The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PACE SEVEN If you «ombine<J the curative prop- fcTtion of every known "ready-mode cough remedy, you probably could not let an milch real curative power •8 there la in linn simple, home-mado rough ayrup, which in easily prepared in n few minutes. OPI from nny druggist 2'/. ounce* 'tit Pinex, puur it into a pint bottle •ml fill the bottle with ayrup, using cither plain pranulalc.d sugar syrup, cltirlfletl molasses, honey, or corn •yrup. as desired. The result is a full pint of really better cou((h ayrup than you could buy ready-made for three times the money. Tastes picas•lit and never spoils. This Pinex and Syrup preparation pels right at the enuse of a cough and f 'ive* almost immediate relief. It CIUJCUS the phlegm, stops the nasty throat tickle nnd heals the sore, irrij taled membranes so gently and easily thnt it is really astonishing. A day's uso 'will usually overcome the ordinary cough nnd for bronchitis, croup, hoarseness and bronchial at >th- lua, there is nothing better. 1'inc.x is a most valuable eonc«n- trated compound of genuine Norway pine extract, and has been used for Kcncrnlions to break severe coughs. To avoid disappointment, ask your druggist for "2'/ 2 ounces of I'i 'ncx" with full directions, and don 't accept anything else. Guaranteed to givo absolute satisfaction or money promptly refunded. The Tines Co., Vk Wayno, luiL EPSOM SALTS NOW TASTELESS World '3 finest Physic now Pleasant as Lemonade ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Olive Robert!. Barton. And Katie Doesn't Get Dizzy A TOP LOFTY RIDDLE Kritio Schmidt acta as the tmman skater at St. Morllz, Switzerland. dish-rag fir Nlchnl.. shelves along my "Quite often on a rainy day, The children climb to me to play." "Quito often on a rainy any, |"AI1 those old | Tho children climb to mo to play, walls Then poke nbout nnd shout, with ! An? full of toys and books and dolls, glen, , That kiddles long ago outgrew, At all the things they find in me. j And now they're bore for mo nnd | In corners dark they're In nnd out,: you. And leave their cooklo crumbs j Then Mrs. Mouse asks, 'Are they about. ; swept, ' And am they very good to eat?' | "When they have gone, more com-! pnny ! "She doesn't menu to be so rude. Arrives In time to have her tea, J A sniffing round for crumbs nnd And Mrs. Mouse makes quite aj food, lunch, , i And after nil it. doesn't matter, | It does me good to watch her; r uke her nibbling nnd her patter, No other laxative acts so perfectly, eo harmlessly on the bowels as •pure Epsom Salts. It has no equal in mediate for const'pation, biliousness, Blek hendncho. Doctors and nurses depend upon Epsom Salts. It never gripes or overacts. "Epsonada Sails" la pure Epsom (Salts made pleasant with trait derivative salts—nothing else. It tastes like spurkling lemonade and costs only few cents a package at any drug store. Try It! "Epsonade Halts" Is guaranteed by the American Bpsom Association. r 'Cascarets" 10c j if Constipated, j Dizzy, Bilious j Foel fine 1 Let "Casear- ets" clean your bowels and .stimulate your liver. No griping or ov oractlng. Millions ot men, women ana children take ~ *" this harmless laxative-cathartic. It doesn't sicken yon liko pills, oils, calomel or salts. Tastes nice—acts wonderful- 10c, 25c and UOo boxes—any drugstore. i LOOKING BACKWARD] tfftm w» rn— m The NM > I —5 =* FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874. Alfred Cray, secretary of the state board ot agriculturo made a statement to Gov. Osborne that out ot 6,4li7 population lu Iteno county, a thousand were destitute owing to the grasshopper and locust raids. Judg« W. R. Brown was closing his term of office as district judge to become congressman from title district. FOBTY YEARS AGO, IN 1884. Ab, Moffatt wns In town visiting among bis old friends. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Campbell returned from their visit in Illinois nnd wern accompanied hero by the mother of Miss Jessie McCord. THIRTY YEARS AGO, IN 1884.. Tho Orescent club gave a swell ball, "the" society event ot the winter. W. S. Everett moved his family to Hutchinson from Xlckerson and touk the Job as fireman at (hu waterworks. Father Koartul of St. Teresa's church returned from Wichita where ho attended the Jubilee mooting. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Breakers ahead!. All brains on deck. This puzzle involves a proper name, and a few difficult words of two letters. A writer by the name (if Lowell will suggest JS vertical if you can't get it by the keys. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904. ORcnr Hnrtman bought the half Interest in the building in which his Silver Moon restaurant was located for $t,S00. (This is part of the site where the •Rorabaugh-Wiley building now stands.) The Portia club met with Miss Grace Kingsley and played high five. One hundred Odd Fellows went to McPhereon and put on the first defrreo work before an Immense gathering. munch, While 1 tell tales of days gone by,! Just little Mrs. Mouse nnd 1! i | "In that old chest, beside the door. | The one with iron hands near tho floor, Are Grandpa's things he wore nt sea, 1 A sailor laddie brave wan he. 1 j lint Mrs. Mouse shows no surprise, I She nibbles on and Just looks wise, j "In that old trunk there, Mrs. Mouse, The quaintest thing In all the house Is Grandma's satin wedding dress. All pearls and luce as you may guess, Then Mrs. Mouse goes to explore— And finds more goodies near I he door. I can't, talk tn the girls nnd boys, Who enme tn ploy nnd make noise. "I'm old and musty, dark nnd still, Hut every day brings me a thrill, At every passing memory, As olden times como back to me. I tell It all to Mrs. Mouse, We two alone abovo the house." "Goodness! Is that a riddle?" asked Nancy as tho Riddle Ijwly slopped. "It sounds just like—like something to put you to sleep." "Well, it's a sleepy old place that tho riddlo is about," sad tho Rld- dlo Lady. "It's made to sound that way on nurpose." "Sleepy! A sleepy riddle!" remarked Sleepy Head. "That suits me exactly. In It a bed, Mrs. Riddle Lady?" "No, Indeed!" declared the Rid­ dlo Lady, "Nothing Uke it." "I like it," said I'uss-In-Boots. "because there is a mouse In it- It shows how many manners mice have—nlwaya thingfug ot their stomachs." said Mother Hub- "Yoti talking about remarked I'pss with "Row-wow bard's dog. stomachs!" "And yon! a spit, "Oh, come, come! TlMt was n nice poem and 1 liked it and I know the answer," said Mrs. John. "Jack didn't have time to build lne one or our new house, and I miss it like everything. It's nn attic, isn't it, Mrs. lliddlc Lady?" "Yes," said the Riddle Lady. "Or a garrett as some peopb' call it. You get tho prize. Mrs. John. What would you like to have?" (To Be Continued! (Copyright, 1024, NKA Service Inc.) PLEADS GUILTY TO STEALING SUITCASE. Walter Hill wns sentenced to servo 60 days iu tho. county Jail late Saturday afternoon in district, court when he plead guilty to stealing a suit case last summer from the, lobby (if the .Midland hotel. To Hold Another Community Fair The local fair a --oi t,,ti,m ' Pretty Bralrio has voted to lice anotiier community fair next v..! 1 Carl L. Huxinan. secretary of th,. fair this year, w-ns elected on-: dent for the coming year. J. K Siebort was elected vice-presiderr : L. 11. French, treasurer, iind U. > Wedel. secretary. These four fleers, with (.:. 1). Smith, will com pns*> the executive board. Tin 1 report of the ha-astirer >>a the last fair slur .ved (bat rotor •"• expenses wore paid, a balance 'it •II cents was leit in the treasn, . To this sum has ben added son • thing over !•">". which was recoi-• i from the county. Farm Bureau Mention. A Farm Hureuu meeting will belli at the Rivorton scboollioti.- • in southern Bono county tonight. County Agelll Mot'all 'and Mi-- Holniherg. demonstration :igi t 1 will give talks. Shipping the Beets. I.akin, Dec. I Reel Miipi-e-:. are steadily going forward, six <. going out the. past week. Use the Slmp-d-Scope- -u=e .;. head, nut your feet anil make t tile merriest Xiuas ever. It 's Time to Gather Your Gift One Thin Woman Gained 10 Pounds in 22 Days Skinny Men Can Do The Samr All weak men nnd women. All nervous men and women,. All skinny men and women, Can grow stronger, healthier and take on weight in HO days by Just taking Me- t'ov's Cod Llv- re Oil Tablets four times a day—as easy lo take as can iiy. And what a lilt t.heso flesh producing tablets have made ( — overy druggist IK selling mora nnd more of them every day. Every body knows that nasty • tasting, evil - smelling Cod Liver Oil Is chock full of Vita- i minos and Is a wonderful flesh j producer and strength creator. Rut who wants lo swallow the! horrible .stuff when these wonder! ful tablets—McCoy'H Cod Liver Oil] Tublets—are just as good and so easy to take. I A box of 6 tablets Tor tl cents.-—| nnd If any thin man or woman iluesn't gain at least f> poinds in ",',-t ; , days—money back. Ask A and A ' Drug Co., ur any good druggi.t uu.i 1 where. "Get McCoy's, the original and i genuine Cod Liver Oil Tablet." j TEN YEARS AGO, IN 1914. The Esther Clark-Emma Clark controversy as to who wrote "The Call of Kansas" was waning and both eldes had their staunch defenders. Andy Green, gunoral manager oT the Solvay Process company was here visiting at tho local plant. At tho meeting ot tho Woman's club it was announced that the ladies had cleared |>J5 at the Thnnksglvlng ball which was put away for a club house fund. The Reno Odd Fellows had a banquet at which tOU people were served. Frank Wilkinson was the toastmnster. HOHI^UNTAL In Ibis manner. Points. Participants. In or near, Void ot intelligence. Myself, Aloft. In like manner. Within. ,'i'. Sumup. Mother. "" , To adapt to. Hebrew name for deity. Yonder. Second touo iu musical scale. Exclamation expressing inquiry. Do In Cluido's musical scale. All right. Plant louse. Perform. To make sweet. •Raised floor with S '-ai ami canopy. Soft hair. VERTICAL Not this, You and me. A vessel. Parent's mother. Enclosed place. Kxists. Old speed. One. I to. \ 11. I 1G. I 17. ! is. I 19.. ! 21. ; an. 28. 2ii. 30. italL an cm. Parent's broihor. Keen. Frozen fluid. Girl's uami'. To put on. Partook of food. Suitable. Hawthorn berries. Made use of. Scattered, as seed. 17th lelter ot Hebrew alphabet. That Ihitig. Seventh tone iu musical scale. Not any. j Answer to ; word Puzzle. Yesterday's Cross- Christmas bells and crimson holly, merry packages and brijflit-eyed people every­ where—therc's'a picture beautiful to rejoice in. It's part of the Rood, "glad tidings which make up Christmas time. The other part's concerned witlt Riving gifts which will keep the gay holiday spirit alive through months to come. The store of Holiday Happiness invited you to do your Christinas choosing here, where there are delightful remembrance-; for folks of every age and disposition. ni Friendly Gifts for Home Corners Long after a pair of book-ends, a console set, or a piece of pottery lias found its nook iu someones home, the recipient will remember the donor. Such gifts endure and give pleasure long after Chri^mas day. Seldom have tilings for the home been so arli .Mic and their prices too, are a MirpriH' tor many luvely Ihi cost only a few dollar-. Shop enrh ODDS AND ENDS FROM A REPORTERS NOlE BOOK The Hutchinson board of education In checking up fire Insurance rates recently found that I bey bad been misinformed as to fire rates on the new Grundvlow school build The order was receive! so late that the pieces could not be made up, so rather than disappoint his customers the florist hurriedly cut the necessary flowers, caught a passing Art Plaque.- Italian Potteries . . Spanish Potteries Metal Rook Ends Brass Rook Knds $2 to $5 $3 to $1 $2 to $15 .. $1.95 to $15 $2.50 to $0.50 Brass Candlesticks , $4 to 59.50 Cllftwood Potteries 35 c to $4.75 Brass Baskets nnd Howls $2.75 to $3 Pholson Gii'is in ilnlno cards. All -oils of articles, priced from Cheese Boards quill Pens Book Knds hour Slops Bread Boards Shopping Rags F.nglish Perfume Poiteries ... Wrought Iron Smoking. Stand boxes Willi attractive gift personal and household 50c to $3.75 • $1 to $5 . $1.25 to $15 $1.25 to $4.50 $2.50 to $3.7.5 $1.50 to $1.85 . • 50c to $1.25 . . . $5 to $7.50 We Operate An Exclusive Family Wash and Flat Work Laundry Our entire attention Is devoted to the care of your Clothiny and Quality Work. Dry Wash with Flat Pieces Ironed, or Wet Wash. Phone 2255 HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY In!?. The members were quoted a | freight train and made the wreaths I while enroute to i rate of CS cents per $101 when in fact the rate is only 2'J cents. 1 --x— j Prof. Albeit Dickens, of the state' 1 agricultural college, addressed a' ' meetliiK at LaCrosse lust week, iu \ which he gave some Rood advice : to the boys of Hie community. And then Editor Harry Fish, of the Lacrosse Chieftain, had to «o and toll how he nnd Dicliens were students and roommates together ut Manhattan, and how Dickens was j literally cauKht red-banded steal- 1 iue; strawborries. and came -almost beiiiR expelled. I --x— 1 Judge Geo. Hay, of the district court at Kinsman lias roeeiwd a Christ mas tree. It was sent to him from Xapavine, Wash., by a nop- '. how. The nephew wrote that from the one lowu of Napavine. which is , a town near the size of Kingman, one shipping firm sends out 150 car loads of Christmas trees in one day, to say nothing of tho other firms that are shipping constantly, j -x- Recenlly an order was phoned to la greenhouse ut Liberal for some Uloral pieces tor u Gtiynion funeral. the caboose Guymon. GREAT BEND GIRL RAN OFF FROM HOME. Great Rend, Bee. 1.-Irene Jack-' sou, aged 111, daughter of .Mrs. '• Frank Schultz, couldn't get along i wllh her siep-father she said, so j she decided to run away from ' home. She locaied, ufior a search ; for her by oLicoi-s of the adjoining' coi.nlies. at St. John. She said she; bad walked from Great Rend for' nbout'.y miles when a passing 1 motoris! :;ave her a ride the roM of tile way lo SI. John. BELPRE TO VOTE CN WATER WORKS BONDS. Ilelpre, Bee. 1— Relpre will hold a tP "cial election tomorrow to decide on \vbe:lier to vole bonds 111 Ihe sum "f il-1,''eo for a water works system. world is that of tho great auk, a bird once common iu the regions of the North Atlantic. Come to Doll Town For Children's Gifts The Bolls have on their party dresses ami their rompers and everything else iu Boll Town is iu Chrlslmas readiness just wailing for bright-eye.l girls and boys to come visiting. Bring your little folks down. An hour in Doll Town 1 second floor 1 will ho a pleasure they won't soon fur!. ,ii t. "Mama Dolls", $3.75 An IS lucli walking and talking doll with conn.' sitiou head, legs anil arms. .Moving eyes an I wig. A real bargain in the famous Ambers Boll... Ouhor .Mama dolls priced from $1 to $15. Silk Lingerie A Gift for Intimate Friends. These slep-ius. chemises and nlglili's were mad- for gift giving. They buasi lacy frill.-, ribbons, rosettes, hemstitching, plaited panels, and a dozen and one olher feminine conceits thai girb. adore. Tucked daintily under crisp lisaiie wrappings .1 piece of lingerie or a negligee will make some, body's Christmas more joyful, and your gilt shop ping casj. Chemise, $3.50 to $10. Pajamas, $10 to $20 Gowns, $5.95 to $17.50. Slips, $5.50 to $11.95 Other Dolls Timber Tots Jlggs ' Spark Plug Barney Google Stuffed oil cloth animals 1a.1t s punch Ilium at Complete line of Volland Hooks. '.very uiiiuuti ut; f,,|- 1. -hade-, Gift Hosiery odi.r, -. 1,, r lin-tui.".s ai n.'ikc them eel 11 1 tin -dill $1.2t> 65c 75c • •• 65c queak when you 59c .. . 65c and $1.25 MOW like. The Kuyser chiffon hose with th. come in ihe new colors and are pric The Gordon 11 31.111. a heavier silk h d • •\cellent, gift and is prii For tiie one who spends of-doois. hern is Ihe chirrup ,-ilk which are most dainty and neat. lit inat ill;.' more "t ;iu slipper heel •d nt... .$1.95 •so, makes an it. lilt* pair $2.50 at deal of lime out- Gifts That Mother Will Lilvx Of course mothers a pleased wiih any li'M thing, bui. make, tliis a jvt ''hristina!- for 11101 hers b choosing sune'titiug nice f' >ours. The suggestion.- I" iow are only a few ilia might be made. \ through ihe store ... iil ly solve yuur problem. Silk Hose, $2.50 Rain-Shine Umbrella $4.95 Linen Bridge Set .> Silk Chemise $5.50 Choosing for Dau liou'i pm hU mime ai \ bottom of your llsi, and -nine 1h .1t gill ; don't u:e. much lo him. You'd b. -.; iK -is.-il it you knew hou- ujin ut a hoc lie i-oalH- i \ ai iln .v tickled he w ill be iv: .1 remembrance from ej Smoking Stand $7.50 Playing Cards, two pa $1.50 Silk Sox 75c Hat Brush $2 Grandmother's Gi Something co/.y and bum .•.omethliig tliui. \vill ma. iicr mere. . oiiifort.ablc, i.> "a -nggestioii tor gruuilm 1 Make this, the ; 1., her many Tart. 01 'lioesiim her L'iti mil v. Wrap it ..1 crinkle paper ai nlibi.ii... 1 ,,.,1. Ii ... . r.'.'inkii . Cozy Jackets $4.50 Woolen Gauntlets J Fancy Motto 75c Corduroy Robes 1)5 For Bob at Colleg. He ought 1.. be ea.-,\ . \ doubt bis letters haw 1.. • . iil ot a hundred liumts " e, th- fellows have.'' Giw li'Jt: .'.OV oll'i Ut lite gifts sugi ;e-! ed below and be will cl.tai. "li's biil!>." atid "Top it..:,:' and all -net. of tltir.'.. Flannel Scarfs $Z-95 Club Stationery $1 Neckties $1 Novelty Ash Trays 75c The Things Girls Love i'or >our i 'lib girls, for lie ;:irls .0 the office, lor eiriir in '..out and distant p!,e- o-.r .ttrl- are the same tie Hue up \v. Id overi ft loihiii" ami her.: many to moderate tloO- iriv-tioa., dainty 1 lliug ; and wool Priced hose $2.25 teleet from at Vety prices. Fan Toi Bath Salts §1 Novelty Handkerchiefs 50c Fitted Canteens $4.50 Deauville Compact S2.S0

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