The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL'., SATl'KDAY. FKniU'AUY 7. 1018 A fall docs not hurl those ir/io fly loic. FEBRUARY i 5--Ur.lvo~'"/ cf V/i:ccr.:.r. founded. i£49. . . alliance w i t h Franco, 1778 7-- Croat Bohlrr.ere i::e. 1904. 8--EoyScoua !cur.£ed 1910 ; i 9--U.S. V.'ecther Bureau j erected 1670 \ 10--Tr«rty c! Pa: .5 rc:.:'.:d 1763. 11-US. Dopartrr.e.-.: c!_Ag:.- culture crea'ed 1:--' Cs!-ss For One-Story House Adaptable TG Yes-sous Locations and Farm Nesds ; . . : - , . . - 'JUAMPAIGN. hi..; ten are pushed into the base , '· 7 A IKI..IC plan lor a farm- ] or \\oudMied , I -· ;d:mU:blc U» requirement* i --The farmer's ofnce ueecis 101 i ! ! i \ i : i » ' conditions on o w n e r - ' f i l e s and t:.peis tuncermiii; u i e j · ·icJ iarm-; m the North Con-' ui.Mtie.vs ol f..rming.. ' i M - ; ^ h.:.- been developed' -- C l e a n - u p tactluies to avoid I : i , \ e r - i t y ot/ Illinois. "iiaclung tnrough the house. , · plan !'· iiexible and simple. 'J\\o Kcctanj'.ular Vnils | ::· ,. ( , , i . - , ' o r h-j.iM,- which Development 01 Ihe OUMC iarr.i-j · · M r be .:'U.'ned to various! Louse p!a:: wi.s iuMiiecd by a r e - j o - .uui r.eedV V.'ith minor , search mvnt from tne " t a i m J o u r - ; . , i' . v i b- UiL-d in city i^'i" maya/ine of Philadelphia, and j ).!-- if is prCM-nicd ri aii \/;s carried out by tne Mnatl lionsos | '\'U'i .,-!-.a.;e ii?c circular i s - ' C o u n c i l and t!u Colit^e l)1 A S n ; bv i:.e Siiui! Homos Council · cv.Mure at the V:uveuu. i ihe plan ollous tor uiie to t o u r ; 1-uiroom* or lor addinonal bed- 1 looms i~, '.r,e lamuy urows. i n t j b;.sic plan consists of tv.o rectan-j o-ii-.i- units, one tne h\»!i-. aiiu veri'hy. lit.::).: l-iitc . tin 1 IV.i A:\o-r,; e-sciiual recjuirenient.s f.,i ., .veil planned farmhouse v.iuch The late planting season and Hclminthosporium alight v.cie els, 29 per cent less tha^i the 194G crop and 10 per cent less than the JO-ycar average. v.onc area. the other the sleeping; 1:^11 M re- al-(l ; , aU1 ,.io.!. i:ic can ce piu i I k C i a t i o n of the house to other together 1:1 a \ a r u i y ol v.nys to; f:t,:r. btiihlinss and to tlu- In«n- . u ",t t he i?.rm iite «nd umn;. .. ..,!.« T7 4 ^1*1 i »·» i» i*: " » 1»»f*^ \^ JCIO. ' of iile because of lack of staff. Dcy explained. During the summer of 1948, however, staff members from the Southern geography and agriculture departments jointly will conduct eleven workshops in the following areas of Southern Illinois: Au-4. 9-13. Hamilton. Marion. White and Jackson counties: Aug. lo'-liO. Union Massac, Jefferson and 1 lard- in counties: Aug. 23-27. 1'crry. Washington and Monroe counties- Dey and Willis Malone. acting cd a 'meeting in Springfield, called by the State Superintendent -t 1'ublic Instruction lo discuss t i proposed workshops. AMIOMH ti" ajicncies partieipatiiiK U^H. lv ,^ sentatives of the six stau MipiL 1 , ed colleges and university |i, Federal Soil Conservation SoiM/f and the Cook County Kou. sl p { ' serve, as well as the State Sim/ intendenfs Office. I u Cholera Loss Hog cholera causes a loss of abo t "' million dollars each j\.-ir FIELD GARDEN LAWN SEEDS Re-Cleaned State Tested ets of the fanr.'s sponsible for reducin , -, , ,..; ; c -., ·· t j lt , circular savs. "are sei- paced convenient to tne ...... ..... " ! ----- --------- ......... , i,n.,^ tion in Illinois to 117 million bush- The Daily Ragistcr. 20c u week. P operty Lis r f With Us MAX AND GEORGE --Kitchen and \\orsroom place; to give a view' of the highway., ol me approach from it. and 01 j me I2r:r.aia. since ir.^e rooms| a--e tne control center 01 tne farm. | _\ hooK which uou- Lies us a sewing area. V Saline County's Most Reliable REAL ESTATE OFFICE ^^^^^i^^^fsi^ssiSSSSSSS^^^ _-\ in in.- re.n; and dining room; combined lino "ne large area to j pioviac ilt-xi-ilav ana eco:.o:ny ( 01 space. \ \\orkroom which provide^ \.uh-up s^ace. oitice space loi^ desk ai,d tiles, laundry space, wor.% space tor processes lood ai.a ore-1 paring pi ounce ior market, uiivi storage "cachets or closets. ; A piace near the reav e.v; ! trance lor workers to clean up and leave their work clotnas. Heaung unit and coaiOin. ar.c. an ail-purpose room in tr.e uasc-i num. , . £.:-:terior appearance of tne nouse is nleasiru a'.ia modern, b^-in^ or ".o'suecufi' architectural styie o r ; "i : ,cnod. A v.iue vai'ieiy ol ir.i- j icnais c?-. cc used, i-airly large' ovoinan^ ot eavu3 proviQeS su.a- ir.ei shaae or \vinter shelter from j lain or si.ovv. , | The house is planned on tne| modular principle. \vun evcryt.iMs ; designed m multiples of ^four iu' - - si ruction. con-, Farm, Home Bureau j Blue Cross Plan ' effective Feb. 16 Toy F,os\vell of Blue Cross Hospital.' inc. states' that the Saline SIU Plans to Hold oil Conserved! i CARDOXDALE. 111. Feb. 7.- \ ! As part of a statewide movement to inform public school teachers i ; about conservation of soil, forests i and \\ater supply. Southern Illinois i 1 University will hold a series of 11 i one-week workshops in this area' ' n e x t August. Raymond H. L)ey. ; director of the Extension Service.' 1 has announced. This statewide plan was evolved in 1946, but Southern was the , first college or university to o f f e r ' ' work of this sype. Dey said. In \ \ the summer of 1936. Southern i held three conservation workshops. | 1 one ct Vienna, one at Belleville , and the third at Chester. j Last summer. 15 such courses j were held b other institutions, t I but Southern" did not participate PURINA CHOW FEEDS Bran and Shorts Field Garden Lawn RTILIZER Rock Phosphate Super Phosphate Mixed Fertilizer MAKE THIS YOUR HEADQUARTERS GODARD'S Farm Market . Elm TWO KXAMPLES OF EROSION. Upper photo shows the dcsola- , Q . b?d gu ji c y erosion. The louer picture shows sheet erosion ^.^ rj ., s ' rorm j ng _ c 0 ji conservation practices can prevent RR!SViLL£ PHONE 220R i- etiruary ib. Paul T. Wilson. Farm · AQvi£er and IMary E. Harper. Home : clv;-er announced today. "Ihe closing date for appnca- gcipes for Delicious Spanish Rice HEADQUARTERS PURINA°CHOWS and FARM SUPPLIES STRONG ·DURABLE ALL'-STEEL GRAiM - Ai?A'-FA- HAY or ENSiLAGS It Tcke: Thsm All In Sfrlc/e it will require approximately -.v,o f,^ the'"friend" of man. A n d \ o u i v.aeks to process tne applications. go , threo for Qne wilh ricc _ o n e ; uncl that sen-ice \.iii no: tl - il CUQ 0 { (jr»- rice STrakes three when | ! A until r eb. 6." they said ] , rc ^ f] ' · i w -It is with a great deal ot p.ea- Th rjcc ]S a w o a d c r f u i m i xc r. i NATIONAL STOCK YARDS. 111.. sure that w e a r c able t o anr.ouiicc - ··· ' . . . . ti \: V.t feel that this win oe |j a.- -^- mcn;ioncd ricc wilh uablc »*.PW sen-.ce that ^ill DC STCEL] ROT-PROOF i ricc with toma- Live Stock Commission Associa- u.iun.- j.^-" "· ·;" , ^ u- ·· toes firt and we'll stick with that j tion. pointed out that live stock appreciated by ine memuM-nip. idea For cx . jml ,j c: Spanish Rice, i Bowers and feeder have no in- ti.ey said. It is one O f v j^ c b cs t O f ihe ou-|centive to maintain, let alone step. v :,j,j j or can-leave out or you-can-add-dishes. | up meat animal operations. are' been 13' v nc l is as .' 4on . d f , r ' r c, 0111 ? 311 " a -\ .^ j Wrteht gave his statement in 5.5 bushels" 1 *. for a 5:mp!e fan|I ' y meal - , - u i a r . interview on the Columbia Rust-not wear-is the j-reatest hazard to your farm equipment. A sturdy, weather-proof Quonset will protect vur valuable machinery from winter weather . . . provide a convenient place for off-season reconditioning, so that ou arc ready to "£o" when spring rolls 'round, h's not too laic lor this protection! Our trained erection crew can get jour Quonset up in a hurry. KEITH BUILDERS SUPPLY LOCUST MILL HARRISBURG PHONE 456R QUONSET BUILDINGS ARE PRODUCTS OF GREAT LAKES STEEL CORPQRAT'.OH ECONOMICAL IllSols bushcis an acre 2f , c icre was 55 bushels Is '"' ·' · ·'"-" ll """"* "^ U1 - .'/"I an interview on the coiumnia that for "1945 and 26 ^ *« t«» TM'* : « a « o m ? l i s h j Broadcasting System's. "Cross Sec"less than tl-.c 10-%er.r aver- ^mc-.vhat tne same results. ,. ion y s / v » in which lhe mcal ;»nnt«.n rtir*» | situation was discussed by indus- K you went c S ri-.der l« yccr rovr.d jcrvkc, Skylir.c i; !r,e c.-.iv/cr. G.-m=- 12,000 Jbs. ol corn or 15,000 Ibs.of rooshegc per Hour v.',-h P DV.-C: from cny two plow Srocfcr. E"g C3" Rc'-or « only irovlr.g =cr!. %Y.:i !c;: a Ih'cSmc . . , . , " oramcry icrm v;;. ' boTl » : that live stock men arc you have it handy: one-half cup i Hcst oil in a .argc skills, arid . fc rfccs havc advancc d along raw ricc nna COOK and stir hack i ^, th al] ojhcr co ' m modities." he and f-.r;h nr.'.a: tne rice j ^ miucd .. but so have costs o i l ·,,n n dd:uMM M i n i a n color. Re-, C .. cn1hin ., that er.tcrs into pro- move fr».;ji hc.'it and ndd tomatoes., · - - - - -· i Unction. view oi the many KEYSTOXE FABK RECCnO BOOS . , Wr^ht '.istcfl the tflrcal o: price . and brk-. uncovcmJ in -^50 Jo 37 3 » ··« -»·»·· elbow - 2 wor w* i"nv ^n'c record ":·" ily kcnt. ' P.CCC.S of odd :r.^at or ral barrier,*. Jo normal hvc stock .V-.UTV, ,,f bacon make .-. -ood, production. He unmcd that ?a f h d npc Attempt al drastic conuol or ra- olAo. uill find a happy rating :onins would *timu · U . c nosrd ,, . · i;i £» f^ J5 F 9T * !|j\^s«s u s :'iT . lKic; with ." :i:,ri i: i.-.t:r;- .,' '· , , . " TI-OI ' forced » ir ' rkot Traci-or ^.piemen* Co. hy (··.::!·.· os'-'^ts :i;x2 ;!..: i.-jini S ii i M-IS j.c-p i / l ' ' r,; T;n.i'TI c'.;(;- Ask ? or ycj!r F R E E copy today r Hsmsburq . in vr.'all o.iion: orjc-fonr.h cup ^· l "'"l croon pcppci: four lahlc- "The Ix-st way to combat tne buttor f-r ma: i-annr. one prospective shortage 01 :ncat. '-half cnp-s r; : nrrd torn.-)- Wright concludwl. "Is to .salt ^ realistic attitude lo-.\ar. t n ? pro and one- that would onco;ir- c«p- c.ok-d nco: , j r ,j pcpjx-: ;o taio. M.-'1 3;.1 in a vkiHel or hc,v.y -_ . ... ~T~ . a n * p.,n s,v,ii« on:on aid fjre^n That Shut Him Lp ;;v : r 1,1 tho i.'.t ior ,-)Wj:l Jjvc FORT WAYNE, Ind.-- r,T! -- m r m l o v o r unhl t h c o n i f n ;; Jians- S. M. Goodwin \\as spoochlc^s :aron: looking .'.nd the popper has w hcn his fellow club members i,,1 ;j cr;spnr.^ Add tonn toes .walked out on him as ho ^started and j.'-o r.:«l heat to r-oiJing. Then 'a speech. It was only x qag cn- the f i i c !«.-.%r. ,intl irnmcf , jjincered to tost how much (Jood- CO K. I.o-an Si. i i \ e minute r Ihrou.'honJ and ' t o l.-i-K'. i * « i « * ^ i ^ * « 4 i i v * ! i^i i iv. v. · ^-»« ^'^ ·" * * « - · - - - - loniit-r or until ,\vin believed in what he uas \voll heated 'inn to spoak alwtit. Hi Jopic lK-ndfd. Season'was, "We Take Our.-olves Too "Seriously." 4 uss Your LY REGISTER? This edition of THE DAILY REGISTER will find its v/av invo the homes of several former subscribers, who did not renew through negligence or for other reasons. Toy Are invited ersew Your Subscription Just fill in the blank below and mail it to THE DAILY REGISTER, Harrisburg, III. i Wan! to Subscribe to The Daily Register, by Mel!. NAME Address 1 will pay iny subscription the next time I am. in Harrisburg. (If you wish, mail your check -- $5.00 for one year; $1.50 for three months).

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