The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 9
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 1. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE NTNE. NEKOMA WELL IN A MUDDLE I 4 Those Who Put . in Money \ Want to Prosecute Promotort DEMAND ARRESTS County Attorney Side-Stepped *'«nd Appeal was Made to Attorney General. J LnCrosso, Knn., Pec. J—Tilnmit- I tsfiecl wltli tho progrosB belli? | mndo in tho Nekoma oil lesfj uonr j j Nokoma, Husli county, anino of tho 1 people who hud put llielr money in tho projout are nnw trying In ; hrlnu nboul prosecution and urrost i of Home of tho promoters. Tb« promoters of llm Hush < County CartiiK Co.. Messrs! Georges nnd l.lreen, and their j driller, Mr. Itnher, are under fire. After years of effort. M. A. I)e-: 'tiey fieeurnil louses and contrnet: 'I'-witli llnbir lo drill a lmle. Mrs. Klrhy, in order to secure <lio location on her land, deeded a 'I '.yirter to the promoters. Then Sold Stock. The casing company was organized to furulsli casings for the llvell. Three Joints of -0 Inch pipe was purchased and delivered, with •tome, of tho $1,000 or $5,000 raised by selling casing stock. When itaher put up his derrick, and brought his drilling outfit, a [ Hen was placed ou them. t To pay this lien, some of the jj casing money was used, and Mrs. jTVilclr deeded an SO acres, to bo held In escrow until the hole was down tflion feet. B. O. Snodgross, Oeo. Weber and others purchased tho Klrhy iiuar- Ur of laud. Wanted to Prosecute. Everything was at. a standstill and some of tho men who put 9 money in the casing company want- ijAt work to resume on the well or ... _ , . , _ ! their money hack and they went to' 11 '» to Be Erected in the Cor BANDITS, BEWARE! ('ill Kinnloycs in This Itnnk C'nn All Shoot, 3tticlity Straight. SCHOOL GIRLS MADE PIF And They Gave Them to t' Shut-ins and Old FpJIts of Community. Japan Welcomes Argentinians Marceau Anzer is one of the 1400 employe! of the Cleveland Trust Company who are trained to handle guns to resist holdup men—If any. J. F. Mears, pistol expert, teaches a data every evening, The pretty etenogs grab their guns upon the approach of a bandit, climb around In the lea of filing cases and office furniture, and start firing. PLAN CLUBHOUSE FOR COMMUNITY [the county attorney if Gorges, Oi-een and llaber, learn- iilliE eonio action was lo bo taken, Iemployed 1'. Uumont Smith and "-•Eustace Smith of Hutchinson t '.i "'iefend them, deeding tho Ketch let acres to tho attorneys to insure attorney fees. < Etiataca Smith, Ruber and Gorges ''met with the county attorney and , Stockholders but. failed to Iron out Ijtheli- differences, tj Refused to Arrest. |i County Attorney Andrew<\ ret'iis- 1 ill to nrrC6t any of tho parties iin- liless it was agreeable to County iAttorney-elect Schwartzkopf, who -must prosecute, and ho being very I-lousy, wants a week or ten days to investigate. In tho meantime a man by the name of Honady has been in an-1 around Nekoma for some tlmo endeavoring to get the leases and properly turned over to him and -y.'recing to drill tract depth. Then to Attorney General, j Because tho county attorney did jnut arrest the promoters, some nt 'the Nekoma men consulted W. II. jflussell. who presented the matter 'to tho attorney general, suggest tug jau action under the blue sky law. but the attorney general checked .It up to .Schwartzkopf. As the Nekoma nil well nov.' 'stands It's in a very muddled condition with no prospects for results of any kind In the immediate fill- •;ure. ner of Three Counties in West Kansas. fish which were found in the ponds, had milled around so much that they had rubbed tho retaining walls of the pondB until they were perfectly circular. Moving to Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nolder, of Edwards county, will movo to Hutchinson tho first of January. Mr. Nolder has been cashier of the bank at Centervlow for the. past year. Nlckerson, Dee. 1—The Girl K serves of the Reno community his school made fitly pumpkin pie last week and took them to shu- In.t and elderly people of tho con; munlty, as a Thanksgiving treat. The girls have converted the ol domestic, art room at the sohon Into a rest room, and It. has beer nicely fitted up. A joint, meeting of (he, r;. Tl. and HI-«" clubs will bo held Thursday morning, addressed by Miss Walker. Tho first year domestic sclcne • girls have been serving practice luncheons. Tuesday morning each class served a formal Thanksgiving luncheon. The girls who prepared the luncheon were Etta Moats, Ellen Davis, Forrest Hook, Nellie Mower, Dorothy Stange, Bernlee Gambne. The table was prettily decorated with fruits and autumn colors. The. menu was: Steak with Dressing Cranberry Jelly Hot Kolls Sweet Potatoes Gravy Three P Salad Steamed Chocolate Custard Wa f ers udent3 of International afalrs se great significance In the royal welcome accorded Lieutenant Colon:l Pedro Zanni (right) and Lieutenant Velio (left), Argentine round-the-world flyers, who are now In Tokyo, The hospitality reminds observers of projects for Japanese colonization of raxll. The women In this picture are geisha girls. Charter Kinsley Klan. , of over FiOO klansmen of Edwards Kinsley, Dec. 1. —Kinsley iias a! county, the charter presented hv a Ku Klux Klan now. The local representative of the imperial chapter was chartered at a meeting council. Smartness Indeed %</M. A Is reflected in thU new IIPHIC ! "f beauty. (' with clastic front gore, concealed by ;i dainty leatln-r K.w. pretty cutout itistcp trim, perfect iitlintf arch. b"\ heel- In quality unsurpassed at Seven-l-'ifty. See Them in Our Windows YOUNG'S SHOE STORE Phone 1757. Established 1877 1 2 North Main. •TEETH Bid CROWD AT REVIVAL SERVICES An audience that filled the church heard Rev. F. F. Walters deliver his sorrnon on "Christ and tho Moral Man," last night at. the South Hutchinson Christian church. Seven porsons responded to tho invitation to como into the church. Bnptlsmal services will ho held tonight. The revival meetings will continue all this week beginning each night at 7:30 o'clock. Ship Car of Onions. Garden City, Dec. l;—A carload of onions, grown by local growers, was shipped this week, by Pete Harris to Tulsa, Okla. Finney county is getting to he quite an onion producing country. Dodge City, Dec. I.—Preparations are practically completed l'or going forward with the campaign for tho Itoyal Township Community Center building northwest of Dodge City, In which residents of the community and Dodge City business men will cooperate, Residents of three counties—Gray, Hodgeman and Ford—will be benefitted by iho enterprise. The community center organization had been ^perfected and about $000 of the desired $2,000 had been secured. D. 11. Connaway is president of tile organization. It is planned to erect a two-story V»*me amicturo. with a fail cemented basernenl. There is to bo an lm hole lo con- i auditorium with a stage and Been- cry. rooms for men. women and children with gymnasium equipment., and numerous oilier advantages designed to appeal to Ihe res- dents of the community generally i in order that the buihliiis shall best servo the needs of the residents of that section. Perfect Fitting $5.00 FARM GOSSIP NICKERSON I !) ) Alma lllehuri who teat ie-s '.school at Uslinrn. K.tusas. H spending her vacation here with her par- 'ants. V Mr. Slmpsuti TuwHoSias moved i'Ms family into the. Ewbank house. •1 Miss Meta (Jearilaley spent her 'iThanksgivIng vacation with luimc- Jfolks. Mrs. Lauver and daughter. Miss llutchiu- i Georgo Ralle, St. Francis, is a 1 strong believer In fallowing. He i says lie can count on from 10 to lfi more bushels of wheat to the acre • from fallowed ground. Results on the Uaile farm this year were as follows: 7:1 acres or wbeat. on fa!- , lowed ground averaged "A bushels ! to the acre; 20 acres of wheat stub- j bled-in nvernged 10 bushels; 30 j bushels on plowed ground averaged j 12'» bushels. i The market for turkeys has been badly shot to pieces this season, the Gladys ami Dorothy were iiiucnm- j fttrmPlS rcc0 | v i I1K ll3 luw ns 16 and sou visitors recently at the home n ce|lta for „,„ fowK of Mr. and Mrs. Otto l.iv ng on. Kk|?n .„.,. u ,„ ,.,.„,„ ,, Mr. C. J. Baldwin of Wlchli.a vis- j however, ted In thLs city last Tuesday at • he home of Mr. and Mrs. John illatt. lllatt and McAllister sbf-lled corn '.ur Mr. Lewis Justice last Suturday. 1 Mr. and Mrs. P. IS. Watklns have, Been sick but at last reports they I'vero improving. ' Mr. and -Mrs. ],, D. Poster and ] 1 ulldren spent Thanksgiving at Ihe : ipme of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Woods, j Sir. and Mrs. Guy Lynch nnd j Morva were Hutchinson visitors :ast Saturday. Don Hook made a business trip j •o Sterling hist Saturday. | Charles Roland and family and \ Joel Roland and family of Moscow,: Kansas wero here visliing witli j their moth r, .Mrs. Nancy Roland JThey left .Moscow via route Wednesday at 5 a. in., and arrived in Xiekeraon about I p. m.. 1ad a fine trip, good roads all the kvay. They ran Into a light snow [storm Just, east of St. John. Had no 'had luck except one tire wan punc- ''/tared. They with their mother, Mrs. Roland and tho Bishop family .ite Thanksgiving dinner ::!• (he home of their sister and daughter, Mrs. R. C. Kollams, southeast of town. They left Nlckerson Saturday morning on their trip home and expocted to visit the Hodson families near I'arthlge, who are relatives and also other relatives l',j^,t Uuckllu on their return home Some of the finest kafir in Seward county this year was grown by F. T. Akors, of west of Uberai. It is black hull dwarf variety, from seed secured from the state agricultural college. Feeding Catfish On Oswald Farm ! i The drying up of the Ninescah ! river ibis fail, due to the dry wea- ' Ui-.o*. has caused the ' death ot ; many fish that have made their hiiine In that, stream, according to C. W. Oswald of 'the American amomo'ii 'iie j SI *l ,m ,L-aundry. Mr. Oswald and Kd Crook of tho Crook furniture store, recently rescued over a thousand bullhead catfish which were stranded in five small ponds, all that remained of what had been a lake In Langdon township. The. fish were taken, to a pond on Mr. Oswald's farm where ha is feeding them. Mr. Oswald explained that the CHURCH BAZAARS AND DINNERS NUMEROUS A number of local churches are holding* their pre-Chrlstmas baz- iiiiirs this week to enable the Christmas shopper to buy many useful and pretty glfos. First Kvangelical church will hold Its bazaar in the Sldllnger drug store all day Saturday ot this week. The 'Sidles of the First Methodist church will servo dinner and supper. Friday with their atinuul ba- saar held In the church busutnont ,iml • tho First Chrlstlau church hazaar will he held tomorrow In tte church with dinner and supper »»'ve<L Have Us DRY CLEAN Press and repair your Suits, Furs, Dresses and Heavier clothing our better way. Use the phone or parcel post. Mpdella&ngp' DRY CLEANER! ir-MMkltSmnS Wtflrr S««WM»> PHONE 44 D erbpsYou Have N&erTrk OUR OWN PACKS OF FOODS If not, may we suggest that you investigate? We can save you from 5 to 25% on each item. Satisfaction goes with every sale at our Yellow Front Stores; and we stand back of every purchase. DILLON'S FRESH ROASTED COFFEE SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICED PER CUP. Dillon's "Best" Coffee, lb., 53c. DUIon's "Red Label," lb. 50c. Dillon's "Hostess' Delight," lb., 47c Natural Looking u ?!.w.r Bd SET $25.00 Heavy Gold Crowns . . Reinforced Bridge Work Silver Fillings $1.00 Extractions - $1.00 Without the Hurt ALL WORK GUARANTEED DR. CARL BROWN ECONOMY DENTISTS 12 Years In Hutchinson Office Hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Evenings and Sundays by Appointment Phone 1386 Over Hoagland Clothing Co. Main' at Second FAIR FOOD PRICES!!! 14 lbs. Fure Cane Sugar for $1.00 On Orders for $5.00 or Over Groceries or Meats Other Than Flour. Sun-Maid Seedless Raisins, per lb 10c 25-lb. Box Raisins for. ..... $2.25 Cranberries, per lb ; . s . .... 15c Peanuts, fresh roasted or salted, lb...... ,15c English Walnuts, large size, lb.. . 24c Grape Fruit, each ..... .05c 25c Can Sturgeon Bay Pitted Cherries. 15c Crackers, fresh from the oven, lb. .. 09c Ginger Snaps, per lb 10c 10c pkg. Animal Cookies for ... ,05c 2 Cans Sugar Corn or Early June Peas.... 25c 48-lb. Sack Guaranteed Flour $1.80 Potatoes, Brown Beauties, sack lots, bu. . ,95c Oranges, per doz 15c Phone 2293, 2746, 909, 260 and Get Your Goods Delivered Free of Charge Dillon Mercantile Co. Groceries and Meats C. O MAMMEL General Manager. No. 1—318 N. Main. No.'2—Corner B and Main. No 4—12 S Main No. 3—«0O S Main. Dillon's "RED-LABEL" FLOUR 48 lb. sack $2.00 24 lb. sack $1.05 Every sack guaranteed. Dillon's TABLE SYRUP Red Label (white), 5 lb. pail 38c 10 lb. pail 68c "Hostess Delight," (dark 10 lb. pail, 60c, S lb. pail 35c I' Dillon's Red Label Oleo, lb. 25c As good and pure as can be made. "Red Label" Black Pepper, 1 lb. pkg 23c "Red Label" Corn Starch 2 lbs 15c "Red Label" Cocoanut, lb pkg 35c "Red Label" Cocoa, lb. pkg 10c "Red Label" cut Macaroni, lb 10c "Red Label" Table Salt, 6 lbs 10c Fresh Salted Peanuts, lb. 15c Solid Cabbage, lb 3c Cooking Onions, 6 lbs. .. 25c j Red McClurc Potatoes, 34c peck, $1.25 bushel. Russet Potatoes, 28c pk, bu $1.00 Cranberries, lb 15c CRACKERS 'Red Label" (salted) 3 lb. box 36c "Premium" (salted) 3 lb. box 42c Graham 2'/ 3 lb. box 39c | Corn Meal, 10 lb bag, 35c") Merry Christmas Looks Merrier— Through The Shop-o-scopel 1 _TERE'S the one sure way of turning holiday A shopping worries into shopping pleasures. Just look at them through the Shop-o-scope, that handy catalogue of buying opportunities that appears under "Christmas Gif Suggestions every day's Classified Section. in SCHOOLS AND CHURCHES Look over our 1 stock of Xmas candies and nuts, cial discounts on quantity purchases. 10 bar* P&G soap AA and 1 10c bar Ivory 4</C Kirk's Flake White* Soap Chips, lg. pkg 4 Borden's "Milk Wagon Contest" closes Tuesday, at 2 P. M. Lay in a supply now. RIGHT" PRICES "RIGHT QUALITY J. S. Dillon & Son's Stores Co. Eight Clean Yellow* Front Stores. A glance through its special columns of "Gifts for Her," Gifts for Him," "Gifts for Children," "Gifts for the Home" and Dinner and Decorations" will show you the way out of all your gift- giving difficulties. All the suggested presents are alphabetically listed, well described and awaiting your purchase at the convenient stores mentioned in these little ads. Look through the Shop-o-scope today! Thl» year—use the ^hop-o-scope get ready for ChrUtmaa the classified way. SATISFACTION PARAMOUNT WITH U$,

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