The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, t§34 THE PARIS NEWS. PACEND* Sell It Or Trade It With A Paris News Classified Ad CLASSIFIED AD Information *<>v«ru«izi| most to* !» tJU» o«Jc% of tk» P*ri« 2C*v* not JA.t«i than * p. tn. tk* 4*7 or*c*dio« for conMPUtlv* ia**rtl*oa: I Tim* te M* wore. * Th»«* *o p*x war*. * Tim** 9e p*i »ord. U Tit**** Ifte P«I word. X* Ti»»*» Ittc P*r word. Mlkimom chmrK*. 39c. un oumb*T of *jr* or.nBi ward* la •*(. la * « Un*. d>M*ift*d «.d» capital toner* • >umt rm.t*» wit! •»• o«Mt 9*1 word *»fh tM*rzloa, Oat-ef-towB or<J*r» tor cU.««l- f>»d *d* «.r* p*y*b!« to *d*aac* Errors: TH* N*»» will oot e* r«Bpo*>rSbl* tor «nor* th*i> <»»• t»e*rr*ct Insertion. W* r«»«rr« tk* ricbt to •'lU *i<J eeti*or »» copy tor tit* *>••« tutor**!.* of both *.rtT*rti»*r *ad r»»d*r. Box Bumb«r» c»r« N«»* will •* «!»*» «,dT«rti»*r» d*»Jrln« blind •.ddrtMM. T»J«o*fl<M>» your m.Qm to our e*im- p«t«nt clmmalfied A<J Tik«r» wfco wtU *»*ist voc !•» «oriil»« t»* 30PT- OR 1M. Societie* mod ORT>EK OF EASTERN STAR PA.RIS <2x*pt«r No. 5 O- &. S. n:e*:« every 2n<} *ns 4tb- Tiiarsdaj olarhls *t S.-OO p m.-Vieiti3i ra«mb«r» «elcorn*«l. Mrm •mi!!*. C»-«r«oe*«. VT. 11- Mr»- Dotja ilmr- tin. Sec.. • _ ' _ _ O. :t A_ F. a.n<i A, il. a'earlooB ±nd and <i.b Fri- c*c& csonth 7rSO p. en rcn ccrdia.ily JnVited 1, J «-, H. G. Br*aecr»aa. S«c- Situations Wanted WAXTBD: Practical nursing or caring for elderly lady, EU M. car* New*, Financial and Bonds CHARLES PRICE Phon* S9« 5 West Houston GALBREATH, DEWEESE AND PROCK General Insurance Telephone 257 AUTOMOBILE LOANS Note* K**filt£tnr«tl. C'n-~l» Advan<-«-ii GENERAL INSURANCE PreoxiomB F«»'able- OB Month I v Fbua Rnssell. Oliver & Yaneey Bank Bid*. T«l. 4±S Financial Money To Loan Sratcd DOXT TRADE YOUR CAR CatI3 yoc 5*1 our cstirnat* on coirv- t»iei€ly r*c-o=d:i:onine year i».r— body. -op. paint, brakes, etc. Terra paym*r- plan. W« Make €a*h Auto Ix>*zt» MORSK BEE OXE STA, Tel. 603 tfc* Qty of IVrf*. who ka* dal> er«<J «a.ict inoj>g»'ty for who U o t aaiifl«4l to, vot*. for of tti* Icc&latttr* of lli* xtac* aa« who fa«* r**lded In tb» ~ iimita of tii* City for *lx (S> tnontfe*. a*4 ia t2i« . Ward in which h* off*r» to vote for t thirty <20> days. •*!* pr*o«<lias tk* } eleetioo it entitled 10 vote. Given uader cny iiaod witk til« Sea.) Of th« City or F*ri* «.tfixe<J thi* tht 6ti <UT of Joly. A. X>. 1934 J, il. CROOK Mayor. City of Paris At!«Bt; Mr*. Odotm F&rk, City a«cr*t».ry, city oi TALIHMA LEGION POST HAS ELECTION 'Big Train* Abed TAJL1HINA, Okla.—Annual election of officers of the Robert Stephens Ramsey post of tiie American I^egion was held at a meeting of the organization Tuesday night. Clarence Allen, post commander, aad Bill Carver, adjutant, were re-elected. Other officials cfcosea were Nat Marshall, first vice-commander, Moah Ray, Albion, second vice- commander; J. E. Permenter, treasurer; Arch Stafford. Albion, sergeant at arms; Charley Knebel. service officer; Rev. J. H. BeiloU eaaplain, and 3Ir. Scott. Whitesboro, assistant chaplain. A special meeting will t>e he'vl neact Tuesday night to elect delegates to a state convention at Ok- lahorna City, September 2-4. Irrigation companies near Heb- er.Utah, pump water from long closed mines to supplement an agrict^jiral supply which, diminished on account of drouth. CHAPTER NO. 4S R- A M. Stated coBvocaTSoti 3rd Thursday -evening ^acii rjioalh. 7:30 p^ m ViSitinE companions welcomed. J J OinnJTSK- *a»iu. 3d. . S. a. P- H- G Brtneman Scc - .. . i j TjtFATETTK COXJXCIi- KO- 34 R. «.n<3 I S M- Staled assembly 4th Ta*»<Jay j «*cb montU 7:30 p m. Vistting =OTT-._ patnJon* w«!cotne<L J J CunnicgliarTt j 'T.,-. t. M- H. G Sreaernan. See. COMSiANDKRT SO S KX1GHTS Feed Plants and Seed -.- couciavt 1st and 3rd Monday ev«r.i=ss each ruont^. 7:30 », ca Vivlliae Sir Knipftis cordially •w«Ieorae«l. Beryl E>. Joiiriscn E. C.. H. G Br*a*B>B=- recorder GROTTO M O V ?. E R in««Urg 1st Friday rvenia* «.ch woath 7-20 p. m. VisSiln* Proph*t» cordially l«v!T*!l J W HArrla Sios H U. Parsoca. S«c. Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Ntrff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Balk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Sup- Dlies. Dos and Puppy Food Chigger Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep the Chigsers Off HARRY BOOK S7 Grand TeL 6O4 OROEK OF THE SASTSRN STAH • XJUSBT- chafer 5?5 tn*e:s the 1?' _ itj<J tb* third FrJrt*y j of «»ch mouth- Visitors welcorr,*. j STaiKis Scoit. W. >!. ilrs I,=c:ift | *- S«c. ^ r Tfaa-cks Feed Plants and Seed We wish to sincerely thank all were so Icind and helpful dur- tfce !Un*ss and death of our one, Lloyd Stone. I>rs. Rob- Armstrong and Fitzp^trick also the sisters and nurses *; !- Texas. Oscar Sullivan. Cavtness. Merclumdise /"or Good Things to EX.BER.TA peaches now ready, o. A. Dixon, Caviness A sudden attack of pleurisy tent Manager Walter Johnson (above)' of the Cleveland Indians to m hospital and placed the command of the team in the hands of Wiili« Kamm, third faasftman. (Associated Press Photo) COURTS DISTRICT COURT Xewtaan Phillip*, judjre Xew Cases Fitad Jlary Fisher vs. Orb Fi»h«r, divorce. Vista Wright v*_ M. D- Wrlsbt. divorce. Elmer Sanders vs. Margrrett Sanders, divorce, Mary Bostic vs. Enni* Bostic, divorce. Sherman. Davis vs. Annie May Davis, divorce. I^AMAR COCNTT COURT C. A. Martin, judge New Cases Filed One case of removing parts from a motor; OTse case of aggravated assault, luxe fordor Gregory-KobIiL5on.Speas, Paris, f Dodge coupe. j Commercial Cars ] John L. Clem, Paris, Chevrolet • truct. | Kettie Whipple, Roxton. Ford \ pickup. ] At The Plaza Uc*ns«s Issued Floyd Mayfoerry and Miss Tb.el- a Fielder. Cleo Patton and Xaonai Barnett. Lamar County Amo Ucensea Passenger Cats Bert Maye-s, Paris, Terraplane con ch. Ed Gimple, Paris. Plymouth standard coupe, S. E- Rice, Paris. Ford standard ford or sedan. Clyde Bell, Paris, Chevrolet sport sedan. Paris Grocer company. Paris, Chevrolet coach- Roy Johnson. Paris, Ford de- PUSHMATAUA COURTS (Antlers. Oklau) Marriage Ucense* l*»uc<l Jesse Majcey and Mary Agness. Finley; R. c. King and Mrs. Flora Patton, Oklahoma. City; 1. L. Roach and Mattie Mae Harris. Paris; Harol<j Laznar Blue. Tyler. Tex., and Asnes Wilburs Fialey. Antlers; Jack W. Dye and Ruby Griffin. Antlers, Jack Mitchell. Antlers, and Birdie Hatcher. Iteia.; l^oyd Birdsong. Antlers, and Bessie Lawrence. Dunbar; Cecil Kincaid and Beuiah DUleshaw. Finley. Transfer of Warranty Deeds "VST. Su Nabours et. al to Maryland Casualty Co.; Amos K. Bass ez al to -"^T. D. _A.rnspiger; George A. Mathias et ux to Henrj- Ju. Hauert: "W. r>. Amspiger to Xoiar* Caughey: \v. R. Stephens to M. EL Stephens; Bertie Rogers to Francis Williams: Mrs, G. E. Satterlee to John M. Bailey. The snout fish has a snout ex- teading almost as far in front of its eyes as the bodv extends behind. "The Maja With TTVO Faces." \vhich opened, at the Plaza iheaxre last nisht for its local premiere. more than made grood Uie promises of its producers nad exhibitors. It is a dramatic masterpiece, finely acted. The stor>- tells of a theatrical family, the son bein? an rctor and producer, and The daughter one of the popular and talented .women on the stage. This jjir! married a scoundrel who exercises a hypnotic power that well n:§rh kilis her career. Apparently, she can act only -arhen motivated by the sinister influence of her husband, and when he dis^ippear^, r almost destroys her. She had about overcome this influence, when the husband returns from prison, re- atiraes control ovej- her Eiintl, and is sending- her to utter ruin when he is murdered. The mystery of th« murder forins the base for the plot, and it is sufficient to say that nor until the very end of the play does the audience know- ihe identity "-' the slayer, or the motives for the act- Robinson, as the brother and as ilr. Chautard. enacts a double role in a masterly manrier. There is streagrth, po?.-er and subtlety in his work that is surprising even to the multitude of Hobinscii fans. Mary i Astor is splendid in the role, of I the woman dominated by b*r hti*- : band, a roie made coavinciiiir by the fine work of Ixrais Calhera. i Ricardo Co:~ez^ 'after yeans of : enavtir.s villains, is given an op- i portunity ro appear in the beroda irole^.a lover and acquire hirueeif IPO w<*fi^that it Ls probable he will : henceTorth be given more romantic | parts. Mae Clarke, always goo4, i and always competent, adds coa- i siderable comedy relief in ihe role ! of stage actress. Other important I parts are taken by Arthur Byron. ! Emily Fitz-oy. Henry O'Xeili' and ' I Margaret Da:*?. ! NOTICE I Two "Quiet" signs belonging to ; the i>o!:c^ department for use near' : homes where there is sickness have j been i^isplaeed. These signs ar* .badly needed a- present and any- i one who knows where they mav b» j located is r ~cue?ted to comrauni- cat 1 ? Tvi*h the der' GUS COTHRAZC, City itarshalL ! CALL 401 i 1 - e trill buy cr trac* for your I ild furniture. Come in to see n* ! "or the best values in home fcir- JD. H. Baker Furn. Go. 1 The House Tha? SeliB For Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE The Old Gray Mare ooiSO^4ED cKT GOT *\ srr OF By E. C. SEGAR fV/, J'M TO GET "RIO OF l~r_ VT OUT THE —' ^ S't^JT O°' \ S\GlSzrr OPF ) ^ THE IT STUCK. MV HORSE NOW Ht' A Sp^sl— «-.-<--C) // i THE BUNGLE FAMILY Moving Day By HARRY J. TUTHHJ: St. Jos^Ih's luilrHiary. veill al- ; \Vanted to -wra.ys bo remembered for their UTS- I tiring efforts. The sinsrers for'l^e | VTILJL- PAY CASH Tor a good used j beautiful SOKSS. Dr. TX"rishi and ! c^ir. Xotijing oider than '2s mod-j Hoover -w^re v»r\- consoling. | e5 considered, and prefer Sight car. [ •ie who sent a no^*r. spoke j MUJ?: l>e a. t>arga=ri. Ray Morse, comfortiTig ivcrd or had a .syrn- ] Morse Bee Line Station, corner I 5CSH! J«A£iNE US \ RJNG!NJ6 THA BO LDMG has oar undying sratii«d« and. upon them ai! we humbly invoke most choice b'essir;?:*. Mrs. I-lcyd S;or.e. Mr. and Mrs, T. J. Stone ar.' f *Sif "and Mrs. Aaron Parker. I A ^^ * *-<2 •- Pays up to $24 OD M-. and Mrs. Frank Stone. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rar.dle. \VA.XTHI> TO BITS: • OM 5:01*1 anu silver, Mr. Bur\ x,'zs$; croM buyer. Government !i,.,^5 ! cense, will be in Paris at the Texas ! Hoc<el all <lay Monday and Tuesday, f Aug-ust 6 an<3 7. pays up to $24 OD 1 an ounct- cash for a" kin'ds of ol«i i .cold je-veTry, \vatches. ring's. Mr.'kad Mrs^ Robert McKlnl^y. 1 s «« tb - /ountain pen poir.i*. ey^ I glass frames, etc. Hunt up yotir Foun<J 5 I r ''<3 srold. bring- :'t to the Tess __ ! Hotel. Inquire for Mr. Buries?, j -^, . - T . -^ . -_. 2.EAVTXG for Ho-J5*sr. Monday j - v v e buy ail kinds of sterUns and j DIANA DAISll TVant some one :o share f coin silver. S^riniaces ar.<J ap- ! Phon-? ±214J. I pralsals fre--.-. Telephone fr»r spe- ^-sEi s£0=ij5E? vJ SECReiEN^. TRAVEL. / ! —wrvj_»i. XT / i CU^.. ! OF^T^N^ vrisr^ ^r^^ Bees and Honey Notice* 10 . BUY TOUK MIXXOWS AX CKOOK Per I>orcn avft aU kinds or ba.1: and prize ~f K?0 rninnowa each for large?! fish caught cur sh:ri«-r*. li, W. F-AKLY Estate for Rent ! TO G ivNTZ-HMErx ^s•droom close I in. Phone l^CS- _ ? ;THKEK rooiys a.rartmcr.t. 40S Pin« 11 for h;xy 3S25-\V. l- >r.*- STS--XC. : Good ntilk ccnv for her Fhor.f ;-3i. lor j3 Rm. Ftsrr*. Km. and Da?-—-SSSJ. | FIVE; roon-; furnished house. c!o»© 1 in. Phone 7M Mattrcsv* ant! Rue Renovatins 2S ! NOW voc CAN riAxne. >X>I"K MATFRESS RENOVATED f On T!>«* Ont Paris Mattress & Awning Co, SO \V. Nl«rman Phone StO ss mDi^cSS WHY. OAD ? «AVSNT VCU J ?TVS22'5 A ?: HOMER HOOPEE An Important Occasion NOTICES || » •»» »•-«» «J. » fc« *» 4.VT3TV it-, ;ptl iWK»^WSJ ^T :a*y I^vnwnt Plan! ||^ h * ^' y .^*V c!! S f - is<r c ,^ y of r * r -" :f the woOdssaw re.a<Jy for cul'-ing ! "^>«'tr;rr nr »c-: t^s city S«*a J. G. Casti#berry, 12 4 { 'jj* " Ci ^ tV* 1 ? 1 ^"^ North tsth. ray anrt Salesmen SAl.Ef*M EN" hrre 71T or 1SISW, T13. fix**! fcy Tfc* CH thirt PAUI« I1UCH h*S, stai^sroanrtK'T o eastern n-iiriufftrtur^r will in- for Jo- cat territories Saturday and Sunday. Phone or write for appoint m<!nf. F1r» v. Or»TitJ c*r WARD 5' Court Hoa»*. A, W, 4 »rt Th* 704 S. Sprlnic 1 , Help VVuntc-d, Fcwtalc pay ...far in p«;'«on, Monday 9-12, Xtn!, l*«rt» inn No, a. ^c M1GVTT OF BETT^N /^ „_ PAWY! I RE^tWBER THE T\\'ELVfc NEAr?S AGO A WOMDESEUl. rV£ — t™— 1-5 "--V—0 j $jf " ' * ' ' * * •-— ^ . . W I [4: IRiST THlM^tN^S IT WAS ( MO, OF i COURSE. imES OM THE PORCH ! BST THEN OF COURSE VOS1 t SCORCHY SMITH Reckless

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