The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. THURSDAY, JUNE 2. 1932. THREE SLOPPY DEMJSM Ch^ef Judge Samuel K. Dennvs, ol the j Supreme Bench, and Major Howard W. i ?d last year Herbert R SYMBOLS SAME Dr. John F Condon In a Bronx cemetery. Dr. Condon went to Trenton today Edgewood Mrs. XV. i? Or:t" Ey'.er a:sd -- M r »::-: M"- W S G - u n r - j; Su".u.» owning \\nii Mr anJ Mi 1 - J n Y u v .-· :··»--t ^J .···* fan'Lv if n-nr ;:rdav CM*;: n*. !· \V-'!- ·_.-· \\ FIRST JUNE DAY WARM Judge Offutt A!so Tells Of In- k-r.aarz-v.ipf .-... fluence Of Public Sentiment. Maximum Temperature Of SS Degre?* '-'«-'f-'-»'-·=--"-*^ "···--··-'"-;-"- 3 - ·--*··-'--^ r c* iden-.inrati.-n" c! ~~ Kegtstered Wednesday. rt-me r^a true t? f^rin \Vec- ADDRESSES PROSECUTORS ,S^^.;^ : ^rr^ Usele^ a-d un- ·x-r.:lar !avs. p^:I.c ·-2senz-~~::" ~ * v Ju*.' *n_SMrC !*?v rue.s in it^ .1 - . ...n. - *· ·! \ , . . , « . «1 1 - * l_n£ ^.imC-^rr _" i A \ i -.!..ti.TM v t _ . . . -s:-.e:i 3.=;^ v: iS ce^re« '. A2-.en-.-c \V~.e:-. j^r^^ier arr:\ d Wednesda;. J-dw T Sco:: O"^-.i. c: ..-- C-r.r-^r c*. -~x S-a-ci A--.rr.o-?' Ai- -,ar:r_s "lacrs S-.riA^err.ei .-.ere be--; --- of M^r.'.ar.: p:cked i :r.e »u:h=r= c;^::e*. Aad .;r:«i br ?u'3'_c strn::3:er.t" He ^a-- For tnase ^-J n-.^:h: M oen- -.? re^u:a:.on of :hfc Sng'.^s as n U'.\- -c.-.-^re :"e -xea-.her for J-jne. '.-.d^-.j pe^.D is dur cr.ie2v :o the sen- .-.ere ^s -xaat J. Grucxrr's HagerstoTrr. of -.-.e people. r.o: :o :t* -r:2_- To^rr. ar.d C^-or:-.r\- Aln-.anaci for the il ar.a -ui:r il =-.^-en-.. Vcar cf O^r ^~rc :SJ- cirri to ofTr: · I C? r.V. suppose that :.-. a". -..--.· re^: :. ; 3. fa'.r. 4. 5, 6. 7. 8. rainy period. c.' tr.e -cr'.i :^cre is as rr.^:h -^-.en.v' 9. :a, cx?l and un*ett:ed: 11. 1-. 13. 14. ~~^-.vr.;. and ss :::: con'-a:on -,:rt5. " shev.e.-i. 13, 19. "0. 21. ·ie zr.-i as Ir.'.'.c ccnon'.cr. .:-. =:or.-r.v. rain: 22. 23. clear and if": 24. .-.."^:ra:.on of the cr-ntmi". la'.v 25, 2-3. cloudy, sheers. 27. 23. 29. 33. i? :."-re ^ in Ar.ivr.-a." r.e cc-;-are:. ' uasettlvc. ,r.~ :.« o: cr_-ne" Judgr Our.: sa.d , r. Amer.;a T.e have - passed more ar.d -r.^re cruel la-s^. v.e have Dithered more '·itist-.Cj. -re l:a-.-: app-^ir.-.^ n-.:r? oon:- t^lked. talic-d. u-".ied. out done n-c'.h- =: :-'te and T.-.IJ had led to rtfr.*"A«i ^ n._rdcr.i :he - *a t.:e .x»:r.e ,\:::.-:: -·-llo^t-d a f^.le f j? CsJ ri:iio:r. trora JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP Talk of the i K\DA BAD10 PHONE S»--MSM KELIW5LE RADIO SEBVICE "Gift Of Gab" Goes On And On. · Oiir ':-· of gao' and o'^r hab.t of sayinj our obl.^atior.s to c;v..i~aticn by -Korthl?ss notes ~ the f^roi of la^^. scnte fjirc-cal. s-^me brutal, sonic emo- ( .-cars, so instead of learning from er.ence tr.e ·J'^dom of dctn-z more sr.d talk-r.5 '-«ss. ^e talk ever, more and do even less. "It is that atmosphere of -earful sen- ' timent. eniot.onal hr-steria. rotten politics, sordid ?raft snd slippy idealism that, maies it so difficult for the prose- catin? officers to function as ef2:.ently as the? are capable of doing or as they ere will-ng and anxious to do " Maryland Relatively Free. However, in Maryland, the jurist declared, due to the homorenousnszs of the pe:-ple and a ' tracitior.a: atcics- phere of conservation an-d common sense." coupled f.iih a sense of "ooltga- :.on as ci'izens." tre are relatively tree \ "front the evils and scandals found in _ some other places.' Our prosecutors are Tihat they are because " the people · ROGER F. LIPPS EXPERT RADIO SERVICE. HOLSE W1R- IXG. rlXTt'SFS AKD REPAIRS Ns J=b T-_^ S---"---Nuue Too Lar^e Take . . . 'GREENA^ALT'S Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! N O R G E W I N S ! *· Rollator Refrigeration leads all others combined in 1931 sales g a i n . . . ; -1931 SUES *1931 S A L E S I Bill UB...UJ. ORB I IOBSE ALOIE XUESCOHIiED s i o . e e o . o o o $5,229,000 | See the Norge before you bey. \ That's what thousands did. | They saw the Norge. They ; bought! A BOX If 7 OU "wonder why, look at | the Norge itself. No other Large Box. containing five times ! electric refrigerator offers you the quantity -- Sl.OO so many original features of utility and coavenience. Learn about the simple, AND IAri - GENERAL STOKES -- CTHRFS: snxdj, extra-powered, almost JLrrk.l i_» Sl-OtttS . · . T» 11 everlasting Rollator. A Tavannes Watch * B 9 Rollaior Refrigeration is causing the tremendous public preference for Norge. And only Norge has.the Rollator mechanism. The Ideal Watch for Graduates! Noted for Their Accuracy and Beauty Come in today and let us show you. Remsberg's Jewelry Store Francis Scott Key Hotel Bldg. ^ vision of Berg-Warner ) ' : Corporation, one of the ·^ ' tcorUTs kzrgt makers of ^^^_^^ precision parts, inclxuimg The RolWor automotivefreeicbeeling ORGE fit tl NEW GREATER VALUES A T L O W E R P R I C E S 10-55 L. B. Nicodemas S26 Xorth Market St. Frederick. Md. *F:£Sfrrs/roiB rrport of Eleftrxc Rffris- eraam -NVirj; February 24th, 1932- Attractive Styles Easy To Use at a Sensible Price Now With Lovely Fabrics at Prices Unbelieveably Low With styles smarter than, ever before, sev- \ eral dresses can be purchased at less than the ^ former price of one. J Come in and see the new fabrics -- and these SIMPLICITY PATTERNS Bennett's e A Little ach Week! 25c A SHARE IN THE 18th SERIES OF The Fidelity Building Loan Association Will at Maturity Bring You $100 ... Which is 4.68% Per Annum On Your Savings $1.00 a Week Will Mature to $400.00 ir.'T.T. froe % i taxc? a^ offorincr iinqiic-tioned ?'--i-uriiy. All loan? made on ]·!*·"] ertv ricrht in ^r.r o\vn citv and ^-lunty at r -- (* * ,, I - , , - , - - , ,-7 ^ snfo marrzm- redr..^_^ fe each \vcok by t h o ]~.r- SAFETY- Consideration OFFICE AT The Fredericktown Savings Institution · · · Get Your Shares NOW! FIRST PAYMENT SATURDAY, JUNE 4 9 N. Market Street, Frederick' LOW PRICES SPLENDID VALUES! ThalX Ihc cronoroy ·Uo-an for S \KE S%\I\«^-.- \ \ r -HI n.ilioruills famou»-ad»rrlKnl article-, at prirr thJt rcalU ^a\e» for oul I'ricc« in this storr arr the same Ji» Itur-t in all oShrr Krad's Slwrrv at ll tinier Bottle Danderine Hair Tonic srh.j- rpcon-.^:-r.ded Tor us? Ihe bath for r-d--c.::s pc~2uo-s 'at. 25c Bottle Citrate of Magnesia Sl.OO Pint Thermos Bottles Triple Strength Osaka Crystals 50c Pint Bathing and Rubbing Alcohol P-J.--. V - j - i c.: '-'·^ cho'cc Spa^.. WE DELIVER . . . PHONE 1459 \ «e vonr telephone as your shopping cuHfc and reap thr IxMir- fiH of Read's Low Prices and Rea-dX Srrrir-. «crjdjy in the yeart Prices effective Friday and aturda*' Read's . . . 9 N. Market Street P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 Tube Williams Shaving Cream Sl.OO Tube Neet Hair Remover Sl.OO Bottle Horlick's Malted Milk 51.00 Bottle Zonite Antiseptic We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth S: at Pa. B. S. Phone MS. The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up To-Eate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md. G. E. Guaranteed Electric Bulbs Radios Cabinet--All Electric--Complete With Tubes $25 00 Here's Your Opportunity |, to Get a Good Radio Cheap. Come In Today! ALSO 1 Crosley $100.00 Refrigerator Fine for Country--Makes Its Own Ice--Without Electricity--for 1 Used Electric Refrigerator $25 Storm Shipley Radios -- Refrigerators ummmmmmmummmmmmmmmmmwu VACATION CLUB JOIN OUR Vacation Club · FIRST PAYMENT JUNE 9, 1932 Payments may be made T "n weekly amounts to suit your needs. The only sure way to provide for vacations, taxes, insurance, coal and other pleasures and necessities is by regular, systematic effort. Our Vacation Club Affords The Ideal Plan Farmers Mechanics National Bank Corner Market and Second Streets

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