The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 15
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 15

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 15
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Knows How To Predict Elections By PETEK EBSOX i TN'EA Washington Correspondent -Washington. July 22-- XEA) -- · Louis H Baen. Department of As r - cu ^- jre economist and sta;.s- iiclan, has had the nerve to write a bosk cslled How :o Predict. E!ec-.-or-S" just published by Knapi. He doesn't handle the subject "exactly l:ke a mystery story. -· the answer on ivaeiher it wtll be Cevie" or Truman revealed in the las: chapter. Instead, he gives all the clues, charts sr.d tables on past elections and trends. Then he ' leaves it up to ;he reader TO dope it out for himself. T-.vtlve years aso. Louis Bear- says _-e fell in love at 5rst sight u..:h a hs': page of figures--elec- t.on Sjures that is. in the World Almaune These Sgiires have been h:s booby ever tlnce. TJ-st I'e ts good can be attested by tn.s v. r.ter T'n.o ears ago he sougsi c-t Dr. Besn for a forecast 01 tne off-year congressional elections Xo :^»i prediction ivss forth- co.-n.r.^ Eat after loo-ting over al! me factors. Mr. Bean made an estirrste that ;he Republicans \\o - j!d v In about twice as many seats as thev seeded to get cont-oi of both Senate and House. The result v.-as so close it was usscsmy The GOP needed 26 seats .r. the House and six in the Senate to gain control Twice that v.-as 52 ard 12 What they won was 55 and 12 In the last chapter of "How- to, Predict Elections." Louis Bean now ' takes a flyer en "1948 and the Incoming Tide." It is his considered opinion that 1W7 marked the end of the downward trend ir, the New Deal the beginning of a new one He back* this up with a chart showing two-party power, as measured by Republican and Democrat Kim- ' jor:ues in the House for 60 years past. Democratic peaks came in the years 1890-92. 191C-14. 1932-35. Ke- bubhcan peaks, lasting somewhat longer, have come in the years 1894-1904 1920-23 and 1S4S to-well, what's your guess? Author Bean's guess seems to be that even if the Republicans do win in 1948. the Democrats will be due for a in the 1550's After that, they d take another dive in the !950's. Bean says that if the election had been held early in 1943. the Democrats would have won in a walk. But the Democrats hit the skids Jate :n the spring. For short range forecasters. Bean warns that this boiling political pot must be allowed to quiet! dowa before brewing predictions. He himself seems to lean to the belief that the Republican victory j of 1946 may be of short duration, j He says one result of the third | party emergence may be the elec- ' lion of a Republican President and a Democratic Congress Other "Experts" Have Ideas, Too , Other political "experts' have other ideas. Author Bean is fair enough jo cite them. Prof. Arthur X. Holcombe is quoted on the theory that v\ henever a party in i power loses control of Congress in off-year elections !t also Io*es the presidency »n the next election This happened in 1882. 1890 1894. 1910. 1918. 1930 Prof Arthur M Schle-inger. Sr. of Harvard, is quoted on his theory that periods of !ibvr?l:s-T! are iol- i lowed by periods of ci".ser\attsm. each lasting from 15 to IS years. Under this tb-sry. tne lt-\«?Fr period of New Deal l.beralism last-. ing from !93i to 1947 \\ould normally be foll".\\ed b\ a per.od of coaservat.sni Icstm? :rem 19 J 7 to approximate!;. 19S3 Assuming no recets.on co"ies in 1948-49 Statistician Bean charts a possible alternate course to that of Schlesinfier. If a depression should hit somewheie about 1952 Bca» , says that the Democrats--or their , equivalents or successors -- would dominate the U. S. political scene during the last half of the 1950 s. "The balance." writes Mr Bean, "will be determined by the success or failure attending the efforts of the party in power--Republican or Democratic--to smooth out the business cycle, and to establish peace " That' 1 ; a groat big loop- 1 hole cf an if t h r o u g h w h i c h any | political prophtt can c r a w l to f tafetj But it statfi netty clearly what the principal political issues , will be in the cununi; ten \ ear^ i All this- specu'.at on s pretty nuch of a i.' i\e-c:«e vuth statistic: betn ^ax 1 - he has given no e:*i-.deration to personalities He therebv adurt. the same kind o' error that political boes do The News. FredeKck. Md.. Thursday. July 22. 194* when they talk personalities and political movements v.-ithout facts ! and fiKures. 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