The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 4
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POUR THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. THURSDAY. JUNE 2. 1932. TUB LETTERS TO THE EDITOR CoUlt Ne\VS AN 1SDEPESUEST XEWSFAFER. PaSSiSbed e-*ry *J:er=co3 «ice?: Saa!«} at Tte Sew»-Po« gaining Court «*·«». j . THE OREAT SOrTSERN PR1STUSO CX). Writ** In CoarnmuUtion Of History Of DOWN A FEW NOTES AU sainu r^ki.. ' To the Editor c: The N"*f. Sir ;u* read. *r.h :r.ifre.i*. ar.i x FAVORABLE COMMENT IS MADE ON JUDGE'S BOOK ;AN YOU BKAT IT By Ketten MEMEBEK OF ftSSOCliTEly PRESS. TO* ia*oa*t*e Pnw J* eiclasireiy to- . titled so tia* os* lex p-SIiestioa of *^ o*«* 10 « -· set ethenm*' jso COMMUNICATION c: »CT set: cr 4t- ·crpuoo whether ^etr» c: exrr«s:oc e! Ttt ca ti» wn:er. E» paa- , M «a»3i:tt«d ·* ··-lie:::? io? it ate-: o} Us« »:*«! Uet cr tie ezpcesscd- AST BSROXZOCS rtriaetOB epos tti cad:=g or ^«7---»:-o= ct «=» s cr ccrpcr»::cn wr^lch cr«y ftp- pear 1= -J=f cc.c-n.i cr To the Editor of Tne Ne** Sari Franciso. Cal. Jur.« : -When a Los Angles zuy,s up here to Frisco, its just s c'u;i- ;ry boy g°ins tx loan. You have ".o tsie y?-r »purs o« here You can't explain Frisco S.-» s just the Gre-3 Garb-? -i t:* West Just '-..-nt u:s t.'ir.-u--:: St-ir-Iord Ur.tve.-j.ty ut S^al^ Alt . and -T.y ·sas H- u either .'us', dumb or a *S tr.e^r n^d»-c: To* .:.j Is s.:;jpO**C '-"" "" i»s*d '. **^ a" P*m '..-«. year y a so:r.« to g?: ;--d YOirs. WILL ROGERS of tht church a..- gciie-rull'. *'. J': - :h::.".=: fff-.rt* of Mr .glad tha- J }··-.:·-. .s'jf in there has i.»-e:i rctime-j -.· th" .-c.t;:r.-:..ty -Jy ii^v^ry cf All Thorns?" W Neraood vs. WUliani Nuruood BIL of oc^cptaint for ab- ··"·"·"ahting For Time" Describes :,--. ci-.i-i-e. etc. Reno S. Harp, it- e s ....,; Battle Saving Washington. j Cha.-les W Held, ass^nee of aic-rt- ! ;;;·· *.o ·li« Fedora! Lacd Sack cf Eal- \ii-v 'a'.ora'Qle hs.e bee:, i iaer "jucge Gl-.r.r. H Worthing*,!;, o f ; Pr-.-ct-Ti'£ cei-.r;;ir.? th-.- Battle of Mon- · ,r "T .:·--. or t.i'.- B.-..t that Saved ' i :r.mi :'.': ;.'."«.--s ·-·- '-"-^ Da;. ir:nt^;; : ·.jr.":*. froal Benjamin P ZSnjzr.eruii.-i a -*;d-j7. rr f :s p^.tion Porecl-oture of .- ·-- gat-e G-eorge R Dennis. Jr . ar.d Carl's W IK-la. at!wrnt-yE. Marriaje Cha.-l-.^ Robert Reid. 21. Gr *'-^ ?.:sv.r.«; C-j.ii'-k. 19. both of W.ll^ms- "I r.»* bx-k 15 v ra av ar.d *he u . ':.. .^-c..-^:.j: ··: ;.if- r- ;-::;.:· ·:.· u:::;^!? --f All i^lilt^ S'a!l^: Mr of th» »K*=iiea or tit ··- tie po»lc=c« »-- Daily Lesson In English TKURSDAY. J"N Word o::«;: a:.s A*:»r hav.ns ta'.t EK rxt a»y. h him I »·«;·. SENATORS. Once a United State; Kiistar al-*a\s a T-.l"jj? 3OC -- * 5-C. *-'. .-. w:th ar.y other public i-.y. Sometimes .r. cur r.:tory ::·-·-.-- ha-.e left the senate -.cljt-tar/.y ar.d gladly, ^ but it has not happened ^r.e.-i. Ir. c-i p instances senator ruit only -A he:-, their _',-r-:.-.._:.^ei D_:y Pr-- u as .:: n: :'.f. :.ot at In ru '.!--d' Saer:£:oii; Ob- tht- six -.-'»?-?. partieu'.»r:y :r.* 01«.s GTSr-d* Baker. 25 both «,: 9" jg^"""-;^ "^//i - i.l^tratc: ait:, j L*v J. Vc/orhees. 50 widower. Long !,,,,.,.. j-.,. .-, t-rv.'.-c oi. the- a-;'.'.''f.t'ti * - - -^ ~ (* *" N Y 'A* d iisr" 1^ ^ "" - - - · ·· K' Ba" h'-?3S a" 1 "-' S - TtaT-KV's H-r-.ry. ij. V.1CJ-..-V. A"_iens. Pa. '-··-,, a -.-.ra?..-.e v.^2te -*::..h i^ cedi- ; ,.·;....",.'. ·,'·".',.' '.. v "~ ..-.'^s erect'V'on B; -'" i:i A M^--^'. 3 - Washaigtwr.. D., , ^" f ^. o J^pv,. D Bai^-. *ha haa o«^ i 'T-'' -^la- f'.-r.'-r v :*·:·,t;$ei l-j th- M. c - '^-^ ^^'-^ H - R«1. -3. ThurnstKV. i .j; U .... ;: .-.- r . x 1.1 the M^ Sat- 'j "o-'-vf "ll-v.- C.;n:pr:v -Jid"'.s " i ' "· L;t R '-*" Tix,njpaon. '-'!. anc H*:ep. ;",_::·.Id . jrr ...... . AJi :..i.-x_~ ; i^i v.itii tr.e . - »-i- ·· ~ a- -·-'· ve c^iliLx - ' - · " · - *· «.".::..', --J. i»t:-. of Wi2U3t:rj,port. Pa -i^c-.i-m of tne Fredrru Otir.ty Hii- · .-·o::- : . - : - . ;;^t iincCiri^v '."iiuW. R-yr::'';.d E Cirr. 4L'. divorced, and -"-rical SK:*ty. Frar.i C. Norwooc". res- j hi "-d-'v o' «:- e-rplvve-s -Aho !.·.»· M Y ' rt '- pa · 'Aaa critter, bv a rv=ai:tt« of th.- «o- ' ··-a" «^-." ^'« weV^.ri ir.d ::.-·.-. G R^**^ Izer - 23 - arld Maix ' : : ,-iety. co.-r3^d of Mr. Nor»-c»d, Miss ; :i-.e fc--.". advanced; t ::y and !*:'.*'.- r"-"" 59 ' bo '- h of 5Uso:l an1 Djcon - i 1-o-^e Johnson ar.d Chwf Jud?e Mam- ; "" "i"'-*~' t B-' of's-I-'dav IVv.'.''.-.!: rrariW: -- : " J I^^"""Ce. 22. and Ger- , "Y^ a p.Cli:s:t:ia.--.- ^tat.^nt. ·.:;·- v.rx- . j.:; ".V..- Hr:f.-:-,t.-_r..-, - A l l -Sji:.:. - : -" K::.:;^-'jn 39. !«th of Waihins- v - re r» tt the ail! tiitr^xluced in Cor.- i .'-f'~ ir ,-'f'~ "·:··- ? \jrj--;v j-'-ts,-.- "i-.-.-dore L. Grottiie. 37. Pearl ';-,. baitlefield. The bill askc-i --·' a n ! ';,"; ...."r^r ^'.'.';;.r 1 7...,?'-'.r r.-,^-" '.','. '··-'·-· N Y - and ^'···^ M. sidgood. ^ pr TM r | a " : ; 0: . o; $50.000 -ut -.-.^ c.i-J KOT/ NOTHING /ft StY L/FE ,_.. , ^_. ,.,, ,,·..., or .,;. : ... is. Ncv.s.-k. S. J. t j So fOO. Sv:.-·::-..ii.-- Dr..: ,-.-.·;·.:·;. /· ..-r..:al. ,^ rf "--,.,,,. j (: -.,.-r^ sj-.-jk -.-· ;-_?..:.- Fr«'.-:-.· n C. Schatfer. Jr. ?3 V.'^sh- | ..- ;lc , ^...^cribtrs as -.-.ho::v uiadec'iate c Ir-T-.-'r'-.--- diicrt::.,- ,''~t'"-- '···'·- 1 "\**!f "' ° i:.-'.··:: O C. a;;d Ruth E. J-i.iifcs. "j.; ...,. ., e p ur . j: - ; W..rd s t u d y "ITif a v.v.-d thrtf t..iie; ! WILLIAM J UHOVK v -'"·'-*- '·'· '-'"'· · A f t v r a revi-.-.v *S. -tr.o pnrv.ipal c-vt-nti c ar.d it is :· jjr.5 " L.-t :i^ l:-.rrca.x ..^r . L.n;- Kilr. June !. p -- vs E RouUsthr.. !8. My*rsvUf. and ; ei c U «.. up :3 :nc 'ja-.-.v. Judje Worth- . m.tst'-rir.c -ipab.e o: o-.:-.f c.\:!..ii;n-c. " !:-.«· -AUJJ f GcJ arc .nex^li.-.isl* t-j mortal n:.::d. ' Prestige, publicity, a:-, opportunity to gain fame and perhaps to become vice- presider.t. or preside:-.*., ir' part of the 7j'n» "T-.^ji^ ''r*r*s- ' \. 1'-,-^ --TI.- Xil'l'd ii*nr. A .i^r.. ...... .^ »... ......»«.^^« chance which Eicmbcrjhip in the urper chamber of ccngrcs; affords to iay orx's Mr. Kefauvrr AVrilrs About Tax Rr- duction. SrJiool Exprnvr- And Dr. Took. T- the Bdsu.r i f Tlie Ni ···.-·. S_-. I -.vas gr'Mtly nstorrst«i In r--·':.:. W'.-d:i--j;iiy's N-v.a. r»-'.:i'i-.'- to th" ;i :\j- .-'·»::'» '. to '-:· c,' «^r;*. ::i.».^i ;-^. t » "..'.-· urt^»-::t n-C'-.-v^ity of t-cr';ri :::y .t:.d i: rx-vs.ble. a rr.i'.ic'.iC'ij in f*'U:ity ui'-.i^. sav on everv conceivable sublet, and to · I w ' 1: ^ '"'- ?«»'«-»|» ^ !wx!- l ^^ : ' · ernizatior. o! a.,^, o! cof.~:iv in ; --'· ·'·· to have it err.fca".:r.-i in the o: ant^e.* ol peace arc obtained, the ' 1 ' 0!:!:rP c.:.7«-.r,- is vorv ..:.".r E. MarahaH. 13. Tres?--. lns».ice-.otes iC-.vrjj ch»?:w t^ the ' K-.yd Wi!!.a.-r. Scalding. "Jl. Thur- ; a rr:va! of Onera! Jubal A '.rly. Can- : . r.t a::d Ida A. EySer, 19. 115 South j j,^,,,.-,.,, t j.-r.rr.j::ccr, and G-r.eral Le%v | Ij-.i(i O Smith. 21. Monrovia. Route ' a - .^ y.--\. . :cid Evelyn L. 18. Mt Airy ! Mv-ti.':";"^ "made of G,:-.eri! Early's - . c-, on Frcdericrk for S-00 W)U as a Tropcrty Drcdfd. , r i-i-.«- ;., j. av e the citv from firv The At:ii-i S-jphia Cond-?n to Mary E ' t -.._,.h raised bv the Mavor thriti^h .-.t:i-r:::a:; a::d i:u.^b?.nd. county. SiO. , ;.,.. «;... · tr ..;-.i t s of th- ci'.v F_r C;;;irle. W. Crum. .vx-riJT. U Rtis«-:: -.-ear.- «-tf:-rt- ;:.'.'.? been t^ :-.a\i; Crea^vr. county. S500. ! C.njrci r« .m'jjrie the vitv on the R'L-;--:: L. Creager ar.'d n-.fe to Julia · prO und tiut i: is the duty r.; ';-· L'r.ii- Cr.t^tr county. SIO. | p^ 5-. 2 ;-£ ;o -;rr.ect the itate from inc:.i;:-1- A. Gochenoisr and -A-ire tc · .. a _ j;: .., -.M, w. McPhervv.: and wifo. comi'y. | ?;-n:i:. 1S2T. ty W?rJd Femttre Qtrno* GLAXCES Bv George Clark T .-.- bo.-.k r-'voedi to a -.-.i-.-.-.i; ce-;i ·: t l i - detail o: t:i-\:ijn~e- A touil of- 120 Ur.ian .-,:tiier4 J. Thoiuas Wile.; and ·a-Je to Clar- ;m to accept a higher «!arj- ir. priva-ie '· --Herr Gret*pr. member of Danzis Leg- : !ax cornm'^..^. to study the n-..t.'..-r , I a k e a Kflx !;ke a t^.--Tlt-B'ts. life. ' *··«"·-*. : f o r The fee' of the official scepter, once . y c».r5. of the .Mate. ! :· ·· i Judce Wbrthinston car.'-luc?^ his book matters * * # We are doir-.g soir.othins in the Soviet '. jrasped. lingers in the p3irn. Fe»- mcr. ' T-^ ~-, .·_- s u -cess o r ·.. % icr -a-* 1 ·»-« I MCICU-; q.-.nv. of rr^l cMu'.c :'^ s-r:n:v ruitive thereto. -- · · - · - lirgpr.t Ij-.rOn of :.-.Ma::o:i KO.-S ··.-.. Is ! The professor is surely a defender or j A ntor.umer.t is rerimmencea wit.1 an ncraliy-- and; "·"-'·'?· -~e hDpi- :hav -.lie ba;;^fi-?ld will i be beautified ar.d appropriately marl-ied. can be entirely happy without exrcricn- the world upside do-*Ti. Our continued ciag it again. Judging from the popular cri:i.-isn-s of the senau? in general a:xi senators ; in particular, it is the lament of thr people tha-t things are thus. existence revolutionizes the '.\oricing of other countries. --Joseph Stalin. Russian d it any v.rnder re: 1 .! cs'au\ ;:::dcr any and all circunvstar.ces. ' " i farni.ns -ands arc drvidoily tio: :n Je- i H-- claimed county would for- | craio ir.-.^.on -*-as de.ayec lor.s enougrx ;,,,.,,, mand .is at: .:r.- n-.-nt ' This :~- o-.f '- t S1QO.OOQ if the law was r.os ob- : '^ G^r.cra! Grant to nt=:i troops " of ti^- -- mar- .-T.-.-ei, f.- ;- t:, i:-- vr- t ;i and ih.- r«.rerne::t fund also i to til- ceieii^e of the nation's capital. Liif's Stuff id ce tr.reawr.ed. This so-ca!lei re- ] If. an appendix to the volurr^. ihe A DCLJK The Great Game. 'The foolish pair.e of politics is full of unexpected tricks. ' and one .*niy dally find surprise l a n d njt .1:1 adcquatt- remedy, a? u :;.s f -r..ict:nont at Annapote in the ses- j Stales. Judges Worthin-tor, is to be ; ·\--\\cr. :he b.u^.s would u; fun rsi.^ :.·-.- MOI of i?27. and -S«ce -AiU not allow ; commenaed lor his exrel.ent servir? in | ir.terestinc aac . ! preserving in suc.ii n r y , r.irther ··s:p:'.-.«.iit.':. :n all the things these tricks devise By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN, " a ° ' ' BY BRUCE CATION | But there are some v. ho do not sr 110 act the least discreetly. i and RO aro'ir.d as in a dream _. , .. ~ ~ , . and lose thfir hcnd-s complete!'.Ever since the firs'- of all scient-str ' PCZZLED ABOUT SCIENCE? THIS MAY BE A HELP. came down from the nwmtains and ^_. , started talkteg in four-bit words, the T 4'5 " mp ,' e SMB , C of pol! " ;c * ordinary citi^n has b,en storing up A ^-.^ "* ^ lot of cuesl.ons that he wouid like to ; ^V '"'^ As t po.n-n-.y .n-.c-l :n-.n-.ediat« r » U e f . - o f nil salar.cs involved? This is a miid j ir is absolute", v n r .-\s.iry to mil-ir ,.v.iTM rest ion, ruinpireu to the demands i drastic cuts in expenditures. However "n real estate and income of the a.v- j PUT corr.r.:L«.s.oners arc nbsolu'cly h^'p- orace farmer. The tsx doir.and on the; ;it\vi in curir.e s';r^ .^ cst.ibl^h.x! ·-.r;:er h-is exeoede-.5 Svc times that j i'oy law B-:t th-jr.- - to pro- ;i:r.'-ur.t en the cross u-.ccm« fror.i a j I v-r.t hi- .--ilari- r"c»-ner t M', u'-o:i C.-.rn:. We".!, talk is cheap: meet-' REG. U.S. PAT. OTT. 7 1932 BY NEA SERVICE. IN^. NEW YORK : Fashion-IVorship i Xe»- Vork. June -.--Not« on nothing iio, particular and everything in gen- j eral . . . Many of those seemingly de- j vout church goers observed in the .'swankier Fifth Avenue pe-irs os ^tai| day cnomings turn out to be at leas*; j two other felloe's from the cloak-and' suit j I: became the cusrcnt a number oJJ | years ag;o for fashion spies to join the j congregations of so-called "society · churches." Between hyntns and serm- ! criS they would note what the Blue Book · folk were wearing. Even as heads were 5 bowed in prayer, one eye wculd rore ; to a nearby ha: and frock. j Within 3. week copies are headed .for* j Kansas City. San Francisco and stops ] south and north. j * * * i And Tony Sarr, ntost widely known oi · puppet ntakers, admits that he started- j oaaking toys because the English Town i hi which hs was bom had EO toyshops. j Whereas Bill VaUee, who muse lire ia i the shadow of his crooning brother;Hudy. and labors on a ZCew York newj» j paper . . . Since Rudy is out; of tows. : a great deal. Bill dwells in lone luxury j hi Rudy's elaborate apartmens . . . Sren las certain tabloids were worrying about j the sac plight of Hannah Williams af t- !er her crack-up with Roger Kahn. the I former stage entertainer was reported I conic-acted to the Park Casino and was dwelling in the not-inexpensive Hote 1 Pierre ·5? -rr She Speaks To Conquer Varietv. theatrics.! rn^gBzine, retxr- a rising tide of women customers hi speakeasi-es . . . Growing editorial, one | wag comments: "They used to say s. wo- j man talks too much, now they say she scales icli ^ur correct iveisrht. lady, bet the fortune telling: part j speaks too mttch I" ... However, there a isn't very accurate--needs adjusting:-" j «« ultra-ultra whisper-iow, frequent^ ed larzely by women of the smart follow things i where each Monday afternoon profit ask if he could only s?;. the scientist . to listen to him. : UsuaUy he has to keep still, for scientists rel its d-'.pl'.y of tr.cks. that aren't always. clo\c-r. -- N. A. LUFBURROW. ^litiday Meal For Youn:; C hild. ENUSn ! admonished him: "Go tcr school sacs ! study wour WABC'S" . . . are only indicates ths- the his science--for .«· a lot less cocksure about thir.~- tha;-. -^c often suppose. In tnany cases it. has to ad- ! ttit, "We dor.'t really knc-.v." and the i ·KTiter of this book hasn't fcem afraid to make that adm:s.*im -.vhcrevcr necessary. The cjuestic-ns di^cu.^.-ed a -«:io range. How did l.fc bcc.r. * What, f-ir thst matter, i? 1-fc? Is evoluticn still coinr on" 1 What is «-v ---,3 ·=---,·'·' W-T srelhcse horm-nes aVd'chr"mrv-r.w V ~~ irt ' H MAN "X AKGyMEXTS Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick (Ixr3l Items from the Columns Of The News. June *:. l ? i r ! There have been ~iny studies as to 1815--Phil.p Kcamy. noted American : what ^ the frc-cer -iir.our.t- of fo^d for r-:ner?.l and soldier, bcrr. at. New i children at various a=es. The srr.ount Vork. Di=d while reconr.oitenng.: · '/w-« ···-* r o - r i -w.-.-ri a-ri :ii- it-Mr ChantillT. Vp... September BY MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE A JVN~E SUNDAY DINNER Fruit Cocktail Bailed Hatn Bettina Creamed New Potatoes Buttered Asparagus 'The Gravy Tards ; That; portion of New York which goes; I to bed with the rising sun ·isds up at- ore of three eating placed · for coSee ar.d sandwiches--Dare's Blu^ : Hcom. Reuben's or Cindy's. They j Broads-ay's celebrity-haunted gravjj Gossip columnisis spend the I last waking hours trying to 3nd dirt at j immaculately clean tables. J . Anvhow. one would assume that the , ^^__--__--.---~^_^--^-^----^^------ . ^ f *_-.^ - f-3 r-o ^ -- ^01-.-- r- ^*~r- "'i.^ I ^ a r L . J I · V v ii oti..t:ii.o^:l *, ^^^..\..i.^ .b^^MA^.^^.^hi : | MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP ir^^r^-t^V^I^./^;;^^ v _ ^--^ ^^^^*^ = i£5«*%% ~ ^T^^^^.^. -^v^^.^^^ Ch.ol S te P^ f cr.m ^ ^~~ ^r^~^J .'····^jr' · Led Ursely or. the f s - t the j ".-;-"s :.-.x rate o: SI V ^as reas--r.s d.ii not ;ust.f:. s o' ihen there are the rid;l-js of r...t,i.-.-.: a dc^ appear?, hew ntisrclin? birds find their way. what r.r: is ^r.d how it ·works, arfd s- on. .-Vnd. .ist t.^ shew that he can be broadrr.indec. Si- \r:hu- ^J^.t^ir. J n S « V ": ?bl THS MHKCrKT^P-* TO 9J DE- i-,~~ ii »*;i*-prt..._-. c~ ;· ,^.--z3.z^r-z, c.^'.r- voyance ar.d the like. GREE the' Flapper Fanny Says -- I.IG-HTXING STHI'CK AND r.c.^r M-=ir.t-. .'.'.-' r.c Tr.c t- Mrs. Ar.n.o S B.«r. tr.e new tlfc'r.c .~sr_\_- ?' '-^ Bal't- rr.'-rr sr.l Ohf R.v.!r:v\:! ou - ··'. rv"-rr.- r*Kr"IES.:CK W.\S ON THS HOVTE of the tr.r--.-lAy rel.i'r.l.ty run to be rr-2c.e Jur.o 11 fr^rr. W.ii'.-..r.cTri to f tl-c- A-itotr-O.-.V Club v T Wash.r.f- tor.. D C- '-?: ttstir.- of -vr--.,--:.lcJ THE CC-!-!TMSNCEMrNT SKP.MON TO the graiuate^ -i ".'.'- rr--.-:.-. .-.:s.t , t? the G.rl- s H.;.-. A;'.-..-·-'. trcrr. ' which tr.-"- t~v :rou"s -·a-.-tes ir. a boc~ to R.EV. ' B. SHONTT1 CHAMBEHS- BURG. ?a preached t.i«- -=.r--.--r. to ' pal. Officer-! ,-: the rl-vs .-.-.- Ra.y- ! ntor.d E. C:*a;er. pres.dfr.:: Edtth G ! Wiles sccrct-ar-.. ar.^ Mar.- L crcajer WASHINGTON COCNTV FTXED ITS j ""-rfect c _ p tax rate s- 60 c»-.t. or. ths S100, R Tast.r.: «*;..· ' decrease cf tiixt cer.ts 'r^"-S c.- 1 ^*? J NOT LEO 6Y 6eT SY \WlSc ana -he «av in -itirh it L tr.-n. "-«: and l:cv:rr. b-n in Hirhcate. · Checrf"! Vro:\xr;t.-r. 3r..-l attract"-..- N. Y. Dice! in Aloany. N. Y.. March : c(«.*,-c-o 3..-; ---,e arp-^l.t'? Fc-^d that is 31. 1SS7. " · * " " ._.. ISI7--c-Krie K. Gc-riiss. inventor and "C -P diced peaches -.~ r-anufatttirer. n-r«d as a cesicner o: pineapple -^ cup red cher- a- E^tor- N. : :-? circd p-?srs ries iburn»'x5. Fruit Cocktail, Serving g diced ·?? '. cup dird p^?srs . gather their fa,~.Jies torether and dine| i at Reubens' and i: Lir.dv has an over-- ,endJ °ow cr:-w;. .-ie frequent.y r j Dave's. | · The saddest clow rr.y bumo of ssnti-j ! drer. r.-. .-· b-- ; fO3C,- aiic th?.t elders. , Ch:lir-~i-. - I -:; a small haai cr half a large · to wind up the n.fht w;:h harn ant .-.,, a , b ,-_ a . s---^. --"·-·. Scrub well ar.d cover by 2 in-iesss at Coffee Dan's, there to_ " " -^ ^,- *"-!"' i-,---t----,- -hes with cold water. Add rest oi in- Awakened by the cUn o: wooden naas-j *'. .^., " ' li """· gradients. Cover and rook slc-wly until ' mors on tables ar.d silverware on wate3| _HH__ -"--^ ^ "·'·-" tender ~hen tested with glasse*. * lt*r.dled feck, it ~ill require x- -s- rf -=r 1 t---;cn i ar.d -5 hours of slow coo'iinj And an anc-r.yn-.3us ser.cj-| if- --i e - Today In History. ; .d^-- \".-_=hJ- stj.-- : - - - ; : y s .-. - . i . O j -- \ .-_=.-._-.-:trr. -tir.c.. s ...- :o thcrous-ly cook ha--n. Hent-ove from ~.e an ancient chppir.s --hirh beginst| ^ .-_r. n-.;· .- ~.'C --^ K \-*_ ------^ ·'· '-·- _--·'·".^·:"t;r.. --at:r ar.d -.hen cool er.oush to handle. , "Hiverstde Drive was brilliant with the .vs .n -'.-._-· irr.- r ^ ': ··-.. :.-.-r.^ -o r..- -- .,..--. _ _ i r £ ^~ ;--, r --isttirc. Wondir whs: a nire tandem wou!:j Tcday's Birthdays. 15 whole cloves Mixtare. 1-3 cup hant C..1.- Bible Thouffht Stick ~loves ir. fat side of h^rr.. Press _,__ -.; .rr.rr-r -.y ;-r.-- K.-.ilvav Asscciat_'r.. "":-rn it ---.l.~ nrv " -:r : .l. ~- ^nstcr.. 111. TC :· cars 553 today. 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English r-"- : r-qu-:-.:;.- Add rec- of ingr £ -licr.:s. t"'-s.=cr of pl-y.-icl.-'sv sr.d rrfs.d?r.t c-t chill ar.d .*«--·« plain or with cr-:rm. ·:-.-· Fecoriticn o! "nivers.ty children is well as grownups like this ".'.".---.en. bcrr. 57 ysars ago today. puddir.e. ; Sticklers in- ai-ca oly ir. .r.'c hoi.:.-. sr..i ^o5 W - ^a'.s -' '.·..» '^n-.. - f ·" - ',-··. Today's Horoscope. in:l T.-.e early fart ·.*:" t:te d'.y is frott; Scier.t^ts. in their experinter,:s w;.--. ·v.-.rl I:?..-vws :-:*. c.:?-s:t;cr.: 'out , growth rrr.trol of ar--ir-iLv ha^e r.tad- if A .-..= :t Tr.--"!:.^-;-"-.- .. tcndericv t-" tr.vel 'o;;:'.^?^. salamanders and rats grow .v.-. ^eg-ris --vhic.t ;r.,iv cc-.c'.op into a . t w i c e their erdina.r\- size through in-, a'.- · ar.cier.::- .-:.--r. :-..4.ur« -v.:h tUklc ;»:tir.s of a fluid from p:Ka:*ry: SPSNPWAL OL! of tr.e ibcve !e"ers czs cu two '.vor-s, \»Kk!i, when S7?^«3 back- V=ri. v-3 TT.2XC tU'u O'.SG WOKjJ. lr~''n plural? if oi; ge: 'Jicrijf.; i-.-ov,-crdi.yc-u can ··.*;',;?. ;nc r:;- K-,u-r cf each !o :]*-e i5?t po;::.rn ir.J Tr.zt.z No rtr.rr vcrdt »!, -..hc^ jpe"cJ backward?, vr.,'. rake two more »c:ck : v-^: be :ouzi 02 :ai: page. ] TM_ ,,». Nrw w M-rxHHCHIVt"» corn

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