The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARRISBURC, ILI*. SATDKDAV. F K B R U A K Y 7, PAGE Pivi; , i . from Hollywood , .'i . l-iw of Sni:ih--:»n im- I First patent for a cast-iron plow 1 "i", o' M widely followed m ' was awarded to Charles Ncwbold 1 ' ! l l l l l t ""hiisb'niul and' wife' can ' of -New Jersey In 1798. In 1940 !V '"'~ ' -ii'iv f'" 1 :in - v l' VI ' locl " f ' there were 1.1U3 manufacturers with ·''· !tl ' ''" ' - ' i i ' l i o u r The 1 n i u r r i a j ' f ' J.2f)« patents producini: farm ma- u: '"' ' ' ' ' " uc-illv wlu-i. tho speci- ' chines and equipment in the Unit- '''·'''' '"''.'I"-'', mil" if both a i e ' alive, cd States. Inventions, inspired by i i \ t l M ' * ' ' " . i _ . , » . . . ( ··.»4 mil t! fifll'i* I it ii If 1 d t L f t i rlil«» t.' d ' ' ' " ' ' , . e r ,. b i t i' ··*'' ' nt- ; .» t!l-:; - l I I l ' * 1 ' 1 1 1 * 1 1 ' " * * * * " ' " * *""" - - - - - , - - - - - - .,icwod by const-ill patents, have built tins in;;hly competitive industry. « car or- ttuck- of your own selection F n c e d on3 insured under the BEST PROTECTION! See us first-we will save yo-J money. All claims have our personal attention. .CLOCK STOPPED? Wlictlier somebody's face did it or it stopped from sheer exhaustion, \Vinklcmans' will have jl w o r k i n g in apple-pie order n-^.iin -- AND at a t r i v i a l cost. All v.ork f u l l y guaranteed. \ V \ [ - ( 1 I C'UVSTACS IM |M \( I-.I) WK11.K YOU WAIT. Remember folks, it's J K W K L R Y CO. -- HARRISKURC Farm Equipme at .e Will Tell Story To Congressional Body Nexf Week n fanners have tlicir crops in, he said, they often are tempted (\ M-ll their equipment to northern fj.imers in desperate need of ma- ehnery to hancst their crops. A Calei p i l l a r Tractor reprcscnta- |i\e said lliat tlie black market is e(|iially common in the sale of icad trailers and highway equip- i - H i i t . ll said he had seen heavy a "gray market." oharactcrlxcd by ' high prices and not by a large turnover. All the major companies saldU they are urging dealers to sell, only to farmers with a IcKltlmatc, need. They said they have received few reports of thuir own d e a 1 e r s charging abovc-thc-list, 1-rices. Some of the companies 1 *I : tf5 ! salvaged trom the war; have run institutional advertise ~' """' ir.ents urging farmers to pay more than the list price. a d m t i s e d lor a.: hi«h as $4,000 more t h a n the list price. O l f i c i a l s of Oliver Corp. at Chi- ·;·(. :,a 1 Uuit tlc blat.1: market High feed prices may result in rni-iht hau- attracted more alien-jrelatively large marketings of cat- tion t h a n its volume deserves.iu c from fccdlots throughout t h e By ALFRED UiKCH -, j ,, v i i ( . h , t ,, s h o tild be called 1 early spring. I'r.iled Press Staff Correspoiuler.*., · ~. --CHICAGO. Feb. 7--IM:--Farm ~ CHICAGO, Feb. 7 -- I l l i n o i s farm real estate faxes ro^c an average- of 30 cents per acre from ! 1945 to 194G--from $1.06 to $1.30 per acre, according to figures co;:i, piled hv licrt Vandervliet. director , of the Illinois A g r i c u l t u r a l A-.socia Mion department ol taxation. Tax bills now being commit ed for 1947 indicate that Illino!- f a r m re; estate taxes in general v. ill be slightly higher t h a n they were in '; HMfi. Vandervliet said. This 28 per cent increase to an all lime high in Illinois farm real estate taxes is lar above the 12 pei cent average increase for t'.ie na- I tion as a whole and the eight i 'cent increase for other state.-) in · I t h e Midwestern region, Vandervliet i said. According to figures compiled by I the U. S. bureau of Agricultural · Economics the increase in Illinois 1 r^S£®S^*·*3'*^Z*' is exceeded onlv in California and ! ^pg^Hffl^S?"V^'r^p^'^r£g Massachusetts.' ! 1 **'·*¥**''S' A 44 4! 43 45 46 47 machinery manufacturers s:,id today that" despite their cliort'. «', wipe it out. -there is a f l o u r i s h m , : market in tractors, combines ' a n d other urgently needed i a r m equipment. , Manufacturers said black mar 1 ket sales usually are made by farmers and individuals over whom U ey have no control. Many jarm- eis." they said, have sold s l i g h t l y used tractors to othci l a r m e r i at prices fantastically above the '.manufacturer's list price. The farm equipment maker.-, j said they would tell t h e i r *-tor" { of the black market to the Hoiue 5 i Agriculture committee in V. ;;.·!'· i i n g t o n next week. Rep. C l i i n - r d lllope, R-. Kans., committee c l i u n - 1 man, announced that the committee would begin public hearing on the Iarm black market Feb. 10 ' N e e d Increased Production Many manufacturers said they i already had received i n v i t a t i o n s I from Hope to appear for testimony .,, l a l the hearings. They said tho 48 (would tell the committee that thy « ' i . · . . i _ _ - 1 . . l Z . t . « nt t \\r* \\\'.lf\.* MY LAUNDRY PROBLEMS ARE TAKEN CARE OF THANK YOU/ These w i l l he vpwr exact words . . . when you get the habit of sending dirty clothes and linens to us. Save money, work with our -extra-clean, low-cost service. t^d-ln-i.TM SifBUU, lakes is' [^"S^JSSSSTwSSTnd «iSni«. oro ? i,surancc| Mo* o^SnTS. | regarded as reasonable. ! U, help equali/.e the discrepancy. . ..__ ! ^ M i s Chalmers Caterpillar Trac"On the other hand, farmers in _-- - - - -- _ -- - · . ...nb v-iwu , .,..., Illinois are apt to regard.a 23 per . fe. ^ a B S M b T , 0 ^ » VJ cent increase in their,taxes as any-; ^ thi« ( r but reasonable. | "The flagrant increase in Illinois i I may be largely attributed to rural I [ school officials, highway commissioners, and members of county boards who chose to f i l e higher tax levies in 1945." Vandcrvliet continued. ite's in Southern i r; » · _ ignois - , |tor and J. I. Case, are expandi.ii'. their production facilities. International Harvester opened as Louisville, Ky.. tractor plant last ' tall, and expects it t o ^ r e a c n a ' maximum production 01 oO.OOJ I units per year next fall. Caterpillar spokesmen said tne U K B A X A - CHAMPAIGN. Ilh, 1 pifce. the r . . ,, companv is building two big nev: - report states tnat their i lan \ s ^ Pcoriai m.. in a SoO.OOd.- ·lility is sufficiently high|' 0 0 cxpansi0 n program which is onnrl Iroo growth. Pl'O- ._,i ·,, ··n-n.ili' in^«vo:n;o" i;rfi LEY'S Buy, On Easy Buc/get Terms * i'-'toiiV^-; c-xpected to "greatly increase duction next year. Manufacturers said the short- ige of farm machinery is causeo ' b y many factors. During the war 1 in /·./1 v J * v *_* * » . . · » » ^»^.. _ . . , _ _ - - - ^ . . ^ _ \U« ni«ia P of the Puller or i Feb. 7.--Many excellent · sites ir. niUial fcr Also passage 01 tnc uuiiei or - , .... - - havc beerj,to induce Additional tax levies voted by io thought of conservation.! capacity. eased the tight supply problem I and if farm incomes are drasticallj Icut, the cost of local government will not decline accordingly. With this practice being changed.; A spokesman for International; .j -JL *·'·· -- . - - · .- the Illinois scientific "*r 01 GodareT Trophy AWifClSy i B U ^ e e j Godard's Farm "iiarket was awarded a bronze leadership trophy (; c , 0( i x rcc Growth recently at a meeting held at Eldorado" for Purina dealers of^l.n counties of southern Illinois. 2CO-C/ucJc Electric ^ C H I C K E N B R O O D E R 17.45 Galvanized steel rwiih .adjustable !cg=. Ssonitc insulation, ficma curtains'-5d(f.W.itt hcatisj unit. Attraction bulb brings chicks under iSc brooder. Adjustable tlicrniostot and ventilators. 4CO-Ch:ck Eiectric^Eroodcr 22.95 ol Illinois, the Illinois saer,u:ie ···-- "' "." ~-. , An oflicial ot uccie oc v.o. ^ ^ "urvevs located on the U. of I.fL.v.v Content of Organic Mallei , Vloline m . sa jd the ulack ^.ar-s crmniis at Urbana. and Southern- "The situation is somewjwt d u - . j. movcs from S0ut h to norlsi;! Iir.nois UniverMty. . , iorcnl ^h peachy ^^fessoi , ^^^jj^.tjcaso,^^ cultivation j 'ls"i:s : cd~as a method of fighting | While it is true that many of one of their archenemies, the p l u m ; tli» ch-J-e-orchard sites have been; curculio. If spray materials arc~ r -i Ion" time,{developed that will give a h'.gn' erosion taking! percentage of protection against! · ' jhi£ pest, it seems likely tnat " peaches will also be grown under j .some kind of semi or permanent! ! A lo-.v content of organic m a t - j her in the soil presents another i ·problem in fruit growing, accord-1 1 ii.c; to the report. Orchardists! 'must produce organic matter by I '·.·rowing cover crops and then working them into the soil.! You'll see that we do good work! WET WASH FLUFF FINISH ROUGH DRY THRIFTY WASH FAMILY FINISH BACHELOR BUNDLE COMMERCIAL WORK Send your clothes to us for dry cleaning, too! The New -PROGRESS LAUNDR^; £r CLEANERS FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY i\k* i^JlvJ of Godard's Farm Market, by R., \V Boatright. district salesman for j the Ralston Purina Company, t o honor this firm's outstanding sales · achievement and service to agn-i culture during the last three, months. . . , This Purina leadersnip trop.iy is awarded quarterly to the w i n - , rino Purina dealer in this dss- ffit. The plaque will be hung In action taken at U.c TM^^^ 0 ^ c southern area, ni- in a prominent place at Godarc Csilaun Couni\ ^'in ou.t supplied by using one Faim Market until April 1-^hen , :r.eeung ncld last Nov ; -i^^ht f'l » f ^ * ilro ^ nous fertilizers. 'Climate Favorable i 01 111 · » » * » » · " · - » · . · it will be awarded to the Punna lo\\mj Accurate . . . Reliable Hroodor Tii««rnioasfi«*s* lc::;VC7aturcs for I ~.\ ·'; c:::ci: =; on or.c i 1 »·!·. .··.ci": other side :·! to ICO Fibrcn- PoySfry Efecfric T.'ME SV/ITCH $10.95 ' 4 Pays for itscll. Turns | chicken house lights on or [ off automatically. AC. Ua} derwritcrs* approved. ELECTRIC Egg Cqndler Serviceable, all rectal construction: heavily tin plated. Ls HC-1'20 %ol» Alo f,0 Wall $!.49 it^iv ·v*-'*- * · ^» · · - · - . ... _ resolution was passed re r MUM 111 v«.- *. «» i"* - tj - , . - , rltbough some of the limiting iac-| been one of the main corn P l( ?'! ior - n f c winter injury, late spring: diicins counties in the state. .y.«. · f " z c s ari( j frosts, and hail a n d . \VUEKEAS. for the P 3 ^.. lcv; ' iicc' sorms » years the Northern Root _ \ \ f l r r n . Da ,^ a ^ c {' ronl w j,,d i, negligible'; hns been on the increase in t«* over a pcc \ G ^ O f years. However. | State and Kentucky to r.ic.i an rorma , v j n t j s during the spring' extent, that it is consun-rcd :» * :i '. ric constant and strong during problem, and jeuch and apple blossom time.; i WHEREAS, corn damaged b.. ^-^ n , a ' KCS it'impractical to heati the Xorthcrn Root Worm ·"''-'·'the orchards with equipment now) Bi-ctlo this year i» :i f i n a ' K i a i los Available. This factoi ma re 1 -' thousands if Ii»!Kus to ; s .,j, j,, ] osc : ( i;ic to cold. i throughout the south-j s .,j, j,, i OSi Rainfall .UITY-V-AY Grading Scale \ «l«-;»'i!«laW? r«'4 ctsdiri'4 '"ir tolnr rti.-jj shovK'v.Vju fgg gtfiding stair. '_ili\irt«al «-gg. -.vci'^hl per do?. $1.35 Home, Perm and Auto Supply 22 W. Poplar Harrisburs, 111. phonc 302 Just bring your cer Jo «s f cr COMPLETE FORD WiNTERlZiNG SERVICE Then, come sleet or snow-you'H be ready to go! l ^ l l J . V . ^ · - · ^ - ~ - l % a l I l t i U l t i l l V » l i , i l W . . V V . . W w - ^ j oi corn iur thU -a.;:n'.r .:r.-i starv- cn] arca ; s , norc abundant tnan, c-sl E::ropt-. ar.d. in central and northern Illinois.. WITU'-'X? Kr.rmcrs wf :»i'2ics hut the run-off throughout the. Jiv ^car"v.i ; nt su\cral ;l-..w~r.ds ] 5i! i scc tion is great, particularly, ofdo'llar* for havir.:: corn Mrayo-J · where there i s _ n o vegetation or, v.lth ;«irp" ior th- NortJ-.ei.i cover to clicci^tnc How. liooi \Voi;r. ami !cU- in c'inrti- .^ tms ^^^^, mial ^ am g m f^i^mtm tha Electric Range with 'i save part f l""-.:r cro^v. had to borrow tlu; inpae 10.- t.ns WHKKKAS. Siiu-c Ihc N oot \Vorr.i h;^ been on oi corn \\\o i\'.:;: i.::lv nntur.-i! to t-xix-rt 1]^ d ;,uo to ircHM.-'* om3 .sp. o.'id u «' rial .-i.v.-itancc i.- r...! o'^.ai r:;.ny w i l l 'x f'-.n-d O^for.l'iT.JC t,rnv. i:u *"»"» WllKUr.A-. the KntDi-n.-' 1 "-:-' . i'.j.rcau nf Q'.-.:rnitinc MI '-i' ' S l)cp,.;1r.ior.1 of AcisciilMri' ncsonlcd v.ilh n co!n,.U-u- r b\ lir. r,l;,r.chr,i d of '.'.ic Im :VT,« This Deparinjcr.i op. r;«- 1'n" .'is nv.;cb :.'. possible v i t n t..t ·j,"n7rn: fiir.d.s However, i n s do' - \lt\ Coni"r» i"or iiio ^-P^^' 1 f. '_'"". ,','f..c o: .ii;iiolliM^ 'h«* ···'''· ·' 1 '-' 11 ' ·~.\w\ Woin. ,!iiu l^fii- 1 . V'n'.xr-. of tho G.'.i.V:!! t ni.n'.;- rV.rm l^ a 1 -J-- cv " 00M - o;"AJ,r;c;:'!tuio.^^-r-Mvx ^··^,^, oT'thi- \V-JiV.cin 'iJ(05 \\onn. ' To Wil. ^38 Kssi roiture Store ,r c a J; Income! i ^ Store «s' iture Store tl f ',)' '»; NEWSPAPER!

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