The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1934
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 1934 THE PARIS NEWS. 'PAGE FIVE Parents Seek Missing Girl Search was being made Saturday night for 14 year old lona Bateman who was missed about II o'clock Saturday morning from tte home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H- Bateman at Pleasant Hill, west of Paris. She is described as small for her age and having dark hair and eyes. Her mother said she had taken all her clothes with her and that she had a. small diamond ring which she usually wore on her left hand. The girl was traced • as far as Cottonwood. a community a few miles north of her home, but the family said there were no relatives nor friends living in that section who.*n. the girl might go to visit and that she had never before left home without her parents' knowledge. Inquiries were made at various IN CHICAGO Th SPIRIT OP ECONOMY Recommends: A «jsi*t iiorae la a. r«*iat<l «.t=3O»- phtr*- Is avaJlab!* to the <!!»- crhnSntrtiig at v-ery low cos;. On*. i'«ro and T&ree-room «.part- OtJT OF THS NOIST. HOT IX>0? DISTRICT ON* THE :SEAB. XOilTH SII>S polats aad the police at Part* and Honey drove -were notified. a» well as trieads and relatives in other cities. ' ' *' EDWARD MORRIS IS TO BE BURIED HERE Former Parisian's Body to Be fbt Here From Spokane "\Vord \vas received here Saturday of the death of Edward Morris which occurred Thursday at Spokane, Wash,, the body to be brought here for buriaL probably on Monday afterndo'n or Tuesday, The service will be held at 3JLan- ton-Fry funeral cha-pel on Clarksville street but other details had not been arranged late Saturday. Sisters of Mr. Morris are expected to arrive Sunday afternoon from \Vaco and they will be at the Texas fcoteL Mr. Morris formerly made his home In Paris, his parents having for a number of years engaged in the hotel business. He is survived by fit-e sisters, Mrs. Sam. Hopkins of Texarkana* Mrs. Angel Gooch, ^Irs. Kate Potter and Misses Ida and Emma Morris. I-ROM FAIR GATES S2.5O Sinsrle .. S4.00 Double Attracllve -a-e-tty a-nfi c=oathly rates. Dlrsin? Room. Food Shop, E?aBSy Parlor. I-attEdry Va.le; — all in the Hot-'.. A SAFE PUICJE TO 1035 Xorti U^arborn Str*«l *P>.ou«—WfeiielsaJJ. *CSft A. a. BETN-XETT. >U=ts<r Official (Continued From Page One) Representative 3Sth: Canon S713. Sheriff: Saeltoa 8656. County clerk: Hammack S793. District clerk: Lattimorej S723. Treasurer: Castleberry 8793. Surveyor: Crook: S777, Public W'eisrher at Paris, Place 1: Thomas S753. Chairman Desi. "F^*- Committee: Anderson S737. Justice Free- 1, Place l: Sheffield 4171. Justice Prec, 2: leaver 107S. Justice Prec. 3: Walker 504, Justice Prec. 7: Bailey 445. Philley 357, Terry 337. Constables: Prec. 2. Davis 107T. Prec. 3. Barnes 507, Prec. 4 Burks 6SS. Prec. 6, Brig-jers 44 S. Hindmaa 7. Prec. 7 Busseil 1113, Prec. S Coward 151, Jordan 52, Hali 15. Public \Veigher at Howland, Shiver 503, at !>eporc. Temple 1145. The total vote cast ivas not tabulated, but xvas more than SSOO. The highest vote received by unopposed candidates \vas that of Hamrnack and Castleberry, -who received S7S3. Death Calls Mrs.J.E.Bobo Mrs. R. L. Bobo. widow of J. E, Bobo, dlfrd at 5 o'clock Saturday morning at her home on Bonharn street after an illness of about ten weeks. The funeral will be held at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Roy Hodges, 299 West Kaufman street. conducted by the Hev. Crady iiet- calfe of Cooper, assisted by rhe Rev, Ben F. Browning of Bonham I Street Methodist church here. Bur- j ial will be made at Evergreen j cemetery.- pallbearers being C- Beavers, Frank Jones, J. "W. Karrison, 3J. O. Bozeman, and Dr. George Ellington and G. Fred Turner of Cooper. She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. R. S. "Wells, Cooper; Mrs. James Gibson, Sfcreveport, La_. Mrs. Hodges and Miss Xida Bobo of Paris, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Bom in Spartanburg county. South Carolina on February 19, 1847, Mrs. 3obo was married in Mississippi in 1872 and came to Texas 57 years ago. She had lived in Paris 48 years. She became a member of the Baptist church -when a. small child. Her husband died here about four years ago. MAYTAG COMPANY- OFFICE IS OPENED Tax (Continued From Page One) Announcement has been made oi the opening of a. local office of the ilaytagr Sales company at 112 East Austin' street, with L. C. Hill, dealer for Maytag -wasbirss machines for Lamar and Facnin aounty. A carload of Maytag washins machines has been purchased. a:i it is expected tha: these will be on display Monday. Four models •will be shown, two electric and n. gasoline powered, offering a mode. t--> fit every need at the K prices in ilaytag history. Air. H: stated. O. M. Luton, formerly with the Maytag Sales Coa^pany of Altus. Oklahoma, has moved to Paris with his family, and will be in charge of sales for Larnar county. A. B. Carson has been appointed sales manager for Fannin couziiy. Alfred ied rrom Page One) our greatest need," and reviewed his platform declarations in favor of reduced taxation, Increased home ownership and industrial and agricultural development. He declared emphatic opposition to federal control of state oil production, to any infringement on TJhe rights. of labor and to any effort to weaken the state anti-trust laws- He advocated a relief policy removed from politics. adequate regulation of all public utilities and repeated his first primary demand for a law to curb the activities of lobbyists with the legislature. Rogers (Continued From Page One) A. M. after leaving- Oklahoma along about three in the- afternoon. There just aint any limit to where you curs ea.t iunch at and then eat dinner. "Washington looked pretty dopey. Take all those old Senators and Congressmen oat of there and you have removed a big comedy element, and a lot of life. The rascals are all at home electioneering to get back. This old politics? is not such a cinch as its cracked up to be. Had a. fine visit with the Russian Ambassador. Speaks ?ood English. I had met him in Tokio when he v.-as Russia's Ambassador to Japan. Mighty accommodating little fellow. I wanted to fix so I could s*r>d my daily dispatches back from there every <2ay. Before when I was in there I tt'asent sending em (I hadent started Trrlting dailys yet> so he assured me that no censorship or any red tape would prevent it. and that «oes for Sunday articles -co. Told me we might be able to fly clear across from the Pacific to the Atlantic, or tve might take the train for four or five 'lays, 'cfcen the plane at a place about half way across called Cheta. Then I Trent over to see ilr. Cordel! Hull, and he -eras so nice hp took me ov*r to have lunch with he and Mrs. Hull. He is :he perfect type of what is oail»-1 gentleman. You knoTv lots of folks carry that title but feTtr ivork at it- Then ;n addition to that he is a darn able man. Ordinarily you take a gentleman, and he hasent got much time to be anything else, '•Veil then I flew that night wp to X. Y. Xow set' this. I have only left X-os Angeles three days before, and I have spent one day is Texas, one in Oklahoma, and one Sn TVashinston. Only in New York a par* of a night, but saxv- iwy little co-starringr partner. Dorothy Stone, in Marylnn Millers place in 'As Thousands Cheer.** And was she a hit. Clever girl3 ihose Stone <":ir!s. Paula In vaudeville with a great dancing act, Carol a big hit in a new play "The Sparrow." and Fred just walking a round beaming- He met me at the Theatre, and we all went to Dinty Moores after the show. Thats the extent of my night life in New York. I want Fred to Play ".Ah "Wilderness** on the road through the Middle West next year. (He could »"o it great) and to big: houses. Let the young ones do the dancing, just sit iii a chair and talk Eugene O'Xellls lines. you cant go wrozyg. Hope he does it. Well out at daylight to fly to Maine to see my Mary. Here I had started out just to go to Texas, and tround uj> in llaine. Good thing there -was no other states any further away. That ilainc is a beautiful place. Lakewood where they have the theatre and summer stock company and «. real one, !s a great boon TO the speaking stage. They all live in little cottages around the lake, pu r . on a different show every week. and rehearse the one for the next week. Lord I wouldent know I which one I was doing. They i were getting along fine, working hard and happy. I oouldent interest 31&ry i n trip to Japan, so Ma and the two bohunks and I I broke out. and away off over hers j landing: at an Island. igh^ 1&34, by McXaught . Sync!:<?*:*•, Inc.) Jealousy (Continued From Page One) ble -with her husband over M Hawthorne since last Februa and of events leading up to t I shooting. She sa.:d she borrov.- { a revolver Friday night, "4;r ;> j lection." Then she recounted ishe received money from her h j band Saturday morning and w I downtown for a shopping trip. I She and her daughter were ta -^r I ins to a friend, standing at * street corner, when Mrs. Hawthorns jt&d her mother passed asd, went the store, her statement .related.'. Mrs. Harrison said she' followed -to- rhe store and sent her daughter in to see -where Mrs. Hawthorn*, stood, then saw that her daughter was out of the Tiray and w^nt to Mrs. Hawthorne herself, Harrison, in a statement to Sam Syence, district attorney, .said c« "didn't k.iOY/ -why she killed Cora, L-ee-" Th«- child. Bet*y, retained hc^ composure daring Questioning of officials at the district attorney'* office and said she was "glad she* helped her mother kill that woman, because daddy can come back home novv. " Mrs. Harrison, aa evangelist, ha4 be^n invited to preach and»l c-onduct a communion service oit, Sunday at a revival tabernacle. ] school fund for the fiscal years ending August 31, 1934 and 1S35. respectively, were: $2,464.755.57 and $703.567.02. Estimated deficits in the pension ftiad for the same periods were S4.579.513.5- and $5,421.515.52. i The board caicialated a rate of j 35 cents, levied on assessed vo.1- j nations of $2.572.925.SIS, less 20 per cent for collection costs and delinquency, would yield 5S.044.- 195.OS for the general revenue, compared to a net requirement of 513,872.010.09. The school fund levy, based on !a valuation of S3.137.52S.lSo. wa^ j expected to produce j net compared to a net j of $S,992.050.13. Revenue from other sources supplement the general revenue and ' school far.ds. * Estimated pensions for 1335 ! were $2,SCO.COO and the estimated ' income, 51.65S.OOO. (Continued From One) declined to disband the troops in obedience to the local court order and. who subsequently announced he was going fishing-, declined to talk seriously about anythjng Saturday. Adjutant General Raymond H- Fleming-, commanding the national truard, continued to •evcide service of a. court order for demobilization. Governor Allen said seizure of the registration office v.-as necessary to protect it from the "Walmsley faction. T\"alrns!?y said the office wg-e selseil to s- T -.--r The Lone faction opportunity to ?<--ratch voters fr<-.r.i the books "under protection of the militia." THE TRUCK THAT COSTS SO ^ now costs as much as oft M* '«t. TO me sav- "*• ings effecti Chevrolet s -reat construction and has recer.rly crcn in the purchase p rolet truck for ev which Chevrolet prices brini; you : trucks so popular six-cylinder engine ally heavy frame. dealer will I^KUI!-. reduce your bailor these n-'^v k>v rn ;d by economy, nagged outstanding dependabilitv ad=ied a saving- of as much as fifty dollars rice. You can now obtain a big, fast Chevery purpose at prices among- the lowest for irucks have ever been sold. And these tow he same features that have made Chevrolet MODEL :n every hauling field. —the valve-m-head, .... the sturdy bodies , .. . ihe exception- axle. snJ transmission. Your Chevrolet f;ioiv \^\i ]'.'> y { hr"'v-'t'" trurks v"r;i hcl 1 " 1 to \C co<r<, and how^easy they are to buy at ;es combined wJth'convenien: G. M. A. C. C.BEVKOt,KT MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Comport! O^errolft"* low AJiverpJ priffg ttnd easy G^f.A.C, tvmu. A \~alue CHEVROLET BUNDER VALVE-IN-HEAD TRUCKS Utility Lone Chassis. . . . Dual Lorif Chassis . . . . Utility Chassis and Cab . . Dual Chassis and Cab ... Utility Lon< Chassis and Cab Dual Lens Chassis and Cab . Utility Panel ....,,.. Dual Cab and Stake Body . . Dual Lone Cab and Stake Body NEW [REDUCED] PRICES AMQiJKT si REDUCTION *515 $ 50 535 50 575 50 595 5O 6O5 5O 625 50 750 50 680 50 74O 50 ^CHEVROLET Lamar Chevrolet Company 62 South Mum Street Paris, Texas IN THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE 1901" Dexdale Genuine Ringless HCSE $1.95 Value 2 Pairs $2.50 Beiuilfirl niid-siiinrner and fall shades in ihese sheer, clear hose. Ne^-v smartness and greater econ- *IN THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE I9OI* HALF-PRICE SALE Dresses included in this bonande re.^ular stock half- price sale include a wide price variation dresses for every occasion .... dresses of many materials- Shop our stock early and be one of the many women who will save. mart Voiles U/HMEI2 All Straws, White Felts and Crepes Included Values to $5.00 :OCN or sur ls.i all '.vh pas-e! and All :he sares. 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