Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 8
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 8

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

JAUNTY STRIPES— For summer sport events, shopping or :unehcion meetings, Ibis dark blue ancf white striked poly- e.-ter outfit, is .sure to m;ikc ;i stylish impression. Mrs. .Jack \Virv of -1.107 15th St. mock-Jed {his two-piece dn-s< last \\eck ill !hf Lubbock Women's Clnl,. (Staff Phoi-u WliN AT.BR1D(;K Plays Make Slain NOItill A It) H , V 7 J j * W !. * 2 ( W|->| )-;,VST 1 A ' ! * -I 10 '< X i *Q'< •;- A K 7 ', 'J y A 'i fi 4: stjl Ml i|)i A \ g .1 '.i b v K g * \ K I'l \(.t !n s PP!ltll Vllllll'M .rlPir : North )!;<•,( Simih coiULTHii'd and at trick throe Means were opened and .lor made the first key pla> to let him make the slam. He led the jack, not the five of clubs to dummy's <[iieen. Next came the 10 of spades from dummy. Last played low and ,loe was carelul to play his nine. This made it possible I'or dummy's eight to hold tin- next, spade Irick so he coniil finesse for the third time. • Icie pulled the la^f trump and led his kiim of cluhs. When Kasv showed out .loo was able to lead that five ^jio! he had preserved, finesse dummy's nine ;inrl make his optimistic shim. By Oswald i- .lunies Jiicnhy There is no way tn know ui;>t how good a bridge rilaver the late Joseph K t"ain of Indianapolis would 'ia\e been, if he h.-id bern • ihlc lo devote more- than ;P '. crv small pn'i of hi"; time i<t ihe _;virnc. I Icre is a liaiii! hi pl.iv i il. '•'.'hen (he Irani oi \Vel>-h. Buck. \Vood and Cain \\.ni • he open team chatnpn'in- <hip in 1935. !-arry Weifii was a trifle out of placr on inaL team his name ua- 100 long. Joe didn't inn r nun Ii <>i ., !\vo bid anti Kd.son Wood aad to scrape the bottom oi 'lie barrel to tind « positive response, .loo u-ed the IH-V. Filackuood con\ p eniioii 'IP The bidding ha> hi-t-n; « "'•M -N'pMh Siiinh , A ' '•'' • -' * l';i>~ :; x I'.'--• '• A P.ix S VPPII. S.iuili, lipilci: A K (>i d u :, y A •: » K -I •: * v K ; w 'll,)i 'ip' Vnll cfpi lli.w \ Hut i'our •.(i.-uli's. ^'utir |I.IKIICI\ lusi hill ^v;is u lurcc. You uo bid four spades and your partner continues in live diamonds. What tin >im rlo now? AI>U Sl'K')-; LAST When making apploi-auce with winesaps. add ground -pi<-.-> tpp\crti\l the end d' the < ookhiL' ] peri, id so iho rial lira 1 coloi 1 of the saui'-c is : p e ! a IP i. -il . Of all the pleasures life can bring friendship is the sweetest thing. ,/ \niuvF.n r ., c oolerey Ctnlef 797-SS7I TADPOLE 'Looks In' On Parenting ]i,n-eni will nv little jiajiei- n'july m HV I'AT IIKNKV Kmiiily Xcws Slulf Your li;il>y creeps lo the niiiga/ine ruck, seleets an issue and intt'.ntly shreds U. Do you SjKink his hands, move the maga/.ine lo a safer pliu-e or lalk lo the l);))>y nhout ihe pitiuivs i;i the niittjiiv.iiie? A sensible <>Sni/e ihe sbretldei 1 a. "read." Theoretical smialions sitn ilnr lo this episode are part of a TADl'OLK i |U(-s I ion iiiiire filled in by ;!0 sels of parents, who also permii TADPOI.K L-ameru.s to re- foi'd Itieir everyday rein lionships \villi their babies. The acronym, TADl'OI.K. stands I'or Tech Assessmnin and l)fvel(>]>meni for llii- Preparation of Optimal I. earning Km iromnt-nis. Thai new word, "parent itiff, " svliiit doi'x ii mean? The Smith Plains Assueia tioit lor (lie KdiK-iUitm of Young Children is helping lo define effective parenting during the current Week of the Young Child. One association member. Hetty Wagner, part of the TADPOI.K team and an assistant pro fessor of child development and family relations at Tc.\ as Tech University, explains iiow some of the TADPOLE research relates to this parenting emphasis. "It's really Kreal to sec ihiiiKs bcinn done by par e.nts," .says Airs. Wagner. Her TADPOI.K colleagues arc Dr. Connie Stoele of I ho same flepai-tment and Dr. Sue M. Kiniry, assistant professor of special oduea tioJi. They are studying children from Uifobock's three major elhnic Croups. Family in conies ratine from lower lo lower-middle. Half of the children have d e 1 a y e d developmental problems. Ln one of Ihe few comments that Mrs. Wan- ner is ready to make about the results of the study, she observes ih.u the same type of parental guidance that helps normal children also does wonders for slow dc vcloper.s. She notes Ih.-U children with delayed (level opment h e n e I i t greatly "when disorders arc idenli- fied early and parents are Hivcn instruction and hope." The team, who began research in June, plans to develop hooks, teaching male. ial.s and video (apes which will be useful to agencies thai work with parents. One tape, "Parent and Child: I.eiirnin.^ Together," will be shown Friday and Saturday in Miami Beach al, a Southern Association on Children Under Six meeting. This tape contrasts two sets of parents, .not exports at paretUini;, but both doing exceptionally good jobs, according to TUrs. Wagner. One of the featured child- SPOTLIGHT ON... T'AGK ->.H m Mir.JUX'K. TKXAS cAfeu/s TUESDAY. APRIL S, l!)7.i ren is Lance, a b-monlh-old with Down's Syndrome. "Years ago, he might have been a closet baby. Rut Lance is operating very close to normal and in some aspects, right at normal." Mrs. Wagner believes Jiis family's care is partly responsible for his progress. The tape shows their pa t Jen), and repealed efforts in teaching Lance to "iripod." lo sit up by balancing, hands o.n legs. Mrs. Wagner explains that balancing is important to a baby's brain development. In the past, some Down's Syndrome children did not sit up until I hey were ,";. Litucc's family gives him plenty lo think about bright toys lo grasp, his father's watch to listen to. In a bath scene, his mother and sisters gently talk to him, encourage him iu splash and make a peel<-a- boo game of pulling his shirt over his head, which is sometimes frightening lo an infant. "Did you think you had disappeared f o r e v e r?" soothes Lance's mother. The final scene focuses on Lance playing with his puppy, caoh exploring the world wilh wobbly intensity. The other child is a '.}- year-old black girl, Sharon, at the top of the normal developmental level. She zips through the film in a flurry of learning, her play revealing imaginative thought processes. Daddy plays role games with her - the bear bunt story, songs — and cuddles her on his lap while he reads aloud. Mother attends her tea party as Sharon prepares "food" -- meat, bread, rice, cake — from the same lump of homemade salt clay. Both of Sharon's parents work. "But they are limed in lo her behaviour and seem to set learning tasks lo match her needs," says Mrs. Wagner. For instance, when Sharon's mother tried to illustrate number concepts wlh dominoes, a f r u s t r a t e d Sharon pushed them away and the mother wisely triad another game. And a puzzle which Sharon slapped together quickly is quietly replaced with a more challenging one. Mrs. Wagner advises parents to set aside a time for play with their child and to be aware of special needs for attention at other times. Mow do parents learn their jobs? Usually, 1'rom their own parents, says Mrs. Wagner. And there is "a spread of infonnation" between friends and neighbor i. RANDY'S CO-ORD KNIT t Center, 50th A 0 747-4549 I uri rig co-prdmated sportiweor shirts from 13.00 slacks from 20.00 Leisure suits from 60.00 AjNiN .LANDERS Advises Blackmailer WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MICROWAVE COOKING? • • NO ADMISSION CHARGE • • NO RESERVATION NECESSARY Dear Ann Landers: Your advice to "Trapped" was a bummer. Why didn't you pass right over the mother (who was caughl in the shower with another mani and write to the daughter who was using the information as a hammer over her mother's head" Here's a sample letter, in case you're short of time. Dear Fledgling Blackmailer: So you caught your muLlicv cheating on your father and now you are using the intormation lo £CL jour mother to dance to \<>ur tune. Mow lovely'. Certainly you are old enough to kno" that people make mistakes. And have you ever considered the possibility that there might be a good reason for your mother's alluir'.' Like maybe your dad is impotent, or unkind to her in ways you know nothing ;<lvnitv .Suppose your mother doesn't go along with your little game and you decide to rat on her. Are \ on aware that you might deliver a blow lo your father from which he may never recover 1 .' furthermore, whore does this leave you'.' If your blabbing causes a divorce, who would want custody of the little snitch? Do you believe your father will thank you for- destroying his world? Do you think your mother would want a rat fink like'you under tier roof? non'l. judge your mother too harshly, dear. You have no idea what life may have in sl.ire for you. Seasoned Philosopher i>KAR f'il'JL: Your letter raises some interesting questions. I print if without comment. I hope "the little smith" sees il. Thanks (or wriiirn.". IJiNtr Ann I.aiuicrs: I wa> born ami raised in Boston and am now living in the Middle West. It's gotten so I hate to open my m..uth. Every time I say something people ask. "How long have you been here you still talk tike that?"' My problem might sound trivia] but it is getting to me. what should I do about it? From Beantown And Not Ashamed DEAR F.B.: Ignore the people and make new friends. As a Miclwesterner I love that Boston accent. It's got class. With a capital 1C. * * * Dear Ann Landers: I am writing about H problem I've had for many years. H has caused me embarrassment to Uiis very day. Maybe you know of someone who can help me. It. i.s over-perspiration. I have tried every product on the com mercial market, even (hose with money back guarantees. JV e gotten my moncv back twice but I'd much rather find a deodorant that works. The last doctor i went to said. "Learn to live with it." He claims nothing can be ti.'ne to help me. Surely in this age of technological miracles, something can be done to control the quarts of perspiration ihat. run off me when T move rapidly, set tense, or have to go where there are crowds. I'm a male in my late twenties with normal activities and eating habits. Please. Ann, cheek your experts. 7'll he - We! And Waiting In Hamilton. Ontario DKAPv W & W: You have hyperhydrosis a fancy name for excessive swcatini;. And so do millions of other people. Keep searching until you find a dermatologist wlu is persistent enough to work with you until he hits on the right formula. You'll" (if dry as the Sahara once .you locate a doctor who cares enough to experiment with several combinations t >[ drug-. Ami Landers nil! be glad to help \ou wilh your problems. Send them to tier in cart- of The Lubbock Avavanohe-Joiii-nal P. O. Box 491. Lubhock. Tex.. 79-108. c-nclo' .-m.; a stamped, self-addressed envelope. '^SC ATTEND GENERAL ELECTRIC AND SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE'S MICROWAVE COOKING SCHOOL! TUESDAY NIGHT — APRIL 8TH 7:30 PM SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE REDDY ROOM DOWNTOWN 1120 MAIN Heloise Dear lleloiso: .lu.-,i rsccndy I had <i sore ankle. To keep the- hot pad on it in a way lo retain the heal. 1 loiind thai w.iodon cloiiie-i'ins \\crv a wonder- I'uJ help. .lust, wrap the pad around your I'm il and jiin it, on with ih» wooden flothospins. i'1'hi-y won't hurt anything fli'i:trien/>-). I'm a lixht'.vcmht towel over ail and \ou're fixer! up "real.> (lure Dear llel.-ise: ! wish yoji lii'fcl next duftr. One day 1 \\.mled lo make a boudoir pillow and I didn't have any stuffing. I put my brain lo uorkbiL- and I came up wilh plastic rlt-aniim ba;;s - dean. They worked so well I liavo four pillo'.ss stuffed '.^ith them. You just open liietn up and crush, not flai. nf course. Mabel II. Snow l j lcase ladies, keep these potentially dangerous ba;;.s from small hands by stor- iiiv; ihcm someuherc tin- lots cannot ^ci hol<l of Hear Heloise: An item thai 7 find hmiiiy is a crochet hook, although T do not ci'ochct. 1 have used it for 1 many things in the past twenty years. It i 1 - '^rcal for iiTiiieinx knots in shoel;n'(>. elriininj; narrow thiiv^s like bud vas<•• and huminiriL'bird feed ers. Ksiher Wr-iip-- 10 !li'-ioi>e in care of The Lubbock Avalanche- Journal, liox -!01, Li'hhock T.-.v. 79-IOS. lTIA- I'KHI'l .MF.I) Xow that elegance has i-c- turnod to fashion il i.s e.on.ii derod .smrtrl to carry it ihrougli with a small com pact of cream perfume. They arc available in jjold Lone Florentine finished metal with natural inlay top or 1 in shiny silver. These are small enough to slip into (he tiniest purse and .'ire offored by many of the finest perfumers. JOY PARNELl HOME ECONOMIST FOR SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE CO. PARKING NORTH OF BUILDING COOK IN '/4 OF THE TIME AUCE DOHEKTY WESTERN REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF G£. CONSUMER'S INSTITUTE WHY PftY MORE . . . WHEN YOU CAN GET THE SEST FOR IESS! • Hopr Cut • S3.50 • Ffon - $15 • Shampoo A S«t S3.SO Curi and Swirl Open: 8.30-5:00. Moo-Fri 8:30X:00, Saturday 799-1059 2908 50th "Tht No Appointment Shop" 3-34 _. LEV! BIG BELLS ALL COTTON Jack Davis Western Wear (Across From Tech) Black Patent or White Soft Kid .f.v $2399 Sizes to 10 S-N-M PIX If. One word that says it all: WEDGE It ilic wci!»c is niivsirii! from yotic waalrobe, ;«.M ii iod;iy! It's the Cushion angle tluif-, com- foriahle, MO. !(,r iiours ol cas\ walkinu. the \veili:e is the one you want. \Vc have voursi/.c: S.M.M Widths Si/cs To 10 2149 50th til 8

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