The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1934
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

The Pttfc Morning News TE1AS July 1O. KORTH PUBLISHING as Second Clams Mail Matter at the Post- *t Paris. Texas, under Act of Mmrcb, IS7S. Published Daily Except Monday New York Day by Day BYCX CXMclNTYRE THE PARIS NEWS, —««^^___^^^_^__ b _ u ^_^_ The Thrill That Comes Once In a Lifetime SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Including Sundays) Mall., Oce Y«ar Mall. Oc» Monti AXaiL Six Months *.-.- *2.50 YORK, Aug. 4.—Riffling through the j past in settled years provides many long • ago tweaks. Last evening a yellowing scratch- j pad revealed sundry activities of twenty y^ars I ago. I took every sort of job i that came along and thai 1 fkept so many bails in the air; at the same time seemed in-i Credible, j Aside from the desperate ef- j fort to make this column walk I lone. I was a theatrical...hotel | d music house press agent.! Sandwiched in were random ! ,verse, short stories, articles; 'and a somewhat stazy try at I The Great American Novel. A j haphazard career of broken I O, O. Mclnryre biis. i During one auspicious week. LT« cot re*poasjbii>« for cop? om3»«i«tt. j ^ week I did not steo out of my hotel room '. a e^~* !«*s^ ' for fear the key-hole would be plugged. I swp- i tt 1» broo*ii; so ihe:r etTt-aUoa. A.11 adT-ertl«i=s ord«m plj e <r] the entire Contents OI a -36 page hOUSC j organ aloncr Ts-iih other chores. Among the | pseudonyms I used and which suffuses a faint .j blush was Donald MaeGregror Dapres, | All of this tiodletiy was naturally third Responsibility of Voters irate, dispersi:^ vitality that meant nothing- Bui because life was vour»;r it seemed patheti- I _ _ * — r * «r r*pn**.t*o» ol »n» irntt 1 «i«S«»A. firm or con*ar*ilo» w:faicl» r» ta* coi=u>»» <sf li* orooxht to tb» »tt«estoa of tfa* * p. a.. ttstv* xfeeir p*.p*r» »*Et ro th«r» ?ro=» IT -yoa «o oot «*l yot»r pi.l>er j>laa»» crs«.Ve. complain a* 1 "* <li»»*teba» er*£it«K5 to tt or for repoSilcmtJon or boi»ds for the betterment and repairs needed bv the sanitary sewer system. Scattering literary fire is ever hopeless. Property owners real or personal, whose Mor* than most callings, writing demands -Drop-rt/ha< Ven liVied on *he lux rolls, and : singleness cf purpose. The late Joyce Kilmer who ar^ Qualified otherwise to vote, can cast i^ vjcanousiy and feverishly until he went a balloi in this election, and as every person ^' ^ar. Uver there be did much jhinking and e5Te ,^ j n ih'- 1 raaTier."whether ^low ".vriiiag- and those te-dious efforts are the "" -rh^TA should be e full ; c ' n b" things of bis ren^embered. The most fur- iy , : iously paeed ivriter of modern limes. Edgar Wallace, turned oat a dozen mystery shockers But the was his fee adijnts it or TSO-I. VOTc OH til? DrOJJOSTt'OU. It will be *ve!I to remember that the r ed- ersi government adds $25.000 to the airount about a h^iudred thousand dollars worth ox imprereinent at an aciual cost of less tnan three-fourths of thai amount. Whether it will be wiser for the ceoole to re'-ase tnis otier !i>yai;y over a penoo oi years. se volun>e to O'.eui?v a permanent :icbio£rraDbv_ douc with care. A legend of the news-rooms Is that parie- ic to dooin, *"Tbe City That "Was/" by the most excellent reporter. Will Irwin. snatched a WflT/ T?<* A KiD 'eO(J7- *. PUTS' H/A1 SMVt?eR And either decision is irrevocable, if , do not take the government's offer it Is settled. | every ^ay before liehtia? DJpes^and dropping- i and It is equally certain^ that sometime in the j arOT2n( i t " o Joe's. Little^of ^riiins: that'lasts I ^Martin Green or a dozen re-write men dash off • ' e* j HI vnli Have to do the neeessary v,-ori j ; s ^QT- T>slri?takin*r. os the se : vrer system, entirely 31 the expense ! o.fthe citizens, or abandon the se-rrer system and : Another speriou? romanza of the ednorial ! revert- to the meihod- of disposal thai ^vere -\ shops concerns "William Allen White's ""What's ^ used before Paris had sewers. hhe Matter With Kansas?"\ repiitedh- flotsam- 1 CHAPTER 24 | to treasure and. she -would hc-lp ; Bob's ?vffe must be very clever, be- THE DECISIOX i hint and live in his hoase. And i cause she ssifi so many things that Bob crushe-d 'his ciss.reiic to a ! dream of Msr: Slaving lived in it, S she. Bob's motiier, could. : not. quite ved it. arid him! Tlie nest raid-day found mportant TO vo po.rtant- to vote should -exi>ress a c-ro--vde<2 from n?r by rhe vast re- her »j«f Tv-hich rose froin the fact that purpose tne <|tiickly accomplish it and return to the?r respective horses. Other l^cisiotio;: -*.a" be tbi-ujrht TO I 1 "-' m^rieO, r",;* 5*0* '-•' this Tnre. !M:any of t'be 'momb^r? r.~ ts:;<=> l^^risjaturf ha*"*? i?de?l r*rt?r-*<J. ^'fh-'-r "• vf. : = -'.-';: ; -_- =>-" 70 sponec a \T;- Tl* e ^ * r:> 2" ? si s * a reaiJzsiion of issuat!.cc of the in or even «sk •j^psi ff.-^ sftioT). SO heavily ,->n T*ibis called s*^si ^11! robabl .hfe ofue 3t:<:i -VSJ-A enaiTie'ed U. C. J !3 and sropp^--] at my Dsd's hor^I in I -J^'*, rov. rr; T';--y -=^re "knlg-rii? of the 1 •-=: 'p vff ':-very M^ndi;.' on *?:e dirk;-.' io-,rals. j : '" u >;*!T'2" T* 11 ." .sa":'•': ~'.»W7 : .?.. >2rne nifrchHUts, '. '.° .•«•*•: ^''-^r "»v<-*-ii. \ <i{*r <jft--r }'ear. re*.^r?!in2" ' ••; rar:":i• : <:- : - <-ver} Saturday. As a class tho~ ? •"•"- •T' 1 'r-.'J3Si-j^r::;v;jSfy :o;-'Ui. Sober and ^Of£;^- ; r "^ V-'j^r. ; o* Tr"- r-o^t; ... r.;jT;^- 3r*/j V^ ?J<1*'--; Hf : V. *'- -Vri'j 1 .' *i"-<m ;j :>_r>-''^- fiff; S SUp~f :'GCSJ p'"" ? ^- ' "*-i '' c 'j\'T' r*-. 3i~*~t£^ '< •..•?"• T n r> T..^ei^. "Fliers are on** ' -" : " £ "^ ou'..a?.'cl snd oi!- varia?::.5 of the trav*:-!i?'g niai; : , '' ! 'I !h=' fsrrfiPr'h da';s-hter crg^. ' '/:: .-ind morons to -srhcrn evil sugses- "ion means evil scifon. But you | •:on."t ne€-d ID build irp this par- I : ;^u!a.r r-art of trs«r. You can tru"t T7V" without beina: dramatic abv«t • ';' and ••w-itho^c a^surin? ir^ — a bit > -._, 0 loudly — that you ^Ti! trxj^r 03-;. i ^J .V it happens. T am havinr a j <- hatjce to pt?.y the roie I most j ^ -vr.nt to play." Toa've bt-*n srcne several th >" &ars - r think! Tel! tzs ^ha ^ a - clubs, .-swon't you?" or ^- 5*ernir.;r!y aff-ctionate lisrht. f ss.»Py =:re»t{ns:. Of <~our?=e it ^,-^B Tehat h«? had her to do; it -srouid be hM- if she faltered, bat heavens! h^- T-cantr*! hi;r to falter: To irr! *h-o.« that she dJd not lie •hf'.-h «t sincere. I love yo', *1! ksio*!*' 'O^.-;y- Theri. pa-ser^by One quart'-'r ond. hur- suhirj^ you," h<? office zs z ease ~e jf sndeexi it b«- n ••.-•.: --xs regular s* > ? ; ^io^ of the l L»ori'3s zr" handin- * % "•• T"* f- 1 * >okcd vipon her T*- = ih fcrtr or a •>inly '.'eiJed .scc-rr;. an-d i* tho«e ho looked av/sy from "ncr T;r o"'<?r ! This <Jld sromethinsr to h "o^Tjcc'l an emotion ^'*r- fcc 3.ny she had fr% - pr had Tarltton. And then, a ,-rrni;c from her mud ^rj- be!t€-f •w-o«?(J cromW*. Se '«s«l »c» <3roffrcy Ta.rl«*on*s wa« 1 ?ssrht? " in: * fflrrr! -''". *fc« b«T!<5 of his }T^ Toul<l Tscatt 1 Tils wlf*'s a5*-d I "•* ?Or * s ^hic^ ha<3 been spoken to | *~,f"oflrt>y Tarlcron: word* that told *'i£t ' "*""*" she ^^^ Tna.rri«yJ him that told """ v him the •who]? STJrn tal«! (To Be ontinucd > he abod- :nth- -Id GOODS SOLI> an matT»rrs ss giso ;. •?•':<! e. Let us nope t -both, u*'* e or txajtors*><S In the News 13 Years Ago Frum the tiies er The Paris Morn ing News thirteen years ago US rv.urfM-s. as .';he I • n<3T«*es fenitUn^. up fr SUNDAY/AUGUST B, BACKWARD IT A. JTETILt£ 'People-'do not appiar to be so , stores that sold nothing but cijars :XicSi interested JQ fijxforceiuent 4>1 < a.&xi tobacco and nJupjO *w»f .<*« i»i«! LJ i *-w«*-n*T^*^*^ »**«** £rafs^£G>^ £^ut* vu vlxv what.are generally know* as Sun- front door in place of tbte cteM; day laws,as they were some years {a cupboard of pigeon holes, each a^o. AVhecher this is <iue to more j with a locJc similar to the lock liberal thought on the matter, of boxes in a. post office. SaturOay' Sunday merchandising or to gen'- ] n&hts.'he" put ia each pigeon'hole eral disregard of any and all laws, [a box of eigars, and the customer I am unable to say and will not who desired was given m key to * venture an opinion."There may be particular box -door and on Sunday could open the door, take of cigars he wanted and a little of both. Periodically v a^me years 'ago..-., ~. .^^.^ , tv » ailtTO ana so there were demands made for en-) about his business. The l>ox was i\>«-o«?n»eijE -of th<^ laws against sale ] marked with his name and "the of, merchandise on Suh'day, . the'j cigars wer<> . technically--Ijis •• pro- law at .that time.-excepting: certain j port y. whether already paid for thing;*, that -were deemed necessary j or to be paid for later. *^ for iho comfort .of the citizen.} Barber shops and grocery store* Among- These were milk., ice. ice | were allowed open until"* o'clock cream <it being a combination of j in the morning:, as were-meax niar- those two- items), burial accessor- j kets. and the barbers'generallylob- newspapers, dru^s and medi-| served this by drawing down'their s. and after automobiles came {shade? at 9 o'clock and continolns into fashion sasoline was added to"{ to serve customers as long"'after the list. j that as any came. Most of the bar- But the sale of tobacco in any j ber shops then were operated by form, of soft drinks, candies and | negroes, and every now ai*d! then all articles of general merchandise j complaints would be made and one xvas forbidden because not included in the exceptions. Despite this these things, especially tobacco or more would pay a fine. Periodically the barbers would make-an agreement to not open at all on drinks, -were sold Jnst like \ Sunday morning- and for ever>*thinsr else until demand was I this T^ras kept, bi^t presently one of made on the county attorney and \ them would, break over and the old sheriff to have the law.- observed (practice would be resumed. «.nd for a time there would be ces-] But most of these things »ee=n sat ion of the sales except in pri- j to have gradually settled themselv- vacy and to persons \vh ocould be j es. Public opinion, as expressed by trusted by the dealer to not give \ juries, did not endorse the Sunday evidence against him. | la-w. and though it remains on the And there i». ere ways-. of' getting-j books almost in its original Torin around" tjie law. One ~cig:a.r store [it. is more honored in the breach (and some years ago there were than in the observance. «^| pfc } f^ * | tra; XBC Xews. followed by I he Uay $ Uial i lie ^^ ^^^^ f - ! 9:45 CBS Joe Reichmans onch All Hours Central Standard Time 12:00 Xoon CBS Edith - Murray, soncs; NBC Gene Arnold. Commodores. 12:15 CBS Quarter Hoar "Waltz Time--. 12: SO CBS tV'ady City Revne; XBC Concert Artists. 1:00 CBS £>etroit Symphony Orchestra; 2CBC Orga-n recital. 1:30. XBC Chatauqua Opera Concert. 2:00 CBS Buffalo Variety Workshop: NBC John B. Kennedy, commentator. 2:3.0 CBS Oregrors on Parade: XBC Chicago Symphony Orchestra. 3:90 CBS The PJav-boys; NBC Nauoual Vespers. S:I5 CBS Poets* Gold. 3:45 NBC Reade^r.-otrs, 4:00 CBS Nick I^ucas. son^s; XBC Ca-tcolic Hour. 4:15 CBS Summer Mttsicale. 4:30 N3C Henrr Kind's Orch. 4:43 CBS Carlile and London. Warwick Sisters, S:00 CBS Peter the Great, sketch XBC'Charles-'Frcvin's Orchestra. 5:30 CBS Chicago Knights; NBC Brahms Sextet, ' 5:00 CBS Columbia Variety Hour NBC Jimmj- "Durante. Cornedia.n. 7:00 CBS Harr>' Sosuick*s Orchestra; NBC Broadcast frcm Vienna. 7:30 CBS Fred TTarin^'s Orchestra.; NBC American Album of Fa mil Jar Music. S:OO CBS Wayne Kind's Orchestra; NBC Ka.ll of Fame, S;3O CBS Ferde Grofe*s Anseri- cana;-NBC Cauadia.n Capers, trio, orchestra. 5:90 C3S I>Ittl« Jack Utile's orchest.ra: NBC Irene son syr. ?:I5 NBC - Madame Sc .Heick. 3:30 CBS Glenn Gray's orches- j 10:0^0 CBS Red Nichols orchestra; NBC Eddie r>uchln» orch«strk. 10:15 NBC Kuss Colxisabo, | Griers orchestra. i 10:30 CBS Henry Busst'* '• «t- chestra; NBC Hollywood, on tJt» Air. 11:00 CBS Bar! Hises.orchemtn; NBC Leonard Kellers orchestral .'• ACI>tBLE CBS StatJoo JCRt^>. O»U*j* .......... __ ____ 1.0*9 K-MOX- Ss. LrfMsis ............. KBC STATIOKS i*. Ft. Cteelaa«.ti VTBBM. Cil BATTCRY OFF TO PALAOO5 y-Ttire* Meacnbers of Artillery BONHAM.—Thirty-three' members of the 2S2nd FicM Artillery unit left Saturday irtorning: ,'for Palaciosf lo attend• the annna!-€«- of the Texa.<s . NatiiUial Twenty-six went by train and the oth-ers by track. TJt*^ will be srway 1-5 days. The officers are Leslie Franklin, capta-ir: cJarl Turrier, f.nst Hcutenant:. -T. C. TVoods. second lieutsuaTtt: Ben .FS*!tchcr, first ser^reant: other ser- sre-ants, .-'Woodall. Marcam, ?*Iorrl5, Smitfc; corporals, l!n, Fletcher. Madden snd Stevenson. ."Six of'~;ar« from I>orid City. th« otlicrs from Bihar. India, indicate , I land to sink an feet TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS Solution cf Ye»terd»y*» Pnrrl* Tt she 5-c-ciTis fj i J* ~^"sy a relief wfic-n thrr ca'en- | dsr told him That only a v»-rck tvos "I love your nsother: aom* day J ? '"-' T before h-> ma*i gro back to his •-j'1.1 ksioT» - it. T hop-?.' sr.p said j *' vOr ' £ "^bicfc ^-as a work that no Powers jo-ined \ one ^'*- ^otrid do. A relief, and yet ; a torture-. 'Taryh^. kn»^- ! >srain a.r;d a^aSn he rnade him- nc! that var i """" i><% ^^ v " * Marsha ^ou!<I not hunters, men and -womf i«frhol<! sjoods At ba,r- ~^ hyrtdredn of ctjri- eiJ through the house! ------- ; - p-y jnuch to Jar'.; c>r h-.;?',c-ri th'-rr..*" j 2t;rt,jor.ccr ',fr?. Powers. «rrr:il*;d hf*ca7;»<» Marsha ^-as «rn irjr^g 1 , b"t sh*?r FEIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1921 to the fed era >:•.; -•o; ixotary ',«• T>r T, W; r-rnian ::n't !>T«, or bt; *ak<r ^jibboits caused =? shon.agf: of iiuri n -s; t h r e. a H v m o n > i rj 2:. sx- very nnfrb w*-«t;M v/ant to '«.':<-. f j th*rn." Mr* 1 F' <:»•.». -r-i *>v. I arrfu!!;*. "You J"* 1 -^. J!a.n- ) TJ»e vifr anner »:-airi<- to ar .* 'a?>t. — Passing Show. Ju»ve tr^«.t»*en! for « wound oz; one 'by tilt? spu-r of o rooster. ou out in H. L- aft*r treatojeist ai a hospital. Mis i r by beir»# bitten by a doj? ->0 years-. the wo««i3l l»»d recurred jut ~.<• 4 * one that ha<! *n<Ji?d hsst ?n Tn of 5ylvan was able to return A ^man is judged by the scandals he keeps | arms; "T»rji«t<m>. !>«>«* ar * hrts.r>;!i4} \\\*.. i"<*nh?«s v-TJ VkiTil.—Cofsicarift Sun. i &£a.i!i3kt h*r«. H« All ^ work «nd r»o play makes jack a dull j.,/, ro*e liraskly to »f Hta he fe«r jbtip and th*t facet .sort, for m«*, *r\4 Fh . if «h« thorjght h*r w-o *>4 hy rr,y rf.-Ic^atiny it. TO »-Ta?. Don't >-ow thtrik J Marsha «a:<j Kh<* 4id tbirtk H»n.. i«ry«4fr«e<J that it »«run<J*<! ztrong: "I artn <jt>lt<» <?»rt*lp." Marsh* a<l<}. "that it- would wash without Her «* mother ti: decided "Te«, th*t her MAN WITH TWO FACES Fdw. fi. Kobtoxw. M»ry Ric«rdo Corter- AT THE PLAZA SHE WAS A LADY AT THE LAMAR MANY HAPPY RETURNS Bvrmt *x»A Allen TxrniJwnfo and AT THE GRAND 41. Body «*r«»nt* «L T«rria SS. KotlOB

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