The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD., THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1932. Daily Radio Program Guy K. Hotter Delivers Address To Rotary Club. IEEEY MEETING IS BED "G«c--s* WasSratoa, Tfc- Gooc C-taen," was ifce :i*:ne of ar _n:res-- aig =v Guy K Mot*' £· -~ v .e repair ***:? seeuns ani .ur.rh**c of the Rotary Cl'-b in the BXe an 3 Grey room of tivf ?ra=cls So«xt K*j Ho:k Wed^esdaY · U is f.:urxg " *..'.c spta*K saci "A*-, « shacjl ee.ebr.^ tbe SOOifc ".:·· ersrr sr.d birth sr.i ri upo= lie ^fe cl Gcorj THURSDAY. J U N " 2. (Cectral and Eastera SlaoUrd T! ib;«ct to c .·-£·- P 11- iDar-ijSt ils* ca» Bour Sater.) ' C«S. coast to O.JL»'. lc to ei !es s^tioa lcc.'-J«» *;. »v» .»;?:« »t»:'oc». j» -- _ _ . IT*** £ y T"A* ^taOCMlfd f*r«r*»/ f t-*"t- t»»l. NBC-WEAF NETWORK | *-*£ 0 *·**££*JTM*^****' **"" BASIC--E»*t: »e*: * » » »««l «rt:cI 5 **-- 6 «* Singer--on«t oof ·»·».- via.* wr»b »rs »..; «::r ·?« **r i «-M-- 7.OC--TB« Club--BMle. Organ. «S«3 »c*« wtari w"J wsa! MiO*e»t. «litir»-- »«at w--ao w c f i AKl woc-wi-o »;« wtfar i 6 'S-- 7 t!--Lyrran Oreh.--Basic. Mu- NORTMWEST t C A N A D I A N -- *!=;! «,c AI9um--t-iii*. Cennett'a Oreh. w.-ja if 3 «e-c » ..-. * V-aa I « 30-- 7.30--Ka!« Smith--Basic t *5-- 7 4y--Th* CO'^mB'a"S--c to c 7.!»-- ».!S--Mills B'os.--Uaiic. H«r- m»nie»--i'x « 7:S»-- 8 50--Orama -- Ba»ic. Funny. Bon«r»--t'i.«. Hamp'a Oreh.--we»t 8:00-- 9 70--Sfci'k«-«t Orcr* ^-c "O c \ 9 '5-- 9 *S--Fa»t Freia^t--A'oo DixS« £ Ji-- 9 50--Barlow Symphony-- to C S i5-- S ii--Sponsored Program S 00-- i; CO--Mc» Orcn.--taa-. Joe Pa- look*--we»* repeal $ IV--'3 *V-Jo» Moaa Orel.-- to e 8 JO--10.10--S.»«i* Oreh.---a to e 10fX--?*~CO--Nci*on · Orch.~-c to o 10 to--11-S»-- Krcugcr Oreh.--coast oat; Crtfre CluS--i*a«t rt:«a! 1?:OO-- :r OO--Dance--wat-e T»I-\ vcac ASSAULT CASE !S One Of Defendants Still Unable 1 To Testify. ne · ^ i :re: ar -- »"» it-i itj!r kEt! C COAST -- so if! zr kc-rc HIS JAW WAS BROKEN the unanur-ous sccl sre-s.: rr.e:-. the greatest cf all -he great " Speafcr^ of ha suwsnurjlii? Mr , Mocter «ii -*-e all r-aLze «.Us v.i.i: | oonsian-. »ad«=i and sir.sler.ess cf r - - ] pcs» sc:T»d «.-..· ',.".' Coiccv of Vjr?ir_a fir f*r,- \ -ars as, a m*=-J»r cf :-J, Lps^.r.-"re .'.--::..:-.the ooss'_-.ut-op. of the :rfsr.*- re;-':=-- ; sr.ii fa-ice acc*r-~-e :-^ Prcs.-.,-.-^- flxn the p«-3p. xv-.-.r3oui or.* ci_v-:- i^g voice called upcn IVJT: :c f~". '.ha- c^flcu'.: and exacting ro " "Of hjs greatri'ss on :h- fcr."'.?f '·".c." the speaker said, "he «as cal^oc -*her. a mere vcu:h to aci in the war asa.:^- the Ir.djns sr.i '-'hr:. the th^teer. c« c^.ed -."· n-UcT and iriajes::.' of Ens^nd he«-n-G Indescr-bable difficulties ar.! throjsh eight ace a hali years, of-^n «-.'b live people's c^sccureserr.en: wc^h-ns ^P- " him asd ih- arrays ajasiTjua'-y UaR'- peruig h-T-. fouphi a f.ght v.h:.-'! subdued :h* cr^my a::c frave Use worla A new r-suan ar.d a new ideal of the rights of men. Of him rrsore than ar.v other ciCitaiy leader :: can be ja:d that he chanced ih« fart- of human forttme ar.d hune upon the shoulderi of desuny a robe more ccrgecus :h.m Us* worhi has ever seen." "Ko coEese education prepared WashiUKtorj for his carets'." the spoak- er continued. "Before he was seventeen y*ars of *s« he had prcvcd his ability to earn, to save and to increase the goods of this world. He trvok no short cuts to power or place. What he tiltimately becarae and accomplished was due to his own conception of the responsibilities arid opportunities of life and to his umrarerlr.K resolute - ceas of purpose to increase the worth.- ness of his own efforts " Referring to his amasing versatCty Mr. Motter said "bet-ween his slxl.r:h terthcay and h» death at sixty-sever. he figured successfully as a surveyor. engineer, farmer, realtor. arch:t-ct. builder, explorer, mmer. cattle raiser. shipping magnate, lumberman, conservationist. executive of b'.g corpora tions. promoter, banker. ' Ce-t East. · 3_ - .. -- V, cr*l"'» R^e o "ev tw r ro^-- 3 " -- v w » a! Ct"iea/ M.ta r ^ -- Z -- T«a Oj'-s^'te - ia -- 3 T j -- T-s i - 3 G y *\ext Ocor ; :: -- i X -- N J V rte Prtsfit 3 li-- 4 '5 -- Sfc - c y -- i"a»t c" T 3 SO -- j-- S«'t.i»lSrr»-- Aj7 *cutb 4 CO -- £ C^ 1 *-- O.-" rt e- Mw*«c -- A'*-? ^jutb * C--.13' S-kpr/ -- " !w*' repeat « jo -- i -3 -- Tft Wcr:s Tcea -- e to c 4 4V- 5 ·* ' -- Ji-'-e Pt-rseli -- A'? j ccatt « "«-. C -*? -- Yct."3 vr* »»» Proflrafn 5 J5-- £ 15-- Soon^c'eC PrcB'"** S .5 -- »J -- Thr Gc.Ciers» e ·*-- ? c: -- n _ c y Vii't*-- - to c 7 :c-- $ CO-- P.ifj Tr.o A vocal -- e t o c 7 ',)-- f ;^- = % ---!rk Holmta* Story S -i -- S '^-- C^* c» Hour-- c to c 9 ."-- " C-- Ri_*t C~Iw-n*!:c Orcheatra S 'S-- 1-' ·; -- H » - r y Rs«r'» ExklmOI 9 . -- K -;* -- f '.'· Ca:'" « a y Orchestra «C ; -- · · ^ -- p»!,-"- K . f t f - y : Putia Or. 'l*» A5n«Wr*» Oreh. vrph CPS-V.A3C N E T W O R K B A S I C C H A I N -- EAST: u i i c · v v ; 1 -- i * - - i · » ' -- ji- * / - -- C C O EAST A ' . D C ~ " - A O I A N -T. . ^- v *~ ^r' ; n'«« vt '; cf-" C».ac D I X I E -- -,,·»; «'«« w 1 ". ·« V «rds)3 lv-"-s ', '31 ^ "ec ^ »c w!» j K ;«c kr'a ktrj: -- A v X'r V ·- k'!v! P A C I F I C COAS^-- k 1 -' k:.l V. .1 I frc kc: .:··**'*·- *~-; i f Cent. East. T 31-- r !-- Bettor Rwu: -- c to a 2-00 -- 3 "V -- Arr-.y B»iS -- c :o C 1 I-- 3 3 -- O«n-o«raT!c Talk-- c to e 2 -S5-- 3 4S-- P ancv Boy» -- 5 tu c 3-r^ ·».»-- G«i. K-a.i'j Oreh -- c to e 3-'5 -- *:'5 -- Tito Qt. rar -- c- to c 3-CO-- « J3 -- P'c'eitcr Majoi -- ea»t '-S^h: or. Wc: ?a:.-ici i-.ree: -ear.; £30 a!'*r an a'j'.oniv -- e NBC-WJZ NETWORK BASIC C H A I N -- Eait: wj» tier) N O R T H W E S T A CANADIAN -- wtnaj ir ^a Jc»:^ xeL~: ».)» Scf-rckj" cfcf SOUTH -- nrra wptf »rwr.c wi» wja» w?.a.irsu:i «r!o4 wsin wmc v*t wapl w;ox w»n:b *\oo wkjr irfia ntjap Kp.-c wu! !.· lit- a M O U N T A I N -- koa, k«! kgir St(h! P A C I F I C COAST-- iteo kf! ie" homo Wedc^fiday even^ig. postponed case uaiil Jui'v 1 A :aj^ number witnesses, iurosnoaed oa '-he case, re przscs: fcr the hearxm. Three Months For Vagrancy. Arralsoed before Jujuce Bens«t ear- Wednesday. John Farr*U. ^bxj says .-ose is in M-iso'.ir^ was sentenced :--ee sjn'.hs la me Ha-ise of Car:-..on on a vagrancy T»arracl He was rest*d sere Saturday night by Con- s.e Charles W Sn^ith. wno t«sti5ed a: tr:e ·?·*" zzc. o*en loaing abou: e c.t/ ^or ions* t re* Comtasle Sa;-tc cam* ^x'xs posses- .r. o! another forged cieck Wednes- WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go i day waich be bclleiee »'«» passed by JOKS R. Steele. local youth, arrested I Tuesday for giTiag a cuaiber of suri coeziu 10 local SlU.n« station operators. Tbe latest ebecic bore the sisca-ture "Guy Buclcejr" and fas passed at the filing stat.on o! Pal Murphy, near tiie j PHir Grounds 'JVR FTKiar The caeck 1 -sas Jor WiO a=d las ar*g«12y gtrea t to Murphy by S'^e« in payaiect lor j saso:,:ae and oil. ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE WEE THZFT PROPBBTK DAMAGE UABitirt HELFENSTEIN URNER «r Beyair WTerk BOY W. POOLE CONTRACTOR BUlLDEJt «M Fairriew Are. Phone MS-J EftUaute* o :o w:'} aeca r.e says wer»? ii.2xct* ::;:. s.gnei b-. Dr F :o a Jra.'. -r ·« SO-- 5-3 -- Cerent Evens*-- coast out 4.15 -- 5:'^-- ReU ar.a Dunn -- coast out t:3G-- ^30 -- jacK Miller -- coast out 4,-tj-- * 4j -- JOB Palscka-- P-asic £ 00 -- ff.OO*-- Molten Dcwnry-- c out S:ii-- 6:**-- W i l l im Hal'. Pantcne Cent East. 1 3O-- 2 JO-- Hello Marl*-- Alio »O3th 1:4} -- 2.4-- Stoket' Oreh. -- Alao aoutb 2:00 -- 3:OO -- Home lacorationa -- Alao sojfi weat 2:'5 -- 3-1V-- Navy Bard-- to ccaat S.CX-- 4-OO -- Marimba Band 3. JO -- 4 30 -- Singing t_ady -- to coast 3.45 -- 4 :S-- Orphan Annie -- east oc!r 4:GO-- i:OO -- Ted Black Orchestra 4 30-- S:30-- Old Songs of Church 4:4i-- 5.45 -- Topics in Brief -- east: Orphan Annie-- midviest repeat S:00 -- * 00 -- Amos 'n' Ancty -- east 3 Singing Lady -- m!Uwe3i repeat 6::S-- 6.15 -- Dardles ef Yesterday , 9-30-- e-30-- Stebbina Boys-- « so o »:45-- 6.45-- Jone* and Har« ' e-00-- 7.00 -- Harriet Ue« A Mai* Yrlo 6.1S-- 7 15 -- Rln Tin Tin. Drama 6.30-- 7 30 -- B. A. Rol'e Orchestra 6 5-- 7:45-- Sisters of the Skillet '.00 -- 8:00-- Sanderson and Crumlt 7 33-- 8 30-- Thompkms Cor.-- c to c 8 00 -- 9:00-- The Dance Gypsies a.;0-- 9:30 -- Hollywood Nights 8 45-- 9:45 -- PiCkens Sisters 9.OO-- 10 OO-- Slumber Mu:c -- basic: Amos 'n* Andy--- Kepeat to west 9-30 -- 10:30 -- Hal Kemp's Orehestra 10 00--11:00 -- Earl Hints Orchestra 10:30 -- 11. SO -- Larry Funk Orchestra : strv b Lee flisimsiid. 20-tar-c!i ' .tax M SV.-:K CO^-.M?: !vr Ke"- r -a.d ! ::.e ;a""ers j j n *as "slngot! t"'- r e' vr ' j 1!* '*is confir-^d to Fi\ .eric* C.".' I Fa"ovi.n? :l:e affa^. each part.cipar.t j 57.ore out f .irrant cnar^.r.-^ tr.e other v l ' h assault and oatt^ry ar.d »3'h are t a' ;;o*-ty jr.ier $100 bor.c! J\~*:'.-. , A.:on Y hearing t;ie state- EMPTY YOUR GALL BLADDER And You*l! Feel Like a Billion Dollars! !.' you feel sour a^d «^"V a=d the tocla piisk. ckin't svailow a lot of aaiu. lEicenl water, ad. buariT* raady or ;-.7i »-- J ripest t-^*" to make you s iscxt asd booj-*£t and (u!i c[ oucaiuae. fjr ikry can't do it. Tbey oa!y iso»e th« vda asd a caer^ tcoTvCBet cloeaa't jet sC rscse. The reason for J ocr down-«firt^at Lni a vour hvtrr. It »houM pour oirt t«o jsiis ol l.inud bi 1=10 yo5ir bowels di2y. II th^s bs!e ^ cot flowist fredy. yoar food 4-xaa c dixtxt. It just decays in tbe bovela. 1,13 U,,i'j up your stomach. You ba»« a :-ick. bad tan* aol your breath fct foul. »i.n often br«ts out in falefrfinm- Your bead s'-*:^ xcd ou feel clovo »cri out. Your whol* «..s:«n u pououed- It taka t.-'^e rood, old CARTER'S UTT1A LTVhR PILLS to set these two F-^s-ii o! tiUs rlowun freeiy and make yon i -«d "up acd up." Tbejr contiin wonderful. i ITBM. K*oUe rneuale eiwcta. n-imnt * hen tt cc'3^s to ?p"VT*g the bile Sow freely. But dca't axk for llrer pills. Aak (or Carter's Ij'tle Liver Pills. Lock for the case Carter's |jfj« Lirer PiUs on the red label. Resent a . Oi931C.Si.Co. NIAGARA FALLS Vacation Excursions .80 Round *l{j= Tri P FROM FREDERICK June 3-17 July 1-15-29 Aug. 12-26 Sept. 9. TICKETS GOOD FOR IS DAYS FOR FOLDER AND DETAILS APPLY TO TICKET AGENT BALTIMOREOHIO "You're iiJting oo top of the world in your roora ot The lincotn... 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Ar.r.oi;r.cen,T.r vas made of the app^intiricnt. Ot Iciiauxis B'orlee. a If^rrr.e- governor of the 34fh D-j5tr.ct of jsot^rv. to be tlie ctub^ d^cKa:-" 'o jthe annual conven'lin to i be* held thjs month at Seattle. Wa^h was o:ie guest at the lunch! ·on. Charles F Smith. Ltbcrtytow-n { Notre Dame Graduate. ! Among the graduates of Notre Dame j ! Collrce of Maryland. Bilttrj-.ore. Wed- , nesday wa? M^s Jane E. Roddy, daugh- ·er of Mr nnd Mrs Hugh A. Roddy. this city. Miss Roddy also played a _ piano solo prior to the address to the i Kridu.i't"; by Rev Dr Goorge Johnson.. i " - - - - - - Yoar C*H btftd'ler B;O-«« and dUtribute* to f 1R our 1x^1;.. ?4j. (5 aft»-r «-at.a^ r j our *i*inar"i f Us with E»». vou b*Ich. «ca! a*-ld - s«-« n , vour th-oat. -. ou- hefi'I tH^f.35 u» thrub. vou 1-*J n»u3**t^I and KtnpJ .* can't get iu si'X'p-- Don't w*su» y«*ur tin^ witn bixauvifi. wh'rh ottlv move tee bowels. I'ntsl you cvt tlat RiU bladder empt; :RE :twi{ fully and ! r e*~j v'- tb. · \«ur slcm *n*i you- p.-b \.ur b-eath b^cnmrs tc itaci* breaks out m t.ny become « we*k an* f a:n ma^ tu*n je 1 ' v«r. v offer^ivt; \tur pimpit^: and ju s can : l:fi a ban !. Cur'.T presented the a mntph*. pleasant means to makt tins (i'c ( -*tiv t ju.ce:'o* fr«iv. anl put \mi *a ttraunn. "i*:- rf lif*. MAGN'ESIA OX*»1DS. Httl- wn-i- tabltU that rc!esis« pur*» n\ Ren. Thu -iraoz-n,; oiyern -- purer tban t l e a.r ou br*a"ij»* -- plu.1 rsmi SHshtly Hurt In Accident Baltimore . Jur.e 1 --Miss Mabei E Rlr.ehart Baker. Union Br.dge. Carro'.'. county, was sljrhtiy !nj;ired today -A hrr the automobile she was drtting ~ol- iiaed wi'.h an automcbile at Bakir ar.J I M -r.roc streets thit po Ta»o gcntlv sti*nulat*ii the call h'-zd- ^ burning acidity and sicet'p^ e*.*^ bo»el d*^La. OxL-i is s f «'*'' each m^a! -- ar.«i -- d-irk p'tntv ·( ^atr-r -- an i joti'U jump t-ut c-f vour »».in fo' ,'"· . Such ""** hs-alth' Such robusi \ i , c » r l C*«- :h«»s^ SI \ OXOIDS V«!a-. f-*m \ou- drvc ^v-. r«-v*nt an\ substuu**. Kyuse tha* ii. b(**Mer -- ftwl l.*.e a ballon dalian" e by IVapIr's Service Druj btorc* Extra Money For The Farm! KAISE REX RABBITS FOK ITS' We fcu- a'.! TOVI raise Pa' ap :o Sli *±e.-. Y3 s n-.ow how las: ra!)3::5 aau!- ·.!?.r YJJ fcrios lerd CQ»:S Cm': you -- 'a ^aKd^^n:* proa: and a good l.vtns ·* :· .:-.::e TIOT/C ahestf for vc..' Coa:e \!o-.d ^y or asv dav :h.s ^areek Ge: *uli cle'a Is abc'-t '-e «~ca: rabD.: Industry FREE -- FREE RABBITS! RABBITS! RABBITS! COME IN-- FILL OVT COUPON FOK FKLE KABBIT. IKA1\ ING SATURDAY NK.IIT. -J P. M. \0l MC5T Bt HEKt TO WIN IF NAME DRAWN ONE FKtt TO FICST THREE NAMES I rt «« t*-H TOU how to crt the free rabbits. Open ever* da* this -reek. S 1. M. to 10 r. M. Come earlT this morning, firt the best of this breeding stock ^our^elf. ALL STAR RABBIT BREEDERS J-il Xorth Market Street Opposite Professional Kuildinr. Fretferlrt. Md. 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