The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 10
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December 1, 1924

The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 10
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PACE TEN. .THE HUTCHINSON NEW'S MONDAY. DECEMBER 1, 1924 ihi> ..Lf AT SAGS AS ! decline of An Much As One and Three Fourths Cents; > Corn Follows Suil. Furnishca By Gram MArket'Tig Co. noiabauoh-Wiley Bol'rilno AT CHICAGO. Wheal. ON EXCHANGE! 1 : liiU 'll i, I lie. l--Knilili:Il Mil! i.ll.'.'ll nialkel today on account ,1 bin In si ii i i I-,. mar ill!.' s lie .level- Ilf 117! IIP (If 111.' llppl.V 101 ill ;rvy ul -%r .'.' * IlllV'l' I'l IKlvilllCC, III'!'. «l "*}» to Jl.r.S''* nn .l May in CMc-icu, U't: ).-• U'hcii! ran IIJI rilpl'lly Imlllv to new llh'.l] price record;! l"r ill" M-HSHO . !''r'Mt ropotlM tri.m Vrui'ui nl.l, liiniiliK ill for th ' <vitii .jrM in ibai country WOII; cliii 'i'lv i." porc -iMc I'm* ilio rise in l.ll'i.'-. Til" f.irl | hill it »)1virl><* "11 f P.-. . t];l i.;-f MillMlHtr' fiiitl a IMKirC If I • (1 prtl HlKll 1. !n'..\' l.'l.l I.ili'l t . .Inly 1. li 1 , 1 II-, 1. Cm n. 11,-,'. ., 1.1'-i 1. .11;. v i. ".' 1 1 l.'.':i 1. .Inly. 1 -i; 1.: i 1. O.lls. IV.- r.. i . .': 11 1 \ Till'. iS*. '. .Inly, i I.V'I i.: i .n -i 1 i .:i. •• KANSAS CITY. Wheal. IVi:. Miv. .Inly. .Inly. 1.H7' 111' LIT l.l«7« ' \.i.:.•:>. J.37 i.:m Corn. 1 ll".", I.d? 1 . 1.1 -'•' — t 'lO!,! 1.41! I 117 I. is 1.1;, Stock Prices R6und Upward j j and Mnny Issues Touch ! Record 1924 Levels. i Now Yi.rli. Hi'-. l.-Tlir..v.iuic 1. if \ 1 I hi! i.'iiilv restraint imposed by hliii- ' . i 'l- call and Mine motley rates, ntiii-i. ' prices hounded upwind ni-'aln today : : with buyinir most mli\-«. in coii- ;iiH'is, motors, lllilHii 'S llllll j Mi 'M -ialUi:.-". Ilur Tn bisuos I,MH , new 1924 IIIKII *. Sn|.~: ,-i|i|irnxi ; mated l.k.lii.ijini shares. M:t* .Hnfiirx "\" ... M . • M'Wurs " I:" ..,.. ;-ii .> St !' 1 \ •duns Unm.* Alr'i: t'v ., n- fur!, c„ H..!lf|- ](.:*] lie; ... --THALS: ''J An.'. ••! Sonar .... 1 ' • Pele. •1 A!' nliol .... '"''n Aim, Atf.e All'!, •r Found: y •• "WiHw v "' ' 4 \\ . :: ..i A" .Sunt •" l -'.Min'trii^ \ *»111 t,- T. ! • ••' .Vinii i U''l ' I'-.p, \inii •!"H ............. <;in t \ v>i,r . : 1 >v\ 1 Suuith ..,. .... !••'•. • • ••. Wuj.l ;". ~ H I'aldw I Li «'nnuiM\<4 .... - v '-s •'"mill- JVlViil!- : -' 1 •-• * . .1 * i» *.... n '':ii'ii!!>-.-j) i> ... • • • • n i: i' 1 • (..!•;.•:« Roftmrni' .. t: 1 v } '.1 mini 1 ('-uii:iil. 11" ful.'in \>!"i Sin.';!!' , .' ; ... . M BUHI.ER BOYS EX-INMATE MAY GET AN HONOR BE BANK BANDITiS Picliorf ns the Confurcnce ! Parole From Reformatory is Quartet for the Stale ^Hi-Y Conference. Detained on Auto Theft Charge for Wichitn. 1.—Tl>i< Until "i-1 Wlrlillii, Kail., Dee.. 1—Vjxslblc siH -iwuftil lii win-jsnlnlloii uf .ilio S1.S00 robbery of A i:: i 1.47 l .SS'- I.:::.' A ,nu i I m 11."rif | Ainu \; i • litll. !Ml Inn M»r lull 1 i I.I ii.'i i in' nil linn- !i ill . iili |i'• I rum •nil' mil- ii'iiilml he iilmliini.'. M Sl.lnP',.' vinl I'nrllicv HUTCHINSON GRAIN ;M.i;:: in Jl.iiii'i.i sab's of liiiril anil ilnrli il.v.t. ill 'iy j.i.'iti vinl r.irllH'i' , mu |mn S i,il to (inn rum lilKlicir; „„,.,.,, wad ilpniiiiul. N» snk'S uf corn mi nal: li'i'i" a np^anl *" ... •s ,1, -.,»<! i.^ a. r.-»«H '•'«>• »•" I'ricr-s about im;, i in.ii li ,i ,-i".iil.«r< .1.-1 '•"«»«"'• K -"'»' : '»" '"'"'.V; 1 w,,,,i!,ll.-r ilisn lia.l l"'"" I '« two r."nls lower with ,1. Aft.-r n|ii'i:iii to bit tli'-'ii JI.L '2 VK to i-Di-n marki'l easeil b'.r, Hn'n iv .nt Mgtl- biKb.'r. ui. vl> a till ilifm ItiUir... i, - nil i: iinla v.n a lib trt H ni .\J ."J:'in:r. i/V' ruin marki'i •''.b"l when uiii.-n! li' I .'Hill. W.-ill;. riu-iil . a '•>• at I in- Milim as .i"nlnjiniih in. '•'•!<• Uiwer, 1 un. tlall^'-.l to v rt c ^i.. in r .sn, nn.l lalor :i -in;nl. I \ Ili;ialhy ivitll IT.'l.ll, ; i 1 ' firmir liotv.illi. i :'.in." in tlnj buy; mar- \ a Klnw ildinaiul. Iluct'liits of wheat toilay, 6S cars; porn 7; kafir imil inilo ;iU. (Jiin \vtM "k n-ro 1 l?ii and one yvnr ago M cars. Ui 'wlptii at various ollic-r terminals lodny: Siilina "D; Wli -hita 7S: Kaii .Mis (,'lty 117: Hi. I.ouit. 03. •!J 1. - 1 II llal.- ylltl"! ii'h''i'. ,May i.lilinil.'d n.'-iny In KB: 505 Oinall.'l noapoIiH lit.p Sales husi*: l \ lum! 1 ,','ir I I 'llli'lir.o IHlllltll i nil; lii; Slin Wlnni hero to.lny Kansas City •.'.llilliU i r .nrii t .vil \i Kansas City Cash. i* I'iiy. li-'-. l.--WUK.Vr— , • i IT i'ii-.--. 1'""'-!' Iiiaiier: .lark bin.! -> 1 r, 1 ?i l .i '.I; No. 3 ! ; I..',i"'! 1 .HI; N'l- " liaril i NM. :: bard'.i 1.5S; : .<\.'il'ii I ; No. 3 reil ; l.nnl 1 1 car iiani • Z I'Al* - illll.l I 1 i-i.l' 3 lilli'il I wei-vll i! .'.'.iH ;i li.iiii 1 haul r •;; liar.l -=i.i:i''i l .i.'.i N.>. 1 r.:il •-1 ".5"i riiHN—iaiiliain:' No 2 v.lllli" whit.- >:i "7 i< I •• I .n'.''•• l.l"; No. : i ' <1 in 2<: iiiKlier: : 1 •i'ii l.lfi; No. ;l j No. 2 y.'llow | .L'llO' • Sl.iiS 1 -! j I VII liiir.l 1.1 rv» .'. I... 1'. .'•) lil.tfl ii.r.r. «>> • i.;.f, »J IS.!;* ! ;,!i :i .i lV.f.i !";:• li.ail i.."(i 51.1 .1 11.(11 i.r,7 riti.ii l.l. Sj I. fa.' r.s.a x 1.H4 2 iiiiy 'P 'l ll.ilV 1 ;:''; l.""'.,; No. ;: mi.\fil Jl.'ir.ji l.ii'H-. (i \Ts- I'm-biinseil tn lilBli- n; Nn. 2 '.ill iti- rio^r .".3 '-i; No. ,'i u'hi!.> 52 52':•('. v.W. ••: 21. 11 \ it 1.17V Mi'u SI',. . UArVIK- .«1 ".7 (1 1.5S. \ll!.(l M M7J-:-Sl.TPJ'f1.71. i .'i 'lnili'd .=«•! ].-.-» In tin' Kiinaa* l'it\ iii.-ii niitrl.i't loday w.:i'p VL* PRODUCE MARKETS .' I lark: Siniiltv: :; liar;,: •1 Park: 1 Ilar.l: at 151; at 1 at 1.50; Sniultv: 2 Kuril- lit 1.55; '.i; T.llH V/hcal 2 at 1 .5S; 2 K.ii to l.S7','i. 1 in at 1.57. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, DPI*. 1—Produce un- clmnKi'rt, Kt '.US — Firsts 4!>r: selectefl SRc niiTTEll — Creamery -I S 51". 50c; liacliiiiK 22c. HllTTKB FAT—;Wc. I'OULTIiy—Hnns lfjo; ropters 12c; pprliiKH 22c; broilers 2;ic. ivi'lnir pricca ^..U 'rct it. n... ..*"\v wi'i'k on I be stock oxcbaniTe. Tbere was a lar/si" ncciininlation of iveck- enil liny inn nril'rs for ilie cnpiicr^ anil ypi-cfiillli 'S. niori' (ban a dozen issues iilfainlnc. neM' bicb prlcc-i for 11n- year In Hie first five iiina- utes of Iradlni;. ' l.lnlversal Pip" iitlil IliiiHalor preferred advanced i 2i, pnlnlii to a new lop. oilier fii^lis! In'i.-luilitiK Consolidaleil (las. llnlil-j,. "' " ; more and ubin. Krlsen cnminon. j r,"', yvln.ii' j Ken'lecol!. .Marina and Inspiralion | it, coppoi:'. SiiKli'lialtur. CoiUineiiial j c. Can ami AJax Itubber. j nnlllsh denionslrntlona were vigorously comlitcte.l Uirniiehoiil I lie. early trailing the list ot new IIIRIIS reaeblni; Hie thirty mark before tbe end nf the first tialt hour. American Waterworks (old slock) jumped i\\ points to ,t new top at 1.11. General llakiiiK advanced two points, Pressed Steel Car l'Vy and Southern Pacific, Houston Oil, American Linseed and Famous Players moved up a, point or more. Anionp the issues lo better their previous lileji prices were. I'nion Pacific. North American Compiiny, Public Service of New Jersey, Park ar.rt Tllford, Geiiinil Motor, Uiel- smi Motors. Pure Oil, Ainurlcnn Tobacco (newt and l-'inllcott-Johnson. CoveiKVi exciniiiitea opened firm. Several traders took advantage of ibe bullish demonstrations in tbe coppers, motor?, public utilities. lentliei 'H and specialties by distributing selllnix oviler^ In o'.ber stocks, St. Paul preferred. Seaboard Airliuo piefirred, .Max"! 11 Motiirs 11, Heploiile Sleel and st viral oilier issues fallini; ba.:k 1 lo 2'.;; points. American Call advanced 2 points, but IIIO.-I of the other standard Industrials and rails moved within ralher narrow limits, ! the marking up of the renewal rale ' on call money to :Cpor cent 'apparently havini: a restrictive effeel on trading. American Watr-rworks (old I jumped )!•>; points to lr/.i and tin" new stock moved up to 2',^. Kansas City .Southern was rnn up I'.i points and PittsbuiKli and West Virginia 2, both at new | to lops. Other lssnes to esuiblisli I ive new tnaximuni prices were Ameri-jsal can Smidtin);, II. It. MaJlinson, .Ionian Motors, Brown Shoe common and preferred, Westlniihouso Airbrake. Olis K.lcvalor and Clii- cngo Norlhweslern. * IS 111 . 1. IVi'.-lillKll"! miiisi ini \V.„ilvv.ii.|., Iv.-.-'i " l.l'.' I'l. in 1 I Naehleu were: lsl 'li,' 1 '. LIBERTY BONDS lirices quotei! by Lean eomi n v .Ji.i- . 11'. LIVESTOCK MARKET l.r .j'i KansRS City Livestock. Kttn»a» City. He*. 1. — CATT1.K, — Receipts 22,000; calves . I.III.HI; slow. killluf; rteers generally steady: bulk of value lo sell from $T.2.-|'S/ •'.(>": t"P yearlings IV.'.'i': belier lirades liitht beifers. strom; to 15e iiiiiiii-r; (ithers and destra- j turkey, ble grades beef cows steady; plainer )-'r:ides cows, cannon* and cutters weak to lfic lower; bulls ste«- dv; calves sleady lo KlronK; top vols j:'."0; stockers steady to loe blKher; feeiiers sleady; bulk {5.on | ':ill.75; stock cows anil heifers; steady: stock calves .steady to 1 s;ronir. j IlOtlS-lleceiids U.000; uneven;, mosily Jii''i25e hiirher; shipper top' i'/.Vi, pan lnii'l; yacker top JS.llO: • i bulk of sales $<.Su.i'i S.ila; bulk de- 1 jsirahle IS" to Him pound averaces . I J'S. lia'i/.'.I'd; |iaci,iiii- sows JS.Sj 1; ' j M.50: slock jil KK siroiiK lo 25c hign-' ev. ?5.75'" f'.5... SllKUP-Kecei'its (t.Sflfl; lambs •niroii^ lo 25c bicber; top noiiv.'s fl-1.15: mini- unlives and fed lcus| }M.('07i 11.25; clippers f 11.0 ;; 12.15; odd lots sheep steady, j le iiler. lie, 11:1 lioyt! wei iiin Hie' el' lieiiij; Hie coll- j fii.ii." ipiarlei as well as the con- j I.; :n i' Ili-Y demonstratioi. | i.n i In. IM-V con.ereiU'n held al, .M.'inb.illati. Thus Mahler's Hi-VI lia- i.iken :i very il.-i'lnlle sleni lie. ' d and is beliiu represented by in- quiirlet, a .(lenioiislrnlion Lain ni' r.velve. Air. Nickel and .1. 1 lli'Kler as a-' isol's. The .[iiaiii' 1 will l'uniish music for the colli'li'lice while I ilo team will lit'iii'iitstrat." the proper conductiiu: »f n HIV. Mr. Hawkins or Hud Unison bus -oven luihli'i' some' belli In workiiic the lealll. Tbe I hr.e car loads left TTiurf- dny niorninit intelKllnit to see silllils nroiiiid Mallbuttaii dui-iiu: Ibe afternoon of Ihu.same day as well as on Friday mortiinfr. Tiie cnnl'i'i-eiii'i' hc^au on Friday iifii'i'- noon, llnlibr -as usual showed ureal interc-i therein. Thanksgiving Races. Tuesday was a line day for ibe races, which bemm al '.''.:'el p. c.i. The schcol was dismissed at :!:.Ti ;iud at once went . the : cclle on Main .-tree!, h lak'' their parti in v.-inniny: their feasts. Tbe citizens were out and doiim tlieir best to land a real meal. The school and citizens were carei'ully divided In lo groups accordiim to IIR..S , .size, and well-lit. (jrorps were fir-t iisked to sprint, tlien a sack race followed by a potato race, niul blind liiiin's wheel barriiw race. The final race consisted In throw m.i; a turkey off nf Mr. Wilson's ih'im .store. Meimo Yoth {secni."!! to be the swiftest and landed the Tbii most, interesting of the affair were the tat man's race and the kid sack race. In all 17 ducks, one turkey and i -onie £eese wore civi n away. The t-aine wiis furnished by the pairona of the city. Since tbe school v.-on the largest nu.nber they feel the Cheney stnt* al Cheney on November 22 was, seen by au- Iborltles today with tbe arrest at Hutchinson of Will'nnr Harper of W'ichilu for Ibe alleged Hied of a nin.f" car from Pete Christy of this rlly. I). (.:. KHiekey, bead of (lie motor theft deparliueut of the local police iltfiiirlinoiit. sniil he had reason lo believe that the Christy car nils used by tbe man ivbo robbed the Cheney bank, as a doscrUition of Hie bandit car lallled with iliill of ilie stolen machine. Harper will li'" returned lo Wirh. ita fur questioning eoneernlnc the bank robbery and for trial on a ebarite of stenlini; an automobile, Sttickey said. WTIllam Harper, Peabody, was arresied yesteriluy nflernooii at Lewis. Kann.. by Sheriff .less Laueford and I'nitcrsliei'iff Fnye llrown on a cluirKe of stenlini; a Modye tinning car from Wichita. The car was located here yesterday niorttlni; ''arkoil in front of the Owl Smoker. A woman iu n room- ins house nearby told ilio officers that Harper bud left the car thorn and had Inlil lier that it was n "hot car," She clitlmu bo tried lo git her to go ridiu., in the car with him. One of tlie Bhcritt'H torce watched the car all day yesterday but Harper failed to return to net it. He was later located 111 Lewis, where be hits been shucking corn until recently. Harper Is a former inmate of Ibo reformatory, who has been out on parole. His sentence to the reformatory was on a intTeny charee. Harper denies luwiuc: any connection with tbe ear. lie told tbe ofi'ic.'rs Ibat he might have told tin- woman sonieibiiig but thai lie was drunk at the time and be did Tb. j streets 21, car was stolen from (he of Wichita on November Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Dee. 1.-— HOUS -Re ipts n;:,(lull; active, mostly firm: light lights and lightweight steady KLUXERS INTO OFFICE PLEDGE ENFORCEMENT Marion, 111., Dee. 1— suites At- inriiey Arlle lloswell. and Coroner George Hell,' avowed Ku Klux Klansmen. assumed office in tVil- liam-oti county today and promised an administration of impartial law enfijrceuienl. With the exception of Sheriff Oeorgo Galilean, an aml-Klansrhnn, who has two years to serve, virtually u new corps of officers went into Dower. 1.(11; ] at l.f.fiii. 2 at 1.51',. 1 at 1.52' : 2 at 1.5»H 1.51. 2 at 1.55>. 1 nt 1.52; 1 at 1.51; at I.Sll'j 1';; I at 1.51 .u l.)9<t 1. 171;. (o at 1 .5 (1; 1 at 1.55; 2 al l.r.::'i ill 1.51 '.,; 1 al 1 .5| i ,l 1 at l.-lli. Rill lit t V —Lid lo 1.5H. ;t Hard—I at 1.51; 1 at 1.: iu 1.51; 1 at 1.5.1; 2 at l.l!'. Smutiy—1.17 to ].5;i. -1 Hard: 1 at l.i.l. .Smutty: 1.15 lo 1 .50. 5 Hard: 1 111 1.40. Sample bard: 1 at l.-il, 5 Mixed: 1 at 1.51; 1 at 1.11 ;s Hed: 1 at 1.5S. :; lied: 2 at. l.r .n. '•OHN- No. 2 Vellow— •I :it. Lull Vi. No. a Vellow—1 ni i ..'is »j; l.OS'.j. No. 2 Whilir-l al 1.10; j.uti 15. No? 2, White.— 1 at LiiS's; 1.1.7. Sannde While t;orn—1 nt Nn. 2 Mixed • 2 at 1.0.Sbig.; I."S>.' 4 ; li (it l.f'S; 1 at 1 .071s. No. 2, Mixed- •:, al l.iif.i 1 00; 2 al 1 .(15'-..; 1 at 1.11.",, Oats. :; lied onis: 2 at 50. Kaffir. 2 While kaffb'-. 1 at 1.57. A White l;afllr: 1 at l.r.r.. S.'cnnlo kall'lr: 1 at 1.52. Milo. I at 1.70, yellow. :: Milo: 1 at 1.70 yellow. Barley. I Hurley: 2 at 7'.'. Winnipeu Markets. JJic. wheat: l .Sxfc.. May wheat: l.fll 'i;. July wheat: l.fi2'M. Mlnneapalis Market!.. Die. wheat: 1 .5!'.,. May wl- -at: 1 .5i; 7 4. Chicago Produce Chicago, lice. ).— BUTTER— Lower; creamery extras 4'J 1 uci: - ' KI.IIII lards -150; extra firsts -I • i 4So. • j KGGS—t'nsettled. firsts 4$& I 55c: ordinary firsts 2,5 'if '|i)e; i t-efr.'frerufor extrr.s 37 'i 37V.c: . ! firsts .'15,'. 1 j POULTRY -— Alive, unsettled; fowls l-lliiii LT'c; springs 2Pic; roosters l'lViic; lurki.yft 20c; gees. 10c-; ducks 17c, at 1.10; I.n?. 1 at L; !> at , Chlcnno Potato Market. 1 Cblcago. Dec. 1—POTATOKK— 1 F.arly trading rather slow; market I about steady; Minnesota and Wis- I ronsin sacked round whites, some I decayed and frosted, SOfi'lJOc; few I best shade higher; poor 70c; Idaho i sacked russets ?1.7r .if (2.0(). Forelfjn Exchaoae. New York, Hue. 1.- l-'oreigu exchanges firm; quotations in cents: Great liritaiu demand 4,ii3*t; cables -l.lil. Franco demand B.-lfi'.i; 5.-17. Italy dem.ili 'l 4.34»i; 4.35Vi. Ilelgium demand l.'JS'.ii it. Germany dehiand 21).SI. Holland demand 40.21. Switzerland demand 19. Greece demand 1.7S. Poland demand l '.tVi, Csr.eclio-Slovakia demand 3.00VJ. cable cab,le cable 31. MARKET GOSSIP Charles Summers, presiik'nt of thy Security K.ovntor Co., apcut a ibiy l)f;ro enrnuto homy from tlx- ctillaitu' Spring:-, wiioru lit; ami Mrs. Summora h'.ivt: bftpu for a hliovt lime 1 . Mv. SumtiiCTH vfslj.oil (.Iu; hoard of trade and the local of lice of which 1'hil Chirk In nianaKt-r. 1 F 'r HOVOIX ' ilamago by frost lust j nlRht. Flax sood ami mrn won: . harmod most. Call Money. New York, Dee. 1.—Call money firm; hich low ruling ra'o o; closing hid oift 'i-tMi ai s^; Umt loan li'.i; call loans asainBt ac- coptanoer' 2»4. Ttmu loans firmer; mixed collateral (io-UO da yd 'MiW four-Hix monI lis a \^ 1} 3 »i. Primo commercial papor NEW YORK STOCKS. ttepcin--"! Uy ,i:vint':i b. H-nnou Co.. KDtj Hornl>aii^li-\VI)oy IjuildinK. bv wlrtj from ,\cw VfjjU. CIilcaRo dLillverlfca today on Ufi- i cfMiib''!' i'ontracts wv.rv rojiormd , as follows: • Wh.'nl, 11,070,000 bushels; rorn, I .T;i,<S(Hi btisluds; oatn. 1,(131,000 biish- (e!*; ryf, r»,:iHy,(»00 husbids. ; Xorthwtsst^rn KaiisuH and south• t-vn Nebraska aro in dire uoi ^d ot : moisivirt?, according to Curl Kers-cli- j en. i'r(ii-psfijtativft of tin 1 A. C l>a\in (iraiu Co., KmitJuH City, who ; wa^ a board n" trade vlsllor today ; Tbis wrrUovy in driver than i» many ! y.'ius, old timers told Mr, Kyrsch- LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce. lh;yvy hons, }i',c; liuhl h<'0», 13c; j -spring IGi-; sta^ft 12c; ia'Khorna \ flnrl black f*. all woijilus VMr, old i roostors 7c; uu-Kcyii, Nu 1 iSi;; No. i 2 Str, old loins KJc; ducky Vn*; i SC. i KCGS— Fr «sh, per doz. Locoi Grain. WIIKAT— iljuoied by Wm. ICeUj M=ll v.bc;: S1.:n. lbiico YnuiiK oMhe Consolidated | Flour MillH Cu., has nemo to Okla- j huimi to try bin luck nt quafl liuut- SIlUiiTS- -?l.t;: UKAX ?i :u. SwlTt ••U;T 't 'Kli!'\\T- & Co. No, i x.i. in.'TTKU—C'niaiiU'iy t'JTt -i'.U; ;-:CGS—F -esh. -j('(.*. Cotton Market. SVw York, !'»[•(;. 1.-—Cotton spo! ni'ii'l; itiiddllnt; ^:t.t0c; futures eluv f«t ijafcy; Dev. f^;.c; .lanu my -?..~C,'irj2.Slc; March -Z .tfit 2:.MI 'c. Chicago dt.'llveri.>s totiuhod ucw U \R\\ points for the si-atiun today. D'.-i 'i 'inbcr and July l>rokt> pntvlaHs I'litc ruc-ords and May aitainml Om previous record price. Kansas City Hay. Knit.-aa City, It.*.-. 1. -UA V —• riiehanp-d tn Jl.T." lii^iiff; n- Ct 'i^l; I'-'T l.'Ul'S. TIMOTHY -Nn. 1. lanlidard. $15 .iH "j ( ' ii::.,";'t,v 11.,'iO; N.», I'KAHUK-No. 1, No ^. *l«.0 «\i 11.Mi-, Al.FAU'-A — Choice. $2S.r.O^ sn.'iu; No. j, ?2 ^.MWt ?r^;i.iH»: Hiand- unl. {Jv.^O^ 2U,ii; So. $ I ti.Urtfl \>A*\\ No. ;t. ?i:t. i J>i'»i (LtiVKlt- -Mi.\ed Jluht No. 1, .511 .303115-50; No. :\ $J 1 .504/M.0V. Ifrthli'licMi .St«"-1 Citri- I.VU) ('li-l »V Iruli <':> (.'I'UVU'U- S.Vv«\ — i Iron Cii'**- i'i* • Cult js'iiif's Siccl ., ( Nor i it-'iri Or'.- lU'putille Irnn & Htoel , i; S Sici (_\>rp t'oiiuiiun ... 1J S .SifH'l COIJJ l'n'f'.rrfd ... COWPF.HS; A inn Sniellbiff .V Kf-rhilnS ., .-'wKMomta V'o)>|>' i Co t'.iMalinn Zinc A Lend < 'Uinii CiilM"M' Cn riill' 1 C"l'l).-r C» !:uUf. Superior inSpillilUHl (HrpprT KuiiiKn'oit O-'l'V't'i" .• • JUlV iVltlH Cuili C.ippt'i' Co « Sim hi 1 r OunVoltdat.Hl MMl.iud 'Ml C« -. l*:w:ifi'.- Oil Co Pan-Amu I'et & Triina "A l'un-AiM'i I'.t Truiirt "I» PHI" ml ('•» I'hililps I'.-t.-oU.Mrn t Vt.Ml'fll A' CO lti >v ;i) I'm tcli SkiOlv i 'i> S'.ititfurtl ^»>1 «f N .1 Stanilunl Oil of Calif SU<U Uuiuu "(I Ti'Xa.f Co W'htti' o it II HA iLKOA : A T V Ititll'nnori: it uldo (tinilijili I'iicinc «. Krif. Uv Oivnl Nortii'M-n lty tUlnoU t' J< t' t-'otillit.'ni l.tnit.iVllN- ,t- NHsi»vj5h' ^Tf( I 'at i(U: < '(Hiititon Mo i'.n'ifif Trff-'iTvil ...... \' V (VittTiil Xi>rtlii'iH Cui-lia: IvniiM lv:iit:u tU Ili*inlin»: Ms 11 .1 ,-V, Ivlin.i! Uy Sntit !ni ti I!y CIo-so ... -Mi ... 41U ... "n ...i;(t»?i ... Sff'i ... ::-K".it ... f.3»i ...n; :, e ... ... 41 Mi r.lU .116"' 7;,7 hiichor; liberal supply and act luiyiuK t-uppuvc. tew «arly s Av.iak lo l '<e lower; top $'J.Cf»; bulk good ,'tml rlioice 22r» to ^L'O pound butcliera •• :C35; packing sows mostly 5s.s:.'fi 9.10; majority Mrone wfjiybi . F.IntiL 'hter pits .$G.r ;(K»: 7.')0; heavy w.dRht hogB |:t.4H'> 'J.tbj; lights -57 .0" ; 9.25. CATTLE—Receipts VlsW, trade uneven; killing quality iilain; fairly active demand for yearlings and better grades matureti ^tnora; desirable for benf heifers ;iHo want- iid; show rejected ycarliii^n upward to 51-1.25; some regular market of- fcriiiffs hold above $ I 7~> ; Feveral. loads llKht offerings curly J 11.00i «^ Aioni f>£ i:i.00; early lop matim d steer:-' cllor,ls ' $10 .t ;0; somu biKher; ran includes abnui, 2 ,'ti)i> western crass JT .^; steer contingent mostly In feeder flesh; sho fctuck run liberal ;lower sradus pn .Hlomliwitins; IJIIIIM and v-^alora steady; few bolognas about $ * .00; bulk voalerH $S.r#*i l».*.fO j lower grades stockers and feeders* in too liberal supply; weak; kinds of value to sell at 56.00. upward steady. KHEKP—Receipts 22,»nrt: very active; fat. lambs fully 25c higher TOO LATE To CLASSIFY 1 !] tanli,u ' 10 ! Il( j ir ,:,:y ^ inutjnBJ nof n , momhor whul lie yaid It on. The d.uU can »oa»t of bull ^„ one thing, namely, winning the tugo-war, A good time waa re- eordetl and >e "pral good loast:= • wero won. [ A Praise Festival. j ! The M. K- rluirch had a festival ' 1 sumluy. The purpose of this me '-t- 1 ; ing was I wo fold. One was to give . ' tlianks for the many uleasings be- i I Mowed upon them during the past ;>ear. and tlm other was 10 e*-de- ; ; jruio tbe twe-nty-fifth anniversary '• j nf tho uu?^inn work in ibe foreign 1 Tields. \ The opening talk In the morning \ was made by M^nry Unruh from { ! South Dakota. North. Then follow * • ml speeches by Abr. Wieae. Minno- 1 , Huta. and Mr. Siebel, North Da* j kota. Then a lunch, to which all ; pies-iiu were Invited, was served ] in the basement. ( In Ui? adarnooii geuertvl winging 1 was led by U.r. Wleb« from Mana; tobia. The speakers of (he after- ; noon were Mr, Wiebe. C. N. IIlo- j hcrt. saskatcheivjtu tud Mr. Hoss ; from Nebraska. Tln-n a lunch was again served In the b.-.errmnt. ; In th evening general singing : was led h. )-'. H. I^tker.ian. Utihler. i The- speal;<.t.- ifor the evening were } John Tliit-s^.-n, Montana, and (Jo - j Wiens, of Nebraska. | Special music for the various was furnished b> a men'** quartet and choir of tfv) \ s I- cal church. Most all of Btililer's -.Itizens are now back from ilieir t o weeks trip at the conference, in Oklahoma. A very good time was reported at the confcTvnce. Basket Bait Squad. riuhlor 'B basket bail squad I* very hard at work and will play its- first game of the season ia home with Moundrfdge <m Friday December Tbe Inllowiim week will find 1'"'I'.ICNT- room huiiqi*'. lTo*) block • •li Kasi 3rd. fli month. Call ftl I **uil SALli:—.M -inuro for LiwnT Sail "••If.J. CUA.v:TlCAL NUHSH n-Kiituy, Phone \\\ .'li 'tv, JlM-i.oo i-a.-i* if mk.-n at once TNVALIP A JtAbi; iliirn-r; I'en-f7:iitin Oil l-.«'ar- era, V ,K,\UU\ Oak hvait-T, bert "iiniiRp, wl.'li-.* \n i»e ti-ikvn tn. ,uto. h« carfd for, pxlfltu^. «ii; to,> \V W A N 'V I-: I • — K t P"v f -Tnlvvf vvhiTTT^TiTtor Ki'f'.Tnl work; Kferunev*; "100 -„;...'}. , " nr 'J!!' _J ,,, 'l ,1,i -'-'Wi;i i • T» it 01 NTJT< -'N V.\,^r7^~Vnun r.Liouii-i Uivcr, liirm stock; at An-Ii_ Ad.inv.*. FKATIlKti" Phone :j7ti:..i. I'hoiTv W A ."\TK1 . l — S'lin-'orJ'.' to ~f>luv ts-'ixo- I'itnnf Tu^sitiiy iittd Saturday » : vi'i\- r.'.'. L -'-' ; : ,: ";i^>' Miiiiloyi]i,.j,i. phonp sio WAvri'ii bulk better grade natives and fed ! Dnhler battling tri Kir old r.vals. In- westerns ?1 -1.75^'15.00; fat sheep' flie Friday previous to and feeding Iambs around 25c high- j Thanksgiving Jtuhler may p?ay l'r ' Wf'.'iiiin ciuk fur 1M id(?t- ; i'.mnil (MI,^. but must l>« fcwtl A f liir' ; ' s s _ - '" 1 - 1 ' a r 1 ' - N e w J- • rA 'rj ';~fi(i!rT ;K -~.^,~i7rr ]77~75- l l»>iw «!<]•; f.viv; hnothtT ^ytn* «r 3 limit: nl.-o ILjl-i i-'nril ....... Inidc for fv-iJi., Ci-TOi I 1 intentnsn-m. at Ui Ni'.'k -Tgon, Kjtn.s >r(b linn of Tlilnt Htrcc-t to »»« South line of Sixth Htu-i-t, nhd for me Kt-aUiim. ctuldiii: 'md PIIVHIK or too nlb-\ liftwcMi HlxtiM - nth and .Snvr'n- niii StriM'tn fi'Diii ihv Wf -Ht line i »l \VjiJj;ut Hlivft to t),f Kiwi iinc nf ttu* t auuiiu; N«n Ui 'Unl South U» • twt-fii Main mid Wiilmit Sin'i't.---, t>\*i* ! clfyliii; thi! iiiHP'rial': to l>f na'd. itie i m.uiiu-1- of construction anil provldiiiK 1 tor i'ii 1 cost thereof. Wltt.UKAS. tU^olutloiiHvJmvo l>ern duly rasacd mid nrlnp(r;d l>y the Hi-ard of I'nmndjiclriiKM'H ( ,f tlie i.'lty nt ltulr!iin?on. K;ini*HM. ordfi -inn iMirhlng nnd Btitf.pring and paving of Movent li Street, from the- Knst line nf Main Strict to i.lm Must lino of Walnut HtriM'i. n» It h on tlic North nldo of Soveitih Street^ nnd nlao tho uradlriK. curbing anil giittci-tng nnd pnvlne "1" North Mapli- Hiri'i't from 1 h*> Novin line Third Street to (he H«nHh Unu of Nixib SVrerv; nnd a\m order bur uw- irradinpr, eurldntr nnd puvlnn of the alley twtwei n Sixtot-nlii .md Keven- ttenth Streets from the West line n Walnut Sd-eijf tn t)m liast line ot th. alley tunninK- North and Suut ii twei-n Mn in and Wnlhut Sirci-is. which ftA\t\ re(Jo)ntloM:i havu Nueu puo- lifthed for u\x eonsecutiviF ila\.« a nil lunro tlwin twrrnty days li:ive i -iiipse.-i Miu 'e thv Uist pMblb'iitinn of suid rt-s- oliitiotii mid no snfriei'-at rtnio.i- fttrmieeH have lieon filed salu imnrovi'ini'iiis; now, therefore, av: IT i>itcAiNi;i) MY TIM-; muim i»F fi tM.MISSlONKKS O].' Till'; CITY OF 11CTCHINSHN, KANSAS: JVetloti 1. That 11 U n.-cessiiry atiii It i» h 'i cl.y urderi d 11 in t S vent it Street., fropi tho Kjift 1!n<-* of Mnbi Stivt tu the Knst line of u aimu •Street n.H it ito Oil the North .M«le o*. Seventh Strcot, b« hroimht to ^rade, enrh'd and K «tl "M\d with a four l"e: Mitnihm! gutter, mid |>aved ulib u<- phfiilie. eonerete two 1n.h<'f- thick "ii .'!. ffv^ huh .-oilRt'vti- l>;(. g o, open Sje- cifieatb<iis wltli rnmjifiUive MIIOMI;.*. snld pavf ineiu li> ho 'Jl fei-t whl • from Kiittev m fjutlri'; and that North Maple Street, from the. North tin* i.l" Third Street to ihp South lino or Slvth Street ho bronchi to grade enrheci ,-niij guttered with four font Mnndard gut- tor, and paved with afii'hnlUr eone t -rt,. two tnehes thick on a flvu ttuii i-oti- j ereh' hnse, o|..-lt s pwi P i -~ i 11! > > n Witts eonip^tltivo I'iddini?. unUl paveioeni Un hi) fvi:t wid's from putt'-r (<• gutter j from tho North properly llnp of ThirH ' St root to tho North Property line ot I Fifth Stract.and '.n he "t> feet wtdo from gutter to KULtcT from the North Properly Hno of Fifth Street in th* South property lino of SiNth Street: anil that tho Alley between Sixteenth nnU Seventeenth Streets from tho Went Une «f Walnut Stv«ol \n \\w v :apt Unr of the flip*}- runninK North nn.l Mouth lu'tweon Main and Walnut. Str-e»»t8. he hroujfht to trrad« and rurhed with header curb, and paved with aspnal- tli^ «'(HiL-r.'ti^ Iu 1 " itiche.i thick OP a flvo Inch coiu'rr.'te Wisp, open jspeelfica* lions with eomp-'tltive hiddlnj;. snat [»nvcinent in he I \ f. et wide, from header to header: all in HeeopIaiKV with the plana, vvofilv-s and snectn- r-allnns or Hi!? City l-Jpglneer now on file in the office of the nty Cifvi; and adopted by the Hoard of rnmmis- sloners. and "fin Id const ruction that! ho uiiilor the direction and miperln- terdoncy of thi» City Knglnepr. K^cilon 2. On the pa.s.«agt* and puh- M'-atlon of this 01-llnanei* the hoard of rotnmis-Innei'S shalt dPFtgnatP three t'.iilntoreBtc-d tvousu lio'dt-r.-i who. ufti-r I taking- nn oath to perform their duty ' faithfully A ltd impartially, shall, with- tn five day* ffter iiotiflcntUm or their appointment, proceed to Hp-, praise tho lota and paivelH of trrounrt llnhh' In taxation for Mich Improvement , which fttiprnlsi-rneut shall i-e ret ni nod to the Hoard nf Commit-loners at i!t= fit '5t reuii'ur int't'l 1 '"' (Ue p;im»: fliaU b^vc b<**-n eovopl" t«"-d nnd a yperial .sessifUi for the pfpi^j of alterinjr nnd «;t'.it ap- j pra'wemriit, If the Rnnio bo der-niei unfair, phatl be ealfrd, dot* notfect o* which meeting fhall tie plvmn tn tliej pa'HT. ; Si'rtP-«n 3. Th« city rlerk Is hereby autborixed before or after sahl at>- ( pral^enient and cmcJllzatJon to nrtvor- 1 tisi 1 for li let a for tho construction of \ said work, and lh.» contraet .- ; hall tie ] let to th.'* lowest responsible hifider as (letprmlne.1 by tlio board nf miiimlH- sloncrs, th** rlgh' ttelnu reserved to reject any or all htd-s. f Seetlon 4. For tho purposes of j fraying the cost and ^XTJen of •-no ; coiistnietlon. .1 tax shail 1»» levied 111 ' ten f'n> filial annual Installme»f•* Against tbe lot.-* and parceW of Rjounit IlaI'i'e to liiTiitio'i in nn •''ti »nnf -u'fl. clent to covflr said cost anil expense, t.o- gi'thtr with Interejtt tlier 'Hin at a ratv not to exceed p.-r annum until paid: that wh rt re ffald tmi.ruvemeTit-* are eiin»;Trtirtert for which t'v ctfv t.t charvceiihto, tlt« eosl thereof t*ba\l \>n defrayed out of thi' gr-n.ral Irnprove- tneni fund and Maid asses'TV-nti* tiiia!' he eertifit-d by the </lty Clerk to the County CJorh of li(-u»t County, Katt- .1.11, sit the .same time and In tin* *iairu> iTiauncr nn other city taxes and suo- Ji*i-t to tho s;im? penallh'-s. Section 5. This ordinance s tin it tako effoct and be In fore** from and after ita publication, in th- 'irt;. uu iity leaner. Approved Nnvember 2f!lb. I '.^t. WAl-TKK F. JONRS Mayo** C. li. I.VMAN. W. it. nitOlVN, 11. .1. HASKAHP, I.OltKN li FKKCiCSO.N. Commirifdon." M. Attest: .t;n WICTZ. City Clerk. x-if HtttchhiHotr the mimnnt of benefit ti , the public generally, and the if -tnitn- , dor of aueh value am! damages nt(i*n*f j tie* properly within tho bcuiftflt ills M 1ft whlrh shall, In th«* opinion or tn. npprjiiyIn* I'Hpcelnlly heni*fltt> i lev \\\ v proposed buproveinrut wlutll is> de.-.fgr.ated as the benefit if Iflf ric which almll be fixed by nrdlnnnei*. Th. i 'OMt of ^ueii cond'-mnatlon shall b> riHarsxril against the specirlo proport] t«minacefi jti said benefit dl». .<j u addlllon to other tixii and iism-Hu mt'iilH and y\u>\\ be eeriifled wy i n » olty cp ; ik to the county clci'ffc* '0 11 placed on the tax rol!s fir t-ilCetlni tn lIUo. man nor as other oily uixe-t in< 1 subject to the name p>. unit 1:3 114 ulhei J ta\e«(. Secllon e. ThN .lrdliuPcc »tiai lakes I'tfeot and b.- in force from ant nftrr 1i!i ptthllcaiion In tho tJf*ula Oty Ca-'-r. AJ'P;'" - d Novomber 7, 1:'-*- WACT1MI K.MONKS. , Jlaytj p*. K, liVMAN, \\", 1,. lrtl*"»WN. t II. .1. liASKAUI*. I,HHKX D FKHf.itISDN 1 'ommij<.sloni:i7t. At tent: Cby^bj-tt. Hi lt:ti~iiilieeil and read Nov. lib, WU. l'*irst pubiiNlied IVe. 1st, 19'24. RESOLUTION, WHKKKAS, it 1.1 m:(M*:iriary to oon t 1 Mtnnt ^initary ae »i -i:< In the City of ltuicbhiMiU to promote the li -a It It aa4 | !;en,rai we ila re th » MiliblMnfj thereof mid to pn'-vlib; t !'0 benorit anct taxing dlvtrlirlH of an i ior said *u \m. laiv '»I , \VI--I , .«; now. iheivfor^; l\K IT HKSOLVKD lly the 1-inartl o* * 'tiimnl**»ionpr« of the City 01 ! UutPldnvon, Wanna*; That a minltary .".•wer'tal i>« I cotiainK'ted (•> !•>• known as SanPary Si'V • K l.rtt'"rat N 1 . Il'S, t>eghintit*c at '.lit; manhole «T the lul<-rsectlon .f the .iMi-y i.etw.-rTi Thlrt'.'cnth ftne. Fonrti 'i -ntb StrcetH, and the iillrytbe. twi*i'tt Afadl.**on and Monroo Strepii tJi* ii '-t* North 7':;. fiet, and that tl>9 boiiefit and tit\iiig district ho l-ota ; ' io r: inebisiv!-. p.iock Hutchinson lii , . , '--:i]; Company's Fifth Addp; m 1 to I he City of 1 III t rlllUSOtl, Cuts 7 tO ] :o im-oisive. it 'oek ti, .1 htlchict'on in* | vo. L 'tnv nt Company',! Sixtli Addition to tiio .-lty ..f Iliitehlnsnn, and lxtft ] 1> lo *J1 Inclusive. ,T c-mtcntn- •*Mi Invof.Inn. 1 nt. (Nurpnny> Kixth Ad* ditlon to the rjty of Hut''hlnMon, Kan- vas; ait in tho City of Jhp,ehJnsoi», Ap]-roved Novpinbnr USth. WALTKR F. JONES, - Marov (1. LYMAV. \\\ i,. nuowN, H. .f. 11ASKAHD, I.OltKN n Fnncuao .N Commissioners. At i:o Mt;T/.. Cltv cu-rk. 1-91 ] SPECIAL NOTICES nor. 1 , i7o^rTo?aTT-^)i .i ^TfT n u a ra r, r ren ro pn 1 r! OK- NO IM o K, WII Mamr*. -til A. w -Ft ^ 1>!'AI.) sttM'k rPiuoven free of etiurfe Phone -pil prie IIANH-PAINTKI"* Ximm cards tinl J hand-mailo gift? ftl reasonable l prices. Mrs*. A «lib'-v'« Of ft and Apron SJio_P._VZ;i KtgiiMi WftaC_ MAKY Al/MA OIFT ANI> APRW 4 SHOP. Fancy work eieliRiigi; 62V Bib Hi it "It! HL'Ti/KINSON Mrlnonl»r oliurch lia/.-iar :*nd (.upper, Friday IVe- .1. PnhlL; lovitod. TIIM WOMKN'N Itelier Corpi will hold j a h-ixuitr and Food MIC at the Ho«K hind_ Clf.thing Store. Dec, - WAN^M:ir-'7iiiiVs to pieoc. au -i KA*C I : 3A BEAUTY CULTURE MAIt!N*K1*m HKAltTY SHOPPR, 4(i \Y iih Phone r.^r, for Hnootntmpnt M Ai i i T f: i d Vi N i T. MarToMf* iTtcknci „ 7 *1 _ 1 ' :; ' s f J f !i R I r ^ ' h n H". 21 " 1 •' • MARCF.UU \ii Mra A~~ H iv-iutar' nhno \V v:\ N'rtrth t .'-H) i- M APCKbLINi;- Pav nt .'v^^Tf;; \\, Ta'bntt SI"! l-" 1 , 41 h Pnnno i »U.t >TA ItTMv; f7l JT \rrr *iTay or "eveninlr. fee tfll Wifi It. Phone _ MA 1 IC V'TddNC. VHrnif* "S M7A _ KCl't .r .T\oT T"?:I i*:»iii i"«7. MA UCKCl.tNi;, ;Mie 'Jul Knst I7U- phon1 -1 ^?.1, AnnohitmePt r«nvitme "*v t" f .iJMKLiTfT l rv-f ATfS*""si('•"» \• \• v Pa pe r i-ii rt n spe*» ta It v ^"B Lia a Firs:. Vhnne 37fin 4 LOST t IJOST, Thurs'lay— firry leather can teen bag containing }!3 in currency rlmr valued an' kc-eiivake and oth*i small artie'f t=. T.literal reward If re- uiTei] to "21 E.iMt Klghth or pnon« ItilUV, er; hatuivw f8.75 light fat twos tip to Wichita Livestock Wichita, Kan., Dee. 1--HOGS— Receipts 15t>u; 10 c higher; top S&.S5; buik $s.f,0(fl-8.Si>. CATTJJ-;— Kocp.'pts 2,700, "in- cludiiis tjUQ calves; generally active; and steady to higher on cattle, flood kind up lOfrlac; veal up D0e; beef stviers ?t ».»U 'Vi:7.S.3; beef cows and hoiftrfi $;i.l'.'i ^*ti.75; bulls ?2.'ii)t?»;:i.S5; yea] ealvea $4.0U ffi'S.OM; :itnckors and feeders Jli.lio ip'6.75. First Cotton Deal. Chicago, Dee. 1,—Prefiident Cross- I .actiee piam* 1 with Hut ..binson ilubhr and lluirhiusou in parft years have been hi the habit ot f/layjnir these practice same.-; to givr> Uuhlur more chances to play o u lar^e courts and with teams that w . fura.dh hard nul clean woik. ljiihlfir'm schedule is ^Im-'ly beiriK filled nnd butter games are expec:- od. tluhler is looking fur games more equal to hor (strength. Gowans Is Speaker at Lutheran Church TI.. .'rm.nal IVtimr.n M J 'Ui Weyi la now ihe (Jift Shop" a t 215 £ t ft \v Snntb, FrMpriftor. (First P'ihll,«hi'd Dec. 1, laL'4, In The HutchinNnn NeivnI Notlca To Contractors, liids* wiil ho reiV.vvd 1>> the* lloaro CimiluUfionern of :h" Cltv ot City l.'hrk*. i.ffleo j up to '<:()() p.m. Ftldac, I ><•»•.-nor T-rxe^nTci^aT i { ior thf> eiUiftiueiioti of water '''Thrift ail it t * s '' rv;, ' ( • on Seventh Ave. FJIII tiom Ave We* i Came I MR,n } from Main to Monmo and Mapi. Street from Third to Si.itti. Kt'wnti^ sheetH may be obtained at the Olfice of the City KiiKiueer. Work i .i be dorisi !n ace:irdan« e with the pl.itia and spfelft.-atif.ns of :io- City KriKlnet-r on file in the Cferic.i office. A certified cheek tor IJOi'.nn nuiPt aecompany i-aidi bid. Tn^ Hoard v- >ierv-*d tbe ilfiht to reject any «nd nil blilr-. MHTZ, City Clerli. LOST—Ootd fountain pencil on goic chain, Misravt'O "Hi Hnaps." Kinder pb'»nt. rtturn f> Superior Motoi Co _ f*Vjvjjrii. LOST—Man's Wuwn tealh«*v poeitfjl- boolt with money, l;cy and receipt from Conor Commerce Co. Leav« at lloekat'.-tv Auto Co. Keward, LOST—Bel ween tho Broadview gnn coiiise and Stanley Hotnl, pair of Tortoiji,' rim «lawmen in cna^, Ketnrn t^i Jfltdel Sj^.ni'-v nnd rPci 'lVft rewar*'** LOST -tli 'd imUiTTfon IraTher' pu^TraK contalnb*:; holy's eloihlnn. neat Second and Por-lar. Iti-tum to Now» i.ffi.'.. for i.-waid. LOST--Krrtni ear between Hurrtnn and Nowtitn. n ti.'ju-Ji RoMton hap, ta*?«•«! Hu f flier Ho! i .i. CharlcHtnn, W. Va.i reward if reluriied to Hotel Stanley,? . ]J tST-'lJiaek"trtivelTn^ haR. O. JTT)e- e;m.t of JJtitchipson. LOST. Thursday— <Srey bather can te.sii bay; eontaintnc il?. In currrncy rl 'rt; valm d us ' k '-fip ^nk"'; «nd nth*'- fsinaH ariie'i'M. Liberal reward If returned io T-l L.i.'-t I '.l^hll! or phOlK HVHAV. i~:'.t • J. city W. fJowans. sup.erintemlent of • sehoola addressed tho eon- P1IONK 440ti ANU CALL FUH C LA SSI FIE 15 A I) D EP'l. well of iho Houston cotton exchange ; grc.aatiun of the Zion Lutheran i, Hum hern l\ I clou I .Mi I'J'I >ltS: Mul Stiiili-baki'i* ... . v . .... ill Mil Mid or *i•!•<'•>''' ii i. MI-. No. I',, ?7.W)fi( •ili. it' : lil .i'i 'i'i 17 r,0; \,i. $1 -'.(in 'u I ll.iin. I •' tliroiiKli his broker sold 3<i0 hales ot January Potion to ProsMeiit F. I.. Carey of tliu UlilciiKu lioanl nl' Trade, who in turn sold to Wallace Vy Winti.r, n liroke.i- t'ur .In.-;. Slmii- son, lu-ciiidi'iit of Martiliull Field S I and Company, 1,(100 bales at ?2S. IU 5 ; n liiiiidiod imunilt). It was the ini . ' ti .'il lran?ac(ion on tilt 1 m -v.- coft n n Iiuiirop ^M 'lian^'.. toilay. Threatens Suicide; Intercepted On Way To Arkansas River .luliii Mi.'Iutym, 10^ Ave.. F east, mi uKi'd man, past 70 years of .-ifre, uas- ,-irrcsti."! j-fslcrday n'tornnoi! by louiily officials (or luvestlsa- lion. Ilf had told rftlntivus t-hat. ho n'aH ^oinp down to tlio river to drown hiinsfilf. They no'iric-d tbe slurilfa offlef. mi. I nffl'.v-is ul'-liflil him ti[i HH hi- \\; IH V.AUUIU'. '.OWHI' Hie iivr-r. Mr. .Mriiilyiv HIMI'I in Hi ehurcli last evening on the relation j of uducattou to gooU vitixensbtp. '• Tbe lil.ili si'bool octette composed j of Mai-puerile Cripe, M.-'rtlm Coombs, Anna von Luonrod, Fannie Gordon, John Greenort, .lohn Camp- ' bell. Olen lk-njamln and Clifford |, Dinck wilh Uiclle Sievens ut tbe j piano, saiifi a special anthem dm'- , in;; the services. IILIND AD UKl'LIKH A -12—7 P-9—I 1-—•! P-ll-J I' 7—- g -3 -1 l' r U —I K-10— < I'l li—; s-Ki—; .1- 1 0 —ii .S-ll—ii i; ti—ii T -n— f. S--1 V-7—i ii V-ll—1 o ii—J w-ii—a hct-t i, it. change ,•• e c f i ae rrt c n t« fo r the current d a y' f 1 lasut- cannot be a-jcc-ptc-d latci »han ,,,, , , . , , , , , , 1 12 a m. for Tbe News urifl 6 ii.m foi i ho Luther league which hftld its . Tho iiciaiu. All ehanseB and kill* regular meeting in the church ut ' reeivci aftoi those nuura win take 5 •••'"! Precoilne the evening wrvlwn J Hu .ett '^N^J.H .rMW .. . worked out cross word puzzles that | nu-rnber of The Aeaoclatlon of News were bav*d on bible racts. A num- be>r of the young people discovered that the puzzles were a real test of their knowledge or the bible. The iniifizluH will he worked out at every meeting nf the league each week-. EGYPTIAN TROUBLE NOT LEAGUE PROBLEM. Hn.lM .Mi Moiors Chandb'i' A/ofm-f i tvi-riand Midor*. Mailt Truck Ine. Kellv Sl'tiii^fbhl 'Piiv C< I; S Kilbhii- Co . llOodl jrh Itubttei l "ii . . . ijoodvi ;-r T A )\ lYi'li-r; Ajn\ K'd.l.i.f Co A nm -1 <:-rh Miij. nt*tn i *o AtUft Ci.ahuois Mffc Cu \ \;tst .Inly whi'ti he f'*>i .vi liis hip, It bus bcf'U ; lov ; ing ,'tiu] it lias riiin" I lii ] cume despuiideni. Hi> a • 1 taken up by 1'rohate J ml fro ' loinorrow. i Arizona's Forests. I Choenix, Ariz. — Nine i . liecHtH lit Arizoiiii envov iu-: j 1^,0 ( J'JA'0U vicves iu area. d 1 rohe in lun!- ! to be- will be Seward Tromlhjeui,'Norway. Dec. 1.—Dr. FTldtJor Ilunsen, referring to tho * j K^ypiiun crisis during n loctnre l here on the Leugue of Nations, tie; clarcri that Iffiiypt could hardly he 1 regarded as a sovereign state and . that therefore the present conflict • wa» purely n British amnestic i Ho added, however, that it was | to be regretted that the league dad nm been called upon to deal with j the (juesUotb li;ipe r CUiKsituo Advertising Manairri wh'.eh ineiurteu ri'tdintt nawtpHi'irr ihtouiL-nout ihe country and na» foi UP aim thu t>!',rr,lfiatbm of fraudulent auJ rniaiadi/ifi elaswlfled advertutng Tit*. Huiohinoon Newa-Herald as »'el us -every olher member of the flrsaocla tIon rn^envora \o tirin! only irutlifu tVunt Ads and will appreelatn having ita attention called to any advertise merit not con form) hfc to th** hlshest *ttntidard£! ct boneaty All claKBltied <uls will be Inac-ieo both morn JOB and i .veninii isaue*? oi tin* papei. An art which m accepted for a t-tncle In%ertion will«appear lr hoih Th«* News and The Herald ClaNHlfieil hdvertia'.nfi term*- kr\ • •a.iii Phone order** are acceiitPU t*' 1 convchience, hut wiih tht» underhraod IIIK tliai bli *< u-iH lo uaid or, pre*-< ri • 'i i mil ; intrndnced aim ]{<.nd Octrher :tt- P.'-M. Fir-"! Fublliflifd Pec. ], vrii. ORDINANCE NO. ^71A. I AN OHDINANC)-: O-ieiifng a»--! ' x'< tcndinif Knbley Street from the \<-.rih ; lln^ of Avfntf-' A to (ht- Kf.pth bile .1 lb" 1'i^bt-of-way of the Atehi*nn. To: p*'ki ,*<: Santa !•**• Ilnihwiy company i voudeijinlri!-' th.-' lac*l nccf-'iary tJier* \ for and pn>vbllnK for the appoininnnt • of appraisers and the ensi and <:%- iw;ps!' <if htich eoudeinnatlnn, 1*1', IT OUMAINC.O By thy IVard CI r?oininl«sioivor« of [his City ot I HutehiiiHon. Kansas: I Section 1, Thai Kivlcy Ptr-^-t from j the North JJrto ot Avemn.- A, north to 1 tho Kfii.tth IIOL- of the Right-of-way id ; tbe Atchison. Topelta & Santa )'e t lUiUwuy Compiinj, W and \J»H ritino W ... ..... j |,f. (l .i, v orderf-d opened, wider ed MIII nwi...iiiiiiiu j (^tr.Mdfd with u width of i'l re. t ,l,v 1 Si-.MlOn 2. For the pntIKi*-.e of *ip.-«- Ing, widening and e.\K-mtliif: i'.^>'>-v Htree.t: provliled In S<*.*tlon 1 of thi* Ordinance, it l.s to etswil y mid lo vi by urdiired tbat tbe followbiK di-- Kcrlhed tract of land IIR and the same In reby t-ondemned. to-wit: Cmn- inc-n.dnK at a point on the. s-niTh line of the Rlsht-of-way of the AK'Idnon Tnp'-ka & Santa Fo Railway Coinn:ipy where the went lino of l-'asley K< vei extended inu-rHfeta thu aouib b»u* »: said right-of-way; thence sonic, the wtft line of Kas'ey Street '•• 'eni- «0 to the line of \\IM A: thence (-a«t alnng the no*-th im- ot Avenue A 'if feet to a point FOUND TAKCN CP—Hereford cow, brandy. "11" on H'fl hip. .1. P.. Knepp, nd 'e^J Weil Of Voder. R PROFEHSIONAl 3ERVtfiES t* AI-L KINI Hi OF El.CCTUK'AL RF.PAIlt WORK COMKH KLCi'THIC STORB « N Main Phone «J CltAS I 'WILSON. ohIroiirartor. HVi N'OPDI Maini. Phone S73f' WK spedniize In f 1111nfj *K 1 as«cs Ship man Pros. Mn.xonir Ride. Room 7 « CARPE N TERi N~G fi CARPFNTt'.ltlN 'iL Tiivnmire repair* intr Phii»o» pi^S.I LEGAL NO'i .CE Inn- l -'ir -s Uiullll! e than ! \'UQ Xewrt-Herald want mi^ 1 I »»y, • The y idiuid at:d rend N'ov. Iili l'C4 PuhliNhotl Deciniicr 1st. l'.t"*l. r .noi .NANCF. i\ij. tvis. AN ORIMNANOK pruvldii.jf for tho jriadimr. i-uihmg. nn\ t. i mi* -md pav- im* of Seventh .street, from tbr* lOaBt hue of Main Sirf-t lo t). • h '.-iM mie of Wnir.ut Hueet a* It is on the North dido oi ^e\fnlh t-tre.'',. * and for the Kradiug. enrbuiK and guti. • hig ano of North Jilapk- Street from Wtwiairfi Wffirfe C:.r.i,:iui r. uu i-.-t,- and Ri-ni-rnl re- ji.itr work nf any liiml. l-iytimatr. unu Tl.'.ni fri-c. 11, li. Mauk E.:n. cont; I'iKili,. ^lil or 7Si,. 10 IC DRESSMAKING. MILLINERY XT. T f-rftVCT|7 1 ViiTi ^an^'d^rej.snml^ r. ni.'uli-ilii, plpyMn.T. furrier iilionp t'Jfiil.l line of r.iislcy Klri.ii .>xi. ni|,.,i I: lnl"isrrt« Mi.i north line ,f .\ A: Dience North along 11;,. ,--i' of l:.-o.'ey Klrecl .-xt--tuli-il flcnilli tine nf |l,(. i'iv',lii..if-,..,'iv Ait'lilflon, 'r.'p.'k.i .v is.'inoi tfnv Coinnany; ih-'ln-'- V, 1..-Iv N'M pouib linr- ,,f ^r. 1.1 i,.: c H" fi 'i 'l more r.r I-'.=H IO .,I : I,'.. , lli'inr-fr. S'.'tlon 3. 1,'pnil tbr. tnlilnty r-rr. iH - -"-111." »!•• • In:;. I li^linnlK. , U'ANT/fi- 1 ii '^r mTiiJTMK: afiilsfatloi, , _!Ii , ''" ; " , "';l'_ *.'!«. Jinjy. r.14 N Mnlr.' j \VA N 'i'i 1 J-. ,S .-\v ! r 'V-" "wiirBii out !>*'' lav, :'lii K„:.l Tl,l-,1. IUII.I,. ..'.I. rim 12 PAINTING IS! | PA PER HANGING ; I'.IA' S vv-riTri', M-~~nZiZ^mZ~i$S* i \ S_ Main Olifil.p " "ll lf,-,e,.' >,,- I'll-:i K ' 1' A I 'K "u ""toiTr-TlTi•'hoSr'fi?: W > ; "1 REPORING Alt. KINDf 1 «' ni:«>l.iiii'.-ii t :hn h r :iti,i 1,,-,11.,11'r/i ,.., . flKR.-KB th« ilnmnsc-a cansril bv tin.- opri In 1 -: wulcriiri,- and i-.i'M'i .. 't'y Street as proviit.'il a Sutinn of llil.i oriVniniic... toi.-.-tln.-• ivith .i arlual value of thr- I,mil In: tnlcin withoiiL l-tiTiirrl in poii.'.i ImnvuviMrtrtu r.i,.l .' iliininirr joilc tu ail oflirr Ih.'rct.v, " Vtlr .ll 1. F.'l-.lii" |M' ' . ! v.lin,. anil iTanilfirf-s lh'' i Bliail UIFI! asulnst Ilia I to I mo- 1 ; l-.l.l'.rTUir m.,i. II . ariniilur.' r.".vinrl- | irm. rcpiiiriiiK u'o huv. son. rein I IOI il ilii'liirs. ! I!!'TC1HNH (1N AP.MATUIIR WllRKH.I I'lumc W2. 7 south Walnut. . ; l.'.KIIl nirnltur.., lli,li„l»U'l-liiK anil re. J luih-lni;. furnltan- ami atovon Hilrfil , , vn.,l_J-nni Co.. IW, Ham 7Hi. Pli 1M, | • ' I 'l'l^il .sfWU 'sri-ii 'lrit OIJSH vvolii : 1 l.'liona 2783J. j. H. itaslaiai.

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