The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 1951 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1951
Page 10
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EIGHTEEN News, Frederick, MM., Wednesday, December », 1901 Says Clique Tried $500,000 'Shakedown' WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 W--A wealthy Chicago attorney swore today that two men-^-claiming connections with fllgh Washington figures--tried to shake him down for $500,000 under threat he would have "income tax trouble" and maybe go to prison. Abraham Teltelbaum said the proposition was put to him In Miami Beach, Fla., last winter by Bert K. Naster, identified as a Hollywood. Fla., businessman, and Frank Nathan, of Pittsburgh. And, he declared, it was represented to him that a "clique in Washington" looked around the country for "soft -touches" to tap as he was being tapped. Teitelbaum's story shook the House "tax investigation, and led Chairman King ID-Calif), to order a night Session to hear Jess Larson, one'of those' 1 whose names was caaed off by .Teitelbaum as among those he was told were "in the Washington "clique," Larson, head of the General Services Administration, had asked to be heard as soon as possible. Larson, whose agency acts as the government's "housekeeper" by buying supplies, .taking care of Federal buildings, etc., took the witness chair tonight to deny emphatically he belonged to any such "clique" as was mentioned in Teitelbaum's testimony. He referred to Teitelbaum as "this alleged lawyer" and described Frank Nathan as a man who has "hung around this town four years to my knowledge selling names, selling reputations, trying to put himself in a favorable position." "It is unfortunate." he continued, "that hearsay testimony x x x has happened here late this afternoon, which, if permitted to run wild, has every opportunity to ruin the character and reputation of ev.ery public official and svery public employe in this town. "I will not allow myself to be defamed." (out as revenue commissioner last August 1 for reasons of health. His predecessor was Joseph Nunan. Caudle was assistant attorney general in charge of *t»x lYaut* prosecutions ' f o r t h e Justic Department until November 16. On thai day President Truman fired him for "outside activities' deemed incompatible with his government work. East, West Germans Invited To Debates PARIS, Dec. 4 /P--The U N. Special Political Committee decided 50 to 6 today to invite both East and West Germans to its debates over the proposed formation of a U. N. inquiry commission on all- German elections. Russian opposition suggested, however, that only the West Germans will be in a position to accept. The Soviet bloc and Israel voted against the invitation, suggested by Pakistan. Russia's Jacob A. Malik led the Soviet bloc opposition to this first action to give postwar Germany a restricted voice at the U. N. council table. He argued that the establishment of the commission would be an insult to the Germans. He said they were politically mature, can very well settle their own political problems, and don't need to send spokesmen to the U. N. The Israeli position was that the Germans should not be invited to U. N. meetings until Germany has given evidence that she has rid herself of Nazi politics. Foreign Minister Moshe Sharrett said Israel does not believe Germany is ready to reentcr the family of nations. Pakistan's resolution provided that the East and West zones of Germany and Berlin be invited to send representatives to Paris They would be permitted to make factual statements to the committee. Innocent Owners Duck Hunting Blinds Closed BALTIMORE. Dec. 4 i/Pi--Some innocent owners have had their duck hunting blinds closed for Then. U hi S voice breaking in emo- i l l e f i a l 'Citing, Harold S Kolmer. s executive secretary of the Mary- tion. Larson made this plea: "In the name of Almighty God won't you gentlemen in Congress please do something to stop this sort of thing." j The crowd in Hie hearing room broke into applause. Teitelbaum said those named to him as in the "clique" included Larson, Charles Ollphant. a "Mr, Nunati 1 ' and "another man who just resigned for the purpose of seeing who are the soft touches, or words to that effect" "And Mr. Naster mentioned the name of Theron Lamar Caudle, too." In most cases thp witness not connect the names with ficial-positions. There is a Charles Oliphant. however, who is chief counsel of the Internal Revenue Bureau, George J. Schoeneman stepped did of- land Department of Game and Inland Fish, said today. The blinds were ordered closed by Federal game agents, Koimor said. He explained the limitation on baiting w i t h i n half a mile of a Wind is a Federal regulation only. Kolmer said Federal agents have been using airplanes to spot areas where corn or wheat is strewn on the watfr to lurp ducks close to the Wirier}!. HP snicl in some nrcas whore the blinds are close together it Is not always possible to determine which owner has done the bailing The duck h u n t i n g season opened November 22 ajid closes January 5. AbuseOfPower MayLeadToIts Loss, He Says "On* of the most serious mistakes we have made administration-wise is /naking a military mnn a member of the President's Cabinet," Herschel D. Newsoni, Master of the National Grange, told Ki- wsnians Tuesday. · In Frederick to speak at the 77th annual session of the Maryland State Grange, Mr. Newsom made his visit's first speech during the service club luncheon in the Francis Scott Key Hotel. "We have no business having a military man in a top civilian position," the speaker declared after he had expressed his admiration for General Marshall as an individual ano. as on Army officer. He charged the Department of Defense with creating "frustration" for Charles E. Wilson and the Defense Production Agency by delay and confusion in mapping national defense plans. Economy Necessary Mr. Newsom expressed doubt that the nation would be geared to top defense effort in the year ahead. He said that every citizen shares in responsibility for Federal, Government and that the new tax schedule, which will touch virtually every individual, is an effective way of teaching the importance of economy in Federal spending. The Grange Master described interviews with Eric Johnston and George Meaney :n Washington on ''the freeze of parity" and declared that AFL "abuse of power may lead eventually to destruction of that power." He suggested that farmers assume leadership in the country beyond "production of food and fibre" and "show other segments of the country how government costs can be kept down." "When 154 million people pay the tax bill, they have an interet in real economy.'' Subsidy of marginal farm producers he condemned as a "control and throttle'' on lop producers. Sound agriculture can be assured only if it is based on a .sound national economy, the speaker said. Closer Relations Desirable Closer friendship between the farmer and labor is desirable and is being achieved. Mr. Newsom declared. He described changes of opinion in Waiter Reuther, especially since the labor leader visited us brother Vic in Russia and saw first hand HIP workings of an economy he had been prone to admire. Reuther, the speaker said, may be 'on the way" out of his power- ieldlnR ,spol in labor councils be- -ause of liberalization of his views in recent years. Th« philosophy of Marx and Lenin cannot survive In the same world with "democratic capitalism," Mr. Newsom said. The whole world he saw as "engaged in a civil war" saying that nations have a choice of "depending on a benevolent government' 1 or governing themselves on a basis of haid, realistic thinking. All price controls should not be abolished but they should be held in check, the speaker said. By tidy- Ing up its own house, agriculture can pioneer methods of instituting economy measures in the whole government, Mr. Newsom suggested. Glass Inducted The speaker was introduced by Edward F. Holler, Master of the Maryland State Grange. Henry R. Shoemaker, county agent, was program chairman. John R. Cheatham, Kiwanis president, presided. Walter Crowther inducted a new member, Thomas Glass, local attorney. Present were the following guests: A. B. Hamilton, Kiwanian from Prince George county; R. S. Brown, county agent of Talbot county; Mayor Donald B. Rice. Carl K. Duvall, Robert E. Clapp, Jr.', Frank Darner, Nevin S. Baker, Ross Maymon, Anthony Main, and Daniel E. Wight. In a brief business session, William Zimmerman was elected second vice-president of the club. It was announced that the annual Christmas party for members and their ladies will be held December 18. CONVICTED ROCKVILLE, Dec. 4, (VP)--Eddie Bratburd, 53, and his wife, Ruth Bratburd, 50, Silver Spring, were sentenced to six months in jail and fined $500 each today after their conviction on charges of possessing gambling paraphernalia. They were tried by separate juries in Montgomery County Circuit Court . 7,706 Get Gamblers 9 Licenses WASHINGTON. Dec. 4, M--The Government disclosed today that only 7,708 gamblers have applied for the new $50-a-year Federal tax stamp and ordered a nationwide crackdown by 2,500 special revenue agents to round up thousands of suspected dodgers. Internal Revenue Commissioner John B. Dunlap said special agents have already been organized into 117 "racket squads" throughout the country with instructions to take "vigorous action," Known or- suspected gamblers who have failed to apply for new occupational tax stamps-^-including bookies, punchboard operators, policy or "numbers" writers and other professional bet takers-will serve as targets or the coast-to- coast drive. Evasion May Be Costly "Cases of willful evasion or attempt to defeat the tax will be promptly referred to the Department of Justice with recommendations for criminal prosecution," Commissioner Dunlap said. The deadline for filing applica- tions for the tax utamp was De«. 1st. The Bureau of Internal Revenue gave the following breakdown on the 7,706 applications received so far: Granted--1,556. Still being processed--4,266. Returned for further information--1,884. Officials estimated that at least 17,750 persons are subject to the tax, but they conceded this estimate was probably conservative. Unofficial estimates ran many times higher. Commissioner Dunlap said each of the 64 Internal Revenue collectors' offices across the nation has compiled a list of gamblers. "The lists will provide the starting points for enforcement activities," he said. Under the law, passed by Congress last October, gamblers -are required not only to register for BICYCLES $ FOR $ Backed by 30 Years Bike Experience Best Value In Town All sizes Trainer Wheel Bikes BURALL'S CYCLE SHOP Rear C. C, Carty's, E. Pat. St. ("My Location Saves You Money") Essoheat Fuel Oil Kerosene MONOCACY OIL COMPANY Phone 365 Frederick, Md. 1QC9 St. Joseph IddL CALENDARS WEATH£R CHART A* Your Drug Countar BAGS WANTED MILLS , FARMERS STORES Attractive prices paid for Burlap and cotton bags. Good ones and bad. Deliver them yourself or phone 383 Frederick and we will have our ajrent call. THE FREDERICK JUNK CO. (TWO YARDS) 310 Chapel St. or East 4th Street Ext. Phone 383 LAY IT AWAY ! ! 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Others are said tp have "gone underground," carrying on busine» more furtively than ever. CLAIMS FALSE ARREST ANNAPOLIS, Dec. 4 t/P)--An Anne A r u n d e 1 County tavern owner, claiming he was illegally arrested on lottery charges, said today he is "referring action for CUT THIS OUT! This coupon entitles you to a FREE pen and pencil set or coloring boolc with any purchase from SOc up FREDERICK 5 10 41 South Market--Open Evenings damagt" against the Anne Arund ( County Police x x x to my counsel * The innkeeper, William Andre- of Odenton, also asked the Boar of County Commissioners to ir, vestigate "how much of the tax payers' funds are being wasted b. the County Police. Department" Say you saw it in The News, BICYCLES "Buy The Best" SCHWINN--All Models INDIAN LIGHTWEIGHT Gear Shift Models SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLD 'TIL XMAS Blick's Cycle Shop 413 N. Market St. 1961-J -- Open 9 'Till 9 \ C. E. 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