The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 6
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL, SATURDAY. FKRUUAUY 7, 1948 CLASSIFIED AD Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Ordcr r: n :r»tim Arlv*»rf iempnl. Accented -- TWO Lir Minimum Advertisement Accepted--TWO Lines FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS It's No Go/ By Merrill Blosscr VCAI...BUTTHC ^ YOU we«L SUPPOSED T GUAKD MAPC 0UCKET (1) Notices Jn Mcmoriam Business Services (4) For Sale (Continued) (5) ----^----~ ' ---~ PRICED ' TO BUY: Service. T ^°s«s»cS' l s tt^asas^fss. 1 - ""· life five years ago, Feb. 8-. 1943. The face I loved is now laid low, His loving voice is still, The hand so often clasped in mine Now lies in death's cold chill. He is waiting by the river, Just across the silent stream, Where sweet flowers are ever blooming And the banks arc ever green. I often sit and think of him, When I am all alone, For memory is the only thing That grief can call its own. Sadly missed by daughter, Mrs. Marie Jackson. * 187-1 In Memoriam In memory of our dear loved one. Murray 0. McDanicl, who passed away 10 years ago February 8. USED SINGER SE\Y-' Call 4JW. Siiigor! 187-3! W A L L prompt ±_: | BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS. COL-j(5 a ) Kelp Wanted ' P A P E R CLEANING., umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing , ·sen-ice Phone 1029W.I equipment, filing cases, indexes, I MAKE EXTRA MONEY EASY - 183-5 index cards. Harrisburg Printers,: sh w gi ori ous new $1 Everyday ,, . * · _ r«i UKsvr\/\ 1 1 VlilVV : . . . % « · i » _ . _ . VACUUM CLEAN-RS ARE OUU 22 S. Vine St. Phone Assortments. Friends buy 16G ""!si£:ht! Up to 50c profit. 14 money-; ; ' makers -- Birthday Cards. Wraps.: onlv w busincss."0." R. Buford, City - ~ "T^ -- TTT^T^ ·'makers -- Birthday Cards. Wraps.: H-iii Bid" ? vlt Vcrnon, 111. IM-tfU ROOM HOUSE, LIGHTS. 1 . clc Samples on appioval. Hcrtcl-. tla " °" _ ' - lacrc ground more or less, other ; A r t 305 Adams. Ucpt. B-33. Chi-; CAR WASHING. SEE ORVALl outbuildings. Quick sale price wga « 187-1 j n, ,-·,,, ot s-,1ino Motor Co. 132-tf IS1500.00. - - - - --- I Sadly missed by all. Wife, children, mother, brothers. and 187-1 (2A) Bus. Opportunities A REAL OPPORTUNITY ,, own and operate ness. No investment necessary other than a small amount 5-room all modern house, new ! EXPERIENCED KITCHEN HELP j ; furnace, large good garage, close o r s j, ort ort ier cook. Dutch and .'to McKinley school, price $6500.00 , Lil - s Ca f c 186-2 i | for quick sale. |. -- ---Hauptmann Real Estate. 323 ; SHOP FOREMAN FOR A FORD - " St 187-2I n O f " " S C purchase oV! 1947 NASI1 300. WITH 9,000 u.e puicnast 01 .. , ,,i oor sec j an . ial ..i miles: 1940 Nash 4-door sedan,] 5 187-8 i distributorships. A real opportun-j itv for immediate, larger income. Card of Thanks ,.., -~- -- ·= -We wish to take this method |Eyer Dur Ahtmnwrn of thanking ea ch «"f cverj ^ ^P who rendered their assistance dm f ul ·y clean: 1939 Ford fordor sedan: j EXPERIENCED BODY AND FEN Chevrolet coupe: 1936 Pon-[^ er man permanent position, good i conditions. Harrisburg Motor Sales, Nash Sales and Sery- !icc. .. ,, - ·_,,,.,,.!:-«_ riniit-orv vorv cicaii: i»oy r u i u tuiuui ^ V - U " " K \ P K K J lor\cau make immediate .demer. j ig4 . o chevrolet coupe; 1936 Pon-j^man SS!£B' s 5^^ri^, c s s^s^s-^i 178-tf 1U ^--', Wil-l'ritorics protected. All merchan-,/12 E. Mam, ,-er; we especi- disc shipped direct from the manu- 64o\\. aii'y Thank" the" minister, flower|f a cturer. WIRE OR WRITE AT girls, pallbearers, ladies quartette j ONCE. and our friends and neighoorsi · WALTILE COMPAN\ who were so kind and helpful. | 30 N. Market Mrs. Minnie McKeevcr and chil-l Grand Rapids, Michigan. *I87-11 "18 i-l dren. : j BOSTON TERRIERS. SCOTTIES. j OWN SMALL MANUFACTURING - commercial- Beagles and small type Fox Ter- , busincss _ at home, man. family \ market T , rier puppics . Gcorge Schatale, I can assist: operate cutter machine ! .*- ,. ,, . \C111 « O O A ^ f c . W f * * ~ » » v ~ -- * - - Marion. 111., lei. t a n c j assem ble: spare or full time. 187-1 j S 2oo f o r machine. Write Box CAB, i i n care of The Daily Register. * 186-3 Card of Thanks ^ | FOR PRIVATE PAKTIES OR We wish to extend our thanks, banquets phone County 54F11. to the Gaskins funeral home, the ' The Country Club. 103-tf American Legion Auxiliary. Vet-! -- erans of Foreign Wars, our pas-; WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY tor Johnnie Ganz. the trio who ' TH E J. R. WATKINS COMPANY, sang the songs and to everyone ' O idcst and largest institution of its who assisted in any way to help kind in the world, has a fine open- us in putting our boy away. We j ng i n Saline County for the man thank all who sent flowers and W h 0 wants to start a business of I attended the funeral. May the h j s 0%vn with opportunity for ad-j Lord bless you all. Ivancement. No experience nee-; Mr and Mrs. Ernest Coseboon essar v. For further information and Family. -IQl-l VlT it e " Watkins Distributor. 900 L. __ . , -\vest Maplewood, Marion, Illinois, a §nt Alia (6) Employment Wonted PAPER HANGING. FRANK i Bond 516 W. Lincoln. Tel. 128W1. ' *169-(7) Lost (8) Found (9) Miscellaneous (10) Instruction i WANTED: MEN TO BEGIN i training at once for good jobs in refrigeration service and main- Start now ar.d be rf H6 5 SO TALL TWEV CANT POSSIBLY GUACD HIM-*- OH.orAR. TMAT GiRAFFF HAS THE BALL it SEC MS MOST . UMrAlR/ Grab Him: LOT OF GOOD IT'LL DO US -WITHOUT WAUilMG TELEGRAPH POLE / · oASvitr-J THEIR (S /IUVIMC- A M T DISHONEST A.UM SUT IT suss By V. T. riamlin Has He B/ov/n His Top? ALLEY OOP A CSE55H--L.'? A=-£.' I \ ' i i - PU./ --'. l\ · «»"* - «- rtT ·"'* ' - - j L^z* i-r-^-s--2^- (3) For Rent Kill Goldeo _ SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7.-^) 1 3-RM. N I C E L Y -Famed Golden Gate bridge claim- : house. Simpson s Gara 0 e, L · Everyone gets letters but you *185-3 j --and everyone uses Register Want Ads but you!" land non-vets: Part time i living facilities available. Church Notes i Postpone Pian io Divorced Waitress Revealed Mi 13 UNFUR. RMS., MIDDLE-AGED ! couple preferred. 114 S. Skaggs. ! 186-2 ed its 90th known victim today. . but for the first time the victim ' Galatia-Raleigh Methodists i J. E. Turnock. pastor "A Bible preacning and teaching ; ; church."' levolt Demo Parly jKuhn's Gir! Friend WAKULLA SPRINGS, Fla.. Feb. | MUNICH, Feb. 7.-«UJ)-The him soon. Ho won't lot !».·_· s....: long in uncertainty.' Mrs. Munz insisted six- v..:s _·_; gaged to Kuhn and intnxltiu'd herself as the f u t u r e Mrs. Kill:::. despite the fact that Kuhn's \\:iv. ton and daughter live only a io.\ blocks away in batte.ed Munich She baid she snd the 51-year oH ,, LARGE51 1947 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN carryall, 9.000 miles. Phone 32. i aers Carrier Mills. 187-3 i !m.; J. H. Jackson, superintendent.! S^oes. ; j n a restaurant a year ago. Raleigh Sunday school 10:30 a. j Gov Fielding vv right ot Missis-j engaged almost at m.: Kellv Murry. superintendent, isippi, leader in the fight for a "? ^fMunz said when inter- Mrs Munz .m ne had wanted to live. nmr VT AIUDDY · GOOD LUMP COAL, $6 TON DE- i | . I p Alfred (Dusty) Rhodes, 38, Kol-'Fho. 185-2 lywood stunt man and movie dou-' ^-p^p ROOM FOR MAN 507 WHITE FLORENCE TABLE-TOP; We, tore away from two bridge ; Lt£.WAU «uu. -^^ 5 . burner oil stove . livered. Tel. 1168W2. 142-tf World-Wide Telephone Overseas radio-telephone service UIC, t W l C *»*Tt».J A.J. V*-* .. .. V ..,-.--;-,-workers yesterday and leaped 265 ! iV feet to his death in the bay belo\y.; A Coast Guard boat fished his body from the water 20 minutes later. Rhodes made his leap for the sake of publicity. He had planned j it for five months. j The fall did not cause his deatn.! even though it is equal to dropping off a 25 story building. An autopsy showed that Rhodes drowned. . veil. 1032 S. Roose-', 187-2' SEWING month. Phone I COAL. Aid Progn E L i E R Y . WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.-- !.*«.«» Ki- fhrk mfinr h i-*nftnp I \^\J£\±j. w w JLV^LX JL/J^AJA * i_*xv A. j.*~.±s \ ¥ r i o i j L 4 . i ^ v ^ A v / A » A ^ V . · - - j.\j+-xj. niach j rn ifp- ,,,?- sS?in"" CentSr Price Coal Yard. Tel. 1143R2. Senate Republican whip Kenneth Morning H^rrtsbur* Ph? 45W. 183 tf *177-12' S . Wherrj-. a leader of the "reyi- 9:30 . jHamsDur,. rno. _--__--__ _i sinist - move ment. said today tne; p ra yer (4) For Sale .: i\eny ;viun.v. bupeiimcuucm.. · a.^t/i, »t«wvi m the fight for a _ ,, _ ,, · · -«.T r .- Mnnz said when inter- There are classes for all ages at ] bolt. from the party because ci once Mrs. M a n u i a . ne . each Sunday school. The lesson President Truman s Civil High^hie^cc^ at^ner^min., ^^ ^.^ for this Sunday is "Christ in the' program, said alter an executive 1 JLife of the Christian." Matthew session that he had agreed not to s ho-^6-^8- John 16:33: Hebrews bring up the issue until the edu- ; 4:15.16. ; cation discussion is completed. I''Evangelistic- Galatia i u W as not believed-this busi- -- . , _ ., 0 , ,- . ~i Sunday 7 p. m. Ir.ess will be completed in time for with a happy smile I e « a \er i :ie y".:-:- .^.^^. -"· |-··Morning worship at Galatia ' Wright to submit his resolution| affectionate man. I will hear from ^ .-^^ "^ ' tecay. The Mississippi governor;------- _ -- - - · - ,,r,^~~TMM. worship at Raleigh j.£id" he had received more thanj ICO telegrams today but did not · of the housing : during the \v?.r. More than GO ecu:.-.- with ' tries and territories rio\v are v.str- and i in reach of telephones in the Unit.j her former husband. ' States. -He calls me Hcdi." she said j --. ---- V.'Ct .1, ^·^f,^,^ v _ . v . - -- , ^. _ i o J. ^^ j. jj JL J^*o i H.1^ ^ ixvo i. ^. He suffered only minor internal- i t v Rc( j c j ov er, Sweet clover, iniiirif= frnm hittinS the watCl". ' i:" ,, n i n ,rar- Ttfrl Tnn and Li injuries from hitting the 185-S Rhodes was garbed in a man-, doza seed from-Mars costume. He wore a , Ket watertight rubber suit over two . _____ ordinary suits, football hip pads' SCHUMACHER SHORTS AND and a kapok life jacket. bran · Godards Farm Market He also wore a football helmci, 185-3 and a Mac West type life vest. i . meeting Wednesday at disclose whether the" majority were i I PULLETS. INQUIRE 226 S.' administration's proposed new S9.-lGaiatia 7 p. m. lor or against his proposal. : iMill. Tel. 1297R-1. * 187-2! 333.000.000 foreign aid program | p ray er service Thursday at Ral- Wright declined to reveal de-1 '_ . 'i s -out of the question." ',eigh 7:30 p. m. tails of his plan. Sources close 1 The Dailv Register. 20c a week. C H I C K E N BROODERS, ALL, .. The A mer i C an people can't We continue our study in the to the governor said the resolu- - -- - - '· ' - -- - book of James. Bring your Bible; tion would likely ask represents j ' tives of all southern states iron 1 Texas to the Atlantic to meet at Jackson. Miss,., to frame an ar.-' ' swer to the President's stand on i i civil rights. J , It was learned that at least one; Richard governor, and possibly ethers, met, with Wright last night in an cf- 'dfno clover, Red Top and Lespe- Godard's Farm Mar- sizes, electric, 50 to 500 chick capa- · ^nd that." he said. "It is an QUAL- city. Priced from 89.95 to S43.t;5.! "-^possible amount for this econ- i-er. La-!Wiley's Home. Farm and Auio| 0 ^ V " _ ? r t t _ t*f* WT T»_-.l » O * 1 * 1 , - * . , J The 59,333,000.000 is a reviscc · Supply. 22 W. Poplar. 140 HUDSON, GOOD tion. cheap. Tel. 898W. CONDI- '187-2 A harness attached to three ! B ^ SS VIOLIN- GROVE NITE small parachutes, the type used club 180-tf with aircraft flares, was slung over ; the costume. IjUST ARRIVED, CERTIFIED Rhodes' wife. Lorraine. 2i. 'ciinton seed oats. Godard's Farm watched the leap from the south i ^ar^ci. 185-3 tower. She then returned to her home at Port Chicago -to be witn : COMPLETE LINE OF DU PON'l her two children. Rockcy. 5. and j Quality I'aiats. National Paint Oowala. 9. |and Wallpaper Co. Mrs Rhodes said her husoand j _ -believed the parachutes, while n o t ' i SET BROOM MACHINERY. SIO: large enough to retard the speed ; electric sewing machine with all of the fall, would help him strike '. attachments: Singer sweeper, year the water feet first. .old. will sell at bargain. 326 W. The harness v may have become i Raymond. 1B ^" _ _ t increase of $250.-' ^ cbo'.OOO over the figures presented and come to prayer meeting. Eldorado Calvary Baptist (Northern Baptist) ackson and Third Streets S. E. Anderson, pastor Sunday school 9:30: SMPORTANT CALL MEET!b4G of County Legion, end VFW Members HARRISBURG CSTY HALL Tuesday, 7:30 p. rn. BY MEMBERSHIP CARD Chester Thornbcrry Deere, L H. C., Roderick Lean, th '. il COU nt r y. of Proverbs. RSON 'Sr.nday afternoon at 1. iElam." TO RENT: GARAGE WITHIN 2' l 8 i k £" cr possible changes in ERP.i blocV:s of 600 block on south Main. -y^c "revisionists." soir.c 20 186 : 2 S ] ; - onE- \vant to trim the administration's spending figures and 331 East Walnut Street Rev. S. IX Woods, pastor Amos Doom. tcl. 2^3i in BUY USED CAR. GOOD , Illakc othor rcasona °- .-»-»..^j -- ^ . - - - -- rasifc changes in the diar;c.. j Faces Prison for Embezzling Funds - - . .From Movie Clients juoup agreed on several amcr.u i p. m. nicnts. but failed 'o reach accord; Usher board meets Monday on an overall figure lor the firsl p m . a t the name of !o months of ERP. . Mrs. Sidney JJuttcrworUi, Correspondent Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and; .Mrs. Lov.den Perkins and son. ' ; Kenneth Wise is butchering hogs for the farmers ia this community. \Yc wish to take this opportyn- llkir kindness and help duruig the illness and death of our granu- Urs. Rhoda Joyner. i ser.'ices wsll be held FT r / · i-. * fast set: 2 large linoleums: Flor- j HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 7.--'OV-- cnce heating stove: small oil. stove. A f ornier business manager for 1331 S. Granger. 186 ' 3 1 movie stars faced a possible oO .. ----· " J yeir prison sentence today for money from his Holly- 46. was iCOAL. COKE A.NU ,v...«««..^ - Cnll City Coal \aid, it.. aoRl.| wood c ] icn ts. ijz-U! p au j w _ Behrmann. MARKETS I.IVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YA3U)S. Feb. 7.--'IU:'--(USl)A) -- Wednesday 7 p. m. Mamie Brown circle meets Thursday 7:30 P. m- at " Mrs. W. L. HoMn: Junior chci" the horse of p?r;al Friday 6 p. m.: senior rehearsal 7. A v.eJcomc :.- ex:tT.;!ctl to the Baptisr Fellowship Conference Feb. 17 McLecnsboro MEN WANTED FOR INSIDE JOBS Producing Building Materials Scmi-Skiiscd and General Labor \York ,, JOBS ARE PERMANENT Employer will assist in localint; housing for single men. Company representative will interview ;in:l fcire all day. Monday. February !ih, through Wednesday, February llth. at the Illinois Stats Empioyrne??* Service 155 N. Main Street. H;irribnrg. II!. /iiir to attend all services. Clayton Humphrey, pastor Sunday school JO a. m. Morning worship 11: paste The public is invited to attend ^~ any or all of the services of the Southern Daplist Premillcnnial Fel- ·ow.vh:p conference, which \xil2 be hc';l Tucs-day. Feb. 17. at the First l.sp'iJc cl-.urch in McLcansboro. 10 both sessions ·31* MODEL A FORD. 30 NORTH Constellation Michigan St, Gaskins City. Missionary cago. Tribula- Comc and non." at the morning session. Al c rives ?.0 earmarked hnr.k as so:ic leader. 3 NOW IS THE TIME TO FERTI-, W j., ^ l:zc vour lav/ns. We have a com; VYlTn The Pharmacia's Creed Oi.r prescription dcpn.lmcnt if. j-oc:nd to :XHT- for ncr»r;*y .'.rsd dependability -- highly .skilled pharmnci. I ^t-rvi' i ; 1 pharn-jaccut:cil G«ntjany. His father, o£rseas to bring back his and son to live in Concord. ^ the 1(J80 Ib. sicors. S29.50: lew choice plane's, estimated position \\as SO'lOST ib. yearlings. S3': choice f;72 . .';nd hejfcr, S30: N. H. , ^ in the United States come tiir.nlcs. Karl L. Wallace, call hatcheries. 193W . *185-3 i NEW SPA PER Ernest R. Ammon, pastor Sunday school 9:30 a. in. Morning worship 10:45. B. T. U. 6:15 p. m. Evening \vorship 7. ^ j(ijij .^- ^ Our church maintains worship place on Jho 4Uj of Ju]y 'vealers. S3fi: good and choice re- on Saturday nig.i.s ai t. . Hawaii's admission as a new state. The Daily Register, 20c a \u-fk. 'placement steers, $26.60. j Everyone is welcome. j the Union some 40 million flags now in use will have to be replaced or altered. Annual output ol new flags numbers more than 25 million. Changeover to new flags would lake Accuracy. Skill. SKAGGS PHARMACY ^outh Side of Square Phone 160 rWSPAPER!

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