The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 23, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1918
Page 2
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TAOI-T TWO. Best Treatment for Catarrh S. S. S. Removes the Cause By Purifying the Blood Once ynn pot your blood free from Impurities cleansed of Iho catarrhal pnlsonr*, whirh il is now n prry to be- 'fin-'' or It* unhealthy state—then you will ho relieved of ('altarh-the drip- Vine in tlie throat, hawking and splt- llni!, raw sore? In the nostrils, nnd the (lisaprecnhlo had hreath. It was caused in i he first place, hccau«p\your Itn- pim-ii-li'Ml blond was easily Infeeled. l'onjitily » sliphl cold or rontart with sotil'oiie who hart a eold. Hilt the point i;>- don't suffer with Catarrh— II i.- nei neie^sary. The r»niedy K. S. S.. ili^rovered over (ifiy years iipn, lestifl, true and Irltd, Is ob­ tainable nt any drug alore. It has proven lis value In thousands of cases. It will do so In your rase. Oct S. S. at once and begin treatment. If yours Is a long stnndlng ease, be sure to write for free expert medical advice. We will tell you now this purely vrg. etable blood ionic cleanses the Impurities from I lie blood by literally washing It clean. Wo will prove to you that thousandR of sufferers from Catarrh, after eonslstenl treat mint with H. S. S .j have been freed from the trouble and all Its disagreeable features and restored to perfect health and vigor. ITon'l" delay the IreatnrPnt. Address Medical Director. 411!) Swlfl Laboratory, Atlanta, On. A LEAGUE OF PEACE Clerical Member of the Qerman Reichstag introduces Plan to Try to Attract Attention. Everything lor the Home liond Furniture, Stoves, Washing Hachlnas. Etc. Many Bargains in Second Hand Furniture Many have Ixninht their Stoves. Let tts sell you one ami put il up for the (.-old weather. John D. Snyder Furniture Co, - 13 and 107 S. Main Phone 1362 f KHAKI BILLS ^ ! V ; * l.'-u .-i* were A\ reived from Scr- r.rant l.(."Me I.. Hhawhan and Corp. Ilarntil l(. Hluiwhan, who are both attending nt fleers school over in i'Yaure. 'tin! Iin .i in r .-i have hern separated, for mine lime and ibis is the .second time the; li.iie beiii together, both being Hint ie school in ibe Maun 1 town. They Kpnke of seeing I.ieui Henry* IV.L;ues, Captain U. L. Mci-ane, Lieut. Haley and l .irut. Helberl Mitchell, all Hutch- niiMrii men, and they say tliey all look line. The Sbawban brothers agree that Die Y. M. C. A. huts are the best evi r, in. that if where they ran across t aeh olh' r (tier ihcrc. Word was received from Paul Stephans who Is in the Medical Corps now stationed at Cnnip Oram, Illinois, lellinr, thai they expect to go overseas noon. l-'red Lane, who Is stationed at Camp runston is here for a few days furlough visiting with his sister, Mrs. O. \V. Wilson. William Kennedy is here from (treat Lakes Naval Training Station for a lew days' visit with relatives. William 13lack, first class pharmacist mate, or the naval hospital corps is here for a few day.; furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Black, tomorrow. .'•Iter twenty lap3 of the sweepstakes race, Endlcott went into the lead passing Duray who was compelled to take on water. l)y winning the twenty-five lap Sunflower sweepstakce, Knriicott carried away, the largest purse of the day. of I BURIAL.SERVICES. ,-. x Said to Have Been ' Hejd,„ Second Time Over Body of Late Czar• Nicholas.- , Amsterdam, Sept. .'23.-iSolomn ceremonies over the body of Nt.cb olas Homanoft, former emperor Russia have been held at Yekaterin­ burg by troops of the "people's army" according to liibvesta of Moscow. The body baa been burled in a wood near where the emperor was executed and it was located through information provided by persons 'acquainted with circumstances of the execution. " The work of exhumation was rtdhe in the presence of many representatives of the supreme ecclesiastical authorities of Western well iia delegates of the "people's army," Cossacks and Czccho- AniBterdam, Sept. 23.—A draft for a constitution* for h league of nations, worked out In detail by Mathlns Erse- hergei, clerical member of the German reiclislag Is published in the Voeslsche Zciliing of Ueilin. It is taken from a book entitled "The League of Nations; The. Way to Fence," which Erzbcrger soon will publish. The first section of this constitution dealing with the organization of such a league says: "Any sovereign state enn enter the league which shall be considered lo have been formed" n Hon the following powers are among those who havu announced adherence: The'Llne Up. "Germany, Ureal Britain, France, United States and Russia." The Hague would be the sent of the league and there the international bureau would conduct lis business. Kach Htate. with the approval of its parliament, would appoint one' delegate. The International bureau would be controlled by a permanent adntlnls- bloekade Would be reserved to the league for use against an} federal staled which violated the league's constitution and against any stale not belonging to the league which takes up arms against the hcntrallied state. Ships of tHc federated stains and their enr%6 would be treated In each stnte like Its own. Overseas cables would he controlled by a commission of the league. MenHiera of the league would renounce the raising of froops hi colonial territories. All states with colonies situated In Africa Would be perpetually neutral states. In Case of War. The third section dealing with the league's executive department pro rides that in event of offcnsOB, members will proceed against Oie viola tor of the constitution first, by sev-' ernnce of diplomatic relations, sec end, complete Isolation of the offender by closing frontiers to Imports exports, postal nnd railroad trafric. and third, In given clrrumslances, by blockade. The same measures would be taken againstvany hostile menace of a federated state from a non -mem' her. Should the orfending stale cross its frontiers with hostile intent against one or more members of the lrague joint military and marine as slstnuce would be given. lCrzberger Invites criticisms of bis plan as well as practical counter pro posnls. resentatlves of the federated powers with the Dutch 1 foreign minister as Chairman. Dealing with fundamental laws, the second section says: Scrap of Paper. "The league shall guarantee the ter- rltorl»l possessions of each federated stale as well, as undisturbed possession of colonies." . i Bach Slate would be Independent In the Conduct of fls international and foreign affairs within -the limits of the league's constitution. States whose governments with the assent of their parliaments, declare their permanent neutralization would be recognized by all members of the league as permanently neutral and would enjoy the league's protection. Ail available means would be used against any fetleralvjtate ^utside of the league which attacks a .federal state or takes up arms without having applied to the arbitration court or awaited its Judgment, or which takes arms inttead ' of accepting its judgment. 'Armament Reduction. Members of the league would Slovaks, The body was placed In a]«iutua!ly undertake to cut down and zinc coffin encased in Siberian "" " " " cedar and placed in the cathedra^.at Yekaterinburg under a guard of honor composed of the commanders of the "people's party." It will be buried in a special sarcophagus at Omsk. Just think, there were 500 sailors In the city this morning about nine o'clock, and also a big bunch of soldiers. The soldiers were from Camp Kearney, Cal., enrouto to the east, and tlie : sallors. WM -'e'from San-Dies*,' ? Ballion l'ark, Cal., going, home on furloughs, before going to the east, and then on "over," They came on the Santa Ke, and were here lor twenty- live minutes. SATURDAYS AUTO RACES. Hudsun Super and Briscoe Carry off the Honors. •'Wild llill" Endicotl or Indianapolis, Indiana, dean of the circular track speedwell, and Jules Elllng- boe, Canadian National champion Automobile race driver broke e\en in Saturday's races, eacli sharlnj; the honors In three races. A new record; has been made by Kllingboc when ho covereM Iho distance In 1:051-5. He also drove the fastest lime In the cmiipetiilou events, when he won ihe three mile match race between Endlcott, Iniray and himself. "Wild 1)111" had won Die favor of the crowd of spectators, by his 'daring work on the turns and his game effort to head off the Frenchman in. his Maxwell. Finally Steadily reduce their land, naval and aerial" forces,' according to a fixed standard lo be, agreed upon. They would further' undertake not to use their forces for any oilier objects than the maintenance of inter-national order, defense of their territory against attack, and for, joint execution of the league's mandates. Figures Bho%rlug the annual expendi- olar. Romanoff have been reported^ A ' ture'-t&Xs,arp\amehlf tho number of telegram from -Stockholm AUKUSI : >22 ' troops .i$tHer:"nTtns;; 1 "wifr materials in stated that by order of the Czecho- tmnd an^' s tlio^'ntrmber > 'bf.'warship's in Slovak authorities the body of the | commission would "lie. communicated former Kmperor which bad beeii Tola is the second time, thai fun- He loaves for duty j eral services over the body of Nlch- toafl was Chosen secretary ftftrt* treasurer, there "was quite a little contention between the Wo parties but everything has seemingly smoothed over now. . VISITED *IVE HOMES. _ REORGANIZED LEAGUE. Heads of Rural High 8chool Met Here Last Saturday. The principals of the rural high schools of Itcno county met here last Saturday and re-organized tho Reno U-atlve council," consisting of the rep-Comity School league, electing ('. C. -" Brannon of Haven, president, Miss Stella Tremaine, Tttron, vice presi dent and Mrs. Laura Hamilton, Partridge, secretary-treasurer, Pians were laid for the coming winter 's contests In athletics, music, dramatics, debates and declamations. One new departure will be the mainlalnnnce "employment bureau at which the lioys will sign-up to go out and do vrork for the farmers after school hours. The plan has been tried elsewhere and bus been a great success. Burglar Included Several Residences on His Calling Lltt.v A burglar who was of a visit y nature last Evening mndc five caJls In Ihe residence section. At some places he left evidence of his desire lo know the householders nnd at others he was frightened away. About ono o'clock last nlghtc&tro. I). K.« Alllnder was awakened fey someone on the front porch trying lo enter the house. The burglar evidently bad rtrst tried a front window as the flowers under the window wore trampled down. Some time later the Z. llahdall home nt fill First eaBf was entered and She room of. a young man rooming nt the house was the only one which showed evidence of the visitor. Hen- a pair of trousers was taken and thrown downstairs and Hie watch njjd three dollars taken, leaving the trousers downstnlrs. Shortly nflerwurd tho burglar appeared at the back porch or the ,1. 11. Shuart hinni^ nt M5 First east and found Mr. and Mrs. Shuart sleeping (here. Mrs. Shuart heard him nnd awakened her husband but the man got away. A little later he returned nnd demanded Mr. Shuart's trousers or he would 1:1,11 him. When it was found that Ihey contained) no money bo cursed. Tbo W. W. Wllllm house at 304 First avenue oast "was entered and here /between $5 and $10 was taken. Also I1C Third east was visited by Ihe burglar but no loss was given to tho police. Are You totting Your ., CLEANING AND PRESSING Done as it should be done? if not call 1783 and tfvfe **H us a trial. We will please you. 1 1 National Dry Cleaners " 3 North Main <* <£• •*> <?• I?- ^ **' ^ * ^ i <.•• . «• RED CROSS NOTES. * I* * $> & 4- 4> £,'•£. ^ <J> ^ <?> <$> •*- f The lied Cross rooms are again open from one until five every day. They have been closed during the Fair. js <;> <j, (j,,* ^ <j, ,t, ,s, <j, a, ^ ( {, * UNDELIVERED TELEGRAMS. «« AT THE WESTERN UNION. • ' Jesse Rtevrnnn. John Dalttiil..; Kdsar Huxninnn." A. N. Clrlrculi'j-. O. W. Koontz. -Mrs. Gen. \V. Link. Pearl Wycllff. .Inines J. ltnsstjl. IiiinlelM* rrUeison. V.anzandt. H. H. Scbrailor. J, W. J. F. Krepntirink' ON-erflckl. SENIOR ELECTION. There has been a new committee formed, which is called the bonserva- tlon coimnitte.e, of which Mrs. William Kelly is chairman. The first thing this committee will do is lo gather up the 2.000 pounds of clothing which is required from this chap, ter for the Delglum relief.. Further--Information about the Motor Corps lias been received at the local Tied Cross headquarters, and any one Interested and caring lo know more about it, may inquire of headquarters. BURNED OFF ROOF. buried in a suicides' cemetery had been exhumed and solemnly re-interred on consecrated ground. For a long time after the execution of the former emperor Hie disposition^nade ot the body was a mystery. One leport stated that it had been taken to the deepest pit of a coal mine at Vekatering and there destroyed. Was Held This Morning—Result of Hot, Contest. This morning at 11:15 occurred the election of the officers for the coming year of the'senior class of the high school. Tho following officers, were-. • elected i. Cheater Godschalk, president; Miss Ruth Pentz, vice president; and Elbert ,-Allen- Early Morning Call Was to Home of v Mrs. C. Burdock. The fire department made an early morning call this morning to the home ot Mrs. Christiana Burdlck at 1001 Avenue TJ cast, where tho fire, originating in the closet made a bad blaze. The entire roof was burned off the five room" cottage. Tho loss on the building and contents' was covered by insurance'. ' HOM'E AS INSTRUCTOR. Newton Young Man Returns From France as Teacher. Dr. and Mrs. A. D. Kaffinglon and daughter Miss Margaret motored to Newton yesterday and visited at Ihe home of Dr. and Airs. L. T. Smith ] nals and connecting seas, both banks and whilo there had_«n opportunity | of which are not in possession of the annually to The Hague bureau which would publish (hem. The constitution provides for economic equality and for the principle-of the open-door, all members of tho league granting each other most favored treatment, The Raw Products. For the first decade after the foundation of the league each state's surplus of raw materials would be divid-j ed between the other federal -states. ' according to 1i standard to he agreed upon. This .would be respective of the Imports of the year, the output and Hie special needs ot individual states diie to the war. , Members of the league would recognize freedom of tile seas, straits, ca- of visiting with Serfs Carlton Smith who has just returned from France, Sergt. Smith has been sent back to this country to be an instructor In an eastern camp. On the return u.ip Hie iransport on which he wus/ sailing was torpedoed when they were just a day out of a French port. The torpedoed vessel was the Mtr-Vernon. He had many interesting incidents occur before he landed safely in V, S. waters, same federal stato would be Internationalized and their fortifications retained, guarded by a command consisting of contingents from all the federated states and commanded in rotation every three years by a delegate of tho states. Right of Blockade, ffafety of ..-private property on the high seas would be proclaimed and the naval prize law and blockade law abolished. Exercise of tho right of Let your taste pick the winner. If you have been eating common corn flakes, try Post A TASTE TELLS QUESTIONNAIRES MAILED OUT - ' - i .,, Go to First Ten Per Cent of Men Between Ages of 18 and 37 Years Who Registered September 12th QunMionnajrc* imtiled to rctrisU'ante on Sept. il. 1918: Pretty Pralrlc. 1C37—Herman It. Urabcr, lit. 1. IBSS—Herbert Jacob Knhblcl. Rt. J. 169!)—Ufi,» Paul Cnlllnswood, lit. a. " .' 1700—RilawHl Hubert Hitibs, . 1701 —.loll n-P. ,Krchblel. 171):*— 1'i'lcr Jt Schwartz. 17(12—Edward il). Gi.crlnR. 17(11-Ir.ivlil William Hush. 170a—Jonas J. Albright. 1706—Thomas K. White. - •/ 1707 -Walter Albert Schmidt. 170S—Albert Marlon l'licbai'd. /. , 1T03—-Hcrfry Albrecht, ' . ' J 1710—IlnrnlmrU .Schwai tz„ il 1711 — Augustine I'lacenola. niS -Kinil J. Hlckllieer. : 17U—Benjamin s. Wodel. 17H —l.ewla JSiluur ClmmbvrlaJn. -J715— Homer llmies. l-lil-Jusepb V. A. Stuck.'}', Itt. 3. 1717—Albert Kulsht. 1718—WillliUW II. Scyb. 1711) -John'H. Umber, Kt. 2, 1720—Jiteuh. W. Soft, Kt. 1. I7JI— Lcumler Pike. 17^2— Hubert Aionzn Su-e-.ilt, < 1123-Henry I\ Krehblel. lKt— J D I III C. arabt'j-. 17^5—uloy4 Hlaekburn Ilattilhi. J7Sa--llenJiimlii P. Grabur. 1727—Ajidrcw H. Schras:. 1J3S—llonry O. Orobcr. 1729—Jonas A. Sluckcy. 1730—Jacob G. Orabur; ntil—f'tiarl^s Frederick Ktibn. 17:t'J—(Marenco Arthur Hell. k 1733—Albeit Jwter. 1731—Hen A. Sowiu-ta, nt, 2. 173B—ItayjjionU Hermandez, 173t"—Kraneldco Sanuhty. 17S0-Kdd V. Shrbck. lit. 8? city. 1790—Harry Bugepo - Pierce, ttt. 1, Dar; low. * 1791—Kills IJoyd Dall lit. 1, Diirlow. Fred. l'.'Shrofk, lit. 5, city. 1703—Arllmr nuxmond Eppcraoii, lit. 5. thy. • 17!H—Aoto Tjsa Wieelrr, olty. 1705—David Gecn Barb. Rt. 0, city. llllii—Clarenco Otto Blew, lit, 1, Dar- 17S7—William Raymond Spfck, lit. 5, city. , 17»S ^lolm Edward Kuroad, lit. 1, miiiow. ..1709—1^110' Luollei!, 'Rt. 1, narlow. ISOO-TobUis IU Yodor, 111, 1. Harlow. 1801— Abraham' li. Carver, Rt. 5, city. ISOi—Ocorgu Fred WUllttina, Rt, 1, par- low. * 1S03—William Lynn McMurry. Pnilow. 1 Sot—Archibald'; .Edmund McClollatid, lit. 1, Pnrlow. ". 1 HOC—J«lm Clarenco Franklin, Rt. D, dty. ' ' 1806—Perry J. Troyer, Rt, 6. city. 1807—Rtluy lUwcoo Bunco, JJarlow. Wt -James It. Wainan, Rt. 1, Darlow- 1S09—Claienco A, Rmuell.-Kt 1, UarluW. '1810—-Kliner Harris Clark, Rt. 5, city. ]SIl—Samuel Bo*era Couch..-Dip-low. 1»IS— Jwuts FranUin Wlittion, Rt I, 1813—Walter "Pumuol Wrlpht, Rt B, Cl &4 -Orclllo Albailt'•Kenin. Rt. E,' olty. ISlfr-Ohester J3U1BO» ' CoUanaii,. at,- t, city.' -r lil6—Ooorgo Wlmcr JfelBdy, Rt 3, Barlow. 1811—Jamiw 'Wlllliun Stewart, Pariow. 1818— Ira Martin Turale, Darlow. 1816—Fred N. MlUov, Ut. 1, Dai 'low. IkSS— ISrvan B, Schroeji, Rt, G. City, 1844—ToWaj It lorober, Itarlow, Rt 1. JSSi— Buxfoi -d Jay I>u|-vl«, Vwlrtdee, Rt '' 1U65—'fyoon Vlrgi] Anderson, Partridge, lS60^jaroe«t f^ronkllh J?#yton, pretty p ^jj ^wi 'M JV, e*r »^M> PDftrJdf^ ]Sf,8— Jeaso I'"ay Eviirly, Ca-stleton. Ut. 1. ItCy—lt»y Porter Gump, J'relly I-ruirie, Hi. 3. .. t 1S70—tTyde ThomiU! AVlllte, PartrldFe, Rt. 1. . IkU—John Uelinis JinJloran, Caatlnon, Rt.-1. -. "'"' 11172-—Victor Gaprce .Baker, Arlington. 1S73—John P, IHaber, pretty Prali-ic. Rt. 3. ' i.* 1874—Herbert Josepli ISsley Brown, Partridge Rt. 1- . £'J» 187B—Joe Jniie-s, Partridge, Rt. li.lp lK7ti—Fred Ficeman Maker, Arlington, nt. 2. , j-i 1S77 -KlberJ Freen)*'), Partridge. Rt i. 1S7S—teu-WunklbrFountain, Arllnnvn, Hi.- ?c . .-., ' ' - • 7 1 < " *a 1879—Marion Ernest Dellman, Partridge, Hi. 1. /?: i bteu—1-Ya.nk T^slle Ropp, Arlington;-Rt, 1. ?! "i; 19(11—WJlIlaW Walker Kwlng, Arllueton, Rt. 2. --w , \W1 —Samuel Poe.pltb,-Arlington. » J96,'l—John. Ma^ow, Arllnglpn." . loei-— Jobii William liordera; Arlington, Rt, 1. 1906—Sylvvinus Story Hynea, Arlington, Rt. 1. fs' 19t!ii-i-Ixiwls Melvln Punn, Arlington-. 1967—Charles Levi White, Arlington, Rt. 1. i> 1968-Je.s^e Clareiire Wright. Arlington. 1909—Albert l.i-nuel Cecil, Arlington. ,' 11)70-John Blllde. Aiiiniiolt. 1971—Jidwlll Garfield MltolleU, Arllllg- lt)72~C , harleB Felix Shell, Arlington, Rt. 197S—iBiuie Kewton Held, Arlington.• 1971 —Hoy Wilson Bet-son, Arlington, Rt. 197S—Rufus LeRoy Biker, Arlington. -.-1876—HclvettSR.- Miller.' irjingtotl.-; ' 1971—Henry Chester Rutelsfr, Arlington. 1918—GroVer Cleveland White, Arlington. Rt. 1, 1979—Jo 0 Hooker Carter, Arllngtnu. 19S0~llenry Elborl Ravens, Arlington, Rt. 1. 1981—Joseph Logan" "Arlington. J9 «a —Alllo Baker, Arlington. , PJ83— Frank Burke. Arlington. 198I—ra-neot Maasoi*-, Arlington. Rt. 11986—Karl ]5»-ing, Arlington, Rt. 1. tOSli—Uoyd Thomlis l^ee, Arlington, Rt. ' 1087—Harold Warner. Arlington. Rt. 1. 1988—K4wajxi (trover Wlckmau, Arlington. . 19S9—Clarence Mmllson Todd, Arllngtnn. J990i-Peter Kpestel, Jr., Arlington Rt. " 1 oft—James Wesley PonnlngLon, Arlington. ' 1992—Forrest Wilson Burnett, Arlbig- ton, Rt. 1. i. 1993—Glenn Byron Ya Piper, Arlington, Rt, 1. - 190t—Ralph Claud Jesse, Arlington, Rt 1S9C —I^onaid HnrJ Soiimldt, Arlington, Rt. 1. i S906-Benjamin Franklin Lock, Partridge. 1997—Harrod Mitchell Hayes, Arlington, 1998—Herman Dclbeft Broidcnstoln, Arlington, Rt 1, 19W—Kester Oarlon Mock, Arlington, Rt. 8. J00O—Albert Fay Edward's. Arlington, 2001—Shirley R. Pttoe, Arlington. Rt J- ZOW-^LevI Andress Tons, Arllogtpn. i003-4SUort Sbermuu Qordloy, Aitlng- *on.- 201«—Julius Mattea Posoh, Pretty Prairie, Rt 1. ami— IVQ WHUam Kn«Wft«ch, CJwaw, Rt ». JO}*—Rosooo^I^tareon Pye, Jl8 ,yen, Rt. 2010—Fnui^ IJBO M«Odrl«oB, paotloton, Rt 1. . - -.* »M0-rj *imp »i »vj <l - Graber, Pretty Conserve Natural Gas the Watchword. J Weather Report Kansae—Fslr tonlaht, warmer In south portion Tuesday; Increasing cloudiness probably showers and cooler. The tendency of natural pa? operators ' throughout the country, according to 1"). O. Hotbrnok, Is to protect tbo domestic, enmtumer and alfco to conserve ibe gn.s KO thai Ibe life of the Industry mny be lengthened. The approximate Invextment for plptng and fixtures .it the 2.400,000 (iotm'slle consumers in Ihe United States In *100 per enstomer. Tills Investment ptnctlcaJly would be destroyed H natural gas were to be denied domestic omisunirts. I r or this reason many of ihe lai*fie gas companies are now withdrawing from HCtllng nfltltrsl gas to Industrial concerns mid .ne refusing to Bell ^hlS" product for factory and industrial use. * WICHITA NATUHA1. OAS COMPANY. >**4i.t5> •«> PICKED UP 'ROUND TOWN. <fc, <i> - *! •'•• * 4- * * * | Mrs. Glen Felt went to Ttilsa, Oklahoma yesterday on business. s J. R. Klnsella of SI. I^onis ia lo j town for a tew days oil business. A, C- Malloy will be in federal court nt.yyicUjta for a couiile of days. • G. G. Rumple Jett Saturday for a business trip to New YorkvClly. Ella Shi'vcB was .Arrested on a stnte charge ot violation of the bone dry law. * Corp. Walter Clarke Is home on a couple ~bf day's furlough from Camp Kunston. GladwinChaffin who is stationed nt Camp Funston is spentlinr. tho weekend at home. A. Cpleman, attorney Is eloKing his office preparatory to leaving soon for the army. v Joe Trembley is suing lioorgo Van Fleet for the collection of a note in he district court. Tho ) Underwood-Viles accountinjr case is UR-beforo tbj> district court, E. T. Fopte gluing; lu on Uie case. The Ladles society of tho Tlnivorsal- ist church will meet Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. s. Hirst'on Avenue B [feast ; Dr. I. J. Joues left today for Camp Cody, N. 01. Dr. A..W. I.>on will lake cbarge^of lie office in Dr. Jones' absence. In Halslead as one steps from tbo Intemrbaii cars are two large signs which read "You Must Not Speak German in Halstead."---' The Comfort, Forwarding Committee will meet on Tuesday afternoon at Ihe homo of Mrs. C. R. Sehelk on North Washington. The Westminster Guild of tho First Presbyterian church will meet in the Church Parlors Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. " A. J. Jackson is in Dodgo City on a several day's business trip. Mr. Jackson will lcavo tho last of the week for an eastern buying trip. Frank Nichols has returned to his home in Blackwclt, Okla., after having ' visited his sister, Mrs, W, W. Nicholas • for several days. Tho gymnasium classes at tho Y. M. C. A. will begin today. The schedule Is almost made up, anil large classes are expected. A. U Sponsler and John Tharp of this city havo been named as -dele, gates to tho International Wheat ahow £t Wichita Oct 1 to 3.. Mrs. It F. Mawherten of Ingalls, Mrs. M. T. Bryan of Mulliiivllle, Mrs. 13d Bell of Liberal and Miss Anna- hello Sensor of Storing were here Saturday. Miss Eva Dirk recently ofMho McMann Department Store at Newton is now flu charge of tho Allsses and Children's Department at the Jones Shoe Store. ' Mr. and Mrs. Snttlp, Mr. and Mrs. Rurr Merrill, Mr. anil Mrs. T. Morri- sgn, and Mrs. Chits. Ileyward were out of town visitors here Saturday from Salimi. C. I.,. Atkinson, who suffered from a fractured limb about a week ago in an automobile accident at I^obo, was brought here to tlie Methodist Hospital yesterday" ' ' -\ Charles Woodward, Mayor Frank Vincent, H. H. Flinn, Gregg Lewis, W. K. Kelley, Clntrles.Oswald, .1. E. Buskirk and Al Williams went to Camp flood this morning, near Marlon, for a few days' fishing trip. A suit riled in the Stafford county court makes as one of the dnfcndenls, the Salt Marsh Hunting club, which is a Hutchinson organization. J. Park Smith or that county Is suing for a restraining order to prevent the damming up of Rattlesnake creek. The fuel administrators in all "of tho states west of the Mississippi River have been checking up tho last few days on tho gasoline supply In these stales to determine whether the same "bone dry" Sunday joy-riding ruline»wlll have to go Into effecj hero as in the east. Mr. Emerson Carey says that the Kansas supply was found to he such that tho ruling will not bo necessary liero unless other Btates are abort anil necessitate tho prohibiting of using, gasblino for pleasure on Sunday. * .J, ,j> ^ ,{> ,j, <;-.<;, <j. .£,<{><£><«> .j, , POLICE COURT NEWS. <?><£-£<£<?>'$>^$>I$>I S><$ I4»<£< J >6>3> Ernest Langel and lister Wilson of Lyons, who were arreBted on a charge of drunkenness yesterday wero released on bond and will have. thelr trial today. The charge of speeding against Emerson Carey was dismissed by Mayor Frank Vincent. . C. B. Ray was arrested on a drunkenness and bona dry charge. Judge Sam Gallup, Is acting police Judge during tho absence ot Judge Campbell. Mayor A'lncept was pollco judge Saturday, * 1 COL. HARTRflRP HOME. Ho and His Wife HaV*.Been. Spending Several Weeks In Wejt. Col. Henry Hartford and Mrs. Hartford have returnod after spending six weeks in Pacific coast cities. They left here in August to attend Ihe National Encampment of tho G. A. R. at Portland, Oregon and from there visited many western cities and summer resorts. "Wo wero certainly treated royally all tho time wo were gone and most especially at Portland whore tho big meeting was held. I believe It was tho finest -trip we ever made." BTEINWAV Vofte IWTKMIMI ELBURN -Pianos We carry MORE MMIMM M4|MIM piaao* titan you will fia4 M •£» PUOO twite in the mrthwet. Th» )*a)(iM W*u PfoUrt» »»d iwre* mw fw), foww* pic« M4 periorMrfWf. W»(UHWWP t9t8M<m»pUw> Wo «MI>!M»* •fwrjr JWTM w4 rm wf Www- AM HAM

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