The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

•UNOAY, AUGUST 4 1*34 THE PAWS NEWS, AW ly Review of Paris Business and Ind Published Each Sunday In The Paris News Reflecting Activity Of Paris Institutions A. L. BROWN IS NEW LORECO AGEN MAS ABOUT 20 DEALERS IN LAMAR COUNTY After two weeks as agent for the Louisiana Oil and Refining: Company, A. I* Brown states that h<& find* I^oreco products to be the equal of any on the market, and tint »o better products are offered than Acme tires and batteries, distributed.'by his coompany. ''. "While a newcomer in the oil 'agency field, Mr- Brown is not new to Paris in the gale of petroleum products to the public, having the past eight years with the Company, the past .few. years as manager of one of the downtown service stations of this company. *TTh.ea ; the Ix>reco agency was offered to me I felt tnat it was * 'distinct' advance for me in this | *nd I have found my first J weeks as agent In Paris for [ this company has brought me in j Exchange Your Cottonseed For Mead and Hulls J Otxt Hull* «r« CUBAN and our r. meal 1* Lamar Cotton Oil Company -Tbe Friendly Ofl - Sotttb 25tto St^ T «nd P- Tr*ck» | For Complete ALE MITE iUbrtcatJon Brlns Tour Car To JOHN SCARBOROUGH AUTO ODDITIES -C1934—Gulf JRijfiaigg Cecspan I50OO TbNS OF -AT -frit WORLD'S (1} A «£c*m hammer used by one of the large automobile companies to icalce steering knuckles exerts a piessiire cf 15,000 tons, yet can be so finely adjtESted that it can crar-k the ciystal of a watch without harming the rest of ti>^ watch- (2) M^iget gasclins tcotors -arbicb weigh but a fe» oancr* and have but * slcgli cySader develop a speed of 6.GOG rtvolutiocs per minute. (3) la an exbroit at the V7oflc*£ Fair one of the leading automobile manufacturers has iastaJled a chandelier made of real FuO «ser? atrtmnobiiei. t , IDEAL BAKERY BRINGS NEWEST IDEAS TO PARIS "Ton can tell the people that whenever'there is any new development in the. baking industry we will bring it to Paris as we have ' done in the past," said Ray Van- { derpool. who with his brother, ! ililton VanderpQol. owns and op- | erates the. Ideal Baking Company ' Tbe most recent innovation, in f bread is the twisted loaf. -which makes a finer bread than the Ideal J bread - was before. Among; other j recent Ideal Innovations was Ideal ' Fresh Egg bread. These two brothers are well known in Paris and all this vicinity as masters of the baking art They are alert young business men. with an aye "to the best service of their pa"|-ens. " A recent installation .at their j large bakery on I^amar Avenue j was a slicing and wrapping rna- j chine. i FORD MANAGERS SEEK FREE TRIPS TO WORLD'S FAIR MODERN QUINN SHOP DOES ANY LEATHER WORK XJEOX HODGES nsir EVERYBODY'S SERVICE STATIONS For Gas and Oil ; Ffcyette Rkidell, PHONE 32 OR 33 Le*s-e<» Biair'a t*tinrtry Compl«e WAVE to S&.OO AI3 VFork BEAUTY SHOP "an L«xnrm At«H»e Pbone 9# touch -with many agents, and hundreds of customers, who say thac I-oreco products are unexcelled." .said .Mr. Bro-Tm. "T^"e have about 20 Loreco dealers xn Lamar county. Tx-|tfa f seven stations in Paris, tw o of ! whic'li arc company operated sta- | tJons, and our company Is im| proving- both the stations and the I services offered to Ix>reco cus- | tourers. Fron^ tlrn** to tSrnc -,ve will \ makfr announcements of ue^v chances and iprovements to be nsad» fn this territory."" L>ead3n.j; products sold hy this Include Arrn» tire*, ch carry a G^!d Bond s^Jaraii- for from 1C to- I? ynonths? in .c*r Tfres. and 5 and 9 nths on cornrn^rctal cars. Acrce t-eri?'? are also another l^csdins: ! product sold by all J^adins: 5 stations. Hujfh Palmer Motor , Company Chrysler mod Pxrtc «od Servtc* CADDEL'S "Distributor for KELVINATOR Electric RefHscrator Xelephone ITOS .Untie Your Moot Useful ELECTRICITY Put An Electric Outlet On Every Wall ~ Texas Power - & light Co. Drrr« a New 1934 STUDEBAKER And votTH btiy one OSCAR DUNAGAN Jack Hanson, MST- Comer Kaufin*n *ad 2Gth CALL FOR SUREBEST It's Better Bread Southwest B*king; Co. EL C. Gann, Mgr. Nofth«aat Ti wftfc MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE THAT IS — Depvndnblr •— Economical — -Efficient NORTHEAST TEXAS MOTOR _ „ LINES Cfewcml Get Tfa*t Good f»»rt:> Rich »nd Sweet Milk From NELSON DAIRY —It's betKr and txxsts no more: X*AMAR KOAJD Sanitary Beauty Shop Makes Big Success in Line One of the outstanding successes Irs its line is the Sanitary Beauiy Shop, which is operated bv Mr. a.nd Mrs. Karl Havens in I;OTI vith the San;:ar>" Barber Shop, located on L«amar -Avenue at 2 Is; screei. Though !css than fwo years old this shop has won a •K'ide reputa- lion fc-r tl:e a^ality of. work done •here, and ha« buiH. "up a ciieniel^ p.uinbtrec anicns: the hundreds. Only skUltd operators do tlie -••"ork at this shop. a,nd all the ne\v»st types of equipment are bt»'-i?:h: by *h»r r.-ianagetnerit and I> 3 -i* into use for the better sci~i"icc of :.he*r patrons"We are certainly grateful for the ;'h;*> that has been given to us, and -we tr\* to decnon- jnrate thi:- appreciation by keep- ins; our ser%'ice to^sotch both in -vorkniansh:^ strsd the Tnodern rnethc-ds ar.d machines." Mr. Ksveiis said. If It can be done •with leather it can b*- -clone at Qxjinn's Shoe Shop, located on I^arnar Avenue nei.- door te> the Paris 3Tewr= office- Xoni Quinn has long been known as an expert ^hoe repair man whose customers stay with'him year after y^ar on account of the quality of his work- He keeps his shop modern ir every respect- As new developments are made in the machines devoted to his line of business be adds them to h's equipment, so that tooay he can boast of as modern a plant its is to be found anywhere in Xortheast, Texas, Re- is prepared to replace anj kind of -sole, regardless of its nature, with a •workmanlike job com- j paringr favorably with, the original ] factory turnout. *~T»«v!J^ WILKINS NOW LOCATED ON SO. 37TH ST. STAXLJEY SHAXXOX t bv the Ford Mo- Annour.ceme: :or Company o Century of Pro- increase shown in part* and labor sales, and that extra points would be given to the dealers who maintained^ mod*! service and parts departments, the winners of the free trips to be determined by the departments having the largest number of points at end of contest- That both the service and parts department of John Scarborough. i Inc., are known far and wide as being model departments, has been I shown on innumerable occasions j by executives .of the Ford 34otor ' Company, who have had Ford | dealers assemble in Paris for spec, ial meetings where the latest in j equipment could be demonstrated, j The parrs department, manag- 1 ed by l,eon Hodges, is rated as a mode* stock room, and this de- $ partrneat was given 5.000 credit j points in the Century of Progress j contest for maintaining a mode! j stock room, and for keeping a { , minimum stock, and giving spec- | Ja! attention to window and show | case displays. t On the sale of all factory recon- [ f dltioned motors. radios, trunks, i and other genuine Ford items, this I department is being given extra ' points, and the first two weeks of the contest has shown a big increase in the parts sales, with several thousand e^tra points credited to the parts department- Special emphasis is being laid by the r ord Motor Company on the : sale of Ford parts, which ' cost no more and give much more j satisfactory service than inferior , makes, since all Ford parts are ' built to the same identical stan- i dards that are used in the parts > used in the new Ford V-S aato- mobiles. The Fore re-conditioned motors ( are built at the Ford factory, • j which uses new parts and build j these motors with the same pre- j I cision as new motors, ano everv j motor passes the same inspection and 'is given a block test just like a new motor. To sret the best ser^ice out a recor.ditione'S motor, Mr. Hodsres urged that a genuine Ford motor block assembly be j specified. " | The service c?partrnerit, man- | ag-efi by Stanley Shannon, was also j a-.Tardec 5.000 points for maintain- I ir.g a model senrice cepartment. j and was given extra points for ! having built special window <Jis- i plays. i The service department has been equipped during the past few months to handle every make of car. and there are now more than twenty- men employed in this department, many of tiiem a specialist on some two or three makes of cars, in addition to Fords, The truck parts merchandiser, J. I>. Filler, travels I^amar and. eight adjoining counties and while in is a new. department, reports of sales jshow a bi^ increase during 1 the past few weeks, and it is stated that this department is also definitely in the run for a trip to Chicago. ""We're working" hard to .sret that free trip to the world's fair at Chicago." stated ilessrs. Shannon and Hodges, "and we'll appreciate our friends bringing: and sending us at! the service and parts business they caji. We're equipped to give prompt service. whatever your needs might be." DRINTt A BITE TO Pari* Dr. P«pper Bottling Company John Barnes. Manager Liberty Beauty Shoppe Permanents *1.95 and up •Also Zotos Machineless Permanent? "Comfort and Courtesy" Telephone 114 Paint and Paper Department Joe Gillespie In Cbarjre Pbone 138 For Utmost Power LUBRICATION W.A. Mobilofl YOUNG MALLORY*S 333 SERVICE STATION SS South Main — Phone 3$3 Goodrich Tires—GwlJf Prodncis Road Service Pai-is Grocer Company lrsaie Distribtrtors of Quality Food Product* F"or the Entire Trade Territc popular >rl<5"s i- air for !Ford Service . :ers and Parts .-terchandisers an immediate entry from John Scart-i-roiicrh, Inc.. local Ford shannon, service manager. Leon 5odge:?. par:? rn^r^hartdiser. and s J. D. Fuller, truck psrrs rn^rcnan- diser. The Ford Motor Comr»an~ In XO-R- is :?-:•? -:?--•= for fruit tre-es fo B U D W E I S E R j.fc? Kin? of BottJed Beers Distributed VThoIesal« by AMIS BROS. CO. FigTi painter, is now located a- 133 I triakjng its announc-z-rji.-r.t of the South 37th street after s. re cent 1 cont c-st *::;:-?•.: -hat th-= c-'rie>t chance. ^ I 'would cover a iw.-i month? period. One rse'tv feature of his servics ? 'rorrj ,Tu!y 7^ to ??; i t-=mber 15. is that he has signs already painted i s-nd that pcints •a.-.^uld b€<??<2 except for tlie letter so that a cus- ^on a ba.?-.* of the percentage of tomer has only to s«t*ct the s:zs j ~——" — arsd color and rhe Jittering ca~ be added in a short time, Mr. "Wiikins also has a new line of colors, more durable than even before, real non-facing colors, Prices in all the lines of his work sre very reasonable. It cars always be said of Mr. Wilkirss that he delivers the g w*th "that sadden service." He* is well known in every section of • least Texas and Southeast j Oklahoma, being frequently called { to otlrer tokens to do jobs. " i to book orders ' ta;I deliver;.'. 7-4 ROBINIUS GREENHOUSE { i — ! J> COMPARE OUR PRICES _*^ori jot: Jr-u;*' Jeulc stipphes Hooten-AHard Aoto Supply "A Bome Own*d Institution" SS S. 2«th Street TcL 260 MARIONETTES IN KELVINATOR CHICAGO SHOW For Prompt—First Class FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE on X^omssric cr Commercia! r condition!:::; equipment call, lay. or ntsrr.i— PERKINS BROS. CO. Fric^daire Dep:.. Party. Texas Day Ph. 2424. XS|rht 3*h, 22OS [ 1 MARX PLUMBING The Berter Rind Phone TRUMAN E. JOHNSON BJ.TS MOORE Jeffersoa Standard Insnrauce Co. 14 First XarL Sans TIME TKT LORECO GAS A.VD OFL A. I,- BROVTN". A Oil aind Refining Co. SUITS, DRESSES, COATS Master Cleaned CA>. and Pressed OUC City Steam Laundry Telephone 21 -23 Stailmgs Roofing Co. General Top *Em AB^ Roofios: Contractor 33 Grand Avenue Phone S2 t Scott T:r!e <K Trust Co. Bld=. v E- C. Stallinss AY. P. Garrett ONE-STOP ery service for the motorist Dodiie-PIynionifa Dealer Langfcrd Motor Service Successors To Motor Service PAR-TEX OIL COMPANY L F. CWJey, Quality Shoe Join onr throng of •satisfied customers wco are enjoying oar courteozis 'Quality' senrlce. QUINN 5HOE SHOP SO g a Specialty LET US DELIVER -Tbat Creamy To Your Home Daily W. H- MARTIN DAIRY Laojar A vex Road, Pb. Pontiac 8 See It: Drive Compare Al GuRick Motor Company 72 South Main Street 35 YEARS ON LAMAR AVENUE Jclmson-SiliiogsJey Company ICE CREAM 200 Q UART Hildebrand's Hudson, Champion of the Road Uses Champion Spark Plugs. ROSS IUFF MOTOR CO. Snick Sales and Service An Unlimited Whole Milk Market —AT— Creamery Co. Performers ^tcho n^ver tire, re- Bardies* o' the fact that they depict or.e phase o* ciTilization's pro- S^ress fiv*» times a day. feature the } exhibit of Kelviiiator Corporation I a; this y«ar"s C«aixsry of Frocress I Exposition Jn Cfcicasro, acccrdinc- >o [ Fre<5 C&ddel of Arthur Caddf 1 Co^ i local Kijlvinalor sales rcpr*s*r>t»- ""The famous K^lvjnator snarion- te*. ^rhic-h already have attracted s of people TO yhowinjn? in many cities of the Ur.ire-d ? States have Taken up surrsTtirr rp^I, dencf* afth* World's Fair :<r,t: art 1 actirtifr ca* the Mstory of food prcs- ^rvation before o»pao-::v a'J«i;-""ces of T5<* a day." h<* ssai«1. TRY OUR MIXED HULLS AND MEAL fN 10O POUND BAGS SOUTHl,AND COTTON OIL CO, "TITE EXCHANGERS" Place Your Insurance Wrth Rainey, Love & Co, Offices at i$ Soti?;h Main S Pboae 417 BARNETT ? S TIN SHOP Manufacturers o* Tin and Galvanized Iron Work, GsivanSzed Radix lors RepsOr^d and Reoor«-d 1« EAST KACFMAM STUEET PHONF NO. LAMAR TRUCK & TRACTOR CO. Sales and Service—Far-mall rractors—International TSTJC& 55 BO>*HAJtf STRKET When Tour Car —"Won't Start Easily —"Won't run \\-itii nsnal pep. —"Won't ride or. steer as good as \vrsen new, We hav* the ' finest e^mpxaest- aiiii the most hi^jily traiaed meciiasics. - ; " ., • •-' ,. GENUINE DEXCO BATTKRISS Vour cleanest, most efficient, niosi economical fuel for healing, cooking and industrial uses. Texas Cities Gas Co. "Get Gulf and Get Ahead" SAM WEISS Gmit of Prrxfacw ICKMAN & HICKMflN CheTrolet Owners Our *«rvtc« department t» corn- toy tr»ln«4 tn<fcb«nJc» to Lamar CherroUt Co. For SIGNS c*n A. M. WUXINS tM So, *nh The till* 'The XTorJ.i on a Szr;r;c. % ha* won th* acclaim cf drama:ic critics' ^svho ssty that it »:• nr 1 . ex- cn-ptkYnsrlly srood exaiTtp'.^ of th^ unusual typ«* of dramatic.-*." th? lo- C*I Ki*5vinator r^pr««*T > .tat\v«f! said. "Th# emir* perforrrtarsc^ i* ^rt acted I by pupp^tx. at mariftT»<»tTf anrtounc- ] tT on th*' on;s*d''* of •>>*» "ir V-OT*-. j ditioned th^arre in the Kelvinator acting 8LS "barker* for th«* *how." Resident? of Paris ar<» invited to the Kelvinatcr exhibit their d«riii«c the fair Tn tho th*atr* they may rest and b« comfortable tchere the temperature 1» kept cool by the latest iu KelvJnator ajr coaditionins: Th« spacious display offer much of interest to th« fair Tisltor. Kclvlnator he*d<iu*rt~ ers at the fnSr are locaietl on th% ;3*cond floor of the Electric Build* inc. Mr- Cadd«l EAT IDEAL BREAD -Idea! for Kvery -Meal"' Ideal Baking Co. **A Paris iastltuiion" * LYON.GRAY LUMBER CO, The honre of Qualify S^iild ing: Materials Phone 27S We Have Money TO LOAN To Repair Your House Paris Building & Loan Association Drink HCX^XN CLARK Local representative aud dbtributor CONOCO CONOCO Gasoline fhooe I7» Germ Processed Motor CHI 2»3 Nwrtla Mats A. BUY FURNITURE MADE IN PARK Everything you need tu make your office thoroughly modern.

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