Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1961 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1961
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS SELL FRESH FARM PRODUCTS; FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, POULTRY AND MEATS WANT AD RATES All Want Ads are payabl* In advance but ad will bo accepted over the telephone and occDmoda- tlon accounts allowed with the understanding the account Is payab'* when statement Is rendered. Number On* Threa Six On* of Wordi Day Days Dayt Mo. Up to 15 .65 1.50 2.25 6.50 16 10 20 .65 1.80 2.75 8.00 21 to 25 1.00 220 3.20 9.50 26 to 30 1.10 2.40 3.60 11.00 31 to 35 1.30 2.70 4.10 12.50 36 to 40 1.50 3.20 5.00 .4.00 41 to 45 1.60 3.40 5.50 15.50 46 to 50 1.80 3.70 6.00 17.00 Initials of one or more letters, Oroup of figures as house or telephone numbers count as one word. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Time .... 90c per Inch per day 3 Times .... 75c per inch per day * Times .... 65c per inch per day STANDING CARD ADS $15.00 per inch per month Rotes quoted above are for coo- •ecutive insertions. Irregular or iklp date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements of fered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising tub- mitted. The Hope Star will not be respon- tlble for errors jn Want Ads unless •rrors are celled to our attention offer FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 3 - Lost & Found 49A - General Construction SHELL HOMES $1795 _ $3495 or FINISHED HOMES $ 10 Down Please Let Us Furnish You With Estimates HOPE Builders Supply Dial 7-2381 6-22-tf 101 - Houses for Sale FOR SALE: Fashion Homes. Nothing down. El Dorado model at "Y" South Main and 23rd Streets. Slrout Realty. 7-3-lmop FOR SALE: By owner five'room home, attic fan, garage, plenty of shade. Near grade school and store. :")0!l S. Spruce. Telephone 7-222H. 7-M-Otp FOR SALF,: Because of ill 'health I am selling my home, ill 5 South Walnut Street. 7-17-3U: T3LUF, CHAT for driveways, top soil, fill sand, do/ier for yard leveling. Lavender Construction Co. Dial 7-3750. 7-M-GtC 62 — Barber Service NEW AND MODERN, Perry's Barber Shop at Perry's Truck Stop, Highway' 67 East is now open. Hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Sunday. Delmer Pipkin, barber. 5-26-tf LOST: White face bull with 1' 3 ' inch horns. About one year eld. '• Call 7-3094. 7-17-:«p FOUND: Calf strayed into my , pasture, about fi months old. Call 7-502(1. Owner to pay for this ad. 7-17-3tp , 5 - Funeral Directors ! AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, OAKCHEST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6771. : M-tf 69-Truck Rentals The Negro Community Ctthcr Hlofct 7-4«7» »r 7-4474 Thought For The Day Better be poisoned in one's blood, than to be poisor.txl in ones principles — ConCtisJu.s. Calendar of Events The Sunday School. A.C.E League, Layman's Convention 1 and _ _ Training Institute of the Prescotl RENT a new truck for moving ' Dislricl ' Wcsl Arkansas Confe*. furniture, etc. Local or long enco of thc AME church wil1 I)C distance. All furniture pads, dol-i hclci at Cra 'S cha ' x>1 AME Church lies and loading equipment fm-. ! Ashdown-. Ark. July 20-22. Theme nished. AVIS Rent-A-Truck, at of l ' he 'meeting is "Reaching Thc PERRY'S TRUCK STOP, Hwy. Unreachcd." Rev. 0. W. Walker, 67 East, Dial 7-9974. 8-2-tf Host Paslor; Rev. A. L. Harris, presiding elder: Rt. Rev. 0. NOTICE Top prices paid for persimmon and gum timber. Con- AMBULANCE SERVICE. Oxygen ' equipped, Two-Way Radio, Bur: ial Association, Herndon - Cornelius Funeral Home, Phone 7-4686. G-28-tf 13- Boots, Motors, Trailers FOR SALE: 16-ft. Carter Craft Boat with convertible top. Complete with 75 h. p. Evinnide motor and trailer. Telephone 7-3756. 7-14-Gtc 73 - Wonted To Buyi sherman - Bishop - Zorah Chapter No. 4 OES will OLJlltlJUll dliVi gLllll LUlliytl . V_,L"I* I. I ] -i 1 , • T-. • * tact Saylors, 2 miles north of h ,° d '' s "S" 1 ' 1 ' meeting Friday, Hope on Highway 29. 3-9-tf 81 - Female Help Wanted 29 - Sewing Machines SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. ' Sales and service, repairs oh any make machine. Dial 7-6713. 11-SO-tf 34 - Slaughtering Processing ; RALPH Montgomery Market, cus- i torn slaughtering. Meat for your deep freeze. We buy cattle and hogs. 11-tf NOW AVAILABLE IN HOPE An opening with Avon Products. Write today while territory is still open. Mrs. C. Johnson P. O. Box 944 Texarkana, Texas 7-17-3tc July 21. WM Bessie Smith is asking all members to attend. All delegates are urged to be present to make final plans for the Grand Session which will be held at Magnolia July 213. Mrs. Alexander, reporter. Fannie 82 - Male or Female Help Wanted MEN T -WOMEN $20 daily. Sell The Melody Five Spiritual Singers of Magnolia will appear at Bethel AME Church Sunday, July 23 at 7:30 p.m. This program is being sponsored by Mrs. Amy Johnson: Rev. R. N. Thomas, pastor. About GO City Park youths went to Springhill, La. July 17 on an outing. Starting off with a baseball tournament. The City Park Ponys won over Cullen, La. Bears 9-0 for the first game. Springhill beat Minden 3-1, in thc second, with Hope and Springhill in the playoff. When time ran out the luminous nameplates. Write to score .stood Hope 4, Springhill 4. Reeves Co., Attleboro, Mass. After the ball game a big swim- Soviet-China Relations Not So Good By WILLIAM L. RVan A s sociated Press News AnalVst "Bratskaya nyerushimay adruz- iba" — brotherly inviolable unity —governs Soviet-Red f'hinese relations, thc Soviet, press says. Invariably, the more signs Micro arc of irritations, the more the chorus increases in volume. A few days ago in Moscow, Pravda and F/vestia published— Six clays after Poiping had broadcast it — a curiously edited account of a Canadian correspond*- cnt's television interview with Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Yi. The Moscow version quoted Chen as saying. "The great solidarity between China and the Soviet Union is an important guarantee of peace in thc whole world and the progress of humanity." Chen Yi had put it differently. Said he: "Thc relationship between China and thc Soviet Union and among all the Socialist nations is a fraternal international relationship of an entirely new type. It is built to the common base of Marxism-Leninism, on the base of the principle of proletarian internationalism. Such a uni- ,y is; unbreakable." The difference seems important. The words "proletarian inter- nalism" occur frequently these days' in Soviet-Chinese relations. Tht' principle is specified as the jasis of the Iale.1 Soviet cnconom- c-lcchnieal aid program for Red rhina. Briefly, the term means Moscow must be the boss of the ooss of the world Communist movhentm That doesn't mean the Chinese have to like it. They are grumbling. They seem to have much to grumble about. From an examination of Soviet and Chines edocuments and statements, tlio main points at issue seem to be these: 1, The course of the world rev- revolution. Thc Chinese protest Soviet reluctance to use naked military power to impose communism al bayonet point when opportunities arise, regardless of risk. Khrushchev, by implication, is accused! of fearing a 'paper tiger"—the' United Statesm The Russians, in a Chinese- language broadcast, told Peiping, "We neither will nor shall thrus), the ideals of communism on other peoples by force of arms." The Soviet Union claims there are many ways for Communists to get DAILY SHORT SHORT 1 A. ^ki*^ SUSPENSETTE 1961 by NEA, Inc. By J. HARVY BOND It. was close to thc entrance of the Grand .stage theater just before curtain lime. Two broadshouklercd officers rushed h ough the door and sought out Quincy, the manager of a Shakespearean troupe which was just ibout lo present Hamlet." You'll have lo postpone your performance," said thc scrgean.t There's a homicidal maniac in thc audience." 94 - Apartments, Furnished 6-30-lmop ming meet was enjoyed. Spring j hill's swimming team beat Hope on the point system. ' The Ponys have been invitee to play in a baseball tournament at Minden on August 4. Roscoe CUSTOM Slaughtering, Beef or pork cut and wrapped for your deep freeze. Contact Barry's !p OR Grocery, 7-4404. 7-29-tf FOR RENT: Air conditioned nicely furnished four rooms and Smith - Supervisor. bath, adults, no drinking, 801 East Third Street. 6-22-tf SUPER SNOOPER—Swedish businessman Eric Ericfcson spent three hectic years in Nazi Germany as an Allied spy. His story now is told in the new film, "The Counterfeit Traitor," with Bill Holden, left, playing trie role of Erickson. Appearing With Holden i Swedish actor, TJlf. Palme, cast as Erickson's friend, Max GuWpeL Erickson and Gump at table iu background, are casual diners in the film. Exactly," said 'I-fe's a frustrated f a maniac got into the role ;f Hamlet, blood, would be splashed. The manager received the news solemnly. He thought for a moment, then shook h i s head. There's a tradition in the ater that the show must go on," he said. What makes you think the maniac is in our audience?" "Because he thinks he's Hamlet." said the policeman. And you believe he's likely to interfere with the performance? Hurt someone?" thc officer, actor. Like WE ARE dressing poultry, processing beef and pork, for everyone. Call MOORE BROS. 7-4431. 8-19-tf 35A-Hay HAY FOR SALE: Grass hay. one mile north of Hope. Phone 74173. 7-17-3tp 46 - Services Offered FOR PASTURE clipping call Lar ry Moore, 7-3853. Good tractor, new bush hog and want to work. 5-25-tf 21 - Used Cars RENT: Furnished apartment. 203 High Street, and five room house on High St. 7-3174. 7-13-tf Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Bezley Noble has '" "_ ve as their weekend guest, Mrs. Parlee Forresi of Springhill, La. She power by "peaceful and parliamentary means," and force should be only a last resort. 2. Peaceful coexistence. The Chinese argue that, according to Lenin, ultimate war between capitalism and communism is inevitable in the long run and the risk now is less than it may be years hence with thc rapid pace) of superweapons development. They insist peaceful coexistence is simply a matter of lac- tics in a temporary device useful others suffering from his particular type of psychosis, he's dangerous if you try lo slop him from doing what he wants to do. We think he's armed—a gun shop was burglarized soon after he escaped. If you start the show, there's no telling what he might do." FOR RENT: Furnished apartment. 3 rooms and bath. Adults. 10021 East Third St. Phone 7-3184. ' 7-20-3tc 95 - Apartments, Unfurnished was accompanied home by 'her only fm . propa g ancla bul nol to nephew Bezley Noble Jr. )e calTiod SQI fai . as to indi( . a(e possibility of living indefinitely in peace with capitalism. 3. Disarmament, and relaxation reaciy , of tensions. en ° u °!!' Peiping said: Any disarmament Obituary 0. C. Williams of Antioch died at his home Sunday, July 1G. Survivors include his wife, four children and seven grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are incom- FOR RENT: Unfurnished 4 room P lete wfll b annou » ced ,, duplex apanment. Adults. South , Cornish Funeral Home ' Preseolt Main. Phone 7-2282. 7-19-3tp 103 - House Trailers FOR SALE: 1950 model Fcr'd oa[n , pickup, rebuilt motor, front end! 7.49^9 1 and two new mud grips; good' _1"I_. FOR SALE: 58 Model, 36 foot house trailer, air conditioned, central heat, two bedrooms, full bath, completely furnished. Dial 7-18-tf glass and heater: good hunting FOR RENT: Completely furnish- and fishing rig. S200. Rc-y Cogle, Prescott, Ark. Phone 887-2103. 7-19-Ctp ed three rooms and bath house trailer, 1012 Foster Dial 7-2307. Learned to Counterfeit on Gl Bill LITTLE ROCK (AP)-A former Arkansan who leaned engrav- Avenue. j n g under GI bill on-the-job train- -19-6tc 1 21 - Used Cors 21 - Used Cors , nciiwg 1959 FORD CUSTOM 300 4-door, radio, heater, white tires,, good solid car $1150 1960 FORD FAIRLANE 2-door, radio, heater, 6 clylinder .. . $1450 1960 FORDGALAXIE 2-door, radio, heater, Fordomatic ... $1795 1957 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN Station Wagon, Fordomatic, Radio, Heater, Air conditioned $1195 HOPE AUTO CO. 220 W. Second Dial 7-2371 POWERFUL LOAD—The world's first portable nuclear:power plant, the PM-1, is being loaded into this air transport in Baltimore, Md. It-will be located on Warren Peak near Sundance, Wyo., where it will supply light and'heat'to'a'newly-constructed air defense radar site. The PM-1 can generate enough heat to-pr.ovide>a-town of 2,000 with summer weather when the temperature is far below zero. Printing Contracts Are About Ready LITTLE ROCK (AP> — Secretary of Stale Nancy J. Hall says she has obtained Ihc second of three signatures needed lo award 66 state printing contracts. Gov. Orval E. Faubus signed las^ week, and stale Auditor Jimmiw Jones signed the contracts Monday. Treasurer J. Vance Clayton still must sign before the contracts can be awarded. Names of firms landing the contracts arc benig withheld until thc contracts are signed by Clayton. The manager paced thc floor. If this madman tried to play do- il-your-self Hamlel with a loaded gun, disastrous resulls would fol low. The manager could nol ex peel the actors who were playing Claudius, Polonius and Laertes to do justice to' their roles kniwing they were in danger and if the aniac got into the theater audi once, blood would be splashed. On the other hand, the manage could not think of cancelling the performance and curtain lime ol- would be unrealistic. The United States, an implacable enemy of China and communism, must be resisted to the point of war. The West never will denounce We'll have to calch this fel low," said the manager. What does he look like?" The police officer sighed. We have a description, bul no photo," he said. And the fellow is so policy. On this score only rene-lj^50 mln' in"the audien? gades like Yugoslavia's Tito join!" ,,' answer the description W the ""anil - Chinese chorus," But I . t q u c s t i o n 'them all i the Russians said a degree of ,li- s L tha ' n a couple o[ hou s .» armament is needed to 'hasten The manage,- realized thai hold- in Soviet economic developmenl so ing up Ihe show that long would ., , , 111 tl LU-/ L1IC «TI IU i* in Hi. i \jin-, i. vjniv it can become a weapon in over- b ut of the question. Already whelmms- the West. ,, _...i; :.,„ .,„„( whelming- the West. 4. Economic aid. the audience was becoming res i'ess. Peiping says the Soviet Union; Sorry ," said the officer. ng has been charged in Atlanla, Ga., with making counterfeit 20 Dills, the Secret Service said. Leroy M. Letteer, special agent n charge of the SS Little Rock office, said Sanford Horace McIntyre, 40, has not enlered a plea on a charge of manufacturing and conspiring to pass counterfeit notes. He is free on $5,000 bond. Letteer said Mclntyre learned engraving while -working for the Fort Smith Southwester-American and Times-Record and made the counterfeit plates with engraving equipment he bought from the Rogers, Ark., Daily News. He was stationed at Fort Chaffee before his Army discharge in 1957. He svorked at Fort Smith, Amarillo. Tex., and for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Letteer said. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie P. Gravitl of Williamson. Ga., pleaded guilty to charges of passing thc bills, Letteer said. Gravit was .sentenced to five years in prison and his wife was placed on probation. Letteer said Mclntyre bought a printing press for $100 in Georgia after getting the engraving equipment for $150 from the Rogers newspaper. is wrong in aiding non-Communist governmets' like Egypt ad India and in being niggardly with think we'll have to slarl talking to some of those men in the au dience." the Red Chmese. Aid should goj No> waiti » sa id the manager only to help the revolution. Egypt iJust wait a few minutes." and India follow anti-Communist i The oflic er hesitated. We hav policies internally and thus Soviet i to do what wc C amo to do," he help only retards Red revolution-i said ain | we - d better do i ary action. Such countries should j qujc kly. Unless you've got a gooi be punished. idea-" The Soviet Union, pushing the) There is a way to f intl him , idea of Communist alliances wit; said the manager. "We'll mak middle classes in such areas. are;| lim give himself away .» interested first in spreading Sovi-j You can - t starl the s el influence in all continents by: saic i lhe policeman, economic competitio. 5. Communist ideology. Moscow is and has been annoyed by Chinese claims lo might get hurt." I don't intend show, Someon to start tV show immediately," said the ma ager. We don't want the pla HISTORIC LANDMARK— Dressed in the frontier i yesteryear, Harold Rosner, right, and Ed Collier cf 1 Kan., examine gunports in old Fort Lamed. TOO fort wL. be dedicated as a National Historic Landmark OO June 18. Built in 1866, Fort Lamed is the best preserved of the military posts which dotted the west dorioe th» dUB of the fcomesteading rush following the Civil Wai; "^\ „ _ . - , ClQ^l • III- «V/I II. I.W..V I. forging ahead toward real com- disrupted I have a plan." mumsm by great leaps, through; Tne manager stepped out . such devices as people's corn-' front of tne curtain and raised! munes-virtually .slave labor for hjs hands for s ji ence . thc farmevs-and backyard snu-ltj The muniur O f voices quieted ,.„_ .... ers. Peiping claims the right to Ladies and gentlemen," said i keeps Ihe (.'omnninisls from adapt Communist development to the manager, "May i have your Refugees Pouring Into West Berlin By CARL HARTMAN BERLIN (AP> — The Commu- lisl threat to Wesl Berlin sent a •ecord 4,000 refugees fleeing into "West Berlin over the weekend, •aising once more lhe question of why lhe Communist police d'on't cut off the flow that warns production shortages in East Germany and gives the satellite regime a worse name. The question always arises when there is a spurt in the number fleeing lo the West. The Communists' vast police ap paralus undoubtedly could stop the Iraffic, 80 to 90 per cent of which funnels through East Berlin into West Berlin. There couk be much lighter, checks on trave into East Berlin, and then on the city's inlcrzone railways lha bring thousands from East to West Berlin each day to work. Tougher controls would frighten away many escapees since "fligh from the (Communist) republic' is a crime punishable by two years in jail. Fear of losing face is Ibough to lie one powerful motive tha stronger measures. East Berlin as been proclaimed the capital f their "German Democratic Re- iublic." It would look bad to the vorkl if citizens were prevented rom freely visiling their capital. The Soviets also may be taking hand behind the scenes. In pubic Moscow says that all political mailers in East Germany are in ierman hands. In private the-So- lets often show concei-n over the World War II agreements with he Western allies that guarantee Vee movement within the city. Some Areas Need Rain, Some Don't 9 LITTLE ROCK -Some parts of northeastern Arkansas slill need rain, but some southern counties have an excess of soil moisture, the Crop Reporting Service said today. The Service s'aid many areaa got rain just in time to prevent damage from drought. II said tho condition of cotton was 1 improved by rain last week, but that mai^l northeast areas still need more moisture for gi'owlh. Soybean and rice crops are doing; well where moisture is sufficient, the report said. ' 1 Yearbook Workshop GONWAY, Ark. (AP) — About 100 students and sponsors from 32 high schools are attending the 6! annual Arkansas High Schc yearbook workshop here. Deion Priest of Austin, Tex., and Coy Turner and George Ligon, ,boht of Conway, representing publishing houses, are directing the Workshop, which ends Friday. Moscow may not want to give the lated in Berlin. West further reason to say that these agreements are being vio- OUR ANCESTORS Chinese conditions. The Hun attention?" insist it is impossible to. skip Hc wa jt e d until he was sure ev- M«iges in developmenl, Hie same cryollL . was listening. Then he spoke softly: stages lhe Soviet Union through—lir.st he proletarian die- tatorship, the building of social isan.the achievement of socialism. Our star performer has taken he said. "I understand there . The last stage—still far away- js in the auc ijence tonight a very is supposed to be tho achievement promine , u Shakespearean Rpr- ol communism. . [former. A great Hamlet. Will he step backstage a moment?" From one of tho back rows a man came forward. As lie passed through the doorway that led backstage two policemen were waiting. The performance went ahead MS .scheduled after lhe escaped maniac had been identified. THE END "But, Romw, I'm only 13 and my parents think you'r* • juvenile delinquent!" —»-•»—•—•""—-—-- •*- -*-• " A

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