Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 26, 1972 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1972
Page 11
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(tompa Daily News Women f s Page 12 PAMI'A, TEXAS 66th YEAR Monday. Juno 28 1479 By Abigail Van Buren t<t 1V71 . Y. .f NK.1 DEAR ABBY: Do you know how this new idea of working a four-day week is going over? Several men where my husband is employed recently went on that four-day workweek and now my husband is considering going en it. I suppose there are some advantages, but I'm not so sure how I would like that setup. It would mean having my husband around the house an extra day, and in the past some of those long holiday weekends have seemed awfully long to me. I would like to discourage it in a subtle way, of course, but 1 don't want him to get the wrong idea. Anything you can tell me about it will be appreciated. N. Y. POST READER DEAR READER: If your husband gets the wrong Idea, you're in the clear. It'i the right Idea y<m don't want Mm to get. Malcolm S. Forbes [Editor-in-Chief of Fortes magazine] says the men love the four-day workweek, bat their wives aren't so craty about having their husbands home that much. Malcolm mast be reading yonr mnd, Lady. DRAR ABBY: Parents are warned repeatedly to keep cleaning fluids, drugs and poisons locked away where children cannot reach them. But nowhere have I seen a similar warning concerning iron tablets, which can be fatal if taken in large quantities. Recently a beautiful 19-month-old child crawled up on to a chair and took a bottle of iron tablets out of the cupboard. Thinking they were candies, he screwed off the cap and before he could be stopped, swallowed some SO tablets. He was rushed to the hospital but died 45 minutes later. From iron tablets, Abby? But that child is just as dead as if he had swallowed rat poison. Please, please, warn others. STILL GRIEVING IN HILLSBOROUGH DEAR STILL GRIEVING: If your tetter saves one child, it's well worth printing. Thank you for warning others. DEAR ABBY: I just boiled when I read the letter from the mother who said, "A man should realize that he doesn't have to stop being a good son in order to be a good husband." I wonder how many married sons are good to their mothers only because their wives insist upon it? I've been married for 18 years, and my mother in law lives only a few blocks up the street, and I have to beg my husband to drop in and visit her. And he would never call her up and ask her how she is or if she needs anything if I didn't dial the number for him. When it snows, I'm the one who makes him go to his mother's and shovel her sidewalk. And I'm the one who sends him to take off her storm windows and put on the screens even before he does our own. And I'm the one who always suggests we invite his mother to go out to dinner with us, or for a movie, or a ride. If it were up to my husband, he'd see her Christmas and Mother's Day. I suppose all mothers want to think their sons are perfect. Well, I have news for them. In many cases, the daughter in law deserves the credit. If you print this, no name or town, please. My mother in law thinks her son is perfect, and I wouldn't want to disillusion her. ONLY A DAUGHTER IN LAW DEAR ABBY: A woman wrote in saying she didn't want to have anything to do with her husband at night because he came to bed smelling like a brewery. You sure didn't give her much help. You should have told that woman to put a glass of mouthwash by the side of his bed, and also a spitoon. The reason this world is so messed up is because we can't meet each other half way. CONCERNED Problem? Trust Abby. For a personal reply, write to ABBY, BOX 83700. L. A., CALIF. 9M* and encloM a •tamped, addressed envelope. WIN AT BRIDGE 'False Ace Is the Fooler NORTH 6 AQJ93 ¥ J 1084 • 862 *85 WEST EAST * 4 452 V A 9 7 2 V 6 5 3 • A Q 10 7 • K 5 4 + K1042 *J9763 SOUTH (D) A A K 10 8 7 (i VKQ • J93 *AQ Both vulnerable West North East South 1 A Dble 2 A Pass 4 * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—+ 2 red was on lead with the ace and fell right into the trap just as anyone would. Clearly Agravaine held the club queen. Clearly it was most important to put him on lead. Mcrdred led a low club and the peerless one had (von another rubber. The bidding has been: West North East South 1* 2* 3* 9 By Oswuld & James .Jacob) Sir Lancelot du Lac, the best bridge player at King Arthur's square table as well as the best knight, felt that he had more than enough to jump to game even though he knew that his partner, Galahad the Pure, was apt to have raised on nothing but faith in the ability of the peerless knight to play the dummy. Galahad put down the dummy and Lancelot saw that there really was no play for his contract. The wily Mordred had opened a club right up to Lancelot's ace- queen. That was certainly a pleasant start but it wasn't going to be enough. Lancelot would have to knock out the ace of hearts and Mordred would surely attack the diamond suit and set the hand with three diamond tricks. Lancelot saw all this in less time than it would take him to parry a sword thrust. lie also saw a possible way to make the contract. It all depended on which club Agravaine sitting Kast would play. Agravaine played the jack and Lancelot was ready. He won the trick with the ace. not the queen. Then he drew trumps and led his king of hearts. Mord- 1 V Pass Pass Pass 3 * Pass Pass 3 N.T. Pass You, South, hold: AAK654 VA2 4J + AK654 What do you do now? A—Pass. Your partner doesn't have much, but you might as well let him try for the nine- trick game. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three no- trump, your partner has bid four clubs over your three spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow . Your Horoscope TUESDAY, JUNE 27 YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: What you do this year is make your potentials into realities despite all external influences. Casual relationships fade abruptly. The challenge is to use your time for self- improvement. Today's natives are brave, not always tactful but appreciative of gentleness. Aries (March 21-Aprll 1»|: Yesterday's stress continues, save your energy for constructive uses when the time comes. The here-and-now questions must be answered first. Taurus (April M-May 2tJ: A break in the rhythm of work gives you a moment for brief meditation, insight. Changes of plans may be unavoidable. Be flexible. Gemini (May 21 June 2t|: Benefits are promised where resources are shared by several people. Your genius isn't particularly endowed with wisdom. Cancer [June 21-July 22]: Seldom-seen or newly-found friends are your main resource for the moment. You might gain by reviewing and improving your image. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22J: Look what you're doing, where your time and energy are going. For once you have the knack of letting out a careless comment. Officers Installed MOBEETIE (Spl.) —Mobeetie Eastern Star No. 554 met recently in the Masonic Lodge Building for a salad supper and installation of officers. Guests attending were Mrs. Alpha McCustion, Mrs. Mildred Cunningham, Mrs. Alice Hardin, Mrs. Lena Moore, Mrs. Inez O'Laughlin, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hodges of Miami. Officers installed were Gazelle Patterson, worthy matron; Doyle Grimes, associative patron; E.E. Johnston, treasurer; Ella Johnston, secretary; Bessie Galmor, conductress; Melba Burch, associative conductress; Bernice Caldwell, organist; Henry Johnston, marshal); Laura Fern Selby, Ada; Juanita Matthews, Ruth; Ethel Mason, Martha; Charlotte Coward, Electra; and Austin Caldwell, warden. Installing officers were Alice Hardin, installing officer; Carrie Hodges, installing marshal); Lena Moore, installing chaplain; Inez O'Laughlin, installing organist; Alpha McCustion, installing secretary; Mildred Cunningham, warden; and Clyde Hodges, sentinel. Next meeting will be July 4, at the Masonic Lodge. This Week MONDAY 7:00 p.m.—Skellytown Tops Club, in library. 7:00 p.m.—Lota Pounds Off Tops Club in Central Baptist Church. 7:00 p.m.-Weight Watchers, St. Matthew's Parish Hall. 7:00 p.m.—Tops Club, Chapter TX 41, in Zion Lutheran Church. TUESDAY 6:30 p.m.—Pampa B&PW Club, Furr's Cafeteria, convention reports. THURSDAY 1:30 p.m.—Senior Citizens' Center in Lovett Library. 7:00 p.m.-Weight Watchers, St. Matthew's Parish Hall. 7:00 p.m.—Pampa Altrusa Club in Starlight Room of Coronado Inn. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT OPEN DAILY and SUNDAY 11 a.m.-l p.m.; 5 p.m. -8 p.m. Child's Plate ......... 65 "anqucl Room* Available Enjoy Piano Artistry Evenings at Fun's TUESDAY MENU MEATS Pork Chop Jardiniere Mexican Enchilada* served with Pinto ,. .79 Beans and Hot Pepper Relish VEGETABLES Scalloped Cabbage Broiled Tomatoes SALADS Coconut Fruit Bowl Guacamole Salad on Lettuce wifh Toasted Tortillas DESSERTS Hot Peach Cobbler German Chocolate Pie 69< ,. .22 21 35 25 35 IMaTMl Vlrge |A*g. ZMept. 22|: In the midst of general rush and confusion, there is wisdom. You have to do your share of whatever is happening. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 2Z|: Emotions are no better guide to constructive management than your already settled common-sense plans. Hold the line, work things out. Scorpfe (Oct. 23-Nov. 21 1: Where it appears others are vague, see tf you are really correct in your assumptions. There may be need for a middle course. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Friends have great ideas, none of which are likely to be applicable at the moment. Seek improvement in your work. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19 1: Be sure that any realignment you attempt leaves room for further changes. Tendency toward retrenchment cuts off some hteh potentials. Aquarius [Jan. 29-Feb. 18]: Taking for granted that people mean what they say or that they will behave as you have decided they should could be risky. Pltcei (Feb. IB-March 20]: The brighter the deal seems, the more certainly you ought to double check it. A brilliant opening has to be followed by consistent end-play. ALL WRAPPED UP in their work, Alice and Ellen Kessler of West Germany go into their song and dance during a.television appearance in Rome. The show- business twins do something called a "Sack Dance" dressed in, naturally, sacks. ByBETTY CANAHY June comes and we inevitably think about weddlnji. More weddings art performed during December than June but we have to write about Christmas then and tinsel and sflowflakes and besides, December doesn't rhyme with honeymoon. Some time ago I was asked by a reader to list the necessary ingredients of a good marriage. An impossibility, of course. Because when it comes to choosing a partner, it's to each his own, everybody to hid own taste, and, you never can tell, can you? the big tragedy of courtship, as I see it, is that each constantly puts the best foot forward, What a shock when off comes the shoe and sock and the beloved sees our real, everyday foot. That's when some girls take to crying in the cooking sherry. And when many a boy turns bitter. It does make a person wonder how and why they belived that marriage was all peach blossoms and moonbeams. Betty Canary WtOH Intertill Af tMNf About mirrisie ii that K It • ^a**^»*^« ilk** irtittA i^ufcfrily^ cvrPTTnjnj irai jv»» wucvncr what twHKti of (MKMI have considered to be finished products, IntnMdiatcly after the "I dot" the finwhed products turn into raw matwlils. Marriage is a shaping and molding done primarily by two sculptors. They can chip away at each other with hacking motions until they have created a monstrosity. Or, with soft kneadirtgs, patting*, curving* (and even upon occasion, a few sharp punches) create a reasonably artistic monument to their years together. It's been said that in a good marriage a person finds himself saying "I might as well" more often than dreaming, "It might havebeen." Chopin's March Chopin's famous "Funeral March" (Sonata, Opus 35) does not express grief over the death of an individual, but expresses the Polish composer's feelings over the loss of the independence of his native land. Candle Fish The eulachon, found in the regions of the northern Pacific, is so fat and oily that when dried it can be used as a candle by merely drawing a wick through it. Dropped First Names Three U.S. presidents dropped their original first names —Grant dropped Hiram; Cleveland dropped Stephen; and Wilson dropped Thomas. AUTO -HOME STEREOS Enjoy Our Better Selection of Tapes —.Full line of Accessories; Caddies Chanel Master Sales -- Service-Installation 700W. Foster Hdll TlfC CO. 665-4241 Malcolm Hinlcle, Inc. 1925 N.* HotMrt 669*7421 Plumbing Heating r Air Conditioning ' Sales a MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 24 Hour S«rvice> Budqet Terms ^eojrnpns^of,hi$^ali^^ •'.••ii'OJTfl ii/o'vo Kfxin Kfllrvino f'jmilipc nn thiRffi-'t-'.-;^:"K ; ;: : '-^ J928, we've be6ri helping High Plains own save profitably; Thertfs jiot a better reason for serous money $^$:^-§0,- : ^ Security Federal "tyFede rtESTFHANCISANP GRAY STRUTS

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