The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

BATtfKDAV. ... J .t'BMBlStt 21, 1918. Grace, Beauty and Style Are the Requisites of '"w2u,„ 'Tula,.,, W'c offer tin.' handsomest lines in the city to our customers. M. WELCH, Jeweler 18 North Main Baldwin Sales Co. REMOVED to new location at 11 Sherman East The Famous Lilliferidge Oil Vapor Burner is being demonstrated here daily. You are invited to come in and see a practical demonstration of the most reliable fuel for heating and cooking purposes. foUESTlONNAlfrES MAILED OUT Go to First Ten Per Cent of Men Between Ages of 18 and 37 Years Who Registered 'September 12th 4.10—(.'hnrlra Edwin Clothier. Sylvia. 1.17- Kaluh Hip' Thompson. Sylvia. •. 411-Johti l>fll Hrnwn. Bylvta. III. 1. 4139— H CM IIM Alherlstm. Sylvia, •ltd John D. Illicit, Sylvia. •Ill-d'orgc Wllllum Solnveln, Sylvln, lit. 1. 112—Penult Lcroy Clothier, Sylvln. ltt. " 4I1-Jamc« Arthur Wrlahl. Sylvln. •Ill —F.mmet Aiclirr Conner, Uingdnn, III. •:. •II.V- Ivlwnrd Ncl.irui DlnwklflJe, Sylvln. 4 If, Jna-|ili Otto linker, Sylvln, •'417 -Cluirlcs Kdxar Hrrwslrr, Sylvln. 418 - Howard lluss llcuu, Sylvln. •I ID—Kiln* Itlch.-m! Mangels, Sylvln. Alherl Cmslwln, Hytrin. 4<il"L>'ivlil Viwllii .Veiling. Sylvln. 4W--AI|,crt Olson. Svlvln. <r,S—Mnnuol llnvci, Sylvln. 4.11—Ollhi'l'l Ml nihilII. Svlvln, lit. 1. IS:, -lllflinul Ili-ucK McUlnnl*. Stafford, lit. 2. tr.ll— Huah l.crmnn Ftrownlre. Syl\ In. 467 -•rtiuver Cleveland Mnrtln. Hylvlu. HI. 2. 4 *iR- l.ooiiiird nrmvii. Sylvln. 4 ."i !l-.Initios Mlllon Whlllnker, Sylvia, HI. 1. 460—.Tollii Wesley CoH'innti, Sylvln. •161—Tlis,, llndrier .es. Sylvln. 462— 4lBU 'Uilupe (JlK -rni. Sylvia. 463—Manuel Miulrrn, S>lvin. 4«4—twnlcl lrcmla, Sylvln. 4tfi—Hablo IlodrlRnca. Sylvln. 166-llitanlslado Lamas; Sylvln-. 467—Mlllon C'lnyton Anderson, Sylvia. 46S—Clarence Wilson Tlrtmnlce. Stafford. III. a. 469—Waller llli-hnrd Illackhurn, Sylvia. 470—James Fxlward Mlnnts, Sylvia. 471— Jrromn J. Hook. Sylvln, lit. 2. 472—Howard Mlllon I.ce. Sylvia. 473—John Abraham Swlckard, Sylvia, 474—William Marshall, Sylvln. til. 1. 475—William lim-.-v ltonJer, Sylvia. 476—Orn Arthur lioscberry, Sylvlu, lit: ' 1218— Ernest 1-evci-t Towsc, Sterling, 111. 6. 1219—Wnrfield Pondexlcr Pale, Plevna, ltt. I. 1220—Edward l.-ec Clark. Hutclilnson. 1221—Willlnm Andrew Brown. SietlliiB, lit. 5. 1222— Albert Ire (Inn Hi, Plevna, lit. 1. 1223—John Everett Harvey, Sterling, ltt. 1254—Clinrlea William Towsc, SlerltnB, lit. 5. ^ 1225—John llcorRe Nusser. Sterling, nt. 1226—Waller Mnrlun Hnclnnd, SterlltiK, 111. 6. -Kdward Fornker l-Mwurd Ernest Leslie, USED FIFTY YEARS FOR CATARRH AT ALL DRUGGISTS Drake, Sterling. Hotly. Hutchln- Sljcillnc, Sterling. ., Alden, THE MEN IN CLASS Al A soumL tionltliy mar. is never n. bark number. A muti <nri lit; an vigorous and ttblf nl n'vrirty :i3 at twenty. Camlltion. n*it yriirw. iiuta you In the discard. A tys- t«in WE:il;cm:d hy overwork and pa relets U\ Ir K brintM oW txgc iiremuturely. The l»odily function*! are Impaired and un- piousunt .^yr.iptoins n.pji.''iir/ Tin* weak spot is generally the U'drteys. ICt*ei> them clt*nn and in proper working- condition and you will Et'ncrallv fmO yoursiilf In t;i»ss • Al. Takf C.OL.U MJCUAL lliwrlcm OH C', pRrlod |i .-ally and your sy-st**m will I alwuys be in working onlor. Your spirits will Lc tnlivcncd, >•• ur miiifles fcUppU\ your mind ncllvi', auJ your body ctipaole of hard woik. Jiniit wait uuill yon have been rcjwitd. Commencr to be u rirsi-clusa mini now. Uo t-j your dru^itri at (mt; , ti-n trial box or U01-I> MK1MJ. Ilaarlt-ni i n' Cap-. SU I IH . Tiwy ate mad': o: tho pup\.original, Iniporti.-d Maarlcin Oil—ih'* kind y .iur Kieiil-tfraridfniher usjort. Two capsule* (mob. day will ki*'-p you tonrd up and fctd- inx fine, Money r'.-ruijd^i If they -lo not help yon. lleniemher to nsk u- ihc-ltn- porit-d tf»l..U MKI'AJ; Ilran.l. In tUici.', Fyoled jija -kiiKtu. . ELECTRICITY finds many ways to brighten your house and lighten your work. Snap a switch and any room is flooded with clean, safe light. Put in Western Electric Power and Light and have light for every room in your home; " every stall and passage in the barn. It gives you power to run the many electrical household devices as well as the grindstone, separator, fanning mill, water system, etc. See this Western Electric outfit in operation AT THE FAIR— — It Will Run 75 Lights Without Aid From Battery. 'tun on Kenwcne. Give (he Balterici a TAPERING CHARGE. Stints itself off when battery is full. Hun otlicr machinery, en- Kiiic only directly off pulley up to 3 Ii.l J . Start by pressing button. Generate 15U0 Watte. It Has Vacuum Knel I'Ved, Tank in base, Dual Control, Splash l'Yed 0"i 1 i ii g. Automatic Change froni Gasoline to Kerosene. i DWIGHTCHAPINJr.CO., New Rooms and Walls For making two room's from one. for new walla in new houaw. und for rcnovatinji old wiills ia old houses—upstairs, down- staira — atl ovrr (he houac tfwrc are man/ uses for artistic, economical, reariy-lousu NEPDNBET WALL BOARD For Walls and Ceilings Instead of lath and plaster. Only a hammer und taw needed, No chips, shavings or ' plaster. Ready-decorated and water- urooicd — It has its business use*, too; artistic booth*, private* of litres, dressing i corny, window displays, etc., can l*e rapidly constructed with this up-to-the-minute product. For Sal* By L. J. WHITE Lumber Cpmany TOO .Sherman Woat. Phone 65. LYONS, KAN. Expert Kodak Developing Printing". 12 Hour Service E.E. BLOOM & CO v Dniggists Ajjenls Euslman Kodak Co. 305 Nortu Main St. KoiUiks, Films and Supplies ALFALFA SEED Tor Full Planting $6.50 to $ 12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas grown. No"ii rivaled--write lor samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE llutchitisuu, Kans. SAVE FUEL BY USING Monarch Weather Strips an your home. No obllgatlou to ahow you. G. T. BRONUeeWE 120 14th We»t - Phone 689 Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Sept. 24—A. 0. Temple, 2 mllea euat, I'A uoi'tli of Snxtuati. Sept. 20—C. U. Clark,42 miles south and •£ mil us west of Raymond. Oct. 1—Mr..l)owuinn, 2 milea south und 4 miles oasl of Arlington. Oct. 10-J. II. King, 4 miles north, 14 mile west of AubyvlIIo. Oct. 3—Dave B. Dride, 2% miles west of Lyons, Oct. 15—Ceo. Raymond, 4 miles west, 1V4 south of Pretty Prairie. Oct. 10—I. S. Van Ordstrand, 2% uitlus west, 3% south of Haven. Ocl, 17— J. Y, Hevlno, 4 wiles uorth, I'A east of Nlckcrson. Htty head of white face steers ana (0 head white, face halters, weight 4UQ lbs., tor sale at my corral, Dates can tyg arranged at any Ume by calling roy office phono, Nlcfcerson 20 at my expense. Jesst Langford 12 HI. 3. 1228 —.T ORCU I I i-on. Ofti. rini. !!•,!!>—liVanli 1U. .1. 1-30—John Homer DpnUmnn, • lit. S. l '.'Sl—Mailt llMWorth Klllott, Jr T .t. t. 12.1J—(Jhnrllo itclK .-r, stprllnir. nt. 3. 1233—No«h Sihimukrr. lit. 5. 12.14—,Iolm l.i-wls Ms, Stcrllnn. HI. 6. 1SJS—William Anderson Cox. Sterling. III. C. li?U—Isaac l.uwrencp Uallpy. Sterling. nt. r,. 123T—lolln .1. Ontjes, Sterllnr, 1U. 3. 15SS— JfMi -ph MIlRtnKiM'. StfrlltiK. 111. 6. I'.MS—Lulher Austin Mc.%Vur|ihy, Slff- UnK. lit. D. 1240— wnlter liluneu Ilnrvey, SU-ilinR. lit. 3; 125JI—Jantes Homer Clildester, Ilutehln- son, 1313 Slh EiWl. 12(10—icitncr IJuuln llnficue, 1 luu-hlnsnn. 1101 lilti 13ust. 12G1—Hurry Allien Muloney, Hutcliln­ son, 1118 nth Kit-*!. 1262—Wllllun Henry Walters, Hulch- Insun, 1301 tlth Kast. 12U3—George Wu.slifngton Cotton, S12 611) lOasL 1261— ltalph Lelilnd AII|ihln..Ilutchimon. 006 6th Bust. 1265—Robert William Elliott. Hutchinson, 725 7th ..K:i*t. 12611—Willie Wateis. Hutchinson. 003 7th 1267—Murt Ucnnett, Hutchinson, 730 5th Mast. 126S—William Walter Helm, Hutchinson, S26 6th East. 1269—Onirics l .eroy McDanlfl, Hutchinson, 603 6th East. 1270—llai'l! Alomo Mcndenhall. llutch- innou, 630 &lh lOast. 1271—Irwin Joseph Slrulhman, Huteh- tn>on. 600 6lh riuit. 1272—Oeorgc Wltllnchaiu. lluleliln-.-.on, 7IS Slh 1'Xlat. 1273—Vernlit llav Sitllee, Hutt'liinson, SOS ssth Bunt.. 1274---4)rel Burton l .uparfJu.^. Hulcl:ln- son, qp2 5th Kast. 127e--Haytrvond Eurt Pudge, HuUhlllA,. n, 701 Glh ICaat. 1276-lhirry I.eroy Allen, Tlutchlnmn, 300 7th lias'.. 1277—Paul Welw, Hutchinson. 1220 0th tCast. 127K—Arthur llitcger, Hulehlnson, 712 Slh Kiuit. 1270—Olln l>,lose Ilunean, Hutchinson, 700 7th Kiwt. I2S0—Rimer Ptarec Withrow, Hutchinson, 1301 Slh Ka»l. I2S1—Ernwt Atkinson, Hutchinson, 623 Oth East. *• : 12S2—Thrtrmis Karl J'^cksou. Hulchln- w>n,'701 ith 1-ast. 12R^^—Henry 'i'heodore Vnruh, Hutchin- von, 723 "In Knst. 12S1— VlDi'iud l.uther Sir.ith, Hutchinson, 521 ath ~!'.iust, 12S5—Ri>i?coe Franklin Davis. J-lutchin- fcoii. 718 5th K «M.- • 12S6--John Henry Smith, llulehlnran, 703 Clh Kut. 12S7—N'ii'holaa Arthur Campbell, liutvhin^uu, 522 ith l -*aat. 12SK—Claude Olney Sellers. Hutchinson, 4,'tO N. Plurn, 12.S9—rirover Clevelar.d Shores. Hutchinson. SHI gth. Host. 1*200— Parrow. Hutchinson. Oth l?aitr. 1201 — Amos 'rlieodore Hildebrand, Hulehlnson. 1100 Oth ICast. 1232—Claude Williams, Hutchinson, SOI Sth East. ]203--J'imes Frede.rlck Stevenson, HAMchlr.son, 828 7th Haat. — 1204 — Krank Lealle nose. HutchlnsM, D 20 6 'h Kaat. 12S5— Hnreey lllair llurlnell, Hutehln- won. 803 Slh 10a »t. 1206—C'larrnce. Iteiti'uni Neddies, Hulehlnson. 631. 7th Knst. 1207—Frank Andrew Cowell, Hutchinson, 821 Clh East* 1298—Zepha Andrew Youngr, Hulehln­ son, 830 4th Koat. 1200—Kdward Orant Jones, Hutchinson, 805 6th Baa i. 1300—John Dnsullo Clonualcs, Hutchln- aon, 023 51b ISast. • 1301—CieorEo Clifton Shears, Hutchinson, 80,1 5lli ICast. 1302—Kill Carroll. Hutchinson, 821 6th liaat. 1303—Wyley Wallmau Kitunillcr, Hutchinson. 623 Sth East. 1304—Jnlm Alvln Nlnlnger, Hutchinson, 728 6th Hast. 1306—('harks nuxsell Iloltzclaw, Hutch- wison, 633 7Lll Kust. 1306- Hurry l^ee Cruppor, Hutchinson, 720 7th IJaM. 1307—William Iluymond Yerkca, Hutchinson, 1020 tith Kual. 130S—Hush Conner, Hutchinson, 501 7th Bast. 1300—Fred Benjamin Clouffh, Hutchinson, 511 Gth Kust. liljii'-Kiitinett l.afon White, Hutchinson, 723 8th Bust. 1311—Charles William Cogswell, Hulchlusun, 847 1 th l'iast. 1312—Sylvester Taylor Dlmmlll, Hutchinson, iflH 7th ISast. -1313- Milton Howard Holing, Hutchinson, 701 llh. East.. 1314—Jonas .Wellington, Hutchinson, Tit.Slh Kant. - -• J316—I'ranco Theodore Nelson, Hutchinson, 622 5th ISatrt, 1316—George Ernest "Wells, Hulehln­ son, 516 Oth t'jiiau —:— 1317—Harry Jphn Henry. Hutchinson, 016 4lh Hast, 1318—Walter J", McKibben, Hutchinson, 70(1 7th Kast. 1310-tieurgu Tucker Allison; Hutchinson, 621 llli East. 1320—John laiunlng. Hutchinson, 037 Oth' East, 1 1321—Joe BnyiJcr, Hulehlnson, 510 7th Kast. ' 1322—Uarwlti Vannulla, Uulchliuon, 721 N. Plum .. 1323—Jumcs Blbcrl Clmpman, llutchln- san, 808 4th IJast. 1324-Cyrus James Ubbey, Hutchinson, S31 4th 1'iaat. • ' , . . 1325—Clarence Ttieodoro Taylor, Hutchinson. 1100 N.: Plum. • 1326— Henry Allen Sampson, Hutchinson, 715 Slh Bast. 1327—Hurry Winflela McOarty, Hutcli­ lnson, 004 N. l'luin. 1338—Miles Meshaoh gnalth, Hulehlnson, V128 10th Wast. 1329—Kuge'ns Wilson,Padgett, Hutchinson, tl« 6lh Bttt. ..... 1418—Frlnida Castell»no, Hulehlnson, 18 Ulgger. ...,„ 1419 — Irfoimrd Arthur Wilkerson, Hutcliiiison. 4W-0 West- „ , ,- 142t£-CecU Albert Moore, Italuhhison, 24 l-ampbell \Ye»t; . , , . 1421—lainor Tom Henry Joaua, Huleh­ lnson, 403 Q West. 1422—Floyd, Owons. UutcIUtisou, Sil 13lh West. , ,,..,„ \m— Lualno Reynaalo, Hvtchlnson, • 847 13 Weal. 1424—Paulo Crls Sabres, Hutoalnson, 200 15 WesH^ . 1426—Pete Ulales, Hutchinson, 408 E "West, H26 — Macklarlan Herbert James, Hutelilnson,. 401 IS West. 1427—[Viufllo JNavarro. Hutchinson, SOU 8. Monroe. . ,, 1(28—Joaua lUrreno, Hutchinson, li West 1129Wnao Mors, HuWWnsoo, 61* p ul(fS p7cHT fVFRY WRONG RIGHTED Th« hottui of Hstt tehi&m k Man G U H I MS To Business Men About Saving on Clothes Y OU don't have to make many suggestions to busi. ness men about the things they ought to do to help the cause; they're all putting their "shoulder to the wheel." Itoccured to U9 however that perhaps many of them hadn't thought much about the chance to serve in this matter of clothes—or if they had, they may not have figured just the way to do it. That's why we're saying something about this subject now. Take care of the clothes you have; get them pressed often; make them wear longer. When you need clothes, buy good ones; they're cheaper because of the long wear you get; they save labor and materials that can be used for war work. We're saving with Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes because they give the most day-by-day wear for every dollar invested. When you need Clothes, buy on that basis. SUITS and OVERCOATS $25, $30, $35, $40, $50, $60, $65 WipM SERVI^fSTATION While In Hutchinson you had better have your battery tested by experts. Our service and advice is free. Any make of battery. Electric Battery & Repair Co. G. E. GILLMORE 108 Sherman East 1130—Disente Gastellano, Hutchinson?' IS Hlgger West. ' MJ1—Soeoves - Alniansa. .Hutchinson,' 618 D -west. H32—Bmlllo Hertuu-dcz,. Hutchinson, D West. 14.53—Unfurl' Sanchez, Hirtililnson, 321 D Baa:. H31—Frlneda Calvin, Hutchinson, D West. 1135—Alanaslo Garcia. Hutchinson, 4'I6 U West. 1436— iJesus, Hcrrnostllu, llutchlnsun, 126 1st West. '? . 1437--ttajlo Lopez. Hutchinson, IS Bigger Wes,t, • i' 1438—Hlnro Prletn, Hutchinson, 18 jigger West. 1439—Alcganda Arredouch, Hutchinson, Out. Del. 1410—Manuel Santos, llutvhinson, So. Monroe. 1441—Jose I.opest. Hutchinson, C West. MI2—^Marcus'l-osano, Hutchinson. Gen. Del. 1413—Francisco Marlines. Hutchinson. 411 r> West. 1444—Timoteo Keyna. Hutchinson, 18 BlBBT West. 1115—Marion Iveonunl Jones, Hutchinson, 400 E' West, 1410—James Burton. Hulehlnson, 306 E West. ^ 1417—Fred IVhllecollon, Hutelilnson, 100 Gth West. I4<8—Oscar Theodom Carlson, Hutchinson, 25 a West. 1440—Wllford Silvester Ellis. Hutchinson, f.13 Sherman 146H—I-olils l .ee Watltlns, Hutchinson, 323 !•" Kast. 1451—Itohert Patrick, 411 9 East. 14G2--Henjmnlii Kranklln jlaiTlson, HuliJlinson, 317 F West. 1530—Arthur Felix Switzer, Plevna. 1610—Ernest Willord Ovvlnv, Sylvia, nt. •ir»4l —Archie Glenn Davidson. Plevna, 1642—Cecil William Sulton. Plevna, lit. " 1043—Vll-Rll Otlo Cooper, Plevna. lit. 2. lill—Mlltord ftoy Oeinuth, Plevna, ltt. 2. ' 1345—Irvln John f'osller, Plevna. lit. 2. 1646—l..eo Valentine Urowu, Plevna, lit, "'l547—Rolla Jarnes Hoffnrsu, Plevna. 1648—Hravllo Kurlnuez, l-levna. 1619—Frank Cainpbell. Rylvlu, Rt, 1. 1650—Auguslin Aiiuinago, Plevna. 1551—Ocorgu lllucher. Plevna, 1552—Forrest Edgiir ilohl, Pievna. 1553—Dconilcn Moruno, I'leviui. 1654—Henjomhl Metzler, Tlutchinsou, 623 2nd Kast. 1506—William I.ufnjclle Smith. Plevna. . 1656—Arlhur. l.eroy Beer, Plevna, 1657—.Henry Daniel Holcomb, Plevna,, nt. 2, 1668— George Alonzo- Woods. Plovuu. 1659—Virgil Edwin Miller, Plevna. 1560—Joseph Clark, Arlington. • 1501—llezzle Carter Hays, Plevna, l\t. " 1662—Illllory l.eltoy reese, Plevna. 1663—William Lawrence illnahaw, Plevna. 1664—Jamfls Ambrose Wright, Plevna. 1565—Aniel Frank Btueky. Sylvia. 1666—John 1.. Caldwsll. Plevna. 1667—Wllbcr Pryo Medsker, Plevna. 1601—Pole Hudolph tjiuwluld, Arlington. 1602—Thomas Henry Coy, Abbyvlllp. 1603—Adolph (1. Knucfet, Abbyville, 1604—Henry Olldner, Abbyville. lit. 2. 160f,—Mclvin Curtis' Ulnu, Abbyville. 1606—Harvey MVirvIn Blrlcet. Abbyville, 1C07—I.uls Cutores, Abbyville, 1608—Francisco QurcTa, Ab%vllle. 1600—John . William Ileirori|m,uS, Abbyville. " •... 1610—Marlon Pavld Lehman. Abbyville, 1011—Carl Balcnllno Rank, Abbyville. 16t2-Jos«ph Trimble Whctaloqe, Jr., Abbyville. 1613—Oliver Pfost, Arlington, 1W4— Wiino Otis McCalUi, Arlington, Kt. ' 1016—Simon Forney. Abbyvllls. 1010—Itollln Curtis Moore, AW »vlIle, Rt, ' 1617—Kdward Augwit. Bages, Abbyville. 1618—John Hcrrluun, Abbsnllls, R -.8. Kit—Jesse Jamea Sliill. Arllnelon. , 1620—Cop/ano Floras, Abpyvllle. 1031—Sostcucs Xlarres, Ahbyviilc. 1623—Claude FJincr Brldgemun, Abbyville. ;1&35—Alb *rt Bar! King. Abttrvllle. • 16S4—Calvla •foseuh ^cuenschwandcr, Abbyville, ' The Favorite Schiller Pianos and Player Pianos are sold at 108 North Maig,.$t.i:eet. A beautiful stock of new fresh goods. Fair Week, they will be sold from the store at 108 North Main. Now is the time to buy a Schiller. The Superba Phonograph j plays all disc records, none better. Phone 2431 J. H. HARPER Piano Man PORTAGE TIRES SOOO MILES Wichita Double Tire Co. DISTRIBUTORS. 205 South Main, Hutchinson, Kan. Attractive Proposition* for Dealers. 1651—Maurice Erie Dodd, Langdon, ntj 1.' 1666—Charles Wesley dough, Penaloaa, nt. i. 1666—Edward David Hallott, penaJosa, HI. 1. 1067—Carl Preston Jones, Pcnalosa, Rt. ' 1658—Jeff Earl nainea, Langdon,' nt. 1. 1669—William Caleb Cranston, Langdon, nt. 2. I 1660—William 1'larschol Woodaon, tjing- i don, ii. 31. ' ' ""' 1661—William McDonald; Penalosa, Rt. i «.•.,•••• 1002—John Qrover Fornwalt, Ponalo««, Rt. 1. : , I 1063—John Cleveland Duncan, Penalosa, lit. 1. : 1661—(jeorge Washington Fluke, Pcna­ losa, Rt. 1. • 1066—Aubrey Banictt Foster. Turon, nt, 2: 1000—Marion Gerald liumhersou, Lang« don. Rt. 1. 1667—Francis Ulyses Dutton, Pcnn- losu, Rt. 'i. , , • : UWr^yi'alter _Clcnn Snell, Langdon,' B«. 1600— Eugene Wlllard Egy, I^angdon, 1 Tit. S. Why work In tfte dark when there is'a Lalley Light and Power plant to be had? Ask Tom Majors. neno-Culpk Co. _jp-6t. ABPYVIULE. ^ 4> ^ • # # *^ ^ ^ <p ^ '^"^> <^ Mre. John .McKoown returned from Chicago Tuesday. ' Dorothy Joe Is the name jplven tho dauBluer horn Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Jpe 'BrMCMtl.' # • Qlaeon Deck Is h"ere from Oklahoma vialtlns nls. daughter, Mrs. Bmmu Dunn. ' Mrs. Joan Martin returned Tuesday from a month's YJ*H with relatives In Illinois.' A crowd of young people (ram here spent Friday eysflln« wltjt Mr. and Mrs. Eomeat M«, wfeo were n«r- WE MO' W | THC | WW . Our packing and moving' service is everytjiing tliat the most exacting cpuld desire If you want your homc'i tar^ nishitigs iiiovcd SAFKIAY ca 'l 838 aiid eiilriibt tbc woik tc; us.' UNION" TRANSFER mi STORAGE CO. Phone 838 13-17 Swtjnil ,VV. rled last week, Mrs. Winder WOA Mrs.' BHIe Stout. They will nwlie uieir home with Mr,'Winder's par-, tints, Mr. and Mrs. dco. Wlndsr, •= The post office was moved the first of the week from the drug store to the liret door north. ' 'Awos* Dunn son of Mr. and Mrs- Will Dunn and Orel Dunn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Dunn left Wednesday for Oajup Funs top. A I^alley purchaser Is-gji vice. RenoVulek go,' . : II; % -

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