Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 24, 1953 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1953
Page 18
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i » * f. I BIOHTSBN ALTON EVKN1NO TBL&QRAPH FRIDAY, APRIL 14, IW Btttlnttss Mirrot \ Business, Market Aren't Together By SAM DAW80II ' NEW YORK * - Business goes In or* direction today and the stock market in another. Molt all business reports show tht trend still upward, with pros- peete good for some time ahead, I Cattle fl oo; calves 500; mostly In- and.Jfiany company executive ooz-1 ( | lvidl , B ] hear j anr j 8n1a || i 0 ( S C0m . ing optimism, morrinl to choice steers and hef- Livestock Pricei of Emt St. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. *-(USDA) - Hogs 7,500; early sales choice Nos. 1 and 2 180-230 Ibs 24.25-50; late sales Including full width of choice grade 24.00-25; most 240-270 Ibs 23.25-24.00; heavl- er weights scarce; 150-170 Ibs 22.5024.00; few 24.25; 120-140 Ibs 19.5022.00; 22.00; boars 14.00-17.00. sows 400 Ibs down 21.50- heavier sows 19.50-21.00; Sales are up for many, earnings ire up for most, the total of dlvl- ers 17.50-21.50; lightweight utility offerings 15.00-16.50; cows contln- dend payments is higher, and new^ed draggy; utility and commer- Orders are still coming In at most C ) fl i 13,00-15.00; ranners and cut- 10.5043.00; utlrtty factories, But Jittery- stock traders—supposedly trying to assess future earnings and dividend prospects- have knocked out about two-thirds of the price gains made in the confidence boom that got under way before Election Day. The Associated Press stock average is back to where It was Just after the election that gave such a boost to business confidence. The bears apppar to think that ters mereial bulls and com- 14.50-16.50; canner and cutter bulls 13.00-M.OO; individual head prime vealers to 28.00; good and choice 19.00-25.00; utility and commercial 14.00-18.00; culls 10.00-13.00. Sheep 150; choice 112-lb lambs 24.00; choice to prime lambs around 100 Ibs or somewhat heavier quotable to 25.00; sizable lot cull and utility grade shorn slaughter ewes 6,00. ' the signs point to deflation. The Korean peace talks are only a part of this. Higher interest rates and a tightening money market are only a part of this. Higher interest rates and a tightening money market are also cited as indications that inflation's day is over and a mild deflation may be coming. Employment at the moment appears on -the increase, with the C.rnin* ™ '» season for outdoor jobs getting under way. As long as employment Is high and pay checks fat, econo- i mists argue that retail trade will stay good. Most retailers scored gains this week over their year ago sales figures, Dun & Bradstreet reports today 1 , although' It notes that merchants are "more circumspect about granting credit than in recent months." People are still buying in the stores, however, and until employment drops — if it does — they'll probably continue to do so at the present high rate. It's the far-off months, that worry the bears in Wall Street — or maybe what they have isn't worry, at an, Just jitters. News of Stocks Buoyant Areas Resist Declines NEW YORK ff— f he stock market was lower today on balance with numerous buoyant areas resisting the decline. Price changes spread over a range of around 2 points either , way with the bulk of changes in fractions. . Volume was down from Thursday at an estimated million and , three quarter shares. The total Thursday 1,920,000 shares. Trading activity was centered In railroads, steels, and motors, with each of these major divisions ^m both the gaining and losing sides during the day—much 6f the time on the upside, Aircrafts posted some of the best gains seen in the list, but not much activity was shipped up by the advance. Lower stocks included St. Louis Southwestern Railroad, Caterpillar Tractor, Schenley Industries, Admiral Corp., and Consolidated Edison. Higher were Trans World Airlines, Ixxw's, Union Carbide, United Gas. and Lockheed. U. S. governments in the over the counter market \i r ere fairly bteady. Wheat Suffers Selling Squalls By WILLIAM FERRIS CHICAGO /P — Wheat suffered from several selling squalls on the Board of Trade today while corn edged higher in a display of independent strength. Wheat sank around 2 cents at one time, but recovered toward the finish. Moisture in the Southwest caused some selling. A little support was derived from export transactions in red wheat. There was buying in corn based on this week's upturn In live hog prices and the fact corn exports are running higher than a year ago. Rye sank with wheat, Tiitting new seasonal lows, while trends in soybeans and oats were mixed. Carlot grain receipts at Chicago were estimated at: wheat 6. corn 129, oats 5, rye 0, barley 31 and soybeans 48. CHICAGO A?— Cash wheat: none. Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.61; No. 3, 1.55K-59&; No. 5, 1.57%. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 81-81%; No. 1 white 77>4-79l4; No. 3 heavy white 77-79. Barley nominal: malting 1.35-81; feed 1.25-45. v High Low Close Prev.clqse Wheat May 2.19% 2.18% 2.19% 2.19% Jiy 2.22% 2.20% 2.21% 2.22%-% Sep. 2.26', s 2.24% 2.25% 2.26% 2.31',4 2.29% 2.30% 2.26% 2.34 1 /, 2.33% 2.34% 2.35^4 , ef IM NoftrrWtat oBrna* df • r^TrWMM wife 19 Watrtntjr Dmti dated August 8, ion, arid recorded in Book 407, Pan 38 of the Recorders Offim rrf MadMtm County. Illinois; tMnet Sooth at rtinj angita a dwtance of 1B1 feet and 2 inches to a point; thence Southeast along tin Southwesterly line of saw tract conveyed by Cnariaa H. Wolf and wife to Henry E. Covey and wlfa to a poflt directly South nf a point in Dtl- m«r Avenue, Sfl feet East of the place of beginning! thence North on a direct line to aatd point on tha South Una of Oeimar Avenue: thence Wast on Deimsr Avenue »n faat to the pi see of beginning, situate In the City of Alton, County of Madison and state of Illinois; and for other relief; that summons wai duly issued out of the said Court against you as provided by law, and that tha said suit Is still pending. NOW, THEREFORE, unless you, WILLIAM W. PARKED and PAULINE PARKER, the two defendant!, file your answer to the Complaint in tha said suit or otherwise make your appearance therein, In the said City Court of Alton, Madison County, Illinois, on or before the 3rd Monday In tha month of May, IBM, being tha lf)th day of May, inru, default may be entered against you at any time after that day and a decree entered in accordanca with tha prayer of said Complaint. flCLIX T. BOSCHBRT, Clerk. m a payable to M» »rer ol AltoaCo Mtri«« ,,ianee of wen Wd, (image* in «att a to ta*e up and proposal! should mart" 1 guarantee of urlty for tilt nd at liquML ucretafut plpBtf y for tha wMHjL. . enclosed in a aval n the outside . —-- ~~ IONDS, and addretspd to O_—.)AVIS, Secretary of the Board o* tdu atlon of said Alton Communi- Ichool District Number If Bounty, Illinois, in the City •i-iw ounu. will be delivered at ttie xpente of" tha DMtttt to such Bank or rust company in tfflf City of New York, OKOROK M. BERRY, Attorney for Plaintiffs, 612 Bast Third Street, Alton, Illinois. ( MO* VUIM|/***'«r ••• «'«"* •—•-•! —- ilinois, at may be mutually between the purchaser end the -•----;_ The bonds will be delivered at the jptlon of the purchaser at any bank or rust company In the City of New York, all expense of such delivery, inelud- ng travelling expense of the officials if the District, to be paid by the pur- •baser. Said Board nf Education of Alton Community Unit School District r*im- >er II. Madinon County. Illinois, reserves the right to reject any or all bids. By order of the Board of Education of Alton Community Unit School Dis- rlct Number 11, Madison County, lllnois. Dated this 33rd day of April, A. D. 053. GEORGE L. DAVIS,; Secretary. April 10, 17. 34 r NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice ii hereby given to alt pefsoni that the first Monday In June. 1953. li the Claim Date In the estate of Jamei P. trill. Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County. Illinois, and that claims mny be filed against the «nld estate on or before said dnte without Issuance of summons. Dated this 7th day of April, 1033. HALLIE L. MOUSER, Administratrix. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. IRVING WISEMAN (CHARLES H. JUNGELSl Attornlei. April ia. STATE oV iCCINdW. ' T~! COUNTY Of MADISON i ui. Dec Mar Corn May Jiy Sep Dec 1.58% 1.58V, 1.58% 1.58%-% 1.61% LUtt 1.81% 1.61% 1 1.61% 1.60% 1.61 1.60V4 1.57 l!56% 1.56% L56U Oats May • Jiy Sep Dec .74% .73% .7494 .77% .73% .73% .74% .77% .74% .74%-% .73% .73%-% .74% .74V»-% .77% ,77',i Rye May Jiy Sep 1.63% 1.61% 1.62% 1.63% 1.67V4 1-65 1.66 1.67^ 1.70% 1.68% 1.69%'1.70% Soybeans May 3.05% 3.02% 3.05 3.03%-% Jiy 3.01% 2.99% 3.01% 3.00%-01 Sep 2.83% 2.80 2.83 2.83% Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, /P—Produce and live poultry. Fowl: fryers, broilers, and roasters (black chickens) 22. All other prices unchanged. IN ' POW Beaten To Death PUSA.N, Knra fP -- A North Korean prisoner of war was beaten to death Tuesday by fellow pris-1 oners on Koje Island, the United WA H£ IA JS PAULINE M!OAL NOTIOK "oF THE CITY COURT OF* ALTON. MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS ALFRED P ZIPPRICH and ) EILEEN ZIPPRICH, ) Plaintiffs,) vs. ) Nations prisoner of war command announced today. UirU' Lot Happier Better days have dawned for women in India, Fazl AH, Governor of Orrissa, commented at a Girls' School ceremony in Cut- tack. There \vus a time, lie said, when the idea prevailed that "the kitchen and the needle ami the care of children" were enough to occupy a woman's life. Now, however, schools for girls are becoming as numerous as those for boys. A $560,000 project to improve Eire's Fenit Harbor will be completed mis year. I JONES. ALTON GERMANIA ) BUILDING AND LOAN ASSO- ) CIATION. and Illinois corpora- ) tion. and ASSOCIATES DIS- ) COUNT CORPORATION. > Defendants. ) LAW NO. 2182 NO T I C E The requisite Affidavit for Publication having been filed, notice is hereby given you, WILLIAM W. PARKER and PAULINE PARKER, defendants in the above entitled tult, that the said slut has been commenced In the City Court of Alton, Madison County. Illinois, by the said plaintiff* against you and other defendants, praying for division and partition of the premises) described an follows, to-wtt: A certain tract of land situated in the Northeast Quarter of Section 3 Township 9 North Range 10 West of the Third Principal Meridian, Madison County, Illinois, more particularly described at follows-. Begininng at • point on Deinrnr Avenue 95 feet Eaut Duke Bakery Dial 2-2922 9th io«i Henry Sti. All Day WEEK-END FEATURES OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 10 P.M. Cake • Cbtrry Tertt t Dataj Nut StolUn • Gharry Cracwi Pit • Baaa»Q Ciwuo Pie Doouta • Applt TumovtiK • Crtam Herat • Crtom FuiU • Caccelatt Eclair* • Nut Cinaampa, By* oad Frtacb IN THE CIRCUIT COURT WILLIAM H. BAUOH ) MARY ANN BAUGH ) Petitioner ) v*. l RAYMOND PAUL SCOO- i CJINS. a Minor ) IVA MAE BAUOH, and ) unknown persons, ) defendant ) No. 8SS5 PETITION FOR ADOPTION OF A CHILD NAMED RAYMOND PAUL SCOGGINS. PUBLICATION ADOPTION NOTICE The requisite affidavit for publication having been filed, notice Is hereby given' to you and each of you and to all unknown persons and unknown Defend ants ana to whom It may concern, thai on the 17th day of April, 1093, WILLIAM H. BAUOH and MARY ANN BAUGH filed a petition In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois, for the adoption of a child named Raymond Paul Scogglni, that summons was duly Issued as provided by law returnable on the 3rd Monday in the month of June, 1053, and that said petition is still pending. Npw, unless you, the said defendant file your answer, or otherwise make your appearance In sold cause, held In the Court House In the City of Edwardl- ville, County of Madlion, Illinois, on or before Monday, the 19th day of June 1993, default may be entered agalnil you at any time thereafter and a decree of adoption entered In accordance with the prayer of said petition. \ SIMON KELLERMANN, Jr. Clerk of the Circuit Court Madlion County, Illinois. IRVING M. WISEMAN Attorney for Petitioners 634 E. Third Street, Alton, Illinois _ NOTICE OF SALE OF " $4,931,000 SCHOOL BUILDING! BONDS OF ALTON COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT NUMBER 11 MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha sealed bids will be received by the Board of Education of Alton Community Unit School District Number 11. Madl son County, Illinois, until the hour o: 7:30 o'clock P. M., D.S.T., oh Wednes day, the 13th day of May A.D. 1993. a the office of the Board of Education at 1311 Henry Street, in the City o Alton, Illinois, for the following described bonds: ~ $4,931,000 School Building Bonds, numbered from 1 to 4931, inclusive, of the denomination of $1,000 each, dated April 1, 1993, Interest payable October 1, 1954, and semlannuatly thereafter on April 1 and October 1 of each year, and become due and payable $243,000 on October 1 of each of the years 1954 to 1998, Inclusive, $248.000 on October 1 of each of the years 1999 to 1963, inclusive, $292,004 on October 1 of each of the years 1964 and 1989, $377.000 on October 1 of each of the years 1966 and 1967, $379,000 on October 1 1908. $386.000 on October 1 of each of the years I960 and 1970. $378,000 on October 1, 1971, and $301,000 on October i; 1973. Principal and interest will be payable at such bank or trust company in the City of Chicago, Illinois, as may be agreed upon between the purchaser and the District. Said bonds were authorized at an election held in and for said Schoo District on February 7, 1993, for the purpose of purchasing additional schoo sites, constructing new school build ings, building additions to existing building* and building and equipping an athletic field and stadium. Said bonds may be registered as to principal only in the namu of the holder on the books of the treasurer who-receives the taxes of said District. Sale Bonds will be general obligations of said School District payable from ad val- orem taxes levied upon all the taxable property in said School District with out limitation as to rate or amount The assessed valuation of taxable prop erty in the School District for the year 1953 an equalized and determined by the State Department of Revenue is $141,393,314.00. The total aggregate in debtedness of the School District o: every kind and character whatsoever Will be after the Issuance of thesi bond!) The population o the baid District Is approximately 50,000 Said bonds will be awarded to th< responsible bidder on the basis of the lowest Interest cost to the School Dls trict, but no bid will be considerec providing for more than three differ ent interest rates, and each luteres rate shall be In multiples of one-fourth of one per cent or one-tenth of one per cent, and all bonds of the some ma turity shall bear interest at the sami rate, and no bid will be considerec for less than par or bearing an Interes rate greater than three per cent (3% per annum. In determining the bes bid. the Interest co*t to the District wil be computed by determining the inter eat from April 1, 1953, to maturity, a thf rate or rates specified by the bidder after deducting therefrom any prem ium offered. Bids must be lor all ani not » part of said bonds. Bids will be opened *t e meeting o the Board of Education to be held a the office of said Board of Educulloi at 7:30 o'clock, P. M., OST. 01 Wedne*d«y. the lath day of May, A. D 1953, at which time and place the bid will be publicly read end the award mode to the successful bidder. Said bond* will be delivered with the unqualified approving opinion of Chap man and Cutler, Attorneys. Chicago tot by , o bonds to b* auppUMt by Uw auccaaif u Tty Unit Behotrt ANNOUNCEMENTS "cAfio OF THANKS" MURRAY, MRS. MARY A.-We wish to exprcHu our sincere appreciation to friends and relatives for their kindness and ansintance during our recent bereavement. fftt,f> fMlVftD-ilAU - . « tltt City, fll. ttjt WtAM§*« ttf •StoMM^^HkMHM* HO. Fltjniy Ol B]Qvlnx6vTn>«nV r ana Jolt MCttg^ L _o fnv stffu 4'mpl0j'4 DVnvflU* _ •tariing pay Sn MR, KITRO between 0 and 8 fvmtnu by Appotntmetta. JOHN5-MANVILLE Man, ambitious, of good character, refinement, age 30 to flO. High school or better eduaction. Mont own ear and be ready to accept position by May U, 1BS9. Capable of earning about $8,000 annually, lalary and commission. Engaged in an important Johns-Manvllle expansion program. 1 am seeking a man to work locally in Madison County and surrounding area representing a Johns-Manvllle Approved Contractor. For personal interview, write fully giv- Inj age, education, experience and tele- S hone number. Address: W. Rawtlngs, Ohnt-Manville Salea Corp., lOOO Mark- •t Bt, Bt. Louis 1, Missouri. MIDDLsi-AGl MAN—Wflntn to work In aborting goods store. Pleasant work. Mult be sober & honest. No phone calls. YOUNG MAN—We art willing to train" clean-cut, ambitious young man to be retail furniture salesman, fine opportunity for right man with ability. LIBERAL SALARY. No past experience necessary. Call 3-8741 for apolntment for interview. _____________ H EXPER HELP WANTED— rBMALK NICrri8fcTir^~Wl~wouid~ like to take this means of thanking all our friends, relatives and neighbors who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Especially Hev. Smith. Gent's funeral home, pallbearers, musicians, Alton Memorial Hospital, Lucr Bros., Portnoy Garment Co., Stratford Hotel, Butchers' Union, those who sent cards, flowers, or assisted in any . .IENCED HEtP-Steady & extra. Lee Shop, 317 Belle. • WHITE WOMAN—Experienced for light housework, care of children. No washing. $19 weekly. 4-1136. WHfflTWOMAN—Care for child while parents work. Preferably In Wood River or East Alton area. 4-B133. _ CUffS HltP WANTED—Apply In person to Comet Drive In. ORDER"~c6OK—101 W. Ma'in, "TWlSH" fO~~fHANK the ma~ny friends for their kindness shown me during my recent Illness it In the death of my MRS. JESSIE HOIST PERSONALS ALCOHOLICS ANbNYMOUa - 6 1 V a • help to problem drinkers. Dial 9-7880, or write P. O. Box 107. HARMON MbrfflMEfiT" SALE*"" Markers & Monuments on Display 610 Acton Ave.. Wood River, 4-8584^ fcLDERLY'LADY—To care for "boy while mother works nights. 6 day week. 2-0870. "WE SPECIALIZE IrT BIRTH CERTIFICATES 605 East Broadway. Phone 3-6331_ H RIJMMAOB AND PA8TRY SALE BAKE SALE —At Kramer Electric In Wood River, Saturday, April 25. Given by Fellowship Club Auxiliary. RUMMAGE SALE—Onlzed Club Rooms; Saturday, April 25, B a.m. Forming Auxiliary. Alton RUMMAGE SALE — Given by Chapter, Order Eastern Star, Friday evening. April 24, Saturday morning, April 29. 51.7 Belle St. RUMMAGE SALE-8t. Paul's Parrisfi House, 3rd and Market. Friday, March 24. 6 p.m. Given to St. Francis Guild. SPRING RUMMAGE SALE — Elm si'. Presbyterian Church, Elm at Gerion, Saturday, April 29, starting at 12 o'clock noon. PASTRY SALE—At Sears Annex-, Friday, April 24. Plate lunches, sandwiches, pies and cakei. Given by Ma- chlnlsts Ladles Auxiliary. 307. SOCIETIES — LODGES FRANKLIN LODGE NO. 29 — Special meeting Saturday, April 29th, dinner at 8 p.m. 3rd degree at 7 conferred by Paducah Lodge No. 187, Paducah, Ken- V. B. WILLIAMS. W.M. PIASA LODGE—No. 27, A. T. tt A. M, Special meeting Saturday, April 25, commencing at 1 p. m. Work In 3rd degree. Refreshments at 8:30. Visiting brethren welcome. Harold L. Glbblns. W. M. ll LOST - 8T«/»¥EI> — "TOLBN WHITE TICKED-^Female pointer with black ears. Phone Bcthalto 4892. LOST—Whlte English setter with brown specks on feet and face. Answers to "Spec". Name of owner on collar. Reward. Phone 3-8769. LOST—Chest of tools. $20 reward. 810 Elision. Phone 2-8639. II NOTICES OPEN FOR THE SEASON Van's Delve-in, Route 67 tt 111 At Godfrey V. , Featuring sandwiches Si ice 'cold root beer. TO MY FRIENDS—And customers. My telephone number has been changed to 2-0888. Charles and Eddie Mae McCollough, 1721 Maupln. lough, dINN<! MINNOWS • WORMS • GOLD FISH DOWNTOWN PHILLIPS 408 Belle Street. Phone 3-9607 4 A. M. — 10 P. M. DAILY Open Sundays PICTURE "FRAMING — Choose from samples. Bland Art Shop, 3029 College. Phone 3-3718. AFTER THtS DATE—April 83. 1093. i will not be responsible for any debt* contracted for by anyone other than myself. Paul Strebel. Jerseyville. Ill NOTICE—From this <Jay forward I wll no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than my- aeJf. Dated this 22 of April, 1093. Irene McKee. South Roxana. dARDEN MINNOWS—Worm* and tackle. We give Eagle Stamp*. Jim Baker Service Bta i . _™ n • r __. J VU....w««1«w4ll^ 1 tion',"" 3rd and Wood River. a* *****•>** w* T*WW »•••«• EdwardsviHe Road STATE LICENSE AND NOTARY SERVICE CHARLIE CLARK. 808 B. BDWY, GLASS WAKfilD-Antiauea. ol. aware, gikssware, furniture, oil chinaware, lamps, iron toys. 3-3378. IIA RIDERS WANTED—Ride for a from Uijper Alton or Bridge entrance to McDonnell Aircraft; day shift, starting Monday. Ph. 2-3430 from 5 to 7.. Saturday eve PASSENGERS WANTEP—To Denver Late model car. For information call 4-4901, • IIA INSTRUCTIONS GUITAR LESSONS — team to play America's favorite folk instrument Lesson* $1.00. instrument rented with full credit applying toward purchwa, HAYXS MUSIC CO. 453 E. Jennings, Wood River. 4-4190 14 MUSIC. D4MCTWO, DRAMA - menta rented. Royal -- guitar instruction. Beginnen WANTED—Boy to pick up and deliver cars, full time work. Apply in person STUART MOTON CO, 316 I. Ferguson Ave. Wood River YOUNG MAN—To work in wholesale news agency S day week. Och* New* Agency. 1888 WANTSD—Maw for beverage must have chauffeur's license. Inquire at 713 E»»t Fourth street. WANTED—Apprentice body~TO»a. Ideal atty w lea/a trtd*. Hour* da**. ChllaT Ifotara, 1U Watt IMAByrfllT MM!, ttnk fwifrtmi «n raeft ttymt. PlaiSlf patBrHna, \ U Hgndtfton, H-84M, 'allpapfr NDING FLOOR BANDING — And refintshmg. fnttrior painting. Reasonable rat**. For free estimate* dial 3-0814 Property and workmen insured. Union work. Free estimate. Bethalto Painting Decorating- Be thai to, Phone 3461. 1 2 sSZ *££- -— V^njon* '"*ir~ two EfWflLJjs! EXtfjR (OOQ fancct Good fflrdtn ftra I city, PHWtf/li II Tl-t.*»e» IA. f^ iHTHUoH and tXfBMofl PAINTlfTO and decorating. 5' 3 j^ — 1 *-°j 7 , 1 ,v. -m, INTERIOR - EXfER1OR bfeCORATWO —Plastering, patch (Mastering, removing wallpaper. Free estimates. Dial 9-8884 in n A PIP » t. v KB PA mix o MB66HA ASKA ftftMtfatfrTs For quick, efficient television service, call 33, Greenfield, III. Due to new road, our men can offer you 34-hour service. Guaranteed work on all stand* WILTON'RADIO and TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE Phone 33. Greenfield, Illinois A' ftLiVfSlON SElV!cl-e make night call*. Work guaranteed. Ebbler Electric, 3312 State. Ph. 3-78B8. ' TELEVtStbN" SERVICE 8011 State, Alton. Phone 3-4313 Guaranteed Service _ _ WILKINSON last Alton. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS—6 a.rn^5:30 shift. Call 2-2406. WAITRESS — And miscellaneous help wanted. Phone 3-0644 after 9:30. INVOICTCTERK Good at typing and figures; steady, pleasant employment; advancement; no Saturdays. MS per week. (Downtown St. Louis j. Box 740. care Telegraph. TYPIST—Addressing labels and envelopes. $1 per hour; no Saturdays. L St if Co., 910 St. Charles, St. Louis. Mo. WAN* tyHtTE WOMAN—To care for 3 small children while parents work shift work. Stay. $15 per week. 3-9408. WANTED— By group of doctors, filing clerk and receptionist. Experience not necessary but preferred. Write Box 720, care of Telegraph. _ OFFICE EMPLOYS— Typing and soiFSe shorthand required. Permanent posl- tlon. See Mr. Moore. Bledermans, WAITRESS—Experience not necessary. Apply days only. Rep Top Restaurant, 1301 Belle. WHITE WOMAN— To care for children while mother works shift work. 3-3110 SALESGIRL WANTED— Apply in person only between hours 0-12. 2922 College^ WANTED—Girl for general office work 9 day week, vacations. Insurance benefits. Downtown office. Write Box 600, care Telegraph. _ WANTED— Mature woman for part time stenographic work in downtown office. Write Box 700, care Telegraph. _ 10 HELP WTD.—MALE A FEMALE WANTED — CURB HELP $30 per week salary, plus tips and meals. Must be neat, clean, willing to work steady. BRIGHT SPOT DRIVE-IN s to 6 p.m. No phone calls •40 SALESMEN SALESMAN WANTED— In our vacuum cleaner and sewing machine dept. Top starting salary and commissions. Many employe benefits, paid vacations, em- ploye discount, share in store profits, group Insurance. Aplpy in person. Interviews 9:30 to 11:30 or 2 to 4:30. SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. 309 Ptasa WANTED— Man between 3Q and 50 to •ell new and used cars. Must be willing to work. Phone 2-7332. SALESMAN OPPORTUNITY! Alton territory open for experienced salesman. Age 23-30. Call on grocery trade. Sell leading nationally advertised products. Car furnished. Expenses paid. $63 a week to start Write Box 620, care Telegraph. »l SITUATIONS WANTED— MALE WANT JOB— Would take farm job, true! driving, large or small truck; experienced. Clarence Mouser, Phone 4-3410. SITUATION WANTED— FEMALE COLORED GIRL — Wants day work, 2-9694. GIRL—Wants housework or baby sitting by week or day.- 2-4384. BUSINESS OPPOBTUNITIES WOOD RIVER BEAUTY SALON — For sale. Good business. 3-9073-or 4-8377. TAVERN FOR SALE—Nice buy. Apply W. B. Schmoeller. Phone 3-8713. BUSINESS SERVICE M DB18BMAKINO—TAILOK1NU C6VKBKD BUVfoNd — Belts and tonholes. 24-hour service. Central Sew- tng Supply Co., 14 W. Broadway. Dial SLIP COVERS—And draperies expertly made: free estimates it samples. 4-8343 31 LAUNDERING ,.J i . mi. njji_i_i— I i -—T WASHINGS WANTED — In my 4-4903. hom WANTED—Washing and ironings; also men's laundry; experienced. Dial 4-7B86 83 BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS PAINTING—Done reasonable. Free es tlmates. Phone 3-5479. ROWLAND REFRIGERATION SERVICE 317 Gercon Street Dial 3-5848 GA'RbEN PLOWING—Yard leveling and driveway work. Leveling off fill dirt 3-3780. CAftPiNTER REPAIR- Screens paint•d and Installed. Odd jobs. Ph. 3-1841 OUR ELECTRIC 6AW-H inch drill, occillating sender, extension lad der, pipe tools. What do you need' LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED AND REPAIRED—A Stupperich Alby. Phone 8-4388. 3106 fiiwJ t •»•»»•«•» W^W'"" WATKB WILL DRju#jQ-*rew outfit Guaranteed service. Orient Prilling Co. Jerseyville. 8979-W4. driveway rock. GlLUtNWATER. Dial 3-8308. FOB SALE—DouWe powered hand and power lawn mowers. Uarpening me chine. After 6 p.m., 44S E. Third. Dial 8-0887 water wwage to 7V4 ft. deep, for oaa, sewer lines, field tile linea • • " Ida, and septic tank*. Coniti .. . . Idwardaville . . . 8188 TREE SPECIALIST Trim, Tons. Take Down ft H"«{A W ,?*. Incured, Free iatimates. CD KRAUT Phone 4-8343. IED WHITE SANITARY SERVICE Vaoe Radio and Television Sc-vioe 127 W. 5th, Roxana We convert to U. H. F. Open 0 to 9, except Saturday, 9 to S ^_^__^ 4-2014 __ FHF CONVErt'l'EHS-^For 'Admiral, Zen- 1th, Westinghousc. Channel 54, Installed $13.05. Wllcox Radio and Television 201;! State, Alton. Dial .1-7442. FOSTERADIO-TV-SERVICE 2-0442 Robert L. Foster--North Alby Road Conscientious Courteous Reliable RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 8KVEN MEN TO SERVt YOU combination, wall B room, attached fareg*, 0 miim from Snail .. AT M. R. fxfisa:" 180 ACRBS. all good black, tillable sell, good buildings, on all weather nan. This is a farm that jwi can afford to pay a high price per acre became it will give you high returns. Coma and see it, then figure for yourself. us ACRES, ebout 100 acres tillable, most of It good level upland and yielding good crops. Buildings better than average! 'located about one mite from town $18,600 63 ACRES, about 35 acres tillable on alt weather road, 3-room house, electricity, barn, garage, chicken house and good brooder house) $8,000 ITO ACRES, very good buildings, near town, worth the money. Call for more information or coma and see. 23 ACRES, edge of town, large two- story . modern house, barn and small fruit Wonderful home for * family. $10,800 80 ACRES—Well improved. Located in Greene County near town, — $14,900 HOUSES WITH SMALL ACREAGE 6 ACRES with all modern 8-room house, basement, barn, chicken house, small fruit, excellent black soil, located edge of town $8,890 a 1 a ACRES edge of town, 3-room house and basement. Only $3,300 ABOUT '3 ACRES and 3-room house, henhouse, and other outbuildings. $3.700 7-ROOM all modern, basement, garage and about one acre of ground. Has had a $3,000 G.I. loan. A good buy at $6,000 ALMOST NEW 3-room house .. $3.000 S ROOMS and both, includes large living room with wall to wall carpet and fireplace, basement, with oil heat, located one block from center of town. Small down payment with excellent loan of $80,00 per month at 5% interest to right party .. $11,338 RIGG HEAL ESTATE AGENCY Bunker Hill. 111. R. E. Rlgg Chas. M. Huyle Phone 213 Phone 136 tt y*y 9 fB>fftJ!8JPBJ_iMLiite. agay ABM raymsjnt. woum iwmi room IOK own* V »_»WW»BW UR> fl oil furna.68, X*et m« BIIVW u to you and prove to you Jtnt it ia REPAIRING — ROOFING IEPAIRS—Carpenter work, roofing. No job too small or too large. 2-7913. Ask for Del. STORAGE — MOVING FARM FOR SALE—to settle estate. 346 acres known as "Grand View Farm," located V/, miles south of Jerseyville. Illinois State Highway 109. For Information write Alton Evening Telegraph, Box 630. or phone St Louis, Republic 6440 after 8 p. m. FOR QUICK MOVING Phone 3-7630 2-8240 2-7484 PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS FOR VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 4$ STATES Also quick moving of stoves, refrigerators, pianos, trunks, boxes, or what have you? Also storage. SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL — LONG D1STANC DIAL 4-6561 1 19 W. Ferguson, Wood River USED FURNITURE BOUGHT & SOLD MeCOY TRANSFER CO. FREIGHT CALL 3-7791 FOR THE ANSWER TO YOUR TRUCKING PROBLEMS H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE 1628 Wasihngton Ave. Dial 3-3663 41 SLEEPING ROOMS 2 SLEEPING -ROOMS—For gentlemen. Privileges of refrigerator. 214 Front St. Phone 3-3040. SLEEPING ROOM—In refined home. Phone 2-8227. 1700 State. SINGLE ROOM—Man or lady. Upper Alton. Home privileges. Phone 2-8142. UPPER ALTON — On busline. Large pleasant room. Private lavette. No other roomers. 3-7909. UPPER ALTON—Large room for gentleman ;twln beds. $6 single, $10 double. 2708 Bostwlckr. SLEEPING ROOM — Gentleman only. Good location. Automatic hot water and heat. 638 X. 4th. 2-1184. NICE SLEEPING ROOM—-For rent Dial 4-8766. 1 48 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS FURNISHED—Housekeeping room with refrigerator. 1428 East 4th. Ph. 2-356B. 15 APARTMENTS A FLATS 2 & 3 ROOM—Unfurnished modern apts. Available May 1st Inquire Manager's Apt. No. 7, Acton Apts, 37 East Acton, Wood River. 2-ROOM—Unfurnished apt. in Cottage Hills. 4-2943. LARGE 3-ROOM APT.—Brand new, ultra modern, all utilities, private, available now. $70 per mo. 2-3168. i rUUNISHED APABTHENT8 , [SHED—3 room apt. Prt- vate entrance and bath. Adults only. 3-3712. 3 ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Lights, gas, hot water, bath, refrigerator. -Adults. 204 Henry St. Dial 3-7331. 2 ROOM BASEMENT APT. — Newly decorated, utilities furnished. Automatic water heater, stoker heat. Dial 4-3438. WILL SUB-LEASE—2 room efficiency with Pullman kitchen and bath: $87.80. May or June 1 to Sept. 1. Ph. 2-4513. 3-ROOM—Furnished apt. Adults only. 4-8093. 3-ROOM — Upstairs apt. for rent. Phone Bethalto 7283. 3 MODERN ROOlSlS— Lights, heat, electric refrigerator, furnished. Adults. 616 East 8th St. 3-ROOM—Furnished apt. 1030 Union Phone 2-5870. 2-ROOM—Furnished apartment, private bath. Gas, electric, water furnished garage. Choice Upper Alton location $60. Write Box 780. care Telegraph. 3 - room furnished duplex, private front & rear entrance, private bath, Adults only. 1008 Alby. a ROOM MODERN APT. — Immediate occupancy. Sehawrtz Bldg. Apply Schwartz Appliance Co., Edwardsvllle 41 ROU8H8 ftBNT FOR SALE—Or rent.'" house on Rout* 67 one acre of ground. Dial 2-6933. ONE MODERN—8-room duplex. Phone 3-6387. Apply at 838 Bast Fifth. at. 638 JSJS—V 4 ROOM HOUSE—Wi bath, last Alton Call Bethalto 8171 after 8 p. m. ONE ROOM HOUSE—Partly No children. Phone 3-8087. til 3-ROOM MOPBBN—In rear. Couple, gel- erencea. 3-8608 after T p.m. W FLACM BPACE FOk MEN nth. US-tail W. ' mont 8797 f-4as Third 8t Pb- 61 AND PB8K ROOM NORTH ALTON Office space tor rent, first floor. Idea (or profession*! man. Cell 3-3881 or 8-0313. TO MM* ..ANTED—4-5 room house or ai mem. 8-0463—4-4317-^-861)4. part- Call TREE SERVICE Uave your tttea UtouneO. aow. free We devote our taU U«e to SHELL EMPLOYER—3 small children need 3 to 4 rooms. 4-8804. •UNGLJE—Middle-aged business woman desire* 3-room modern unfurnished apartment, June 1st. Prefer Vpper Alton. Write Bo» 760. cafe Telegraph. CHOICE .MILTON FRbPiRTY YouH rwvw beat thtt if youlova • nte«, clean home and nelltoorlipBd. a roonta f QtffiatB^ blifiQi H. Larg> aun pofch with Lovely y ahrube. yard, lota of flowera - - — -------- . GTS— cioae o tcnooi. church cad ahonping ctnttr. Hiea 4 rooms, completely modern hornet everything in food condition. Nlfla igrn landscaped lot. home haa rubMf tile on kitchen and bath floor§ and tile en walla. Plenty of cabinet spaea in kitchen. Nice new wool carpeting on living room and hall floors, a nice aize bedrooms with large clout Full basement, oil heat. Large hot water heater, garage apace for a cars. An exceptionally good buy. Call 4-8209 for price and other detaUl after 6 p. m. NORTH ALTON—3 bedroom, almost new brick. Fireplace, wonderful kitchen, full basement, attached garage. Summer cottage and barbecue pit in welt landscaped yard. Priced to tell. (PAT SHEA — 3-3116 HARRY DREW AGENCY — 2-12M MIDDLETOWN—6 ROOMS $11,500 4 down and bath, 2 up; perfect condition, beautifully decorated, gas heat, Screened porch, storm window*. MRS. VERNA C, RIGGS After 5—2-3239 or 3-3384 Hemphill Agency LOTS FOB 8ALB IEW DDITION—JODB HIII—large lots —sewer—water—gas — $100 down—$15 per month. FRANK YODER, REALTOR 202 E. Main, East Alton 4-9113 or 4-4627 LARGE LC-TS—$1950, $550. $450. Close to schools and bus. Terms. RIEHL AGENCY 2-7722 3-3777 2-3029 LOTS FOR SALE—On Northside Drive, 1 block west of State St 3-2388. William G. Wlckenhauser. RIO VISTA—Large lots, beautiful river view, city water; Alton school district. 3-5659. 3 LOTS IN ALTON— V> block from Brown St., on Hampton. Paving & sewer paid. No colored in this area. $900 each. Terms. 4-9391. ft» HOUSES FOB 8AL« _ BRICK RANCH HOME— By owner. Jobe Hill. 3 bedrooms, gas radiant heat, breeze way, fireplace, double garage. FHA appraisal price. 4-8413. . . "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED 3 AND 4 BEDROOMS $1700 to $3300 DOWN Many models equipped with tile bath,* Bendlx aptomatic washer and dryer, ettic fan, kitchen fan. Located 1 mile north of Alton on the Godfrey road. FURNISHED DISPLAY HOUSE OPEN SUNDAY 2:30 to 4:30 RALPH H. LADD BUILDER Phone Edwardsvllle 3168 _ 083 LORENA AVE., Wood River — 4 rooms and bath, strictly modern, full basement, kitchen with dining area and built-in cabinets, automatic gaa heat. A real bargain at $0800 Call Paul C. Worcester, 433 Fifth St., Wood River. 4-5332. ROOMING HOUSE—313 - 315 East Third. 16 rooms, good Income property. 1 block from bus atop, 3 blocks from downtown"; dduble garage. See property between 10 and 4. Call 781-W. Jertey- ville, 111. FOR SALE^In Alhambra on Rt. 140, 5 rooms and bath, all modern ranch type, brick veneer. Excellent buy. Early possession. Boy Gaertner, Alhambra. FOR SALE—7 room house, basement, gas and city water. Nice location near town, schools and churches. Post Office Box 94, phone 2101. UPPER ALTON—Modern brick house, consisting of 4-room and 3-room apt., screened front porch. Immediate possession . $8050 WM. NORRIS — 3-4385 Harry Drew Agency—2-1296 WILSHIRE WOODS—Attractive S room house, completely modern throughout, 2 years old. This house for sale by owner at a reasonable price. Ph. 4-2643 NORTH ALTON 6-ROOM—Modern brick, 'attached garage, large lot, many outstanding features. Priced for quick Bale. 0. E. WILLIAMS 2-9335 John A. Greer, Agency UPPER ALTON HOME & INCOME 5 rooms tt bath, plus a 3-room apt. which will pay for your home. A very good location at a price you can afford to pay. Selling for $12,800 R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR 4-3893; evenings 4-3517 or 4-2176 GROSfl REAL ESTATE DIAMOND ST.—6-roon\ modern home, recently decorated Inside, painted outside, warm air heat, in fine neighborhood, close to bus ag.soo CHURCH ST., E. A.,—4-room frame, all newly decorated, warm air heat, bath, laundry, garage $6,300 KREMER SUB.—5-room brick, stairway to large attic, suitable for 3 extra rooms, Venetian blinds, wired for atove, automatic water heater. Basement garage. Corner lot, 200x100 on highway. Price »18.780 EDWARDSVILLE RD., W. R.,—4 rooms, Inlaid on floors; congo walls in kitcheq and bath, cabinets in kitchen, warm air heat, wired for stove, automatic water heater. Combination screens and storm windows. Insulated. Back yard fenced 87,819 STATE St DELMAR—Valuable business location, lot 80x228, 0-room frame residence, 3 apartments, all modern, oil heat, laundry. Garage $31,900 E. FIFTH ST.—6 large rooms, now used as two apartments, hot water heat, stoker, wired for stove. Slate roof. Corner lot, near industries $11,990 CROSK REAL ESTATE 1003 Phinney Ave. Dial 3-3976 After S p.m. Dial 3-6063—3.7894—4-6509 4 ROOM MODERN—Well located, newly decorated, very clean. HWF, electrle stove, water heater, blinds. Vacant. 3304 Henrietta. Owner, 3-6368. RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY GODFREY RD. AREA Five room modern ranch type. Living room 16x37 feet with fireplace, three large bedrooms, large kitchen, lull basement with fireplace, automatic heat and water heater. Breezeway and two car garage, aluminum storm windows. Large landscaped lot Price . $34300 ONE MILE OUT Fifty acre farm. Six room modern brick, two car garage. Large barn, In perfect condition. Price $39,000 CLOSE IN Five roorn modern brick, two years eld. Three .bedroom*, full basement with fireplace, and one-half bath. Automatic heat and water heater. 1 Price , $19.790 NEAR MAIN ST. Five room modern. Fully insulated, storm windows, full basement, automatic heat and water heater, two-car garage. Reduced for quick sale. Price $9.000 WOOD RIVER , Four, room modern, in perfect condition. Full basement, stoker, fully insulated. Garage. Price $7990 AIRLINE DR, R.H. Five room modern. Large living room with fireplace, .three bedrooms, large kitchen, full basement .automatic heat and water heater. Garage apartment with extra Income. Price $13,900 RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 3879 Berkeley Ave. 2-2246 Evenings: '3-3436 or 4-8173 GRAND AVE.4-room home, basement and furnace, small down payment, balance contract for deed. CALL ELMER McPHERSON 2-3147 HEMPHILL AGENCY FOR SALE—In Milton Area, 5-room house at 3338 Berkeley. $9300. Phone 3-7893. LINCOLN ADDITION—Wood River. 3- room house. $3,000- By owner. 4-3088. BEAUTIFUL 8 ROOM HOME—DoUpM St. area. Fireplace, knotty pine playroom, lovely corner lot, garage, •"•-*• *•.•««•• & ««*B»MY RIEHL AGENCY 3-7733 3-5777 3-3038 WOOD RIVER Better see this one quick—8 large room bungalow, garage. Everything la nice, floor*, basement, yard and neigh' borhood. Just a nice, clean, comfortable home, priced to sell quick. $11,900 GLAZEBROOK AGENCY VERNON JOHNSON 2-3398 RIEHL AGENCY e ROOM MODERN—Plus a room apt. for, income, tow down payment 3-7738, 8-577" FOR SALE—New house, 4 rooms and bath, all modern, and one acre of land, 3 miles noftb of PrtUrietown. Broil Kuethe. . , . WANTED/—4 or mom room unfurnished house or apartment \ by i*apon*itte adult*- Qlal V6e78, GUTTERING gea_stg>je.l -»il»ifnri«> •gf&ywi isssiKr sssBsU tsilUlssssssslM Aj___| nESBsJrflT ifui BLOCK EUuutm tuck-B ' work ol «U i i-TMB *fttv a i LAYING Uouwn UBKwia*** IW up- Coaereta work of «U Had*, ran* work DMU „ , . _ W4IJT6-3 w 4 ragp wnlw- uUheg home or «wtme«t. >£ 3-48J* WANTED TO tt apartment 3-3180. fc*** „__. goad |or 3 femlly ______ I 1 TO BJBHT— Former residbWt of Alton with family dctires 4 or ft room how* or vi truest in AU<?u or ' tton call FOB w^^* BY OWNER— Bluff, newly painted, 7 room*, stoker, sun porch, fireplace, 9- car «af««e. full payment. Caflj tj475. « BOOMS— Co»taa»> aim. Modern^ d£UVn. 8-7738 - 3-3077 IRENTWOOO > room brick veneer, «od «to mom; aU large room; newly dgtwaled. tawutat- ad. LAT§JA lot. CARL w VIOLA TUETXEN 35095 Harry Brew Agency—3-1388 SOS SO. 12TH. WOOD RIVER fake • ojive kytWf fcun*. Oaly I »wa old. »«3" m seyfeet eaaSWon. 4 raeiai BHCY MTERIE •r MltS NORTH ALTON AREA 4-roMB brisk, ramrtetate iMtoa, 4 years old. gatMt MsnifftlM «WT cabi n*u i» kiUsJwo. i»WM <« kttcken b»Ub SacrUtcing pric* •1 IICHA10 SEUTTEl 3-TS.34 After S ».kl. ZLI M aa**« FOR SALE—Modern brick home, priced reasonably. Bill Seidel, 730 Luker St., Staunton, m. Ph. 3B4-W3. HARTFORD—3 room modern. $600 down balance on contract. Call after 8 p. m. 4-3485. BETHALTO'S most beautiful 6 room ultra modern brick -home; corner lot, paved street, storm windows and doors, attached garage, insulated, den, fireplace, five closets. Close to schools, churches $10,500 MAPLE PARK—4 room home, 3 large lots, under fence, garage, coal ahed, -good well, fruit trees. Terms ....$3000 FOREST HOMES—4 room home. Large lot, electricity, well, garden space $3100 FOREST HOMES—New 4 room home. Immediate possession. Term* ... .$4950 , HOME SALES COMPANY 103 East Broadway, Alton, Illinois Phone 3-3311 After 8 P. M.—3-7338 WOOD RIVER " $800 down payment will buy • modem 6 room house on Halioran. Possession May 13th. Price $8400 R. H. HESSENFLOW. REALTOR 13 WOOD RIVER AVE. DIAL 4-3889 EVENINGS 4-3517, 4-3176. UPPER ALTON Evergreen Ave., just off of College. • room modern home. Large door plan. 4 rooms end bath on first floor, cabinets •nd Inlaidi In kitchen and bath: 5 rooms, modern, on 3n<f floor with bath. Full basement, 3-car garage, stoker heat. Price $13.800 KENNETH CREER ?hone 3-8753. After 6 P. M., 3-8884 Cli Green Agency NORTH ALTON 7 room brick. Living room, sun room, dining room, bedroom, large kitchen and-Bath down, a bedroomi and bath up. Playroom to biatment with fire. Place, dam* attached, OU turns**) with blower, electric water neater, In. iuUted, screen* and storm sub, iteel oaaemMt windows, HW», built-in caW. neU. Uru corner lot 87x300. Nleett landwapea. Close to bus. Only n years old and in excellent condition. «n,80l HOMER GRENZEBACK a-aoaa Evenings: 3-4788 Tingley Real Citato Agency 7 URGE ROOMS EXCELLENT LOCATION PRICED $13,900 9 Newly points*, new roof ud

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