The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 20, 1955 · Page 22
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 22

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1955
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

TUB gAKDUSKY REOISTERSTXR-NEWS Ttirmrtav. T)*r>mher 29, 1055 r NIA. ^ 1»$J if THE STORY: With offiorrs •till men distrii«itfiil of him be- ••nne iwo dcalhs occurred on their first encounter with a whale, Capt. Jcred NaLsh c'^ the whaler Obis must prove he l« nnafraid. With the same boat crew that failed to carry •ut orders. Nalsh proves his worth by klllinR a whale. * * * I XIV Darltness was on tlic poa boforo the three prizes could bo towed; •long side the ship. The hiKKcst, Naish's, was taken to the star- koard side 'midships and the oth- •r two let fall a.storn on haw-s •ers. Then the rutting statje was run out over Naish's animal and, Mr. Wilson and Mr, Finnic started onto it. Xaish stopp(>d Mr. Wil.son in surprise, "The men are bone-wear.v, at least my l«d«. A few hours rest should; •erve all hands well," Mr. Wilson shrugged a shouki- der toward the rail. "By drawn, the sharks wouldn 't leave us 10 'gallon of ile outa the three fish.i Drive j'our lads, and keep on drtvin' them till the work is done " "Very well," Naish said almost kumbl.v. I The covers had been taken from the tryworks. the fire lit. Itt blazed higher, higher as the first' blubber strips were cut, .severed and sent inboard. Iron ercssetSi filled with blubber scraps werei lit and set along the rail for| Ihe mates out on the platform^ • nd for the men who toiled on declt. Naish had seen such a. BY ROBERT CARSE .sight at night as he had swept past at a distance in a merchant .ship. This was barbaric, this went back to the very roots of life. The ship appeared as if caught in a tragic conflagration. The har- ponners who worked at the try- works were splashed with the blood of the prize, and so. were Ihe other petty officers and the sailors on deck, the mates on the culling platform. A chanty had been set up by the men who hauled at the windlass, the words after the first chorus only a gathered grunt. They might be singing ancient Greek. Alongside hundreds of sharks swarm and fought and ate. Barracuda attacked them, five six, seven barracuda against a shark. The sea was rifled to spume. Cascades sprang where the bodies locked, leaped, and the snapping of teeth could be heard through the windla.s.s clatter. A cruel and a terrible place,! the sea, but man possessed thej greatest cruelty of all. Phoebe: was to him in the moment noth-l ing but a name. He was savage;; he had as much part in this as any of his crew. When he had killed Ihe whale, he had felt a surpassing exultation. i • + • I Naish's throat was dry. He, went down into his cabin and tool; from the bottom of his sea -j seachest the bottle of Medford rum he reserved for special occa-j sions. The drink relaxed him,| gave him a spurt of fresh ener- Ry. lie went back on deck and on hi.«! arm.'? and while he still .stood, he was sound asleep. Wild-sfctouling voices that shouted Alfy's name awoke him. He stared forward. The men were nil 'midships around the tryworks. No further attempt at work was being made. He saw- by the lopped heads, the slacked shoulders and loose bodies that they were drunk. Alfy was on the main topgallant yard, the highest spar In the ship. He waved his arms and held the demijoha above his hPod as • symbol of victory. "Come get It," he called down to them on dec'?. "Yer wants this, ye pays me or I drops it in the ruddy sea!" Naish went Into the main ratlines wilhont being seen. (To Be Continued) Bats are the only mammals that have real wings. TOP tNID**Oiillitl^ (itIM f«r AcM lirtilgdtHd^ (Mr 10#>r*« NEW YEAR MAY BRING NEW BERLN BLO Soviet-dominated East Germany, fears another from the west to Berlin are carried through East ways. The 1,800 barges used to operate under Ea run out on Dec. .31. Barge traffic must stop th mini.sterial level"—another Communist gimmick satellite East Germany. Another traffic harra carry East German insurance. Trucks already policy would add some $400 a year to each tru CKADE—West Berlin, sunk 100 miles deep In Red blockade. Some 1,500,000 tons of freight Germany by barges on canals and other water- st German licenses. German Reds claim licenses en until new agreements are reached "on a to make West fJermany indirectly recognize ssmenl: Red i)roposal to require all vehicles to have West German insurance. So East German ek's operating exi)enses. .THATfe OK., &V '^NCmr >0U, I JUST 60r RMDJS-^J^ r1 SKETCHES -B .V BEN BURROUGHS "TEDDY AND THE CHII,D" Do not disturb the little child . . . she's resting in her bed .... conversing with her teddy bear . . ."the one with—the tattered head . . to hear her you would almost think . . . the teddy was alive . . . and so we must be quiet or . . . the chatter will not thrive . . . she looks at him, he looks at her . . , with baleful beady eyes . . . whatever went between them . . . seems as though the child complies ... see there, she plants a tender kiss . . . upon the teddy's nose . . . the wonder of this moment gives . . . my heart a sweet repose . . .. the cooing words spray ecstasy . . . around the angel's room . . . my soul is touched with fragrant bliss . . that chases worldly gloom . . . now she is humming soft and low . . . to lull herself to sleep . . . the teddy and the little child . . . may God forever keep. forward. The harpooners worked steadfastly, he saw, and llie men down in the blubber room, although slathered with blood, slipping, stumbling in it, did their stowage well. The mates had just cut loose the whale's head; with the enormously clumsy yet powerful double tackle rigged from the foremast cross-trees it was being heaved j inboard. I It strained the mast and the; shrouds to the utmost. The broad j old ship canted far down to slar-i board and the dripping, bloody mass, nearly one half of the whale in length and weight, veered inboard, was safely lowered away to deck. Alfy stood at the perimeter ofi the tryworks heat. His eyes, were lik"e Immense medallions.! "Where's the steward?" Naish said. "Bu-luh, suh," Alfy said around the blubber he chewed. "Go fetch him for me," Naish said. Alfy skated, rather than walked aft; his feet were slick through the rivulets of oil. He skidded whooping while he called for the steward. Blageen was pale and looked sick. "I want a 'John of rum for the lads. There be some in stores." "So, sir. I'll bring il direc'ly." "You all riglii, .steward?" "No, 1 ain't, sii-. Stink, .smudge and 'urlyburly 'ave got mo clown. Proper mad'ouse, tliis." Cat squalls in swift succession were beating up out of tlie .South and the ship groaned wallowing. He took Checkers and broke out a fore stajsail to .steady her. That labor exhausted him; he dragged clumsily across the slippery deck to the quarter. • • » It would be wrong for him to| go below and sleep, he knew. If the mates, if the crew worked, he .should slay on deck. The master was always supposed to be the last man to be tired. But those minutes of tension in the boat. The giant fin flailing about his head. The rose-pink immensity of the mouth, the teeth . . . He drowsed. His head went down 'THAI StrMVCAD ro DO THAT ono's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores W. MONROE ST. Phoa* 40 701 HANCOCK ST. PhOB« 11 SHOP AND SATS ON K ^ RECONDITIONED I CONSOLE INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST Cover Feed for Buttonholing, Darning, Quilting, Pleating. Sew ing on Buttons and Zipper* Features • New Motor • New Belt • Cabinets, Brand -New, in Walnut, Mahogany, Blood. Some Slightly Marred. • 7 -Speed Knee Control • Ful -Spool Bobbin • i 0-Year Written Guarantee S 37 .50 NO MONEY DOWN With Your Old Machine ASK FOR A FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION ON THE FAMOUS ELECTRO-GRAND SEWING MACHINE! CALL 3562 TODAY • Round Bobbin •nd Reverse Sewinq D*rner-Built-In Built-in Light • Snap Out Race • Forward • Walking Pressor Foot • Automatic Full Size Sewing Head FREE DEMONSTRATION FREE ^ 3 562 RATOtS ON DUTY 24 HOURS—»NCLUW**« SAMOAY—TO TAM YO«t CAU ELECTRO-GRAND PHONE 3562 1006 SECOND ST. •• • DAY OR NIGHT 1 . \ 11 snion p >ki {\M^:KY COMPANY fNf ilgON IKEWilY CO.. OiTIOIT 14. MiCNiGAN

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