Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 9
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 9

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 9
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4-g—LU6BOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Tuesday Morning, April 8, 1975 Berries, Fruits Suggested For Hedges, Small Gardens By AI.UAN A. SWKNSON Good fences may make good neighbors, but hedges you can oat make many friends. Worries nd fruits be- FIGHTER'S' 11 " 1611 p ]an *IXM«*~ V . as soil on slopes. They do prefer large amounts of sun daily. Bramble berries form hardy thicket s. Once established, for .songbirds, too. The berries »re not too popular with birds. .so you should get a substantial If each year, you have or can provide blackberries get more fruitful, ^oui ovcl - v year in two ways. Added!acid soil and lots of moisture, I'ovvih yields more fruit, (consider blueberries. Several {prolific new varieties yield {large, juicy berries for pies and [baking, and are delicious fresh. ! r IMir>t.rt ^ /^ 1 I I ^W soon move in. You i don't need lotsj of space either..Dwarf fruit! ,'o been dc.Myncd small home;to shoot up new growth , These, however, are more at; tractive to birds. Prompt pick- f o r ,and underground runners begin!'"- ;iml thc usc ° r nc^lV invisi- . to iiH, le ™™Ke-gr6cn netting I'm- a copy ol my new book sc-nil nalc, address and check or imiiH'y order for $1.50 (J)Jus '.-, cents jiostiiue) to "Inllatioii Kij;>fc.'-r'.s Victory Harden," c/o Tho AValanplie - Journal, I*.O. ; . I8ttj . Ucpl. A, Uadio City you can jSlulion. New York, N.Y 10019. sanctuary Allow three weeks for delivery. ble iC'iiiifje-grecn netting can ., .. rd e n s and 1 in the rows or the"hud«e. \Vith-i SSLVO llu ' he ' rries for >'»"• 1 a n d s c a p c in a lew years, a blackberry' All berry plants can adapt to use. j bramble will even fence oiitj* 1 variety of soil types. Fortun- Using special dwarfing root- j wandering pets. All you need do ! ately. you can provide the soil slocks, plant breeders have ere- is prune it hack yearly 10 on-'conditions around individual atecl trees that are low and : courage mi-re side pWth and! bushes at planting lime. You compact in jjnjwth but which;heavier crop. don't, have to renovate the en- bear delicious full-si/e fruit.; Rrfl raspberries and M;,^ • tire area at once, (he score! lies .n grafting the, raspberries are popular favor- emetics onto the dwarfing j tcs . Red varieties extend new ..r semi -dwarf ms rootslock. i runners underground, much as If you svisli, select three-ill- blackberries do. They'll fill in onr or five-in-line trees. These corners -and become dense .specially grafted .specimens patches. provide several different varic-; if you r ,| ani bcr patches lies ot thc same truit from the: borders or hedges one tree. They save space and c( , Llnl on providing' offer a choice ot taste. j As you plan your garden and' ___________ landscaping, be sure to include fruit and berries. Once planted, (hey will establish their root- hold and begin to spread. Within the second year they'll be bearing and from then on will reward you year after year. ff you have limited space, don't worry about a special fialch. licrry hushes can be' used as hedge plantings along j properly lines or borders, or as decorative screens to hide a ga-: riige or provide privacy areas. : Pick the pleasures that your' him My enjoys most. Strawberries lif almost anywhere. Strawberries, with a bit"of help : by tying them to supports, also ' an climb a stone wall or be: used as ground covers to hold Radical Pleads Innocent To Charges PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An-|sludcnt radical group. tiwar radical Susan Edith Saxe, accused of murdering a policeman during a 1970 Boslon holdup, pleaded innocent Monday to l>«irlh'ipaling in a bank robbery here the same year. Security w a s -heavy in the courthouse building located four blocks west of historic Independence Hall. Spectators needed special passes for admittance and were checked by "Not guilty." said Miss Saxc! e ! ect ™" ic metal detecting devices like those used at airports. when arraigned before U.S. Magistrate Tullio Gene Leomporra iu a heavily guarded but crowded courtroom. Bail \vas continued at $350,000. Miss Sa\e, dressed in a blue warned the defendant, and told her she had "a right to remain silent." "How do clerk said, you after plead?" reading the tiic five counts of bank robbery. objected, noting she had been hired to represent Miss Saxe just last weekend. "I'll need at least 30 days for the motions and I'd say it would be two months before I conspiracy and aiding and abut-;could go to trial," she snicl. ling a robbery. A (|iiick conference followed "Not guilty," Miss Sa.xe re- in Luongo's nourtvriom and May 12 was agreed U.S.-' U.S. Atty. upc-r.. Robert 12 in federal district court. The 26-year-old, self-styled •'-"•« -j-»..._ f v*» V..JKJWU JU a- UiU\~ I i i denim suit and black swctucr,i s>pondcc1 ' was escorted into the court-! T^n Loompoira said _.. ...... room by four marshals and sal District Court Judge Alfred L.lra.n said after this trial is com- at a table with her two law-jLuongo, who willi preside at the ploted Miss Saxe will be taken to Boston f j , . , -, T " utii^c wjm IICL LWU IH\V-^*-* UUII O V -'' *' lltj wim jyiiraiuu at uic i•? • , i May |V ei ' s . Catherine G. Roraback or!trial, had directed it begin next [New Haven, Albany, 10 mosli and Rudovsky of Philadelphia. Some 20 of her supporters, all of thorn women, stood and That Intriguing Word Game v/iY/j a Chuckle Edited by ClAY H. POUAN ' . A Rearrange letters of the lour scrambled words below to form four simple words. Two City Men Report Robbery Two Lubbock men told ix>Iice they were robbed late Sunday by a masked man a shotgun as thev R E P V 0 L i z T U N A D 3 R I T W L H S O T E C N E M 6 Bomb Injures Three In Beliasi Bar revolutionary from JN.Y., on the FBI's j wanted list for 4 Id yi j'wrfpSiSp^ltreeL ""3^''^' th^'nSS A grand jury indictment'started the five-minute arrai"n- i charged that lUiss Saxe and 1 ment. ° !two others invaded thc City! "Anything you say will bet .Line Branch of the Bell Savings Uised against voti," Leompomi ' iand Loan Association Scut. 3, ~ ~ "11970 and fled with $6,240. Nearly four weeks later, on> Sept. 23. Boston policeman Walter A. Schrocdnv. the father of • nine, was killed while trying to. stop a ^6,000 bank holdup, i Miss Saxe and another woman.' Katherinp Power, 26, Denver,' Colo., still at large, were named as participants wilhj three men already convicted. Authorities allege Miss Saxe Monday night outside a bar in the Roman Catholic Oldparki area of Belfast, injuring to finance an antiwar at lhe taven tet^ stone-throwing mob and withdrew, a police spokesman said. Ambulances managed to take the injured to a hospital where j one man in his Intp 2n " T O Be L ° •° e TTnir«5fllV 1 1UU ^^J Kent Hance Sets Talk To SPAG there in both federal and Mas- CHOPPED* I SVILI TT "Use of Federal Monies in, Federal Councils" will be dis-j cussed by State Sen. Kent) at a —' D . Th * 6 p ' m - meeting at the ? lg «S an Steak Ranch in Mon- erc - v Shopping Center here will bc l' rec< "cded by an executive! Artao-jboard meeilng of SPAG at 1:30 mother and another man were |nil ' s superintendent of public i,,-:P.m. Ibe executive and board also hurt, officials Lud l^uction. will .speak at U.bbock^^^P^.' t Chuxn" =i4 rf ^vinbrook JChri.sliun College Thursday on : g|" n0 "?e "ousin, P robU. ms facod by imtl ii 111'! II In's (kin' COMPLETE TOES. THRU FRi. ONLY CHICKEN FRIED STEAK... Served Wiih Baked Potato or French Fries...Tossed Green Salad...French Dressing Cream Gravy & .HOMEMADE ROLLS OPEN 24 Hts. Tues.-Sur. 4925 Brownfield Highway RESTAURANT 795-3481 a-' In the Catholic The way we send our kids off lo school, off to camp, off to play, off visiting — makes me ihink we're trying — — them something. ^-s fk Complete the chuckle quoted by filling in the missing words yc'J develop from steo No. 3 below. armed with! . stood in an I abandoned farm near! SiL'mi Street ynd Quaker Avenue,, ^Thc men. Dennis Shipman of r.SOiS With St. and Tim Caraway j <i[ :rfO'.! filith St.. snici the man 11 red one shotgun blast at them. 1 !'i^k S41iO I'ruiii their wallets and' fiiM in a while car. They said' ihc robber struck at 1U:!;6 p.m., PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN THESE SQUARES UNSCRAMBLE tETTERS TO GET ANSWER ex-servicemen's club and fired Iwo shots at young musicians, 'in No one was hit. As the terrorists drove off, , they opened fire at a number of people at a bus stop, but again no one was hit, police said. Farther on, their car overturned and as the gunmen escaped on foot they opened fire once more. Again no one was v. set for S p.m.iwill be thc lUabee American Heri-j elude -M.J. Pena, a rural hous- tage auditorium, is the third o f ing specialist with Farmer's Home Administration in Temple, and Gene Whitney, chief underwriter with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development local insuring office. four spring symposiums sponsored by LCC Center for Business and Economic Education. Shofstall, a Missouri native, received degrees from Northeast Missouri State Teachers College and the University of Missouri. Ho was professor of secondary education at Arixona _ T OJL, jjo s . fluiAj; uzam a.r,oAV jjuun aur sas^m -SutjisiA. 1,0 -Xerd 01 jju ',001(05 o; .no s P! >{ .mo puos o\v ABM ai,T OJ. - - ©KTXT, PBS CDKCBD. NBC iii Jim Williams, an attorney _t j u-. - — . _- and housing development spe- reported hit. secondary education at Arixona cia j is i with lhe Texa Dep;ir t- Pohce and troop patrols were State University in Tempe lromi mcni of Community Affairs, mil strengthened Monday after a J9W to 1969. | tlisnuss •• P ,. 01 , OSC ci Texas Nei-h- wcc-kend of bombings and I m l.!K>9. he was appointed su-borhood Preservation Act and shootings that left U persons |perintcndcnf o(' puhlic instruc-lProposed Texas Housing dead and at least 80 wounded. I 1 ' 0 '! uy Gov. Jack Williams and'nance Agency ACL " — ;in 1970 he was elected to Ihc^ H-incp" Some residents of St. Bernard i firsl Cull term as superintend-: i, ; , n( ', ue f Parish. La., are descendants ofi?. nt i discussions Canary Islanders brought lo the J ""' state in the 1770s by Governor] Galvcz. ' Fi- Program information in TV Weekly Log is supplied by th-.' Networks and local television stations and is subject to change. IB/W) Black and White Program. (Hf Kepeal Program. BrW QTJ Farm & Ranch News B.-45 O Nciv Mexico Report 7:00 QJJ Farm Show & CBS News @ AM America 7: SO QD Today Show X:00 (Q) Captain Kangaroo — Treasure map leads the Caplain to a magic pencil. S:III) © Sesame Street — No. 777. Big Bird sings song that treats Ihe alphabet as if it were one long 26-!ctttr word. ill) People Place — (discussions of creative stitchcry. March of Dime* Bikc-n-Thon, microwave cooking. iU) Jack LaLannr ta» TTOShow 9:III) iljj Wheel Of Fortune (IS Not For Women Only 10:00 (sj Electric Company No. 512. Mad Scientist creates fiend whose specialty is telling lies. 01' High Rollers iUi Now You See It & l.ucyShow UlrltO Csj Villa Alcgre IUJ Hollywood Square* UJJ Love Of Life (3) Brady Hunch 10:33 Q£ CBS News .11:00 C5.I Misterogcrs — No .i37. Air. McFccly shows a movie ot his seapiane ride. J_f) Jackpot (U) Voung&Rcstles's &]i Pass\vord M::30(U) Blank Check (U) Search For Tomorrow 3$ Split Second 11:55 CO) NBC News 12:00 (n) Celebrity Sweepstakes © News. Weather, Sports @ All My Children lZ:'.iO 03) How To Survive A Marriage © As The World Turns OS Let's Make A Deal 1:UU OH Days Of Our Lives (U) Guiding Light ® 510,000 Pyramid Mil) © Doctors (U) Edge Of Night © Big Showdown MKI (D) Another World (Li) Price Is Right CIS Ocneral Hospital -:^U (uj Match Game (S) One Life To Live •'(.DO '(s) Sesame Street (Repeat of morning tclccasti it!) Somerset '?J Tattlclales VJS Money Miur •I::i0 iijj Beverly llillliillic', tli Joker's Wild & Movie: "30 Winchester tor El Diahlo" Carl Mohner, Topsy Collins, John Heslon. .Secret Federal agent is sent to wipe out cattle rustling <:DO Cl) Misterogers (Repeat of morning telecast) UJJ Gomer Pyle & Gamhit \:'M iU Villa Alegrc (Repeal of morning telecast* lUi Ironside (Ti) Bonanza A: 00 (5.1 Klcctric Co. (Repeat ol morning telccasll r.:;iO C*J /.oom (n) NUC Ne»<; i.i.Jj CBS News — Waller Cronkilr. tin ABC News S :l«l 1'si Consumer Perspective — "Meal Market in Texas" iU) njj ii, News. Weather, Sporls B:;j() CSJ Assignment America IUJ Laredo (!1) To Tell The Truth ® Jim Ed Brown's Country Place 7:00 C£) Solar Energy — Simple. inexpensive ways to beat the energy shortage. (>Ji C.onrf Times (R> J..]. is gifts for his birthday. ® Happy Days <R~) Richie buys a car from Fonzie which turns out to be stolen. 7::|IJ S An Evening Of Championship Skating <RI :Q) Bob Hope Presents — "The Gillette Cavalcade of Champions Awards" Winners, chosen by a public poll, in 11 sports categories and the Athlete of the Year will be presented 1974 awards. W M-A'S'II (R) As officer of the day, liawkeye directs the unit in a series of not-by- the-ljook decisions. «® ABC Movie: "Guess Who's Sleeping in my Bed?" (1»73) (R) Barbara Eden, Dean Jones, Ken Mars, Rcla Shaw. Ex-husband brings his new wife, baby and dog on his annual summer visit to his still- single ex-wife. H:(IO © Hawaii Five-0 (R) Autopsy reveals slaying victim had two physical identities. Jessica Waller. Sam Klliotl guest. S::ill is) Woman — Look at both sides of current controversy over volunlccrism, thf traditional bailiwick of educated middle-class housewives currently under attack by feminist groups. '':!«) JJ Interface — Investigates progress of desegregation plan for public schools in Boston. iU) 1975 Academy Awards Presentations — 47th annual ceremonies to present Oscars for outstanding achievements in motion pictures. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Shirley MacLaine. Boh Hope are masters of ceremonies. Area Television Log 1:00 n HI . r'^ Wiirt .\vril 3. 13;.> 'J::'.D : t t.ilcli r;«ni«r --iOn T;ittlc 'i';.lc: '-'-"I MT.-V flnlfir. - r '.'W '.M'V S:M CBS Weiri o:00 NWS *:2* UMjrtct /:00 Jtaudc i :-0 Hawaii S-n 8:^0 Obii .Movie U:00 NWS 11:30 CBS Movie KfiNC < IIAN.VKI, t — A.MAniM/) np.'Miai. Auril s. la;;, K,M]J> (.'IM.N.NUf. t — Mmr.AMn S:i|0 AmatilloCol, 2M Ar,ol!i_cr \\oilii 'tMToilay ":fjO Adoi'i.rr (virt Stars of the entertainment world will present the awards'. tli CBS News Special — "Indochina 1975: End of the Road'."' Overview of situation. (2») Marcus Welby, M.D. <R) Juliet Mills, Mark Miller, Logan Ramsey guest. Woman with severe heart condition almost loses her life when she inadvertently finds out her husband has contracted a venereal disease. 'i-.:<0 CO Local Government Compliance With O.S.H.A. Regulations — Guests Jerry Ransry of Tech's industrial engineering dept., Walter Martin of Texas State dept. ot health, fire marshal A. C. Biack discuss Occupational Safety & Health provisions. !0:UO © Lilias, Yoga &• You (LU © News, Weather, Sports Hi:, (II CU Focus - "Food and Nutrition" © CBS Late Movie: "The Jerusalem File'' (1972) (R) Hruce Davison. Nicol Williamson. Donald Plcasence. Young American archcotogisl hopes lo arrange peaceful meetings between Arab and Israeli students. i2Ji Wide World Mystery (R) "Legacy of Blood" Clifton Davis, Moses Gunn, Jonelle Allen, Frances Foster. Insurance man hatches plot in which his wife will inherit a huge sum of money from her wealthy dying brother. 11:00 O News, Weather, Sports M :30 (fj) Tomorrow — Orson Welles is the sole guest. 12:00 pi, News, Weather, Sports I2::U) (nj News, Weather, Sporls Radio Stations XKTWOtlK sr. KtlAV (.\ net 380 hhi- RESTAURANT Traditional NOfl CAttB6o-4213 FOR RESERVATiOiNiS DXNXtER THEATER NOW PLAYING IN JEANS KERR'S BROADWAY HIT COMEDY "FINISHING TOUCHfS" NEW IOW£R PRICES ARE: MONDAHHURSOHY .... '7. FRIDAY I S»TURD»V l B.5fl(|8 s PROUDLY PRESENTS THE FANTASTIC "CANDY MOUNTAIN" APRIL? THRU 12 -F«TURIM6- MftM RECORDING STAR SAMl JO - 2 NIGHTS APRIL S & 9 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BOJAHUES PRIVAE CLUB 797-92^0 (1 MILE WEST OF LOOP OK LEVELUHP OFE* 4 PM TO 2 AM 6602-19TH Have a Europ ean Adventure w« J h you West Texa f r? Coll D o w n I o w 71 j 795.5521 763-1901 . KITO « Its) ',M Kh, KI.HK (A1IC) 1.110 Klu M.r.f, (T>N) 1160 hlu . - 1J:30 Eearcb-Tmnt 12:00 Newi 12-.Z9 World Turn* 3:00 Guldlns Lt 1 :30 E<)se of NJibt 2:00 Pric*-lU CHAN.VEZ, 7 — AMAWZXO Tuexlay. April 8. 191J 1:20 Kindercartea 2:09 Gen. HouplUI t:il Newt - " ..... 7:15 New Zoo 7MS Cartoons S:0(J Sesame St. 0:00 3ttft CoUlf 9:30 Uicy 30:00 Jeannle 10:30 Brady Bune)» 11 :0» Paisword JI::,0 Split Second ABC Spelt. ^:Up nimb ;I' ; :;Q Movie \0:«OH'itootSvi. ,;' : ;n Lu"v" ll'^oivrcc'stak ? '^° Ada ' nvli 1:00 Days ot Lwej 10:09 U'i?.«rd 10:30 H'wd Hqt. 1.1:00 Jackpot 32:00 News 1:00 l:3p Olrl-My 1:10 OneIJte 3:00 Love Am. Kty. 3:oO Gllllgan'l laie •4:00 Koran 4:30 Hillbillies 5:00 D. Van Dyb* 5:30 ABC Ktwb 8:00 New «:30 TclWrulh 7:00 Hnopy Day» 7:,"0 ABC Movl* 10:15 Ncm 11:00 Bonanza 12:00 ABC Spcl*. ::W Doctorj KMOM CHA.VMX f - MO\AB*>S Tuesday, April 3. 10T5 «:M farm * Ranch 2:00 Oen. Hospltil 7:00 New Kno •" 7:30 Voyage 8:30 Dan'l Boon* 9:SO B. Walters ' 30:00 Call of WMt 10:30 Brady Bunch 11:00 Patsnurd 11:30 KDlIt Stcertt 12:00 jry Children 12:30 Make A Deal 1:00 Ncwlyircds 1:3* OlrllnrnyLir* a:.10 One'Life 3:00 Love Am. sty. 3:30 Voytie 4:?,0 Drn'l Boon* 5:30 4BC Neir» fi:00 Ntw^ B:HO TclI-Tnitl' 7:00 ffappy D»ys 7:30 A Be; Movlt 10:45 N«WJ 11:15 Mov1» :i:"o Uffiver 4::f> star Tr^V •>:00 Eomtrsct 12:HO :i On A Match 7:00 Ailcm-ia 1:00 U;nnot LiTe» 10:00 Kws 1 .-DO Dot-ton lO.-no J.Carson 7:SO NBC Myitery 12:00 Tomorrow KFDA CHAN"NKL II — AMAKHXA Tiiesilny. April ». l»Ti 8:3) Amarlilo ooL 2:M Match Gam* 7:00 CBS N»w§ r.:00 Tnltle Tales 8:00 C. Kanjaroo S:SO Bewitched S:U) Jokern Wild 4M That Girt 0:a) Gambit 4:30 Green ACTM 10:00 Now-So* It " " ~ 0:M Love Of Life i CBS Newii 5:00 Trutii-Conjea 5:30 CBS New« 1:00 NW9 10:55 .__ ... 11:00 Vouni-RextlcM r,:SO niiat'.t mj 111* 11:30 Search-Tmrw 7:00 Mmirfe 1'1:W News 7:^0 Ifnwiill 30 12:20 World Turn* 8:30 fns Movie 1:00 Guldlnn t.t HiW NU'ri ':00 .Nc«s 2:00 I'ricc-Rt MIX Ki.rn ic.'o Kh KSKL B.»0 Kh« nr Kr.iiK I'.M m.j Mitt KM.I, I'M W.'l >Hu KOIIM KM 91.1 Mh« KSKI. F-M 93.7 Mill KTKZ 101.1 Mhr. KT.VT nr (1.9 tUir KWGO Krt M.5 Mh« KIIX KM M.3 Mhi STATIONS IXJNE STAB GAS DALLAS (AP) - Lone Star Gas Co. announced Monday it has received notice from the Texas Railroad Commission setting a statewide hearing June 2 regarding the plinsing out. of natural gas as a Uoiler lur,i in Texas. Planning a Convention or Safes Meeting, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Reception Or Just a Weekend of Relaxation? ...Let us help. Convention & Banquet Sales Located in Lobby Phone 797-3241 'Elegant' COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS S ATMOSPHERE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, AND WE TAKE PAINS TO ASSURE THAT MEALS ARE PLEASANT, SOCIAL OCCASIONS...SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND SEAFOOD! INDIANA AVE. AND IOOP 719 2 PERFORMANCES ONLY ''Scheherazade ' BELLY DANCING will be performing |8:45 and 10:45 .. Mar. 28 & 29] and April 4 and 5 ."Von; Featuring... TINA CHRISTINE SHOM A» QUCSTOR • COVER CHARGE • OPEN 5 PM - 2 AM • DANCING STARTS 9:00 PM ^_^ • HAPPY HOUR 5:00-4:30 pm IHV, (AU DRINKS V, PRICE)

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