The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 14
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New*. Frederick. M4. 22- Know America -- Ho^-ard Bryant, younger brother of the famed author, Pnacetoii. 131. pioneer, fanner. poet arid civic worker, born Cumraington. Mass. Died Jati 14. 1902. 1324-- Joha D. G Shea famed Roman Catholic historian and editor of his age, born in Xeiv York Died Feb. 22. 1S92. 1830-- Jtelia Sean, cue of the most " beloved actresses of the American age. bom in Pleasant Valley. k. Y Died in childbirth. March 6. 1S5S 1S59 -- Er-.-na Lazarus. New York poetess, champion of the Jev.-5 whose sonnet is on the pedeital o s the Statue of Liberty born in New Lcrk D:ed Xov 19 1SST IS52-- Evelyn BM££S Baldwin noted Arctic explorer at the turn of the centurv- born Springfield. Mo. Died in a street motor accident. Oct. 25. 1933. 189S-- '50 years ago* Stephen Vincent Benet. famed poe: and man of letters, born in Bethlehem. Pa D:ec March 13 IS43 Today In History 1796--Moses Cleaveland and h : ^ Connecticut Land Party locate Cleveland. Ohio. ?g77--Gen Phi! Sheridan ordered to Pittsburgh with troops to quell sinke noting jS90--Frederick E Ive* (---anted psten: for color photography 1916--A bomb thrown into midt of the Preparedness Day paiade in San Francisco--10 killed and soir.e 40 injured--Mooney among those arres-ted for outrage 1933--Belleau \Vood in France consecrated and turned over to the United Stales. 1934--Dillinger shot to death in Chicago ; 1936--"Hunger army" camps in Harrisbarg. Pa., capital building 1941--President Koosevelt ask legislation to permit him to hold draftee?, national guard and others longer than one year * 1942--In effect, a new system of gas rationing based on ration cards. · 19.13--Hard fighting: in Siciiy. w:th enemy stoutly resisting the Americans 1945--U. S Marines. equipped · v.-ith tanks, make another land- t me on I\vo 1946--Congressman Andrew J May save he'i too busy to testify be- , fore Senate Committee on war ] profits 1947--In effect- Presidential reorganization plan putting under a ' ·ingle administration the Federal Government's major housing agencies. 1947--To help Britain conserve her dollar supply, the United State* agre*d to ease some bars in British loaa against sterling purchases. Today's Birthdays Ely Culbertson. famed American bridge expert and noted author, bom in Rumania 57 years ago Abraham S. W Rosenbach. of Philadelphia famed rare bookman born in Philadelphia 72 \ears ago Dr Kathryn McHale. general director of the American AsMKiation of Vniversity Women, born in Lo- ganport. Ind . 58 j ears ago U S Senator Charles \V Tobey of New Hampshire. Republican born sn Boston. 68 years ago Dr Morris Fishbem editor ot the Jounra! of the American Medical Association Chicago, born in St Lcisb. 59 years ago la«rut Gen William D Styer born sn Salt Lake City. 55 years- ago Elmer Adler of Pr:nce*on X J . fa.ned printing craftsman author and editor, born in Rochester. N · Y . 64 years ago Prof Odell Shephard oi Trinity College. Conn noted teacher and author, born Rock Falls. Ill . 64 vears ago Edward Hopper, of New Yoik ··mment artist, born at N\ack. N Y . 66 years ago iThree Speak To B.P.W.Club Today's Horoscope Today's native is tractable and may even be docile, perhaps a Imie too much .o There is an sndicatsoo of bem? held in restraint, or that some force of circumstance may interfere with the freedom of action. Both of these dangers stiould be avoided if possible Thirty-six members and guests of the Business and Professional Women s Club of Frederick mfl Tuesday evening at the Peter Pan Inn, Urbana. for their icgular monthly dinner-meeting Mrs Eleanor Everhart. newly elected ".ice-president, pres-ided in the absence of Miis Ru?h Perr. preiident Following d.nnei. a short business ie^bion \\a«- lield st wis^ch time it vi as announced that the club \\ould sponsor ' sk«t mte * to b* held m Baker Park t h i s evening THIS j* an annual jftair for she club and Mri Pauline Bowius. Mrs- LOUIM; and Mr 1 - Mary Rcni^berg v.ore te!ec'.eti judge* Pii£e» w i l l b* donated b\ the BPW club It vias aUo announced that tl.e club has beeu asked to decorate :\vo window v for tlre'forthcomjr.2 France Scott Ke\ St-iT-p celebration McCJeer"s Jewelry Stori-. jr.'l Remiberg s Jev, e!r Store have been assumed to the ciub Mrs Loui'-e Striae. chairman in charge of the nvfTing. :-pni_.u:iced that in keeping v. iti the see.) of better knowing the clubs members and their pr^fe^son*. three member 1 - had been -liked to KI:e -hort talki on their business r profe--- . s:on Mr- Martha Reynold* of the County Clerk'-, o^ice was the first speaker and in bru-f "~uthned the nnnv duties p.'rforrrefl in the clerk s office including the securing of marriage licenses and the unusual rcoues^ and serv!e-e- g!vtn in this connection She -.rlfc'ed the linnd- hriR of a de-d in outlining \\hat happens to documents brought to that office for recordation. Including I the execution, abstract, recordation, | etc MUs Loa Davis. Frederick count 's Home Demonstration Agent. J then gave a yhort talk on her many and varied duties, stating that a' Demonstration Agent's duties were divided into three parts--Home- jnaKers' clubs of which there are thirty-one in this county, with eight hundred members; 4-H Ciub groups for girls, and the third zn- cludjng home visits, and being ava.lable for general information and counsel, and anything else in r i.r.e w i t h the duties of a Home Demonstration Agent. She stated that 'Me is und^r the Cooperative Extension Service which is supported b\ Federal. Stdte. and county government:: and the services under her jurisdiction are available to al! 'A ho are interested in the city and coun'y Homemakers' clubs ·A inch are available to the public :iviuie instructions in styling and riak:!ig clothe* food preparation rig etc The demonstration r«xi*i i c fullv equipped for this type work and is located in the old Church '·tree' school building Mr.- Cecils Ne»tcr. of the local Credit Bureau, was then introduced. ;.nd in brief outlined her duties, nnd the functioning of Credit Bureaus in the United States She slated that credit has long since become she media of exchange and that credit bureaus have come a lonjj :\n\ since organization in 1898 While the first credit bureaus were aiaJable to all those connected . v. i!h retail buving nnd selling, now j the service is available and is be- ins used by practically all busi- and professions in obtain- ing Information SnJk^hrlping *s- ] tablish credit statistics m com-! monities The local bureau i* »1- \ £1!otos4 _^*l_ 14 ***W«*W --~--*li* !%··_ niiaieu *vt.*n f .»* v«^»*.* «,»«.*»*«. »** j reaus and it is possible to check! on almost any individual or busi- j ness moving in or out of a com- muoity. She stated approximately re on file in The meeting adjourned, after announcement of the August picnic which is an annual event, and ' which this year will be held at Wolfe's Den. Doctor Says: [ DDT IS MOST HELPFCL. AGENT IN FIGHT TO t CONTROL MALARIA | Bv EDWIN P. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NEA Service For many generations, malaria has. been one of the great health problemsr of the world. It thrives, however, only in those places i n ' whsch the mosquitoes which can carry the infection are able to thrive. This keeps !l down in northern sections of this continent, although it has been found as far north as Canada. , There are several kinds of malaria The most serious is now called Pacific Vivax. This type is hard to get rid of and may be carried by the common anopheles mosquito of North America. S«Tieem«« Ha4 It Many men in service during,the last war encountered serious difficulty with this malarial parasite. Indeed there was considerable fear that returning servicemen might bring new dangerous kinds of malaria back to this country and infect others. This bias not happened to any serious degree, however. Although there have been a few cases of imported malaria, there seems little likelihood of any widespread difficulty. Malaria in all its forms causes fatigtle. usually some fever, and a general belov.--par feeling. There are several kinds of treatment which are more or less successful but just what should be used depends on the type of malaria involved One mode of attack on malaria is to destroy the mosquito In the pa»t mosquitoes have been attacked in their breeding places by spraying with kerosene or other poisons Ttie extraordinary chemical DDT has proved a boon. The effects-, of DDT against the mosquito at all stages of development are excellent. Furthermore areas which have been dusted or sprayed with DDT solution remain deadlv to the mosouito for a long time Perhaps with the help of DDT and other measures, malaria eventually be entirely eliminated from J NOAH E. CRAMER A world. It ought to be. ; Note: Dr I CITY HOMES FOR SALE Jordan is unable to' . Sac room modern brick answer individual questions from t £° ^ C ^^T iST*** 1 * Stre * t " readers. However, each day h* will j fcht - toom bncjt dweUlafc oil i answer one of the most frequently j bath Wes-. Third Street, immediate asked questions m this column. ' possession, owner changing residence. i Modern residence, six rooms. q;" THE DOCTOK ANSWERS: [heat h a r d w o o d floors. Garage^ oiTCTfr»v- \v^**t «-ar» « r*ino Grounds landscaped with lovely* yU-EbllUA w.-at can oe none j sirubberv and trees Owner leaving for a bad bodv odor? city Early possession. Western ANSWER: Tbe cause of a bad · two- body odor is not easy to discover, i It is possible that some substances j such as onions or garlic should be j eliminated as this will sometimes cause an odor Certain nervous dis- , eases can also cause excessive sweating- Tor further particulars, apply: I CRAMEH i ' Healtors 114 N Court St. Frederick. Md. MURRAY C. BOHN , MAKKET PR1C ES wbea . bu j Ba _, ey bu Corn " bbl ' s , 53-A. 6-roonj fraase house, water at house barn, all bides tin- Si I 30 - er zieta} roof, {sir repair, sense timber. good meadow. 2nd grade dairy. ha!* hay crop and 2 acres go with farm, early possession. to age and sickness *hf* place has been a*a;e to consult this of- reduced for quick sale to only 56.500. :i «-.;c. Automobile. C --·*- r anj oifcer Insurano HAROLD t*. FRUSHOCR 25 West Patrick St. Phone 1555 Frederick. Md. HAROLD U. FRl-SHOlTl MURRAY C. BOHN Real Estat* Phone Union Snare. Md_ S-J P. B. ROOP - DAVID O. GRIFFIN BIRTHDAY DINNER HELD A dinner was held at the home of Mr and Mrs. Raymond Stull. near Lewistown. on Sunday. July 18 in honor of Mr. Stull's birthday A picnic dinner was enjoyed after which all present were served refreshments Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stull. Mr and Mrs Oscar Stull. Mr. and Mrs Ross Stull. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stull. Mr. and Mrs Earl Bower? Mr. and Mrs. George Arnold. Mrs Julia Wilhide. Mrs F l o r e n c e Grimes. Mrs Ruth Morgan. Mrs Mary Thomas, Misses Ella Grimes. Louise Stull. Jean Bowers. Jean Grimes. Mary Katherme Stull. Messrs Raymond F. Mathcus. Ross Stull. J r . Johnny Grimes Ralph Wastler. Raymond StulU J r . Paul S. Stull. Yarnell Wastler. Bobby Wjlhide Donald Stull. Mr. Stull received many useful gifts. THE BeSTEST COFFEE YOU EVER TASTED Gives more cups per pound 244 EAST PATRICK STREET- PHONE 1370-1371 PLENTY OF XOOM TO PAfeK * JKffoctfre July 22. 23 A 21 1,1101 Ett Y SPE 'f A t*l RINSO WHEATIES . . I Grapefruit Juice 2 "-«-«« 35c I Jeilo or Jello Pudding 3 ^ 22* Libby's Potted Meat 3%-«.«" 12c CORNED BEEF . . . '- 49 KIPPERED SNACK 3%-«.«.»13c SARDINES 'Vo^^c.^ 25c TUNA FISH FLAKES 6*«39c J A R RINGS . . . . . . *«-5c COLD SLAW or ( POTATO SALAD Ib. LUZIANNE COFFEE 2 *a 99c FREE COFFEE WXLL BE SER\"ED FRIDAY A SATURDAY MASON FRUIT J A R S PINTS QUARTS « U-GAL. doi. 65 dor. 75 doz- i.os PIIAHMAI Y Successor To Pearre's Drug Stor»_ Drug A Prescription Service TELEPHONE 208 VETS- LEARN - NON-VETS Air Conditioning! Refrigeration! Electricity! j\!aryland s Oldest and Provon Refrigeration School Air Conditioninf-Refrigreration 32 wlcs. Practical Electricity 16 wlss. ENROLL NOW NEW CLASSES START AUGUST 9, 1948 Non-Veterans may pay in small nionthlv paj mcnts Mr. 3Iori Frame will be at the I Francis Scott Key Hotel July 23rd and July 24th From S:00 A. M. to 8 F. M. for information and registration of students. FRAME K EFKIG ERATIOX ELECTRICAL INSTITUTE . 1230 EAST BALTIMORE STREET Baltimore 2. Md. Br. 0626 LEAN GROUND BEEF LONGHORN CHEESE COUNTRY LARD . . . LARGE BOLOGNA . . SWEITZER CHEESE Smoked PICNIC HAMS 39 REGULAR SMOKED HAMS sa«s.ib.64« Of EA \-FRESH SEA F1MH* Fresh Fillets HADDOCK * 39 STEAM CRABS . . 1.80 MEDIUM SHRIMP . . 69 FRESH PICKED CRAB MEAT LUMP BONELESS REGULAR CLAW WHITE * 79c 89 1.56 FRUtT Home Grown Tomatoes 19 S. K. LEMONS MM S.ZE do, 45c California CARROTS ^^ 10 LOCAL SQUASH . . . . ^ 8 Large Slicing PEACHES * 17c COOKING APPLES 3 »* 25c IT'S NEW T h e Q U O N S E T 3 2 Meets Farm Requirements at Low Cost For Feed Storage · Implement Housing · Stock Shelter ·RES. u.s. PAT. OFF. · 52 feet wide: length to «n5t in sections of 12 feet · \U-steel construction in*are« durability · Nailahle Stran-Steel Framing permit! quick and ea« attachment of cncio^inS material's bj nailing · Fire-rei$tant, trrmite-proof, rot-proof SEE I'S TODAY an"i Jcarn the stor- o' America's most economical buildinff. LOWER IX COST than any other kind of building the same size. BROSIUS ENG. SUPPLY CO. 4 West Church St. Phone 2340 FOR SALE Dairy Farm 235 Acres Located on State road U. S. 15 about 5 miles North of Frederick. Md. 40 cow dairy barn--Washington Market--2 silos and other adequate farm buildings. AH tillable land can he- farmed \iith tractor. 60 acres of blue grass meadow-land, large shaded stream running through farm. Other improvements are--Modern brick mansion home. 14 rooms, bath, slate roof, oil heat Beaiitifull} landscaped. Tenant house. 6 roams, electricity, running \vater in kitchen. This is one of the best farms in Frederick County. Very reasonably priced, and owner will finance. M. D. HARP REAL ESTATE AGENCY Ph\-thian Castle Building Frederick, Maryland Phone 729 GORDON SPURRIER. Broker Res. Phone 544-M HOWARD S. FINK. Rep. Res. Phone 2239-J MEDFORD AUCTION Medford, Carroll County. Maryland. State Road Rt. 31, 2 miles South of Westnjinster on New Windsor Road, along; the Western Maryland Railroad. SATURDAY, JULY 24TH AT 9 O'CLOCK The following household goods and merchandise will be sold: 4;i horse power Champion outboard motor, never used; electric Refrigerators, Ice boxes, ?as stores, oil stoves, cook stoves, bucket-a- day stoves, breakfast sets, dining- room suites, living room suites, bedroom suites, corner cupboard, kitchen cabinets and utility cabinets, small baby -washer with wringer, never used; dishes, pots and pans, garden tools, lawn mower, drill press, 36" wood lathe, screen doors and windows, like new; about 25 windows and several good doors, some have glass panels: several sheets of Celetex. w indow shutters, lot of 2t4 lumber, lot of y t and 1-inch pipe, about 100 quart and half gallon jars. Many other things too numerous to mention. Baby chicks will be sold at 1 o'clock. N'OTE: There will be no more used clothing sold at Medford Auction. Please do not bring it in. The ladies of Meadow Branch Brethren will serve warm lunch. STERLING BLACKSTEN"--Auctioneer PAUL GREEXE--Clerk RAYMOND HUGHES--Owner THIS WCfK'S Swing Spout Faucet Smartly designed, he»xilr chrome plated on brass. Removable soap diih. For b a c % - m o u n t i n^a MEDICINE CABINET T o modernize your bathroom set this beautiful crystal mirror cabinet. Has 3 metal shelves- White lacquer inside finish. SQ.49 3 TOILET SEAT . Made of last forever plastic in ; white and black. Lifetime guarantee. A special value at S 6.95 SINK ! PLUNGER - L o o s e n s slow drams Has po-w- e r f u 1. positive action. 5 ! ^-inch- e« diameter, 24- inch handle. 29 SILL COCK H e a v y c a s t b r o n z e body with fast-acting valve and hose bib Dnll brass finish. Sl.25 1 . KVBBER _, . , TANK Faucet BALL Washers nts *«v vnvc A., S^s 29c PIPE WRENCH B u i l t t o d o h e a i v d u t v . Made of toa«h h e a t - treated, drop - f o r c e d fieri ally's 10 inches lone -takes H 3 " pipe. $9.59 2 1 PLASTIC FLOAT BALL P. L HARGETT CO 52-56 South Market St. Phone 1S2 Frederick, Md. i 1 acre. 6-room frame house, electric. | good well water, front and side porch- ' ;es. concrete walks, nice lawn, chicken nzi*. INSURANCE rt 5 " 1 Brooder houses, garage, etc. This 1 Now more than ever you r.eed ade- · house and buildings are all mceJy } 'e insurance because fire in- ' painted with good metal roofs, in good quate senous financial loss. To avo'id tius Poss - 60 da ' s0 _ _,_,,. consult us today. . p - B - "OOP DAVID O GHIFFIX INSURANCE 27 K Court Su Phone 600 i Phone 86-J New Windsor. Md. PEOPLES FINANCE CO. HARRY E. MOHLER r .- v.. · j ^ i, ». « . i _ ' ~ roo 11 * brick house in good condi- Loans can be obtained here by bo A , tion. bath, furnace, about -i blocks from sen and women, single or nvrried. j center of town. Early poss. ability to make monthly, se-m-month- Qjicjj "poss. ly pavment- mav receive a loan here PEOPLES FINANCE CO. ·1 North Court St. Phone 1473 (A home small loan Company) K. L. ZENTZ IN! RETIRING F\!tM£RS We have to offer you within short t13 j^t Third St. walk of stores school at ..ohnxville ! a very fine property of nearly an acre. Large garden space, nice pasture lot in alfalfa, plenty fruit, grand shaded lawn. Lovely 7-room home in excellent condition with elec. new -water system, nice porches, beautiful views. 2 poultry houses (one new with piped . water). meat._surnmer hog houses, j garage, 4 room modem bungalow, steam, heat. h. w floors. Immediate poss 8 room modern apt. house. 4 room and bath on each floor, h. w. floors} concrete basement. Quick poss. 5 room modern frame house, steam heat, garage N section. Early poss. j Green house property and contents. I well established business, well located . in Frederick. Immediate poss i HARRY E MOHLER Real Estate Phone 2074 HOWARD A. GROSS FOR SALE _ . 6 room, frame, slate roof, modem etc. Well lenced. Everything dwelling, well constructed, beautiful ^r ^?- ^*^^n ' neat nicely painted Must to be aporeoated. For quic'c «:ale at 57.000. Contact R. L Zeutz. STROUT lawn, corner lot in residential section of Brunswick on thru street to Frederick. Age and health is .only reason REALTY, exclusive brokers. Taney- i for selling Good purchase- town, aid Ph 158-J , jiany other listings in and cut of i-vr--i ni-r»r~ o «.-··! i .Frederick When buying or selling real DELBERT S. NbLL estate-be sure to consult with HOUSES 1 acre improved with 4-room dwelling.,electricity, well water, all necessary outbuildings, located near Point j of Rocks. Priced to sell ' 6-room modem frame house, hard- S wood floors, could be used for two I families Located in Brunswick. Md. LOTS ! 67x187--West Second Street, citv. j 75x187--Upper College Ter.. city. ] 59x132--Corner of Ninth and Motter _ HOWARD A. GROSS Realtor Phone 877 Court St. Frederick; G. H. MERCER SONS i 90x110--Braddock Heiehts. Md. j DELBERT S NULL ! Auctioneer Real Estate Insurance ; 26 .W. Patrick St. Phone 1155 '· K* r» JP. i? M , "8 rm- mod id^al home, completely i remodeled hdwd fl . separate entrance ' large rm. for commercial purposes, if desired, good location. 5 rm mod bungalow. 1 acre, nr -4 room modern bungalow -with steam heat, immediate possession. 6 room brick dwelling in western section, oil heat, cement basement, laundry tubs, immediate poss. 8 room modern brick dwelling consisting of 2 complete 4 zoom apartments, northern section. Price reduced for quick sale - -- ,,-6 room modem brick dwelling, steam heat with stoker. harBwood fioors. cement basement, garage, extra lot. S13.500. 8 room modern brick dwelling in northern section, immediate poss. 7 acres improved with 7 room modern dwelling 4 miles west of city. ' large lot, close Fred'k. on highway. I ' S9.500. 6 rm. stone bungalow, mod to min- ] ute. W. section Price reduced. ] i 3-story Colonial apt. house. 4 apts. j garages, ideal location 5 rm. ant. 1st 'a Poss 60 days. S15 000 ! 39 acre farm. St. highway, mod ' house, reasonably priced. 116 acre dairy farm. S1.400 monthly .aster house, also tenant hs. all mod. bldgs 30 da poss S18.000. Complete stock and full equip, can be also purchased S7.000 46-acre stock farm, good house and outbuildings, elec. water. 2 .trout streams. Crops included. Poss. 30 Jays. Good road. S6 000 3- story residence in business section. Large front easily converted to commercial front 3 partly finished apts. oa 2nd and 3rd fl. S15.500- Other homes, commercial prop. inc. factory sites and ideal farms Buy or Sell--Consult us First FRANKLIN D. MILLER C M. MILLER s«ate Loans ; Pythian CasOe Bldg. Insurance Phone 53t RALPH W/BQYER Modem brick dwelling on -Military . Road_. Close to entrance to Camp j Derrick and near city bus. 5 rooms : and bath first floor 3 rooms and bath t '. apt 2nd floor with private entrance. "J I Annual income from apt. S600. A new. ! privately built home and good invest- j ment- j Apartment houses on W. Pat. St, , S Market St and E. 2nd Street. | Building lots -tar dwellings or com, mercial bufldings- wen located. · RALPH W BOYER 1 BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY I Frederick Representative For I Morray C. Sohn : No. 1 N Court St. Tele. 2214 Real Estate--Insurance i 5 X. Court St. Phone 852 BIDDIE BANTERS BY MARYLAND HfflCHERY DOH'T 6 Al*MI£0 SJ«E'S AWSPS 8UWIW 'COUHO Itlrt A UtitttH WITH HtC HEAD Of P KEY CHEV. SALES. iIS T C. IT WHX PAY YOU ; to insist on Genuine Chevrolet : Parts whenever repairs arc I made on your Chevrolet car or i truck. 1 Genuine parts always fit right and insure rnaxium performance. -^ We use only genuine Chevrolet parts in our service dept. J J Let Key Care for Yo* Carl " j KEY CHEVROLET SALES, INC. « 106 E. Patrick St. Phone 707 EMMERT R. BOWLUS 3 BABY CHICKS Top Quality CHICKS Will be needed this year to meet nre=«ea production costs Producing Good Chicks is Our Busin jss Maryland - U S Approved PuHorum Passed Hatchery Latest Pi Ices. TURKEY POULTS Broad breasted Bronze and White Holland Writ* for Catalogoe ana CHICK HATCHERY ; COUNTRY HOMES JeSersoa Blvd. at Braddock Heights, Deaatafu! elevation and valley vjew, 8 rooms, bath. lavatory, large closet space, attic, frame modern dweltrig. ' new automatic oil beat system, 2 car i garage Duelling papered and pamt- , ed interior in past year Lot 80x200 , ft, also extra lot. Possession Septezrj- ' ber 1st. Priced for quick sale. Inquire now for appointment far m- , spection Country home on Route 240, seven ' miles south Frederick, all modern 12- i room dwelling, beautiful shrubbery, | good outbuildings. 3 acres of land. i Possession to suit. ! 12 room frame, all modern, auto; malic heat in country home at i »~oodsboro. good outbuildings, all recently painted, excellent condition. House suited for 2 family occupancy, 9 acres of land with road frontage. VALLEY STOCK FARM 146 acres in upper Middletown Valley 31 cres in fine timber, balance m pasture and cultivation 9 room Br. house, large bank "barn on Balto. milk narhet. S9.000 for quick sale. Possession late fall or April 1st. 1949. Other fine farms and country properties. Mty properties, small country home Ir quire at this office EMMERT R BOWLUS Real Estate--Insurance--Auctioneer 100 W Church St Ftederick. Md Phone 885 Salesmen Horace M Alexander -- R L Kelly Phone 883 or 2274-W Phoam 2309

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