying »ny longer. ^?, 6 ^, £? U P ur(:h:is e HICKS' DEPENDABLE CHICKS you get chicks that are hatched £5?i > «,.= Pa ,? i:e<J rlsht - DEPENDABLE CriiCKS Even though you should have to pay a little more In additional cost to set my dependable chicks they will return to your many .tlme s over in extra eggs, extra profits The small additional first cost and h rl ,1 ru . n , s! J ow y° u » greater profit, money Vor ££"" I0 " ? " de ChiCtS los ? Get your share'ot the poultry profits. Almost a quarter century of scientific Oreed- 8 l?T r r-A IOftE E GGS BIGGER EC3C3a BIGGER BIRDS offer you an outstand- opportunity for bigger share of these !82S Avenue H HICKS' HATCHERIES Dial SOI2 MURPHREY'S SUPERIOR -CHICKS Wltb years ot breeding experience oenma them. Prom carefully culled ana blood- MURPHREY'S HATCHERY 1964 Ave. H n, a | B0 , 2 SAVE ON WARDS GRADE A BABY CHICKS White Leghorns Barred Rocks Rhode Island Reds In stock! Other breeds available. BUY ON MONTHLY TERMS! Konfgomery Ward's Farm Siore !3ih St. «nd Texas BABY CHICKS fi'SS «? JRAPNEST STRAIN OP ENGLISH LEGHORNS AND AUSTRA WHITES w;?, Diak-c you more. STARTED and MRS. VANCE'S HATCHERY AND LEGHORN FARM er. Texas ffiOff START TO FINISH FOR TOr.R TOP MARKET PRl'CES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM INKPEHDEKI PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE 242? AT* H Dial 4307 Miscellaneous 20—Musical Instruments Piano Tuning & Repairing 2313 " tb Dial <«9 C. B. LIVELS Lubboct, Tcxa» 21—Miscellaneous For Sale ten Pin alleys at Tahota. A. M- 2 Slightly Used Table Top Gas Stoves. 9x12 New Linoleum Rugs Sinks, Comodes, Bath Tubs, 3, New Kohler Bath Tubs Built In Tubs, Very Small Damage, to sell Now. Saddle $12.50 2 Typewriters, Each Steel Safe __ $10.00 $45.00 $10.00 Desk Stoves, Stoves, Lots of Stoves. t^ s ' £ ent3 ' Cots ' To . u^ Pots ' pans - Cafe Pushes. Cash Register, Sheet Iron. Studio A<«. *.-. Couch $10.00 Bedroom *-»»• KA Suite §37.50 Ice Boxes all kinds, Garden Tools, Water Hose, Trailers. TOM FRENCH SECOND HAND STORE Buy, Sell or Trade 1827 A^e. H Lubhock pop- ha "-»'"'-»'«!f cottonseed liT'l frim 11 V. 30JO M,

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